OLYMPIC DAM 15.9 (99)

Olympic Dam won its third flag in a row.Best OD - N Burton, C Creen, P Trotta. Roxby  - R Prosser,T Wheetra, S Crafter-King. Goals: OD - M McShane N Burton 5, N Shinnick 4, A Marshal 1. Goals: Roxby Dists R Prosser P Clark 2

Senior Colts: Bulldogs 10.8 (68) def Hawks 6.10 (46) Junior Colts: Bulldogs 5.10 (40) def Hawks 5.8 (38)

WOOMERA AND DISTRICTS FOOTBALL 2007 (Teams: Andamooka, Hornridge, Olympic Dam, Roxby Dists and Coober Pedy)


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GRAND FINAL on September 8, 2007

Andamooka 15.5 (95) d Olympic Dam 10.9 (69).

Best - Andamooka: M Uhlik, A Monfries, C Hohnson, K Williams, L Sanders. Olympic Dam: A Petty, S Chapman, N Shinnick, P Trotta, D Moyse. Goals - Andamooka: K Williams 6, 8 Pennifold 3, R Burns 2, M Fracas, J Oldfield, M Uhlik, D Collins Olym­pic Dam: S Chapman, M McShane 2, A Marshall, C Kenny, A Sullivan, N Shinnick, C Green, S Kruger. Michael Uhlik best on ground.

Preliminary Final on September 1, 2007

Olympic Dam 17.8 (110) d Roxby Districts 14.7 (91).

Best - Olympic Dam: C Green, N Burton, N Shinnick, T Hornhardt, P Trotta. Roxby Districts: R Wenzel, S Kaminski, D Hannon, R Cuneen, D Sims. Goals - Olympic Dam: M McShane, D Summerton 4, N Burton 3, T Martin 2, A Petty, S Chapman, A Marshall, N Shinnick. Roxby Districts: T Paull 3, S Ballestrin, R Prosser, K Zeptner, 0 Sims 2, R Cuneen, J Orr, L French, J Owens.

First Semi Final - August 25, 2007

Roxby Districts 23.13 (152) d Coober Pedy 10.7 (67).

Best - Roxby: R Cunneen, B Chesson, D Sims, S Crafter­King, T Roberts. Coober Pedy: T Williams, J Lennon, T Walker, L Mundy. Goals- Roxby: R Cunneen 6, R Prosser 4, D Sims 3, S Doyle, M Daddo, J Roberts 2, T Roberts, B Chesson, K Zeptner. Coober Pedy: L Boland 3, B Buller 2, T Walker, J McKenzie, Z McKenzie, J Lennon, C Jelly.

Second Semi Final, also on August 25, 2007

Andamooka 9.8 (62) d Olympic Dam 2.5 (17).

Best - Andamooka: L Sanders, B Pennifold, M Nayda, T Prycroft, R Kraack. Goals: Andamooka – K Williams 3, B Pennifold, M Nayda 2, R Burns, M Fracus.

Roud 15 - August 18, 2007

Roxby Districts 18.13 (121) defeated Coober Pedy 11.10 (76)

Best players for Roxby - J Owens, T Roberts, R Wenzel, R Cunneen, M Daddow

Best players for CP - J McKenzie, R Carbine, L Boland, B Buller, T Walker

Goal scorers – RD:  R Cunneen 5, T Roberts 4, T Paull 3, J Owens, K Zeptner 2, D Sims, J Orr.

Goal scorers – CP: L Boland 3, J McKenzie, W Boland, A Ware 2, T Walker, R Carbine

Olympic Dam 17.5 (107) defeated Hornridge 10.7 (67)

Best players for OD - S Chapman  P Trotta  D McKenna  C Kenny  S Morriss. Best players for Hornridge  R Selkirk  T Price  JZ Moyle  B Grinston  D Nann. Goal scorers OD - N Shinnick 4, M McShane, C Kenny 3, N Burton, A Marshall S Chapman 2, C Green 1 Goal scorers H - B Grinston 3, M Barrand, T Price 2, K Farrell, B Haliman, R Selkirk

Round 14 - August 11, 2007

Andamooka 12.8 (80) d Roxby Districts 5.8 (38).

Best - Andamooka: M Naydand, K Williams, R Burns, M Uhlik, T Willis. Roxby: D Sims, R Cuneen, N Thompson, S Kaminski, S Crafter-King, Goals -Andamooka, K Williams 8, M Fracus, R Burns, J Oldfield. M Uhlik. Roxby Districts: T Paull, M Daddow, K Zeptner, L French, S Crafter-King.

Olympic Dam 17.13 (115) d Coober Pedy 6.12 (48).

