2009 Ladder
P Pts Perc
12 22 69.25
Western Districts
12 16 60.14
Dudley United
12 14 52.07
12 8 47.59
12 0 24.06


Leading Goalkickers
Club Total
R Morris
West Dist 36
Luke Ramsey
Kingscote 36
Clayton Willson
Dudley Utd 30
Z Trethewey
Parndarna 20

KANGAROO ISLAND FOOTBALL 2009 - (Teams: Dudley United, Kingscote, Parndarna, Western Districts & Wisanger)


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6.15 (51)

Dudley United




4.7 (31)

Best: Parndarna – Nathan Trethewey (BOG), D May, P Tretheway, B May, N Dugmore. Dudley United – B Willson, R Willson, A Grey, S Wheaton, C Willson. Goals: Parnadarna – Tom Wurst 2, I Sullivan, M Gilbert, M Mills, N Trethewey. Dudley United – R Tonkin 2, C Willson, S Bullock

B Grade Grand Final: Parndarna 7.9 (51) def Kingscote 5.3 (33)

Preliminary Final, September 5, 2009

Dudley United 7.7 (49) def Western Dists 5.5 (35)

Best: Dudley – B Howard, C Willson, M Condo, R Willson, S Donaghy. West Dists – L Hacker, A Fogden, J Graham, B Lock, J Fry. Goals: Dudley – C Willson 2, S Bullock, G Buick, D Anderson, J Helyar. West Dists – A Anderson 2, S Morgan, B Lock, D Florance

First Semi Final - August 30, 2009

Dudley United 15-10 (100) d Kingscote 14-11 (95)

Goalkickers: Dudley United – N Clark 5, G Buick 2, M Anderson 2, S Bullock 2, M Condo 1, C Willson 1, J Helyar 1, A Gray 1. Kingscote: L Ramsey 4, S Walden 3, D Curtis 2, S Roesler 2, C Chirgwin 1, Z Edwards 1, L Stewart 1. Best players: Dudley United – B Howard, C Willson, R Willson, N Gates, M Condo. Kingscote: S Walden, D Curtis, W Crump, P Green, D Florance

Second Semi Final - August 29, 2009

Parndana 9-7 (61) d Western Districts 3-4 (22)

Goalkickers: Parndana – I Sullivan 3, D Trethewey 1, N Trethewey 1, Z Trethewey 1, T Wurst 1, M Mills 1, H Sullivan 1. Western Districts – A Anderson 1, R Morris 1, S Holland 1. Best Players: Parndana - D May, D Trethewey, T May, J Kuchel, M Gilbert. Western Districts – A Fogden, B Lock, T Short, L Hacker, S Correll

Round 15 - August 22, 2009

Dudley United 17.14 (116) d Wisanger 5.7 (37).

Best - Dudley United: C Willson, B Howard, J Chambers, M Condo, N ·Gates. Wisanger: A Trowbridge, P Bott, S Morris, C Turner, L Buschhueter. Goals - Dudley United: N Clark 4, J Helyar 3, C Jones, N Gates, C Willson 2, S Bullock, J Chambers, B Smith, S Howard. Wisanger: 0 Digby, P Collins, 0 Tyley, N Marcopoulos, N Berry.

Parndana 9.11 (65) d Western Districts 5.5 (35).

Best - Parndana: D Trethewey, N Dugmore, D May, N Trethewey, B May. Western Districts: J Graham, BLock, K Parsons, S Holland, J Fry. Goals - Parndana: M Mills 3, I Sullivan 2, S Matthews, D May, Z Trethewey, J Kuchel. Western Districts: S Holland, K Parsons, J Hunter, A Morris, S Rowsell.

Round 14 - August 15, 2009

Parndana 13.11 (89) d Dudley United 7.3 (45).

Best - Parndana: D Trethewey, I Sullivan, N Trethewey, N Dugmore, B May. Dudley United: C Willson, B Howard, R Tonkin, J Chambers, S Donaghy. Goals - Parndana: P Trethewey, I Sullivan 3, J Davis, T May, H Sullivan 2, Z Trethewey. Dudley United: B Kirby, C Willson 2, B Smith, S Bullock, B Willson.

Western Districts 12.18 (90) d Kingscote 9.2 (56).

