Lucindale showed their class and authority by winning the KNTFL Premiership by 26 points over a spirited Naracoorte outfit last Saturday.

The Demons went into the match with severe injury doubts, wingman Tom Prebble (shoulder) and mid-fielder Robert Jones (leg) were both under fitness clouds but both took their places as both sides ran out onto the ground in front of a crowd pushing 5,000.

On a fast track and in a swirly wind, Naracoorte put their devastating 20 goal loss in the second Semi behind them to kick the first four majors of the match. Michael Parker was brilliant, kicking three of the four to get the Demons off to the best possible start. One man and one man alone appeared to be keeping Lucindale in the game, ruckman Mark Snowball was dominating general play as well as winning his fair share of ruck taps as Lucindale floundered a bit in the early stages.

A couple of misses from set shots may well have put the Demons further in front, but to be fair to Lucindale they started to settle and were having a fair amount of the play, but still looked a little nervy and appeared a bit rattled.

Mid-way in the quarter Demons skipper Nathan Smith was in great touch but copped one high and had to leave the ground. Late in the term, Syd Patterson copped a heavy knock in the centre square and required assistance to return to the bench. Only a free kick was given by the Umpire on each occasion when perhaps stronger action may have been taken.

Indirectly or not the game changed after the Patterson incident, as goals came from the clever Travis Ware and the speedy Sam Mardling, so at the first change only 14 points separated the teams – Naracoorte 4.5 to Lucindale 2.3

In the second term, Lucindale started to hit their straps, as the game lifted a level. Snowball continued to play well on ball and with Mardling and McInerney starting to win their positions the Second Semi winners looked back on track. Shane McGurk was proving to be a pest for the Demons defence and kicked a spectacular goal from deep in the left forward pocket – a six-pointer that set the momentum the Roos way. 16 year-old Ethan Gill – 97 kg and about six foot five – was causing some problems on the wing and with goals to Walsh and also Mardling, Lucindale hit the front late in term.

To Naracoorte credit, they realised they had to lift and Mitch Hartree started to sweep up in the Demons defence, picking up possessions at will. Brodie Borg was blanketing Todd Price and with a brilliant goal coming late in the term to the mecurial Jones, there was just two points in it at the main break. Lucindale 6.9 to Naracoorte 6.7

In the main break, one sensed in the Demons rooms that they knew they’d need to play at the top of their game to win their third Premiership in a row. A few players were looking tired and there were several others getting treatment ahead of the second half. The word from the Lucindale rooms was that if they could keep applying the pressure, that eventually they could break Naracoorte.

The game opened up in the third term and Lucindale continued on where they left off, with Snowball winning in the centre and in the early part of the term looked as though they might run away with the game as tallman Walsh sneaked forward to kick a couple of goals.

Lucindale seemed fortunate early in the term to receive two or three free kicks forward of centre from dubious umpiring decisions, which helped them keep their momentum which they had built in the second term. Naracoorte supporters were rightly annoyed, particularly when some more spiteful incidents in the first term didn’t really receive the penalties they should have.

McInerney was also starting to prove elusive as Lucindale again picked up the pace. Naracoorte’s Hartree again had to hold his opponents at bay as things were looking bad for his team. His rebound and drive from defence was faultless.

Leading Goalkicker in the competition, Simon Cox started make his presence felt leading front and centre for a couple of goals and with James Dixon starting get a few touches, including a good goal, after a very quiet first half, the Demons were hanging in there on the scoreboard.

Snowball crept forward to score a handy goal and with Walsh kicking his third for the term – Lucindale had a nine point lead with a quarter to play. Lucindale 11.10 to Naracoorte 10.7

Under overcast skies, the last term started with many spectators asking the question – could Naracoorte dig deep a find something to win their third flag on the trot, or would the Roos’ break the Demons stranglehold on the pennant and win it themselves?

When Demons forward Brett Gould, who had been very quiet for much of the day, had a great chance to goal early in the term but missed – you sensed that was the spark that was needed for Naracoorte to win the game.

