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Saturday September 23, 2006

DUDLEY UNITED 18.11 (119)
PARNDARNA       6.3 (39) here for a Match Report

Goalkickers: Dudley United – N Clark 6, Clay Willson 4, J Helyar 2, F Trethewey 2, J Rosser 2, A Waller 1, D Perry 1. Parndana – T Wurst 4, Z Trethewey 1, I Sullivan 1. Best Players: * John Turner Medal (Best on Ground) – Clay Willson (DU) Dudley United – Clay Willson, H Gurney, B Willson, A Waller, F Trethewey.
Parndana – A Ness, D Trethewey, T Wurst, M Morris, M Gilbert.

Reserves: Parndarna 7.7 (49) def Dudley United 6.3 (39)

S/Colts: Kingscote 12.10 (82) def Dudley United 7.6 (48)

KANGAROO ISLAND FOOTY 2007 - (Teams: Dudley United, Kingscote, Parndarna, Western Districts & Wisanger)


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GRAND FINAL at Wisanger onSeptmber 15, 2007

Dudley United 24.8 (152) def Kingscote 9.5 (59)

Best: DU – C Willson, R Willson, B Howard, A Waller, J Chambers. Kingscote – L Stewart, S Henderson, D Curtis, J Edwards, S Walden. Goals: DU – C Willson, N Clark 6, A Waller, B Howard 3, J Chambers 2, J Helyar, J Rosser, S Clark. KIngscote – P Green 4, L Ramsey 3, L Stewart 2.

Preliminary Final at Dudley United on September 8, 2007

Kingscote 12.13 (85) d Western Districts 9.10 (64).

Best - Kingscote: D Taylor, B McSherry, L Bruce, D Taylor, J Edwards. Western Districts: B Lock, A Fogden, S Rowsell, S Morgan, D Snowball. Goals - Kingscote: D Taylor 6, D Curtis 3, S Henderson, L Ramsey, P Green. Western Districts: B Lock 4, E Whale 3, R Morris, S Rowseli.

First Semi Final - Sunday September 2, 2007

Kingscote 16.10 (106) def Parndarna 11.11 (77)

Best: Kingscote – R Christophers, S Walden, J Edwards, S Henderson, L Ramsey. Parndarna – T May, D Trethewey, J Trethewey, M Gilbert, N Trethewey. Goals: Kingscote – L Ramsey 6, D Taylor 3, S Walden 2, P Green, J Edwards, D Curtis, L Sanders, S Henderson. Parndarna – Jason Davis, Z Trethewey , S Matthews, M Gilbert, N Trethewey, T Wurst, I Sullivan.

Second Semi Final on Saturday September 1, 2007

Dudley United 20.9 (129) d Western District 6.5 (41).

Best - Dudley United: C Willson, N Clark, A Walter, B Willston, D Perry. Western Districts: A Fogden, D Snowball, S short, B Lock, H Riggs. Goals - Dudley United: N Clark 10, J Helyar 3, F Trethewey 2, B Howard, S Clark, T Johnson, C Willson, A Waller. Western Districts: J Erfurth, A Fogden, G Bald, S Short, H Riggs, B Lock

Round 15 - August 25, 2007

Western Districts 23.18 (156) d Kingscote 7.4 (46).

Best - Western Districts: A Fogden, R Morris, C King, E Whale, D Morris. Kingscote: J Edwares, P Green, S Walden, A Robinson, D Taylor. Goals - Western Districts: R Morris 10, S Short, E Whalt 3, B Lock 2, A Fogden, G Bald, C King, C Clements, D Snowball. Kingscote: L Ramsey 4, P Green 2, J Hughes.

Dudley United 24.16 (160) d Wisanger 7.5 (47).

Best-Dudley United: N Clark, D Perry, A Waller, L Bowd, G Buick. Wisanger: C Turner, S Johnsson, L Buschhueter, J Lade, A Trowbridge. Goals - Dudley United: R Waller, N Clark, J Helyar, C Willson 3, T Johnson, B Howard, L Bowd, D Perry, F Trethewey, B Willson, S Clark, G Rosser, G Buick. Wisanger: A Turner, A Trowbridge 2, J Lade, A Whute, J Lee.

