Teams: Angaston, Barossa Districts, Freeling, Gawler Central, Kapunda, Nurioopta, South Gawler, Tanunda, Willaston

The Angaston Football Club is pleased to announce that Kerrie Woodards is the new president of the club. He was elected at last night's Annual General Meeting after defeating former president, Peter Feist in a ballot. The immediate past president for the past four years, Peter Morgan, did not seek re-election.
Kerrie has been involved with the club as runner/goal umpire/coach/team manager, etc. mainly in the junior grades, for over ten years. He is married to Debbie and they have two sons, Shaun (senior player) and Brett (Under 17's). He is involved with Hampel/Woodards Insurance at Nuriootpa and lives in Angaston.
Also on the night Peter Sibley (since 1992), Kevin Fitzgerald (since 1999) and Rick Pearson (since 2003) all retired from their positions.
New committee: Kym Wilson (2006 Under 17 coach and Under 15 coach a few years ago) is the new junior vice president. Peter Fulton (former player 1960's/70's, son Alistair played Under 17's this year) is a committeeman and Anthony Harvey (played 77 A-Grade games and 99 Reserves games up till end of 2006 - brother of Craig who ventured to Hamley Bridge in 2006) is also a new committeeman.

COACHES FOR 2007: A-GRADE: SIMON JOHNSON, ASSISTANT - Jamie Braidwood, RESERVES - Craig Hadden, UNDER 17 - James Ireland, UNDER 15 - Tony Talbot   

The Angaston Football Club is pleased to announce the appointment of Simon Johnson as A-Grade coach for 2007.
With around half a dozen applicants to choose from it was a very difficult decision with all applicants performing admirably at the interview sessions. However, at the end of the day it was Simon who just nudged out the other contenders who were all congratulated on their presentation. It will be only the sixth coach at Panther land since 1988 which shows the stability of the club. The previous two (Mark Seelander, six and Malcolm McGrath, five) were in charge for the past 11 years.
Simon is a motivational and tactical coach full of passion and pride who extracts the best from his players through positive leadership strategies. His intense work ethic, developing, teaching, beliefs in team work and discipline gives him a strong desire to win.
Simon’s philosphies are decision making, accountability, honesty and enjoyment. This helps him with his natural talent to guide young players to perform to the best of their ability and higher.
Coaching Achievements: - Hills Association Under 17’s Interleague 2004/2005, Birdwood A-Grade three Grand Final appearances 2003-2005, Tea Tree Gully Under 17’s Premiers 1999/2001, Tea Tree Gully Under 17’s Grand Final appearance 2000.

Playing Career: Tea Tree Gully 1999, Gepps Cross A4 1995-1998, Gepps Cross A3 1994, Greenacres A2 1992, Gaza A1 1991, Greenacres A1 1990.
Senior training will probably start in January and all players will receive a pre-season training programme in due course. It is hoped that Simon can attend the annual general meeting which has had a change of date. It will now be held on Wednesday, November 22 at 8.00 p.m. at the clubrooms. Nominations for committee close on Wednesday, November 15. All members will receive letters/nomination forms in the coming weeks. There are at least three positions available on the committee.
Other coaching appointments are Reserves, Craig Hadden; Under 17, Jim Ireland (due to the resignation of Kym Wilson) and Under 15, Tony Talbot.
Minor grades will be appointed at a later date.
The club is sad to announce the loss of David Green due to employment in the South East but with a host of Under 17’s expected to move to seniors it will
help cover this.  Anthony Schubert Secretary Angaston Football Club

Saturday September 23, 2006 GRAND FINAL at Kapunda
BAROSSA DISTRICTS 3.1 4.5 8.6 11.10 (76)
FREELING                  3.2 6.7 7.11 7.11 (53)
Best: Barossa Dists – D Sharp, B James, J Sibbich, M Stelzer, M Harris, A Spicer.
Freeling – B Leal, R Clarke, B Parish, A Byerlee, S Riddle, C Roberts
Goals: Barossa Dists – HL Commane 2, J Turner, M Laurie, P Stelzer, I Silvy, R Fromm, M Stelzer, A Amber 1.
Freeling – P Fowden 2, B Leal, A Byerlee, T Muster, C Stacey, J Newberry 1.

Saturday September 16, 2006 PRELIMINARY FINAL at Angaston
Barossa Districts 9.2 12.6 20.13 23.17 (155) def Gawler Central 2.6 7.10 9.12 13.18 (96)
Best: Barossa Dists – H Commane, J Nunan, J Sibbick, R Christie, J Turner, M Harris
Gawler Centrals – G Cooke, C Hill, K Herrman, Btaylor, T Foreman, J Wozniak
Goals: Barossa Dists – H Commane 6, J Turner 4, I Silvy 3, M Laurie, B James 2, J Nunan, M Stelzer, A Spicer, R Christie,
M Polkinghorne, P Stelzer 1. Gawler Central – K Herrmann 5, A Frackowski 2, C Hill, D Jenner, S Hahn, T Durdin, S Hancock, G Hodgins 1.

Saturday September 9, 2006

Second Semi Final at Nuriootpa
Freeling            2.1 4.3 5.6 12.9 (81)
Barossa Dists    2.2 5.2 8.5 10.9 (69)
Best: Freeling – B Leal, P Fowden, L Heinrich, B Parish, D Leske, C Roberts
Freeling – HK Commane, A Spicer, S Wills, M Stelzer, M Polkinghorne, J Nunan.
Goals: Freeling – P Fowden 4, J Newberry 2, R Clarke,
S Lamond, A Byerlee, C Stacey, R Davidson, S Carmichael 1.
Barossa Dists – HK Commance 3, I Silvy, J Turner 2, M Harris, P Stelzer, M Polkinghorne 1.

First Semi-Final - Saturday September 2, 2006
Gawler Central 0.4 7.8 9.14 18.23 (131) d Kapunda 4.2 6.3 8.3 10.5 (65).

Best - Gawler: A King, B Taylor, G Cooke, B Pfitzner, S Souter, J Asher. Kapunda: K Bissett, D Maynard, B Cooke, A Turrell,
M Cussadia, M Johnson. Goals - Gawler: D Jenner 5, G Hodgins 3, S Hahn, B Pfitzner, A King 2, K Herrmann, A Frackowski,
Hancock, B Taylor. Kapunda: B Cooke 5, M Mickan 2, B Taylor, N Brady, T Hamper 1.

Round 18 - Saturday August 26, 2006
Angaston 13.10 (88) d Freeling 10.5
Best -Angaston: D Green, S White, K Read, G Barn, M Doecke, M Zimmermann. Freeling: D Leske, B Leal, S Lamond, L Heinrich, J Newberry, S Riddle.
-- Angaston: C Harden, B Bascombe, M Doecke 3, K McLean 2, D Green, S Woodards. Freeling: S Leal 3, P Fowden, G Cornelius, C Roberts 2, S Furley.

