2009  LADDER P Pts Perc
Olympic Dam 12 22 375.17
Hornridge 12 16 199.17
Roxby Dists 12 16 150.33
Coober Pedy 12 4 38.65
Andamooka 12 2 25.86
Leading Goalkickers Club Rd Total
S Montgomerie Olym Dam Bye 34
Nigel Shinnick Olym Dam Bye 30
B Wray Roxby Dists 0 22
B Davis Olym Dam Bye 21
T Price Hornridge 0 20
J Coulthard Hornridge 3 20

WOOMERA AND DISTRICTS FOOTBALL 2009  (Teams: Andamooka, Hornridge, Olympic Dam, Roxby Dists and Coober Pedy)


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Mail Medalists


Olympic Dam 10.19 (70) def Roxby Dists 10.7 (67)
Best on ground Tyson Hornhardt (OD)
Best Olympic Dam - S Montgomerie S Peek D Rogers M Bunnett T Hornhardt. Roxby Dists - D McGrath J Rose J Orr. Goals: Olympic Dam - S Montgomerie 5 R Myles B Rynne N Shinnick C Rielly D Rogers 1. Roxby Dists - I McBey 4 B Wray 2 J Watson N Anderson J Telfer T Roberts 1
Preliminary Final - August 30, 2009

Roxby Districts 9. 10 (64) defeated Hornridge 8.9 (57) 

Best Roxby C Kenny, L Devlin, J Roberts, T Roberts,  S Finey. Hornridge D Smith R Price T Price A Howie W Giles. Goals: Roxby- S Finey J Watson 2, J Telfer B Wray R Prosser I Mc Bey 1. Hornridge - D Johnson W Giles 2 J Coulthard W Moroney R Briggs D Smith 1   

FINALS WEEK ONE - August 22, 2009

First Semi Final

Roxby Districts 18.11 (119) defeated Coober Pedy 10.8 (68)

Best players for Roxby J Watson J Telfer T Roberts J Pyke C Kenny

Goal scorers B Wray T Roberts I McBey 4 R Prosser 3 C Rainsford S Kaminski J Telfer 1. Best player for Coober Pedy J Burns S Tsakiridis Z McKenzie M Grava B Buller. G oal scorers B Buller M Rapaic Z McKenzie 2 R Adams M Grava J Burns A Dingaman 1  

Second Semi Final

Olympic Dam 14.10 (94)  defeated Hornridge 9.10 (64) 

Best players M Bunnet D Vanzati R Summerton R Saracino D Moyse

Goal scorers for OD R Summerton N Shinnick 3 B Davis 2 D Summerton D Vanzati B Rynne R Myles D Rogers M Bunnett 1, Best players for Hornridge M Blackie W Giles W Monfries B Grimston A Heuskes. Goal scorers A Heuskes 4 D Male 2 W Giles M Blackie D Smith 1.  

Round 15 - August 15, 2009
Andamooka 14.8 (92) defeated Coober Pedy 11. 7 (73)
Best Andamooka T Ripley A Monfries L Scobie D McDonald C Mulders. Coober Pedy - J Burns G Warren F Kenny T Wildy M Ball. Goals: Andamooka - L Scobie 3 A Monfries 3 T Paull 2 M Moloney J Gaeth L Sanders M Davis T Ripley 1. Coober Pedy - M Ball 3 S Tsakiridis Z McKenzie 2 A Dingaman D Kenny J Burns F Kenny 1
Hornridge 13. 9 (87) defeated Roxby Districts 7.7 (49)
Best Hornridge - B Grimston T Price W P Rhodes W Monfries M Blackie. Roxby Dists - C Kenny J Pyke J Watson S Finey D Kaminski. Goals: Hornridge - A Heuskes 4 J Coultard 3 D Male 2 W Giles W Moroney W Monfries R McDonald 1

Round 14 - August 8, 2009

Olympic Dam 13.12 (90) d Roxby Districts 10.4 (64).