Round 14 - August 18, 2007

Western Districts 12.14 (86) d Parndana 5.5 (35)

Best - Western Districts: S Morgan, B Lock, A Fogden, C Clements, D Morris. Parndana: P Trethewey. T Day, J Davis. A Holtham, I Sullivan. Goals - - Western Districts R Morris 4, C King 3, C Clements, G Downing 2, S Rowsell. Parndana: D Tretheway 2, B Putland, S Dennis, N Trethewey.

Kingscote 26.13 (169) d Wisanger 9.7 (61)

Best - Kingscote: L Ramsey, D Florance, L Johnson, D Curtis. R Christophers. Wisanger - B Turner. L Buschhueter, J Lade. C Turner, S Johnson. Goals - Kingscote: L Ramsey 12, D Florance 5. P Green, L Stewart 3, K Stead, D Taylor, J Edwards. Wisanger - S Johnson. A Lee 2, J Lee, C Turner, A Trowbridge, T Fryar, L Buschhueter.

Round 13 - August 11, 2007

Western Districts 19.11 (125) d Wisanger 2.7 (19).

Best - Western Districts: A Fogden, T Buck, S Short, B Lock, G Downing. Wisanger: J Lade, L Buschhueter, B Turner. C Turner, D Howard. Goals - Western Districts. R Morris, G Downing 4, A Fogden 3, C Morgan, S Rowsell 2, E Whale, C Clements, B Lock, D Florence. Wisanger: J Lade 2.

Dudley United 13.9 (87) d Parndana 5.2 (32)

Best - Dudley United: R Tonkin, C Willson, G Rosser, D Perry, J Trethewey. Parndana: T May, D Trethewey, N Trethewey, A Ness, B Putland. Goals-Dudley United: D Florence 3, J Trethewey 2, T Johnson, R Tonkin, D Perry, J Helyar, H Gurney, G Rosser, Brodie Howard, Clayton Howard. Parndana: S Gaskin, N Trethewey 2, S Dennis.   

Round 12 - August 4, 2007

Dudley United 12.8 (80) d Western Districts 7.5 (47).

Goals - Dudley: B Howard 4, D Florence 3, C Willson 2, J Helyer, D Perry, A Waller. Western Districts: R Morris 4, J Parker, A Fogden, C Clements. Best - Dudley: R Tonkin, D Perry, G Buick, M Condo, H Gurney. Western Districts: S Rowsell, S Short, S Morgan, E Whale, J Parker.

Kingscote 16.8 (104) d Parndana 10.7 (67).

Best - Kingscote: D Curtis, Daniel Taylor, J Mackie, K Stead, L Ramsey. Parndana: D Trethewey, N Trethewey, S Matthews, A Ness, R Kelly. Goals - Kingscote: L Ramsey 6, P Green, D Curtis, R Hodge 2, J Edwards, J Wilkinson, L Johnson, L Stewart. Parndana: D Trethewey 4, N Trethewey 2, A Mills, Holtham, M Morris, I Sullivan.

Round 11 - July 28, 2007

Dudley United 20.16 (136) def Kingscote 9.8 (62)

Best: Dudley United - B Howard, G Rosser, C Willson, G Buick, A Buick. Kingscote - D Curtis, J Wilkinson, L Johnson, L Bruce, K Stead. Goals: Dudley United - B Howard 4, G Buick, C Willson 3, N Clark, G Rosser, A Buick, J Helyar 2, A Waller, R Tonkin. Kingscote - D Curtis 3, P Green, L Ramsey 2, S Johnson, L Stewart.

Parndana 14.5 (89) d Wisanger 7.12 (54)

Best - Parndana: D Trethewey, N Trethewey, M Morris, T May, A Ness. Wisanger - J Lade, C Turner, A Trowbridge, L Busahhueter, S Johnson. Goals - Parndana: I Sullivan. T May 3. D Trethewey, M Mills 2, M Morris, J Davis, A Holtham, B Putland Wisanger: A Turner 2, A Lee, S Johnson, J Lade, J Fryar. ATrowbndge

Round 10 - July 21, 2007

Dudley United 39-14 (248) def Wisanger  3-9 (27)