Tanunda 15.14 (104) d Gawler Central 14.14 (98).
Best - Tanunda: M Greenwood, S Rogasch, B Wells, L Wells, A Kennedy. Gawler Cen­tral: J Woozniak, B Pfitzner, A King,
D Jenner, C Hill,
K Herrmann. Goals - - Tanunda: M Greenwood 5, B Wall 4, C Rohde 2, L Wells, C Woklas, G Gann. Gawler D Jenner 3,
K Herrmann, A Frackowski, S
Hahn 2, B Pfitzner, A King.

Barossa District 14.16 (100) d South Gawler 14.10 (94).
Best --- Barossa District: J Nunan. M Stelzer, A Amber, S Wills, P Leslie, R Christie. Goals - Barossa: I Silvy 4, .
Turner 3, M Polkinghorne, H Commane 2, D Sharp, J Nunan, M Stolzer. South Gawler: S Caruso, L McCracken 3,
R Lee, A Atkinson 2, A Carapetis. J
Mansfield, T Zorich, C Rimmer.

Nuriootpa 18.8 (116) def Kapunda 13.15 (93)
Best: Nuri - B Nicholls, S Gibson, S Ribbons, J Tregenza, P Heupphauff, N Salter. Kapunda - M Cussadia, D Maynard, B Taylor, A Maynard, T Hamper, N Brady.
Goals: Nuri - J Tregenza 6, B Nicholls 4, A Norton, N Salter 2, B Thiele, D Nietschke, P Heupphauff, A Elix-Berndt 1. Kapunda - B Cooke 4, N Brady, A Maynard,
K Thiele 2, R Johnson, M Cussadia, T Hamper 1.

Round 17 - Saturday August 19, 2006

Gawler Central 2.5 8.8 13.10 17.12 (114)  def Angaston 4.2 5.3 8.5 10.6 (66)
Best - Gawler Central: J Wozniak, J Barnet, L Fliley, T Foreman, B Pfitzner, S Souther.  Angaston: A Clark, D Geyer, B Bascombe, E Hadden, D Green. M
Zimmernann. Goals -- Gawler Central: B Pfitzner 3, K Herrmann, A King, S Hahn, G Hodgins 2, C Hill, D Jenner, J Wozniak, A Frackowski, J Latimer, B Taylor
Angaston: C Hadden 2, G Bain, K McLean, S McDonald, B Brook, M Doecke, D Green, B Bascombe, D Geyer.

Barossa District 7.3 11.9 16.11 24.18 (162) def Tanunda 2.2 5.4 9.6 11.9 (75)

Best - Barossa Dists: J Nunan, J Turner. D Sharp, S Wills, M Stelzer, B James. Tanunda: M Greenwood, B Wall, C Hoklas, L Wells, A
Kennedy, A Dow. Goals - Barossa Dists: B James 6, M Laurie 4, M Polkinghorne, J Turner, M Stelzer 3, R
Fromm 2, I Silvy, J Nunan, D Sharp Tanunda: B Wall 5, M Greenwood, A Kennedy 2, A Costin, R Miegel 1.

<!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--><!--[endif]--> Nuriootpa 2.3 6.9 9.11 12.15 (87) def South Gawler 4.2 8.4 10.4 11.6 (72)

Best -- Nuriootpa Rovers S Ribbons, BLydeamore, B Nicholls, S Gibson, T John, N Better. South Gawler: R Lee, Aaron Bevis, Andrew Bevis, S
Evans. Goals - Nuriootpa Rovers: J Tregenza, B Nicholls, N Salter 2, J Hoosier, B Lydeamore, D Nietschke, A Norton, J Mattschoss, P Hueppauff.
South Gawler: Andrew Bevis 4, A Carapetis, J McVicar, D Ellis, A Atkinson, Aaron Bevis, S Caruso, L McCracken.

<!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--><!--[endif]--> Kapunda 5.2 9.7 15.9 19.10 (124) def Willaston 4.2 6.3 9.6 10.12 (72)
Best: Kapunda – B Taylor, D Giles, A Maynard, C Ryan, M Mickan, D Maynard. Willaston: A Kite, L Baker, B Nottle, A Sennett, S Baker, C Cotter- Goals
- Kapunda: M Mickan 5, A Maynard 4,B Cooke, D Leslie 3, B Taylor 2, S Ryan, A Turrell. Willaston: S Baker 3, L Baker, N Trigg, C Cotter 2, A Pasin.

Round 16- Saturday August 12, 2006

Barossa Districts 26.21 (177) d Angaston 11.4 (70)
Best - Barossa District: D Sharp, A Spicer, H Commane, J Turner, M Stelzer, S Williss. Angaston: - B Bascombe A Clerke, M Doecke, B Hughes,
Hodden, D Green. Goals-Barossa: H Commane 6, I Silvy 4, M Stelzer, J Turner, S Harris 3, B James 2, P Leslie, M Polkinghorne, M Harris,
J Nunan, M
Lawrie. Angaston: A Clarke, A Reimann 2, S Woodards, G Bum, M Doecke, D Geyuer, S Linke, N Reimann, D Green.

Tanunda 19.16 (130) d Nurioot­pa 16.6 (102).
Best -Tanunda: C Hoklas, A Kennedy, C Rohde, R Meigel, M Baillie, B Wall. Nuri­ootpa: B Lydeamore, T John, G Falkenberg, N Satter,
S Hobbs, S Ribbons. Goals - Tanunda: M
Baillie 6 R Miegel 5, C Hoklas, D Steinert 2, D Bereen, 0 Mordson, B Wall, M Greenwood.
pa: A Norton 4, P Hueppauff, N Salter 3, B Lydeamore 2, J Tregenza, B Nicholls, G Falkenberg, D Nietschke.

South Gawler 15.13 (103) d Willaston 14.7 (91)
Best - South Gawler: S Caruso, J Mansfield, A Bevis, S Evans, B Craig, R Lee. Willaston: J Carter, B Nottle, A Ferrell,
M Green, L
Belperio, J Andrews. Goals - South Gawler: S Caruso 5, J Hansfield, A Bevis 3, D Ellis, L McCracken.

Freeling 15.13 (103) d Gawler Central 11.6 (79).
Best - Freeling: S Fancy, C Stacey, S Riddle, G Comelius, J Newberry L Heinrich. Gawler Central: J Wozniak, A King, BTaylor,
J Barnet, M
Clyuse, A Frackowski. Goals - Freeling: G Cornelius 5, A Byerlee, C Stacy 2, S Leal, D Fowden, S Zamond, B Leal,
B Muster, S Charmichael. Gawler
Central: S Hahn 3, D Jenner, C Elson 2, C Hill, A Fradcowski, B Pfittzner, A King

Saturday August 5 - Round 15
Angaston 3.0 4.3 10.5 12.9 (81) drew Nuriootpa 2.3 5.5 8.9 12.9 (81)
Best -Angaston: G Bain, B Kurtz, S White, M Doecke, N Reimann, E Hadden. Nuriootpa: S Rib­bons, D Rosenzweig, G Falkenberg,
B Nicholls, S
Gibson, T John. Goals - Angaston: D Green, M Doecke, C Hadden 3, A Clare, S Woodards, S White. Nuriootpa: N Salter 3,
A Norton, B Nicholls, J
Mattschoss 2, J Darling, B Harrison, S Ribbons.

