Roxby Districts 12 20 223.94
Olympic Dam 12 18 233.75
Andamooka 12 12 88.03
Hornridge 12 6 84.19
Coober Pedy 12 4 28.22

GRAND FINAL on September 8, 2007

Andamooka 15.5 (95) d Olympic Dam 10.9 (69).

Best - Andamooka: M Uhlik, A Monfries, C Hohnson, K Williams, L Sanders. Olympic Dam: A Petty, S Chapman, N Shinnick, P Trotta, D Moyse. Goals - Andamooka: K Williams 6, B Pennifold 3, R Burns 2, M Fracas, J Oldfield, M Uhlik, D Collins Olym­pic Dam: S Chapman, M McShane 2, A Marshall, C Kenny, A Sullivan, N Shinnick, C Green, S Kruger. Michael Uhlik best on ground.

WOOMERA AND DISTRICTS FOOTBALL 2008 (Teams: Andamooka, Hornridge, Olympic Dam, Roxby Dists and Coober Pedy)


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Olympic Dam 11.3 (69) defeated Roxby Districts 9.7 (61)

Best OD D McKenna C Green S Peek. Goal scorers N Shinnick 4 D Summerton 2 S Peek D Moyse R Myles S Montgomerie C Green. Best for Roxby Districts T Baldy D Coats T Roberts K Zeptner S Francis. Goal Scorers S Francis 3 B Wray R Prosser 2 K Zeptner J Chislett

Preliminary Final on August 30, 2008

Roxby Districts 10.8 (68) def Hornridge 6.5 (41)

Best players - Roxby Districts S Crafter-King R Prosser J Roberts J Eckerman B Wray. Goal Scorers Roxby  J Roberts 3 K Zeptner T Baldy 2 T Paull S Francis C Kenny 1. Best players for Hornridge  W Moroney  C Lane P Watkinson B Cooper T Price . Goal Scorers W Giles 2 R Selkirk W Moroney B Johnson D McEvoy 1

1st Semi Final on August 23, 2008

Hornridge 8.7 (55) defeated Andamooka 7.11 (53)

Best for Hornridge B Cooper W Giles LW Moroney N Burton.  Goal Scorers T Price 3 W Moroney B Johnson 2 M Brooks 1. Best for Andamooka T Ripley J Watson A Monfries L Brind W Monfries. Goal Scorers M Bennie 2 A Ebberhard B Penifold S Hagerstrom J Watson T Ripley 1

2nd Semi Final

Olympic Dam 19.6 (120) defeated Roxby Districts 4.7 (31)

Best for OD S Montgomerie C Green S Peek T Hornhardt S Freeth. Goal scorers S Montgomerie 5 S Peek D Moyse N Shinnick S Chapman 3 G Latham D Summerton 1.  Best for Roxby Districts S Owens JB Wray T Roberts R Schell. S Crafter King. Goal Scorers R Prosser B Wray 2 T Roberts S Kaminski 1

Round 15 - August 16, 2008

Olympic Dam 11.9 (75) d Hornridge 7.5 (47).

Best - Olympic Dam: D Moyse, D Rogers. L Copeland, T Martin, S Chapman, A Petty, S  Freeth. A Sheilds. Hornridge: T Price, W Moroney, B Cooper, V Buzza, T Arthurs. Goals - Olympic Dam: D Moyse 4, L Copeland, S Chapman 2, T Martin, S Montgomerie, A Petty. Hornridge: W Moroney 2, S Moroney, D Johnson, R Briggs, N Burton.

Roxby Districts 9. 10 (64) d Andamooka 5.4 (34).

Best - Roxby Districts: B Chesson, J Orr, J Eckermann, K Zeptner, T Roberts. Goals - Roxby Districts: J Roberts, R Prosser 3, B Wray 2, T Roberts 1. Andamooka: S Hagerstrom, M Uhlik, D McDonald, A Monfries, D Mordaunt. Andamooka: A Monfries, J Bowden, T Ripley, L Brind. S Hagerstrom.

