Torrens Valley 13.10 (88) def Kangarilla 12.12 (84)

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GRAND FINAL RESULT -- September 13, 2008

Kersbrook 12.12 (84) d Torrens Valley 10.16 (76) 

Best - Kersbrook: P James, B Paarce, B James, S Carslake, D Bingos. Torrens Valley: L Stattery. Goals -Kersbrook: S Pollock, M Westley 3, R James, B Lees 2, N Hart, B Pearce.

Preliminary Final - Saturday September 6, 2008

Torrens Valley 15.12 (102) def Nairne Bremer 9.11 (65)

Best: Torrens Valley – M Carter, C Young, J Hill. Nairne/Bremer – T Matovic, D Sykes, L Murphy. Goals: Torrens Valley – J Hill 7, J Sitters 3. Nairne/Bremer – N Twomey 3, S Heinrich 2.

First Semi Final on Sunday August 31, 2008 at Echunga

Nairne Bremer




9.6 (60)





4.4 (28)

Best: Nairne/Bremer – C Smith, H Gamma, C Foster, K Heinrich, L Murphy. Kangarilla – B Wakefield, T Thorpe, D Prescott, L Hann, C Pannach. Goals: Nairne/Bremer – N Twomey 3, J Lines, C Foster 2, C Jinnette, T Gransbury. Kangarilla – B Wakefield 2, H Thorpe, C Smelt.

Second Semi Final on Saturday August 30, 2008

Kersbrook 11.15 (81) d Torrens Valley 5.12 (42).

Best - Kersbrook: S Carslake, P James, R Nicholson, B Pearce, T Thomas. Torrens Valley: M Carter, J Jantke, D Fox, A Lehman, C Young. Goals - Kersbrook: K Paus, R James, S Pollock 2, L Hughes, B Pearce, P Delude, N Hart, B Lees. Torrens Valley:  L Slattery 3, J Jantke 2.

Elimination Final on Sunday August 24, 2008

Nairne Bremer




16.15 (111)





13.13 (91)

Best: Nairne/Bremer – H Gamma, J Laube, L Percy, J Foster, T Bean. Echunga – C Sheahan, L Munn, B Fleming, C Hall, C Guy.  Goals: Nairne/Bremer – J Foster 5, N Twomey 4, J Lines, L Murphy 2, C Foster, C Tarasenko, N Davey.  Echunga – C Guy 3, L Edwards, T Solly 2, B Fleming, B White, B Slotegraff, T Habner, O Rowsell, D Edmonds

Qualifying Final on Saturday August 23, 2008

Torrens Valley 12.8 (80) d Kangarilla 10.11 (71).

Best - Torrens Valley: R Battams, C Young, J Sitters, J Jaques, D Hughes. Kangarilla: B Wakefield. T Thorpe, H Thorpe, J Jackson, D Prescott. Goals - Torrens Valley: J Sitters 4. J Hill 3, J Jantke, S Peryman, D Smith. R Battams. Kangarilla C Smelt 4, J Wide 2. L Hann, B Wakefield. H Thorpe, T Thorpe.

Round 18 - August 16, 2008

Echunga 29.13 (197) d Callington 2.0 (12).

Best - Echunga: T Habner, C Hall, B Slottegraaf, L Munn, 0 Rowsell. Callington: T Morris, R Saunders, N Miller, T Colwell, R Fox. Goals - Echunga: T Habner 8, B White 4, C Wheadon, B Slottegraaf 3, C Guy, S Bailey, K Pocock 2, J Edwards, B Flemming, L Munn, 0 Rowsell. Callington: T Welter, Z Mines.

Torrens Valley 11.10 (76) def Kersbrook 9.8 (62).

Best - Torrens Valley: J Jaques, C Young, R Smithery, J Hill, D Fox. Kersbrook: B James, B Quill, B Pearce, N Pearce, R Nicholson. Goals -- Torrens Valley: J Hill 4, D Fox 3, D Smith 2, S Peryman, J Sitters. Kersbrook: R James, B Pearce 2, J Farrugia, M Westerley, D Bingos, N Pearce , L Hughes.

Meadows 16.25 (121) d Gumeracha 8.3 (51).

Best - Meadows: P Sodomka, B Dawe, N Burgan, A Fallen, A Minne. Gumeracha:- D Winter, B Inkley, A Mills, R Dutschke, A Carr. Goals - Meadows: S Ledgard 5, A Felon 4, D Cross, P Sodomka, D McAvoy. Gumeracha: D Winter 5, S Inkley 2, J Carr.

Nairne Bremer 16.21 (117) d Macclesfield 2.1 (13).

Best - Nairne: H Gamma, K Heinrich, L Percy. L Murphy, T Bean. Macclesfield: W Tamarappa, S Mitchell, J Vaninetti, J Lions, B Burdett. Goals - Nairne Bremmer: J Lines 3, C Jinnette, S Heinrich 2, J Foster, N Twomey, L Murphy, L Percy, C Tarasenko, N Davey, A Robinson, T Bean, D Sydes. Macclesfield: K Goody, W Tamarappa.

Round 17 - August 9, 2007

Kersbrook 9.10 (64) d Kangarilla 7.5 (47).

