Teams: RFL - Barmera/Monash, Berri, Loxton, Loxton North, Renmark,  and Wakerie
Independent League - Browns Well, Cobdogla, East Murray, Lyrup, Moorok/Kingston, Paringa and Wunkar

December 5, 2006 - Bomber becomes a Swan for 2007
Former Brown's Well coach Terry Bound has been appointed senior coach of Riverland Football League independent club Paringa for the 2007 season.
Bound who got the nod over a small field of applicants replaces dual premiership winning Paringa coach Brett Blackwell, who did not seek reappointment following the 2006 season.
Bound had a one-season stint at Brown's Well this year, when the struggling Bombers finished winless on the bottom of the ladder.
The 49-year-old played 20 SANFL league games with North Adelaide in the late 1970s and early 1980s under the guidance of legendary South Australian football figures Barrie Robran and Mick Nunan.
Bound lives in Renmark and said the burden of travelling to Paruna regularly during the 2006 season convinced him to seek a coaching opportunity closer to home.
"I enjoyed it at Brown's Well, but I knew within myself that I wasn't doing enough because of the travelling thing," he said.
"To give more time to coaching itself, I needed to be a lot closer to where I lived."
Paringa has been among the RFL Independent pacesetters in recent years winning premierships in 2002 and 2005, and finishing runners-up in 2006 and Bound said he hoped to continued the club's run of success.
"I knew Paringa was a professional club and they pride themselves on success over the last few years, so I thought that would be a plumb job to go for," he said.
"But that poses different challenges to go from a club that hasn't won a game for two years to a club that expects success.
"To keep that success poses different challenges and new opportunities for people that maybe haven't been given the opportunity before."
A veteran of more than 500 senior games during a player career which included representative honours in three leagues, Bound has coached senior teams in three states.
He led Waikerie's seconds for a season in the mid-1980s and also had a brief playing stint with Paringa in 2000.
He has promised all Swans players will begin 2007 with a clean slate.
"First of all, they'll all start off on a level playing field," he said.
"And I want them to appreciate the fact that Paringa gives them an opportunity to play sport in the area.
"Of course, I hope to teach them to be better players too."
Bound is yet to appoint an assistant coach, but expects to bring some fresh faces to the club.
"There are some people I'll talk to again this year, who may be more interested than they were last year, because of the travelling factor," he said.
"They said 'If you get somewhere close Terry, we'll follow you and come and help you'."
Paringa is yet to appoint a colts coach for next season.
The Swans are the fifth Independent club to change coaches for next year.
Bound's appointment confirms all 13 senior coaches for the 2007 RFL season:

Barmera-Monash - Mark Tyrrell
Berri - Grant Russell.
Loxton - Leigh Kruger.
Loxton North - Terry Eleftheriadis.
Renmark - Brett Exelby.
Waikerie - Darren Dean.

Brown's Well - Mick Durdin.
Cobdogla - Rod Hankin.
East Murray - Paul Boughen.
Lyrup - Anthony Lippis.
Moorook-Kingston - Travis Voigt.
Paringa - Terry Bound.
Wunkar - John Kindness.

RIVERLAND GRAND FINAL - Saturday September 16, 2006
Loxton 17.9 (111) def Loxton North 13.8 (86)
Best: Loxton – J Liddle, N Uren, A Montgomery. Loxton North – R Proud, S Dymmont, T Arnold.
Goals: Loxton – B Quinn 4, J Smith 3, P Portolesi, C Thiele, L Williams, H Fromm 2, D Evans, R Mitchell 1.

Loxton North – B Kaesler 4, P Wood, J Barry, R Proud 2, B Tschring, C Kropinyeri, S Lewis 1.

RIVERLAND - Preliminary Final played Satruday September 9, 2006
Loxton North 13.13 (91)
d Waikerie 10.17 (77).
Best -- Loxton North: Cook, A Tullett, C Kropineyri, B Kaesler, S Dynott, B Williams. Waikerie: M Underwood, B Hoad, C Griffiths,
N Tape, C Gibson, L Horner, Goals
- Loxton North. B Kaesler 4, B Tschirpig, R Proud 2, P Wood, J Barry, T Arnold,
C Kropinyeri, S Lewis.
Waikerie- : S Hefford 3, T Hansen 2, C Griffiths, R Andrew, C Gibson, M Underwood, M Oliver 1
Grand Final this Saturday: Loxton v Loxton North at Renmark

Cobdogla 13.16 (94) def Paringa 5.8 (38)
Best: Cobdogla – G Treloar, S Renfrey, L Henderson. Paringa – J Rover, N Rover, S Hucks.
Goals: Cobdogla – D Starkey, J Wegener, M Golding, J Vagg 2, L Hefford, D Mitchell, D Heinicke, S Renfrey, D Tilbrook 1.
Paringa – S Sumner 2, B King, T Lawless, L Gadaletta 1. click here for Nick Kossatch's match report
Cobdogla broke an 8 year drought

TEAMS OF THE YEAR - Friday September 8, 2006

RFL 2006 Team Of The Year
Compiled by The Murray Pioneer Football Writers: Bill Haby, Ben Jones and Nick Kossatch.
FF: Ben Quinn (Loxton) Matt Oliver (Waikerie) Barry Kaesler (Loxton North)
HF: Scott Lewis (Loxton North) Peter Shepherd (Barmera-Monash) Nathan Tape (Waikerie)
C: Luke Tyrrell (Barmera-Monash) Chris Gibson (Waikerie) Lindsay Mitchell (Loxton)
HB: Peter Safralidis (Berri) Jamahl Liddle (Loxton) Brad Williams (Loxton North)
FB: Ben Files (Renmark) Anton Cook (Loxton North) Mark Berts (Barmera-Monash)
1st Ruck: Simon Dymmott (Loxton North), Brett Exelby (Renmark), Shane Clonan (Waikerie)
Interchange: Damain Stevens (Waikerie) onballer/rover type, Cohen Thiele (Loxton) classy onballer/rover type,
Ryan Proud (Loxton North) half forward flanker, kicks bags of goals, Brook Hoad (Waikerie) tireless veteran ruckman

Coach Of Year: Mick Zerna (Loxton)

Newcomers to this 2006 are Safralidis of Berri, Shepherd, Dymmott and Cook had great
years and were rewarded. The team was announced at the Berri Hotel Whillas Medal
Presentation Night on Monday night.
Independent League Howard Duthie 2006 Medallist was awarded to Paringa centre half
forward Todd Rivers.
Independant League Team Of The Year 2006
Compiled by The Murray Pioneer's sport's editor Nick Dillon, Loxton News editor Paul
Mitchell and East Muurray coach Mick Durdin.

FF: S Sumner (Paringa) D Tilbrook (Cobdogla) R McLean (Moorook-Kingston)
HF: J Vagg (Cobdogla) T Rivers (Paringa) L Hefford (Cobdogla)
C: J Ruediger (Paringa) R Charles (Browns Well) L Henderson (Cobdogla)
HB: J Vowles (Browns Well) B Thomas (Wunkar) A Lloyd (Paringa)
FB: R Taylor (Wunkar) T Graetz (Moorook-King) A Abdulla (Lyrup)
1st Ruck: S Rover (East Murray), T Elliott (Moorook-Kingston), S Mitchell (Lyrup)
Interchange: R Tonkin (East Murray), D Grenfell (Lyrup), L Fridd (Cobdogla), N Allen (Wunkar)

Coach Of Year: John Kindness (Wunkar)

Sunday September 3, 2006: RIVERLAND - First Semi Final at Barmera
Loxton North 1.7 6.11 10.14 13.25 (103) def Barmera/Monash 1.3 3.3 3.6 4.7 (31)

IT'S ANOTHER SWANS V EAGLES DECIDER……By Nicholas Kossatch - Saturday September 2, 2006
A skilful and ruthless Paringa rid of last week's fadeout loss to Cobdogla by outclassing Moorook-Kingston by 96 points at a hot and windswept Browns Well Oval.
It was a performance which would restore confidence in readiness for the Swans second successive Grand Final meeting against the Eagles next Saturday
at East Murray.
In a lop-sided contest where Paringa's Simon Sumner (seven goals) and Moorook's Jarrod Loxton (six goals) were spectacular - it were the red and white runners
in Scott Nagel, Angus Zielke, Andrew Lloyd (four goals) and Simon Hucks that cut the Warrior midfield to shreds.
Paringa's other tall forwards in the two Todds, Lawless and Rivers, booted five and two goals respectively for the match and their onballers fed off ruckman
Nathan Rover's taps all day with Zielke especially having numerous centre clearances.
Sumner simply makes something from nothing and in the first stanza he won the ball deep in the forward pocket and booted his first major. Not only does this
wizard boot them but his clever taps, nudges and ability to pounce on any errors by defenders creates opportunities for his team-mates.
He and Brendan King were involved in an easy goal to Lawless and the Swans held the Warriors goalless in the first term. With the wind favouring them during
the second they responded with six majors. Loxton provided the spark despite Paringa's Adam Forbes' best efforts and poor Swan defence allowed a Jarrod
Munn kick to sail through for his team's first.
Paringa did momentarily slacken off and their lead reduced to six goals when Loxton kicked his third from a free kick whilst Sumner was scoreless during the
second quarter. However his magic produced goals to Lloyd via a handball followed by another to Rivers. They increased their intensity and Lloyd slotted
his third at the end of a handball from Mick Arnet.
Lloyd was a brilliant first half performer with many touches to go with his three majors and Paringa 46 points the better at half time. They enjoyed a nine goal
third stanza with Sumner sensational with four of his own. Whilst the limelight was on him and the midfielders, Moorook star Rob McLean, was kept in check by
Jonathon Woods. McLean had just one goal with minimal impact on the game.
Back to Sumner and yet another of his goals was one to behold. He led for the ball and he deftly kicked the ball off a half-volleyed pass up to himself and, in
one motion, burned off his man to steer through another goal.
Nathan Rover in ruck was magnificent picking off errant Moorook forward entries with many timely marks and he along with Lloyd, Rivers and Zielke were
rested for the last term by coach Brett Blackwell. Sumner also came off but not before a play-on and dummy then goal for his seventh from a set shot.
Moorook showed some rare dash with two McLean goals but a Hucks assisted Paringa major to Nathan Schumann had him with three for the game. He
was one of the Swans 10 goal kickers and five of them booting more than one.
A corked thigh to Swan Lenny Gadaleta along with Arrod Westley's hamstring strain will be assessed during the week leading up to the much anticipated
Grand Final.

Paringa 26.15 (171) d
Moorook-Kingston 11.9 (75).
Best - Paringa: S Hucks, B King, A Zielke, A Forbes, T Rivers, S Nagle. Moorook-Kingston: J Loxton, T Graetz, R Pietrolaj, R Morelli,
P Watters, N Tsakpellos.
Goals - Paringa: S Sumner 7, T Lawless 5, A Lloyd 4, N Schuman 3, T Rivers 2, A Zielke, N Courtney,
S Hucks, L Gadleta. Moorook-­
Kingston: J Loxton 6, R McLean 3, R Pietrolaj, J Munn.

RIVERLAND - Second Semi Final 
Loxton 22.15 (147)
d Waikerie 11.10 (76).
Best -- Loxton: C McCallum, A Montgomery, D Evans, N Uren, J Liddle, M Hahn. Waikerie: C Gibson, M Underwood, 8 Kayser, L Horner,
J Thomson, C
Underwood: Goals -- Loxton: B Quinn 6, A Montgomery, D Evans, S Westbroch, H Froam, L Mitchell 2, P Portolesi, C Thiele,
M Schutz, B
Smith, L Williams, J Smith. Waikerie: M Sellar 3, S Hefford, N Tape 2, J Thomson, M Underwood, T Hansen. M Oliver.

August 27, 2006

Moorook/Kingston 6.1 14.7 19.9 24.13 (157) def Lyrup 2.5 4.6 6.10 13.11 (89)

Best: Moorook/Kingston - R Morelli, R McLean, T Graetz, T Elliot, L Hentschke, S Smithi. Lyrup - A Abdulla Jnr, R Bates. S Lloyd, T Abdulla, G Karpeny,
M Upkett. Goals: Moorook/Kingston - R McLean 11, J Loxton 3, T Elliot 2, G Scadden, N White, L Hentschke, J Munn, R Morelli, S Uren, R Pietrolas,
P Perry 1. Lyrup - R Bates, T Abdulla 3, G Karpany, S Mitchell 2, G Taylor 1, S Healy, J Johnson 1.

