Ramblers cause major upset beating

Tumby Bay in 2008 grand final

Ramblers 10.5 65 defeated Tumby Bay 8.9 57
Best on ground: Shawn Bunga Fitzgerald, Ramblers.
Best Ramblers: Scott Blacker, Shawn Fitzgerald, James Minhard, Corey Fitzgerald, Matt Forster, Scott Mickan, James Cutterford. Blues: Michael Curtis, Brian Coad, Paul Jefferson, Jacob Cave, Daniel Lockwood, Issac Lebrun. Goals Ramblers: Andrew Crettenden 3, Simon Pedler 3, Corey Fitzgerald 2, James Cutterford 2. Tumby Bay: Sam Read 3, Chris Prime 2, Brock Birkin 1, Stuart Richardson, Tom Neindorf.
Preliminary Final on Saturday September 6, 2008

Ramblers Magpies 19.7 121 defeated Lock Roos 12.11 83

Best Magpies: James Spider Minhard, Jim Holman, Ben Deslandes, Corey Fitzgerald, Andrew AJ Crettenden, James Cuddeford. Lock: Christopher Crispy Pearce, Brad Wake, Gavin Griffiths, Andrew Heath, Alistair Pearce, Timothy Zacher. Goals Magpies: Andrew Crettenden 6, Jim Holman 3, Simon Pedler 3, Shawn Fitzgerald 2, Cody Pilgrim 1, Scott Blacker, Ben Deslandes, Shannon Minhard, Corey Fitzgerald. Lock: Kerran Gus Glover 4, Luke Northcott 3, Craig Wheare 2, Gary Hetzel 1, Gavin Griffiths, Alistair Pearce.

Prime takes out second Mail Medal……..Tuesday September 2, 2008

Tumby Bay full forward Chris Prime has won his second Mail Medal in as many years after taking out the award from fellow teammate Paul Jefferson at Monday Nights Great Flinders Mail Medal count. The count was hosted by the United Yeelanna Football Club at the Karkoo Hall with a good crowd and representation from all clubs in attendance, with Martin Leslie providing an entertaining guest speakers role.

Prime entered the count as one of the favourites after having another outstanding year with the Blues, finishing the minor round with 121 goals for season 2008. He finished the voting strongly to poll 29 votes, picking up best on ground votes in 2 of the last 3 minor round games to overtake Lock playing coach Gavin Griffiths, who had jumped to a surprised lead early in the count after some startling early season performances. Jefferson also finished voting strongly to finish runner up to his Blues teammate with 25 votes, with Griffiths finishing the count in third position on 24 votes.

Prime was present at the count, and thanked his Blues teammates and his family for supporting him throughout the season, and was humble and shocked by his second medal in a row. He was presented with the medal by Guest Speaker Martin Leslie and Sunday Mail representative Tam Phillis. The full forward moved to the Blues at the start of the 2007 season to finish his career and has enjoyed amazing success since joining the club, and shows no signs of slowing down. He kicked 150 goals in 2007, and has so far amassed another impressive tally of 129 goals to date this year.

Runner up Paul Jefferson capped off a solid season in the minor round, finishing second behind Prime, and taking out the GFFL Best Player in Association games, and also winning the Brenton Rehn Memorial Player of the Year Trophy. Griffithswas outstanding in finishing 3rd after missing a number of games in the middle of the season, and also absent due to injury towards the end of the minor round. In a good night for the Blues, youngster Brock Birkin won the best Under 21 and Best Under 18 Awards, and David Butler won the reserves medal with 15 votes after playing just 6 minor round games. Team mate Andy Allen finished second just 1 vote behind Butler, with Ramblers Craig Povey and Cougars Vinnie Phelps tying for third place.

Tumby Bay youngster Daniell Lockwood took out the trophy for the Best Under 17 at Asscociation level after impressive performance’s in his interleague matches this year.

Young Ramblers star Trent Starke took out the Colts medal with 23 votes from Max Baldiserra, (Eyre United) on 20 votes, and Lock young gun Zeik Kay finished 3rd on 18 votes. Kay took out the best Association player in the under 15’s for his outstanding performances during the season at Association level.

The Under 13 medal was taken out by Ramblers Jack Haarsma who polled an impressive 43 votes out of a possible maximum 45 to win comfortably over Cougars Lochie Paech on 32 votes. Eyre United youngster Jack Jacobs finished 3rd on 31 votes.

