MARBLE RANGE 10.6 (66) defeated WAYBACK 7.15 (57)
Best: Marble Range – H Parker, S Thompson, B Murphy, D Scott, J Dougle. Wayback – M Goodwin, S Horgan, D Gregory, D Romeo, B Whittaker.
Goals: Marble Range – M Sargeant, K Dufek, B Murphy 2, B Rynne, M Parker, S Charman, C Owen 1. Wayback – M Bilney 2, B Whittaker, D Moore, D Gregory, L Cunningham, T Kouwenhoven 1.

PORT LINCOLN FOOTBALL - 2007 Teams: (Boston, Lincoln South, Mallee Park, Marble Range, Tasman and Wayback)


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Grand Final on September 22, 2007

Marble Range




18.9 (117)

Mallee Park




9.11 (65)

Best: Marble Range – D Keeley, C Semmler, L Smith. Mallee Park – Devlin Walsh, A Betts, M Burgoyne. Goals: Marble Range – C Semmler 7, M Sargeant 6, M Parker 2, B Hurrell, B Rynne, S Charman. Mallee Park – P Dudley 5, K McKenzie 2, W Bilney, K Miller.

Preliminary Final on September 15, 2007

Mallee Park 16.20 (116) def Wayback 7.8 (50)

Best: Mallee Park – A Betts, R Jones, I Kropinyeri. Wayback – R Hunt, D Moore, C Grove. Goals: Mallee Park – R Pickett 3, K Bilney, D Wanganeen, P Dudley 2, S Harrison, K Miller, L Miller, K McKenzie, R Carbine, Dwayne Walsh. Wayback – C Grove 5, B Whittaker, J Whittaker

Second Semi Final on September 8, 2007

Marble Range 14.14 (98) d Mallee Park 8.19 (67).

Best - Marble Range: C Brooks, D Scott, S Charman. Mallee Park: W Bilney, K Newcombe, R Flavel. Goals - Marble Range: C Semmler 5, D Rynne, M Parker, M Sargent 2, B Hurrell, J Doudle, H Parker. Mallee Park: P Dudley 3, K Bilney, D Wanganeen, R Carbine, Dwayne Walsh, W Bilney, L Anderson.

First Semi Final on September 1, 2007

Wayback 9.11 (65) d Boston 7.9 (51).

Best - Wayback: R Hunt, D Moore, C Grove. Boston: R Copley, S Farquarson, A Hywood..Goals - Wayback: C Grove 3, S Ness, R Hunt 2, M Blight, J Whittaker. Boston: A Highwood 2, T Smith, J Harvey, M Miller.

Round 15 - August 25, 2007





13.19 (97)

Lincoln South




8.11 (59)

Best - Tasman: B Cimarosti, J Norris, A Vonow. Lincoln South: D Traeger, A North, L Able. Goals - Tasman: B Cimarosti, C Collins 3, R Campbell, B Flack 2, M Kilsby, J Norris, J Frost. Lincoln South: A North, A Richter 2, C Grocke, D Bellinger, N Deljon, A Papazoglov.





12.10 (82)





5.15 (45)

Best - Boston: M Miller, B Englehardt, J Fauser. Wayback: S Tyler, D Moore, M Blight. Goals - Boston: M Miller 3, A Hywood, M Anderson, J Harvey 2, A Bilney, T Hull, J Jackamara. Wayback: M Bilney 2, C Grove, S Green D Moore.

Mallee Park




22.16 (148)

Marble Range




14.8 (92)

Best - Mallee Park: S Harrison, A Betts, W Bilney. Marble Range: G Schreiber, M Parker, M Tregonning. Goals - Mallee Park: P Dudley, W Bilney 4, D Dudley 3, S Harrison, K McKenzie, K Miller 2, M Burgoyne, R Miller, J Smith, Dwayne Walsh, L Miller. Marble Range: C. Semmler 5, M. Sargent 2, B. Rynne 2, T. Dennis 2, K. Dufek, M. Parker, J. Doudle, C. Owen

Round 14 - August 18, 2007

Wayback 11.11 (77) d Tasman 9.6 (60).