LOXTON LEAVE PIES IN THEIR WAKE By Nicholas Kossatch – Saturday August 26, 2006
Loxton gave Waikerie plenty to think about before their second semi final meeting next week after they thrashed the Magpies by 80 points.
The win also secured the minor premiership for Loxton who were superbly led by skipper Nick Uren and six-goal forward Lindsay Mitchell.
Loxton official Eric Eagle suggested that not much can be read into the win. "You can't really read too much into it but at the same time credit
must be given to our blokes." He further added, "Waikerie had a few players out but so did we."
The first quarter began in tight fashion and it were the visitors that looked the better team early with forward Thomas Hansen, Damian Stevens
and Shane Clonan prominent. Hansen booted the first goal but despite the best efforts of defenders in Craig Underwood and Ben Keyser -
three successive Tiger majors opened up a 15-point quarter-time buffer.
In form Magpie forward Steve Hefford was well held by the versatile Ash Montgomery and his Tiger team-mates of Portolesi, Cameron McCullum,
Cohen Thiele and Rhys Mitchell got on top against the visitor's midfield.
The second stanza produced 13 goals and Loxton extended their lead at the main break to over five majors. The quarter belonged to Lindsay
Mitchell who booted four and most of the Tigers' eight goals were the result from harassment and deft ruckwork.
An example of these was demonstrated by a McCullum smother then tackle on Danial Smith that gave Mitchell his fourth. Ruckman Jesse Smith
tapped the ball in Portolesi's path and the centre clearance had Smith's ruck partner Liam Williams goaling.
Star Magpie full forward Matt Oliver broke free from Raphael Liddle's defensive reigns to boot his only two goals during the term and his tally for
the game. Waikerie did appear to wrest back some momentum just before half time with back-to-back goals to Clonan and Chris Gibson.
They could not sustain their late second term form after the break and failed to boot any goals in the championship stanza. A ferocious Bronte
Manuel tackle on Clonan ended with Ben Quinn's third goal after he was held by his opponent and subsequently awarded a free kick.
Loxton coach Mick Zerna had the luxury of moving his players around in the final term, most notably Ash Montgomery and Jamahl Liddle who
swapped positions. Scott Goetze came off the bench and took two quality marks as well as kicking a goal whilst Waikerie's horror day was topped
off with a Mark Sellar out-on-the-full shot at goal.
The host's relentlessness was typified late in the game with a terrific Cohen Thiele spoil on a Danial Smith attempted mark. Magpie mentor Brenton
Kay would be hoping such desperation - so prevalent this season - returns to his team when it really counts next week.

RIVERLAND – Round 16

Loxton 20.15 (135) d Waikerie 8.7 (55).
Best - Loxton: N Uren, B Smith, C McCallum, P Portolesl, C Thiele, R Liddle. Waikerie: T Hansen, S Clonan, B Kayser, D Stevens, A Bland,
C Gibson. Goals -- Loxton: L Mitchell 6, M
Mcconnell, B Quinn 3, C Thiele, C McCallum 2, S Goetze, L Williams, R Mitchell, J Liddle.
Waikerie: M
Oliver 2. J Thomson. C Underwood, C Griffiths, C Glbson, S Clonan, T Hansen.

Berri 14.14 (98) d Renmark 12.14 (86).
Best Berri: M Hare. C Muster, P Safraliois, M Stanley, K Reed, T Bonner. Renmark: J Rowe, M Martinson, B Exelby, N Farr, P Burns,
T Bennett. Goals Berri. T Voight 3, P Satraudis, C Muster, K Reed, T Bonner 2, A Gilliard, J Warland, L Jennings. Renmark: T Thorpe 3,
P Dempsey 2, R Menz, P Burne, S Bailetti,
B Files, T Bennett, C Seekamp, S Turk.

Loxton North 21.19 (145) d Barmera Monash 10.8 (68).
Best - Loxton North: R Bament, R Proud, B Miller, T Arnold. M Arnold, B Kaesler. Barmera Monash: M Tyrrell, S Drogemuller, N Kuhn,
L Tyrrell, R Villis, K
Stocker. Goals - Loxton North: R Roud, B Kaesler 5, R Bament, C Wooldridge, M Barry 2, A Tullet, C Kropinyeri, B Miller,
S Lewis, D Gregoric. Barmera
Monash: M Tyrrell 3, P Shepherd, L Tyrrell 2, M Pit­man. J Kassulke, T Swanburn.

INDE­PENDENT - Second Semi Final.

Cobdogla 15.14 (104) d Paringa 13.8 (86).
Best Cobdogla -  N Hart, S Renfrey, D Heinicke, L Fridd, L Henderson, S Hibberd. Paringa: J Rover, S Sumner. A Lloyd, A Westley,
S Clohesy. B King. Goals
- Cobdogla: D Tilbrook 6, M Golding 3, J Vagg 2, D Starkey, J Wegener. N hart, D Mitchell. Paringa: S Sumner 8,
Rivers. S Hucks, N Schuman, A Zielke, L Gadaleta.

Saturday August 19, 2006   NORTH GEAR UP FOR FINALS  By Nicholas Kossatch
Loxton North easily accounted for Berri with a runaway 94-point win at Panther Park. The Panthers' mosquito fleet midfield of Chris Kropinyeri, Tim Arnold,
Andrew Tullett and Paul Wood combined with winning forwards in eight-goal Barry Kaesler and Ross Bament demoralized the Demons.
It were the hosts which were off to a flying start in the opening quarter that yielded seven majors and their quick ball movement from centre clearances was
superb and Paul Wood especially had the uncanny ability in finding space, evading tackles and hitting targets.
Bament was a thorn in Berri's defence and he took six marks as a roaming forward target in the first stanza. Wood assisted Kaesler for his third major and by
then the result was beyond doubt and a Kropinyeri second goal made sure of that after a 25-metre penalty against Kale Reed.
Berri did enjoy their best quarter during the second when they outscored the Panthers by one point however the hosts booted the quarter's first via a sensational
Scott Lewis goal. Wood speared a pass to him from a centre clearance and the left-footer feigned to kick from a set shot and instead he dummied, played on and
left his man in his wake to kick truly.
The Demons got to within six goals when Peter Safralidis marked strongly followed by a goal but Kaesler's second effort had him with four goals at the main break.
The home side did appear to be in 'cruise control' at stages during the third term but Brad Williams repelled most Berri forward forays and a Kale Reed major
was the Demon's only goal in the second half.
Dave Gregoric after being a useful contributor in defence during the first half, booted two goals in the third term when moved to the forward zone. Coach,
Terry Eleftheriadis, was pleased how his team moved the ball in the last few minutes of the term and he heaped praise on Kropinyeri.
The highlight of the last stanza was when cult figure for North in Darren Jones booted a goal that had the tagger raising his arms in joy and their spectators
applauding the rare feat. Kaesler booted a further three goals and two of those were from second and third efforts.
For Berri Kale Reed continued his great season, Tom Leverenz battled valiantly against his former team-mate Simon Dymmott. Travis Voigt was a clever and
creative forward whilst defender Daniel Haines took the honours against the experienced Brett Tschirpig.
The Panthers meet their 2006 nemesis in Barmera-Monash next week and in the first semi-final the week after. It would not surprise if the Panthers win when
it really counts.

Round 15

Loxton North 19.15 (129) d Berri 5.5 (35).
Best - Loxton North: B Williams, C Kropinyeri, R Bament, A Tullett, B Kaesler, M Barry Berri: T Leverenz, K Reed, S Ingerson, L Jennings, P Safralidis,
D Haines. Goals -Loxton North: B Kaesler
8, C Kropinyeri 3, D Gregoric 2, M Barry, B Tschirpig, H Bament, A Tullett, S Lewis, D Jones. Berri: K Reed 2,
P Safralidis, T Voigt. R Stanley.

Loxton 16.15 (111) d Renmark 10.10 (70).
Best -- Loxton: J Liddle, L Williams, P Portolesi, N Uren, L Mitchell, C McCallum. Renmark: M Martin, N Farr, B Exelby, L Goodman, T Bennett,
T Thorpe.
Goals -- Loxton: H Fromm 5, R Mitchell 2, P Portolesi, C Thiele, S Westbrook, M McConnell, B Quinn, C McCalIum, J Liddle, R Liddle,
L Mitchell. Renmark: C
Seekamp 3, H Beavis, T Bennett 2, A Lindner, P Dempsey, L Goodman.

Waikerie 21.13 (139) d Barmera 14.8 (92).
Best -- Waikerie: M Underwood, S Clonan, D Stevens, J Thomson, L Horner, A Bland. Barmera: N Kuhn, T Saville, M Berts, S Drosemuller, M Tyrell,
J Kassulke. Goals
- Waikerie: M Oliver, D Stevens, S Hefford 4, S Clonan 3, S Liebich, A Bland, R Andrew, C Gibson, T Hansen, T Hyde Barmera: P Shepherd 5,
S Drogemuller, M
Tyrell, T Saville 2, M Berts, B Berno, K Stocker.


Wunkar 13.11 (89) d Moorook/ Kingston 10.11 (71).
Best Wunkar. S Schulz, L Evans, M Rudiger, J Anderson, T Scholz, N Allen, N Johnson, Moorook/Kingston: P Waters, L Hentschke, J Kloden, T Elliot,
P Ferry, R Morelli. Goals Wunkar:
S Schulz 4, N Johnson 3, K Jachman, B Rose 2, H Taylor, G Watkins. Moorook/Kingston: J Loxton, R McLean 3,
S Uren, L Morelli.

Lyrup 21.9 (135) def Browns Well 10.13 (73).
Best:  Lyrup -A Abdulla Jnr,  D Grenfell, S MitchelI, P Moritz, J Abdulla, B Carter. Browns Well: R Charles, J Vowles, J Sumner, M Gask, P Gleeson, P Treloer.
-- Lyrup: G Taylor 5, J Abdula 4, D Abdulla, S Mitchell, D Grenfell 3, A Abdulla jnr 2, T Motto. Browns Well: J Sumner 4, R Charles 2, P Treloer,
T Bound, M Thiele, D Wall.

Cobdogla 31.20 (206) d East Murray 9.6 (60).
Best -- Cobdogla: D Tilbrook, S Renfrey, N Hart, l. Hefford, H Wag,, L Henderson. East Murray: D Eatts, R Tonkin, B Reichstein, J Kirk, M Cornish, K Dixon.
Goals - Cobdogla: D Tilbrook 17, A Wakefield 3, D Starkey, D Hewnicke, S Renfrey, K Smith, M Liddell, L Hefford, S Hiabeerd, D Webb, R Davis, J Wagg,
Mitchell. East Murray: J Boughen, R Wine, K Dixon 2, S Stasinowsky, M Stasinowsky, M Durdin.

Saturday August 12, 2006 FORWARD DUO TERRORISE DEMONS By Nicholas Kossatch

A leg injury to Waikerie's midfield gun Luke Horner and Berri's first half grit failed to prevent the Magpies from mauling the Demons to the tune of 135 points
at League Headquarters.
It was a procession in the second half as the league pacesetters piled on 17 goals as Steve Hefford and Matthew Oliver combined with 10 of their own during
the half.
The home team were competitive early with Terry Bonner leading the way superbly from midfield. His team-mate Michael Hare should have booted the first
goal of the match and the miss set the tone for the Berri side as they amassed seven points before the impressive Lachlan Jennings toe-poked Berri's first in
the second stanza.
Waikerie's engine room of Chris Gibson, Damian Stevens, Shane Clonan and Nathan Tape more than covered the loss of Horner as they sharked off the
taps of ruckman Brooke Hoad who had an enticing duel with fearless Tom Leverenz.
The gaping disparity between the top and bottom-ranked teams increased along with Waikerie's intensity during the third term and in fact there was more
competitiveness between their supporters in the grandstand!
Sam Ingerson, an honest toiler for Berri, restricted Oliver to a solitary goal in the first half and was strangely taken off him in the third period. Oliver booted
three during this term which was highlighted by a Stevens' screamer over Peter Safralidis - no mean feat.
Hefford helped himself to his fifth major preceded by great team play by Hoad, Matthew Underwood and Gibson and this broke the host's spirit. Their coach
Murray Voigt said at three quarter time, "The first ten minutes was competitive but the last 20 minutes we were disgraceful." Few disagreed. "Our midfield
stopped running whilst theirs continued to do so. Let's try to outscore them in the last quarter."
Berri may not have given up but it became Magpie massacre during the final quarter as a Steve Liebich handball set up Hefford's seventh and the blonde
forward snared his eighth as the lead swelled beyond 100 points.
Ingerson was again manned up on Oliver and it was a wonder why he was not on him in the third term but Oliver too dined on laced out passes from Waikerie's
star-studded midfield of Gibson, Stevens, Tape and strong second half performer in Jim Thomson and the forward finished with seven majors.
Tape finally kicked his first after early misses when he received a well measured pass and Berri's mop-haired Jennings booted three of his team's four majors
and he, no doubt, will play on bigger stages in the future.
Brenton Kay's Magpies will further fine-tune their game when they face fellow finals participants in Barmera-Monash (home) then Loxton (away) before the
RFL finals.

Riverland – Round 14

Wakerie 26.18 (174) def Berri 4.15 (39)
Goals: Wakerie – S Hefford 8, M Oliver 7, T Hansen 3; D Stevens, S Liebich 2; S Thomson, B Hoad, C Gibson, N Tape. Berri: L Jennings 3; T Voigt.
Best- Waikerie: B Hoed, J Thomson, S
Hefford. Berri: J Langdon, D Haines, T Leverenz.

Loxton North 19.13 (127) d Renmark 13.9 (87)
Goals - Loxton North: B Kaesler 5; B Tschirpig 4; M Barry 3; J Saint, P Wood, S Inglis, R Proud, R Bament, T Arnold, S Lewis. Renmark: A Lindner 5;
J Rowe, B Exelby, T Thorpe 2; S Turk,
J Modra. Best- Loxton North: S Lewis, A Tullett, M Barry. Renmark: B Exelby, J Rowe, A Lindner.