Freeling 4.1 7.1 8.5 15.8 (98) d Barossa Districts 2.5 5.7 7.10 11.11 (77).
Best - Freeling: S Riddle, S Lamond, B Leal, J Newberry, S Forley, L Heinrich. Barossa Districts: J Nunan, M Harris, S Wills, J Turner,
M Polkinghorn, G
Chamberlain. Goals - Freeling : G Cornelius, D Fowden 4, A Byerlee 2, R Clare, S Lamond, S Farley, C Stacey, J Newberry.
Barossa Districts:
H Commaine, J Turner 3, R Wilkin 2, P Stelzer, J Sibbick, I Suley.

South Gawler 7.1 11.4 12.8 15.13 (103) d Kapunda 3.2 5.3 9.7 10.9 (69).
Best - South Gawler: J Mansfield, C Rimmer, T Zorich, A Bevis, A Atkinson, S Kerley. Kapunda: A Turrell, K Bisset, D Giles, T Hamper,
A Maynard, C Ryan. Goals
- South Gawler: J Mansfield 4, A Carapetis, D Ellis, A Bevis, N Kennedy 2, J McVicar, A Bevis, S Caruso.
Kapunda: B Cooke 3, J Johnson 2, S Ryan, B Taylor, M Cussadia, A Maynard, M May 1

Willaston 4.1 6.6 9.8 13.14 def Tanunda 3.3 6.6 10.8 12.12 (84)
Best: Willaston – C Cotter, J Carter, A Kite, L Belperio, M Brooks, M Illingworth. Tanunda – C Hoklas, M Greenwood, A Dow, K Martin,
A Kennedy, L Wells. Goals: Willaston – C Cotter 3, J Carter, L Baker, A Kite 2, S Baker, J Andrews, D Hendry, N Trigg 1. Tanunda – C Hoklas,
M Baillie, M Greenwood 3, J Vawser, B Wall, D Bergen 1.

Round 14 - Saturday July 29, 2006

Barossa District 20.23 (143) d Gawler Central 14.5 (89).

Best - Barossa District: J Sibbick, P Steizer, M Harris, J Nunan, M Stelzer, A Christie. Gawler Central: G Hoduins, J Wozniak,
S Dalgliesh,
A King, C Hill. Goals - Barossa District: R Christie , M Harris, H Commane, G Chamberlain 3, J Turner, D Lister,
K Stelzer 2, M Stelzer, M Polkinghorne.
Caviler Central: S Hahn 5, B Taylor 2, D Jenner, K Vivian, A King, M Cluse, J Latimer,
S Hancock, G Hodgins.

Willaston 9.14 (68) d Angaston 6.7 (43).

Best - Willaston: S Baker, C Potter, L Bennie, A Pasin, J Rozman, P Declan. Angaston: Angaston: A Clarke, N Reimann, D Green,
C Hadden, B Kurtz, A
Reimann. Goals - Willaston: L S Baker 3, L Baker, J Carter 2, L Bennie, N Trig. Angaston: B Hughes, G Bain,
A Reimann, N Reimann, S White, D. Rainsford.

Kapunda 17.13 (115) d Tanunda 11.9 (75).

Best - Kapunda: B Taylor, M Cussadia, D Maynard, A Turret, K Basset, D Giles. Tanunda: B Wall, S Kohrlach, D Bergen,
C Hoklas, A Dow, A Kennedy. Goals -Kapunda: B Taylor 5, D Maynard
4, M Cussadia 2, S Ryan, B Higgins, K Chappell,
Maynard, T Hamper, M May.

Freeling 21.6 (132) d Nuriootpa Rover 11.8 (74).

Best - Freeling: K Barry, C Stacy, B Muster, J Newberry, G Cornelius, B Leal. Nuriootpa Rover: S Gibson, B Nicholls, G Falkenberg, S Hobbs, B Thiele, D Rosenzweig. Goals - Freeling: G Cornelius 6, P Fowden, A Byerlee, C Stacy 3, S Leal, J Newberry 2, S Lamond, S Farley. Nuriootpa Rover: B Nicholls 3, A Norton, B Rohrlach 2, B Mitchell, D Rosenzweig, G Falkenberg, N Salter.

Round 13 - Saturday July 22,  2006

Willaston 16.20 (116) d Freeling 13.8 (86).

Best -Freeling: B Wottle, C Cotter, L Baker, S Baker, A Fennell, J Harvey. Freeling: D Leske, P Fowden, C Stacey, N Warnest,
B Parish, R Clark. Goals
Willaston: L Baker 6, S Baker 4, C Cotter, A Kyle 2, L Belperio, N Ramm. Willaston: P Fowden 5,
Cornelius 3, K Barry 2, B Last, D Leske, C Stacey:

Gawler Central 20.10 (130) d Nuriootpa Rovers 16.12 (108).

Best-Gawler S Hahn, C Hill, G Cooks J Wozniak, L Riley, A King. Nuriootpa: S Gibson, J Tregenza, S Collins, G Falkenberg,
B Nicholls, D
Rosenzweig Goals -- Gawler Central: S Hahn 9, S Hancock 3, C Hill 2, D Jenner, J Latimer, S Souter, L Riley, A Vivian,
B Taylor, Nuriootpa: B Nicholls 4, N Sager 3,
S Ribbons, J Tregenza 2, B Thiele, D Rosenzweig, B Lydeamore, A Norton, G Taplin.

Kapunda 17.16 (118) d Angaston 9.3 (57).

Best-Kapunda: A Maynard, M McCarthy, B Higgins, B Taylor, A Turrell, P Tralaggan Angaston - B Kurtz, M Doecke A Reimann,
G Bain, B
Hughes, C Hadden. Goals - Kapunda: B Cooke 4, R Johnson, M McCarthy, N Brady, B Higgins 2, B Taylor, A Maynard,
G Hinderwell, D Giles, A Turrell.
Angaston - B Hughes 4, M Doecke 3, N Reimann, G Bain.

Tanunda 11.10 (76) d South Gawler 10.13 (73).

Best - Tanunda: B Wall, D Bergen, C Hoklas, F Rowde, B Wells. South Gawler. S Caruso, J Mansfield, A Bevis, L McCracken,
A Atkinson Goals
- Tanunda: M Baillie 4, K Falkenberg, C Hoklas 2, B Wall, C Rohde, S Rogasch. Tanunda: S Caruso 3, J Mansfield,
C Rimmer 2, D Ellis, A Bovis,
L McCracken.

Round 12 - Saturday July 15, 2006

Willaston 13.16 (94) d Gawler Central 10.10 (70).

