Teams: Dudley United, Kingscote, Parndarna, Western Districts & Wisanger

Saturday September 23, 2006

DUDLEY UNITED 18.11 (119)
PARNDARNA       6.3 (39)......click here for a Match Report

Goalkickers: Dudley United N Clark 6, Clay Willson 4, J Helyar 2, F Trethewey 2, J Rosser 2, A Waller 1, D Perry 1.
Parndana T Wurst 4, Z Trethewey 1, I Sullivan 1.
Best Players: * John Turner Medal (Best on Ground) Clay Willson (DU)
Dudley United Clay Willson, H Gurney, B Willson, A Waller, F Trethewey.
Parndana A Ness, D Trethewey, T Wurst, M Morris, M Gilbert.
Reserves: Parndarna 7.7 (49) def Dudley United 6.3 (39) S/Colts: Kingscote 12.10 (82) def Dudley United 7.6 (48)

Preliminary Final - Saturday September 16, 2006
Parndarna 20.13 (133) def Western Districts 8.9 (57)
Best: Parndarna I Sullivan, H Deer, A Ness, Z Tretheway, S Jenkins
West Dists F Whale, D Rowsell, R Morris, A Waddell, A Fogden.
Goals: Parndarna I Sullivan 7, T Wurst 4, H Deer 3, Z Trethewey, S Windsor 2, M Mills, B Putland 1.
West Dists A Fogden 2, A Waddell, R Morris, G Downing, M Edwards, D Rowsell, S Morgan 1.

FIRST SEMI Saturday September 9, 2006
Western Districts 14.6 (90) def Kingscote 12.11 (83)
Best: West Dists E Whale, R Morris, S Koopman. Kingscote L Johnson, L Stewart, S Walden.
Goals: West Dists S Koopman 4, M Edwards 3, E Whale 2, R Morris, A Wandel, G Bald, A Fogden, S Morgan 1.

Kingscote P Green 4, L Stewart 3, L Ramsey, J Edwards 2, S Walden 1

Round 20 - Saturday September 2, 2006
Wisanger 21.12 (138) def Kingscote 11.3 (69)
Best: Wisanger A Lee, N Berry, D Berden, J Lee, A Turner. Kingscote J Willson, L Stewart, R Christophers, L Bruce, D Florance.
Goals: Wisanger J Wheaton, D Bates 4, A Turner, A Lee, T Bornholm 3, N Berry 2, J Fryar, C Hale. Kingscote P Green, J Edwards,
J Willson, D Florance 2, A Robinson, L Stewart, S Willson 1.

Parnadarna 18.9 (117) def Western Districts 7.14 (56)
Best: Parndarna H Deer, J Davis, S Holland, S Jenkins, M Morris. West Dists R Morris, J McArdle, A Fogden, D Morris, E Whale.
Goals: Parnadarna D Trethewey, S Jenkins 3, S Holland, T Wurst, M Mills 2, J Davis, H Deer, M Morris, B May, Z Trethewey, B Putland 1.
West Dists J McArdle, S Koopman 2, D Weatherspoon, D Florance, G Bald 1.

Round 19 - Saturday August 26, 2006

Dudley United 16.21 (117) def Western Districts 11.4 (70)
Best - Dudley United: A Brick, Craig Willson, A Waller. Western Districts: D Florance, D Snowball, R Morris.
Goals- Dudley United: Clayton Willson 7; A Walker, N Clark 3; Craig Willson 2; T Johnson, J Helyar, L Bowd. Western Districts:
D Weatherspoon 4; G Downing, J
McArdle 2; B Lock, A Fogden, D Snowball.

Parndana 25.12 (162) d Kingscote 3.10 (28).
Best- Parndana: S Jenkins, H Deer, M Gilbert. Kingscote: L Bruce, L Ramsay, J Hughes.
Goals - Parndana: D Trethewey 6; S Holland, T Wurst 4; H Deer 3; M Gilbert, S Jenkins, I Sullivan 2; Z Trethewey, M Mills.
Kingscote: L Stewart 2; S Henderson.

Round 18 - Saturday August 19, 2006

Dudley United 31.9 (195) def Kingscote 9.4 (58)
Goals: Dudley United Clay Willson 11.