Best - Kersbrook: B Quill, N Hart, P James, B James, S Carslake. Kangarilla: J Stringer, T Thorpe, D Prescott, H Thorpe, P Wakefield. Goals -Kersbrook: L Hughes 3. B Lees, S Pollock 2, J Krake, P James. Kangarilla T Thorpe 4, H Thorpe, J Wilde, D Jackson.

Torrens Valley 19.13 (127) d Meadows 2.4 (16).

Best - Torrens Valley: S Peryman, J Jaques, R Battams, J Hill, D Smith. Meadows: A Feijen, P Sodomka, 8 Dawe, N Burgan, D McAvoy. Goals - Torrens Valley: J Hill 6, S Peryman, D Smith 4, J Jaques, J Jantke 2, D Fox. Meadows: J Surman, J Young.

Echunga 16.22 (118) d Gumeracha 22 (14).

Best - Echunga: X Guy, L Munn, D Edmonds, C Sheehan, B Fleming. Gumeracha: J Evans, J Page, Z Semmler, S Carr, M Parker. Goals - Echunga: B Slottegraaf 4. B White, J Edwards 2, C Sheehan, K Pocock, L Munn, C Guy, T Habner, N Sheehan, C Wheadon, 0 Rowsell. Gumeracha: D Winter, J Page.

Nairne Bremer 23.21 (159) d Callington 4.6 (30).

Best - Nairne Bremer: N Twomey, C Foster, T Bean, H Gamma, J tanker. Callington: T Colwell, R Saunders, T Merta, J McMurtrie, W Sansbury. Goals - Nairne Bremer: N Twomey 8, J Lines, T Matovic, T Bean 3, C Foster 2, H Gamma, D Sydes, K Heinrich, J Zanker. Callington: T Bond 2, P Saudners, W Sansbury.

Round 16 - August 2, 2008

Echunga 10.7 (67) d Torrens Valley 9.6 (60).

Best - Echunga: T Habner, C Guy, Sheehan, B Fleming, L Munn. Torrens Valley: R Battams, M Carter, J Hill, J Jaques, R Smithera Goals - Echunga: B White 4, C Hall 3, J Weydlin, B Slottegraaf, D Rowsell. Torrens Valley: J Hill J Sitters, L Slattery.

Kangarilla 23.16 (154) Macclesfield 6.4 (40).

Best - Kangarilla: T Thorpe, H Thorpe, J Jackson, B Barratt, C Thorp, Macclesfield: J Vaninetti, W Tamarappa, B Burdett, R Lyons, A Long. Goals - Kangarilla: S Barra 6, T Thorpe 4, J Wild 3, J Jackson, C Pannach, C Smelt, L Hahn 2, M Quist, D Wakelield. Macclesfield: W Tamarappa 2, R Long, N Perry, Burdett, B Mathews.

Nairne Bremer 30.25 (205) d Gumeracha 2.3 (15).

Best - Nairne Breme:  P Tarasenko, K Heinrich, T Bean, L Percy, J Foster. Gumeracha: J Evans, R Dutschke, A Carr, N Parke Sean Kavanagh. Goals - Nairne Bremer: J Lines 6, C Foster 5, N Twomey, T Bean 4, J Foster, C Jinnette 2, C Tarasenko, L Percy, G Dunning, Murphy, D Sides, T Matovic, J Crawford. Gumeracha: A Carr, T Frankel.

Kersbrook 23.13 (153) d Meadows 7.7 (49).

Best - Kersbrook: N Hall, B Quill, B Pearce, L Hughes, B Lees. Meadows: B Dawe, D Abraham, N Burgan, D Crofts, P Sodomka. Goals - Kersbrook: B Lees 9, B Pearce 4, S Pollock 3, D Bingos, P James, P Delucia, Nicholson, L Hughes. Meadows: C Dawe 3, Blackwell, J Young, J Surman, R Lord.

Round 15 - July 26, 2008

Kersbrook 23.10 (148) d Echunga 8.5 (53).

Best - Kersbrook: J Farrugia, B James, B Pearce, N Hart, S Pollock. Echunga: C Guy, J Weydling, C Hall, K Pocock, T Solly. Goals ­Kersbrook: K Pocock, C Wheadon, T Solly 2, B Siottegraaf, 0 Rowsell.

Torrens Valley 18.14 (122) d Nairne Bremer 8.6 (54).

Best - Torrens Valley: R Battams, J Will, R Smitheran, D Smith, C Young. Nairne Bremer: L Murphy, C Tarasenko, J Foster, D Sydes, H Gamma. Goals - Torrens Valley: J Hill 7, L Slattery, D Fox 3, G Sheehan, P Willhelm, J Low, D Stansbury, S Prior. Nairne Bremer: M Jones, C Foster, N Twomey 2, T Matovic, J Lines.

Kangarilla 30.14 (194) d Meadows 11.10 (76).

Best ­Kangarilla: T Thorpe, C Smelt, J Jackson, D Prescott, P Wakefield. Meadows: P Sodomka, T Williamson, A Minnie, D McAvoy, A Feijen. Goals - Kangarilla:  C Smelt 14, B Wakefield, C Pannach, 3, 0 Ludwig, J Wilde, D Jackson, S Norsworthy 2, J Jackson, H Thorpe. Meadows: C Dawe 3, K Dawe, R Lord, J Surman 2, C Blackwell, D McAvoy.