Bye - August 9, 2008

Round 14 - August 2, 2008

Olympic Dam 14-13 (97) defeated Roxby Districts 6-7 (43)

Best OD - D Rogers, S Chapman, T Hornhardt, G Latham, D Summerton. Goals - N Shinnick 4 D Summerton 3 S Chapman 2 G Latham D Rogers R Myles R Vianovich A Petty 1 . Best Roxby Districts - D Bown S Owens R Schell J Eckermann R Prosser. Goals – R Dists R Prosser 4 K Zeptner 2

Coober Pedy 15-20 110 defeated Hornridge 10-16 (76)

Best Coober Pedy - Bernard Lennon, Julian Crisa, Zed McKenzie, Jermaine Treloar. Goal scorers C/P: Timmy Walker 4, Zed McKenzie 3, Paul Haugen 2, Corey Jonas 2, Tristam Wildy, Bernard Lennon, Lionel Rankin and Jack Burns 1. Best Players: Hornridge - Ben Grimston, Tyrone Price, Wayne Moroney and Adrian Knight.  Goals - Hornridge: Giles Warick 4, Shane Moroney 3, Brad Cooper, Tyrone Price and Dylan Maile.

Special mention to Dylan Male who at 13 played his first game and scored a goal.

Round 13 - July 26, 2008

Hornridge 11.10 (76) d Andamooka 11.5 (71).

Best - Hornridge: T Price, N Raines, D Hann, T Gum. Andamooka: M Touhy, S Hall, D McDonald, T Ripley, J Bowden. Goals - Hornridge: P Watkinson, L Ryan, W Giles 2, T Gum, S Maroney, B Grimston, T Price, B Cooper. Andamooka: A Monfries 5, B Pennifold 2, M Uhlik, J Bowden, L Delbridge, M Touhy.

Olympic Dam 23.14 (152) d Coober Pedy 1.8 (14).

Best ­Olympic Dam: D Rogers, S Montgomerie, D Summerton, S Chapman, G Latham. Goals ­Olympic Dam: D Summerton 5, D Rogers, T Ormond­Allen, G Latham 3, S Montgomerie, S Chapman, N Shinnick 2, M Freeth, C Green, S Peek.

Round 12 -- July 19, 2008

Andamooka versus Coober Pedy was a forfeit by Coober Pedy

Roxby Districts 16.9 (105)  defeated Hornridge 4.5 (29)

Best Roxby Districts J Eckerman R Prosser K Zeptner D Bown J Chislett. Goal scorers R Prosser 6 D Kaminski D Bown  J Nickolson 2 C Kenny K Zeptner L Schammel J Roberts 1. Best Hornridge   T Price D McEvoy  M Barrand W Giles. Goal scorers not available

Round 11 - July 12, 2008

Olympic Dam 22-13 (145) defeated Andamooka 4-3 (27)

Best OD D McKenna C Green S Montgomerie D Moyse  D Summerton. Goal scorers D Moyse D Summerton 5 T Ormond Allen 3 S Montgomerie. R Myles N Shinnick 2 D McKenna D Rogers G Latham 1 . Best Andamooka A Monfries T Ripley R Kraack S Hall R Brens. Goal scorers T Ripley 3 S Hall 1

Roxby Districts 30.23 203 defeated Coober Pedy 10.8 (68)

Best Roxby Districts S Crafter-King R Prosser T Paull B Chesson J Roberts. Goals T Paull 7 R Prosser 6 D Kaminski D Bown 4 J Roberts 3 B Chesson R Schell C Kenny B Haines 1. Best CP C Jonas J Burns S Nelson. Goals C Jonas 3 Z McKenzie 2 B Buller 2 J Burns G Maxwell B Lennon 1 

Round 10 - July 5, 2008

Olympic Dam 10.5 (65) defeated Hornridge 9.8 (62)

Best -  OD D Summerton  D McKenna  T Hornhardt  D Moyse  G Latham. Goals - T Orman-Allen N Shinnick D Moyse S Montgomerie 2 D Summerton R Myles 1 . Best - Hornridge  J Moyle  N Raines  B Cooper  D Ambjerg-Pederson  S Fraser. Goals - J Moyle R Briggs 2 T Gumm W Giles W Ratapu W Moroney D McEvoy

Andamooka 16.8 (104) defeated Roxby Districts 10.8 (68)

Best Andamooka A Monfries M Bennie A Flett M Uhlik M Touhy. Goals - M Bennie 5 S Hall 4 S Hagerstrom R Kraack 2 J Bowden M Uhlik N Bennie 1. Best Roxby Districts J Eckermann T Roberts D Bown J Chislett J Roberts. Goals - C Kenny 3 T Paull K Zeptner 2 T Roberts S Francis 1

Round 9 - June 28, 2008

Roxby Districts 11.9 (75) d Olympic Dam 8.8 (56).

