Westies 20.6 (126) def Koonibba 9.9 (63)

Best: Westies – T Warmington, R Scott, S Jansen, M Chandler. Konnibba – J Warrior, J Betts, R Duckford, J Miller. Goals: Westies – M Chandler 6, S Freeman, B Polkinghorne 3, C Newchurch, T Warmington 2, J Wild, S Shipard, D Crilli, T Woods 1. Konnibba – A Saunders 3, B Coleman, J Warrior 2, M Coleman, J Miller 1.

FAR WEST - 2007 (Teams: Blues, Konnibba, Thevenard & Western United)


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Final Score at the Ceduna Sports Ground

Western United 23.17 (155) defeated Blues 13.9 (87)
News from the Western Whisperer………….August 26, 2007

History was made in Ceduna last Saturday afternoon when the Western United Tigers won their fifth straight Grand Final of the Far West Football League. Led by a best on ground performance from Lachlan Brown, the Tigers were ruthless, smashing the Blues in a great display at the Ceduna Oval.
In unseasonably warm conditions the Penong based team had their nose in front early in the match, but as the match went on, the heat took its toll on the Blues and the Tigers ran away with the match. A point lead at quarter time became four goals at half time and there was no stopping it from there.
Westies had another productive quarter in the third and at three quarter time the scored was 16-13 (109) to 9-9 (63).
The Tigers foot didn't come off the pedal - in fact they kept piling on the goals outscoring the Blues seven goals to four in the last quarter. When the siren blew the Tigers had scored 23-17 (155) while the Blues managed 13-9 (87).
In other games Koonibba won the B Grade, while Thevenard easily won the Colts grand final.
It was a big day for the Tigers with Western United winning the A, B and D Grade netball grand finals as well.

Best -Western United: L Brown, R Scott, J Murphy. Blues: D Wright, M Mozol, B Kloeden.

Goals - Western United; M Chandler 6; J Veermir 4, I Brown 4; Z Lawdon, M. Warmington 2; S Freeman, T Warmington. Blues: G Dudley, B. Kloeden 3; B Johncock 2; J Woolatt, B Muer, R Johnson, W Johncock, T Trenordon.

Premlinary Final - August 18, 2007

Blues 15.7 (97) def Koonibba 8.6 (54)

Best: Blues – W Johncock, M Skinner, B Collins, P Theodosiou.  Koonibba – G Williams, T Graham, M Shantell. Goals: Blues – B Kloeden 4, B Miller 3, B Johncock, W Johncock, L Braithwaite 2,  W Skinner, G Dudley. Koonibba – D Plummer 3, S Sumner 2, G Williams, M Newchurch, E Sansbury 1.


Second Semi Final played August 11, 2007

Westies 11.12 (78) def Blues 9.9 (63)

Goals: Westies - Milton Chandler 3. Blues - Barry Johncock Jnr 5.

Further details when they become available

First Semi Final, played August 4, 2007

Koonibba 17.15 (117) def Thevenard 9.11 (65)

Best: Koonibba - E Sansbury, B Doolan, T Graham, G Williams. Thevenard – B Dawes, L Donohue, K Kaehne, N Miller. Goals: Koonibba – B Doolan, J Betts 3, S Sumner, L Saunders 2. Thevenard – S Miller, B Dawes, T Retsas 2.

This weekend Western United plays Blues in the 2nd Semi

Last Match Minor Round – July 28, 2007

Western United 27.11 (173) def Koonibba 7.9 (51)

Best: Western United - D Hardy, Z Lawrie, R Scott, J Wild. Koonibba - M Newchurch, B Doolan, M Chandrill, T Graham Goals: West United - M Chandler 8, B Polkinghorne 6, Z Lawrie 3, S Freeman, D Hardy, C Newchurch 2, G Pfeiffer, S Shopano, R Scott, J Wild.Koonibba - S Sumner 3, D Thorpe, C Coleman, M Newchurch, B Doolan

Missing result from the Blues v Thevenard match

Round 10 - July 21, 2007

Koonibba 16-22 (118) d Thevenard 7-11 (53)

Best: Koonibba: B Doolan. Z Duckfield. W Coleman. Thevenard: K Masierowski, D Oats.