Callington 24.16 (16) d Maccles­field 7.12 (54).

Best- Callington: T Weller, D Jenner, N Miller, B Miller, W Miller. Macclesfield: J Vaninetti, R Long, C Sandercock, M Foster, T Johnson. Goals -Callington: A Barnett 9, B Miller3, N Miller, TWeller, A Marshall 2, D Jenner, P Saunders, B Myers, M McKenzie. Macclesfield: A Brewer, A Long 2, B Burdett, G Mahney, T Burdett.

Round 14 - July 19, 2008

Macclesfield 15.14 (104) d Gumeracha 9.13 (67).

Best - Macclesfield: K Goody, M Foster, A Trofoli, J Vaninetti, W Tamarapa. Gumeracha: Z Semmler, D Winter A Carr, R Dutschke, A Mills. Goals - Macclesfield: K Goody 4, D Shanahan 3, C Sandercock 2, B Burdett, R Lomman, A Brewer. Gumeracha - D Winter 4, J Page 2, D Taylor, A Carr, S Carr

Kangarilla 32.13 (205) d Callington 8.8 (56).

Best - Kangarilla: T Thorpe, J Jackson, S Norsworthy, C Smelt, M Clifford. Callington: T Weller, D Jenner, T Colwell, R Saunders, W Sansbury. Goals - Kangarilla: C Smelt 16, S Norsworthy 3, J Mahomet, T Thorpe, C Patnach 2, J Stringer, H Thorpe, B Wakefield, M Wurst, J Wilde, J Jackson, S Heinze. Callington: D Newchurch 3, T Bond, C Wilson 2, R Fox.

Kersbrook 21.13 (139) d Nairne Bremer 11.13 (79).

Best - Kersbrook: B Pearce, L Hughes, N Hart, P James, J Farrugia. Nairne Bremer: L Murphy, L Percy, H Gamma, T Bean, G Dunning. Goals - Kersbrook: M Westley, L Hughes 4, B Pearce, P James 3, B Lees, N Hart 2, D Bingos, N Pearce, J Tapp. Nairne Bremer: L Percy 4, G Dunning 2, T Bean, J Lines, C Foster, C Tarasenko, S Burkett.

SUNDAY GAME --  Echunga 28.25 (193) def Meadows 4.8 (32)

Round 13 - July 12, 2008

Gumeracha 13.10 (88) d Callington 12.11 (83).

Best - Gumeracha: Sean Kavanagh, Z Semmler, R Outschke, M Parker, S Carr. Callington: W Sansbury, N Miller, R Fox, T Weller, B Myers. Goals - Gumeracha: Sean Kavanagh 7, J Page 3, D Winler 2, B Jardine 1. Callington: T Bond, R Saunders 3, T Weller 2, D Jenner, A Marshall, W Sansbury, A Chevalier.

Nairne Bremer 17.26 (128) d Meadows 15.17 (107).

Best - Nairne Bremer:  C Tarasenko, T Bean, L Percy, L Murphy, K Heinrich. Meadows: B Dawes, A Minnie, P Sodomka, 0 Abraham, C Blackwell. Goals ­Nairne Bremer: J Lines 5, T Matovic 3, T Burkett, T Percy, L Murphy 2, C Jinette, C Foster, S Heinrich. Meadows: A Minnie 4, C Dawe, K Dawe, C Blackwell, P Sodomka 2, A Walden, M Morrissey, TWillfamson.

Torrens Valley 23.21 (159) d Macclesfield 6.3 (39).

Best - Torrens Valley: M Carter, L Slattery, C Young, R Smitheran, R Battams. Macclesfield: M Foster, A Toffolli, J Vaninetti, K Goody, S Mitchell. Goals - Torrens Valley: L Slattery 8, 0 Fox 3, G Sheehan, C Young, J Hill, J Sitters, P Wilhelm 2, J Harris, R Battams. Macclesfield: K Goody, B Burdett 2, R Long, C Sandercock.

Kangarilla 18.10 (118) d Echunga 14.8 (92).

Best ­Kangarilla: C Pannach, P Wakefield, J Jackson, M Clifford, J Hirst. Echunga: C Sheehan, 0 Rowsell, C Guy, T Solly, B Rothe. Echunga: J Wilde, T Thorpe, C Pannach 3, H Thorpe, B Wakefield, S Norsworthy 2, J Jackson, M Quist, S Barrat. Echunga: C Wheadon 5, C Guy 4, 0 Rowsell 2, A Edwards, C Hall, B Rothe.

Round 12 - June 28, 2008

Torrens Valley 21.15 (141) d Callington 14.5 (89).

Best -Torrens Valley: D Fox, J Sitters, L Slattery, K Herrmann, P Wilhelm. Callington: R Fox, J Jenner, W Sansbury, R Saunders, A Marshall, Goals - Torrens Valley: L Slattery, J Hill 6, J Sitters 3, P Wilhelm 2, R Battams, S Peryman. Callington: D Newchurch 5, A Barnett 4, B Miller, P Saunders, R Fox.

Kangarilla 43.22 (280) d Gumeracha 5.7 (37).