Best - Olympic Dam: S Freeth, T Hornhardt, D Moyse, D McKenna, A Petty. Coober Pedy: T Williams, J Lennon, T Walker. M Lennon, J Burns Goals - Olympic Dam: A Sullivan 5, N Burton, N Shinnick, T Hornhardt, S Chapman 2, D Rogers, D Summerton, A Petty, T Morriss. Coober Pedy: Z McKenzie, W Boland 2, J Burns, L Boland.

No Footy on August 4 - due to the Roxby Races!

Round 13 – July 28, 2007

Coober Pedy 25.17 (167) defeated Hornridge 7.3 (45)

CP’s best players - Jack Burns, Ronald Carbine , Ben Buller, Timmy Walker, Leroy Boland

Goal Scorers: Leroy Boland 7, Timmy Walker 5, William Boland 4, Ronald Carbine3, Luke Mundy 2, Ben Buller, Clifford Jelly, Jack Burns and Sam Agostino. Best players for Hornridge - Tyrone Price, Marcus Lloyd, Damien Hahn, Ben Grimston, Brent Johnson. Goal Scorers: D Hahn 3, D James, B Thompson, B Johnson and S Perry

Andamooka 9.8 (62) defeated Olympic Dam 9.5 (59)

Andamooka’s best players -- B Penifold, M Uhlik, L Sanders, W Monfries, M Nayda Goal scorers K Williams B Penifold 3, M Fracus, J Bowden, M Nayda. Olympic Dam’s best players D Rogers, S Freeth, S Chapman, J Elliot, S Kruger. Goal scorers R Saraceno 3, A Sullivan, N Shinnick, T Morriss, C Green, A Marshall.

Round 12 – July 21, 2007

Andamooka 10.16 (76) def Coober Pedy 8.10 (58)

Best: Andamooka – M Uhlik, S Hall, W Ashton. Coober Pedy – B Butler, T Williams, J Burns. Goals: Andamooka – K Williams 4, M Fracus, M Uhlik, J Bowden, J Oldfield, C Johnson, B Pennifold. Coober Pedy – Z McKenzie 4, W Boland 2, B Aitken, C Jelly, J McKenzie

Hornridge 13.5 (83) def Roxby Districts 12.10 (82)

Best: Hornridge – T Price, J Moyle, N Rains. Roxby – B Chesson, D Hannan, M Katzorke. Goals: Hornridge – R Briggs 4, J Carroll 3, B Hahn, M Gow 2, D Johnson, B Johnson. Roxby – T Paull 4, R Prosser, J Roberts 2, S Doyle, D Hannan, K Zeptner, P Hamilton.

Round 11 - July 14, 2007

Andamooka 20.15 (135) def Hornridge 5.6 (36)

Best: Andamooka – K Williams, M Uhlik, L Sanders, C Johnson, N Karn. Hornridge – T Price, J Moyle, M Hoyd, B Grimston, R Selkirk. Goals: Andamooka – K Williams 9, B Pennifold 3, M Uhlik, J Bowden 2, J Oldfield, T Pycroft, C Johnson, W Ashton 1. Hornridge – T Price 2, B Hann, B Grimston, D Hann 1.

Olympic Dam 11.9 (75) def Roxby Districts 7.10 (52)

Best: Olympic Dam – D Rogers, S Chapman, L Copeland, S Kruger, P Trotta. Roxby Dists – D Sims, R Cunneen, S Crafter-King, J Chislett, B Chesson. Goals: Olympic Dam – G Latham, N Shinnick 3, S Chapman, A Sullivan 2, T Morris 1. Roxy – R Cunneen, J Roberts 2, S Kaminski, T Paull, D Sims 1.

Round 10 - July 7, 2007

Olympic Dam 27.9 (111) d Hornridge 5.4 (34).

Best - Olympic Dam: N Shinnick, D Rogers, S Chapman, C Kenny, A Sullivan. Hornridge: R Selkirk, J Moyle, T Price, J Carroll. D James. Olympic Dam: N Shinnick 6, A Sullivan 5, S Chapman 4, D Summerton, C Kenny, D Moyse, G Latham, D McKenna, R Sarraceno, T Morriss. Hornridge: C Gow-Smith, M Barrand 2, S Adams.

Coober Pedy 14.7 (91) d Roxby Districts 6.17 (53).

Best - Coober Pedy: Z McKenzie, B Buller, J McKenzie, J Treloar. M Lennon. Roxby Districts: D Sims, J Chislett, J Owens, S Kaminski, P Hamilton. Goals - Coober Pedy: L Boland 4, Z McKenzie 3, J McKenzie, L Munty 2, B Atkins, A Ware, C Crisa. Roxby Dists – D Kamiski, D Sims 2, T Paull, S Kamiski 1.

Round Nine - June 30, 2007

Roxby Districts 15.8 (98) d Andamooka 7.10 (52).