Congratulations to all involved with the United Yeelanna club on hosting a successful night, and congratulations also to all trophy winners, and especially Chris Prime on his magnificent effort in winning back to back Mail Medals.

Second Semi Final, August 30 2008

Tumby Bay 20.16 (136) d Lock 8.4 (52).

Best – Tumby Bay: J Cave, D Lockwood, M Curtis, C Curtis, J Cave, N James. Lock: T. Zacher, M. Mellor, B Wake, G Hetzel, G Morton, G Griffiths. Goals – Tumby Bay: C Prime 8, S Read 3, N James, R Clark 2, D Butler, J Chard, J Cave, P Jefferson, T Cross. Lock: K Beard, A Pearce, L Northcott 2, C Wheare, M Mellor.

First Semi Final – August 23, 2008

Ramblers 15.11 (101) d United Yeelanna 5.17 (47).

Best – Ramblers S Pedler. T Mickan. B Deslandes. A Haarsma, J Holman, B Quigley, J Watt. United Yeelana: B Breed. J Norton. M McLachlan, S Hancock, M Jolly, B Jamieson. Goals – Ramblers: A Crettenden 4, S Fitzgerald 3, J Cuddeford, B Deslandes, S Pedler 2. R McDonald, C Fitzgerald 1. United Yeelana: M Meaney, B Breed 2, K Dufek 1.

Round 15 – August 16, 2008

Tumby Bay 19.14 (128) d Lock 7.4 (46).

Best – Tumby Bay: J Cave, T Cross, J Kemp, S Richardson, T Neindorf, J Cave. Lock: B Wake, L Northcott, M Mellor, G Hetzel, K Hetzel. Goals – Tumby Bay: C Prime 6, J Kemp 5, T Kelly 2, T Cross. N James, B Coad, Josh Cave, C Curtis, Jacob Cave. Lock: L Northcott, Z Kay 2, G Hetzel, J Beard, K Glover.

United Yeelanna 13.17 d Cougars 10.6 (66)

Best – United Yeelanna: M Meaney, B Breed, S Graham, M Jolly, M McLachlan, R Skinner. T Boehm. Cougars: C Turnbull, B Hazelgrove, L Moroney, J Pedler, C Mullan. D Webb. Goals — United Yeelanna: M Meaney 8, S Hancock 2, A Watson, B Jolly, A Little. Cougars J Siegert 3, C Turnbull, D Green 2, S Meyers. L Moroney, B Bilney.

Ramblers 11.7 (73) d Eyre United 6.12 (48).

Best – Ramblers: S Blacker, C Pilgrim, B Quigley, J Watt, T Mickan, A Crettenden. Eyre United: A Castley, J Telfer, S Drawer, B Smith, N Teller, V Thomas. Goals – Ramblers: A Crettenden 5. S Minhard, C Pilgrim, T Harrsma, A Haarsma, C Fitzgerald, B Deslandes. Eyre United: B Pugsley 2, B Light, S Teller, A Castley, B Smith.

Round 14 – August 9, 2008

Tumby Bay 21.11 (137) d Ramblers 11.10 (76)

Best – Tumby Bay: C Prime, N James, M Curtis, I Le Baun, C Curtis, Josh Cave. Ramblers: S Blacker, A Cabot, T Mickan, J Minard, S Fitzgerald. Goats -Tumby Bay: C Prime 12, S Read, S Letton, P Jefferson. C Curtis 2, Jacob Cave. Ramblers: S Fitzgerald, A Crettenden 3, A Cabot, S Pedler, B Quigley, J Cutteford, J Holman,

United Yeelana 10.6 (66) d Eyre United 9.11 (65).

Best – United Yeelanna: A Watson, B Jamieson, K Dufek, M Habner, B Skinner, R Skinner. Eyre United J Telfer, A Castley, N Strafford, D Evans, L Rowe, D Noble.  Goals Eagles: Ben Jamieson 3, Kade Dufek 2, Aaron Watson 2, Sam Hancock 1, Zac Glover 1, Lynal Fitzgerald 1. Saints: Mark Fraser 3, Ben Pugsley 2, Sam Telfer 1, Aaron Castley 1, Shaun Evans 1, Reece Baillie 1

Lock 17.8 (110) d Cummins Kapinnie 9.15 (69).