Best - Kangarilla: T Thorpe, C Smelt, J Jackson, J Stringer, D Prescott. Gumeracha. A Carr, R Dutschke, J Tregenza, Z Semmler, D Goodenough. Goals - Kangarilla: C Smelt 13, T Thorpe 6, B Wakefield 4, C Pannach, S Barnet 3, J Stringer, P Wakefield, J Jackson, J Mahomet, M Quist 2. A Thomas, J Wilde, D Jackson, D Cooney. Gumeracha: A Carr 2, S Kavanagh, D Goodenough, J Page.

Kersbrook 37.18 (240) d Macclesfield 4.6 (30).

Best - Kersbrook: B Pearce, P James, P Thomas, L Hughes, D Bingos. Macclesfield: R Long, R Lomman, S Mitchell, M Foster, K Goody. Goals - Kersbrook: B Pearce 10, B Lees 7, D Bingos, J Tapp 3, B James, N Hart 2, P James, P Thomas, A Parasiers, A Wehrman, P Delucia, J Crake, B Quill. Macclesfield: R Long, D Shanahan 2.

Echunga 13.14 (92) d Nairne-Bremer 10.17 (77).

Best - Echunga - 0 Rowsell, C Guy, S Cranna, J Edwards, C Hall. Nairne-Bremer: H Gamma, T Gransbury, S Burkett, M Jones, M Marshma. Goals - Echunga: 0 Rowsell, C Goy, C Hall 2, J Edwards, R Pocock, S Vailey, B Slottegraaf, B Roi, T Solly, J Wyatt. Nairne­Bremer - C Jinne 2, J Lines, L Murphy, Percy, C Foster, T Matovic.

Round 11 - June 21, 2008

Torrens Valley 39.24 (258) d Gumeracha 4.5 (29).

Best - Torrens Valley. L Slattery, A Wingrove, J Hill, D Fox, J Jaques. Gumeracha: Z Semmler, A Carr, N Bull, M Parker, B Inkley. Goals--Torrens Valley. J Hill 9, J Sitters 6. S Gilby, P Wilhelms 5, L Slattery, A Wingrove, S Peryman. M Carter 2, T Peryman. R Smitheran, W Stansbury. Gumeracha: ST Kavanagh, SE Kavanagh, D Bawden, N Bull.

Kersbrook 23.12 (150) d Callington 7.5 (47).

Best - Kersbrook: R Nicholson. B Pearce. P Thomas, L Hall, J Tapp. Callington: J McMurtrie, D Jenner, W Sansbury, D Taylor. W Miler. Goals - Kersbrook: N Hart, B Lees 6, B Pearce 5, L Hughes 2, P James, R Kleeman, A Wehrmann, J Krake. Callington: W Miles 6, J Pfitzner.

Meadows 23.22 (160) d Macclesfield 11.13 (79).

Best - Meadows: B Dews. D Cross, M Morrisey, A Minne, P Sodomka. Macclesfield: J Vaninetti, B Burdett, R Long, M Foster. K Goody. Goals - Meadows: C Dawe 6. C Blackwell, P Sodomka, K Dawe 3, A Feijen, A Minne, M Morrisey 2, J Young, A Walden. Macclesfield: D Shanahan 3, A Brewer, R Long, K Goody, P Moore, B Burdett.

Kangarilla 12.18 (90) d Nairne Bremer 10.10 (70).

Best - Kangarilla: H Thorpe, T Thorpe, B Wakefield, J Wild, J Pilsbury. Nairne Bremer: C.Jinnette, L Murphy, C Foster, J Talbett, J Foster. Goals - Kangarilla: J Wild, H Thorpe, C Smelt 2, M Faiths, J String, J Mahomet, L Hahn, S Barrett, D Cosney. Nairne Bremer - L Murphy, G Dunning, T Matovic 2, C Jinnette, J Lines. L Percy, M Hetzel.

Round 10 - June 14, 2008

Echunga 28.23 (189) d Macclesfield 5.5 (35).

Best - Echunga: A Edwards, O Edwards, B Fleming, 0 Rowsell, C Guy. Macclesfield: J Vaninetti, S Mitchell, W Tamarapa, R Long, J Lyons. Goals -- Echunga: T Habner 7, J Edwards, O Rowsell, C Guy 3, B Slottegraaf, B Rother 2, A Edwards, D Edmonds, B Flemming, C Hall, K Pocock, N Sheehan, J Wyatt. Macclesfield D Shanahan, A Brewer 2, T Burnett

Meadows 19.9 (123) d Callington 17.4 (106).

Best - Meadows: B Dawe, C Dawe, A Feijen, B Thrum, T Maidment. Callington: B Miller, W Milera, T Weller, P Saunders, S Graham. Goals -- Meadows: C Dawe 7, B Dawe 3, A Walden 2, M Morrissey, A Minno 2, D McAvoy, A Feijen, P Sodmka. Callington: P Saunders 5. D Jenner, R Saunders. A Banned. R Jordan 2, M Graham, W Sansbury, B Myers, T Wood.

Kersbrook 30.15 (195) d Gumeracha 10.5 (65).

Best -­Kersbrook: B Pearce, D Bingos, N Hart, P James, J Krake. Gumeracha: M Parker, D Winter, A Car, A Mills, D Bawden. Goals - Kersbrook: N Hart 6, A Wehrman, D Bingos, P Collyer 5, E Lees, B Pearce 3, L Hughes, N Pearce, J Farrugia. Gumeracha: D Winter 5, Sean Kavanagh, M Prowse 2 D Goodenough.

