Grand Finals played at Rudall on Sat 13th September 2008

A GRADE                1st             2nd       3rd       Final  Pts

Kimba Dist:        2 – 4        3 – 10     6 – 11        9 – 13 (57)

Cowell:                  2 – 3          3 – 3     5 –  3        6 –  5   (41)

Goals: Kimba Dist – M. Lienert 3; S. Redden, Josh Seal 2; B. Clements, S. Hunt. Cowell – P. Franklin, J. Siviour 2; J. Burton, D. Pratt. Best: Kimba Dist – N. Hornhardt, H. Whitwell, J. Rodda, D. Harris, S. Hunt. Cowell – D. Pratt, T. Franklin, W. Piggott, K. Fiegert, J. Burton.

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EASTERN EYRE 2009 (Teams: Cleve, Cowell,  Kimba Districts,  Rudall & Ports)


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2009 fixtures

April 18 - Round 1

Rudall v Ports at Rudall

Cleve v Kimba Dists at Kimba

Cowell Bye

April 25 - Round 2

Kimba Dists v Rudall at Kimba

Cleve v Cowell at Cleve

Ports Bye

May 2 - Round 3

Cowell v Kimba Dists at Cowell

Port v Cleve at Port Neill

Rudall Bye

May 9 - Round 4

Ports v Cowell at Arno Bay

Rudall v Cleve at Rudall

Kimba Dists Bye

May 16 - Inter League

Far West v Eastern Eyre at Ceduna

May 23 - Round 5

Cowellv Rudall at Cowell

Kimba Dists v Ports at Kimba

May 30 - Round 6

Ports v Rudall at Port Neill

Kimba Dists v Cleve at Cleve

Cowell Bye

June 6-8: Mortlock Shield

June 13 - Round 7

Rudall v Kimba Dists at Rudall

Cowell v Cleve at Cowell

Ports Bye

June 20 - Round 8

Kimba Dists v Cowell at Kimba

Cleve v Ports at Cleve

Rudall Bye

June 27 - Round 9

Cowell v Ports at Cowell

Cleve v Rudall at Cleve

Kimba Dists Bye

July 4 - SA Country Champs

July 11 - Round 10

Rudall v Cowell at Rudall

Ports v Kimba Dists at Arno Bay

Cleve Bye

July 18 - Round 11

Rudall v Ports at Rudall

Cleve v Kimba Dists at Arno Bay

July 25 - Round 12

Kimba Dists v Rudall at Kimba

Cleve v Cowell at Cleve

Ports Bye

August 1 - Round 13

Cowell v Kimba Dists at Cowell

Ports v Cleve at Arno Bay

Rudall Bye

August 8 - Round 14

Ports v Cowell at Port Neill

Rudall v Cleve at Rudall

Kimba Dists Bye

August 15 - Round 15

Cowell v Rudall at Cowell

Kimba Dists v Ports at Buckleboo

Cleve Bye



GRAND FINAL - September 12, 2009

Cowell 13.11 (89) def Kimba Dists 11.7 (73)

Best: Cowell – S Wildman, R Simms, J Hunt, M Franklin, K Fiegert, D Franklin. Kimba Dists – S Redden, D Harris, A Lienert, J Seal, B Seal, R Hannan. Goals: Cowell – N Johnson 4, J Hunt 2, R Sims, M Franklin, S Wildman, P Franklin, N Franklin, J Siviour, N Gale. Kimba Dists – D Beinke 2, B Clements, R Hannan, J Clements, C Scott, J Seal, B Zibell, S Redden, P Schaefer, B Seal