Best – Lock: L Northcott, B Wake, K Glover, A Hetzel, G Hetzel, N Cummins. Cummins Kapinnie: L Moroney, D Wedd. B Hazelgrove, B Green, C Turnbull, D Bache. Goals – Lock: K Glover 6, A Pearce. G Hetzel 3, B Wake, T Bedding. M Mellor, L Northcott, A Hetzel. Cummins Kapinnie: J Siegert, J Doudle 3. T Turnbull 2, C Turnbull.

Round 13 – August 2, 2008

United Yeelanna 13.12 (90)  d Ramblers 13.11  (89)

Best – United Yeelana: B Jolly, K Dufek, I Simpson, R Skinner, B Jamieson, M Habnel Ramblers: S Blacker, A Haarsma, S Pedler, J Minhard, S Fitzgerald, J Wait. Goals – United Yeelanna: K Dufek 4, B Jolly, A Little, M Meane 2, B Breed, S Hancock, A Watson. Ramblers: A Richardson 4, S Pedler, S Fitzgerald, R McDonald 2, S Blacker, L Murray, B Quigley.

Tumby Bay 43.13 (271) def Cougars 5.1 (31)

Best: TB – C Prime, C Curtis, J Cave, B Coad, P Jefferson. Cougars – D Wedd, D Green M Hansen, L Phelps, L Moroney. Goals: TB – C Prime 19, B Coad, P Jefferson 7, S Read 4, D Butler 2, C Curtis, N James, B Birkin, S Letton. Cougars – Bradley Hazelgrove 3, Daniel Wedd 1, Sam Meyers 1.

Lock 13.11 (89) def Eyre United 10.11 (71)

Best: Lock – C Pearce, J Rosman, D Kelly, L Northcott, I Halman, A Hatzel. Eyre United – J Telfer, D Noble, N Telfer, A Castley, N Stratford. Goals: Lock – J Rosman 5, G Glover 4, L Northcott, G Hetzel, A Hetzel, C Wheare. Eyre United – M Fraser 3, S Evans 2, B Smith, B Pugsley, S Drewer, A Castley, D Noble.

Round 12 – July 26, 2008

United Yeelanna 5-5 10-6 15-11 19-15 (129)

Lock                           2-3 3-9   4-12    7-14 (56)

Goals: United Yeelanna: M. Meaney, K. Dufek 5, B. Breed, T. Boehm, R. Skinner 2, A. Watson, Z. Glover, A. Little. Lock: K. Glover 7. Best: United Yeelanna: K. Dufek, A. Watson, J. Norton, M. Crettenden, B. Breed, S. Hancock. Lock: C. Pearce, I. Halman, B. Wake, L. Northcott, G. Morton, K. Glover.

Tumby Bay   7-5 11-6 16-10 22-13 (145)

Eyre United 0-1  2-4   4-4      5-8   (38)

Goals: Tumby Bay: C. Prime 8, P. Jefferson 3, B. Birkin, J. Cave, T. Kelly, B. Coad 2, S. Letton, S. Richardson, S. Edmonds. Eyre United: Aaron Castley, D. Noble, J. Telfer, A. Story, B. Foster. Best: Tumby Bay: P. Jefferson, J. Cave, I. LeBrun, B. Birkin, J. Cave, C. Prime. Eyre United: A. Castley, D. Noble, J. Telfer, A. Story, B. Foster.

Ramblers 2-1 6-2 12-6 18-14 (122)

Cougars    2-1 5-3   8-7   8-8 (56)

Goals: Ramblers: M. Richardson 6, R. McDonald, C. Pilgrim 3, L. Fitzgerald, S. Fitzgerald 2, J. Minhard, A. Crettenden. Cougars: L. Moroney 3, M. Mullan, C. Meaney 2, C. Turnbull. Best: Ramblers: S. Blacker, B. Quigley, J. Minhard, T. Mickan, C. Pilgrim, S. Fitzgerald. Cougars: C. Turnbull, M. Mullan, C. Mullan, L. Moroney, T. Wedd, K. Pringle.

Round 11 – July 19, 2008

Tumby Bay 7.8 (50) d United Yeelanna 4.9 (33),

Best – Tumby Bay: P Jefferson, B Birkin, M Curtis, J Cave, D Lockwood, J Cave. United Yeelanna: S Hancock, B Breed, I Watson, M Habner, M Crettenden, B Jolly. Goals -Tumby Bay: D Butler, C Prime 2, B Coad, B Birkin, P Jefferson. United Yeelanna: M Meaney, R Skinner, M Crettenden, B Breed.