Kangarilla 20.13 (133) d Torrens Valley 11.10 (76).

Best --- Kangarilla: S Heinze, T Thorpe, B Wakefield, M Raidis, D Prescott. Torrens Valley: J Jaques, K Helman, L Slattery, C Young, T Prior. Goals - Kangarilla: C Smelt 6, J Wilde, M Raidis 3, S Barrat, J Stringer 2, T Thorpe. H Thorpe, J Mahomet, C Pannach. Torrens Valley J Hill 4, L Slattery 2, J Low, T Peryman, A Clark, S Gilby, J Jaques.

Round 9 - May 31, 2008

Kersbrook 19.10 (124) d Torrens Valley 14.12 (96).

Best - Kersbrook: N Hart, B Pearce, R Nicholson, P James, D Binges. Torrens Valley 0 Fox, L Slattery, J Sitters, A Wingrove, C Young. Goals -- Kersbrook: R James 8. B Lees, B Pearce 3, B James, M Westley, L Hughes. P Thomas. P James. Torrens Valley: L Slattery 6, D Smith 3, J Sitters 2, A Wingrove. A Clark, D Fox.

Echunga 20.14 (134) d Callington 11.4 (70).

Best – Echunga – L Lawrence, T Habner, 0 Rowsell. Callington. R Fox, D Jenner. W Sansbury, R Jordan, S Lehmann. Goals - Echunga T Habner 6, C Hall 4. C Guy 3, K Pocock, L Lawrence, B Hull, S Cranna, 0  Rowsell. Callington: T Bond 4, D Newchurch, R Jordan 2, R Fox, D Jenner.

Meadows 37.23 (245) d Gumeracha 5.6 (36).

Best - Meadows: C Dawe. P Sodomka, B Dawe, A Walden, D McAvoy. Gumeracha. P Dutschke, A Carr, M Parker, S Pamment, B Jardlne. Goals - Meadows: C Dawe  15, D McAvoy 6, A Minne 4, B Dawe 3, D Feijen, A Walden 2 P Sodomka 2, B Thrum, J Lyons. Gumeracha: A Mik, M Treagus 2, R Dutschke.

Nairne Bremer 23.14 (152) d Macclesfield 3.10 (28).

Best - Nairne Bremer: T Gransbury, K Heinrich, T Bean, L Percy, C Jlnette. Macclesfield - A Trofoli, M Foster, W Tamarapa, C Sandercock, S Mitchell. Goals -- Nairne Bremer T Matovic 5, D Crowe, D Sydes 4, L Percy 3, C Jinett, C Foster 2 K Heinrich, H Gamma, J Foster. Macclesfield: C Sandercock, D Shanahan. B Burdette.

Round 8 - May 24, 2008

Nairne Bremer 32.16 (208) d Callington 13.9 (87).

Best -- Nairne Bremer L Murphy, J Laube, T Gransbury, T Matovic, C Foster. Callington T Bond, T Weller, R Jordan. Goals Nairne Bremer. C Foster 7, T Matovic Q L Murphy 5, J Laube 4. J Lines 3, D Crowe 2, H Gamma, L Percy, J Crawford, P Tarasenko, T Bean. Callington; T Bond 4, G Mitten, R Fox, A Sailba 2, P Saunders, R Saunders, B Myers.

Torrens Valley 23.11 (149) d Meadows 17.17 (119).

Best - Torrens Valley: L Slattery, J Jaques, J Jantke, R Smitheran, J Sitters. Meadows: B Dawe, P  Sodomka, T Maidment, D Abraham, T Williamson. Goals - Torrens Valley: L Slattery, D Smith 7, P Wilhelm 2, A Wingrove, D Hughes, J Hill, D Smith, G Sheehan, A Fawcett. Meadows: P Sodomka, C Dawe, A Minne 3, D McAvoy, A Feijen 2, R Rees, A Walden, S Ledgard, J Young.

Kersbrook 14.18 (102) d Kangarilla 15.10 (100).

Best- Kersbrook. B Pearce, P James, K Faces, N Hart, M Westley. Kangarilla: J Mahomet, B Wakefield. T Thorpe, S Murphy. Goals - Kersbrook: M Westley 5, B Lees 4, B James, D Binges, L Hughes, B Pearce, P Delucia. Kangarilla: C Smelt 5, M Raidis, C Pannach 2, T Thorpe, J Mahomet, B James, M Quist, J Wilde, S Barratt.

Echunga 38.26 (254) d Gumeracha 8.6 (54).

Best - Echunga: B Slottegraaf, 0 Rowsell, L Munn, J Edwards, T Habner. Gumeracha: A Carr, D Winter, Z Semmler, A Mills, B Kerber. Goals - Echunga: B Slottegraaf 9, 0 Rowsell 6, T Habner 5, C Hall, J Edwards, L Munn 3, S Cranna 2, P Wilson, B Hull, A Edwards, K Pocock, C Sheehan, N Sheehan. Gumeracha: D Winter 4, J Carr 2, S Kavanagh, M Figus.

Round 7 - May 17, 2008

Kangarilla 22.16 (148) d Macclesfield 8.3 (51).