Goals: Dudley United N.Clark 8, C.Willson 7, J.Helyar, 7, A.Waller 6, B Howard 2, G Rosser 2, S.Howard 2. Wisanger T.Fryar 1, A Lee 1, A.Troubridge 1. Best: Dudley United. J(Fred) Trethewey, N.Clark, S.Donaghy, H.Gurney, S.Howard. Wisanger  B.Turner, C.Turner, A.Trowbridge, J.Fryar, J.Lade

Western Districts 15.14 (104) def Kingscote 8.6 (54)

Best: Western Dists – R Morris, C Clements, S Short, E Whale, C King. Kingscote – D Taylor, J Edwards, J Wilkinson, D Curtis, P Green. Goals: West Dists – R Morris, B Morgan 3, G Downing, C King, D Florence, D Morris. Kingscote – D Taylor 3, L Stewart 2, P Green, L Ramsey, S Henderson.

Round 9 - July 7, 2007

Wisanger 8.8 (56) d Kingscote 8.4 (52).

Best -- Wisanger: C Turner, B Turner, J Lade, W Ducrow, S Johnsson. Kingston: D Taylor, L Johnson, J Wllkinson, J Edwards, L Ramsey. Goals - Wisanger: S Johnsson 2, J Lee, A Turner, A Lee, C Treloar, N Berry, A Trowbridge. Kingscote: D Taylor, L Ramsey 3, D Roche 2.

Western Districts 11.10 (76) d Parndana 8.11 (59).

Best -- Western Districts: J Parker. A Fogden, D Snowball, S Rowsell, E Whale. Parndana: N Trethewey, D Trethewey, M Gilbert, I Sullivan. S Dunn. Goals - Western Districts: R Morris 3, S Morgan 2, S Rowsell, S Short, G Downing, C Hammat, B Lock J Graham. Parndana: D Trethewey 2, I Sullivan, P Skeer, S Dunn, N Trethewey.

Round Eight - June 30, 2007

Dudley United 25.17 (167) d Parndana 4.3 (27).

Best -- Dudley United D Perry, C Willson, S Clark. L Bowd, A Buick. Parndana: N Trethewey. D Trethewey, I Sullivan, B Day, M Gilbert. Goals -- Dudley United: C Willson, J Helyar 7, N Clark 4, S Clark, T Johnson 2, L Bowd, B Howard, A Wonder. Parndana: I Sullivan, D Trethewey, J Johnson, M Mills.

Western Districts 22.14 (146) d Wisanger 8.6 (56).

Best -- Western Districts. D Florance, C King, R Morris, A Foods, S Rowsell. Wisanger- A Trowbridge, L Buschhueter, C Turner, J Lade, W Ducrou. Goals -- Western Districts: R Morris 9, C King, E Whale 3, J Erfurth, D Rowsell 2, A Fogden, C Hammat, M Geursin. Wlsanger: A Turner 3, S Johnson, N Berry 2, J Lade.   

Round Seven - June 23, 2007

Kingscote 12.11 (83) def Parndarna 4.5 (29)

Best: Kingscote – L Johnson, P Green, D Florence, L Bruce, D Roche. Parndarna – S Dunn, N Trethewey, A Ness, J Davis, D Trethewey. Goals: Kingscote – L Ramsey 5, P Green 4, T Smith 3, D Taylor 2, D Roche, L Bruce, R Christophers, D Florence 1. Parndarna – M Mills 3, M Johnson, S Dennis, P Skeer, D Dunstan, N Tretheway, D Tretheway 1.

Dudley United 11.13 (79) def Western Districts 6.5 (41)

Best: Dudley United – B Wilson, R Wilson, G Rosser, C Willson, A Waller. Western Districts – D Weatherspoon, G Bald, B Lock, E Whale, A Fogden. Goals: Dudley United – J Helyar 5, C Willson, N Clark 2, A Waller, G Rosser 1. Western Districts – A Fogden, R Morris, S Rowsell, J Graham, E Whale, J Erfurth 1.

Round Six - June 16, 2007

Wisanger 17.19 (121) def Parndarna 6.4 (40)
Best: Wisanger – A Trowbridge, W Ducrou, N Ley. Parndarna – A Ness, N Trethewey, D Trethewey. Goals: Wisanger – A Lee 3, S Morris, A Trowbridge, A Turner, W Ducrou, J Lee 2, J Fryar, J Lade, C Turner, D Kildea. Parndarna – S Dennis, D Trethewey 2, T Wurst, B Putland.