Best - Wayback: R Sheehy, C Grove, K Baldwin. Tasman: S Dubois, C Reinke, C Bascombe. Goals - Wayback: C Grove 7, B Keast 2, D Moore, R Hunt. Tasman: M Kilsby 3, C Collins 2, D Cunningham, B Cimarosti, C Bascombe, R Campbell.

Mallee Park 30.19 (199) d Lincoln South 10.7 (67).

Best - Mallee Park: S Harrison, W Bilney. D Dudley. Lincoln South: D Traeger, A North, J Swalue. Goals -- Mallee Park: P Dudley 12, D Dudley 5, R Carbine 4. M Burgoyne 3, K McKenzie, W Bilney 2, David Dudley, R Colman. Lincoln South: T Weetra 3, A Richter 2, A North, N Seaman, J Jenkins. K Little, J Swalue.

Marble Range 21.11 (137) d Boston 6.6 (42).

Best - Marble Range: L Smith. C Puckridge, G Schrieber. Boston: M Miller, S Farquarson, B Wake. Goals - Marble Range: B Rynne 5. J Doudle 4, M Sargent, C Semmler 3, K Dufek, C Owen, B Harrell, C Ackland. Boston: J Harvey 3, M Miller 2, A Bilney.

Round 13 - August 11, 2007

Boston 13.10 (88) def Tasman 8.14 (62)

Best: Boston – T Hull, M Miller, J Jackamarra. Tasman – S Dubois, B Cimarosti, R Campbell. Goals: Boston – T Smith, J Harvey 4, M Franklin, T Dunn, M Miller. Tasman – R Campbell 3, M James 2, T Forrest, B Cimarosti, A Vonow.

Mallee Park 17.15 (117) def Wayback 11.8 (74)

Best: Mallee Park – W Bilney, M Burgoyne, K Miller. Wayback – T Craig, R Hunt, D Moore. Goals: Mallee Park – P Dudley 6, W Bilney 3, K Bilney, D Wanganeen, K Miller 2, R Carbine, S Harrison. Wayback- S Ness 3, C Grove, B Keast, C Blessig 2, R Hunt, J Whittaker.

Marble Range 14.17 (101) def Lincoln South 6.4 (40)

Best: Marble Range – T Brooksby, J Dowdie, D Keeley. Linc South -  A North, A Crouch, J Stoetzer. Goals: Marble Range – S Charman 4, C Semmler 3, C Ackland, B Hurrel 2, B Rynne, J Dowdie, D Keeley. Linc South – D Males, J Stoetser 2, C Hill, A Richter

Round 12 – August 4, 2007

Marble Range 25.8 (158) d Tasman 5.5 (35).

Best - Marble Range: C Semmler, B Rynne, M Sargent. Tasman: W Stevens, S Dubois, P Davey. Goals - Marble Range: M Sargent 8, B Rynne 6, C Semmler 5, T Owen 3, S Charman, H Parker, J Watson. Tasman: R Campbell 2, B McConnell, N Simcock, S Hawkins.

Wayback 11.13 (79) d Lincoln South 6.14 (50).

Best: Wayback: S McConnell, R Hunt, J Cragg-Sapsford. Lincoln South: N Nourse, A North, B Brown. Goals - Wayback: C Grove 4, S Green 2, S McConnell, J Whittaker, J Edwards, R Hunt, J Cragg-Sapsford. Lincoln South: J Stoetzer 3, A North, D Males, C Grocke.

Mallee Park 18.16 (124) d Boston 9.7 (61).

Best - Mallee Park: K Newcombe, B Rodderick, R Pickett. Boston: C Dorward, S Jackamarra, M Miller. Goals - Mallee Park: P Dudley 7, D Wanganeen, W Bilney 4, K McKenzie, R Miller Jnr., D Welsh. Boston: T Smith 4, A Hywood 2, J Jackamarra, J Harvey, M Miller.