Lock 15.9 (99) d Ramblers 3.7 (25).

Best ­Lock: L Northcott, A Heath, G Hetzel, A Pearce B Wake, S Britza. Ramblers: S Blacker, N Minhard, J Holman. Goals – Lock: K Glover 6, G Hetzel 3, L Northcott 2, A Hetzel, A Pearce C Wheare, K Beard. Ramblers: S Fitzgerald, J Holman, A Crettenden.

Eyre United 10.15 (75) d Cummins/Kapinnie 7.6 (48).

Best – Eyre United: J Telfer, B Foster, S Evans. L Rowe, D Noble, V Thomas. Cummins/Kapinnie — D Webb, L Moroney, C Turnbull, D Green, I Puckridge. B Green. Goals – Eyre United: D Noble 2, M Fraser, S Evans, A Gastley, L Rowe S Telfer. D Evans. R Snograss. B Smith. Cummins/Kapinnie: T Turnbull 3, L Moroney, N Williams, C Turnbull, B Hazelgrove.

Round 10 – July 12, 2008

United Yeelanna 3-3 5-8 10-10 13-12 (90)

Cougars                    1-0 1-4 1-6      2-8 (20)

Best: United Yeelanna Rick Skinner, Brock Jolly, Matt Crettenden, Sam Hancock, Ben Simpson, Kade Dufek. Cougars Corey Turnbull, Kent Pringle, Douglass Green, Daniel Wedd, Luke Turnbull, Damien Puckridge.  Goals: United Yeelanna Bryce Breed 3, Sam Hancock 2, Micheal Meaney, Kade Dufek, Aaron Watson 1, Lynal Fitzgerald, Matt Crettenden, Jaxen Norton. Cougars Brad Hazelgrove, Craig Meaney.

Tumby Bay 15.10 (99) d Lock 7.8 (50).

Best – Tumby Bay: B Birkin, M Curtis, P Jefferson, C Prime, J Cave, 0 Lockwood. Lock: A Pearce, C Pearce, I Holman, B Wake, G Griffiths, K Beard. Goals – Tumby Bay: C Prime 7, D Clark, S Lawrie 2, T Neindorf, D Butler, J Cave, S Read. Lock: K Glover 3, K Beard 2, M Mellor, G Hetzel.

Ramblers 13.17 (95) d Eyre United 7.11 (53).

Best – Ramblers: J Halman, S Blacker, S Fitzgerald, S Minhard, J Cuddleford, M Minhard. Eyre United: S Drewer, B Foster, B Smith, L Rowe, J Modra, D Noble. Goals ­Ramblers: S Fitzgerald 5, M Forster 2, S Blacker, J Holeman, S Minard, A Crettenden, B Claughton, R McDonald. Eyre United: D Noble 2, S Drewer, M Fraser, B Foster, L Rowe, S Evans.

Round 9 – June 28, 2008

Lock 18.11 (119) d Cougars 8.7 (55).

Best – Lock. S Britza, A Hetzel, B Wake. Cougars: L Turnbull, D Wedd, C Turnbull. Goals – Lock: K Glover 8, A Hetzel 3, G Hetzel, L Northcott 2, S Britza, S Beard, G Morton. Cougars E Kenny 3, B White 2, L Turnbull, B Hazelgrove, C Mullan.

United Yeelanna 18.13 (121) d Eyre United 8.10 (58).

Best – United Yeelanna: J Norton, R Skinner, A Watson, S Hancock, S Hancock, B Breed, M Meaney. Eyre United: D Noble, B Foster, L Tonkin, N Stradford, N Teller, A Castley. Goals – United Yeelana: M Meaney 7, M Hamer, K Dufek, A Watson, L Fitzgerald 2, B Jameson, S Hancock, R Skinner. Eyre United: D Noble 4, S Teller, B Foster, L Rowe, T Baldissera.

Tumby Bay 14.14 (98) d Ramblers 8.8 (56).

Best – Tumby Bay: M Curtis, S Lawrie, C Curtis, N James, B Birkin, C Prime. Ramblers: J Holman, T Mickan, S Fitzgerald, S Pedler, S Blacker, J Watt. Goals – Tumby Bay: C Prime 6, N James 4, J Chard 2, D Lockwood, R Chard. Ramblers: S Fitzgerald 4, A Crettenden 2, J Holman, J Cutteford.