Loxton 21.24 (150) d Barmera 10.14 (74)
Goals - Loxton: B Quinn 6; S Westbrook 4; C Thiele 3; P Portolesi, D Evans 2; J Smith, C McCallum, B Schulz, L Mitchell. Barmera: T Swanbury, J Selfe,
L Tyrrell 2; S Drogemuller, J Beech, T Saville, M Berts. Best - Loxton: P Portolesi, C Thiele, C McCallum. Barmera: N Kuhn, T Saville, R Villis.

Riverland Independent – Round 16

Moorook Kingston 12.18 (90) d East Murray 9.4 (58)
Goals - Moorook Kingston: J Loxton 7; R McLean 2; J Munn, R Morelli, T Elliott. East Murray: R Winnen 3; K Dixon, M Stasinowsky 2; A Parsons,
Kirk. Best - Moorook Kingston: L Hentschke, J Loxton, T Elliott. East Murray: R Schultz, M Stasinowsky, K Dixon.

Cobdogla 22.17 (149) d Lyrup 8.13 (61)
Goals - Cobdogla: D Mitchell, J Vagg 5; A Wakefield, D Starkey 4; L Hefford 2; B Thomas, J Wegener. Lyrup: G Taylor Jnr, B Rossel, R Bates, T Abdulla,
Strother, M Vakett, J Finn, D Abdulla. Best - Cobdogla: N Hart, J Vagg, G Treloar. Lyrup: A Abdulla, S Lloyd, B Hill.

Paringa 32.24 (216) d Browns Well 5.5 (35)
Goals - Paringa: T Rivers 10; N Rower 5; S Sumner 4; B King, J Ruediger 3; A Lloyd 2; C Morrison, S Nagel, S Hucks, J Clohesy, P Aston, D Hill.
Browns Well: L Brown
2; A Smith, A O'Connor, J Sumner. Best - Paringa: T Rivers, A Lloyd, J Ruediger. Browns Well: J Vowles, R Charles, S Gillett.

Saturday August 5, 2006

BARMERA BOUNCE BACK by Nicholas Kossatch
A Luke and Mark Tyrrell-led Barmera-Monash thrashed wooden spoon-bound Berri by 80 points and in doing so remain
 in the hunt for the coveted double-chance come finals time.
Luke Tyrrell was supreme all day and the centreman booted five goals as he broke the tags of Terry Bonner and then Clint Muster.
Luke's team-mate, Ryan Villis, set the tone early with his physicality in the clinches.
It was the Demons that drew first blood via Michael Hare inside the first minute when the impressive Lachlan Jennings passed the
ball to him. Young guns Johno Beech and Jennings showed plenty for their sides pitted against each other and Beech's great grab
over his counterpart had him with a slight edge.
He featured in a passage of play with the mercurial Peter Shepherd and his Darwin recruit team-mate Bruno Berno who came off the
bench to boot his side's fifth. The Lakesider's superiority shone through as they held a 34 point quarter-time lead and coach Mark
Tyrrell heaped praise on youngsters Beech and Murray Middleton saying they were ' setting us up'.
Berri were more competitive during the second term and 15-year-old, 199 centimetre Rhys Stanley showed his mobility when he
picked the ball up and snapped truly after a Peter Safralidis clearance. The Roos over-used the ball too much and Shepherd was
wasteful in front of goal and should have booted four majors.
The Dees stepped it up a notch via the likes of Jennings, Kale Reed, Safralidis and lion-hearted ruckman Tom Leverenz and they
closed the gap to 26 points and some chance coming into the second half.
A sensational Luke Tyrrell goal, from the boundary for his third at the start of the third stanza reasserted the Roos authority but
Hare had other ideas when he steered through his third after receiving a pass from Sam Ingerson. For all of Shepherd's evasiveness
and clean marking, the Palmerston recruit should have booted six goals by three quarter time, instead he had one goal five points to
his tally.
At the last break Berri mentor, Murray Voigt said, "The intensity was good last quarter but the mistakes are costing us and we're
letting them in." Voigt also outlined to his charges to make the ball the object and to improve the talking amongst his players.
The last quarter was a rout with nine goals kicked by the Roos and Shepherd rid of his yips to boot five of them. One of his goals
was assisted by a gilt-edged pass from Luke Tyrrell when he swooped on a tap from his brother Mark.
There was some Indigenous magic when Hare snared his fourth and this was mirrored after a Shepherd dummy and goal. He followed
that up after Leverenz infringed that resulted in a 25-metre penalty and the gun forwards kicked his sixth.
Berri's wooden spoon-holder-standing is certain but for Barmera-Monash the jury is still out on theirs and a test looms when they
confront Loxton, Waikerie (away) and Loxton North (home) in the last three rounds.

RIVERLAND - Round 13

Barmera Monash 23.18 (154) d Berri 11.10 (76).
Best -Barmera Monash: L Tyrrell, M Tyrrell, R Villis, J Sells, P Shepherd, D Pedler. Berri: P Safralidis, K Reed, T Leverenz, M Hare,
D Centofanti,
S Ingerson. Goals - Barmera Monash: P Shepherd 6, L Tyrrell 5, B Berno 4, M Tyrrell, T Saville, R Villis 2, J Selfe, P Davis.
Berri: M Hare 4, D Centofanti 2,
K Reed, S Ingerson, R Stanley, T Bonner, J Langdon.

Waikerie 31.20 (206) d Renmark 9.5 (59).
Best - Waikerie: C Gibson, T Hansen, N Tape, M Oliver, D Stevens, S Liebich. Renmark: B Exelby, P Burns, N Farr, N Darby, P Dempsey,
S Turk. Goals- Wakerie - M Oliver 11, R Andrew 5, T Hansen 4, S Hefford 3, D Stevens, C Eustice 2, J Thomson, C Griffiths, S Liebich,
N Tape. Renmark: S Turk 3, T
Thorpe 2, P Burns, B Exelby, A Lindner, P Dempsey.

Loxton 14.12 (96) d Loxton North 13.6 (84).
Best - Loxton: J Liddle, C McCallum, C Thiele, J Smith, B Manuel, P Portolesi. Loxton North: B Williams, M Arnold, A Tullet, C Wooldridge,
D Jones, S Dymmott.
Goals - Loxton: B Quinn, C McCallum 3, A Montgomery, L Williams, L Mitchell 2, D Evans, R Mitchell. Loxton North:
B Kaesler 3, C Wooldridge, B Tschirpig 2, J Saint, P Wood, J Barry, R Proud, T
Arnold, S Lewis.


Paringa 11.14 (80) d Cobdogla 10.11 (71).
Best - Paringa: B Rover, N Dilons, L Gadaleta, J Roediger, A Lloyd, B King. Cobdogla: L Henderson, G Treloar, K Hefford, B Thomas,
N Hart, J Vagg. Goals -
Paringa: T Law­less, A Lloyd, C Morrison 2, N Rover, K Zielke, T Rivers, L Gadaletta, A Westley. Cobdogla:
Tilbrook, J Vagg 3, D Starkey, L Hefford, D Kasscilke, P Ryder.

Wunkar 9.15 (69) d East Murray 7.8 (50).
Best - Wunkar: J Anderson, I Pfitzner, S Schultz, R Taylor, L Evans, D Bowley. East Murray. R Schulz, S Roder, D Eatts, R Tonks, G England,
J Kirk. Goals
- Wunkar: S Schulz 5, A Lawrence, N Allen, S Graetz. K Jackmann. East Murray: S Rover 4, R Schulz 2, J Kirk.

Saturday July 29, 2006

A superb individual effort by Berri's Peter Safralidis was not enough as his side was overwhelmed by Loxton losing by 72 points
in Tiger Daniel Evans' 200th game. The home side were on the attack early via the likes of exciting trio Kale Reed, Clint Muster and
Safralidis but Loxton's Ben Quinn cleverly recovered from a dropped mark to snap truly.
The Tigers' engine room clicked into gear and the ever-impressive Cohen Thiele booted another though the pass he received
from Jamahl Liddle barely covered 15 metres. The left footer scored his second - a crumbed goal after the Smith brothers Jesse
and Braden combined further upfield.
Solidly-built ruckman, Brett Duffin, came off the bench to spark Berri with his aggression and they booted back-to-back goals by
Terry Bonner and livewire Michael Hare. Berri's productive period was short-lived as Loxton closed the quarter with three goals
including a booming Nick Uren long bomb.
The second term was entertainment at its best that produced 14 goals, nine of them kicked between star recruits in Safralidis, Quinn
and Hare. Safralidis was inspirational doing everything within his powers to keep his team in touch. A brilliant passage of play ended
with him goaling off his left foot assisted by Hare who trapped the ball as though it was a basketball.
There's no doubt Safralidis is one of the RFL's recruits of the year and watching this player in action is worth the admission price
alone - not unlike AFL stars James Hird or Chad Cornes.
At one stage the Demons trailed by 27 points but Quinn booted his fifth when he once again nudged his man under the ball and
had an open goal to run into and he has this uncanny ability to do this regularly. The half-time margin was 34 points in Loxton's
favour but the memorable quarter belonged to the mentioned trio.
Berri continued their play-on-at-all-costs and a Jake Langdon snap across his left shoulder reduced Loxton's lead to under five goals
and Terry Bonner along with Matt Stanley were giving lots of drive. A great Quinn mark and major was replicated by Safralidis and
these were the only highlights in an otherwise lacklustre third stanza.
Berri coach, Murray Voigt, encouraged his players to move the ball quickly and praised the effort of Brett Duffin during the three quarter
time break but the last quarter belonged to the visitors as they booted another seven goals.
Cohen Thiele topped off his game with three goals as did Lindsay Mitchell. That is the beauty about the Tigers in that they have goal
scoring midfielders and they pick up the slack when key forwards are held - as was the case with Ash Mongomery who was held goalless
by disciplined Chris Butt.
Others to star for Loxton were skipper Nick Uren, Ben Quinn with seven majors and Liam Williams in ruck. Utilities in Steve Westbrook
and Pat Portolesi were top contributors too. Clint Muster, the Bonner brothers in Terry and Robert, Kale Reed and Hare with four goals
were more than serviceable for Berri.
Loxton are now on equal points with Waikerie after their upset loss to Loxton North and with Renmark beating Barmera-Monash -
the jockeying for the top four positions is well in earnest during the final four rounds.

Round 12 - Saturday July 29, 2006

Loxton 23.18 (156) d Berri 13.6 (84)

Best -- Loxton: N Uren, J Liddle, C Thiele, L Williams, R Liddle, B Quinn. Berri - P Safralidis, T Bonner, C Muster, T Leverenz,
Stanley, K Reed. Goals - Loxton: B Quinn 7, C Thiele, L Mitchell 3, P Portolesi, D Evans, R Mitchell 2, L Williams, J Smith,
M McConnell, N Uren. Berri:
P Satralidis, M Hare 4, T Bonner 2, R Bonner, D Haines, J Langdon.

Renmark 10.15 (75) d Barmera Monash 10.8 (68).

Best - Renmark: P Shepherd, M Middleton, R Villis, M Tyrrell, M Berts, J Beech. Goals --Renmark: C Seekamp 3, T Thorpe 2, N Darby,
S Turk, N Farr,
T Bennett, J Rowe. Barmera Monash: P Shepherd 5, M Tyrrell, T Saville 2, R Villis.

Loxton North 13.9 (87) d Waikerie 10.11 (71).

Best -Loxton North: S Lewis, S Dymmott, J Barry, B Williams, R lanson, C Wooldridge. Waikerie: S Clonan, S Liebich, D Stevens,
C Gibson, A Bland, M Underwood. Goals­Loxton North B Tschirpig 4, B Kaesler 3, S Inglis, P
Webb, J Barry, R Proud, B Williams,
S Lewis.
Waikerie - M Oliver 3, S Hefford, N Tape 2, S Liebich, B Head, T Hyde.


Paringa 19.13 (127) d Moorook-Kingston 6.8 (44).

Best - Paringa: L Gadaletta. A Lloyd, J Rover, J Reudiger, J Clohessy, A Zielke. Moorook-Kingston: J Munn, L Hentschke, P Watters,
T Graetz, S Smith, R McLean. Goals
- Paringa: L Gadaletta, T Lawless, A Lloyd 3, S Abdulla, S Hucks, T Reudiger 2. J Wood,
C Morrison,
K Zielke, N Schuman. Moorook-Kingston: R McLean 3, J Loxton 2, R Pietrolaj.

Lyrup 29.18 (192) d East Murray 6.10 (58).

Best - Lyrup: E Abdulla, D Grenfell, G Taylor, A Abdulla, J Finn, S Mitchell, East Murray: R Parsons, S Rover, G England, B England,
T Francis, R Winen. Goals -
Lyrup: G Taylor 7, D Grenfell 6, R Bates, A Abdulla 5, S Mitchell 3, L Pride, E Abdulla, B Kaesler.
East Murray: R Winen, J
Boughan 2, M Durden, T Francis, J Sully, S Rowett.

Wunkar 17.16 (116) d Browns Well 6.10 (46).

Best - Wunkar: N Allen, T Schulz, M Hall, B Rose, L Evans, S Schulz. Browns Well: R Charles, J Vowles, S Gillett, P Treloar,
C Scholz, J Sumner, S Hood.
Goals - Wunkar: R Taylor 5, S Schulz 3, A Lawrence, K Jachmann 2, B Lines, N Allen, N Johnson,
D Smith, I Lawrence. Browns Well: R
Charles, T Round 2, L Thyer, L Braun.