Round 11 – July 28, 2007

Mallee Park 12.12 (84) def Tasman 10.9 (69)

Best: Mallee Park - A Betts, L Miller, K Miller. Tasman - R Campbell, A Vonow, P Davey. Goals: Mallee Park - P Dudley, K Miller 3, W Bilney 2, A Roderick, J Lindsay, D Bilney, K McKenzie. Tasman - A Vonow 4, B Cimarosti 3, P Davey, C Bascomb.

Boston 16.21 (117) def Lincoln South 10.9 (69)

Best: Boston - M Miller, T Hull, J Jackamarra. Linc Sth - D Traeger, N Nourse, A North. Goals: Boston - M Miller 6, A Bilney, J Harvey 4, A Hywood, S North. Linc South - A Richter, D Males 3, A Campbell, T Weetra, N Scarman, A Cummings.

Marble Range 15.13 (103) def Wayback 6.1 (37)

Best: Marble Range - H Parker, C Puckridge, T Brooks. Wayback - J Edwards, D Moore, S McConnell. Goals: Marble Range - M Sargeant 5, C Ackland, B Hurrell, C Semmler 2, J Sampson, L Smith, C Brooks, S Charman. Wayback - D Moore, J Whittaker 2, T Rawson, C Blessing.

Round 10 - July 21, 2007

Marble Range 15-7 (97) def Mallee Park 7-10 (52)

Best: Marble Range – C Brooks, J Doudie, T Brooks. Mallee Park – W Bilney, K Bilney, A Miller. Goals: Marble Range – C Semmler 5, M Sargent 3, T Owen, J Doudie, S Thomson, L Smith, S Tokarski, H Parker. Mallee Park – P Dudley 3, J Lindsay, W Bilney, P Lindsay, Walker.
Lincoln South 19-14 (128) def Tasman 12-14 (86)
Best: Lincoln South – A Papzogolov, S Wake, L Able. Tasman – A Vonow, R Campbell, P Davey. Goals: Lincoln South – D Males 4, A Richter, D Traeger 3, A North, T Weetra 2, S Wake, A Story, J Swalue. Tasman – B McConnell 3, W Stevens, A Vonow, G Tonkin 2, R Campbell, M Kilsby, S DuBois.

Wayback 14-15 (99) def Boston 5-6 (36)

Goals: Wayback – C Grove 4, S Ness 3, A Bascombe, R Hunt 2, T Rawson. Boston – T Smith 3, J Harvey, T Dunn 1.

Round 9 - July 7, 2007

Wayback 7.6 (48) d Tasman 6.9 (45).

Best - Wayback: D Moore, G Sheane-Smith, J Cragg-Sapsford. Tasman: A Vonow, W Stevens, J Tessari. Goals- Wayback: C Grove, J Whittaker 2, M Blight, J Cragg-Sapsford, C Sheehy.

Mallee Park 12.12 (84) d Lincoln South 11.10 (76).

Best - Mallee Park: W Bilney D Walsh, R Jones. Lincoln South: S Jarvis, A Richter, B Brown. Goals - Mallee Park: P Dudley, D Dudley, R Miller Junior, W Bilney 2, S Harrison, A Betts, D Miller. R Pickett, Lincoln South: A Richter 4, A Crouch, S Jarvis 2, D Males, S Wake, C Grocke.

Marble Range 12.13 (85) d Boston 10.5 (65).

Best- Marble Range: D Keeley, M Sargent, H Parker. Boston C Dorward, M Paech, J Jackamarra. Goals - Marble Range: M Sargeant 4, J Proude, B Rylle 2. G Schrieber, H Parker, T Brooks, C Semmler. Boston: M Miller, J Harvey 3, M Paech. R Trott­Dann, T Smith. M Anderson.  