Round 8 – June 21, 2008

Lock 19.9 (125) d Eyre United 14.2 (86).

Best – Lock: I Halman, S Beard, L Northcott, G Mortow, K Glover, G Hetzel. Eyre United: M Fraser, B Foster, D Noble, D Evans, B Smith, N Stratford. Goals – Lock: K Glover 7, L Northcott 4, B Wake 2, I Halman, G Hetzel, T Zacher, N Cummins, S Britza. Eyre United: B Pugsley 5, D Castley, M Fraser 3, S Teller, D Romero.

Tumby Bay 24.11 (155) d Cougars 11.4 (70).

Best – Tumby Bay: M Curtis, C Cwtis, C Prime, B Birkin, B Coad, B Gossink. Cougars: C Mullan, L Moroney, T Wedd, L Turnbull, B Bilney, B Hazelgrove. Goals – Tumby Bay: C Prime 7, B Coad 6, J Kemp, P Jefferson 2, N James, A Allen, Jacob Cave, C Curtis, B Birkin, S Edmonds, D Clark. Cougars: C Meaney 4, L Moroney2, B Hazelgrove, C Mullan, C Turnbull, S Meyers, D Wedd.

Ramblers 19.10 (124) d United Yeelanna 7.9 (51).

Best – Ramblers: A J Crettenden, S Blacker. S Fitzgerald, J Minhard, T Mickan, A Haarsma. United Yeelanna: M Habner, K Dufek, R Skinner, B Breed, B Skinner, M McLachlan. Goals. A Crettenden 11, L Fitzgerald 2, S Pedler, S Blacker, J Cutterford, C Pilgrim, B Quigley, S Fitzgerald. United Yeelanna: K Durfek 3. R Skinner, A Little, M Meaney, T Boehem.

Round 7 – June 14, 2008





19.18 (132)

Cummins Kapinnie




10.8 (68)

Best – Ramblers: B Quigley, C Pilgrim, T Mickan, S Blacker, J Holman. Cummins Kapinnie: L Moroney, L Turnbull, B Bilney, T Wend. Goals Ramblers: S Pedler 6, R McDonald, B Quigley 3, J Cuddeford 2, S Fitzgerald, J Holman, C Pilgrim, S Blacker. A Crettenden. Cummins Kapinnie: D Bache, B Hazelgrove, D Paech 2, L Moroney, S Meyers, T Wedd. C Meaney.





12.8 (80)

United Yeelanna




11.5 (71).

Best- Lock I Holman, G Morton, S Beard, A Hetzel, K Glover, D Kelly- United Yeelanna – B Simpson, M McLachlan, Mitch Jolly, A Watson, B Jolly, B Breed. Goals – Lock: Lock: J Durdin, K Glover 4, L Northcott, G Hetzel, S Britza, Z Kay. United Yeelanna: M Meaney, B Breed, Mike Crettenden 2, R Dufek, S Hancock, H Skinner, J Norton. M Habner.

Tumby Bay




26.18 (174)

Eyre United




7.3 (45)

Best Tumby Bay – P Jefferson, B Coad C Prime, J Kemp, M Curtis, N James. Eyre United: D Evans, B Foster, J Teller, L Tonkin, N Telfer, M Fraser. Goals – Tumby Bay: C Prime 10, J Kemp 6, B Birkin, P Jefferson, N James 2. T Cross, D Clarke, P Allen, M Curtis. Eyre United: B Pugsley 4, C Charlton, S Telfer, D Noble.

Round 6 – May 31, 2008

Tumby Bay




26.14 (170)

United Yeelanna




10.10 (70)

Best – Tumby Bay – P Jefferson, C Curtis, Josh Cave, N James, S Read, S Lawrie, D Clark. United Yeelanna: B Jolly, T Boehm, B Simpson, B Jameson, M Habner, A Watson. United Yeelanna: Goals -Tumby Bay: C Prime 8. S Read 5, R Clark3, J Kemp, D Clark A Allen 2, R Chard, P Jefferson, B Birkin. B Coad. United Yeelanna. S Hancock, M Habner, L Fitzgerald, J Norton 2, B Jameson, A Watson.