Preliminary Final at Cleve, September 5, 2009
Kimba Districts 13.15 (93) defeated Cleve 9.7 (61)
Best KD: B Clements, S Hunt, D Harris, B Harris, Josh Seal, S Redden. Cleve: J Kenny, D Jenner, R Leonard, J Perkins, N Gillings, T George. Goals KD: B Harris 5, D Beinke 2, B Zibell 2, Jarrad Seal 1, S Redden, D Hunt, A Lienert. Cleve: D Jenner 6, K Leonard 1, J Perkins, A Claxon.
Second Semi Final at Kimba, August 29, 2009
Cowell 10.13 (73) d Kimba Districts 7.8 (50).
Best - Cowell: K Fiegert, W Piggott, J Hunt, N Franklin, T Franklin, M Edwards. Kimba Dists: L Fitzgerald, A Lienert, D Harris, D Hunt, S Redden, R Hanan. Goals Cowell: R Simms, K Fiegert 2, M Edwards, S Wildman, J Siviour, N Gale, N Franklin, J Hunt. Kimba: B Clements 2, D Beinke, B Harris, J Seal, S Redden, B Zibell.
First Semi Final at Rudall, August 22, 2009
Cleve 12.10 (82) d Rudall 10.12 (72). 
Best - Cleve: J Perkins, N Gilling, H Donahue, R Leonard, B Shannon, T George. Rudall: D Hutchins, C Smith, C Mason, D Lee, G Parks Goals-Cleve: H Donohue 5, J Kenny, M Saunders 2, M Quinn, D Hornhardt, T Jenner. Rudall: G Roberts 4, C Mason, A Crosby, B Norris, T Forrest, M Hanneman, W Mason

Round 15 - August 15, 2009

Cowell 23.20 (158) d Rudall 9.4 (58).

Best - Cowell: T Franklin, S Hunt, K Feigert, S Wildman, W Piggott, N Franklin. Rudall: G Roberts, D Hutchins, C Mason, G Parkes, D Lee, T Evans. Goals - Cowell: N Johnson 4, T Franklin, S Wildman 3, B Edwards, D Franklin, N Franklin, P Franklin, J Hunt 2, N Gale, K Feigert, N Hoffrichter. Rudall: D Lee 3, S Siviour, C Mason 2, M Hagger, T Forrest

Kimba Dists 30.20 (200) def  Ports 6.7 (43)

Best: Kimba Dists – n/a. Ports - D. Whittle, B. Chambers, L. Bell, A. Masters, J. Masters. Goals: Kimba Dists - B. Clements 5, N. Hornhardt 5, A. Lienert 3, C. Kenchington 3, L. Fitzgerald 2, D. Hunt 2, T. Larwood 2, N. Woolford 2, D. Bone, J. Clements, S. Redden, P. Schaefer, B. Zibell, D. Beinke. Ports - J. Abdulla 4, C. Hartwig, L. Bell

Round 14 - August 8, 2009

Cowell 29.22 (196) d Ports 14.5 (89). 

Best - Cowell: N Franklin, J Hunt, K Fiegert, W Piggott, T Franklin M Franklin. Ports: A Masters, J Masters, E Hunt, C Hartwig, D Peters, B Chambers. Goals - Cowell: N Johnson 8, P Franklin 6, N Franklin 5, J Hunt 4, S Wildman, M Edwards 2, R Simms, N Gale. Ports: A Masters 6, J Abdulla 3, C Hartwig , T Davey, B Leinert, B Will, L Malcolm.

Cleve 15.12 (102) def Rudall 11.11 (77)

Best: Cleve – K Schubert, M Quinn, N Hornhardt, A Claxton. Rudall – T Evans, D Lee, D Hutchins, B Norris, J Siviour. Goals: Cleve - Tyson Jenner, Matt Quinn 3, Dylan Jenner, Daniel Hornhardt 2, Nathan Gillings, Jess Kenny, Tyson Kirvan, Elliot Claxton, Huey Donohue 1. Rudall - Wade Mason 3, Rhett Morrow, Brady Norris 2, Mick Noble, Matt Dolling, Nathan Hannemann 1.

Round 13 - August 1, 2009

Cowell 19.12 (126) d Kimba Districts 7.10 (52).