Best – Olympic Dam0: R Saracino, D Summerton, R Summerton, D Rogers, C Green. Roxby Districts -  T Roberts, I McBey, C Kenny, B Haliman, J Pyke. Goals – Olympic Dam: N Shinnick 4, R Saracino, S Peek 2, S Montgomerie, D Rogers, D Summerton, C Reilly, B Davis. Roxby Districts: B Wray 4. I McBey 3. J Watson, K Zeptner, A Brady.

Hornridge 12.15 (87) d Andamooka 0.1 (1).

Best - Hornridge: T Price, W Moroney, W Monfries, M Blackie, D Male.  Andamooka: A Monfries. T Pycroff, D Reid, T Ripley, S Hall. Goals - Hornridge: W Monfries 4. T Price, S Quinn, D Smith 2. L Munro, V Buza.

Round 13 - July 25, 2009

Olympic Dam 26.18 (174) d Coober Pedy 4.4 (28).

Best - Olympic Dam: R Summerton, L Jackson, S Peek, D Rogers, P Lawton. Coober Pedy: K Plant, Z McKenzie, M Grana. Goals - Olympic Dam: S Peek 8, D Summerton, C Reilly 4, L Jackson 3, S Montgomerie, D Noyse 2, R Saracino, D Vanzati, B Davis. Coober Pedy: Z McKenzie 3, K Plant.

Roxby Districts 17.14 (116) d Andamooka 7.10 (52).

Best - Roxby: J Orr, C Kenny, R Prosser, J Roberts, L Devlin. Andamooka: A Monfries, T Pycroff, T Ripley, M Moroney, D Reid. Goals Roxby Dists: R A Brady, R Prosser 3, I McBey, J Orr, J Roberts, KZeptner2, L Devlin, B Haliman, J Telfer. Andamooka: M Moroney, P Francis 2, T Ripley. T Paull, R Keatley.

Round 12 - July 18, 2009

Hornridge 15.2 (92) defeated Olympic Dam 8.20 (68)

Best player for Hornridge B Cooper M Blackie J Coulthard N Raines T Price. Olympic Dam D Rogers R Summerton B Rynne P Lawton P Trotta

Goal scorers Hornridge A Heuskes 4 J Coultard B Johnson 3 R McDonald 2 D Johnson N Tuthill B Grimson 1. Olympic Dam N Shinnick R Saracino 2 goals each T Baldy R Summerton B Davis B Rynne 1

Roxby Districts 25.19 (169) defeated Coober Pedy 3.1 (19)

Best players for Roxby B Platten C Kenny J Telfer J Watson B Haliman. CP K Pant L Borrett A Sydor.  Goal scorers  J Telfer 7 N Anderson I McBey 4 J Watson R Prosser 2 C Kenny D Peters B Platten B Haliman J Pyke B Chesson 1. CP - Z McKenzie S Nelson M Rapaich 1

Round 11 - July 11, 2009

Olympic Dam 41.18 (264) d Andamooka 2.1 (13).

Best - Olympic Dam: R Saracino, D Summerton, B Davis, D Rogers. Andamooka: A Monfries, L Scobie. Goals - Olympic Dam: D Summerton 11, B Davis 10, D Rogers 5, C Riley 4, D Vanzati, R  Saracino, R Summerton 3, Scott Peek.

Hornridge 30.20 (200) d Coober Pedy 4.1 (25) 

Best - Hornridge: M Blackie, R McDonald, T Price, W Monfries, K Gill. Coober Pedy - Dingaman, G Maxwell, L Ware. Hornridge: B Grimston 5, P Watkins, T Price 4, M Blackie 3, T Rigden, W Monfries, R McDonald 2, K Gill, B Cooper, Coober Pedy: A Dingaman 2, M Bell

Round 10 - July 4, 2009

Roxby Dists 17.9 (111) def Hornridge 5.2 (32)

Best: Roxby Dists - B Wray N Anderson J Pyke B Chesson S Finey. Hornridge - M Blackie R McDonald W Moroney W Monfries. Goals: Roxby Dists - B Wray 9 C Kenny S Finey 2 L Devlin J Telfer S Kaminski N Anderson 1. Hornridge - R Briggs M Barrand 2 J Coultard 1 

Round 9 - June 27, 2009

Olympic Dam 31-14 (200) defeated Andamooka 3-3 (21)

Best OD  S Montgomerie R Myles R Summerton D Rogers D Vanzati. Andamooka L Scobie A Monfries M Nayda S Hall D Adams Goals: OD - S Montgomerie 10 B Davis 6 N Shinnick 3 D Summerton R Summerton T Baldy 2 D Vanzati D Rogers C Green M Neterton W Rotapo R Myles.