13.14 (92)

Eyre United




9.13 (67)

Best — Cougars C Turnbull. T Turnbull, D Cummings. S Meyers, L Turnbull, L Moroney. Eyre United: B Foster, A Castley, J Telfer, D Evans, M Parker. J Modra. Goals Cougars: C Turnbull 5, B White 3, S Meyers, C Delaney, B Haselgrove, D Bache, L Turnbull. Eyre United. M Fraser, D Evans 2, M Parker, D Noble, J Telfer, A Castley, B Foster.

Ramblers 19.11 (125) d Lock  11.5 (71).

Best – Ramblers: S Fitzgerald, J Minhard, J Holman, T Mickan, A Haarsma. Lock: G Morton, T Holman, S Britza, L Northcott, J Beard. Goals – Ramblers. S Fitzgerald 6, C Pilgrim 4, J Holman 3, R McDonald 2, J Cutterford, S Pedler, A Crettenden, J Watt. Lock. K Glover 6, L Northcott, B Longmire 2, G Hetzel.

Round 5 – May 24, 2008

Tumby Bay 20.19 (139) d Lock 6.16 (52).

Best- Tumby: B Coad, S Lawrie, C Curtis, C Prime, J Kemp, D Clack. Lock. L Northcott, D Kelly, A Pearce, B Wake. C Wheare. Goals – Tumby: C Prime 10, P Jefferson 3, B Birkin, S Lettow 2, A Allan, S Read, D Kemp. Lock. G Hetzel 2, B Longmire, K Glover, M Mellor, L Northcott.

United Yeelanna 13.17 (95) d Cougars 10.11 (71).

Best – United Yeelanna: J Norton, B Simpson, M Jolly, K Dufek, R Skinner, T Boehm. Cougars. L Moroney, R Hazelgrove, S Meyers, C Turnbull, B White. Goals – Yeelanna: B Breed 3, S Hancock K Dufek, M Habner, R Skinner 2, A Little, J Norton. Cougars: S Meyers 4, B Hazelgrove, D Green, C Meaney, C Turnbull, R Puckridge, B White.

Eyre United 13.10 (88) d Ramblers 11.3 (69).

Best – Eyre United: L Rowe, J Telfer, A Castley, M Parker, B Pugsley, B Foster Ramblers: J Holman, S Mickan, B Pittaway, C Pilgrim, J Fitzgerald, B Quigley. Goals — Eyre United: B Pugsley, D Noble, M Parker 3, D Romeo 2, B Foster, J Telfer. Ramblers: J Fitzgerald 4. C Pilgrim 2, A Crettenden 2, A Haarsma, L Murray, J Holman.

Round 4 – May 10, 2008

Lock 23.13 (151) d Cummins Kapinnie 10.10 (70).

Best – Lock: G Hetzel, K Glover, S Hentschke. Cummins Kapinne: D Wedd, C Turnbull, B White. Goals – Lock: K Glover 9, A Hetzel, J Andriske 3, B Longmire 2, G Hetzel, S Beard, L Northcott, B Wake, S Henkschke, N Cummins. Cummins Kapinnie: C Meaney 5, S Meyers 2, G Bates, B Ridgway, Craig Mullan.

Tumby Bay 18.20 (128) d Ramblers 7.6 (48).

Best – Tumby Bay: P Jefferson, C Curtis, B Birkin. Ramblers: M Forester, A Haarsma, G Claughton. Goals·- Tumby Bay: C Prime 6, S Richardson, S Read 3, J Kemp 2, R Clark, B Birkin, B Coad, C Curtis. Ramblers: S Fitzgerald 3, A Crittenden 2, R McDonald, S Pedlar.

United Yeelanna 16.10 (106) d Eyre United 8.14 (62).

Best – United Yeelanna: R Kinner, M Habner, B Simpson. Eyre United: A Castle, J Telfer, 0 Evans. Goals – United Yeelanna: S Hancock 4, M Mclachlan, K Dufek, M Habner 3, B Breed, L Fitz, M Crettenden. Eyre United: M Parker 2, Blight, C Charlton, 0 Evans, M Fraser, 0 Noble.

Round 3 – May 3, 2008

Lock 18.19 (127) d Eyre United 11.19 (85).

Best Lock: G Morton, A Pearce, D Kelly, M Mellor, S Beard, A Hetzel. Eyre United: A Castley, J Teller, D Noble, N Tetter, L Tonkin. Goals – Lock: K Glover 6, L Northcott 3, G Grifiths, A Hetzel, C Wheare, N Cummins 2, B Longmire. Eyre United: B Pugsley 3, M Parker 2, L Tonkin, A Castley. T Roediger, J Telfer, S Teller. M Fraser.