Best - Cowell: W Piggott, N Franklin, D Franklin, R Simms, N Johnson, K Feigert. Kimba: D Harris, B Harris, P Schaefer, N Hornhardt, D Beinke. Goals - Cowell: N Johnson 6, R Simms 4, J Siviour 3, N Franklin 2, T Franklin, J Borlon, K Feigert, P Franklin 1. Kimba Dists: T Larwood 2, C Kenchington, B Clements, B Harris, S Hunt, N Hornhardt 1.

Cleve   5.7    8.13  15.17   21.21 (147) 

Ports    2.1   4.3    4.3        5.5     (35)

Best: Cleve - J Kenny, K Schubert, M Quinn, R Leonard, T Kirvan, D Jenner. Ports - R Helling, B Bray, L Bell, A Masters, B Chambers, J Preiss  Goals: Cleve – D Jenner 5, Matt Quinn, Huey Donohue 4, Jess Kenny 3, Tyson Kirvan, Kym Leonard, Matt Saunders, Rick Leonard, Nathan Gillings 1. Ports - Levi Bell 2, Ashley Masters, Adam Miller, Tom Davey 1.

Round 12 - July 25, 2009

Cleve 16.8 (104) d Cowell 15.10 (100).

Best - Cleve: K Schubert, B Nield, S Shannon, E Claxton, T Jenner, M Quinn. Cowell: J Surron, W Piggott, R Simms, J Hunt, B Mills, N Gale. Goals - Cleve: D Jenner 4, T Jenner, K Kirvan, D Harnhardt, H Donohue 2, T Duncan, R Leonard, AJ Kenny, J Perkins. Cowell: A Simms 5, N Johnson, J Hunt 3, B Edwards, J Stenning, K Feigert, S Wildman.

Kimba Dists 11-8 (74) def. Rudall 5-6 (36)

Best: Kimba - Tim Larwood, Dion Harris, Simon Hunt, Nathan Hornhardt, Scott Redden. Rudall: Cody Mason, Greg Parkes, Daniel Lee, Brodie Pearson, Mark Dolling. Goals: Kimba - Tim Larwood 6, Scott Redden 2, Brook Seal, Nathan Hornhardt, Nathan Woolford 1. Rudall - Daniel Lee 3, Tony Evans, Rhett Morrow 1.

Round 11 - July 18, 2009

Kimba Dists 11.13 (79) d Cleve 11.7 (73).

Best - Kimba: D Harris, M Lienert, L Fitzgerald, J Seal, S Tucker. Cleve: J Perkins, K Schubert, M Saunders, M Quim, J Stutley. Goals - Kimba: T Larwood, N Hornhart 3, S Redden, B Harris, M Lienert, D Flavel. Cleve: T Kirvan, D Jenner, A Claxton, J Kenny 2, H Donohue, T Jenner, M Quin

Rudall 18-19 (127) def. Ports 2-9  (21)

Best Rudall: Daniel Lee, Tony Evans, Cody Mason, Mick Noble, Matt Hannemann Rhett Morrow. Ports : Ashley Masters, Ryan Helling, Blake Chambers, Luke Malcolm, Levi Bell, Wade Ramsey. Goals: Rudall - Rhett Morrow 6, Haydn Norris, Daniel Lee, Tony Evans 2, Mick Noble, Cody Mason, Tom Forrest, Grant Roberts, Joel Nield 1. Ports - Adam Miller, Jeremy Callis 1.