Best - Roxby: T Roberts, J Chislett, B Chesson, J Roberts, R Schell. Olympic Districts: D McKenna, S Montgomerie, R Myles, R Vanavich. D Rogers. Goals - Roxby Districts: R Prosser 3, T Paull, B Wray 2, C Kenny, J Roberts, D Kaminski, S Francis. Olympic Districts: T Ormond-Allen, R Vanavich 2, S Kruger, N Shinnick, G Latham, S Chapman.

Hornridge 22.21 (153) d Coober Pedy 4.3 (27).

Best  - Hornridge: (unavailable at this stage). Cooper Pedy: J Burns. B Buller, B Lennon, Z McKenzie, L Borrett Goals - Coober Pedy: Z McKenzie, A Dingaman, K Larkins, T Wildly.

Round 8 - June 14, 2008

Andamooka 19.10 (124) def Hornridge 14.7 (91)

Best Andamooka A Monfries L Sanders C Johnson M Uhlik L Scobie. Hornridge W Moroney T Price J Moyle P Rhodes B McEvoy. Goals Andamooka - L Scobie 6 S Ferenci 4 S Hagerstram 3 L Brind 2 C Johnston T Ripley J Bowden M Uhlik 1. Goals B Cooper L Ryan W Giles W Tap Ratapu R Briggs 2 R Selkirk D Johnson B Grimston 1

Olympic Dam 37.15 (237) def Coober Pedy 3.4 (22)

Best OD D Summerton, N Shinnick D Canton S Montgomerie A Petty. CP - J Burns Z McKenzie T Wildy M Grava T Walker. Goals: OD : D Summerton 12 N Sninnick T Ormond Allan 6, S Montgomerie 4, R Myles A Petty 2, L Copeland M Lynch 1. CP - J Burns 2 T Walker 1

Round 7 - June 7, 2008

Roxby Districts 12-17 (89) def Hornridge 7-4 (46)

Best players for Roxby - B Wray R Cunneen K Zeptner C Kenny T Baldey. Goal scorers T Paull 3 R Cunneen K Zeptner D Hannan 2 B Wray R Prosser C Kenny 1. Best players for Hornridge B Grimston T Price P Rhodes B Thompson N Burton. Goal scorers N Burton 3 P Watkinson C Wyatt 2

Andamooka 17.13 (115) defated Coober Pedy 4.3 (27)

Best Andamooka Stuart Ferenci, Matt Tuohy, Rob Kraack, Luke Scobie, Brett Penifold.  Goal Scorers: Stuart Ferenci 7, Luke Scobie 4, Luke Brind 2, Matt Tuohy 1.

Round 6 - May 31, 2008

Roxby Districts 25.24 (174) d Coober Pedy 2.3 (15).

Best - Roxby: R Cuneen, R Prosser, T Paull, B Chesson, L Devlin. Coober Pedy: J Burns. Z McKenzie, B Lennon. Goals - Roxby: T Paull 6, B Wray 5, R Prosser 4, L Devlin, K Zeptner 3. D Harman. R Schell, B Chesson, D Kaminski. Coober Pedy. L Banner, S Nelson.

Andamooka 7.5 (47) d Olympic Dam 5.7 (37).

Best - Andamooka: W Monfries. A Monfries, P Francis, B Penifold, M Uhlik. Olympic Dam: S Freeth, A Introna, T Martin, D McKenna, L Copeland. Goals -- Andamooka: L Scobie 3, N Aartsen, C Johnston. R Kraack, L Brind. Olympic Dam: H Daly 3, N Shlnnick, S Montgomerie.