Best - Willaston: S Baker, C Cotter, L Belperio, A Ferrell, J Carter, J Harvey. Gawler Central: C Hill, A King, K Heberle. Goals - Willaston
S Baker 3, L Baker, B Nottle, C Cotter 2, J Rozman, A Kyle, Gawler Central: S Hancock 3, C Hill, G Hodgins, A Barnett 2, B Taylor.

Freeling 11.15 (81) d Kapunda 6.4 (40).

Best-Reeling: J Newberry, D Leske, R Clark, C Roberts, B Leal, C Stacey. Kapunda: D Maynard, M McCarthy, S Ryan, K Pfitzner,
A Turrell, N Brady. Goals -- Freeling: G Cornelius 3, C Stacey, S Leal 2, R Clarke, B Leal, B Muster, J Newberry. Kapunda: M McCarthy,
B Cook 2, B Taylor, A Maynard.

Barossa Districts 18.11 (119) d Nuriootpa Rovers 10.8 (68).

Best - Barossa: H Commane, M Stelzer, A Spicer, P Stelzer, M Harris, A Amber. Nuriootpa Rovers: B Thiele, J Tregenza, S Gibson,
B Nicholls, T John, S Matron. Goals -- Barossa: H Commane 7, J Turner 3, D Shard, M Polkinghorn 2, P Stelzer, G Chamberlain.
Nuriootpa: A Mahoney 5, B Rohrlach 4, S Butler 3, L Sich, M Kurtz. S Hobbs.

South Gawler 17.12 (114) d Angaston 8.9 (57).

Best - South Gawler. A Beuis, N Hook, D Coombs, A Carapetis, S Caruso, L Harris. Angaston: T Thorn, B Hughes, B Kurtz, G Bain.
Goals - South Gawler: L Makris 3, A Carapetis, J McVicar, S Caruso, A Bevis 2, D Ellis, A Atkinson, A Bevis, D Coombs, L McRacken,
M Burne. Angaston: C Hadden 3, G Bain, S McDonald, A Reimann, M Doecke, K McLean.

Round 11 - Saturday July 8, 2006

Gawler Central 21.18 (148) d Kapunda 8.10 (58).

Best - Gawler Central: K Heberle, B Taylor, A King, G Cooke, J Wozniak, G Hodgkins. Kapunda: K Bissett, K Pfitzner, P Tralaggan,
A Turrell, D Giles, D Maynard. Goals - Gawler Central: S Hahn , K Heberle 4, C Hill, B Pfitzner 3, D Jenner, A Frackowski, J Latimer, A Barnett,
B Taylor. Kapunda: B Higgins 2, D Leslie, S Ryan, J Johnson, B Taylor, M McCarthy

Angaston 13.13 (91) d Tanunda 12.6 (78).

Best - Angaston: N Reimann, B Bascombe, M Doecke, A Clarke, B Hughes, M Zimmermann. Tanunda: L Wells, B Wall, A Schmidt,
M Greenwood, A Dow, W Grosser.' Goals - Angaston: C Hadden 4, M Doecke 2, B Hughes, S White, N Reimann, M Zimmermann,
B Bascombe, D Green, G Bain. Tanunda: B Wall 3, M Baillie, C Hoklas, M Greenwood, R Miegel 2, K Falkenberg.

Freeling 20.6 (126) d South Gawler 9.6 (60).

Best- Freeling: S Lamond, A Byerlee, S Farley, C Roberts, N Warnest, C Stacey. South Gawler: D Kennedy, A Bevis, A Carapetis.
Goals - Freeling: G Cornelius 5, S Parley 4, P Fowden 3, A Byerlee, S Leal, S Lamond 2, B Muster, J Lienert. South Gawler: J Mansfield 3,
A Atkinson, S Kieley 2, S Caruso, D Coombs.

Barossa Dist 14.13 (97) d Willaston 8.8 (56).

Best - Barossa Dist S Wills, H Commane, P Stelzer, J Turner, A Amber. Willaston: M Brooks, T Mackereth, A Ferrell, J Carter, A Pasin,
C Cotter. Goals - Barossa Dist: D Lister, H Commane 4, J Turner 3, A Amber, M Laurie, I Silvy. Willaston: S Baker, C Cotter 2, J Cole,
J Harvey, D Hendry, M Brooks.

Round Ten - Saturday July 1, 2006

South Gawler 11.9 (75) d Gawler Central 7.6 (48).

Best - South Gawler: L Makris, A Bevis, S Kerley, A Bevis, N Hook, S Caruso. Gawler Central: B Taylor, G Cooks, J Asher, A King.
Goals - South Gawler S Caruso 3, A Carapetis, Mansfield, D Ellis, A Bevis, L Makris, D Coombs, T Zorich, C Rimmer.
Gawler Central: D Jenner 3, S Hahn, B Pfitzner, A King, A Barnett.

Barossa District 12.9 (81) d Kapunda 2.8 (20)

Best-Barossa: J Nunan, Amber, M Stolzer, D Sharp, H Commane, P Leslie. Kapunda: M McCarthy, A Turrell, D Maynard, D Leslie,
M Johnson, P Tralaggan. Goals -Barossa: I Silvy 5, H Commane, M Laurie 2, B James, M Stelzer, G Chamberlain. Kapunda: B Cooke,
D Maynard.

Freeling 6.9 (45) d Tanunda 4.4 (28).

Best - Freeling: J Newberry, D Leske, P Fowden, B Leal, P Kerin, C Stacey. Tanunda: M Greenwood, T Bonner, B Wall, S Morrison,
C Hoklas, A Schmidt. Goals - Freeling: P Fowden, B Leal 2, S Leal, J Newberry. Tanunda: M Baillie, M Greenwood, C Hoklas, D Steinert.

Willaston 3.6 (24) d Nuriootpa 2.8 (20).

Best - Willaston: S Baker, L Baker, L Bennie, A Kyle, A Fennell, J Carter. Nuriootpa: P Hueppauff, N Salter, S Gibson, T John, B Thiele,
B Lydeamore. Goals -Willaston: L Baker 2, C Cotter. Nuriootpa: N Slater 2.

Round Nine - Saturday June 24, 2006

Freeling 16.12 (108) d Angaston 12.7 (79).

Best - Freeling - C Stacy, B Leal, B Parish, P Fowden. J Newberry. R Clarke. Angaston: B Bascombe, G Bain, S White, M Doecke, K Reimann. N Reimann. Goals - Freeling: P Fawden 5. S Carmichael 4, R Clarke, S Lamond, B Lea, A Byerlee, C Stacy, J Newberry. Angaston G Bain, M Doecke 2, S While, N Reimano, E Hadden, A Reimann, D Geyer, D Green, B Bascome, B Hughes

Gawler Central 22.16 (148) d Tanunda 15.6 (96).

Best - Gawler Central - K Heberle, J Wozniak, B Pftzner, J Latimer, A King J Barnett Tanunda: B Wall, M Baillie, M Greenwood, S Schwartz. Goals -. Gawler Central: J Latimer 4, S Hahn, B Pfitzner, A King 3, D Jenner, A Barnett, B Taylor 2, G Hodgins, K Vivian, J Asher. Tanunda: M Baillie 5, M Greenwood 3, A Costin 2, L Wells, B Wall, C Hoklas, D Bergen, D Steinert

Barossa Dist 20.14 (134) d South Gawler 9.8 (62).