Round 10 - July 11, 2009

Kimba Dists 12-14 86 def Ports 8-5 53
Kimba Best: N Hornhardt, D Beinke, L Fitzgerald, M Lienert, A Congdon. Ports Best: C Hartwig, A Masters, A Raikiwasa, D Peters, C Prime, J Presiss. Goals: Kimba - A Congdon 3, B Harris, C Scott, N Hornhardt, L Fitzgerald, S Redden, A Lienert, D Harris, J Kessling, S Hunt 1. Port: B Bray, L Bell 2, J Abdulla, A Masters, L Malcom, C Prime 1.
Cowell 17-18 120 def Rudall 8-7 55
Cowell Best: J Burton, K Fiegert, Matt Franklin, N Gale, N Franklin, W Piggott. Rudall Best: D Lee, J Nield, B Hampel, B Pearson, M Dolling. Cowell Goals: S Wildman 6, N Franklin 4, N Gale, J Burton 2, T Franklin, R Simms, N Johnson 1. Rudall Goals: H Norris 2, N Hannemann, M Hagger, D Lee, B Norris, T Forrest, T Evans 1.

Round 9 - June 27, 2009

Cowell 25.14 (164) d Ports 5.6 (36).

Best - Cowell: S Wildman, N Johnson, K Fiegert, W Piggott, J Burton, S Tonkin. Port: C Hartwig, A Raikiwasa, A Czypionka, A Masters, B Bray. Goals - Cowell: S Wildman, N Johnson 7, R Simms 5, J Burton, N Gale 2, T Franklin, K Fiegert. Ports: T McDonough, B Will 2, A Masters.

Cleve 21.4 (140) d Rudall 11.10 (76).

Best - Cleve: R Leonard, J Kenny, J Perkins, T George, A Claxton, K Schubert. Rudall: R Morrow, T Evans, J Nield, D Lee, G Roberts. Goals - Cleve: D Jenner 3, M Quinn, T Jenner, D Hornhardt, A Sampson, A Claxton, R Leonard, J Perkins, H Donahue 2, K Leonard, J Kenny. Rudall: G Roberts 4, J Nield 2, D Lee, J Siviour, M Noble, H Norris, M Hannermann

Round 8 - June 20, 2009

Cleve 31.9 (195) d Port 7.4 (46).

Best Cleve: R Leonard, D Jenner, J Kirvan, J Kenny, K Schubert, J Perkins. Ports: A Rakiwasasa, C Hartwig, A Masters, D Duncan, D Couzner, A Masters. Goals - Cleve: D Jenner 9, T Kirvan, H Donohue, A Master, T Jenner 3, M Quinn, R Leonard, J Perkins, E Claxton, R Kovacic, T George, D Hornhardt, N Gillings, Ports: A Masters 3, B Leahy, A Rakiwasa, A Miller, B Will.

Cowell 14.17 (101) d Kimba Dists 11.4 (70).

Best - Cowell: K Fiegert, T Franklin, B Mills, M Franklin, J Burton. Kimba: M Lienert, S Jericho, H Whitwell, T Larwood, A Lienert. Goals - Cowell: N Johnson 5, N Franklin, S Wildman, A Todd, J Sivior 2, J Avidera. Kimba: N Hornhardt, A Congdon, M Lienert 2, J Clements, S Jericho, S Redden, D Beinke, B Harris

Round 7 - June 13, 2009

Cleve 10.16 (76) d Cowell 11.9 (75).

Best - Cleve: J Kenny, J Perkins, I Jenner, E Claxton, J Stutley, D Jenner. Cowell: W Piggott, T Holliday, B Mills, N Gale, M Edwards, M Mercer. Goals - Cleve; D Jenner, J Kenny 3, J Perkins, M Quinn, H Donahue, A Butterfield. Cowell: N Franklin 4, N Johnson 2, N Gale, T Franklin, R Simms, S Wildman, M Mercer.

Kimba Dists 9-6 (60) d Rudall 9-5 (59)

Kimba Best: T Larwood, B Clements, B Zibell, R Hannan, L Fitzgerald. Rudall Best: C Smith, J Siviour, R Morrow, C Mason, G Parkes. Kimba Goals: N Hornhardt, B Zibell 2, L Fitzgerald, C Kenchington, A Congdon, S Redden, S Hunt 1. Rudall Goals: G Roberts, M Hagger 2, J Siviour, J Noble, G Parkes, M Hannemann, D Lee 1.