Dudley United 19.14 (128) d Kingscote 7.4 (46)

Best - Dudley Utd: G Rosser, T Johnson, G Buick, R Tonkin, D Perry. Kingscote: D Curtis, Daniel Taylor, J Edwards, L Bruce, D Florence. Goals - Dudley Utd: C Willson 5, T Johnson 3, J Helyar, G Rosser, N Clark, F Trethewey 2, J Gruney, A Walker, B Smith. Kingscote: D Roche, L Stewart 2, L Ramsey, Daniel Taylor, D Curbs.

Round Five - June 2, 2007

Western Districts 12.10 (106) d Kingscote 9.9 (63).

Best - Western Districts: D Rowsell, S Short, J Parker, D Morris, G Bald. Kingscote: D Taylor, S Walden, K Lee, L Stewart, 0 Willson. Goals.- Western Districts: R Morris 3, D Morris 2, J Erfurth, C Hammat, A Fogden, S Short, C King, B Lock, J Parker. Kingscote: L Stewart, S Walden, J Curtis 2, T Smith, J Wilkinson, S Henderson.

Dudley United 20.22 (142) d Wisanger 4.5 (29)

Best - Dudley­United: A Buck, B Howard, G Rosser, S Clark, C Wilson. Wisanger: A Trowbridge, N Ley, S Morris, C Turner, S Johnson. Goals - Dudley United: A Walker, N Clark, S Clarke, B Howard 3, C Wilson, D Perry, F Trethowey 2, A Buik, T Johnson. Wisanger: A Turner 2, A Whyte, L Buschueter.  

Round Four - May 26, 2007

Western Districts 18.15 (123) d Parndana 4.9 (33).

Best -- Western Districts: E Whale, D Rowsell, C King, S Short, S Morgan. Parndana: D Trethewey, H Deer, J Davis, S Dunn, T Wurst. Goals - Western Districts: R Morris 6, E Whale, C King 4, B Lock 2, C Harnat, S Morgan. Parndana: H Deer 2, D Dustin, T Wurst.   

Kingscote 18.13 (121) def Wisanger 4.15 (39)

Best: Kingscote – D Curtis, S Henderson, T Smith, L Johnson, Daniel Taylor. Wisanger – A Trowbridge, C Turner, S Morris, B Trelor, J Fryar. Goals: Kingscote – L Ramsey 6, L Stewart 4, D Curtis 3, S Walden 2, T Smith, K Lee, P Green, Wisanger – A Trowbridge 2, J Fryar, S Johnson 1.

Round Three - May 19, 2007

Western Districts 21.19 (145) d Wisanger 5.6 (36).

Best - Western Districts: S Morgan, E Whale, A Fogden. S Rowsell; D Weatherspoon. Wisanger: A Trowbridge, A Lee, C Tamer, A Turner, T Pengilly. Goals- Western Districts: R Morris 5, A Fogden 4, C Hammatt, S Short 2, E Whale, 0 Florence, S Rowsell, 8 Lock, S Morgan, D Rowsell, J Graham, M Gurson. Wisanger: C Boxer 3, J Lade. J Fryer.

Dudley United 26.18 (174) d Pamdana 6.2 (38).

Best - Dudley United: R Tonkin, C Willson, R Willson, A Waller. D Parry. Parndarna - H Deer, D Trethewey, J Davis, M Morris. T Wurst. Goals - Dudley United: C Willson 9, N Clark 6, A Walter 3, T Johnson, B Howard 2, S Clark, H Gurney, R Tonkin, B Willson. Pamdana: T May, I Sullivan 2, H Deer, T Wurst

Round Two - May 12, 2007

Kingscote 26.9 (165) d Parndana 9.8 (62)

Best --­ Kingscote: K Stead, S Halden, L Ramsey, L Stewart. Parndana: D Trethewey, M Morris, H Deer, T Hurst. Goals - Kingscote: L Ramsey 11, S Halden 6, P Green 4, G Miller, J Edwards, L Stewart, J Hughes, R Stead. Parndana: D Trethewey 4, T Hurst 2, I Sullivan, M Mills, D Marshall.