Best -- Kangarilla: B Wakefield, J Wilde, J Stringer, M Raidis, P Wakefield. Macclesfield: S Mitchell, M Foster, J Vaninetti, W Tamarapa, T Burden Goals - Kangarilla: C Smelt 5, M Raidis, B Wakefield 4, J Stringer, T Thorpe 2, C Pannach, P Wakefield, H Thorpe, M Quist. Macclesfield: S Mitchell 3, T Burden 2, J Lions, R Lions, W Tamarapa.

Torrens Valley 21.18 (142) d Echunga 7.2 (44).

Best - Torrens Valley. L Slattery, R Smitheran, D Fox, J Sitters, K Herman. Echunga: S Granna, T Habner, C Sheehan, D Edmonds, A Edwards. Goals - Torrens Valley: J Hill 5, L Slattery 4, P Wilhelm, J Sitters, D Smith 3, D Fox, J Jaques, R Battams. Echunga: K Pocock, T Habner 2, S Granna, B Hull, J Edwards.

Kersbrook 19.15 (129) d Meadows 13.13 (91).

Best - Kersbrook: B James, B Pearce, P James, L Hughes, D Bingos. Meadows: A Minne, D Cross, B Dews, A Walden, T Agnew. Goals - Kersbrook: M Westley, B Lees 6, D Bingos. A Wehrman, B Pearce 2, L Hughes. Meadows: A Minne 4, A Walden 3, S Ledgard 2, T Maidment, C Dawe, A Feijen, J Young.

Nairne Bremer 25.17 (167) d Gumeracha 7.7 (49).

Best – Nairne Bremer: K Heinrich, L Murphy, L Percy, D Crowe, T Matovia Gumeracha: A Mills, A Mik, R Dutschke, J Lock, N Bull. Goals - Nairne Bremer: L Percy 6, J Lines 5, D Growe, T Matovic 3, L Murphy, C Foster 2, K Heinrich, P Bradshaw, P Tarasenko. Gumeracha: A Mills 3, A Milk 2, N Melling, J Page.

Round 6 - May 10, 2008





21.16 (142)





7.13 (55)

Best – Kangarilla: B Wakefield, C Pannach, T Thorpe, D Prescott, M Raidis. Meadows: D Abraham, A Williams, B Dawe, T Agnew, A Minne. Goals - Kangarilla: M Raidis 5, C Smelt 3, B Wakefield, C Pannach, J Mahomet, L Wilde, H Thorpe, M Bruggerman, J Jackson, T Thorpe, J Lee, J Stringer. Meadows: R Hunter, A Feijen 2, C Blackwell, C Dawe, A Walden.

Torrens Valley




22.13 (143)

Nairne Bremer




6.11 (47)

Best - Torrens Valley: M Carter, J Jaques, J Sitters, C Young, J Hill. Nairne Bremer: L Murphy, T Bean, T Heinrich, T Gransbury, H Gamma. Goals ­Torrens Valley: J Hill 7, J Sitters 5, D Smith 4, L Slattery 3, D Hughes, J Jaques. Nairne Bremer: L Murphy 2, J Lines, C Jinette, C Tarasenro, T Gransbury.





20.13 (133)





16.11 (107)

Best - Callington: T Bond, R Fox, A Saliba, T Costa, T Merta. Macclesfield: R Lommon, W Scott, K Goody, M Foster, J Lions. Goals - Callington: T Bond 7, R Jordan 4, M Braham 3, A Barnett 2, D Jenner, L Birthisel, J Pfitzner, R Fox. Macclesfield: S Mitchell 6, A Toffoll 3, W Scott, K Goody, T Burdett, B Burdett, W Tamarada, C Sandercock, J Vaninett.





17.10 (112)





8.17 (65)

Best ­Kersbrook: B James, N Hart, R Nicolson, B Pearce, L Hughes. Echunga: D Edmonds, B Fleming, D Rowsell, A Edwards, L Munn. Goals - Kersbrook: B Lees, D Bingos 4, B James 3, P Pearce 2, P James, N Pearce, L Hughes, A Wehrman. Echunga: J Edwards, S Bailey, B Siottegraff 2, T Habner, S Cranna.

Round 5 - May 3 & 4, 2008

Sunday Game:

Echunga 2.6 8.11 13.13 17.16 (118) def Meadows 1.1 7.3 12.6 13.10 (88)

Best: Echunga – L Munn, J Edwards, S Bailey, O Rowsell, D Edwards. Meadows - B Dawe, A Minnie, P Sodomka, C Dawe, A Feijen, D Abraham.  Goals: Echunga – L Munn 5, J Edwards 4, M Dodd 3, K Pocock, C Hall, O Rowsell 1.Meadows – R Hunter, A Feijen 3, A Bishop, C Dawe 2, T Maidment, M Morrisey, B Dawe 1.

Gumeracha 15.10 (100) d Macclesfield 11.12 (78).

Best - Gumeracha: R Dutschke, B Hanna, D Winter, A Mills, J Evans. Macclesfield: R Long, J Johnson, W Scott, W Tamarapa, J Lions. Goals -­ Gumeracha: D Winter 4, A Carr, S Atkins 3. J Carr 2, A Mills. J Page, N Bull. Macclesfield: W Tamarapa. J Hanley, A Baayens 2, P Moore, W Scott. D Shanahan, T Burdett. R Long.

Kangarilla 30.15 (195) d Callington 15.12 (102).