Andamooka - L Scobie 2 D Firstenberg

Hornridge 28-18 (186) defeated Coober Pedy 2-7 (19)

Best Hornridge W Giles J Coultard M Blackie P Rhodes D Male. Coober Pedy - R Brockman, L Borrett , M Bell M Rapaic B Buller. Goals – Hornridge - A Heuskes 7 W Giles 6 T Price 5 P Rhodes 3 J Coultard 2 D Smith M Blackie W Monfries D Male J Beenham 1. Coober Pedy - Zaheer McKenzie 2 

Round 8 - June 20, 2009

Roxby Downs 15.6 (96) def Andamooka 5.4 (34)

Best Roxby   R Prosser J Pyke B Chesson S Finey J Telfer. Andamooka L Sanders J Hurley M Davis T Paull A Monfries. Goal scorers Roxby - J Telfer 4 A Brady 3 I McBey R Prosser 2 B Halliman B Chesson B Wray T Roberts 1. Andamooka -  T Paull T Ripley L Scobie R Keatley L Sanders 1

Olympic Dam 26.15 (171) def Coober Pedy 4.5 (29)

Best OD T Baldy S Montgomerie D Rogers R Summerton C Green. CP – Jack Burns, A Cook, L Rankin. Goals: O Dam - S Montgomerie 9 D Rogers 3 B Rynne D Moyse N Shinnick B Davis 2 T Coober Pedy - Zaaheer McKenzie 2, Mark Bell 1, Damien Kenny 1. 

Round 7 - June 13, 2009

Olympic Dam 13.10 (88) defeated Hornridge 7.9 (51) 

Best : Olympic Dam  -- R Summerton  D Rogers  B Rynne  D Summerton  N Shinnick. Hornridge  D Smith  T Price  A Howie  L Wilson   M Blackie. Goals: Olympic Dam - N Shinnick 6  B Rynne L Jackson 2   R Myles S Montgomerie D Summerton 1. Hornridge -  S Quinn B Cooper 2 C Barber J Coultard R McDonald 1

Roxby Districts 8.19 (67) Coober Pedy 9.12 (66)

Best players for Roxby J Pyke  W Knights M Dalgleish J Gallina C Kenny. Coober Pedy  Z McKenzie B Buller G Warren A Cook. Goal scorers  Roxby Dists - I McBey 5 S Finey B Halliman S Kaminski 1 Coober Pedy -  Z McKenzie 4 A Dingaman S Nelson J Burns M Bell K Plant 1

Round 6 - June 6, 2009

Olympic Dam 22.21 (153) def Roxby Dists 1.6 (12)

Best: Olympic Dam – S Montgomerie, J Jackson, R Myles, C Green, N Shinnick. Roxby Dists – J Pyke, S Kaminski, J Rose, J Orr, D Neyland. Goals: Olympic Dam – S Montgomerie 8, D Summerton 4, N Shinnick, R Myles, R Summerton 2, D Vanzatti, J Jackson, T Hornhardt, C Green. Roxby Dists – J Watson.

Hornridge 15.20 (110) def Andamooka 5.6 (36)

Best: Hornridge – W Monfries, N Tuthill, J Coulthard, D Smith, A Howie. Andamooka – T Paull, M Davis, A Mosa, J Haugum, J Bowden. Goals: Hornridge – J Coulthard 4, D Hahn 3, D Johnson, D Male, D Smith, W Monfries. Andamooka – T Paull, M Castle 2, D Jedyn

Round 5 - May30, 2009

Coober Pedy 20- 13 (133) defeated Andamooka 13-7 (85) 

Best: Coober Pedy - F Kenny D Kenny K Plant R A Dingaman  Z McKenzie. Andamooka  M Mooney R Kraack M Davis  T Ripley A Monfries. Goals: Coober Pedy - B Buller 5 A Dingaman Z McKenzie 3 T Walker 2  M Grava T Wildy K Plant A Cook F Kenny L Leslie S Nelson 1.  Andamooka - T Paull T Ripley 4  A Monfries 2 J Oldfield S Hall T Schott 1