Best - Roxby: Kaminski, Cunneen, Roberts, Prosser, S Bauestrin. Andamooka: Sanders, Johnston, Uhlik, Williams. Bowden. Goals -¬Roxby: Paull. Kamlnski 3, Owens, Sims 2, Howard, Cunneen, Chesson, Prosser, May. Andamooka: Williams 5, Oldfield, Pennifold.

Olympic Dam 25.17 (167) d Coober Pedy 5.6 (36).

Best - Olympic Dam: Srnith, Sullivan. Kenny, Rogers, Copeland. Copper Pedy: Bullen, Carbine, Barnes Goals - Olympic Dam: Sullivan, Shinnick 6, Kenny 4, Morriss 3, Rogers, Copeland, Sarraceno, Kruger, Moyse. Smith Coober Pedy: McKenzie 4, Bell.  

Round Eight - June 23, 2007

Olympic Dam 11.13 (79) def Andamooka 11.7 (73)

Best: Olympic Dam – D Rogers, T Hornhardt, T Morris, C Kenny, P Trotta. Andamooka – N Khan, M Uhlik, S Hall, D Collins, J Jones. Goals: Olym Dam – T Morris 2, A Petty, D Rogers, Summerton, D Smith, S Chapman, D Moyse, M Kenny, C Freeth. Andamooka – K Williams 3, J Jones, M Nayden 2, D Collins, M Fracus, M Uhlik, T Whittaker.

Coober Pedy 17.12 (114) def Hornridge 7.16 (58)

Best: Coober Pedy – T Walker, B Atkins, J Burns, B Butler, J Hoosan. Hornridge – J Moyle, D James, N Rains, J Carroll, D Hann. Goals: Coober Pedy – J Hoosan 4, B Atkins, T Walker 3, Z McKenzie, M McKenzie, R Carbine, J Burns, S Ikonomopoulos 1. Hornridge – B Hahn 3, J McKenzie, S Adams, B Halliman, J Carroll.

Round Seven - June 16, 2007

Andamooka 15.14 (104) defeated Coober Pedy 11.15 (81)

Best: Andamooka - J Jones, D McDonald, W Ashton, M Uhlik, L Scobie. Best: Coober Pedy - M Bell, Z McKenzie, R Carbine, K Henry Goals K Williams 5, M Fracas 4, J Jones 3, L Scobie, J Oldfield, W Monfries 1. Goals: Coober Pedy - J McKenzie 3, J Lennon, Z McKenzie, B Buller 2, J Burns, S Agostino.

Roxby Districts 19.28 (142) d Hornridge 8.2 (50).

 Best - Roxby: R Prosser, R Cunneen, D Sims, J Orr, D Hannon. Hornridge: B Grimston, B Haliman, N Fernandez, J Moyle, N Rains. Goals - Roxby: R Prosser 5, R Cunneen 3, J Orr, R Pall, J Owens, S Doyle 2, D Kaminski. Hornridge: B Nann 4, B Johnson 2,J Moyle, M Barrand.

Round Six - June 2, 2007

Coober Pedy 17.21 (123) d Roxby Districts 18.12 (120).

Best - Coober Pedy: L Boland, K Henry, J McKenzie, B Buller. Roxby: D Sims, R Cunneen, B Chesson, R Prosser, J Chislett. Goals - Coober Pedy: L Boland 6, J McKenzie 4, C Neale, B Buller 2, P Haugan, J Lennon, T Walker. Roxby: R Prosser 4, P Clark, R Cunneen 3, D Sims, B Chesson 2, J Chislett, M Howard, S Doyle, S Ballestam.

Olympic Dam 27.18 (180) d Hornridge 2.2  (14).

Best - Olympic Dam: D Summerton, S Kruger, D Moyse, C Kenny, A Petty. Hornridge: B Haliman, J Moyle, T Price, R Selkirk, D Johnson. Goals - Olympic Dam: C Kenny, S Kruger 4, R Sarraceno, A Sullivan 3, T Hornhardt, D Summerton, N Burton, S Freeth 2, M Freeth, J Elliot, A Petty, N Shinnick. Horridge: B Johnson, M Barrand.

Round Five - May 26, 2007

Andamooka 15.10 (100) d Hornridge 3.4 (22).

Best - Andamooka: C Johnston, K Williams, L Scobie, R Kraack, S Hall. Hornridge: D Hann, B Haliman, J Moyle, S Gow, M Lloyd. Goals - Andamooka: K Williams 8, S Hall 3, L Scobie, J Bowden, W Ratapu. Homridge: N Rains, J Moyse, B Haliman.

Roxby Districts 13.12 (90) d Olympic Dam 9.6 (60).