Best - Western Districts: J Fry, B Lock, A Anderson, D Morris, S Rowsell. Kingscote: D Curtis, D Edwards, L Stewart, S Walden, P Green. Goals - Western Districts: A Anderson 4, R Morris 3, S Morgan, L Willmott 2, B Davis. Kingscote: L Ramsey 4, Rhys Lovering 2, Rory Lovering, Z Edwards. 

Round 13 - August 8, 2009

Kingscote 15.13 (103) d Wisanger 4.6 (30).

Best - Kingscote: D Curtis, S Walden, P Green, W Crump, L Stewart. Wisanger: C Turner, A Turner, S Morris, J Fryar, K Stead. Goals - Kingscote: L Stewart 3, P Green, S Lewis, D Curtis, R Lovering 2, J Wilkinson, L Ramsey, Z Edwards, S Walden. Wisanger: C Turner, P Collins, A Turner, K Stead.

Dudley United 8.10 (58) d Western Districts 6.9 (45).

Best - Dudley United: B Howard, R Tonkin, R Willson, B Willson, D Spark. Western Districts: J Graham, J Hunter, B Lock, B Davis, A Fogden. Goals - Dudley United: C Willson 3, G Buick, M Condo 2, N Gates. Western Districts: R Morris 2, S Morgan, S Holland, J Fry, S Rowsell. 

Round 12 - August 1, 2009

Kingscote 12.7 (79) d Dudley United 9.8 (62).

Best - Kingscote: P Green, A Lovering, L Ramsey, J Edwards, B McSherry. Dudley United: B Howard, S Bullock, C Willson, D Spark, T Asplin. Goals - Kingscote: L Ramsey 5, L Stewart 3, L Edwards 2, A Lovering, D Florance. Dudley United: G Buick, T Asplin 3, M Condo, H Gurney, C Willson.

Parndana 20.15 (135) d Wisanger 5.4 (34).

Best - Parndana: N Trethewey, T May, J Kuchel, D Tretheway, D McDonald. Wisanger: A Trowbridge, A Turner, D Tyley, N Marcopoulos, J Lee. Goals - Parndana: T Wurst 4, I Sullivan, J Davis, N Tretheway 3, J Kuchel, B Gaskin, D Tretheway, S Windsor, N Dugmore, L Tretheway, M Mills. Wisanger: N Marcopulos 3, P Collins, S Clifford. 

Round 11 - July 25, 2009

Parndana 8.13 (61) d Kingscote 7.10 (52)

Best Parndana: Z Trethewey, N Trethewey, I Sullivan, J Kuchel, D Trethewey. Kingscote: P Green, P Edwards, M Lovering, D Florance, A Robinsom. Goals - Parndana: N Trethewey 2, I Sullivan, P Skeer, B Gaskin, S Windsor, 0 Trethewey, M Mills. Kingscote: L Ramsey, Z Edwards 2, R Lovering, J Edwards, P Green.

Western Dists 14.18 (102) def Wisanger 4.4 (28)

Best: West Dists – B Lock, K Parsons, D Morris. Wisanger – A Trowbridge, C Turner, S Jones. Goals: West Dists – R Morris 5, L Hacker, D Morris 2, T Short, A Fogden, S Rowsell, E Whale, D Florance. Wisanger – K Stead 2, N Marcopoulos, P Collins

Round 10 - July 18, 2009

Western Districts 5.7 (37) d Parndana 3.4 (22).

Best - Western Districts: S Holland, J Hunter, T Buck, T Weatherspoon, J Correll. Parndana: D McDonald, J Kuchel, B May, N Trethewey, D Trethewey. Goals ~ Western Districts: T Short 2. J Graham, L Willmett, L Hacker. Parndana: T May 2. D Trethewey.

Dudley United 14.16 (100) d Wisanger 6.6 (42)

Best ~ Dudley United: C Willson, N Gates, C Jones, R Tonkin, D Spark. Wisanger: L Buschbueter, S Morris, G Jones, C Turner, A Trowbridge. Goals - Dudley United: C Willson 4. H Gurney 3. M Anderson 2. C Jones. N Clark, B Willson, D Anderson, B Howard. Wisanger: P Collns 3. T Lee 2. S Jones.


Round 9 - July 4, 2009

Western Districts 15.11 (101) d Kingscote 5.9 (39).

Best - Western Districts: R Morris, J Graham, D Morris, J Fry, A Anderson. Kingscote: J Edwards, J Wilkinson, Z Edwards, W Crump, Rory Lovering. Goals ~ Western Districts: R Morris 10, D Weatherspoon 3, S Holland, T Short. Kingscote: L Ramsy 2, Z Edwards, S Lewis, T Smith.