D Dawes. Goals - Koonibba: G Golding 4, B Doolan. S Sumber 3, D Thorp 2, E Gray. E

Sansbury, A Saunders.

Missing resulr from the Blues v Western United match

Round Nine - July 7, 2007

Western United 22.15 (147) d Thevenard 8.4 (52)

Best- Western United: L Brown, R Scott, K Warmington, T Warmington. Thevenard: Z Perry, B Dawes, K Maso. Goals -Western United: M Chandler 6. L Brown, M Warmington 4, R Scott 3, S Freeman, B Polklnghorn 2, C Millard. Thevenard: S Thompson, K Koehne 2, J Grills, J LeBois, D Oats, Y Raises.

Blues 11.10 (76) drew with Koonibba 11.10 (76).

Best - Blues: W Johncock, T Theodosiou, L Braithwaite, B Kloeden, M Skinner. Koonibba: B Coleman, M Sansbury, B Doolan. Goals -Blues: W Johncock. P Taylor, B Kloeden, B Johncock 2, 8 Miller, G Dudley, L Braithwaite. Koonibba- B Coleman, D Plummer, B Doolan 2, J Graham, S Sumner. M Sansbury, E Gray.

Round Eight - June 30, 2007

Blues 16.15 (111) def Thevenard 5.14 (44)

Best: Blues – Theo Theodosiou, W Miller, W Johncock, M Skinner, L Braithwaite. Thevenard – B Dawes, D Denton, S Thompson, R Miller. Goals: Blues – B Johncock 4, P Theodosiou 3, P Collins, T THeodosiou, R Johncock 2. Thevenard – G Berry 2, R Miller, B Dawes, M Threadgold 1.

Western United 34.23 (227) def Koonibba 4.14 (38)

Best: West United – R Scott, J Murphy, M Chandler, L Brown, T Warmington. Koonibba – D Plummer, T Graham, M Newchurch, D Coleman. Goals: West United – M Chandler 11, L Brown, M Warmington 5, A Dunn 3, A Shipard, B Polkinghorn, Z Lawrie 2, C Millard, R Scott, T Woods 1. Koonibba – G Williams 3, R Benbolt 1.

Round Seven - June 23, 2007

Blues 15.13 (103) def Western United 15.11 (101)

Best: Blues – M Mozol, M Pearce, R Freeman, B Johncock. Western United – L Brown, M Chandler, R Scott, A Shipard. Goals: Blues – B Johncock 8, R Johncock 3, G Dudley, J Bennett 2. Westies – M Chandler 7, J Veerhius 4, K Warmington 2, B Polkinghorne, M Warmington 1.

Thevenard 17.9 (111) def Koonibba 9.18 (72)

Goals: Thevenard – M Threadgold 6, R Miller 3, T Masierowski, N Miller 2, B Dawes, X Scott, Y Retsas, W Miller 1. Koonibba - D Plummer 5, A Richards, D Baker, A Catsambalis, B Coleman 1.

Round Sixp - June 16, 2007

Western United 20.16 (136) d Thevenard 9.7 (61)

Best - Western United: L Brown, R Scott, J Polkinghorn, C Millard. Thevenard: K Masierowski, B Dawes, T Verrall, T Moschas. Goals - Western United: L Brown 6, J Veehius 4, B Polkinghorn 3, M Chandler 2, B Baker, R Scott, A Shipard, K Warmington, C Millard.

Blues 9.6.60 lost to Koonibba 27.13.155
Goals - Blues: M Pearce 4, J Elson 2, A Hill 1, P Collins 1, J Reed 1. Koonibba: A Saunders 7, B Doolan 4, J Miller 3, J Dodd 2, M Coleman 2, B Coleman 2. Best - Blues: P Collins, L Walton, P Theodosiou. Koonibba: A Saunders, D Coleman, W Coleman.

Round Five - May 26, 2007

Konnibba 14.17 (101) d Thevenard 5.10 (40).