Saturday July 22, 2006

Barmera-Monash kept alive their double chance prospects after they recorded a tough 10-point win against Loxton North at Panther Park on Saturday.
It was a memorable game for first-gamer, 15-year-old Johno Beech. He booted his first goal that put his team in front and the hosts then could not close the gap.
The arm-wrestle-of-a-game was marred by turn-overs and missed targets which can only be attributed to the pressure applied by both teams. Amazingly
eight posters were scored between the two sides.
Panther Paul Wood was in rare form in the first half. His crisp ball handling was for all to see and his disposals flawless. He assisted Ben Miller with the
game's first major but goals were scarce in the perfect conditions.
Barmera's Dave Whitbourne found plenty of the ball in midfield whilst coach, Mark Tyrrell, was a dangerous and mobile forward. Burly Bruno Berno
marked strongly from a clever Peter Shepherd pass and he kicked truly.
The Roo's should have kicked five goals instead of an unacceptable one goal seven points in the first stanza. Tyrrell was scathing of his players at
quarter-time saying they played dumb football and opposite to instructions. He did praise rookies Beech and Murray Middleton though.
The Panthers kicked four goals in the second quarter and diminutive Tim Arnold was getting busy around the packs and defender Barry Williams'
smothering inspiring for his team. It played a part with a goal to Kaesler when Wood speared a pass to him.
The lead changed twice more when Barmera's Nathan Degenhardt goaled but another Wood clearance resulted in a Kaesler handpass that found a
running Matthew Barry who slotted a six-pointer and the Panthers held sway at the main break.
Norths' appeared to be the more composed team in the championship stanza. 'Serial pest' tagger, Darren Jones, got under the skin of Luke Tyrrell
forcing him to gave away a couple free kicks to the 'Josh Carr' of Loxton North.
A dubious free kick against Mark Berts had Kaesler booting his second and it seemed the hosts had the running into the last quarter along with a slight
wind as well. Their coach, Terry Eleftheriadis, said, "Take them on, split them apart and now's the time to make a statement and time to show it."
This request was not fulfilled as Jason Kassulke's move up forward yielded him two goals and Berts move into ruck equally effective. Strangely Simon
Dymmott was not in the ruck for the Panthers during this crucial stage.
The Tyrrell brothers featured in a clearance that culminated in Kassulke's second major. Coach Tyrrell capped off his best afield game when he iced the
game with a goal that sealed it for the Roos. Moments earlier the Panthers missed three gettable goals and the result may have been different - that was
when Dymmott was in the ruck too.
First-gamer Beech said it was 'awesome out there' and he 'felt confident' whilst Tyrrell was proud of the gutsy win. "We played terribly but guess
it was our best win. Johno (Beech) was awesome for us for a first-gamer and Berts in ruck worked for us today. We remain in the hunt for the double chance."
Indeed they will have a say as the business end of the season fast approaches.

RIVERLAND - Round 11

Barmera 10.18 (78) d Loxton North 9.14 (68).

Best - R Villis, M Tyrrell, T Seville, L Tyrrell, J Beech, M Berts. Loxton Nth – A Tullett, D Jones S Lewis, P Wood, T Arnold, J Barry.
Goals: Barmera – J Kassulke, N Degenhardt, B Berno 2, P Shepard, J Beech, T Swanbury, M Tyrrell. Loxton Nth – B Kaesler,
T Arnold 2, M Barry, B Tschirpig, R Proud, P Kropinyeri, B Miller 1.

Waikerie 16.10 (106) d Loxton 11.11 (77).

Best - Waikerie: M Underwood, S Clonan, N Tape, C Gibson, L Horner, J Thomson. Loxton: R Liddle, A Montgomery, J Liddle,
J Smith, M Hahn, R Mitchell. Goals - Waikerie: N Tape, S Hefford, M Oliver 3, C Gibson, S Clonan, L Horner 2, J Thomson 1.
Loxton – A Montgomery 7, H Fromm 2, B Quinn, C McCullam 1.

Renmark 15.20 (110) def Berri 12.14 (86)

Best: Renmark – B Exelby, T Bennett, N Farr, R Henz, P Dempsey, P Burne. Berri – K Reed, C Muster, P Safralidis 2, T Bonner, D Haines,
A Gilliland, P Hodgson, C Muster. Goals: Renmark – P Dempsey 4, B Exelby 3, P Turk 2, H Beavis, T Thorpe, S Bailetti, B Files,
J Rowe, T Bennett. Berri – R Stanley 3, K Reed, P Safralidis 2, T Bonner, D Haines, A Gilliland, P Hodgson, C Muster 1.


Cobdogla 20.23 (143) def Browns Well 8.5 (53)

Best: Cobdogla – L Fridd, D Tilbrook, N Hart, B Thomas, D Mitchell, S Hibberd. Browns Well – R McDonald, J Sumner, S Gillett,
R Charles, P Treloar. Goals: Cobdogla - D Tilbrook 11, L Henderson 2, G Dyer, L Hefford, N Hart, L Fridd, D Mitchell, S Remfrey,
Davis. Browns W ell: P Treloar 3, J Sumner, A Flavel 2, P Gleeson.

Lyrup 21.21 (147) d Wunkar 9.3 (57)

Best - Lyrup: S Lloyd, E Abdulla, A Caputo, D Stoher, G Taylor, R Bates. Wunkar - J Lawrence, B Lines, L Evans, T Schulz, R Taylor,
N Allen. Goals - Lyrup: G Taylor 7, L Pride 3, S Mitchell, D Grentell, D Abdulla, B Rigney, A Abdulla 2, M Upbett.

Paringa 26.14 (170) d East Murray 10.9 (69).

Best Paringa: J Rudiger, A Forbes, T Rivers,, A Lloyd, J Clohessy, M Arnott. E Murray – S Rover, J Boughen, R Winen,
C Johns, R Tonkin, T Francis. Paringa -  S Hucks, J Ruedgier, T River, L Gadaletla, N
Rover, P Johnson, J Culbertson, N Dillon,
C Morrison.
East Murray - R Winen 5, K Dixon, M Cornish, S Rover, C Johns


WAIKERIE V LOXTON: The blockbuster game of this 'BLOCKBUSTER ROUND' Waikerie will have a point to prove after their
narrow loss to Loxton in Round 6. This match promises to be just as exciting and it will be the battle of the midfields. Lindsay
Mitchell, Pat Portolesi, young gun Cohen Thiele and ruckman in 'Jumpin' Jesse Smith of Loxton versus Waikerie's professional
onballers in the likes of Nathan Tape, Shane Clonan, Damian Stevens and ruckman Brooke Hoad. There's the champ full forward
in Matt Oliver to contend with for the Tigers. For that reason the Magpies will increase their gap in pole position by winning by
21 points.

RENMARK V BERRI: A battle for the wooden spoon? Definitely! As the stats suggest for these two teams - if Renmark's
opponents were just Berri - the Rovers would be undefeated. Reason being is because it is the Demons who have been Renmark's
only victim of excorcism in 2006 thus far. Nothing will change after this game. The X-Factor in Brett Exelby of Renmark will again
lead the way and youngsters in the exciting Todd Bennett and Harrison Beavis will turn it on. Rovers by 9.

LOXTON NORTH V BARMERA-MONASH: The general consensus is that it will be Waikerie or Loxton and the rest who cares?
Wrong. The Panthers are the definite sleepers of the competition. They will beat the Roos because they have a better structure
in big Barry Kaesler, the Barry brothers and Brett Tschirpig in the forward zone. Ruck giant Simon Dymmott will combine with
fleet-footed Paul Wood, Tim Arnold and the brothers Proud in Ryan and Justin. Barmera's mercurial Luke Tyrrell is a class centreman
and medal material and Peter Shepherd a fantastic forward. These men will have to be at their best if the Roos are to repeat their
Round 1 win over the Panthers. Loxton North by 8 points

Saturday July 15, 2006 - Round 12 Independent League (RFL has a bye due to the SA Country Championships)

Lyrup 15.7 (97) d Paringa 4.10 (34).

Best- Lyrup: D Grenfell, S Mitchell, B Hill, B Rigney, D Strother, R Bates. Paringa; L Gadetta, S Hucks, A Zejlke, N Rover, A Lloyd.
A Forbes. Goals -Lyrup: G Karpany 5, R Bates 4, L Pride, J Johnson 2, G Taylor jnr, S Mitchell. Paringa: N Rover, S Sumner, L Galetta,
B King.

Moorook/Kingston 17.13 (115) d Browns Well 4.6 (30).

Best- Moorook/KIngston: P Waders. R Morelli, T Graetz, L Hentschke, J Munn, N Roos. Browns Well: S Gillett, D Wall, C Scholz,
R Charles, J Summer, P Treloar. Goals - Moorook/Kingston: J Loxton 5, R Morelli, D Wundenberg 3, J Munn, S Arnold 2, S Drain,
R Pietrolai. Browns Well: A Flavel 2, R Charles, J Sumner.

Cobdogla 24.21 (165) d Wunkar 0.1 (1).

Best - Cogdogla: B Thomas, D Tilbrook, L Hefford, D Heinicke, D Mitchell, G Treloar. Wunkar. J Anderson, B Lines, T Schulz, M Hall,
R Taylor, S Schulz Goals - Cobdogla: D Tilbrook 10, B Thompson 4, D Mitchell, A Wakefield 3, N Hart 2, D Heinicke. J Dixon, B Thompson.

Saturday July 8, 2006 - KAESLER BURIES DEMONS By Nicholas Kossatch
A superb 11-goal performance from Loxton North's Barry Kaesler and an aerial marking display by his co-forward Jason Barry set up their 119 point thumping over Berri.
They had winners all over the ground and set the authority from the outset in a complete team effort. Kaesler booted his first early in the first term after a bullet-like left foot pass from Scott Lewis.
The diminutive Chris Kropinyeri, for the visitors, used his pace all over the ground and it would not surprise if SANFL recruiting scouts keep in mind the Panther number 30.
They had an injury scare when another of their stars, Paul Wood, copped a knock after his attempted smother but he recovered to be a wonderful contributor yet again.
Honours were even between Panther ruckman Simon Dymmott and Berri's Christopher Butt but a soaring Dymmott mark over Butt was one of many highlights for the visitors.
The hosts only kicked two goals in the second quarter and coach Murray Voigt asked his players not to panic with the ball and for them to get their heads over it.
Vice captain of the Panthers, Anton Cook, came off second best from his spectacular spoil at the end of another Berri Peter Safralidis clearing kick from defence.
Their emerging star, Kale Reed, took a great mark to showcase his immense talent whilst Wood's awareness hard-up against the boundary twice kept the ball in play. The second time resulted in Steve Inglis involving himself with Brett Tschirpig. The Panther veteran dropped a mark only to recover and his mis-kick found Kaesler who slotted through his third. Everything was going right for Loxton North and at the other end of the scale the game was shot at half time for Berri. Safralidis was magnificent for Berri though sacrificing his defensive post by booting a goal just before half time. Things became worse for the Demons in the second half.
Scott Lewis' handball skills are a feature of his game and this resulted in Tschirpig's third during the third term. Lewis even had a stint in an on-ball roll and looked comfortable there as well and they could afford to rest ruckman Dymmott. His replacement, Ben Miller, took some strong marks like a good ruckman should.
North's mentor, Terry Eleftheriadis, urged his players not to play like front-runners and not relax at three quarter time. His players did not disappoint as Kaesler rammed through another five.
The Panthers defence was miserly led by cool-headed duo in Brad Williams and Craig Wooldridge but it was the forwards, Barry, Lewis, Tschirpig and of course Kaesler who had the glamour.
Berri's Murray Voigt will continue to blood youngsters like first-gamer Dean Beer who showed some signs with a couple of strong tackles. Kale Reed stood up across half back and experienced Travis Voigt and Terry Bonner were the best in an ordinary bunch.


Loxton North 22.14 (146) d Berri 4.3 (27).

Best - Loxton North: B Williams, B Kaesler, C Kropinyeri, J Barry, S Lewis, A Tullet. Berri: K Reed, P Sofraliadis, C Muster, D Haines,
S Ingerson, M Hare. Goals - Loxton North: B Kaesler 11, B Tschirpig 4, J Barry 3, C Kropinyeri, S Lewis 2. Berri: P Sotralidis, M Hare,
T Romeo, K Reed.

Waikerie 32.9 (201) d Barmera Monash 10.10 (70).

Best - Waikerie: N Tape, C Gibson, M Oliver, S Cronan, M Underwood, D Stevens. Barmera Monash: J Kassulke, T Saville, P Shepherd,
M Tyrrell, R Vagg, M Berts. Goals - Waikerie: M Oliver 11, S Coonan 4, T Hyde, S Hefford, M Underwood, D Stevens 3, S Liebich,
A Bland, M Sellar, N Tape, T Hansen. Barmera Monash: R Vagg 3, N Degenhart 2, M Pitman, M Tyrrell, T Saville, P Shepherd, B Berno.

Loxton 19.17 (131) d Renmark 12.10 (82).

Best - Loxton: S Westbrook, M Uren, B Quinn, R Mitchell, R Liddle, C Thiele. Renmark: B Exelby, B Files, N Farr, M Martinson,
T Bennett, P Dempsey. Goals - Loxton: B Quinn, C Thiele, J Liddle 4, S Westbrook 3, R Mitchell, H Fromm 2. Renmark: T Bennett 4,
H Beavis, B Files, P Dempsey 2, J McNaughton, S Turk.