Round Eight - June 30, 2007

Mallee Park 19.8 (122) d Wayback 8.6 (54).

Best - Mallee: W Bilney, R Jones, B Rodderick. Wayback: C Grove, S Ness, S Horgan. Goals - Mallee: P Dudley 6. R Miller Jnr, D Dudley 4, P Lindsay 2. F Kartinyeri, L Miller. Wayback: C Grove 3. S Ness 2, S Horgan.

Marble Range 13.12 (90) d Lincoln South 12.6 (78).

Best- Marble Range. S Charman, D Keeley, L Smith. Lincoln South: D Males, A Crouch, J Swalue. Goals - Marble Range: C Semmler 3, M Sargent, J Wagner, S Austin 2, P Baldock, G Schrieber, B Rynne, S Tokarski. Lincoln South: D Males 6, A Richter, C Grocke 2, D Bellinger, T Weetra.

Boston 14.10 (94) d Tasman 12.7 (79).

Best - Boston: B Watherston, T Hull, M Miller. Tasman: J Tessari, G Tonkin, S Dubois. Goals - Boston: J Harvey 5, M Miller 3, T Hull, A Hywood 2, M Anderson, M Franklin. Tasman: G Tonkin 4, W Stevens 3, D Cunningham, J Sellen, R Campbell, A Vonow, B Cimarosti.

Round Seven - June 23, 2007

Lincoln South 11.12 (78) def Wayback 8.11 (59)

Best: Linc Sth – T Weetra, S Jarvis, A North. Wayback – D Moore, J Whittaker, R Hunt. Goals: Linc South – D Taylor 5, T Weetra 2, A North, D Males, A Story, A Richter 1. Wayback – C Grove, R Hunt 2, T Rawson, J Cragg-Sapsford, M Blight, J Klaebe, M Blight 1.

Boston 12.8 (80) def Mallee Park 10.9 (69)

Best: Boston – B Watherston, R Copley, M Miller. Mallee Park – B O’Rodderick, W Bilney, P Lindsay. Goals: Boston – T Smith 5, A Highwood, M Miller, P Shamley 2, T Hull 1. Mallee Park – P Dudley, W Bilney 3, J Lindsay 2, R Coleman, R Miller jnr.

Marble Range 13.8 (86) def Tasman 10.2 (62)

Best: Marble Range – G Schreiber, C Owen, M Sargeant. Tasman – A Vonow, M Delziel, R Campbell. Goals: Marble Range – M Sargeant 4, C Owen, B Rynne, M Parker 2, J O’Brien, S Austin, H Parker. Tasman – W Stevens, G Tonkin 3, M Kilsby 2, R Campbell, D Baillie

Round Six - June 16, 2007

Boston 14.13 (97) d Lincoln South 11.13 (79).

Best - Boston: M Miller, T Hull, B Watherston. Lincoln South: A North, A Crouch, D Males. Goals - Boston: M Paech, T Smith, M Miller 3, J Harvey, M Lanzafane 2, B Wake. Lincoln South: A Crouch, D Males, C Groke 2, B Coulthard, A Richter, B Brown, D Bellenger, P Cummings.

Mallee Park 14.15 (99) d Tasman 9.9 (63).

Best - Mallee Park: W Bilney, R Miller Jr, K Newcombe. Tasman: W Stevens, J Christian, M James. Goals- Mallee Park: P Dudley 7, R Coleman 3, H Wanganeen, R Carbine 2, R Miller. Tasman: W Stevens 4, R Campbell 2, B Cimarosti, J Clements, M James.

Marble Range 8.11 (59) d Wayback 3.5 (23).

Best - Marble Range: R Secker, C Owen, M Parker. Wayback: T Craig, T Kouwenhoeven, J Grag-Sapsford. Goals - Marble Range: M Parker, S Austin 2, M Sargent, B Rynne, C Owen, S Tokarski. Waybacks C Grove 2, J Klaebe.