Best - Konnibba: M Newchurch, T Graham, A Saunders. Thevenard: N Farris. J Grills, L Donahue. Goals - Konnibba: S Sumner 4. O Plummer 3, B, Debois 2, A Catsamealis, A Saunders, S Benbolt, A Scott, J Gunther. Thevenard: N Farris, O Denton, S Thompson, H Miller

Blues v Western United match called off due to the death of Ceduna Blues player.

Blues were leading at the time 6.4 (40) to 4.3 (27)……..the points score were added to Ladder, the match considered to be a draw

Round Four - May 12, 2007

Western United 15.24 (114) def Thevenard 9.9 (63)

Best: Western United – R Scott, C Millard, Locky Brown, M Warmington. Thevenard – T Masierowski, Y Retsas, B Dawes. Goals: Western United – L Brown, D Crisci 3, B Polkinghorne 2. Thevenard – T Masierowski 3.

Blues 15.11 (101) d Konnibba 12.8 (80).

Best- Blues P Taylor, S McNamara, P Theodosiou, L Walton. Koonibba: M Newchurch, M Sansbury, T Graham. Goals - - Blues B Johncock 6, C Dudley 3, M Pearce, D Hertz, D Wright, L Walton, B Kloeden. Koonibba: A Scott 4, B Coleman, T Scott, B Doolan 2, T Graham, G Williams, D Ware.

Round Three - Saturday May 5, 2007

Westies 23.14 (152) def Koonibba 14.12 (96)

Best: Westies – T Warmington, R Scott, C Millard, J McKenzie. Koonibba - M Newchurch, T Graham, W Coleman. Goals: Westies – Jason Wild, J McKenzie 4, L Brown 3, Z Lawrie, C Newchurch 2, T Warmington, C Irvine, M Warmington 1. Konnibba – S Sumner 5, Bevan Doolan 3, D Thorpe, Jordan Coleman 1.

Thevenard 16.14 (110) def Blues 13.9 (87)

Best: Thevenard – S Miller, B Dawes, T Retsus. Blues – M Pearce, B Johncock, M Cooper. Goals: Thevenard – X Scott 4, R Miller 3, T Retsus, D Meier 2. Blues – G Dudley 5, P Taylor, B Johncock 2.

Round Two - Saturday April 28, 2007

Thevenard 16.12 (108) def Konnibba 9.7(61)

Best: Thevenard – L Donohue, B Dawes, C Masierowski. Konnibba – M Newchurch, D Thorpe, W Coleman. Goals: Thevenard – Tim Masierowski, D Meier 4. Konnibba – T Linfield 3, J Coleman 2.

Western United 16.11 (107) d Blues 8.7 (55).

Best - Western United: R Scott, C Millard, T Warmington, J Murphy. Blues: J Woollatt, M Mozol, T Theodosiou, M Peace, L Walton. Goals - Western United: L Brown 6, J McKenzie 4, D Miller 3, A Shipard, J Wild, T Warmington

Round One - Saturday April 21, 2007

Blues 14.10 (94) d Konnibba 10.10 (70).

Best - Blues: M Skinner, L Walton, T Theodosiou. Koonibba: M Newchurch, D Ware, J Champion. Goals - Blues: G Dudley 4, B Johncock, T Theodosiou 2, K Thiele, M Pearce, M Cooper, B Collins, P Collins, C Williams. Konnibba: J O'Loughlin, G Bilney, T Winfield 2, B Dodd, J Betts, J Coleman, G Williams.

Thevenard 11.17 (83) d West United 11.12 (78).

Best - Thevenard: B O'Loughlin, T Moschos, B Davies, B Chandler. West United: R Scott, T Warmington, L Brown, C Warmington. Goals - Thevenard: T Masierowski 4, T Moschos, W Miller, D Riechalt, S Miller, D Denton, B Dawes, M Richards. West United. D Cassisi 4, S Veerhuis, B Polkinghorn 2, C Millard, C Newchurch.  

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Western United 11 19 66.50
Blues 11 14 50.80
Thevenard 11 10 42.70
Konnibba 11 5 39.80