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Gabe Phillips Peake 30
Micah Vanloon Pinnaroo 21
Patrick Barrett BDT 17

Teams: Border Downs/Tintinara, Karoonda, Lameroo, Murrayville, Peake & Pinnaroo


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Football Preview    29-4-2017

The Nerves have settled and the Mallee A Grade Football teams have their first game for 2017 under their belt. Good luck to all teams this week.

BDT V Lameroo

BDT came up against Pinnaroo last week with the opening quarter looking quite even and then the scoreboard stayed even across the day with BDT coming up winners with a 9 point win.

BDT had a number of multiple goal scorers while Pinnaroo had Ryan Nickolls bagging three. Lachy McDonald and Paddy Barrett were best for the Crows and Calum Tonkin and Rory O’Driscoll were best for the Super Roos.

Lameroo headed to the Lions den last week and seem to start a little slow giving Peake the opportunity to get a few goals up early. It wasn’t until the third quarter were Lameroo piled on some goals in quick succession to bring them to just on six goals. Peake ended up being too good and taking the points. Peake had some players who scored heavily with Wade Saunders four, Jamie Conlon four, and Gabe Phillips three, Jamie Conlon was best on for the Lions. Josh Ridgway bagged three for the hawks and was good to see Billy McNeilly in good nick and also Big Brad Wakefield, he is looking fit and set to make an impact for the Hawks this year.

This Week BDT take on the Lameroo Hawks and this game always seems to be a big encounter year in year out. I will back BDT in a tight one

Murrayvile V Pinnaroo

Murrayville took on the mighty Magpies last week and Karoonda really gave them a touch up winning by 86 points.

Thomas Watts and Harrison Brown bagged three each for the Dogs, while for the Magpies Adam Proud bagged eight, Lachy Hentschke doug deep with five. Nicholas Roennfeldt was inspiring along with Harry Brown for the Dogs, and is great to see Josh Rosenzweig leading the way for the Maggies.

Pinnaroo are looking very competitive this year and are strengthened with Ryan Nickolls heading up their forward line. Young guns Rory O’Driscoll and Alex Keough are always in tight and the Jenner boys are great play makers creating opportunities all over the ground.

Pinnaroo will take the points in this battle against the Dogs.


Peake V Karoonda

Both Peake and Karoonda coming off good solid wins last week and both teams will be eager to stay on top of the ladder and not give in too early in the season.

It seems Peake played well last week but it was in patches and against good teams you really have to give a four quarter effort. I think the first game of the year for everyone is challenging, match fitness is something that will become easier a few games in so we really can’t be too critical early on.

Karoonda are probably in the same boat with match fitness but good to see them post a 25 goal plus scoreline which means they have a structure sorted, that structure may be tested this week against a quality outfit in the Peake Lions.

think Peake will continue on their winning ways.

Round 1 - April 22, 2017





26.15 (171)





13.7 (85)

Best: Karoonda - L. Hentschke, J. Rosenzweig, A. Proud, B. Perkins, J. Hentschke, H. Pilgrim. Murrayville - N. Roennfeldt, H. Brown, B. Collins, D. Crane, S. Magor, K. Henderson. Goals: Karoonda - A. Proud 8, L. Hentschke 5, D. Fry 4, M. Seekamp 3, J. Woodward 3, H. Pilgrim, J. Norman, C. Knight. Murrayville - T. Watts 3, H. Brown 3, M. Phillips 2, N. Roennfeldt, S. Hannam, K. Henderson, S. Mader, B. Mader





20.15 (135)





12.9 (81)

Best: Peake - J. Conlon, A. Mills, W. Saunders, R. Johnston, N. Gregurke, G. Phillips. Lameroo - B. McNeilly, H. Fromm, B. Wakefield, L. Quinn, T. Brown. Goals: Peake - W. Saunders 4, J. Conlon 4, M. Green 3, G. Phillips 3, L. Wilson 2, R. Johnston, B. Wilson, L. Genikas, N. Gregurke. Lameroo - J. Ridgway 3, J. Barrett 2, T. Collins 2, H. Fromm 2, E. Hancock, R. Kerber, W. Werner





11.7 (73)





10.4 (64)

Best: BDT - L. McDonald, P. Barrett, C. Richardson, H. Weeks, H. Schilling, B. Donaldson. Pinnaroo - C. Tonkin, R. O''Driscoll, A. Keough, S. Jenner, M. Vanloon, T. Jenner. Goals: BDT - P. Barrett 2, L. Richardson 2, L. McDonald 2, J. Richardson 2, C. Richardson, D. Clarke, B. Todd. Pinnaroo - R. Nickolls 3, M. Vanloon 2, R. O''Driscoll 2, S. Jenner, A. Keough, T. Jenner

Football Preview    22-4-2017

The 2017 Mallee Football League season is upon us again with lots of player movement as usual over the off season. Good Luck to all teams in the first round.