East Murray 14.13 (97) d Browns Well 9.6 (60).

Best - East Murray: A Parsons, J Boucolten, B Francis, J Kirk, R Winen, J Francis. Browns Well: S Gillett, J Vowles, C Wall, R Charlel,
C Scholz, D Wall. Goals - East Murray: R Winen 7, J Berger 2, A Parsons, R Schutz, B Reichsten, S Rover, M Stasinowsky. Browns Well:
M Handle 2, R Charles, C Patterson, P Clotson, A Smith, A Flavel, D Wall, M Cook.

Paringa 28.20 (188) d Wunkar 13.5 (83).

Best - Paringa: S Sumner, S Nagel, A Westley, A Lloyd, N Rover, J Ruediger. Wunkar: J Lawrence, J Anderson, L Evans, B Rose,
T Schulz, S Schulz. Goals - Paringa: S Sumner 21, C Hansford 2, S Nap el, J Ruediger, S Abduller, J Culbertson, N Rover. Wunkar:
R Taylor, S Schulz, M Hall 3, S Big­gins 2, J Lawrence, K Jachmann.

Cobdogla 24.11 (155) d Moorook 10.6 (66).

Best - Cobdogla: J Vagg, N Hart, J Wegener, L Hefford, B Thomas, D Tilbrook. Moorook: T Graetz, P Watters, L Hentschke, S Smith,
J Munn, R Morelli. Goals - Cobdogla: D Tilbrook 10, J Van 4, A Wakefield, D Mitchell, L Hefford 2, M Golding, N Hart, D Starkey, J Wegener.

Saturday July 1, 2006

LOXTON North produced a blistering first half which set up their 83 point thrashing over Renmark at rain-drenched Panther Park.
It puts them a game and percentage clear over the fifth-placed Rovers.

Before the heavier rain set in, it was the Panthers that booted six goals in the first term. Barry Kaesler and Brett Tschirpig were
too clever and strong for their direct opponents.

Tschirpig had two goals whilst the class of Paul Wood featured with a superb mark over the Rovers' Peter Dempsey. Renmark's
rangy Ashley Lindner repeatedly cleared their back half with his long kicks but fullback and first-gamer Roger I'Anson was up to
the task like a seasoned defender.

The experience of defenders Craig Wooldridge and Brad Williams helped the hosts and Williams especially was his side's quarterback.
The one-sided trend continued in the second stanza highlighted with an all-too- easy Kaesler goal after he had dropped a mark
but recovered to kick it.

Paul Burne and Brett Exelby for Renmark were tireless along with Dempsey. Amazingly the Panthers had 11 goals straight after
Kaesler slotted through his fourth from a tight angle. The Barry brothers, Jason and Matthew, excited the crowd with their wet
weather skills.

The match deteriorated in the second half but the ball handling of Wood, Wooldridge, the Barry brothers, Tim Arnold and
Renmark's Exelby stood out. Scott Lewis, for Loxton North, was also an impressive player in the forward lines.

Renmark veteran Brett Kennedy tried to inspire his team-mates at three quarter time. He told them to play wet weather football
and instructed them not to all go in for the ball when it was on the ground.

A defensive error by the Rovers saw Jason Barry spotting big Kaesler unopposed and he booted his sixth. He was involved
again when his attempted goal bounced off a Renmark defender on the last line. The ball fell into young ruckman Ben Miller's
arms and he gleefully goaled. Wood's Nathan Buckley-like skills had him his third goal off his left foot after creative play from
Wooldridge and Lewis.

When asked whether it was the Panther's best win thus far, coach Terry Eleftheriadis said: "Well it was only our third win. I guess
it was after our fast start. Kaesler was good for us with his first bag of goals." For Renmark it seems their finals aspirations have
been washed away in Saturday's rain.

Loxton North 16.11 (107) d Renmark 3.6 (24).

Best - Loxton North: C Wooldridge, P Wood, B Kaesler, A Cook, R lanson, M Barry. Renmark: B Exelby, J Modra, P Burne,
P Dempsey, B Files, B Kennedy. Goals - Loxton North: B Kaesler 6, P Wood 3, B Tschurpig, R Proud 2, A Tullett, S Lewes,
B Miller. Renmark: T Bennett, I Goodman, J McNaughton.

Barmera Monash 8.14 (62) d Loxton 8.13 (61).

Best - Barmera Monash: M Berts, D Whitbourne, T Harris, L Tyrrell, R Villis, P Shepherd. Loxton: N Uren, B Manuel, L Mitchell,
J Smith, A Hoskin, C Thiele. Goals - Barmera Monash: P Shepherd 3, M Pitman 2, D Whitbourne, M Tyrrell, L Tyrrell. Loxton:
C Thiele, S Westbrook, M McCOnnell, N Uren, J Liddle, H Froma, A Hoskin, L Mitchell.

Waikerie 12.21 (93) d Berri 4.7 (31).

Best - Waikerie: N Tape, S Clonan, C Gibson, J Thompson, M Underwood, B Hoad. Berri: A Gilliand, P Safralidis, C Scholefield,
S Ingerson, G White, C Butt. Goals-Waikerie: N Tape 4, M Oliver 3, S Clonan 2, D Stevens, C Gibson, T Hansen. Berri: T Leverenz,
M Stanley, L Jennings, C Scholefield.


Cobdogla 12.16 (88) d East Murray 8.7 (55).

Best- Cobdolga - Hart, J Vagg, D Tilbrook, A Wakefield, L Hefford, D Kassalake. East Murray: R Schutz, R Tonkin, B Reichstein,
M Stasinowsky J Bucchen, K Dixon. Goals -Cobdogla: D Tilbrook 5, J Vagg 3, G Dyer, L Helford, N Hart, D Mitchell. East Murray:
J Bucchell 3, M Stasinowsky 2, R Jenkin, B Francis, J Bucchen.

Moorook Kingston 12.25 (97) d Wunkar 4.3 (27).

Best - Moorook Kingston: T Graetz, T Elliot, P Watters, N Tsakarellos, J Loxton, L Hentschke. Wunkar: L Evans, J Lawrence,
T Scholz, J Anderson, S Schulz, N Allen. Goals - Moorook Kingston: J Loxton 5, R McLean 2, N Tsakarellos, T Graetz, T Elliott,
G Scadden, N Lister 1. Wunkar - S Schulz 3, M Hall.

Lyrup 10.12 (72) d Browns Well 8.3 (51).

Best - Syrup: E Abdulla, A Abdulla Jnr, D Granter, B Hill, D Strisher, S Mitchell. Browns Well: R Charles, J Vowles, S Gillett,
C Wall, C Patterson, L Patterson. Goals - Lyrup: A Abdulla Snr 3, D Grenfell 2, L Pride, J Johnson, B Hill, R Bates, S Mitchell.
Browns Well: A Smith 2, R Charles, P Gleeson, D Giles, B Semmler, J Sumner, P Treloar.

PIES OUTCLASS ROVERS by Nicholas Kossatch
A powerhouse third quarter by Waikerie ended any hope of an upset when they disposed of Renmark by 78 points at
Rover Park on Saturday.
After an even first quarter the class of the Pies shone through with Damian Stevens, Nathan Tape and Shane Clonan displaying clinical disposals.
It was the home side that matched it against the pacesetters during the first quarter. Player-coach Brett Exelby was inspirational with his clearances
and Paul Burne exceptional around the stoppages.
Youngster Todd Bennett in the forward lines did everything in keeping his side in the game with two goals and his second brought a World Cup feel to the game with a soccered major.
Exelby said to his players during quarter time that the front and square work was great as was the forward line pressure. A great crumbing goal by Rover Burne was followed by an Andrew McLeod-like dummy and goal by Waikerie's Clonan.
Their class and cleaner skills was proving the difference despite the host's endeavour. Stevens booted two crumbing goals within seconds of each other whilst Craig Miller came off the bench to boot a checkside goal after taking a strong mark in the goal square.
A highlight for Renmark was a smother on a Ben Kayser kick that had Burne finding an unchecked James McNaughton who kicked truly. The Rovers desperately missed forward trio Anthony Lippis, Craig Seekamp and the suspended Peter Dempsey because Waikerie's Stuart Thomson and Craig Underwood were on top in defence.
The reigning premiers turned it on during the third term and coach Brenton Kay praised his players at the last break saying they played 'ripping football'. Forward Steve Hefford booted three and Matthew Oliver two for the quarter.
Despite Exelby's demands during his three quarter time address Renmark only scored two points in the last quarter whilst their opponents booted five goals. Forwards Hefford kicked five and Oliver managed four for the game and Stevens topped off a great game with four goals. Fellow midfielders Tape, Clonan and Luke Horner dominated and Thomson took timely defensive marks for the Magpies.
The Rovers' Exelby again led by example in midfield and ruckman Nathan Farr continued his consistency. The tussle between Brett Kennedy and Waikerie's Oliver was an even duel but the former, along with Ben Files stood tall in a backline constantly under siege.

RIVERLAND – Round Eight Saturday June 24, 2006

Waikerie 21.14 (140) d Renmark 9.8 (62).

Best - Waikerie: N Tape, S Clonan, L Horner, S Hefford, S Thompson, C Underwood. Renmark N Farr, B Ezelby, T Bennett, P Burne, B Kennedy, B Files. Goals - Waikerie: S Hefford 5, M Oliver, P Stevens 4 T Hansen, T Linde 2, C Miller, N Tape, S Clonan, S Thompson. Renmark: T Bennett 3, P Burne, B Exelby , A Lindner, N Farr, J McNaughton, B Jones

Barmera/Monash 12.17 (89) d Berri 6.6 (42).

Best -Barmera Monash: R Villis, LTyrrell, M Middleton, S Drogemuller, M Leyson, J Sells. Berri: P Safralidis, M Stanley, K Reed, T Bonner, G White, C Schoefield. Goals - Barmera Monash - B Berno 4, J Selfe, T Swanbury 2, M Berts, BHarrington, M Tyrrell, P

Shepherd. Berri: P Satralidis, A Gilhano, T Leverenz, D Bussenschutt, K Reed.

Loxton 19.14 (128) d Loxton North 10.9 (69).

Best - Loxton: L Williams, L Mitchell, S Westbrook, P Portelisi, J Smith, L Thiele. Loxtori North: P Wood, M Barry, A Cook B Kaesler, B Miller, T Arnold. Goals - Loxton: B Guinn 6, L Mitchell 4, H Fromm 2, P Podolesi, L Williams, J Smith, S Westbrook, M McConnell, A Hoskins, D Portolesi. Loxion North: B Kaesler 4, S Lewis 2, M Barry P Wood, R Proud, T Arnold.


Cobdogla 20.12 (132) d Lyrup 13.6 (84).

Best – Cobdogla : B Thomas. J Weggner, L Fridd. J Vagg, N Hart, G Roger. Lyrup: S Healy, J Finn. S Mitchell, B Hill. D Grenfell, D Strother. Goals- Cobdogla: D Tilbrook 9. D Starkey 3, A Wakefield 2. J Waggener. J Vagg. M Golding, D Mitchell, L Handerson, N Roberts. Lyrup: G Karpany, R Bates 3, S Mitchell, K Gabel, L Pride, B Nuscke, P Moritz.

Moorook/Kingston 22.14 (264) d East Murray 6.6 (42).

Best – Moorook/Kingston: L Hentschke, T Elliott, P Satters, R McLean, D White, D Hogg.  East Murray -T Francis, R Schutz, S Rodor, J Boucolton, K Dixon, B England. Goals – Moorook/Kingston: R McLean 9, D van der Wolde 3, J Loxton, L Hentshke, S Uren 2, R Pietrolaj, G Scadden, T Graetz, P van der Wolde. East Murray: J Boughen 4, S Tover, S Stasinowsky.

Paringa 22.21 (153) d Browns Well 8.5 (53).

Best - Paringa: A Westley, M Arnett. T Rivers, A Lloyd, L Gadaleta, J Rudiger. Browns Well - B Semmler, J Vowles, C Wel, J Sumner, M Cook. P Gleeson Goals- Paringa: A Lloyd, T Rivers 4. N Rover, N Schuman 3, T Blacksell 2, P Johnson, M Arnett, S Abdulla, K Zielke. L Gadaletta, M Kouger. Browns Well - A Smith, J Sumner 2. D Giles, B Semmler 1..