Round Five - June 2, 2007

Wayback 11.4 (70) d Boston 7.9 (51).

Best - Wayback: R Hunt, C Grove, J Gragg­Sapsford. Boston: A Hywood, M Paech, M Miller. Goals -Wayback: C Grove 6, T Rawson, R Hunt, S McConnell, S Ness, T Polkinghome. Boston: A Hywood, B Wake, M Miller 2, J Fauser.

Marble Range 14.9 (93) d Mallee Park 10.13 (73).

Best - Marble Range: T Oven, J O'Brien, S Charman. Mallee Park: B Roderick, I Kropienyeri, K Miller. Goals - Marble Range: M Sargent 4, B Rynne 3, S Austin, K Dufek 2, J Watson, S Thompson, T Dennis. Mallee Park - ­P Dudley 3, D Dudley, R Miller Jnr 2, K Bilney Jnr, P Lindsay, R Jones.

Tasman 8.19 (67) def Lincoln South 7.7 (49)

Best: Tasman – D Baillie, A Davey, S Dubois, M Kilsby, M James, J Tessari. Linc South – S Jarvis, D Males, A North, A Crouch, J Morris, J Swalue. Goals: Tasman – D Cunningham, M James 2, A Davey, R Campbell, J Christian, C Reinke 1. Linc South – P Burgoyne 3, D Males, A North, J Morris, N Seaman 1.

Round Four - May 26, 2007

Lincoln South 19.9 (123) d Mallee Park 9.7 (61).

Best: Lincoln South: K Cocks, A Crouch, J Swabs. Mallee Park: T Ports, B Rodderick, D Walsh. Goals -- Lincoln South: A Richter 7, P Burgoyne 4, D Males, N Seaman 2, D Taylor, S Jarvis. S Wake, C Groecke. Mates, Park: P Dudley 5, F Kartinyeri, K McKenzie, R Miller, J Lindsay.

Wayback 10.14 (74) d Tasman 10.5 (65).

Best - Wayback: S Horgan, B Simpson, T Beard. Tasman: R Campbell, J Tessari, J Milton. Goals - Wayback: C Grove 4, R Hunt 2, C Blessing, S Ness, B Simpson. J Gragg­Sapsford. Tasman: R Campbell 5, l Parker, D Cunningham 2, W Stevens.

Marble Range 14.12 (96) d Boston 7.6 (48).

Best - Marble Range: L Smith, H Parker, S Charmer, Boston: A Hywood, B Watherston, W Branford. Goals -- Marble Range: C Semmler 4. K Du}ek 3, S Austin 2, S Tokarki, C Owen, M Secker, S Thompson. Boston: J Harvey 2, M Lamzatame, H Montgomery, M Miller, A Bilney, A Hywood.

Eastern Eyre v Lincoln City Inter League – May 19, 2007

A Gr. Eastern Eyre 19.20 (134) d Lincoln City 13.4 (82)

Eastern Eyre: A Jericho, P Jenner, R Leonard, M Lienert, K Schubert. Lincoln City: M James, R Campbell S Green, W Stevens, . S Dubois. Goals - Eastern Eyre: P Jenner 7, N Franklin, M Lienert, M Franklin, A Congden, R Simms 2, A Jericho, H Whitwell. Lincoln City: D Males 4, P Burgoyne 2. A O'Sullivan, M James, A Campbell, S Horgan, R Campbell, J Swalve, P Cumming.

U17: Eastern Eyre 17.8 (110) d Lincoln City 8.4 (52); U15: Eastern Eyre 14.15 (99) d Lincoln City 8.4 (52)

Round Three - May 12, 2007

Marble Range




15.14 (104)

Lincoln South




8.9 (57)

Best - Marble Range: H Parker, B Rynne, G Schrieber. Lincoln South: S Wake, A North, A Crouch. Goals - Marble Range: S Austin, C Semmler, K Dufek 3, B Hurrell, T Owen 2, B Rynne, S Thompson. Lincoln South: A Richter, S Wake 3, J Swalue, B Brown.