Parnadarna 14.29 (113) def Wisanger 4.3 (27)

Round 17 - Saturday August 12, 2006

Kingscote 16.16 (112) d Western Districts 10.14 (74)
Goals - Kingscote: L Stewart 4; S Walden, D Budarick 3; L Ramsey, J Hughes 2; J Willson, P Green. Western Districts: E Whale 4; R Morris, G Downing, G Bald 2.
- Kingscote: D Budarick, S Walden, L Stewart. Western Districts: R Morris, E Whale, D Snowball.

Dudley United 22.17 (149) d Wisanger 8.6 (54)
Goals - Dudley United: C Willson 11; J Helyar 5; L Bowd, S Clark 2; T Johnson, C Wilson. Wisanger J Lee 3, T Fryar, J Fryar, J Lade, A Trowbridge,
C Neindorf 1. Best: Dudley United S Clark, H Gurney, C Willson. Wisanger A Lee, A Trowbridge, J Lade

Round 16 - Saturday August 5, 2006

Western Districts 14.9 (93) def Wisanger 11.8 (74)
Best: Western Dists G Downing, J McArdle, B Lock, S Morgan, A Fogden. Wisanger A Trowbridge, A Lee, J Wheaton, J Lee, J Fryar.
Goalkickers: Western Dists G Downing 5, T Buck 3, A Fogden, J McArdle 2, B Lock, R Hams 1. Wisanger A Lee, A Turner 3, T Fryar,
C Neindorf 2, B Treloar 1.

Parnadarna 12.9 (81) def Dudley United 12.8 (80)
Best: Parndarna S Jenkins, H Deer, J Hunter, S Holland, D Davis. Dudley Utd D Perry, R Willson, C Wilson, H Gurney, C Willson.
Goals: Parndarna S Jenkins 6, I Sullivan 2, I Gilbert, M Mills, T Wurst, M Morris 1. Dudley Utd B Willson 4, N Clark 3, C Willson 2,
T Johnson, M Condo, H Gurney 1.

Round 15 - Saturday July 29, 2006

Kingscote 12.15 (87) def Wisanger 5.10 (40)

Best: Kingscote D Budarick, S Walden, L Stewart, L Bruce, L Johnson. Wisanger A Trowbridge, J Lee, D Howard, D Berden,
A Lee. Goals: Kingscote L Ramsey, L Stewart 4, D Budarick 2, S Walden, J Hughes 1. Wisanger D Bates 2, J Fryar, J Lee, A Turner 1.

Parndarna 18.17 (125) def Western Districts 5.6 (36)

Best: Parndarna H Deer, S Jenkins, M Mills, D Schultz, D Davis. West Dists R Morris, S Morgan, A Fogden, A Waddell, M Godfrey.
Goals: Parndarna M Mills 4, H Deer 3, M Gilbert, D Marshall 2, S Matthews, B May 1. West Dists S Morgan 2, G Downing, D Morris,
D Weatherspoon 1.

Round 14 - Saturday July 22, 2006

Parnadarna 15.15 (105) def Kingscote 11.4 (70)

Best: Parndarna J Hunter, S Jenkins, D Tretheway, A Ness, H Deer. Kingscote S Walden, J Willson, L Bruce, K Lee, L Stewart.
Goals: Parndarna H Deer 5, S Jenkins, S Holland, D Trethewey 2, J Hunter, M Mills, I Sullivan, Z Trethewey 1. Kingscote S Walden 3,
L Ramsey, L Stewart 2, K Lee, D Florence, D Budarick, D Roche 1.

Western Districts 15.14 (104) def Dudley United 10.15 (75)

Best: West Dists S Rowsell, D Morris, R Morris, S Koopman, S Morgan. Dudley United S Donaghy, D Lashmar, A Buick, L Bates,
T Johnson. Goals: West Dists M Godfrey, R Morris 3, A Fogden, D Weatherspoon, E Whale, D Rowsell 2, G Bald 1. Dudley United
A Waller 3, T Johnson, C Willson 2, B Willson, H Gurney, S Bates 1.

Round 13 - Saturday July 15, 2006

Parnadarna 9.10 (64) def Wisanger 3.6 (24)

Best: Parndarna S Jenkins, S Holland, D Schulz, M Morris, A Ness. Wisanger C Turner, J Lee, A Lee, J Wheaton, A Trowbridge.
Goals: Parndarna S Jenkins 3, I Sullivan, M Mills 2, S Holland, D Marshall 1. Wisanger A Lee, A Turner, C Hale 1.