By Nicholas Kossatch

BARMERA-MONASH dynamos Luke Tyrrell and Peter Shepherd engineered a resounding 34 point win over a lacklustre Renmark
in their round seven clash at Renmark on Saturday.
The Roos skill dismantled a side short of confidence as Tyrrell, Jack Selfe, Ryan Villis and Dave Whitbourne carved up their opponents.
The game was over by half time with only Nathan Farr in ruck, Brett Exelby in defence and on ball and half back Justin Modra standing
out for the hosts that were 50 points down at the main break.
Tyrrell is a most damaging player because he backs himself and gains possessions as a linkman between defence and attack. This was
on show especially in the first half when Barmera played their best football.
The Roos booted seven goals in the first stanza with Shepherd helping himself to four - one of which was a superb snap across his left
shoulder. Mark Berts was an attacking defender occasionally drifting forward and Dion Pedler offered drive from a wing. Renmark were
hesitant, indirect and indecisive whilst Barmera took risks and showed arrogance at times helped by Rover turnovers.
The second quarter only produced three goals but the Rovers did improve a little after coach Exelby expressed his disgust during the
first break. Ben Files was moved onto Roo Mark Tyrrell and kept him quiet whilst Brett Kennedy quelled Shepherd's influence somewhat.
Renmark outscored Barmera in the second half but the damage was done early especially in the first term. Murray Middleton is an impressive
young player for the Roos and showed composure in defence with good disposals.
Paul Burne, for the hosts, tried hard to ignite his side in the second half and Anthony Lippis kicked three majors from strong leads and
marks. Barmera's burly Bruno Berno showed good signs in the last quarter taking a couple contested marks and he could be their finals
X-factor once he gains more fitness.
It was a scrappy final quarter where Roo coach Mark Tyrrell wanted his side to bury Renmark. It wasn't to be but Shepherd showed his
wares with a great outmanoeuvre and mark against Kennedy and he booted his sixth. This was yet another highlight for the gun forward
and match winner.
Loxton is the standout side with Waikerie not far behind but there's improvement left in Barmera as they are working toward their peak.
SCORE: Barmera-Monash 13.13 (91) def Renmark 8.9 (57)

Results, Saturday June 17 2006 Riverland Independent – Round Eight

Lyrup 21.11 (137) d Moorook/Kingston 13.6 (84).

Best -Lyrup: L Pride, B Kaesler, A Abdulla jnr, D Grenfell, E Abdulla, S Mitchell. Moorook/Kingston: T Graetz, N Tsakarellos,
R McLean, T Elliott, G Scadden, P Waters, N White. Goals - Lyrup: G Karpany 6, R Bates 4, A Abdulla jnr 3, L Pride 2, S Mitchell,
J Johnson, S Uoyd, A Abdulla snr, B Russell, D Abdulla. Moorook/Kingston: R McLean 5, N White 4, D Piltz, R Rigtrola R Morelli.

Cobdogla 12.13 (85) d Paringa 12.12 (84).

Best - Cobdogla: J Wegener, G Treloar, J Vagg, G Roger, D Mitchell, A WakeBeld. Paringa: S Nagel, J Ruediger, T Rumer,
S Sumner, A Westley, N Schumann. Goals - Cobdogla: J Weqener 4, L Henderson, D Starkey 2, D Kassulke, L Fridd, D Heinicke
L Shilcott. Paringa: S Sumner 8, S Raeder 3, A Lloyrl.

Wunkar 13.11 (69) d East Murtay 9.9 (63).

Best- Wunkar: I Phdzner, S Kempster, B Albrecht, J Anderson, N Johnson, T Schulz. East Murray: J Francis, B Reichstein,
S Rover, A Parsons, D Zadow, R Winen. Goals - Wunkar: S Schulz 5, T Schulz, K Jachmann, R Taylor 2, N Johnson, M Hall.

East Murray
: J Boughton 4, T Francis 2, A Parsons, B Reichstein, R Dixon.

Riverland Football League – Round Seven
Barmera Monash  13.13 (91) d Renmark 8.9 (57)

Best - Barmera: M Middleton, L Tyrell, J Selfe, M Berts, P Shepherd, R Villis. Renmark: J Modra, B Files, P Burns, B Exelby, C Alderton,
J Pick. Goals - Barmera: P Shepherd 6, J Kassulke, T Saville 2, M Tyrrell, L Tyrrell, B Berno. Renmark: A Lippis 3,
S Bailetti 2, M Martinson,
L Goodman, B Jones.

Wakerie 1.5 6.6 9.8 14.12 (96) def Loxton North 1.2 2.4 7.8 11.10 (76)
Best Waik: N Tape, L Horner, T Hyde, A Bland, M Underwood, C Underwood. Lxt Nth: A Cook, P Wood, R Proud, J Proud,
A Tullet, B Williams. Goals Waik: S Hefford 5, M Oliver 4 S Thompson, S Clonan 2, N Tape. Lxt Nth: P Wood, B Kaesler 2,
J Barry, M Barry, C Wooldridge, R Proud, R Bament, C Kropinyeri, D Gregoric.

Loxton 4.3 8.8 14.8 19.10 (124) def Berri 2.1 4.3 7.4 8.8 (56)
Best Lox: B Quinn, R Liddle, L Mitchell, J Smith, J Liddle, P Portolesi. Berri: C Scholefield, K Reed, C Muster, P Safralidis,
G White, J Langdon. Goals Lox: B Quinn 8, H Fromm 3, R Liddle, M McConnell, C Thiele 2, J Smith, L Mitchell.
Berri: C Muster, T Bonner 2, T Leverenz, G White, T Voigt, K Reed 1.


A Gr: Mid Murray 31.15 (201) d Riverland Indepedent 15.6 (96).
Best-Mid Murray: S Schwartz. C Gregory, A Maturo, A Falkenburg, K Roberts, B Pittaway. Riverland: J Vagg, V Rigney, B Thomas,
S Rover, J Vowles, M Stazinowsky. Goals - Mid Murray: B Pittaway, S Schwartz 5, S Eichler, S Dubrich 4, J Rosenweig, D Button 3, J Kotz 2,
C Dixon, S Klose, A Maturo, J Marr, J Waechter. Riverland: R Bates, R McLean, J Vagg 3, J Vowles 2, S Rover. M Stasinowsky, R Tonkin,
A Smith.

U17 Colts: Riverland 21.7 (133) d Mid Murray 4.2 (26).


A Gr: Riverland 11.21 (87) d Mallee 11.13 (79).
Best-Riverland: R Proud, L Tyrell, C Gibson, L Horner, L Mitchell. Mallee: S Walker, L Remfry, B Zerk, C Richardson, M Ridgway
Goals - Riverland: P Shepherd 3, D Portalesi, R Proud 2, L Horner, N Darby, L Mitchell, J Selfe. Mallee: C Philbey 3, D Wohling, M Ridgway,
S Vogt 2, B Schroeder, M Vandeleur.

Under 18/17: Mallee 12.4 (76) d Riverland 8.9 (57).   Under 16/15: Riverland 12.11 (83) d Mallee 6.4 (40).

It's Loxton in an Epic - By Nicholas Kossatch
LOXTON coach Mick Zerna, during his three quarter time address, put the onus on his players to lift and tighten up. He calmly demanded burly
Aaron Sinkinson to make a presence in the last quarter.
The big man started the last stanza at centre half forward and make a presence he did - not so with big possessions - but with his bodywork.
It was four-quarter performer Matthew Schutz who had the glamorous last term. He sunk Waikerie with four goals in that period and has his club
sitting in outright top spot.
In a match living up to its' top-of-the-table standards and expectations football was the biggest winner along with Loxton eight point victors.
The reigning champions looked sharp early with Shane Clonan and Craig Underwood giving plenty of drive. Their star full forward, Matthew Oliver,
had three goals.
After a great early second quarter goal by the Magpies Matthew Underwood, there was a momentum shift. Jesse Smith, went into the ruck, inspired
with a towering mark in the middle of the ground and the crowd became involved as did tigerish Cohen Thiele. They found themselves 12 points
ahead at half time.
Waikerie played the better football early in the third term. A seemingly legitimate hip and shoulder was deemed illegal on Craig Underwood which
resulted in a Daniel Smith major. Another by Steve Hefford had the Magpies with the edge.
Oliver's two early last quarter goals put Waikerie 18 points clear and the second of those was a freakish 'off break'. There was a final twist in this
pressure-packed classic. The next five goals belonged to the hosts with Schutz and Cohen Thiele the scorers.
It was the Tigers pace in midfield which came to the fore. Cohen Thiele's form was as breathtaking as Schutz's four goal burst. Pat Portolesi, Lindsay
Mitchell and skipper, Nick Uren, all had strong games.
Raphael Liddle was an athletic forward for the hosts and his brother, Jamahl, equally as effective in defence. Mark McConnell worked hard and Mal
Hahn's contest with Oliver was tremendous.
For the Magpies Craig Underwood was impassable at half back. Matthew Underwood kicked some great snaps amongst his four goal haul and Shane
Clonan played superbly. Oliver showed all he is the best full forward in this competition as are the Tigers and Magpies being the best teams.

ROUND SIX SCORES - Saturday June 3, 2006

Loxton 14.17 (101) d Waikerie 14.9 (93)
Best -Loxton: M Schultz, M McConnell, C Thiele, L Mitchell, N Uren, J Liddle. Waikerie: C Underwood, M Underwood, L Horner, A Bland,
S Clohon, C Wilson. Goals - Loxton: M Schutz 4, M McConnell, R Liddle 2, C Thiele, B Quinn, R Mitchell, A Hoskin, A Sinkinson, L Mitchell.
Waikerie: M Oliver 5, M Underwood 4,
S Hefford 2, D Smith, S Clonon, L Horner.

Renmark 12.10 (82) d Berri 10.10 (70).
Best - Renmark: M Martinson, L Goodman, Durne, B Exelby, N Farr, C Alderton. Berri: P Safralidis, K Reed, C Scholefield, I Leverenz, J Warland,
T Voigt. Goals - Renmark: P Burne 3, L Goodman, G Seekamp 2, H Beavis, I Thorpe, T Bennett, N Farr, J Pick. Berri: J Warland 3, D Baker,
A Gillilano 2, K Reed, C Scholefield, P Safralidis.

Barmera Monash 14.4 (88) d Loxton North 8.16 (64).
Best - Barmera Monash: L Tyrrell, L Pitman, S Marks, R Villis, P Shepherd, M Berts. Loxton North: B Miller, S Dymmott, B Williams, M Barry,
M Arnold, P Wood. Goals - Barmera Monash: P Shepherd 3, L Tyrrell, B Berno, M Berts, J Kassulke 2, R Davis, M Pitman, R Vagg. Loxton North:
M Arnold 3, B Kresler 2,
S Dymmott, C Woolbridge, M Barry.

RIVERLAND INDEPENDENT Round Seven - Saturday June 3, 2006

Panriga 17.15 (118) d Moorook/Kingston 13.10 (88).
Best - Paringa: S Hucks, K Zielke, T Rivers, S Nagel, A Lloy d, N Schumann. Moorook/Kingston: T Elliot, N Roos, R McLean, J Kloden,
R Morelli, P Perry. Goals -Paringa: S Sumner 7, S Hucks 3, S Abdulla 2, C Morrison, L Gadaleta, A Iloyd, N Schumann, T Rivers.
Moorook/Kingston: R McLean 4, J Loxton 3, T Graetz, R Pietrolaj, R Morelli,
N Roos.

Wunkar 13.21 (99) d Browns Well 13.7 (85).
Best - Wunkar: N Allen, B Albrecht. J Lawrence, K Jachmann, T Schulz, B Rose. Browns Well: R Charles, J Vowles, J Sommer, C Schulz,
B Wall, A Smith. Goals- Wunkar: B Lines, KJachmann 3. B Albrecht, B Rose 2, R Taylor, N Allen, A Lawrence. Browns WellL A Smith 6,
A Flavel, D Giles, R Charles 2, J Summer.

Lyrup 17.17 (119) d East Murray 12.12 (84).
Best - Lyrup: J Joanson, V Rigney, B Roessel, B Hill, J Finn, A Ardulla Jnr. East Murray: Graham, D Francis, M Stasinowsky, R Winen,
R Tonrin, D Zadow. Goals - Lyrup: R Bates 6, J Johnson 4, A Abdulla, S Mitchell 2, G Karpany, A Caputo, S Lloyd.
East Murray: J Boughon 2,
P Henschke, D Francis, S Rover, G
England, R Tonrin, M Stasinowsky, G Redden, R Ninen, A Parsons, T Francis.

Monday May 29, 2006 - LOXTON POUND ROVERS  
By Nicholas Kossatch

LOXTON handed Renmark a football lesson humiliating them by 111 points at Renmark on Saturday.
The Tigers on-ball brigade was too classy, quick and cohesive with five-goal Ben Quinn and Pat Portolesi (three goals) leading the way.
The visitors were brilliant in switching the play and produced some withering end-to-end football. Ruckman Liam Williams asserted his authority at the centre bounces. That was where the fleet-footed Cohen Thiele, Portolesi, Mark McConnell and Rhys and Lindsay Mitchell feasted on Williams' taps.
A highlight (one of many) for the Tigers was Cameron McCallum's pick up when the ball was in dispute with a Rover defender. He then spun around slotting through a goal.
Jumping Jesse Smith booted another when he evaded his opponents after a boundary throw-in. These were two gems amongst a 10-goal first quarter for Loxton.
Renmark's second quarter was their best after coach Brett Exelby said some players were half-hearted in the first stanza. Peter Dempsey did his best to inspire his side with two goals and his tussle with Loxton's Jamahl Liddle was entertaining. The Rovers were still 42 points in arrears at the main break and the only clear winner for them was defender Brett Kennedy at full back.
Mick Zerna's Tigers roared into over-drive during the championship quarter with a 13-goal blitz. The coach had the luxury of moving Jamahl Liddle into attack and he responded with two goals in the last quarter. Pocket rocket bench specialist Andrew Hoskin played a cameo second half and helped himself to three majors.
The versatile Smith patrolled centre half back in the last quarter and won that position as well. Matthew Schutz and Hayden Fromm booted seven goals between them and talented McCallum snared three.
A couple of positives did emerge from the carnage for Renmark. Harry Beavis showed plenty with his attack on the ball and debutant Todd Bennett involved himself in some plays that ended with Rover goals. Tiger Aaron Sinkinson was held goal-less by Brett Kennedy whilst busy forwards Trevor Thorpe and James Pick had two goals apiece and consistent pair Nick Darby and Exelby had their moments.
However it is the Tigers that may have their finest moments in September. Any team that can kick 23 goals in a half deserve too.