Parndana 21.12 (138) d Dudley United 7.1 (43).

Best Parndana: N Trethewey, B May, D Trethewey, D May, D McDonald. Dudley: A Grey, M Willson, Brodie Howard, B willson, C Jones. Goals ~ Parndana: I Sullivan 5, Z Trethewey 4, D Trethewey 3, P Skeer, N Trethewey 2, B Gaskin, M Mills, D May, J Kuchel, H Sullivan. Dudley: A Gray, B Kirby 2, C Clark, B Willson, M Condo.

Round 8 - June 27, 2009

Kingscote 22.13 (145) d Wisanger 4.6 (30).

Best - Kingscote: S Roesler, P Green, S Walden, R Lovering, Z Edwards. Wisanger: D Tyley, A Trowbridge, B Florance, K Stead, C Turner. Goals - Kingscote: L Ramsey 6, R Lovering 4, S Walden 3, L Stewart, S Lewis, Z Edwards, S Roesler 2, M Ward. Wisanger: D Kildea, K Stead, D Tyley, N Marcopoulos.

Western Districts 12.12 (84) def Dudley United 7.5 (47)

Best: West DistsS Rowsell, J Graham, J Correll, S Morgan, B Lock. Dudley United – C Willson, M Willson, R Willson, C Jones, N Clark. Goals: West Dists – S Morgan 6, L Hacker 2, E Whale, T Short, S Rowsell, S Correll. Dudley United – C Willson 3, S Bullock, M Buick, S Clark, L Howard

Round 7 - June 20, 2009

Parndona 20.16 (136) d Wisanger 9.3 (67).

Best - Parndana: N Trethewey, J Kuchel, D Trethewey, B May, M Cooper. Wisanger: C Turner, J Fryar, S Clifford, P Collins, A Trowbridge. Goals _ Parndana: D Trethewey 4, N Trethewey, T Wurst, S Windsor, M Mills 3, Z Trethewey 2, B Caskin, H Sullivan. Wisanger: P Collins 3, D Tyley, C Turner, A Turner, K Hodge, R Elison, C Schultz.

Dudley United 17.8 (110) d Kingscote 12.7 (79).

Best Dudley: R Willson, H Gurney, C Willson, M Condo, S Howard. Kingscote: S Roesler, P Green, B McSherry, S Johnston, A Robinson. Goals - Dudley: C Willson 6, Glen Buick, N Gates 3, M Anderson 2, S Clark, M Condo, S Howard. Kingscote: L Ramsey 3, J Edwards, L Stewart 2, T Smith, M Ward, Rhys Loverings, P Green, S Roesler.

Round 6 - June 13, 2009

Parndana 13.14 (92) d Kingscote 7.6 (48).

Best - Parndana: B May, M Gilbert, N Tretheney, D Tretheney, H Sullivan. Kingscote: A Lovering, P Green, L Stewart, D Edwards, M Ward. Goals - Parndana: M Mills 4, D May 3, I Sullivan, S Matthews, S Windsor, T Wurst, M Gilbert. Kingscote: L Ramsey, S Lewis 2, D Florance, T Smith, L Stewart.

Western Districts 18.11 (119) d Wisanger 1.4 (10)

Best Players: Western Districts - R.Morris, T.Short, J.Graham, B.Lock, B.Davis. Wisanger - C.Turner, J.Lee, S.Veitch, P.Bott, K.Stead. Goal kickers: Western Districts - R.Morris 8, B.Davis 2, S.Correll, L.Willmott, G.Bald, T.Short, A.Fogden, J.Graham, S.Rowsell, J.Fry.  Wisanger - C.Turner

Round 5 - May 30, 2009

Pamdana 9.9 (63) d Western Districts 4.10 (34).

Best - Parndarna J Graham, D Florance, S Morgan, I Hacker, R Morris. Western Districts: D May, Z Trethewey, D McDonald, N Dugmore, B May. Goals - Parndarna: B Gaskin, Z Trethewey, S Winter 2, S Mathews. D MacDonald, H Sullivan. Western Districts: R Morris 3. B Davis.

Dudley United 15.12 (102) def Wisanger 5.