Best - Barossa Dist: J Nunan, D Sharp, D Polkinghorne, P Stelzer, H Commane, S Wills. South Gawler: A Carapetis, A Bevis, L Harris, C Rimmer. S Caruso, A Atkinson. Goals- Barossa Dist: I Silvy 6. M Laurie 5, J Nunan 3, M Harris, M Polkinghorne, H Commane, A Amber, J Turner, J Zerk South Gawler: A Atkinson 3, A Carapeetis 2, R Kerr. R East T Zorich, C Rimmer

Kapunda 20.8 (128) d Nuriootpa 10.4 (69).

Best- Kapunda: M McCarthy A Maynard, M Cussadia, C Ryan, P Tralaggan, N Brady. Nuriootpa: S Gibson, N Salter, B Thiele, A Elix-Berndt, S Ribbons, B Nicholls. Goals - Kapunda: B Cooke 5, A Maynard 4, M McCar­thy, R Creber 2, D Leslie, S Ryan, B Taylor, M Cussadia, N Brady, A Turrel, B Higgins. Nunootpa - N Salter, B Nicholls 4, B Eime, S Gibson.

Round Eight - Saturday June 17, 2006
Barossa District 21.12(138) d Tanunda 10.6 (66).

Best -Barossa District: A Commane, J Nunan, Turner, M Polklnghorne, B James, I Silvy. Tanunda: B Wells, T Burge. M Baillie,
K Martin, A Kennedy. Goals -Barossa District: I Silvy 5, B James, J Turner 3, M Harris, J Zerk 2, D Sharp, D Lister, M Laurie, R
Wilkin, H Commane, M Polkinghorne. Tanunda: M Baillie 4, B Wall 2, L Wells, M
Greenwood, S Morrison, D Steinert.

Gawler Central 18.14 d Angaston 9.10 (64).
Best-Gawler Central: A King, B Taylor, D Jenner, B Pfitzner, L Riley, K Heberle. Angaston~ B Bascombe, B Kuntz, M Doecke, D
W Prest, B Hughes. Goals -Gawler Central: B Pfitzner, J Latimer 3, C Hill, D Jenner, K Heberle, B Taylor 2, S Hahn, S Souter,
A Barneri, G Cooke. Angaston: M Doecke 3, K Brimann, D Green 2, S Woodards, M Zimmermann.

South Gawler 15.6 (96) d Nurlootpa Rover 12.9 (81).
Best – South Gawler. C Rimmer, B Craig, A Bevis, S Kerley. Nuriootpa Rover: D Rosenzweig, N Salter, S Gibson, S
Matson, B Nicholls, J Mattschoss. Goals -
South Gawler: A Bevis 4, S Mansfield, J McVicar, D Coombs 2, A Atkinson, L Makris,
B Craig, L East, C Rimmer. Nuriootpa Rover: B Nicholls 3, S Ribbons, D Rosenzweig 2, J Roesler, S Lee, N Salter, B Lydeamore, A. Norton.

Kapunda 20.9 (129) d Willaston 12.9 (81).
Best - Kapunda: M McCarthy, B Cooke, A Maynard, D Leslie, B Taylor, S Ryan. Willaston: S Baker, L Gersch, 6 Nottle, M Green, L
Baker, J Carter. Goals - Kapunda: B Cooke 9, A Maynard 3, K Blsset, B Taylor 2, S Ryan, J Johnson. Willaston: L Baker 4,
J Goodfellow, J Cole 2, S Baker, B Durbridge, L Belperio 1.

ROUND SEVEN – Saturday June 3, 2006

Barossa District 16.13 (109) d Angaston 5.9 (39).

Best - Barossa District: J Turner, J Nunan, D Sharp, G Chamberlain, M Stelzer. A Spicer. Angaston: B Bascombe, B Kurtz, M Doecke,
L Hadden, B Hughes, T Thorn. Goals - Barossa District: M Stelzer 3, M Harris, A Spicer, M Polkinghorne 2, R Christie, D Sharp, S Harris,
I Silvy, J Turner, D Goodfellow. Angaston: G Bain,
N Reimann, M Zimmermann, M Doeke, D Green.

Nuriootpa 15.7 (97) d Tanunda 12.9 (81)

Best - Nuriootpa: N Salter, S Gibson, J Tregenza, B Mitchell, S Matson, T John. Tanunda: M Greenwood, B Wall, T Bonner, A Kennedy.
Goals - Nuriootpa: N Salter 6, B Eime, D Rosenzweig 2, A Norton, J Tregenza, B Nicholls,
S Matson, S Lee. Tanunda: M Baillie 4, B Wall 3,
A Kennedy, C Huklas, A Schmidt, R Miegal, M Godfrey.

Gawler Central 18.10 (118) d Freeling 13.14 (92).

Best -Gawler Central: K Heberle, A King, S Souter, A Frackowski, B Taylor, L Riley. Freeling: B Leal, J Newberry, S Farley, P Fowden,
N Warnest,
S Lamond. Goals -Gawler Central: S Hahn 4, D Jenner, B Pfitzner 3, K Heberle, K Vivian, A King 2, J Latimer, B Taylor.
Freeling: P Fowden 4. S Leal 3, R Clarke,
S Lamond, A Byerlee, C Stacy, G Cornelius, C Eichner.

South Gawler 14.12 (96) d Willaston 11.16 (80).

Best - South Gawler. C Schell, N Kennedy, L Makris, B Craig, A Carapetis, D Ellis. Willaston: B Nottle, A Pasin, C Colter, M Green,
L Gersch, S Baker. Goals -
South Gawler: D Coombs 3, D Ellis, L Makris, L East 2, A Atkinson, C Schell, L Mcracken, T Zolich,
N Kennedy. Willaston: S Baker, J Cole, L Baker 3.

ROUND SIX - Saturday May 27, 2006

Nuriootpa 4.6 9.8  12.13 14.15 (99) def Angaston 1.2 2.3 3.7 7.12 (54)

Best - Nunootpa Rover: B Lydeamore, J Tregenza, B Nicholls, B Mitchell, D Rosenzweig, A Norton. Angaston: B Bascombe, N Reimann,
G Bain, M Zimmerman, D Geyer,
E Hadden. Goals - Nuriootpa Rover: Nuri­ootpa Rover: B Eime, A Norton 4, B Nicholls 2, N Ruwoldt,
D Rosenzweig, N Salter, B Lydeamore. Angaston: G Bain,
N Reimann, M Zimmerman, B Bascombe, A Reimann, M Doecke, C Hadden.