Round 6 - May 30, 2009

Kimba 16.12 (108) def Cleve 6.8 (44)

Goals - Kimba: S Wakelin 3, J Clements, N Lienert, B Harris,. P Schaefer 2, D Harris, D Bienke, I Clements, S Hunt, A Lienert. Cleve: M Quinn. I Donohue, J Perkins, T Kyuan, J Kenny, T Jenner.

Rudall 15.13 (103) def Port 12.19 (91)

Best: Rudall - T Evans, D Lee, D Bienke, D Hutchins, M Dolling, H Norris. Ports: A Raikiwasa, C Hartwig, B Chambers, E Hunt, R Helling. Goals - Rudall: T Evans 5, G Roberts 4, D Lee 2, D Hutchins, C Forbes, W Mason, J Noble. Ports: T Davey 3, A Miller 2, B Bray, J Abdulla. A Masters, B Chambers, A Raikiwasa, C Hartwig, G Taylor.

Round 5 - May 23, 2009

(With thanks to Peter Lines compiler of the SA Country Footy Encyclopedia)

Kimba 17-12 (114) def. Ports 2-7 (19)
Best Players: Kimba Dists - B. Clements, J. Clements, S. Jericho, B. Seal, D. Beinke. Ports E. Hunt, B. Lienert, D. Lienert, L. Bell, R. Helling. Goal Kickers:  Kimba - M. Lienert 3, B. Clements 2, J. Clements 2, B. Harris 2, N. Hornhardt 2, L. Fitzgerald, D. Harris, S. Hunt, T. Larwood, B. Zibell, D. Beinke.  Ports - Goal Kickers: T. Davey, J. Abdulla
Cowell 13.16 (94) def Rudall 9.9 (63)

Best - Cowell: J Hunt, J Burton, W Piggott, D Pratt, N Johnson, N Gale. Rudall: J Nield, T Evans, R Morrow, M Hagger, M Noble. Goals - Cowell: N Johnson 7, S Wildman, J Burton, B Edwards, N Franklin, M Franklln, S Tonkin. Rudall: J Nield 4, B Pearson 2,

B Lee, C Forbs, D Hutchins, G Roberts.

INTERLEAGUE - May 16 at Ceduna

Eastern Eyre 17.18 (120) def Far West 9.7 (61)

Best: Eastern Eyre – Matt Lienert, Matt Franklin, Dylan Beinke, Nick Hornhardt, Greg Parkes. Far West – Myles Warmington, Rohan Scott, Kingsley Benbolt, Cody Colbung, Locky Brown. Goals: Eastern Eyre – N Hornhardt 5, M Lienert 4, D Jenner 2, L Bell 2, S Redden, C Kenchington, J Burton, D Lee. Far West – C Colbung 3, K Bilney, S Benbolt, S Hammatt, J Kenchington, T Woods, M Warmington

Under 17: Eastern Eyre 20.18 (138) def Far West 4.10 (34), Under 15: Far West 14.3 (87) def Eastern Eyre 12.4 (76)

Round 4 - May 9, 2009





25.21 (171)





13.10 (88)

Best - Cowell: M Edwards, B Edwards. S Tonkin, N Franklin, M Franklin, J Siviouc Ports: L Bell, B Chambers, W Ramsey, J Abdulla, T Davey. Goals - Cowell: R Simms, N Franklin 6, P Franklin 4, J Siviour 2, B Edwards, M Franklin, N Johnson, N Gala, S Wildman, D Pratt, W Piggott. Ports G Taylor 4, J Abdulla, A Raikawasa 2, L Bell, B Leahy, B Lienert, T Davey, A Shepard. 