Karoonda V Murrayville

Both teams coming off a disappointing year again last year, I can only imagine they both want to get off to a cracker start to the year and come away with a win in round 1. Karoonda  have some experience in local star and player coach returning to the magies Corey Knight, he will bring an enthusiastic list of additions to the club which I think will put them in good stead for a solid year.

Murrayville have lost a few players but have gained some as well, Brad Collins, Scott Hannam and Jack Weller to name a few.

I think Karoonda will get the win

Pinnaroo V BDT

Pinnaroo had a reasonable year last year and will gain a couple of ins this year including Ryan Nickolls. They did seem to play good patches of footy last year so hopefully they can build on last year.

BDT are regular finals attendees and capitalized again in the GF again last year. They have also lost a few payers including Ben Prater and Tassie Hawthorne, but with their inclusions adding to their already accomplished list of players I see them having another competitive year.

BDT will be too strong and start the year off with a win.

Lameroo V Peake

Peake had a good season again last year and were unlucky to get beaten in the GF last year. No outs listed and a few gains including Darren Hare and Mark Boothy along with Max Sparks

Lameroo coming off another solid year last year have also been bolstered by some good recruits in Ben Quinn and Big man Brad Wakefield.

A few big outs include Ben Woodall, Ben Greiger and Fraser Sampson but one thing with Lameroo is their star local lads in Matt and Josh Ridgeway and a few others will always give 100% so they’re always a challenge.

Peake to get over the line


Grand Final at Murrayville on September 10, 2016

Border Downs Tintinara




12.17 (89)





10.9 (69)

Best: BDT - C. Richardson, T. Hawthorne, J. Richardson, J. Keller, B. Traeger, A. Reid. Peake - N. Gregurke, H. Olsson, A. Mills, J. Conlon, M. Whitford, L. Genikas. Goals: BDT - P. Barrett 3, B. Todd 2, L. Richardson 2, B. Prater 2, C. Richardson, J. Richardson, J. Brock. Peake - G. Phillips 3, N. Gregurke 2, L. Genikas 2, S. Braidwood 2, R. Piggott


First named teams to host

Round 1 April 22, 2017
Peake v Lameroo Karoonda
Murrayville v Karoonda
BDT v Pinnaroo Tint
Round 2 April 29, 2017
Karoonda v Peake
Lameroo BDT
Pinnaroo Murrayville
Round 3 May 6, 2017
BDT v Karoonda Coonalpyn
Lameroo Pinnaroo
Peake Murrayville
Round 4 May 13, 2017
Karoonda v Lameroo
Murrayville BDT
Peake Pinnaroo
Round 5 May 20, 2017
Lameroo v Murrayville
Pinnaroo v Karoonda
BDT v Peake Tintinara
Round 6 May 27, 2017
Lameroo v Peake
Karoonda v Murrayville
Pinnaroo v BDT
Round 7 June 3, 2017
Peake v Karonnda
BDT Lameroo Coonalpyn
Murrayville Pinnaroo
Landmark Cup June 10, 2017
Round 8  June 17, 2017
Karoonda v BDT
Pinnaroo Lameroo
Murrayville Peake
Round 9 June 24, 2017
Lameroo v Karoonda
BDT Murrayville Tintinara
Pinnaroo Peake
Rpund 10 July 1, 2017
Murrayville v Lameroo
Karoonda v Pinnaroo
Peake v BDT
SA Country champs July 8, 2017
Round 11 July 15, 2017
Peake v Lameroo
Murrayville v Karoonda
BDT v Pinnaroo Coonalpyn
Round 12 July 22, 2017
Karonnda v Peake
Lameroo BDT
Pinnaroo Murrayville
Round 13 July 29, 2017
BDT v Karoonda Tintinara
Lameroo Pinnaroo
Peake Murrayville
Round 14 August 5, 2017
Karoonda v Lameroo
Murrayville BDT
Peake Pinnaroo
Round 15 August 12, 2017
Lameroo v Murrayville
Pinnaroo v Karoonda
BDT v Peake Coonalpyn
First Semi August 19, 2017 Karoonda
Second Semi August 26, 2017 Pinnaroo
Preliminary  September 2, 2017 Tintinara
Grand Final September 9, 2017 Murrayville