Freeling 3.1 6.4 12.4 21.6 (132) def Barossa Districts 2.1 6.2 10.6 13.9 (87)

Best - Freeling: P Fowden, R Clarke, C Stacy, B Leal, D Leske, B Cornelius. Barossa District: G Chamberlain, M Stelzer, H Commane,
M Harris, J Nunan, P Leslie. Goals - Freeling: G Cornelius, P Fowden 6, S Lead 5,
S Lamond 2, B Leal, A Byerlee. Barossa District: M Laurie,
I Silvy, H Commune 3, A Spicer, J Turner, D Lister, M Harris.

Tanunda 5.2 9.6 11.12 16.15 (111) def Willaston 2.2 5.4 11.8 12.10 (82)

Best -Tanunda: A Kennedy, L Wells, C Hoklas, J Lawson, C Rohde. Willaston: B Nottle, L Belperio, C Cotter, A Kyle, M Green, L Gersch.
Goals - Tanunda: M baillie 3, B Wall, A Kennedy, C Hoklas, R Meigel 2, S Rogasch, C Rohde, J Lawson, A Schmidt, M Greenwood.
Willaston: N Trig g 3, S Baker, M Cotton, L Baker 2, C Cotter, A Kyte, D Hendry.

Kapunda 11.18 (84) d South Gawler 10.10 (70).

Best - Kapunda: S Ryan, A Turrell, B Taylor, N Brady, A Maynard, D Leslie. South Gawler: D Ellis, L Makris, C Rimmer.
Goals - Kapunda: B Taylor 3, N Brady, A Turrell 2, S Ryan, A Maynard, D Burgess, M Mickan.
South Gawler: C Rimmer 4,
J Mansfield, J McVicar, A Atkinson, M Bevis, L Makris, D Coombs.

ROUND FIVE - Saturday May 20, 2006

Freeling maintained its unbeaten form with a comfortable 49 point win over Nuriootpa. Nuri were out of the blocks in style kicking 7.1 to 5.3 in the first term before the Redlegs got their act together kicking 11 goals to two for the remainder of the match. Gerald Cornelius kicked four, maintaining his lead at the top of the League goalkicking with 26, while Brad Muster and Russell Clarke were named best.
Heading to the match at Angaston, the Panthers and the Donnybrooks would have been very keen to try and break their drought and grab a win. It was to no avail, 120 minutes of footy – the result at draw!!! Andrew Kyle was best for Willaston while David Green was named Angaston best player – the search for a first win in 2006 continues for both sides!
Barossa Districts kept second spot with a four point win over Gawler Central. Simon Wills was best for the Bulldogs, Scott Hahn kicked four for the Tigers.
Tanunda snared its second victory of the season with an easy 69 point win over Kapunda. Martin Baillie kicked seven for the Maggies, Alex Kennedy named its best player.

This week: Nuriootpa v Angaston, Barossa Dists v Freeling at Lyndoch, Willaston v Tanunda, Kapunda v South Gawler. Gawler Central has the Bye.

Angaston 2.3 4.4 6.6 9.9 (63) drew with Willaston 2.0 6.1 9.2 10.3 (63)
Best -Angaston: D Green, G Bain, C Hadden, T Thorn, M Doecke. B Bascombe, Willaston: A Kyle, B Nottle, S Baker, L Belperio. M Cotton, A Ferrell. Goals -Angaston: M Doecke, G Bain, N Reimann 2, D Geyer, D Rathjen, C Hadden, Willaston: L Baker 3, N Trigg 2, L Belperio, T Mackereth, A Kyte, C Cot­ter, S Baker.

Freeling 5.3 10.7 15.10 16.13 (109) def Nuriootpa 7.1 7.4 8.4 9.6 (60)
Best-Freeling: B Muster, R Clarke, J Lienert, C Stacey, J Newberry. N Warnest. Nuriootpa: C Timms, N Salter, B Mitchell, A Norton, D Nietschke, J Mattschoss. Goals - Freeling: G Cornelius 4, P Fowden, A Byrelee 3, R Clarke, S Lamond 2, S Leal, B Leal. Nuriootpa: N Ruwoldt 3, N Salter 2, P Lydeamore, B Nicholls, B Harrison, J Tregenza.

Barossa District 1.3 7.910.12 14.14 (98) def Gawler Central 4.1 6.3 10.6 14.10 (94)
Best - Barossa: S Wills, M Polkinghorne, HK Commane, J Turner, M Stelzer, P Stelzer. Gawler Central: B Taylor, K Heberle, S Souter, J Wozniak, J Barnett, C Hall. Goals - Barossa: M Laurie, J Turner 3, B James 2, A Spicer, I Silvy, S Wills, H Commane, M Polkinghorne, M Stelzer. Gawler Central: S Hahn 4, J Latimer 3, B Pfitzner 2, A King, S Souter, L Riley, B Taylor, M Cluse.

Tanunda 8.2 12.2 15.5 19.9 (123) def Kapunda 0.2 4.4 5.9 7.12 (54)
Best - Tanunda: A Kennedy, B Wells, M Baillie, M Greenwood, C Rohde. Kapunda: A Turrell, D Leslie, P Tralaggan, S Ryan, T Hamper, D Maynard. Goals-Tanunda: M Baillie 7, R Miegel 4, B Wall, C Rohde 2, D Millard, A Schmidt, M Godfrey, D Steinert. Kapunda: D Leslie, K Thiele 2, D Maynard, A Turrell.

ROUND FOUR - Saturday May 13, 2006

The Freeling juggernaut continued on its merry way, with a 112 point win over Willaston. Gerard Cornelius kicked six goals,
with Aaron Byerlee named best for the Redlegs kicking three.Gawler Central moved into third spot with a 64 point victory over Nuri,
Scott Hahn kicked four to take his seasons tally to 17, with Brad Taylor best for the winners. Kapunda proved too good for
Angaston, while
South Gawler moved into the five with a 42 points win over Tanunda.

Kapunda 4.4 7.7 14.11 16.14 (110) d Angaston 1.2 3.4 5.4 9.6 (60).
Best - Kapunda: S Ryan, D Leslie, A Maynard, M Kerr, N Brady, A Maynard. Angaston: G Bain, L Hadden, A Clarke, B Kurtz, D Geyer,
M Doecke. Goals - Kapunda: B Taylor, A Maynard 3, M Cussadia, M McCarthy 2, D Leslie, S Ryan, K Bisset, N Brady, B Higgins, M May.
Angaston: D Geyer, K McLean 2, S McDonald, C Hadden, A Reimann, M Doecke, K Reimann.

Freeling 4.2 7.3 16.6 24.9 (153) d Willaston 0.0 1.2 3.7 5.11 (41).
Best - Freeling: A Byerlee, S Riddle, L Heinrich, S Lamond, G Cornelius, R Clark. Willaston. D Hendry, J Rozman, N Trigg, B Nottle,
A Fennell, A Pasin. Goals - Freeling: G Cornelius 6, S Farley 4, A Byerlee, C Stacey 3, S Lamond, B Leal 2, S Leal, P Fowden, A Warnest,
T Muster. Willaston:
N Trigg, A Kyte 2, A Pasin.