Best: Dudley United – Brodie Howard, A Gray, M Anderson, S Bullock, S Donaghy. Wisanger – C Turner, S Morris, J Fryar, K Stead, J Lee. Goals: Dudley United – B Willson 4, C Willson 3, S Bullock, B Howard, S Donaghy 2, B Kirby, S Clark. Wisanger – S Jones 2, N Ley, K Hodge, J Friar

Round 4 - May 23, 2009

Parndarna 10.9 (69) def Dudley United 4.6 (30)

Best- Parndana: D May, D Trethewey, N Trethewey ZTrethewey, S Matthews. Dudley: N Gates, A Willson S Wheaton, C Jones, M Condo. Goals - Parndana N Trethewey, H Sullivan 2, T Wurst, Z Trethewey T May, D May, N Routley, D Trethewey. Dudley United : C Willson 2, B Willson, H Gurney.

West Dists 8.14 (62) def Kingscote 5.9 (39)

Best·- Western S Morgan, L Hacker, E Whale, J Graham, A Laver Kingscote: C Chirgwin, J Edwards, S Roesler, Z Edwards, D Curtis. Goals - Western: A Morrisl S Short 2, S Morgan, S Rowsell, J Graham, L Hacker Kingscote: L Ramsey 2, S Lewis, D Curtis, S Walden

Round 3 - May 16, 2009

Kingscote 9.14 (68) def Wisanger 8.11 (59)

Best: Kingscote – J Wilkinson, S Walden, M Ward, C Chirgwin, Z Edwards. Wisanger – A Trowbridge, D Kildea, S Jones, R Stead, L Buschhueter. Goals: Kingscote – M Ward 2, D Edwards, J Wilkinson, L Stewart, Rory Lovering, S Johnson, P Green. Wisanger – S Jones 3, A Turner 2, J Lee, B Florance, R Stead.

Dudley United 15.5 (95) def Western Districts 7.6 (48)

Best: Dudley United-  J Chambers, N Clark, M Condo, D Anderson, C Willson. West Dists – D Florance,  L Willmott, B Lock, E Whale, S Correll. Goals: Dudley United – H Gurney, C Willson 3, M Condo, N Gates 2, D Anderson, S Bullock, B Kirby, S Howard, B Willson. West Dists – T Buck, R Morris 2, A Eichner, S Graham, T Shaw.

Round 2 - May 9, 2009

Dudley United 12.15 (87) def Kingscote 13.6 (84)

Best: Dudley Utd – B Willson, C Willson, D Anderson, B Howard, J Chambers. Kingscote – T Smith, D Budarick, L Brown, J Edwards, J Wilkinson. Goals: Dudleu Utd – B Willson, B Howard 3, M Condo, G Buick, D Anderson, M Buick, C Willson, S Howard. Kingscote – L Ramsey 7, S Walden, J Wilkinson 2, S Lewis, D Edwards.

Parndarna 18.13 (121) d Wisanger 4.6 (30).

Best - Parndana: M Mills, N Dugmore, N Trethewey, S Matthews, Z Trethewey. Wisanger. A Trowbridge, C Turner, L Buschhueter, B Jamieson, S Morris. Goals - Parndarna: Z Trethewey. M Mills 3, N Trethewey, D May 2, P Dugmore, S Matthews, I Sullivan, T May, H Sullivan, T Wurst, B May, D Trethewey. Wisanger: B Florence 2, D Tyley, A Trowbridge. 

Round 1 - May 2, 2009

Parndana 25.12 (162) d Kingscote 10.7 (67).

Best - Parndana: T Day, N Trethewey, B May, Z Trethewey, D Day. Kingscote: J Edwards, D Edwards, B McMerry, S Lewis, W Crump. Goals - Parndana: Z Trethewey, T Worst 4, Sullivan, M Mills 3, S Matthews, D Day, N Trethewey, N Routley 2, T May, N Dugmore, D Trethewey. Kingscote: S Walden 3, L Ramsey, P Green 2, Reece Lovering, Zac Edwards, W Crump.   

Western Districts 12.10 (82) def Wisanger 5.4 (34)

Best: West Dists – E Whale, J Graham, T Weatherspoon, D Morris, A Laver. Wisanger – A Trowbridge, B Jamieson, K Stead, N Ley, P Bott. Goals: West Dists – E Whale, R Morris 3, T Weatherspoon, S Holland, A Anderson, L Hacker, S Short, T Tilbrook. Wisanger – A Turner 2, D Tyley, N Ley, A Trowbridge.


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