ROUND FIVE SCORES - Saturday May 27, 2006
Loxton 31.7 (193) d Renmark 12.10 (82).

Best -Loxton: P Dempsey, B Files, N Farr, B Exelby, B Kennedy, H Beavis. Renmark: B Quinn, C Thiele, L Mitchell, N Uren, M McConnell, P Portolesi. Goals -Loxton: B Quinn 5, M Schultz 4, A Hoskins, H Fromm, C McCallum, P Portolesi 3, C Thiele, J Smith, J Liddle 2, L Williams, S Westbrook, L Mitchell. Renmark: J Pick, P Dempsey, T Thorpe, S Bailetti 2; R Menz, B Exelby, C Seekamp, A Lippis. 

Loxton North 12.15 (87) d Berri 11.9 (75).
Best - Loxton North: T Arnold, R Proud, S Dymmott, M Barry, D Gregoric, D Andriske. Berri: P Safrahidis, S Wenman, C Muster, M Stanley, T Leverenz, C Scholefield. Goals - Loxton North: B Kaesler 3, M Arnold, R Proud, J Barry 2, C Kropinyeri, R Raiment, P Wood. Berri: S Wenman 3, T Voipt, B Nettle 2, C Scolefield, J Warland, D Baker, K Reed.

Waikerie 17.21 (123) d Barmera 12.9 (81).
Best- Wall S Clonan, L Horner, M Oliver, M Underwood, T Hyde, D Stevens. Barmera: R Villis, R Davis, J Sell L Pit­man, S Drogemuller, L Tyrell. Goals – Waikerie: M Oliver 9, S Hefford 3, D Stevens 2, S Liebich, N Tape, L Horner. Barmera: P Shepherd 6, J Kassulke 3, T Saville, J Settle, L Tyrrell.

RIVERLAND INDEPENDENT – Round Six, Saturday May 27 2006

Paringa 17.21 (123) d East Murray 8.6 (54)
Best - Paringa: J Ruedigar, J Wood, J Clohessy, B King, K Zielke, S Abdulla. East Murray: D Francis, R Winen, DZadow, A Parsons,
M Stasinowsky, J Kirk. Goals -Paringa: S Abdulla 5, L Gadaleta, A Westley, C Morrison, N Schuman 2, J Ruedigar, R Irlam, T Rivers,
C Ahansford.
East Murray: R Winen 3, G Redden 2, M Stasinowsky, J Kirk, R Tonkin.

Lyrup 34.25 (229) d Wunkar 6.6 (42).
Best - Lyrup: A Abdulla jnr, R Bates, J Finn, D Grenfell, V Rigney jnr, G Karpeny. Wunkar: R Taylor, K Jackman, J Anderson, S Kempster,
N Johnson, T Schultz. Goals - Lyrup: R Bates 12, G Karpany 7, A Abdulla snr, D Grenfell 3, S Mitchell, D Abdulla 2, A Abdulla jnr,
B Roessell, P Maritz, V Rigney jnr, S Healy. Wunkar: R
Taylor, B Lines, N Manglesdorf, K Jackman, A Lawrence, N Johnson.

Cobdogla 35.21 (237) d Browns Well 4.8 (32).
Best -Cobdogla: D Webb, L Hefford, D Tlbrook, G Boyer, L Henderson, D Mitchell. Browns Well: R Clarks, P Gleeson, S Gillett, J Vowles,
N Stevens, J Sumner. Goals - Cobdogla: D Tilbrook 17, L Shilcock 4, L Hefford, A
Wakefield 3, D Starkey, J Wegener 2, G Roger, D Mitchell,
D Heinke, P Ryder.

Monday May 22, 2006 - RIVERLAND MATCH REPORT - LOXTON NORTH v RENMARK (by Nicholas Kossatch)
DAVE GREGORIC’S three goal third quarter propelled Loxton North to a come-from-behind victory over Renmark at Renmark Oval. The Panthers’ form suggested they were not far away and finally were rewarded. The match began with the hosts looking sharp and winning the clearances but wasteful in front of goals.
Brett Exelby lead by example with creative disposals and fellow midfielder, Nick Darby, was damaging at the stoppages. The Rovers defence was miserly with Ben Files and Brett Kennedy leading the way. Peter Dempsey was a mobile focal point in the forward lines and Anthony Lippis looked dangerous. Rovers’ player-coach Exelby stressed to his players that Loxton North didn’t want the football and for his side not to relent and that goals will come.
A Darby goal for the hosts at the start of the second stanza put them 16 points up which was the margin at the main break. The game to this point was a scrappy affair before a dramatic shift in midfield momentum. Little helmeted Tim Arnold, with ruckman Simon Dymmott, engineered a stunning comeback. With a winning forward target in Barry Kaesler, the visitors lifted all over the ground. A spilled Paul Burne mark culminated with a Gregoric goal - the first in the second half. The margin was just 10 points at three quarter time and quick-leading Jason Barry, for the Panthers, reduced Renmark’s lead to four points. Craig Wooldridge’s double blind turn at Loxton North’s half forward line resulted in another Gregoric major. The Rovers were rattled and their opponents were never headed from then on. Ryan Proud’s strong second half pleased the Panther faithful with hard-earned possessions and Dymmott provided ‘silver service’ taps to runners in Chris Kropinyeri, Matthew Barry, Paul Wood and Andrew Tullett.
During the last quarter Dymmott out-manoeuvred a couple Rover players and when Proud and Tim Arnold featured with a Kaesler goal, the game was all but over. Renmark, for all their talent, do not work hard enough over a sustained period which would annoy coach Exelby. Panther star winger, Paul Wood said post-match: “The coach at half time just told us not to give in and that we have good second halves.”
It showed but lost chances proved costly for Renmark who confront Loxton next week whilst Loxton North meets Berri in both crucial matches.
SCORE: Loxton North 13-17 (95) def Renmark 8-10 (58)

Scores : Saturday May 20 2006
RIVERLAND F.L. – Round Four
Loxton 15.23 (113) d Barmera 10.12 (72).

Best - Loxton: C Thiele, C McCallum, R Liddle, M Thiele, A Hoskin, J Liddle. Barmera: L Tyrell, R Villis, L Pitman, M Bents, J Selfe, P Butterworth.
Goals – H Fromm, A Hoskin 3, A Sinkinson, C Thiele 2, P Portelesi, M Schutz, B Smith, B Manuel, B Quinn 1. Barmera - P Shepherd, M Swanbury 2,
M Beats, R Vagg, M Tyrell, J Kassulke, R Davis, L Tyrell 1.

Berri 14.13 (97) d Waikerie 13.15 (93).
Best: ­Berri- M Hare, P Safralidis, M Stanley, S Ingerson, T Cenerenz, K Reed. Waikerie - A Bland, C Girsch, T Hansen, M Underwood, L Hurner,
S Thomson. Goals: Berri – M Stanley, K Reed 3, P Safrancis 2, T Voight, T Bonner, M Hare, J Warland, C Muster, C Scholefield 1. Wakerie – C Gibson,
M Olner 3, T Hyde 2, D Stevens, R Andrews, M Underwood,
S Glonan, L Horner

Loxton North 13.17 (95) def Renmark 8.10 (58)
Best: Loxton North - S Dymmott, C Wooldrige, R Proud, M Arnold, C Kropinyeri, D Jones. Renmark - N Darby, S Bailetti, B Exelby, N Farr, B Kennedy.
Goals: Lox Nth - D Gregoric 3, B Kaesler, R Barment, J Barry, C Wooldridge 2, J Saint, M Berry 1. Renm - S Baeletti 2, P Burne, T Thorpe, P Dempsey,
C Seekamp, J McNaughton, N Darby 1.

Lyrup 21.14 (140) d Paringa 14.12 (96).

Best: Lyrup-  V Rigney, S Heath, A Caputo, S Mitchell, B Hall, A Abdulla Jnr. Paringa: A Ziekle, S Sumner, J Rudiger, S Hucks, J Wood, J Colmesy.
Goals - Lyrup: G Karpany 7, R Bates 3, D Grenfell, A Abdula Jnr 2, D Abdulla, A Caputo, B Roessell, S Mitchell, A Abdulla Snr, G Taylor Jnr.
Paringa: S Sumner 8, N Schuman, J Rudiger 2, S Rasder, S Hucks.

Kingston 31.25 (211) d Browns Well 11.11 (71).
Best: Moorook-­Kingston: T Elliott, J Loxton, N White, N Tsakarellos, T Graetz, J Walker. Browns Well: R Charles, M Thiele, S Gillett, C Patterson,
J Vowels, A Havell. Goals- Moorook-Kingston: T Graetz, J Loxton 7, J Walker, R Morrelli, B Sparrow 3, N White 2, S Smith, D Van Der Woude,
N Tsakarellos, R McLean, T Elliott. M McCracken. Browns Well: A Havell 3, J Sumner, R Charles 2, C Patterson, A Smith, M Thiele, T Bound.

Cobdogla 30.10 (190) d Wunkar 4.5 (29).
Best - Cobdogla: J Golding, L Hefford, D Mitchell, D Tilbrook, J Wegener, L Henderson. Wunkar – S Kempster, N Johnson, A Lawrence, I Pfitzner,
N Allen, L Evans. Goals -Cobdogla: D Tilbrook 14, R Cox, D Starkey 3, D Mitchell, J Wagner 2, A
Wakefield, D Kassolke, M Golding, J Vagg,
Wakefield, D Smith 1. Wunkar – B Rose, A Jackman, A Lawrence, J Smith 1.



Paringa 19.15 (129) d Wunkar (3.3 (21).
Best- Paringa: N Shuman, A Westly, B King, J Clohesy, J Wood, A Zielke. Wunkar: A Lawrence, I Pfitzner, N Johnson.
M Allen, L Albecht, J Lawrence,
S Kempster. Goals - Paringa: N Schuman 8, S Sumner 4, A Zielke 3, G Baker, A Wesstley,
S Raeder, B King. Wunkar: N Allen, A Lawrence, R

Moorook-Kingston 12.11 (63) drew Cobdogla 11,17 (83).
Best - Moorook­-Kingston: T Elliott, R McLean, J Loxton, M McCracken, T Graetz, N Roos. Cobdogla: L Henderson, J Vagg,
B Thomas, L Fridd, D Webb, L Hefford. Goals - Moorook-Kingston: JLoxton 7, J Walker 3, R McLean, R Pietrolaj.
Cobdogla: D Starkey, J Wegener, M Golding 2, L Henderson, L Hefford, J Vagg, D Mitchell, P Ryder. 

East Murray 19.14 (128) d Browns Well 11.13 (79).
Best - East Murray: C Johns, S Rover, A Parsons. D Francis, R Winen, K Dixon. Browns Well: R Charles, J Allen, D Wall,
J Vowles,
S Huddleston, M Thiele. Goals - East Murray: C Johns 5, D Francis, G Redden 3, S Rover, T Francis, A Parsons 2,
R Winen, J Francis. Browns Well: A Smith 5, A Flavel, J Sumner 2, J Allen, M Thiele.

RIVERLAND – Round Three

Waikerie 24.15 (159) d Renmark 5.4 (34).
Best - Waikerie: S Glonan, D Stevens, C Gibson, M Oliver, M Underwood, B Hoad. Renmark: B Files, N Farr, P Demsey, B Exelby,
H Beavis,
S Bailetti. Goals -Waikerie: M Oliver 10, S Clonan 3, D Stevens, N Tape, T Hyde, R Andrew 2, C Gibson, M Underwood,
T Hansen. Renmark: A Lippis 2, N Darby, P Dempsey, P Burne.

Loxton 14.12 (96) d Loxton North 14.10 (94).
Best – Loxton: L Williams, C Thiele, J Liddle, M McConnell, B Quinn, L Mitchell. Loxton North: P Wood, B Williams, A Cook, R Proud,
C Wooldridge, D Andriske. Goals - Loxton: J Smith 3, A Hoskin, L Mitchell, B Quinn 2, C Thiele, B Manuel,
S Westbrook, J Liddle,
A Sinkinson. Loxton North: B Kaesler, P Wood 3, M Arnold 2, D Gregoric, C Wooldridge, J Barry, R Bament, K Fielke, S Dymmott.

Barmera Monash 17.6 (108) d Berri 14.5 (89).
Best -Barmera Monash: L Tyrell, J Selfe D Whitbourne, R Vagg, R Villis, M Berts. Berri: P Safralidis, K Reed, T Faehrmann,
J Arland, M Hare, C Butt. Goals - Barmera Monash: P Shepherd 5, L Tyrrell, J Kassulke 3, R Davis, T Swanbury, L Puitman,
T Saville, R Villis, M Berts. Berri: T Faehrmann, J Warland, T Voigt 3, T Leverenz 2, C Scholefield, P Safralidis, B Nettle.