19.16 (130)





6.9 (45)

Best: Boston – C Dorword, T Hull, M Miller, B Watherston, S Farqarson, T Smith. Tasman – R Campbell, W Stevens, S Dubois, J Clements, M James, T Manuel. Goals: Boston – J Harvey 5, A Bilney, M Lanzafame 3, M Miller, A Hywood 2, M Paech, T Smith, S Farquarson, H Montgomerie 1.





14.12 (96)

Mallee Park




10.12 (72)

Best: Wayback – S Ness, M Blight, T Kouwenhoven, M Goodwin, B Sampson. Mallee Park – D Wanganeen, D Walsh, P Dudley, K Miller, K Newcombe, J Saunders. Goals: Wayback – M Blight 3, C Grove 3, M Goodwin, S Horgan, J Klaebe 2, T Polkinghorne, B Simpson 1. Mallee Park – P Dudley 5, K Bilney, D Walsh, R Coleman, J Miller, R Miller 1.

Round Two - May 5, 2007

Lincoln South 11.6 (72) d Wayback 4.5 (29).

Best - Lincoln South: A North, S Jarvis, A Crouch. Wayback: J Cragg-Sapsford, S Ness, B Newton. Goals --Lincoln South: D Males 3, A North, S Wake 2, A Crouch, P Burgoyne, B Brown, A Richter. Wayback: T Kouwenhoven 2, J Klaebe, T Polkinghorne.

Mallee Park 16.6 (102) d Boston 4.15 (39).

Best - Mallee Park D Walsh, L Miller, K McKenzie. Boston: M Paech, C Dorwood, M Miller. Goals - Mallee Park: P Dudley 6, K Bilney 5, W Bilney, R Miller 2, D Wanganeen. Boston - J Harvey 2, M Miller, W Betts 1.

Marble Range 17.11 (113) def Tasman 3.4 (22)

Best: Marble Range - S Thomson, S Austin, S Tokarski, B Hurrell, H Parker. Tasman - R Campbell, S Dubois, J Tessari, M JAmes, B McConnell, D Baille. Goals: Marble Range - S Austin 9, J O'Brien 3, K Dufek 2, C Semmler, B Hurrell, J Sampson 1. Tasman - B Cimarosti, B McConnell, C Siviour 1.


The Opening round of Port Lincoln Footy continued on Saturday, with comfortable wins for Boston and Tasman.

At Centenary Oval, The Tigers led from start to finish to win by 45 points. Malcolm Miller, Michael Paech and Brett Watherston were best, while Damien Taylor, Andrew North and Scott Jarvis were best for Lincoln South.

At Ravendale Oval, Tasmans proved too good for Mallee Park winning by 25 points. Matthew James, Craig Reincke, Jarrod Tessari were best for the Roosters, while Craig Dudley, Michael Burgoyne and Devlin Walsh were best for the Peckers, while Philip Dudley played a hone hand up forward for Mallee Park kicking five goals

This week, at Ravendale Oval, Tasmans host Marble Range, Boston play Mallee Park, while Lincoln South meet Waybacks at Centenary

continuation of Round One, April 28, 2007

Lincoln South




3.10 (28)





10.13 (73)

Best: Linc South – D Taylor, A North, S Jarvis, S Wake, N Norse, C Grocke. Boston – M Miller, M Paech, B Watherston, T Hull, C Dorwood, R Copley. Goals: Lincoln South – D Males 2, T Rush 1. Boston – M Miller, A Hywood, T Smith 2, H Montgomeries, M Tabe, A Mantle, T Hull 1.