Roxby Districts 14.18 (102) def Hornridge 11.9 (75)

Best : Roxby Downs - J Telfer J Pyke  B Chesson  T Roberts A Brady.  Hornridge - D Smith T Price R McDonald M Blackie K Gill Goals: Roxby Downs - S Finey 5 B Wray A Brady R Prosser 2  J Roberts K Zeptner C Kenny 1.  Hornridge -  T Price W Giles 3 J Coulthard N Tutthill B Grimson P Rhodes  S Moroney 1

Round 4 - May 23, 2009

Olympic Dam 27.22 (184) defeated Andamooka 4.0 (24) 

Best OD R Saracino D Rogers S Freeth R Myles T Baldey. Andamooka - A Monfries R Keatley D McDonald T Paull A Moss. Goal scorers OD - B Rynne R Saracino 5 D Rogers R Myles S Montgomerie 3 T Baldey N Shinnick 2 C Green D Vanzati D Moyse T Johnson 1 Andamooka - R Keatley 2 goals A Moss T Paull 1

Hornridge 20.16 (136)  defeated Coober Pedy 6.8 (44)

Best players for Hornridge T Price W Moroney  J Coulthard L Wilson D Johnson Coober Pedy J Burns Z McKenzie G Warren B Buller L Rankine

Goal scorers Hornridge - T Price 6 J Coulthard 4 S Quin 3 C Barber D Hann 2 D Johnson D Smith N Tutthill 1 Coober Pedy - Z McKenzie M Bell 2 K Larkins G Warren 1

Round 3 - May 16, 2009

Roxby Districts 21-21 (147) def Andamooka 2-1 (13) 

Best: Roxby Districts - C Kenny, L Devlin, J Orr, A Brady, D McGrath. A Monfries, C Mulders, S Hall, M Moloney.  Goals: Roxby Dists - A Brady J Roberts 4, J Chislett S Finey K Zeptner 3, D Peters R  Prosser C Kenny S Crafter-King 2, J Rose D McGrath 1. Andamooka -   J Gearth T Paull 1

Olympic Dam 21-21 (147) def Coober Pedy 4-3 (27)  

Best Olympic Dam - R Sarracino, D Rogers, D Vanzati, B Rynne, N Shinnick. Coober Pedy - J Burns, T Wildy, L Rankin,A Crisa L Barrett. Goals Olympic Dam --N Shinnick 7, B Rynne 4, D Rogers 3, D Vanzati R Sarracino 2, B Davis R Myles A Warren 1. Coober Pedy -  ZL Barrett A Crisa T Wildy M Bell 1

Round 2 - May 9, 2009

Olympic Dam 9.7 (61) d Hornridge 7.6 (48).

Best --Olympic Dam: D Rogers, R Saradino, B Rynne, T Martin, S Freeth. Hornridge: P Rhodes, W Monfries, R McDonald, W Moroney, L Wilson. Goals-Olympic Dam: R Saracino 4, D Rogers 3, A Petty 2 Hornridge: T Price 2, P Watkinson, J Coultard, R McDonald, D Johnson, J Carroll.

Roxby Districts 27.17 (179) d Coober Pedy 8.4 (52).

Best - Roxby Districts: R Prosser, B Wray, D Peters, J Rose, J Orr. Goals - Roxby Districts: B Wray 7, J Watson, L Devlin, B Haliman, D Peters, K Zeptner, R Prosser 2, J Rose J Roberts 1. Coober Pedy. Z McKenzie 4, B Buller, A Saxton, M Ball, L Wave.