Gawler Central 6.4 11.5 15.6 19.10 (124) d Nuriootpa Rover 1.4 2.7 7.12 8.12 (60).
Best - Gawler Central: B Taylor, Tyson Foreman, K Heberle. J Latimer, S Souter, G Cooke. Nuriootpa -  S Gibson, S Ribbons, B Nicholls,
J Mattschoss, M Wilson, N Salter. Goals - Gawler Central: S Hahn, B Pfitzner 4, A King, J Latimer 3, D Jenner, K Vivian 2, B
Nuriootpa: B Nicholls 3, J Tregenza,
N Ruwoldt. S Gibson. N Salter, A Mahoney.

South Gawler 3.4 9.4 12.5 17.5 (107) d Tanunda 2.1 4.1 7.4 10.5 (65).
Best -
South Gawler: L Makris, D Coombs, C Schell, S Kerley, R Lee, A Carapetis. Tanunda: C Ford., S Morrison, M Greenwood,
M Baillie, D Robinson, C Hoklas. Goals -
South Gawler: J Mansfield 3, A Carapetis, D Ellis 2, A Atkinson, A Bevis, D Coombs,
D Bevis, C Fowler. Tanunda: M Baillie 4, D Robinson, C Hoklas 2, B Wall, D Millard.

ROUND THREE - Saturday May 6, 2006

FREELING AND BAROSSA DISTRICTS remain unbeaten after three matches

Freeling proved too good for Kapunda getting home by 24 points, with Gerald Cornelius snaring five to back up his eleven goal effort last week.

The Bulldogs took the points off Nuriootpa by 24 points, Captain Matthew Stelzer best for the Bulldogs.

South Gawler came from behind at three quarter time to win over Angaston, while Gawler Central were too good for Willaston, getting home by 51 points

Freeling 3.4 8.6 13.10 14.13 (97) d Kapunda 0.1 3.1 8.4 11.7 (73).

Best - Freeling: J Newberry, S Lamond, B Leal, Warnest, S Riddle, A Byerlee. Kapunda: N Brady, P Tralaggan, B Taylor, K Bisset, K Thiele, D Maynard. Goals - Freeling: G Cornelius 5, A Byerlee 3, S Lamond 2, R Clark, P Fowden, B Leal. Kapunda- K Thiele 4, B Cooke, D Leslie 2, M Cussadia, M McCarthy, N Brady 1.

Gawler Central 7.3 10.6 15.8 20.12 (132) d Willaston 1.2 5.4 6.6 12.9 (81).

Best-Gawler Central: B Taylor, K Vivian, D Jenner, S Hahn, A King, L Riley. Willaston: C Cotter, J Harvey, B Nottle, J Carter, A Kyne, M Brooks. Goals- Gawler Central: S Hahn 5, D Jenner, K Vivian 4, A King, A Vivian, B Taylor 2, J Latimer 1. Willaston: L Baker 3, C Cotter, B Nottle, J Carter 2, N Trigg M Green, J Rozman.

Barossa District 3.4 7.5 7.10 10.13 (73) d Nuriootpa 3.2 6.2 6.3 7.7 (49).

Best - Barossa: M Stelzer, P Leslie, D Sharp, J Nunan, P Stelzer, A Amber. Nuriootpa: J Mattschoss, S Gibson, S Lee, B Nicholls, D Nietschke, N Salter. Goals - Barossa: B James, I Silvy 2, R Christie, M Stelzer, P Stelzer, J Zerk, M Lawne, M Harris. Nuriootpa - S Lee 3, G Falkenberg 2, M Wilson, A Norton.

Angaston 2.5 4.10 6.15 7.18 (60) lost South Gawler 1.4 3.6 6.7 11.12 (78)

Best: Angaston - B Bascombe, B Kurtz, A Reimann, D Geyer, G Bain. Sth Gawler - D Coombs, R Lee, C Fowler, J Mansfield, S Kerly, N Kennedy. Goals: Angaston - C Hadden 3, A Reimann 2, B Hughes, D Green 1. Sth Gawler - J Mansfield 3, S O'Donoghue, J MacVicar, M Bevis, A Atkinson, D Coombs, L McCracken, S Caruso, A Carapetis 1.

ROUND TWO - Saturday April 29, 2006

Freeling and Barossa Districts maintained their position at top of the BLG premiership table after big wins over the weekend. Freeling hammered South Gawler by 27 goals, while Barossa Districts had a solid ten goal win over Willaston. In other results, Kapunda grabbed its first win of 2006, defeating Gawler Central by 24 points, while the Magpies did likewise on Sunday, defeating Angaston by 17 points.

Freeling 8.1 17.7 23.4 32.12 (204) defeated South Gawler 0.0 1.0 2.6 6.6 (42)

Best: Freeling - R Clarke, G Cornelius, B Parish, P Fowden, C Robets, N Warnest. Sth Gawler - R Lee, N Kennedy, J McVicar, D Ellis, T Zorich, L Makris. Goals: Freeling - G Cornellius 11, P Fowden 5, B Leal, A Byerlee 3, S Leal, R Clarke, S Farley 2, S Lamond, A Warnest, B Muster, C Roberts 1. Sth Gawler - L McVicar, D Ellis, S O'Donoghue, L Makris, L McCraken, T Zorich

Kapunda 3.0 8.6 10.7 15.12 (102) defeated Gawler Central 3.5 3.6 8.10 11.12 (78)

Best: Kapunda - M Johnson, B Cooke, B Taylor, M Cussadia, D Maynard, S Ryan. Gaw Cent- K Heberle, J Barnett, S Souter, A Frackowski, T Foreman, B Taylor. Goals: Kapunda - B Cooke 7, A Maynard 3, M Johnson, S Ryan, M Cussadia, A Turrrell, B Higgins 1. Gaw Cent - S Hahn 4, B Taylor 2, C Hill, A Frackowski, K Vivian, A King, S Slater 1.

Barossa District 3.8 5.11 12.18 17.21 (123) defeated Willaston 4.1 7.2 10.2 11.6 (72)

Best: BD - J Turner, J Nunan, P Stelzer, D Sharp, P Leslie, R Christie. Willaston - B Nottle, A Ferrel, T Mackereth, C Cotter, N Trigg. Goals: BD - J Turner 5, D Sharp 3, A Amber, B James 2, P Stelzer, L Kent, I Silvy 1. Willaston - M Cotton 4, J Rozman 2, C Cotter, N Trigg, J Carter, D Hendry 1.

Tanunda 4.4 6.6 10.10 13.11 (89)defeated Angaston 2.1 6.6 7.8 10.12 (72)

Best: Tanunda - M Greenwood, M Baillie, C Rohde, J Lawson. Angaston - M Doecke, D Green, A Clarke, B Hughes, D Rathjen, E Hadden. Goals: Taununda - M Baillie 6, A Kennedy, C Rohde, D Millard, M Greenwood, R Miegel, S Morrison, D Steinert. Angaston - M Doecke 4, D Green 2, K McLean, N Reimann, M Zimmerman, S McDonald 1.