Round 5 - May 24, 2008

Olympic Dam 11.10 (76) def Hornridge 9.8 (62)

Best: - Olympic Dam J Dibbond Z Petty N Shinnick S Chapman S Freeth. Goal scorers N Shinnick 5 H Dayly 4  T Hornhardt R Cabret 1. Best: Hornridge T Price L Ryan B Grimston D Cooper Goal scorers R Briggs 3 L Ryan 2 G Wood S Ferenci T Price P Ebdell 1

Roxby Districts 17.16 (118) def Andamooka 4.5 (29)

Best: Roxby C Kenny D Kaminski B Wray J Chisslet R Prosser. Goal scorers R Prosser 5 T Paull 4 B Wray 3 S Francis 2 K Zeptner D Kaminski D Hannon 1 Andamooka best K Arancelovic A Monfries E Walker R Kraack L Delridge. Goal scorers T Ripley L Brind M Bennie M Tuohy 1

Round 4 - May 17, 2008

Roxby Districts 10.7 (67)  def Olympic Dam 8.9 (57)

Best players for Roxby - B Chesson, R Schell, R Prosser, S Crafter-King, C Kenny. Goals-  R Prosser 4, R Cunneen 2,J Roberts T Paull D Kaminski S Francis 1. Best players for OD - S Chapman  P Trotta G Latham N Shinnick D Summerton. Goals - H Daly D Rogers 2 D Summerton S Chappy M Bunnett N Shinnick 1

Hornridge 15-12 (102) defeated Coober Pedy 10-5 (65)

Best Hornridge - D Hann  T Price N Raines  S Ferenci J Moyle. Goals -S Ferenci R Briggs 4 G Wood A Knight 2 M Barrand J Moyle T Price 1 Best Coober Pedy - Wocky P Larkins M Grava T Wildy T Walker. Goals - T Wildy B J L Borrett 2, T Walker G Maxwell S Nelson Wocky 1

Round 3 -May 10, 2008

Andamooka 9.8 (62) def Hornridge 9.4 (58)

Best: Andamooka – T Ripley, D Mordaunt, J Watson. Hornridge – W Moroney, J Moyle, B Johnson. Andamooka – T Ripley 3, A Moss, L Brind, M Packer, S Hall, M Bennie, C Mulders. Hornridge – R Biggs 5, R Selkirk 2, N Burton, B Johnson

Olympic Dam 32.27 (219) def Coober Pedy 4.5 (29)

Best: Olympic Dam – J Gibbens, A Introina, C Green. Goals: CP - F Kenny, J Burns, B Lennon. OD – N Shinnick 10, D Summerton 7, D Moyse 3, R Myles, G Mason, S Kruger, D Rogers 2, C Green, S Chapman, J Gibbens, L Myles. Coober Pedy – J Crisa 2, Z McKenzie, G Warren.

Round 2 - May 3, 2008

Coober 14.8 (92) d Andamooka 13.9 (87).

Best -- Coober Pedy: B Lennon, J Burns, C Jones. Andamooka: L Sanders, B Penilold, M Uhlik. Goals - Coober Pedy: M Bell, T Walker 3, Z McKenzie, G Warren 2, J Crisa, T Parrott, C Jones J Burns. Andamooka: B Penifold 5, L Sanders 2, M Touhy, M Packer, R Burns, J Watson, L Brind, A Moss

Roxby Districts 21.11 (137) d Hornridge 7.3 (45).

Best - Roxby: B Haliman, B Chesson, R Prosser. Hornridge: J Moyle, T Price, B Johnson. Goals - Roxby: T Paull 6, R Prosser 4, J Roberts, D Kaminski 3, B Chesson 2, C Kenny, B Haliman, S Kaminski. Hornridge. R Selkirk, T Price, B Johnson, T Gum.

Round 1 - April 26, 2008

Olympic Dam 14.9 (93) def Andamooka 9.11 (65)

Best: OD – D Moyse, G Latham, D Summerton.  Andamooka – L Brind, C Mulders, T Ripley. Goals: G Latham 3, N Shinnick, D Summerton, S Kruger 2, S Freeth, S Chapman, J Dibbons, A Petty, R Myles. Andamooka – R Penifold 3, M Bebbie 2, M Fracas, J Bowden, M Uhlik, T Mizzi.

Roxby Districts 27.14 (176) def Coober Pedy 1.3 (9)

Best: Roxby – R Prosser, T Paull, B Chesson. Coober Pedy – L Leslie, K Larkin, B Lennon. Goals: Roxby – T Paull, R Prosser 8, J Roberts 3, C Kenny 2, B Chesson, B Haliman, D Kaminski, J Orr, L Devlin, R Cunneen. Coober Pedy – L Leslie 1.

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