It was to be Lucindale’s day. McInerney, Mardling and the reliable Handbury all kicked goals as the Second Semi Final winners started to scent victory. Naracoorte players were on their last legs, and were battling to stay with their opponents. The Demons defence, led by the magnificent Hartree were doing their best, but the run from the Lucindale on-ballers was proving too much. When 16 year-old Ethan Gill showed a bit of class and goaled just into time on, the game was all over as the Roo’s headed for their first Premiership since 2005.

Naracoorte’s Simon Cox kicked his 5th for the game, to finish with 112 goals for the season – but as the siren sounded, it was Lucindale who could do all the celebrating, winners by 26 points, a fair margin.

After quarter time Lucindale had plenty of winners around the ground, with ruckman Snowball a clear best on ground in my book. While Ryan McInerney was a very good player, Snowball was holding it together when his team was under the pump in the first term and clearly won his battle with Virgo Medalist Craig Beggs.  Tim Walsh another good player with his four goals, while Jamie McCarthy did a superb blanketing role on James Dixon to effective shut the Demons star out of the game.

For a game Naracoorte outfit, Hartree was a clear best player. He went into the match a double fracture in his hand but swept across the backline and played brilliantly right to the end. Others to do well were Syd Patterson was knocked out early and responded in the best possible way while Wilson and Munro were superb in defence. Youngster Brodie Borg  dominated Todd Price, who was goalless after a 8 goal haul in the Second Semi and skipper Nathan Smith led his team in the best possible way.

In the final analysis, Lucindale were a slightly classier team, while Naracoorte’s youngsters led the way and were let down a little but some of the senior players who struggled to work themselves into the game.

Finally, I would like to congratulate the Naracoorte FC and the KNTFL people for a well run Grand Final. The home of the Demons is a great venue and the footy on the day was great to watch – well done to all concerned including outgoing Demons President Glen Hamlyn and his harding working team.



by Terry Willoughby, Sunday September 18 2011

The big question in the KNT Grand Final was whether Naracoorte could turn the tables on Lucindale after suffering a 20 goal loss in the 2nd semi. Naracoorte made a positive start as Lucindale conceded the first four goals. Defenders Hartree, Munro and Patterson were doing well for Naracoorte and Lucindale were finding it hard to score and trailed by 14 pts at ¼ time.

Slowly Lucindale began  to exert their influence on the game through big men Mark Snowball and Tim Walsh who again proved handy near goal. Josh Walker and fellow defenders Jamie and Kane McCarthy tightened their games and now Naracoorte found scoring difficult. Greater scoring power aided Lucindale who took a narrow 2 point lead at ½ time.

Naracoorte’s season was now on the line but Lucindale matched everything and gradually began to gain control but only narrowly. Simon Cox was Naracoorte’s most dangerous forward but the Lucindale defence and midfield were on top and chances had dried up as Naracoorte trailed by 9 points at the last change. Lucindale started the last quarter with a burst of goals which broke the back of Naracoorte’s resistance. The Demons could do no more and even though Hartree and co continued to battle hard the powerful on-ballers and half-backs of Lucindale were impenetrable. A fourth goal sealed the result with Lucindale triumphant by 26 points.

Ryan McInerney starred for Lucindale, Josh Walker dominated at half-back and had plenty of assistance from the McCarthy brothers, Tim Walsh and Mark Snowball played well in ruck and kicked valuable goals when going forward. Naracoorte’s best were Mitch Hartree, Luke Munro, Sid Patterson, Nathan Smith and Brodie Borg. It was Lucindale’s day to celebrate and they were jubilant.

Grand Final at Naracoorte – September 17, 2011





15.13 (103)





11.11 (77)

Best: Lucindale – Ryan McInerney, Josh Walker, Mark Snowball, Tim Walsh, Kane McCarthy, Jamie McCarthy. Naracoorte – Mitch Hartree, Sid Patterson, Luke Munro, Nathan Smith, Brodie Borg, Matt Wilson. Goals : Lucindale – Tim Walsh 4, Sam Mardling 3, Ryan McInerney 2, Shane McGurk 2, Mark Snowball, Ethan Gill, Travis Ware,  Rob Handbury. Naracoorte – Simon Cox 5 (112 for 2011), Michael Parker 3, Robert Jones, James Dixon, Jake Gilbert.