14.12 (96)





6.14 (50)

Best: Cleve - T. Jenner, J. Kenny, J. Perkins, B. Shannon, K. Schubert  Rudall - M. Dolling, D. Lee, J. Nield, G. Parkes, M. Noble. Goals: Cleve - D. Jenner 3, T. Jenner 3, A. Claxton 2, J. Kenny 2, J. Perkins 2, N. Gillings, D. Hornhardt. Rudall - T. Evans 2, M. Hannemann, D. Hutchins, G. Roberts, G. Parkes

Round 3 - May 2, 2009

Kimba Districts




13.9 (87)





11.8 (74)

Best - Kimba: R Hanan, D Beinke, L Fitzgerald, M Lienert, B Harris. Cowell: M Edwards, J Burton, J Hunt, Marty Franklin, Wayne Piggott. Goals - Kimba: N Hornhardt 3, P Stutley, D Bienke, P Stutley 2, B Harris, H Whitwell, M Lienert, S Redden. Cowell: R Simms, J Burton 3, C Ramsey 2, T Franklin, M Edwards, M Franklin.





21.14 (140)





7.5 (47)

Best - Cleve: T Kirvan, A Sampson, J Kenny, N Gillings, J Perkins, R Leonard. Ports -J Llewellyn, B Chambers, J Preiss, L Bell, C Hartwig. Goals - Cleve: H. Donohue 4, D. Jenner 4, J. Perkins 3, K. Gillings 2, T. Kirvan 2, J. Emans 2, T. George, T. Jenner, R. Leonard, M. Saunders. Ports: T Davey 4, L Bell 2, G Taylor.  

Round 2 - April 25, 2009

Cowell 15.11 (101) def Cleve 4.7 (31)

Best: Cowell – D Pratt, T Franklin, T Halliday. Cleve – M Saunders, E Clayton, R Leonard. Goals; Cowell – N Franklin 6, J Siviour 3, T Franlin, N Johnson 2, T Kirvan, T Jenner. Cleve – D Jenner 2, T Kirvan, T Jenner

Kimba Districts 8.12 (60) def Rudall 4.8 (32)

Best: Kimba Dists – D Hunt, J Seal, D Beinke. Rudall – D Lee, J Nield, C Mason. Goals: Kimba Dists – M Lienert, S Hunt, N Hornhardt 2, S Redden, D Beinke. Rudall – J Siviour, M Hagger, G Parkes, P Peters

Round 1 - April 18, 2009

Rudall 15.13 (103) d Ports 10.13 (73).

Best - Rudall: N Hannemann, M Dolling, T Forrest, J Siviour, J Nield. Ports: W Ramsey, B Bray, J Preise, C Harlwig, T Davey. Goals - Rudall: T Forrest 4, D Hutchens, J Nieid, G Roberts, B Norris, D Lee, P Peters. W Mason, T Evans, R Morrow, C Mason, J Siviour. Ports: L Bell, B Lienert 3, T Davey, A Masters, G Taylor, L Malcolm.

Kimba Dists 14.14 (98) d Cleve 12.8 (80).

Best - Kimba: B Clements, S Hunt, B Harris, S Redden, D Hunt. Cleve: T Jenner, K Schubert, A Sampson, T Duncan, A Claxton. Goals - Kimba: S Redden 3, J Seal, N Hornbach 2, C Kenchington, B Harris, B Seal, A Congdon, B Clements, M Lienert, S Hunt. Cleve: D Jenner 7, R Lenard, M Quin 2, T Kirvan.




Aug 22 - 1st Semi at Rudall

Aug 29 - 2nd Semi at Kimba

Sep 5 - Prelim at Cleve

Sep 12 - Grand Final at Cowell

2009 LADDER P Pts Perc
Kimba Districts 12 20 145.14
Cowell 12 18 182.94
Cleve 12 16 137.67
Rudall 12 6 76.97
Ports 11 0 36.92


Leading Goalkickers Club Total
Nathan  Johnson Cowell 46
Dylan Jenner Cleve 44
Nicholas Franklin Cowell 36
Rhett Sims Cowell 26
Steven Wildman Cowell 24
Nathan Hornhardt K Dists 24