Round 1 - April 25, 2009

Hornridge 16.7 (103) defeated Andamooka  1.4 (10) 

Best Hornridge - N Tutthill M Blackie P Rhodes W Moroney T Price. Andamooka - A Monfries S Southan R Kraacky T Wilson T Schott

 Goal scorers Hornridge 0 D Hann 4 M Blackie 3 M McDonald T Price 2 B Grimston N Tutthill D Johnson W Ball P Watkinson 1. Andamooka -  A Allen 1
Olympic Dam 14.8 (92) defeated Roxby Districts 7.0 (42) 

Best players for OD S Peek R Myles N Shinnick L Copeland P Lawton. Roxby Dists - J Eckermann B Haines T Roberts J Watson J Roberts

Goal scorers OD - N Shinnick 4 B Rynne 3 S Kruger B Davis R Myles A Petty D Vanzati D Rogers 1 Roxby Dists -   J Kenny 3 J Roberts T Roberts 2 S Francis 1  

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This years Mail Medalist is Daniel Rogers from Olympic Dam on 30 points

Tied runner up Scott Montgomerie of Olympic Dam and Damien Smith of Hornridge on 22 points

Under 21 winner was Cody Kenny of Roxby Dists on 21 points

Leading goal kicker Scott Montgomerie from Olympic Dam on 34 goals

Golden Whistle award went to Andrew Fyfe

Umpires encouragement award Shaun King

Round 1 Saturday 25/4/09 (School Holidays)
12:00pm Hornridge v Andamooka
2:00pm Olympic Dam v Roxby Districts
  Bye Coober Pedy
  Saturday  2/5/09
  Bye Miners Cup
Round 2 Saturday 9/5/09
12.00pm Hornridge v Olympic Dam
2.00pm Roxby Districts v Coober Pedy
  Bye -Andamooka
Round 3 Saturday 16/5/09
12:00pm Andamooka v Roxby Districts
2:00pm Olympic Dam v Coober Pedy
  Bye -Hornridge
Round 4 Saturday 23/5/09  C/P Game
2.00pm Olympic Dam v Andamooka
2.00pm Coober Pedy* v Hornridge
  Bye - Roxby Districts
Round 5 Saturday 30/5/09
12.00pm Coober Pedy v Andamooka
2.00pm Roxby Districts v Hornridge
  Bye -Olympic Dam
Round 6 Saturday 6/6/09 (June long weekend)
12.00pm Roxby Districts v Olympic Dam 
2.00pm Andamooka v Hornridge
  Bye -Coober Pedy
Round 7 Saturday 13/6/09 C/P Game
2:00pm Olympic Dam v Hornridge 
2:00pm Coober Pedy*  v Roxby Districts
  Bye -Andamooka
Round 8 Saturday 20/06/2009
12.00pm Roxby Districts v Andamooka
2.00pm Coober Pedy v Olympic Dam
  Bye -Hornridge
Round 9 Saturday 27/6/09
12:00pm Andamooka v Olympic Dam
2:00pm Coober Pedy v Hornridge
  Bye -Roxby Districts
Round 10 Saturday 4/7/09 (School hols) C/P Game
1:00pm Coober Pedy* v Andamooka
2:00pm Roxby Districts v Hornridge
  Bye -Olympic Dam
Round 11 Saturday 11/7/09 (School Holidays)
12.00pm Olympic Dam v Andamooka
2.00pm Hornridge v Coober Pedy
  Bye -Roxby Districts
Round 12 Saturday 18/7/09 (School Holidays)
12.00pm Hornridge v Olympic Dam
2.00pm Roxby Districts v Coober Pedy
  Bye -Andamooka
Round 13 Saturday 25/7/09 C/P Game
2:00pm Andamooka v Roxby Districts
2:00pm Coober Pedy* v Olympic Dam
  Bye -Hornridge
Saturday 1/8/09
  Bye Race weekend 
Round 14   Saturday 8/8/09
12:00pm Hornridge v Andamooka
2:00pm Olympic Dam v Roxby Districts
  Bye -Coober Pedy
Round 15 Saturday 15/8/08
12.00pm Coober Pedy v Andamooka
2.00pm Roxby Districts v Hornridge
  Bye -Olympic Dam
1st final Saturday 22/8/09
12.00pm 3 v 4
2.00pm 1 v 2
  Mail Medal
Prelim Final Saturday 29/8/09 
2.00pm winner of 3 v 4 plays
loser of 1 v 2
Grand Final Saturday 05/9/09   
2.00pm Winner of the 1st final  v
Winner of Prelim final