9.16 (70)

Mallee Park




7.3 (45)

Best: Tasman – M James, C Reincke, J Tessari, S Dubois, B McConnell. Mallee Park – C Dudley, M Burgoyne, D Walsh, T Porta, R Jones, P Dudley. Goals: Tasman – G Tonkin 2, S Dubois, J Norris, B Cimarosti, J Makai, R Campbell, D Cunningham, T Mongomerie 1. Mallee Park – P Dudley 5, R Jones, W Johncock 1


Marble Range




15.8 (98)





3.4 (22)

Best: Marble Range - S Thompson, C Puckridge, C Owen, K Defek, P Hargans, C Brooks. Wayback - C Blessing, J Gragg-Sapsford, S McConnell, J Edwards, S Green, T Kouwhenhoven. Goals: Marble Range - M Sargeant, B Rynne 4, H Parker, K Dufek 2, B Hurrell, L Smith 1. Wayback - S Green, C Blessing, S Ness 1.


By Julia Prosperi-Porta

 After scraping through to secure the premiership in a tight competition last year, Marble Range are hopeful of another victorious season, but arent raising expectations too high.

Marble Range defeated the Waybacks by just nine points in the Grand Final last year. 

In his first year of coaching the A grade and with the squad including many young players, Glyn Owen didn’t expect to secure the flag .

“I set out to develop some players for the long term and along the way they improved enough that when we got to the end, we had a chance of winning win,” he said.

26 of the 39 players who competed in the A grade throughout the season were under 21. The Grand Final team included 11 players who were under 21. 

Owen believes the youthfulness and exuberance of the squad contributed to last year’s triumph.  However, Troy Hull, Troy Smith and Brett Watherston have moved to Boston, who haven’t won a game for three years and Brodie Murphy has transferred to Glenelg.

The A grade will gain four players from the Under 17s and  Kim Brooks is returning from Adelaide Lutheran.

 “It’s a little more difficult for us to recruit because we are out of town and there’s a bit of travel involved and we probably don’t have the financial resources like other clubs,” said Owen.

The main dilemma confronted by the club last year emerged halfway through the season, when they lost six top players, mainly through injuries. A major blow occurred when the leading ruckman was out with a broken finger and another crucial player was suspended.

Both were unable to play in the Grand Final. But, with “good depth” in the Reserves, Owen replaced the losses with players from the Reserves and Colts. They didn’t dominate but “managed to win when they had to”, said Owen.

Owen believes the other teams are working harder this year and have decent numbers and good coaches.

 “We’d like to think we’ll be around the mark again,” he said. “We have a similar team to last year, with a lot of experience.”

Last season the B grade reached the Grand Final but didn’t win. Owen said there are similar numbers this year, “so we’ll see what happens”.

In country football nowadays, it’s difficult to fill every grade. This season, Marble Range wants to ensure they form a team for each grade on the ground.

 “We’ll play honourable footy, that’s the plan and if we get to the end, all well and good,” said Owen. “We’ll try and play accountable football to satisfy our supporters.”

Although the drought may have had somewhat of an impact on the farming and fishing community the club is based in, Owen believes “country people are good supporters no matter what” and “it’s a pretty close knit club, with a very strong committee and strong supporter base and I’d expect all that to continue”.

He also believes: “Our oval would look a bit nicer if we had more rain”.

This year, Owen wants to continue to develop the players and “hopefully have some success”.

 “They now realise what they can do, they put the effort in so they can only be better players,” he said.

Owen believes the amount of young, talented and eager players in the club provides an advantage and indicates a bright future.





Click here for the Port Lincoln Football League 2006 Archive

Final Ladder P Pts Perc
Marble Range 15 28 65.57
Mallee Park 15 18 55.53
Boston 15 16 48.12
Wayback 15 14 44.39
Lincoln South 15 8 43.95
Tasman 15 6 41.04
Leading Goalkickers Club Rd Total
Phillip Dudley M Park 5 84
Corey Grove Wayb - 48
M Sergeant Marb Rang 6 48
C Semmler Marb Rang 7 47
J Harvey Boston - 35
M Miller Boston - 33
A Richter Linc Sth - 30
D Males Linc Sth - 26