Best -- Roxby: R Cunneen, R Prosser, R Wenzel, D Sims, T Roberts. Olympic Dam: N Burton, P Trotta, D Smith, D Moyse. Goals - Roxby Districts: M Daddow 4, T Paull 3, D Kaminski, R Wenzel 2, J Schilling. Olympic Dam: D Moyse, S Freeth 2, B Munzer, G Latham, C Kenny, D Summerton, N Shinnick.

Round Four - May 19, 2007

Roxby Districts 15.16 (106) d Andamooka 6.9 (45).

Best - Roxby Districts: B Chesson, R Cunneen, D Sims, J Rose, R Prosser. Andamooka: W Mantles, L Scobie, T Pycroft, T Clancy, D McDonald. Goals - Roxby Districts: M Daddow P Clark T Paull 3, D Sims 2, B Chesson, R Proser, K Zeptner, J Chisslett, R Cunneen, M Howard. Andamooka: M Fracas 3, K Williams 2, L Scottie.

Coober Pedy 11.10 (76) d Olympic Dam 6.5 (41).

Best - Coober Pedy: J McKenzie, B Buller, D Barnes, K Henry, J Burns. Goals -- Coober Pedy: J McKenzie 3, J Lennon W Boland K Henry 2, J Bums B Buller.

Round Three - May 12, 2007

Olympic Dam 9.7 (61) d Andamooka 8.8 (56).

Best - Olympic Dam: S Chapman, M Freeth, C Green, T Hornhardt. Andamooka: B Penifold, M Uhlik, W Ashton, D McDonald. Goals - Olympic Dam; M McShane, D Rogers, C Kenny 2, G Latham, S Montgomerie, R Sarraceno. Andamooka: K Williams 4, M Fracas, J Bowden, W Ashton, B Penifold.

Coober Pedy 26.12 (168) d Hornridge 5.2 (32).

Best - Goober Pedy: L Boland, R Carbine, J Lennon, A Ware. Hornridge; T McCarthy, N Rains, J Moyle. D Lacey. Goals -- Coober Pedy: L Boland 8, J Lennon 6, T Walker, J McKenzie 3, B Butler 2, R Carbine, J Burns, B Atkins, K Henry. Hornridge: N Rains 2, J Moyle, B Haliman. B Bennett.

Round Two - May 5, 2007

Andamooka 15.14 (114) d Coober Pedy 10.7 (67).

Best - Andamooka: M Uhlik, J Bowden, J Jones, M Nayda, W Monfries. Coober Pedy: Z McKenzie, J McKenzie, M Lennon, D Barnes. Goals - Andamooka: K Williams 3, J Bowden, D Ness, M Uhlik, M Bennie 2, S Hall, J Jones. M Nayda, M Packs. Coober Pedy: Z McKenzie 3, J McKenzie, M Lennon 2, C Amos, K Henry, W Boland.

Roxby Districts 21.25 (151) d Hornridge 4.4 (28).

 Best - Roxby: D Sims, R Prosser, B Chesson, J Chislett, T Paull. Hornridge: T Price, J Moyle, R Briggs, N Rains, R Gabell. Goals-- Roxby: T Paull 6, J Owens, K Zeptner, R Prosser, 0 Sims 3, S Rudd 2, D Kaminski. Hornridge: N Rains 3. M Barrand

Opening Round - Saturday April 28, 2007

Andamooka 25.14 (164) d Hornridge 7.1 (43)

Goals - Andamooka: K Williams 13; M Fracsa 5; D Ness 4; S Hall, L Scobie, T Clancy. Hornridge: J Burns 3; R Taylor, L Budden 2; K Henry, J Lennon. Best - Andamooka: B Pennifold, L Scobie, L Sanders. Hornridge: B Halliman, J Moyle, J. Burns, R Selkirk.

Olympic Dam 27.13 (175) d Roxby Districts 4.1 (25)

Goals - Olympic Dam: M McShane, A Sullivan 5; D Summerton 4; R Sarraceno, G Latham 3; N Burton, S Chapman 2; D Rogers, S Montgomerie, J Elliot. Roxby Districts: G Norris, R Prosser, M Katzorke 2; M Howard. Best - Olympic Dam: L Sarraceno, T Hornhardt, S Freeth. Roxby Districts: D Sims, S Rodda, R Canneen.

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P Pts Perc
Olympic Dam 12 18 203.79
Andamooka 12 14 121.83
Coober Pedy 12 14 106.66
Roxby Districts 12 12 130.48
Hornridge 12 2 30.46
Leading Goalkickers
Rd Total
Kit Williams
6 73
T Paull
R. Dists
A Sullivan
1 28
Leroy Boland
C. Pedy
N Shinnick
O. Dam
1 25
R Cunneen
J McKenzie
C. Pedy