Ramblers 18.13 (121) d United Yeelanna 10.14 (74).

Best Ramblers: S Fitzgerald, J Wait, J Minhard, A Haarsrna, R McDonald, M Forster. United Yeelanna: B Jolly, M Jolly, B Simpson, J Morton, M Cretteniden, K Dulek. Goals Ramblers: A Crettenden 4, S Fitzgerald,  A Haarsma 3, S Pedler, R McDonald, J Holman 2. M Forster, W Nagel. United Yeelanna. M Habner 3, K Dufek. B Breed 2, A Watson, J Norton, B Jolly.

Tumby Bay 24.29 (173) d Cougars 10.4 (64).

Best – Tumby Bay: P Jefferson, M Curtis, S Read, Jacob Cave, N James, S Richardson. Cougars: B White, B Bilney, C Turnbull, L Turnbull, D Cummings. Tumby Bay: S Read 6, B Coad, P Jefferson, C Prime 4, N James, R Clark, C Curtis, D Clark, Josh Cave, J James Cougars: T Turnbull, D Cummings, B White, Sam Meyers 2, L Moroney, C Turnbull.

Round 2 – April 25, 26 2008

Tumby Bay 22.18 (150) d Eyre Utd 5.7 (37).

Best – Tumby Bay. M Curtis, C Curtis, J Cave, C Prime, D Lockwood, S Richardson. Utd: N Telfer, M Fraser, B Smith, J Tell A Castley. Goals Tumby Bay: C Prime 8, J Kemp 4, B Chad, R Clark, P Jefferson, D Lockwood 2, M Curtis, C Curtis 1. Eyre Utd: S Telfer 2, M Parker, A Castley, B Light 1.

Lock 11.8 (74) d United Yeelanna 9.5 (59)

Best – Roos: D Kelly, Luke Northcott, Kory Beard, Sam Britza, Gavin Griffiths. Eagles – Michael Crettenden, Kade Dufek, Matthew Crettenden, Mark Habner, Bryce Breed. Goals – Roos: Craig Wheare 3, Gary Hetzel, Luke Northcott 1, Kory Beard, Andy Hetzel, Stuart Hentschke, Alistair Pearce. Eagles: Mark Habner 2, B Jolly, B Breed 1, B Jameson, S Hancock, J Phillips, K Dufek.

Ramblers 9.15  (69) d Cougars 6.10 (46)

Best – Magpies: J Wait, C Fitzgerald, A Haarsma, A Sheehan, J Cuddeford, J Holman. Cougars – S Meyers, L Moroney, D Wedd, B Green, B Bilney. Goals – Magpies: A Haarsma 2, S Fitzgerald, A Crettenden, A Sheehan 1, C Pilgrim, L Fitzgerald. Cougars: T Turnball 3, C Howell 1, D Wedd, D Cummins.

Round 1 – April 19, 2008

Tumby Bay 0.0 7.2 10.4 14.7 (91) d United Yeelanna 2.2 6.2 9.2 11.3 (69).

Best – Tumby Bay: N James, B Coad, T Neindorf, S Richardson, C Curtis, D Lockwood. United Yeelanna: R Simpson, S Crettenden, M Watson, K Dufek, M Crettenden, M Habner. Goals – Tumby Bay: C Prime 8, R Clark 2, J Kemp, S Lawrie. N James, J Allen. United Yeelanna: B Breed 4, M Habner, S Hancock, J Norton 2, K Dufek.

Lock 7.1 14.5 18.9 25.9 (159) d Ramblers 1.1 4.1 6.6 9.7 (61).

Best – Lock: M Mellor, G Griffiths, S Britza, G Glover, L Northcott. Ramblers: S Fitzgerald, J Wait, J Holman, S Mickan, C Fitzgerald. Goals – Lock: G Glover 10, K Beard 7, G Hetzel, A Hetzel 2, B Longmire, B Wake, G Morton, S Hentschke. Ramblers: A Crettenden 4, C Fitzgerald, J Holman 2, S Fitzgerald.

Cummins Kappinie 2.2 6.10 9.14 11.17 (83) d Eyre United 5.3 8.4 11.8 12.8 (80).

Best – Cougars: D Green, S Meyers, C Turnbull. L Moroney, B White, J Nelligan. Eyre United: B Foster, D Evans, D Noble, J Modra, L Tonkin, S Evans.