Best Kangarilla: B Wakefield, C Pannach, C Smelt, J Stringer, P Wakefield. Callington: W Sansbury, T Weller, T Colwell, R Jordan, M Graham. Goals --­ Kangarilla, C Smelt 14, M Raidis 3, T Thorpe, J Jackson, B Wakefield, D Ludwig 2, P Wakefield, J Mahomet. C Pannach, M Quist. Callington; T Bond 5. R Jordan 3, D Jenner, A Barnett 2, M Graham, J McMurtrie, W Sansbury.

Kersbrook 4.1 13.6 16.8 22.12 (144) def Nairne/Bremer  3.1 5.2 9.3 12.4 (76)
Best: Kersbrook – P James, N Hart, S Carslake, P Thomas, R James. Nairne/Bremer – C Jinnette, D Sydes, L Murphy, K Heinrich, C Smith. Goals: Kersbrook – R James 7, M Westley 4, L Hughes, B Lees 3, B James, D Bingos, A Wehrman, B Pearce, P Thomas. Nairne/Bremer C Tarasenko 5, J Foster, L Murphy, L Percy 2, C Foster 1.

Round 4 - April 25 & 26, 2008

Nairne Bremer 15.12 (102) d Meadows 14.12 (96).

Best - Nairne/Bremer: C Jinette, L Murphy, T Gransbury, M Jones, H Gamma. Meadows: R Hunter, B Dawe, A Feijen, L Bailey, P Sodomka. Goals --Nairne Bremer: C Tarasenko, J Lines 4, L Murphy 2, J Laube, G Dunning, L Percy, C Foster, T Gransbury. Meadows: R Hunter 7, C Dawe 4, T Maidment, L Bailey, A Feijen.

Echunga 11.8 (74) d Kangarilla 6.8 (44).

Best - Echunga: C Hau, 0 Rowsell, A Edwards, P Edmonds, D Polkinghorne. Kangarilla: J Jackson, B Wakefield, C Pannach, S Heinze, S Murphy. Goals -Echunga: S Bailey, A Edwards, C Hall, 0 Rowsell 2, C Sheehan, K Pocock, L Lawrence. Kangarilla: C Pannach, B Wakefield, B Crane, S Heinze, H Thorpe, J Stringer.

Torrens Valley 23.14 (152) d Macclesfield 2.9 (21).

Best - Torrens Valley: J Jacques, M Carter, R Smitheran, G Sheehan, J Sitters. Macclesfield: J Vaninetti, R Long, W Tamarappa, D Shanahan, R Lommani. Goals Torrens Valley: J Hill 6, J Sitters 4, J Jantke, L Slattery 3, J Jacques, R Smitheran, G Sheehan, A Wingrove, D Hughes, S Peryman, C Young. Macclesfield: R Long, K Easton.

Callington 14.17 (101) d Gumeracha 9.14 (68).

Best -Callington: D Jenner, A Marshall, T Colwell, R Fox, J McMurtrie. Gumeracha: J Tregenza, R Dutschke, D Winter, Z  Semmler, A Mills. Goals - Callington: D Jenner, D Newchurch, R Jordan 3, P Saunders 2, M Small, R Fox, M Graham. Gumeracha: S Atkins 3, J Page, J Carr 2, M Prowse, A Carr.

Round 3 - April 19, 2008

Torrens Valley 22.22 (154) d Callington 11.9 (75). 

Best -Torrens Valley: D Fox, A Wingrove, R Battams, J Hill, J Sitters. Callington: W Sansbury, R Saunders, R Fox, T Collwell, T Weller. Goals - Torrens Valley: J Hill, L Slattery 5, J Sitters. J Jaques 4, S Peryman 2, T Peryman, D Hughes. Callington: A Barnett 4, D Jenner, A Saliba 2, R Fox, T Weller, R Jordan.

Kangarilla 38.14 (242) d Gumeracha 4.7 (31). 

Best - Kangarllla: D Wilde, J Stringer, C Pannach, D Ludwig. C­ Smelt. Gumeracha: A Mills, D Winter, Z Semmler, M Parker, S ATkins. Goals - C Smelt 12, S Norsworthy 8, D Wilde, J Stringer 5, J Jackson, B Wakefield, J Lee 2, D Ludwig, C Pannach. Gumeracha: A Mills, T Carr, C Jardine, S Atkins.

Kersbrook 30.13 (193) d Macclesfield 9.10 (64).

Best - Kersbrook: P James, B Pearce, N Pearce, L Hughes, D Bingos. Macclesfield: S Mitchell, C  Sandercock, D Shanahan, R Long, K Goody. Goals - Kersbrook: L Hughes, D Bingos, B Pearce 6, B James 3, M Westley, D Reek 2, J Tapp, A Wehrmann, R James. Macclesfield: R Long, T Burdett, W Tamarappa 2, R Lyons. 0 Shanahan, S Mitchell.

Echunga 22.18 (150) d Nairne/Bremer 13.11 (89).

Best - Echunga: J Edwards, C Hall, B Slottegraff, A Edwards, C Lynn. Nairne Bremer. K Heinrich, J Foster, J Laube, C Foster, T Matovic. Goals - Echunga: C Lynn 6, J Thornhill 4, J Edwards 3, S Cranna, B Slottegraaf 2, L Munn, A Edwards, C Guy, M Dodd, 0 Rowsell. Nairne Bremer: C Tarasenko 4, L Murphy 3, J Lines 2, J Laube, C Foster. K Heinrich, T Bean.