Dudley United 18.11 (119) def Kingscote 13.13 (91)

Best: Dudley United R Willson, A Waller, C Willson, R Tonkin, D Lashmar. Kingscote S Linke, L Johnson, D Florence, L Ramsey,
K Lee. Goals: Dudley United C Willson 8, G Rosser, L Bowd, N Clark 2, A Waller, R Willson, M Condo, T Johnson 1. Kingscote
L Ramsey 6, L Stewart 4, J Edwards, D Budarick, S Linke 1.

Round 12 - Saturday July 8, 2006

Dudley United 10.18 (78) d Wisanger 10.6 (66)

Goals - Dudley United: C Willson 6; Rosser 2; B Willson, Chambers. Wisanger: Whyte 3; Furniss, Lee, Bornholm 2; Turner.
Best - Dudley United: Buick, Parry, C Willson. Wisanger: Wheaton, Ducrou, Lee.

Kingscote 9.15 (69) d Western Districts 5.6 (36)
Goals - Kingscote: Ramsey 3; Stewart, Johnson, Edwards, Rogers, Walden, Budarick. Western Districts: R Morris, D Morris,
Weatherspoon. No Best players available

Round Eleven - Saturday July 1, 2006

Western Districts 6.20 (56) def Wisanger 3.16 (34)

Best: West Dists R Morris, G Downing, A Fogden, S Koopman, E Whale. Wisanger W Ducrov, T Bornholm, A Lee, A Arnold,
T Turner. Goals: West Dists R Morris 3, C Hammatt, A Fogden, S Koopman 1. Wisanger A Welford, A Lee, J Furniss 1.

Dudley United 8.10 (58) def Parndarna 8.7 (55)

Best: Dudley R Willson, R Tonkin, M Giesler, L Bowd, L Bates. Parndarna M Gilbert, D Tretheway, S Windsor, D Davis, M Johnson.
Goals: Dudley C Willson 3, L Bowd 2, A Buick, B Willson, N Clark 1. Parndarna M Gilbert 3, S Dennis, H Deer, S Matthews,
I Sullivan, D Trethewey 1.

ROUND TEN - Saturday June 24, 2006

Parndarna 10.10 (70) def Western Districts 6.7 (43)
Best: Parndarna H Deer, D Trethewey, S Jenkins. West Dists S Morgan, C King, R Morris. Goals: Parndarna J Sullivan,
D Tretheway 3, H Deer, B Putland, S Jenkins, B May 1.
West Dists A Fogden, G Bald 2, J McCardle, R Morris 1.

Kingscote 17.9 (111) def Wisanger 8.7 (55)
Best: Kingscote L Bruce, J Willson, L Ramsey. Wisanger
W Ducrov, D Howard, A Turner. Goals: Kingscote L Ramsey 7,
S Walden
3, P Green, R Harvey, L Stewart 2, D Budarick 1. Wisanger A Turner 5, J Wheaton, J Furniss, T Bornholm 1.

ROUND NINE - Saturday June 17, 2006

Western Districts 15.9 (99) def Dudley United 10.13 (73)
Best: W Dists D Florence, C King, B Lock, J Graham, S Morgan. Dudley Utd L Bowd, M Condo, S Donaghy, S Clark, H Gurney.
Goals: W Dists A Fogden 5, R Morris 3, D Snowball, B Lock 2, E Whale, D Morris, S Rowsell 1. Dudley Utd B Willson 4, C Willson,
Hobbs 2, D Perry, A Waller 1.

Kingscote 11.9 (75) def Parnadarna 11.7 (73)
Best: Kingscote S Walden, C Rogers, S Henderson, D Taylor, D Budarick. Parndarna S Jenkins, D Davis, D Trethewey, H Deer,
S Windsor
. Goals: Kings J Edwards 3, L Bruce, J Willson, P Green 2, D Budarick, C Rogers 1. Parndarna D Trethewey 3,  S Holland 2,
B Putland, M Morris, S Jenkins, M Gilbert, J Hunter, I Sullivan 1.