ROUND ONE - Saturday April 22, 2006

Nurioopta 2.7 5.8 9.11 10.12 (72) defeated Willaston 0.0 5.1 5.2 10.4 (64)

Best (Nuri) - S Ribbons, J Weedon, J Mattschoss, N Ruwoldt, D Rosenzweig, B Harris. (Will) - J Carter, L Baker, N Trigg, L Berperio, A Ferrell, P Durbridge. Goals (Nuri) - A Mahoney, A Norton 2, A Elix-Berndt, M Wilson, B Nicholls, S Gibson, D Rosenzweig 1. (Will) - J Irving 3, L Baker, J Rozman 2, N Ramm, M Brooks, J Goodfellow 1

Freeling 3.3 8.5 14.12 18.12 (120) defeated Tanunda 2.2 3.3 4.10 8.12 (60)

Best (Free) - C Roberts, C Leal, D Leske, S Riddle, P Fowden, A Byerlee. (Tan) - M Greenwood, S Morrison, D Steinert, S Rogasch, B Wells. Goals (Free) - P Fowden, B Leal 4, A Byerlee 3, C Eichner, B Parish 2, S Leal, A Warnest, D Leske 1. (Tan) - M Bailey, M Greenwood 3, B Wahl, A Schmidt 1.

Barossa Districts 6.2 14.3 17.5 19.7 (121) defeated Kapunda 1.1 2.3 3.10 7.16 (58)

Best (BD) - P Steizer, I Silvy, P Leslie, J Turner, J Nunan, M Lawrie. (Kap) - B Higgins, B Taylor, D Leslie, D Maynard, T Hamper, A Menzel. Goals (BD) - I Silvy 6, B James, M Laurie 4, J Turner 3, R Christie, D Sharp 1. (Kap) - D Leslie 2, M Johnson, J Johnson, M McCarthy, B Higgins, K Thiele 1.

Gawler Central 2.2 5.5 10.7 17.10 (112) defeated South Gawler 8.2 10.5 13.6 13.10 (88)

Best (GC) - K Vivian, S Hahn, J Wozniak, L Riley, K Heberle, K Herrmann. (SG) - C Fowler, N Hook, S Evans, R Kerr. Goals (GC) - S Hahn 4, A King 3, K Heberle, K Vivian 2, C Hill, K Herrmann, G Cooke, J Latimer, D Hillibrand, B Taylor 1. (SG) - J Hansfield 3, A Bevis 3, A Atkinson 2, J Murray, L Makris, T Zorich, C Fowler, C Norsworthy 1.


Round One - April 22 2006

Freeling vs Tanunda at Freeling

Gawler Central vs South Gawler at Gawler Central

Barossa District vs Kapunda at Barossa District

Nuriootpa vs Willaston at Nuriootpa

BYE: Angaston

Round Two - April 29 2006

South Gawler vs Freeling at South Gawler

Kapunda vs Gawler Central at Kapunda

Willaston vs Barossa District at Willaston

Tanunda vs Angaston at Tanunda

BYE: Nuriootpa

Round Three - May 6 2006

Angaston vs South Gawler at Angaston

Freeling vs Kapunda at Freeling

Gawler Central vs Willaston at Gawler Central

Barossa District vs Nuriootpa at Barossa District

BYE: Tanunda

Round Four - May 13 2006

Kapunda vs Angaston at Kapunda

Willaston vs Freeling at Willaston

Nuriootpa vs Gawler Central at Nuriootpa

South Gawler vs Tanunda at South Gawler

BYE: Barossa District

Round Five - May 20 2006

Angaston vs Willaston at Angaston

Freeling vs Nuriootpa at Freeling

Gawler Central vs Barossa District at Gawler Central

Tanunda vs Kapunda at Tanunda

BYE: South Gawler

Round Six - May 27 2006

Nuriootpa vs Angaston at Nuriootpa

Barossa District vs Freeling at Barossa District

Willaston vs Tanunda at Willaston

Kapunda vs South Gawler at Kapunda

BYE: Gawler Central

Round Seven - June 3 2006

Angaston vs Barossa District at Angaston

Freeling vs Gawler Central at Freeling

Tanunda vs Nuriootpa at Tanunda

South Gawler vs Willaston at South Gawler

BYE: Kapunda

Long Weekend - June 10 2006

Round Eight - June 17 2006

Gawler Central vs Angaston at Gawler Central

Barossa District vs Tanunda at Barossa District

Nuriootpa vs South Gawler at Nuriootpa

Willaston vs Kapunda at Willaston

BYE: Freeling

Round Nine - June 242006

Angaston vs Freeling at Angaston

Gawler Central vs Tanunda at Gawler Central

South Gawler vs Barossa District at South Gawler

Kapunda vs Nuriootpa at Kapunda

BYE: Willaston

Round Ten - July 1 2006

Tanunda vs Freeling at Tanunda

South Gawler vs Gawler Central at South Gawler

Kapunda vs Barossa District at Kapunda

Willaston vs Nuriootpa at Willaston

BYE: Angaston

Round Eleven - July 8 2006

Angaston vs Tanunda at Angaston

Freeling vs South Gawler at Freeling

Gawler Central vs Kapunda at Gawler Central

Barossa District vs Willaston at Barossa District

BYE: Nuriootpa

Round Twelve - July 15 2006

South Gawler vs Angaston at South Gawler

Kapunda vs Freeling at Kapunda

Willaston vs Gawler Central at Willaston

Nuriootpa vs Barossa District at Nuriootpa

BYE: Tanunda

Round Thirteen - July 22 2006

Angaston vs Kapunda at Angaston

Freeling vs Willaston at Freeling

Gawler Central vs Nuriootpa at Gawler Central

Tanunda vs South Gawler at Tanunda

BYE: Barossa District

Round Fourteen - July 29 2006

Willaston vs Angaston at Willaston

Nuriootpa vs Freeling at Nuriootpa

Barossa District vs Gawler Central at Barossa District

Kapunda vs Tanunda at Kapunda

BYE: South Gawler

Round Fifteen - August 5 2006

Angaston vs Nuriootpa at Angaston

Freeling vs Barossa District at Freeling

Tanunda vs Willaston at Tanunda

South Gawler vs Kapunda at South Gawler

BYE: Gawler Central

Round Sixteen - August 12 2006

Barossa District vs Angaston at Barossa District

Gawler Central vs Freeling at Gawler Central

Nuriootpa vs Tanunda at Nuriootpa

Willaston vs South Gawler at Willaston

BYE: Kapunda

Round Seventeen - August 19 2006

Angaston vs Gawler Central at Angaston

Tanunda vs Barossa District at Tanunda

South Gawler vs Nuriootpa at South Gawler

Kapunda vs Willaston at Kapunda

BYE: Freeling

Round Eighteen - August 26 2006

Freeling vs Angaston at Freeling

Tanunda vs Gawler Central at Tanunda
Barossa District vs South Gawler at Barossa District

Nuriootpa vs Kapunda at Nuriootpa

BYE: Willaston