Barmera Bury Berri  By Nicholas Kossatch
BERRI continued their winless start to the season with a 19-point loss to Barmera-Monash at scenic Barmera Oval. The
margin could have been a lot worse for the Demons had it not been for an improved second half. The Roos' Darwin
connection in Luke Tyrrell and Peter Shepherd were dynamic. Tyrrell had the ball at will whilst the streaky-haired
Shepherd booted two first quarter goals.The home side was irrepressible in the first half and most of their goals
were a result from Berri's turnovers along with Shepherd's and Jason Kassulke's prowess in front of goal.
On the plus side for the Demons was centre half back, Peter Safralidis' never-say-die attitude. His duel with Shepherd was
high-class. It was enthralling one-on-one football - seldom seen in higher standard competitions.
Scott Drogemuller, on a wing for Barmera-Monash, was superb offering great service to the forwards. They had 26 points
before Berri's Travis Voigt kicked their first.
Berri stars Michael Hare and co-midfielder Terry Bonner began to win possessions during the second quarter utilizing
ruckman Chris Butt's taps regularly but the Demons' made little inroads into their quarter time deficit.
Barmera-Monash defender Matthew Leyson was tremendous off a halfback flank and had other willing runners in Tyson
Swanbury, Luke Pitman, Jack Selfe and Robbie Vagg.
They were prepared to switch the play and therefore opening up the forward line. That was where Shepherd and Kassulke
were dangerous - they had space to run into.
Berri did improve through the likes of Butt before he injured his shoulder early in the third stanza. Roos' versatile Mark
Berts moved into the ruck and he began to dominate and his running goal on the boundary showed his agility.
The visitor's Trevor Faehrmann teamed with Voigt to be viable forwards and they unearthed a promising junior Lachlan
Jennings. He had some quality touches and took a classy mark when he out-bodied the stronger Ryan Villis.
Mark Tyrrell's return is a boost for the Roos and he will be better for the run. His brother Luke was supreme at reading
the play in another best afield effort. The other stars were Drogemuller, Shepherd, and Tyson Swanbury in midfield, Leyson
and defender Dion Pedler.
Berri's Safralidis, colossal in defence, and Bonner were easily their best whilst Hare, Voigt and Faehrmann along with
rover Jay Warland performed admirably.
SCORE: Barmera-Monash 17-6 (108) def Berri 14-5 (89)

Loxton Exorcise Demons  By Nicholas Kossatch
LOXTON overcame two late omissions, with Jamahl Liddle and Hayden Fromm ill, and a second quarter lapse, to produce an impressive 23-point win at Berri. The Tigers had more of an even spread of better players with dominant midfielders and ruckman, Jesse Smith, in superb marking form. They broke the game open with a seven goal third quarter into the wind. During the first term Loxton ran the ball well out of defence with quick handball and big Aaron Sinkinson was a strong focal point at centre half forward, particularly early. The Demons' prized recruit, Michael Hare, was as quick as his surname suggests. It was his ball-getting abilities that were a key to his side's improvement in the second stanza. Tigers coach, Mick Zerna, praised his players at quarter time and his defenders and he singled out Mark Thiele's good work. The momentum swung several times during the second quarter. Berri's Hare was Aaron Davey-esque-like in the way weaved in and out of traffic and his ball usage was terrific. A good passage of play by the home side's Daniel Haines and rangy winger, Chris Scholefield, resulted in a Luke Taylor goal.  Suddenly the Demon's had a narrow lead at half time. Travis Voigt and his Berri team-mate, Taylor, teamed well up forward whilst Scholefield provided drive off a wing for Berri. The third quarter was where the game was won and lost. The visitors booted seven goals to Berri's three. Lindsay Mitchell, quick left-footer Cohen Thiele and Pat Portolesi ran rampant for the Tigers. Ben Quinn was a forward spark with three goals for the quarter. Some telling words were spoken by Berri mentor, Murray Voigt, at three quarter time. He told his charges they can play much better and a comeback was not out of reach.
The lights were switched on but Berri were not as a Pat Portolesi goal resulted from an excellent tackle on Hare. This sealed their fate as Loxton were too skilful for a Berri side now needing to improve greatly if finals are their aim. Tigers Lindsay Mitchell, Cohen Thiele and Smith stood out. Defender Grant Dahlitz, onballers Pat Portolesi and Steve Westbrook also starred. Berri's Hare was their best whilst Scholefeild, Peter Safralidis in defence, Voigt and Taylor tried hard for the Demons.
ROUND TWO SCORES - Saturday May 6, 2006
Loxton 14.16 (100) d Berri 12.5 (77).

Best - Loxton: R Mitchell, L Mitchell, P Portolesi, C Thiele, B Quinn, J Smith. Berri: M Hare, P Safraliob, C Scholefield, L Taylor, J Voigt, G White. Goals - Loxton: R Thiele, B Quinn 3, L Mitchell 2, P Portolesi, B Manual, L Williams, J Smith, S Westbrooke, D Portolesi. Berri: C Schoefield 3, T Voigt, M Stanley 2, T Bonner, L Taylor, J Warland, B Nettle, T Romeo.

Barmera Monash 14.13 (97) d Renmark 12.9 (81).

Best - Barmera Monash: R Villis, M Berts P, Shepherd, I Tyrell, S Drogemueller, J Selfe. Renmark: B Exelby, M Martinson, B Files, B Osbourne, N Farr, J Pick. Goals -Barmera Monash: P Shepherd 7, J Kassulke 3, T Swanbury, R Villis, R Vagg, L Pitman. Renmark: M Martinson 3, B Exelby, L Goodman, C Seekamp 2, A Dunhill, N Farr, J Pick.

Waikerie 21.21 (147) d Loxton North 8.9 (57).

Best - Waikerie Monash: L Horner, N Tape, S Clonan, M Underwood, B Hoad, M Underwood, B Hoad, M Oliver. Loxton North: S Dymmott, R Proud, P Woodl, T Arnold, J Saint. Goals - Waikerie: M Oliver 10, C Griffiths 4, S Clonan 2, D Stevens, R Andrews, N Tape, T Hyde, L Horner. Loxton: P Wood 3, C Wooldridge 2, B Kaesler, T Arnold. B Miller.

RIVERLAND INDEPENDENT – Round Three, Saturday May 6, 2006

Moorook-Kingston 15.17 (107) d East Murray 11.9 (75).

Best - Moorook-Kingston: J Munn, J Loxton, T Elliott, N White, N Tsakarellis, T Graetz, D Hogg. East Murray: J Boughen-Rover, M Smith, R Tonkin. R Winen, D Zadow. Goals - Moorook-Kingston: R Pietrlas 4, B Sparrow 3, J Loxton, R McLean 2, S Uren, G Scadden, T Elliott, D Wallace. East Murray. J Francis 4, D Francis 3, K Dixon, M Durdin, A Parsons, J Boughen.

Cobdogla 20.15 (135) d Lyrup 12.15 (87).

Best - Cobdogla: J Vagg, B Thomas, L Fridd, L Heltord, L Henderson, J Goldng. Lyrup: V Rigney, B Hill, R Bates, S Mitchell, B Kaesler, A Caputo. Goals -Cobdogla: D Tilbrook, D Starkey, P Ryder 4, L Henderson, J Wegener, M Golding, A Wakefield, Lyrup: R Bates 4, S Mitchell 2, D Frengell, J Abdulla, C Taylor. L Pride, D Abdulla, D Striver.

Paringa 20.16 (136) d Browns Well 8.4 (52) .

Best- Paringa: S Summer, T Rivers, A Westley, J Rudiger, J Clohesy, L Gadafeta. Browns Well: R Charles, B Flavel, J Vowles, C Wall, P Treloar, D Wall. Goals- Paringa: S Summer 8, T Rivers 5, N Schuman, S Hucks 2, L. Gadafeta. R Irian, J Culbertson. Borwns Well: D Giles 2, A Smith, J Swinger, J Vowles, L Patterson, J Allen, C Patterson.

RFL Round 2 (Sat May 6, 2006) Preview by Nick Kossatch

Round 2 has the bottom two clubs, Berri and Loxton face off at Berri. Both clubs will be desperate for their first win of the season and Berri should win in a close one.

Barmera-Monash host Renmark in a game too close to call. The two sides have many scoring options with Renmark's big, bustling Craig Seekamp and Peter Dempsey in great form. Peter Shepherd and the creative Jason Kassulke just as potent for Barmera-Monash. Barmera's solid defence may well hold out Renmark to record their second win.

2005 premiers Waikerie will be too strong for Loxton North and the travel factor won't upset Waikerie. Waikerie will be advantaged also by having an 11-day break.
INDEPENDENT LEAGUE - Games this weekend (May 6): Brown's Well v Paringa, Cobdogla v Lyrup, Moorook Kingston v East Murray. Wunkar has the Bye.

Renmark 17.11 (113) defeated Berri 14.12 (96)

Best: Renmark - P Dempsey, B Osborne, B Exelby, L Goodman, N Darby, S Bailetti. Berri - M Hare, C Schofield, T Bonner, C Muster, J Warland, M Stanley. Goals: Renmark - P Dempsey, C Seekamp 4, N Darby, A Dunhill, B Osborne 2, L Goodman, M Martinson, P Burne 1. Berri - T Voight 4, C Schofield 2, T Bonner, A Gilliland, J Warland, C Koenig, M Stanley, T Romeo, T Fareman, C White 1.

Barmera 14.16 (100) defeated Loxton North 13.7 (85)

Best: Barmera- S Dymmott, T Arnold, D Jones, Barry Koester, R Proud, J Barry. Loxton Nth - M Berts, P Shepherd, T Saville, S Drogemuller, L Tyrell, R Villis. Goals: Barmera - B Kaesler 4, B Williams 3, P Wood, C Wooldridge, J Barry, R Prouch, S Symmott 1. Lox Nth - P Shepherd 4, J Kassulke, R Vagg 3, T Saville, T Swanbury, L Pitman, L Selfe 1.


Saturday April 29, 2006

Lyrup 24.34 (178) defeated Browns Well 10.6 (66)

Best: Lyrup - G Karpeny, S Mitchell, E Abdulla, A Abdulla jnr, A Caputo, V Rigney. BW - R Charles, M Thiell, J Vowels, D Nitschke,C Scholz, C Patterson. Goals: Lyrup - G Karpeny 8, D Grenfell 6, A Abdulla jnr 3, S Mitchell, E Abdulla 2, L Cochrane, R Bates, V Rigney 1. BW - A Smith 4, J Summer, D Wall, R Charles 2.

Moorook-Kingston 18.14 (122) defeated Wunkar 3.3 (21)

Best: M-K - R McLean, M McCracken, T Elliot, N White, B Sparrow, T Graetz. Wunkar - A Lawrence, R Taylor, Brendan Albrecht, N Allen, Ben Albrecht, T Schulz. Goals: M-K - R McLean 5, R Pietrolaj, J Loxton 3, N White, T Elliot 2, B Sparrow, P Watters, N Roos 1. Wunkar - T Schulz, I Lawrence, R Taylor 1.


Wakerie 2.1 6.6 14.5 16.11 (107) defeated Loxton 3.3 4.7 8.8 10.12 (72) - Best Players and Goalkickers soon

Matches on Saturday: Renmark v Berri, Loxton North v Barmera Monash


ROUND ONE - Tuesday April 25, 2006

Paringa 2.3 3.3 7.8 9.8 (62) lost to Cobdogla 2.4 5.11 7.13 9.18 (72) - Best Players and Goalkickers soon

Best: Cobdogla : J.Vagg, L.Fridd, J.Golding, G.Treloar, L.Henderson, J.Wegener. Best: Paringa - S.Sumner, A.Zielke, J. Clohessy, A.Westley, A.Forbes,  L.Gadaleta

Goals: Cobdogla : J. Wegener 4, D.Starkey 2, M. Golding 1, D.Tilbrook 1, N.Roberts  1. Paringa : S.Sumner 6, S.Hucks 1, K.Zielke 1, N.Courtney 1.

Saturday April 22, 2006

Moorok-Kingston 23.10 (148) defeated Lyrup 12.8 (80)

Best (M-K) - D Hogg, T Graetz, T Elliott, R McLean, D Van Der Woude, M McCracken, R Morfil. (Lyrup) - S Mitchell, J Finn, V Risney, B Hill, A Caplito, A Abulla jnr Goals (M-K) - R Morelli 5, J Loxton 4. (Lyrup) - R Bates, S Mitchell, G Kalpany 3, A Caputo 2.

East Murray 12.13 (85) defeated Wunkar 11.8 (74)

Best (EM) - S Rover, R Tonkin, J Boughon, B Francis, C Johns, D Zadow. Wunkar - R Taylor, L Evans, M Allen, T Schulz, C White, N Mangelsdorf. Goals (EM) - K Dixon 3, D Francis 2, A Parsons, R Parsons, R Schulz, M Stasinowski, B Francis, T Francis, S Stasinowski 1. Wunkar - I Lawrence, T Schulz, A Lawrence 2, R Taylor, K Jackman, R Fielke, C White, B Lines 1.

Bye: - Browns Well


Saturday sees the start of the home and away season with the following matches:

East Murray host Wunkar, while Moorok-Kingston play Lyrup. On Anzac Day, Paringa does battle with Cobdogla.

The RFL get underway on Anazac Day, here's the draw for the opening round.


Waikerie v Loxton (Twilight)


Renmark v Berri

Loxton North v Barmera-Monash