ROUND EIGHT Saturday June 3, 2006
Parndana 14.21 (105) d Wisanger 5.7 (37)

Goals - Parndana: M Mills 4: D Trethewey. T Wurst, H Deer 2; J Hunter, D Marshall, Z Tretheway, S Jenkins. Wisanger: A Lee,
D Bates. T Fryer, J Furniss, D Berden. Goals - Parndana:
S Windsor, H Deer, M Mills. Wisanger: D Howard, D Berden, T Bornholm.
Dudley United 14.12 (96) d Kingscote 9.8 (62)
Goals - Dudley United: Clay Willson 3; H Gurney, M Geisler, A Waller, S Clark 2; B Willson, S Donaghy, B Smith. Kingscote: L Ramsey 3;
L Stewart 2; D Florance, L Bruce, J Randell, J. Edwards. Best -
Dudley United: S Donaghy, L Bowd, M Condo, Kingscote: J Willson,
J Edwards, B Robinson.

ROUND SEVEN Saturday May 27, 2006
Kingscote 13.18 (96) def Western Districts 5.6 (36)

Best: Kingscote - S Linke, P Green, C Rogers, J Willson, A Robinson. West Dists J Graham, J McArdle, D Florence, S Morgan,
D Morris. Goals: Kingscote L Ramsey, P Green 5, D
Butler 2, S Linke 1. West Dists J Graham 2, C Hammatt, G Downing, G Bald, J McArdle 1.
Wisanger 13.10 (88) def DudleyUnited 11.9 (75)
Best: Wisanger A Trowbridge, D Berden, W Burn, N Markopolous, T Bornholm. Dud Utd L Bowd, Clay Willson, Brad Willson,
D Lashmar, A Waller. Goals: Wisanger
N Markopolous 4, J Furniss, J Lee, D Bates 2, W Ducrou, C Dodgson, A Trowbridge 1.

ROUND SIX - Saturday May 20, 2006
Wisanger 23.9 (147) def Western Districts 12.3 (75)

Best: Wisanger T Bornholm, D Berden, A Trowbridge, D Bates, N Markopoulos. Western Districts C King, S Rawsell, M Edwards,
B Lock, J Graham. Goals: Wisanger - D Bates 5, J Furniss, J Lee, J Graham 3, S Green, T Bornholm, N Markopoulos 2, W Burn, A Lee,
W Ducrou 1. Western Districts -  D Westherspoon 4, C Hammatt, R Morris 2,
S Rowsell, D Rowsell, B Lock, M Edwards 1.

Dudley United 16.13 (109) def Parndarna 14.6 (90)
Best: Dudley United B Willson, B Howard, L Bowd, J Chambers, S Clark. Parndarna H Deer, D Tretheway, D Davis, S Windsor, M Gilbert.
Dudley United A Waller, Clay Willson 4, B Howard 3, S Clarke 2, H Gurney, R Tonkin, Craig Willson. Parnadarna D Marshall, H Deer,
S Dennis 3, B May 2, M Mills, I Sullivan, M Gilbert 1.

ROUND FIVE - Saturday May 13, 2006

Wisanger 9.13 (67) d Parndarna 8.9 (57)
Best: Wisanger - A Lee, T Bornholm, D Howard, D Berden, J Wheaton. Parndarna S Windsor, H Deer, D Trethewey, R Turner,
S Jenkins. Goals: Wisanger J
Wheaton 4, J Furniss 2, T Bornholm, A Lee, N Markopoulos 1. Parndarna -  S Gaskin 3, B Putland 2,
J Johnson, M Gilbert, H Deer 1.

Kingscote 12.7 (79) def Western Districts 8.5 (53)

Best: Kingscote P Green, D Budarick, L Ramsey, L Stewart, J Willson. W Dists R Morris, B Lock, S Morgan, D Florence,
J Graham. Goals: Kingscote  - L Ramsey 6, P Green 4, J Edwards, D Budarick 1.
W Dists M Edwards, D Weatherspoon 2,
R Morris, C Hammatt, J McCardle 1.

ROUND FOUR - Saturday May 6, 2006

Western Districts 7.7 (49) d Parndana 5.6 (36)

Goals - Western Districts: A. Fogden 4, G. Bald, J. McArdle, B Lock 1. Parndana: S Dennis, M Morris, B Putland, D Marshall,
D Trethewey 1. Best - Western Districts: A Fogden, R Morris, M Godfrey, G Bald, M Edwards. Parndana: H Deer, B Putland,
D Trethewey, S Holland, J Davis.