Round 2 -- April 12, 2008

Meadows 28.15 (183) d Macclesfield 9.4 (58).

Best - Meadows: H Reid, P Sodomka, C Blackwell, N Burgan, M Morrisse. Macclesfield: S Mitchell, T Burdett, R Lomman, B Burdett, J Vaninett. Goals - Meadows: R Hunter 7, A Feijen 5, N Burgan 4, T Williamson, C Dawe, C Blackwell 3, S Young, B Dawe, H Reid. Macclesfield~ S Mitchell 4, A Trofoli 2, T Burdett, K Goody, R Easton.

Kersbrook 28.9 (177) d Callington 14.8 (92).

Best - Kersbrook P James, B Pearce, B James, L Hughes, J Farrugia. Callington: R Jordan, T Weller, D Jenner, J Martin, R Saunders. Goals - Kersbrook: B Pearce, M Westley 6, D Bingos, L Hughes 4, J Farrugia 2, P James, N Pearce, L Hall, A Wake, T Volbrecht, P Thomas. Callington: R Jordan 4, P Saunders 3, T Weller 2, L Birthisel, W Sansbury, S Lehmann, D Newchurch.

Kangarilla 20.8 (128) d Nairne Bremer 11.12 (78)

(78). Best - Kangarilla: J Jackson, H Thorpe, B Wakefield, J Stringer, L Hahn. Nairne Bremer: J Foster, B Matthews, L Murphy, T Bean, C Jinnette. Goals - Kangarilla J Mahomet, C Smelt 4, S Norsworthy, J Lee 3. J Stringer, C Pannach 2, S Barrat, D Wakefield. Nairne/Bremer: L Murphy, C Foster, T Bean 2, C Jinnette, J Tait, S Heinrich, M Marshman.

Torrens Valley 29.21 (195) d Gumeracha 8.2 (50).

Best - Torrens Valley: J Hill, L Slattery, R Smitheran, A Wingrove. D Hugh. Gumeracha: A Milis, B Randell, N Bryant, J Evans, R Dutschke. Goals -- Torrens Valley: J Hill 10, L Slattery 9, J Jantke 3, T Peryman 2, R Battams, A Wingrove, R Glanville, S Peryman , P Wilhelm. Gumeracha: J Page 3, M Prowse 2, N Bryant A Mills, B Winter.  Echunga had the Bye

Round One -- April 5, 2008

Kangarilla 23.16 (164) d Torrens Valley 7.12 (54).

Best - Kangarilla: B Wakefield, P Wakefield, L Hahn, S Barrat, C Smelt. Torrens Valley: A Smitheran, D Fox, A Wingrove, J Jacques, J Sitters. Goals - Kangarilla: C Smelt 8, M Raidis 4, J Stringer, J Mahomet, D Ludwig, S Barrat 2, B Wakefield, C Pannach, J Clarke. Torrens Valley: J Sitters 3, A Wingrove 2, J Jantke, R Smitheran.

Echunga 35.17 (227) d Macclesfield 9.2 (56).

Goals - L Munn, A Edwards, D Edmonds, C Lynn, M Dodd. Macclesfield: J Lions, S Mitchell, T Burdett, D Shanahan, S Mahomet. Goals - B Siottefraaf, C Lynn, J Thornhill 5, A Edwards 4, M Dodd 3, C Sheehan, L Munn, C Guy 2, J Edwards, S Cranna, J Whyatt, C Price, C Hall, N Sheehan, D Edmonds. Macclesfield: D Shanahan, A Nash 2, J Vaninett, T Burdett, S Mahone, A Toftoli, R Long.

Meadows 16.16 (112) d Callington 11.9 (75).

Best - Meadows: D Abraham, H Reid, B Dawe, D McAvoy, J Bailey. Callington: D Jenner, M Sansbury, R Jordan, D Newchurch, M Graham. Goals - Meadows: A Hunter 4, A Bishop 3, B Thrum, D McAvoy, J Bailey 2, C Blackwell, T Williamson, M Morrissey. Callington: R Jordan 4, T Bond 2, M Graham, M Lehmann, D Newchurch, M Sansbury, M Wella.

Kersbrook 34.24 (224) d Gumeracha 12.10 (82).

Best - Kersbrook: B Pearce, R Nicholson, N Hart, J Farrugia, D Bingo. Gumeracha: T Frankel, N Bull, D Winter, Sean Kavanagh, J Page. Goals - Kersbrook: B Pearce 10, M Westley, A Wehrmann 5, B James, A James, N Pearce 2, K McLelland, K Paves, L Hughes, J Tap, R Kleemann. Gumeracha: N Bryant, J Page 3, Steve Kavanagh, J Carr, 0 Bawde, M Prowse.

Nairne/Bremer had the bye

2008 Ladder P Pts Perc
Kersbrook 16 30 68.89
Kangarilla 16 26 69.18
Torrens Valley 16 24 65.22
Echunga 16 24 64.22
Nairne Bremer 16 16 55.76
Meadows 16 12 47.65
Callington 16 6 35.87
Gumeracha 16 4 22.53
Macclesfield 15 2 25.27