Dudley United 13.14 (92) d Western Districts 7.7 (49)

Best -- Dudley United: A Waller, G Buick, R Tonkin, D Lashmar. Western Districts: J Graham, A Fogden, S Short. B Lock. Goals -- Dudley United: B Howard, N Clark, C Willson, L Bowd, F Trethewey, A Waller 2, G Rosser. Western Districts: B Lock, R Morris 2, S Rowsell, A Fogden, D Rowsell.

Opening Round - May 5, 2007

Parndana 17.5 (107) d Wisanger 8.9 (57).
Best - Parndana: A Ness, H Deer, D Trethewey. M Morris, I Sullivan. Wisanger: S Morris, D Kildea, C Turner, J Lee, A Trowbridge. Goals - Parndana: N Mills 5, D Trethewey 4, I Sullivan 3, N Morris 2, N Deer, T Wurst, N Cooper. Wisanger. S Clifford 2, D Kildea, A Troubridge, A Lee, J Lee, J Lade. C Neindod.

Dudley United 21.11 (137) d Kingscote 14.9 (93).

Best-Dudley United: C Willson, L Bowd, A Buick, D Perry, N Clark. Kingscote: Leroy Johnson, S Harden, D Taylor. Goals -- Dudley United: C Willson, N Clark 5, L Bowd 4, A Waller 2, J Helyar, J Chambers, B Willson, F Trethewey, S Clark. Kingscote: L Ramsey 5, D Curtis 3, K Hodge 2, J Edwards, L Johnson, L Stewart, D Taylor.   


The 2007 Kangaroo Island Footy season gets underway this Saturday, two matches are scheduled with Wisanger visiting Parndarna and last years Premiers Dudley United hosting Kingscote. Western Districts have the bye. This years season ha been delayed somewhat and thankfully with the recent rains, will be played on grounds that have a bit of give in them.


By Brendan Shakes.........April 23, 2007


Dudley United will be aiming for back to back premierships in 2007 and with the crop of talent available, things are looking bright for United coach Jamie Helliar. In the small five team competition Dudley United took apart Pardarna in the grand final last year and looks to this year to follow suit.


When talking to Helliar, the Dudley United coach believed that his team was only just starting to gel as a group late last year and that this year the team should be even stronger from 2006. With the added bonus of not losing any players and having a strong colt’s team, Helliar expects his side to contend for the top two positions in the competition. When asked about the strength of the league, Helliar thought that the league was pretty similar with some teams getting stronger in depth whilst some others being pretty reasonable when compared to last season.


With the added bonus of being situated near the ferry, Dudley United has the luxury of gaining half a dozen Adelaide players and Helliar reckons that his team is one of the quickest in the league as well as having a lot of tall key position players that can dominate all over the ground. He believes that his strongest opponents this year will be Western Districts as well as Kingscote but with players like Willson and last years Grand Final BOG Clay Willson around the club, chances of back to back look pretty good for Dudley United.

Saturday September 23, 2006

DUDLEY UNITED 18.11 (119)
PARNDARNA       6.3 (39) here for a Match Report

Goalkickers: Dudley United – N Clark 6, Clay Willson 4, J Helyar 2, F Trethewey 2, J Rosser 2, A Waller 1, D Perry 1. Parndana – T Wurst 4, Z Trethewey 1, I Sullivan 1.
Best Players: * John Turner Medal (Best on Ground) – Clay Willson (DU)
Dudley United – Clay Willson, H Gurney, B Willson, A Waller, F Trethewey.
Parndana – A Ness, D Trethewey, T Wurst, M Morris, M Gilbert.

Reserves: Parndarna 7.7 (49) def Dudley United 6.3 (39)

S/Colts: Kingscote 12.10 (82) def Dudley United 7.6 (48)

Click here for the 2006 KI Footy Archive

Dudley United 12 24 75.18
Western Districts 12 18 64.87
Kingscote 12 10 49.46
Parndarna 12 4 32.27
Wisanger 12 4 28.05
Leading Goalkickers Club Rd Total
L Ramsey  Kingscote 3 66
Rick Morris West Dists   51
Clay Willson Dudley Utd 6 54
Neville Clark Dudley Utd 6 53
Jamie Helyar Dudley Utd 1 33