Kingscote 8.7 (55) d Dudley United 7.6 (48)

Goals - Kingscote: D Budarick, L Ramsey 2, K Lee, L Stewart, S Linke, S Johnston 1. Dudley United: B Willson 3. Clay Willson 2,
J Helyar, Craig Wilson , Best -Kingscote: L Bruce, D Budarick, P Green, N Smith, K Lee. Dudley United: B Willson, R Willson,
B Howard, Craig Wilson, H Gurney


Dudley United 17.14 (116) defeated Wisanger 8.8 (56)

Best: DU - S Clark, B Howard, A Waller, Craig Wilson, H Gurney. Wisanger - T Bornholm, A Trowbridge, D Berden, J Graham,
D Bates. Goals: DU - S Clark 5, Clay Willson 5, Craig Willson 2, A Waller 2, M Condo, Sam Howard, M Geisler 1.
Wisanger: -
J Furniss 4, J Wheaton 2, J Lee, D Bates 1.

Kingscote 14.17 (101) defeated Parndarna 12.14 (86)

Best: King- J Edwards, J Willson, L Ramsey, K Lee, P Green. Parn - J Davis, J Hunter, S Jenkins, H Deer, A Ness.
Goals: King -
L Ramsey 8, D Budarick 2, P Green, B Clark, S Walden, J Edwards 1. Parn - S Windsor 3, J Hunter, S Kelly 2, S Jenkins 2,
B Putland, A Ness, M Morris 1.


Kingscote 12.7 (79) drew with Wisanger 11.13 (79)

Best (King) - L Bruce, L Ramsey, D Budarick, S Linke, L Stewart. (Wis) - D Berden, T Bornholm, D Bates, D Howard, J Wheaton.
(King) - L Ramsey 5, B Clark, D Budarick 2, P Green, K Hodge, J Hughes 1. (Wis) - J Wheaton 3, J Lade, T Borholm 2, C Neindorf,
D Bates, J Furniss, J Lee 1.

Dudley United 14.18 (102) defeated Western Districts 9.8 (62)

Best (DU) - Clay Willson, A Waller, R Hobbs, J Chambers, B Willson. (WD) - G Downing, C Hammatt, M Guerson, M Edwards, B Lock.
Goals (DU) -
Clay Willson 6, S Clark 3, S Donaghy, D Florence, Craig Wilson, J Peters, B Willson. (WD) - C Hammatt 4, A Fogden,
R Morris, J McCardle, B Lock, M Guerson 1.


All matches are at Kingscote on Saturday

Dudley United plays Western Districts from 12.30pm (Colts at 11.15), while Kingscote plays Wisanger at 2.30pm (Colts at 10am)

SCORES : Round One - Saturday April 8 2006 (thanks to Brian Tiggemann - Secretary)

Parndarna 12.4 (76) defeated Dudley United 10.12 (72)

Best (Parn) - H Deer, S Matthews, S Holland, M Morris, M Gilbert. (DU) - A Waller, L Bowd, D Spark, D Perry, B Smith.
Goals (Parn) - S Matthews 3, S Holland, J Hunter 2, Z Trethrewey, S Windsor, B Putland, S Leahy, M Gilbert 1. (DU) - C Wilson 5,
B Wilson, C Pearce, A Waller, D Perry, D Florence 1.

Western Districts 15.5 (95) defeated Wisanger 14.7 (91)

Best (WD) - A Fogden, R Morris, K King, D Weatherspoon, D Cane. (Wis) - T Bornholm, A Trowbridge, J Wheaton, A Lee,
C Turner. Goals (WD) - A Fogden 6, K King 2, B Putner, R Morris, D Cane 2, D Snowball 1. (Wis) - D Bates 3, C Neindorf, A Lee,
T Bornholm, J Wheaton 2, J Graham, C Turner, A Trowbridge 1.

BYE - Kingscote

Friday April 7, 2006

KI footy kicks off this weekend at Parndarna Oval with Wisanger playing Western Districts (12.30pm) while
Parnadarna takes on Dudley United (2.30). Kingscote has the bye. All teams have the Easter weekend off, with
Round Two matches to be played on April 22 at Kingscote.