GRAND FINAL PREVIEW – from The Naracoorte Herald


Thursday 15 September 2011

NARACOORTE will strive for a rare three-peat in this Saturday’s KNTFL A grade grand final – but standing in their way will be a confident and very capable Lucindale side.
Not many independent observers would have their money on Naracoorte this weekend after Lucindale humbled them by 20 goals in the second semi-final – especially with the Demons picking up a handful of injuries last weekend – but the reigning premiers have shown before that they know what grand final day is all about and they definitely can’t be discounted.
It will be the first time since 2005 that these two sides have clashed in the grand final, and if this game is anything like that epic, which Lucindale won by less than two straight kicks, the crowd is in for a treat.

While Lucindale sat and watched last week, the Roos would have been rubbing their hands together when they saw gun on-baller Robert Jones limp to the bench early with a lower leg injury in his comeback game from hamstring worries. Tom Prebble also left the ground with a bad shoulder, while captain Nathan Smith had to go off with an arm injury late in the piece.
All three must be considered doubtful for this week, but at least in the Demons’ favour is that if all miss, there are capable midfielders in Leigh Symons, Sam Henschke, Tron Congdon and Sam Willson ready to step up from the reserves.
Lucindale on the other hand doesn’t appear to have any injury concerns and the only player likely to be missing is Gerard McGrath, whose season ended with a bad knee injury in round 1.

The biggest and most obvious clash which holds the key to this game is in the ruck. Naracoorte’s league medallist Craig Beggs needs a massive game to drive his side, but will be facing a very good pairing in Mark Snowball and Tim Walsh, who both also cause headaches by resting forward and kicking goals. Then there’s teenager Ethan Gill to back them up.
Beggs won many taps in the second semi but the Lucindale on-ballers killed Naracoorte in the centre, and this is where Naracoorte needs to find the most improvement.
The Demons need James Dixon, Nathan Smith, Brodie Borg and Symons if he is promoted to at least break even with Lucindale’s Ryan McInerney, Kane McCarthy, Jamie McCarthy and Aaron Smart, who were all good last time the two teams played.
Where Lucindale has slipped under the guard of many teams is with its small forward line. Apart from the resting ruckman, the two most dangerous players are coach Todd Price, who kicked a bag of goals in the second semi, and Sam Mardling, who kicked 69 in the minor round.
Naracoorte needs to get the right match-up for these two.
At the other end, the league’s leading goalkicker Simon Cox has had a quiet finals series but can still be an imposing figure on grand final day, and if there are contributions from the likes of Michael Parker, Brett Gould, Jeff Sellars and Dixon, the Demons can kick a winning score.

Everything points to a Lucindale win. The Roos kicked 28 goals to eight only a fortnight ago, Naracoorte has injury worries and the Roos seem to have strength in every part of the ground. But does Naracoorte coach Dean Woosnam have something up his sleeve? The Demons have been here so many times and know what grand final day is about, so they just can never be discounted. There is no way this will be a blowout like the last time they met, and if it’s a thriller, it could fall the way of Naracoorte.



by Terry Willoughby – September 12, 2011

The KNTFL Preliminary Final was expected to be a tight affair and the 1st quarter went a long way towards proving that. Naracoorte kicked with the wind but Kybybolite matched them goal for goal with on-ballers Ryan Woite and Tim Pannell winning plenty of kicks. The margin at ¼ time was only 2 points in Naracoorte’s favor.

Kyby started the 2nd term well but couldn’t sustain they’re efforts and several crucial turnovers enabled Naracoorte to get goals with almost every forward making a contribution. Kyby just hadn’t done enough and with key forwards Carberry and McCracken well held Naracoorte took a 24 point lead into the 2nd half.

The Naracoorte defence and on-ballers took control with Nathan Smith, Craig Beggs and Luke Munro playing well. They added 4 goals as the sting appeared to have gone out of Kyby’s game. The Pearce brothers, Sam and Thomas were battling hard against the strong Naracoorte forwards but the greater spread of talent was hard to stop and Naracoorte held a 6 goal lead at ¾ time.

Kyby managed to outscore Naracoorte in the last quarter but only reduced the margin to 22 points. It had been a workmanlike rather than a brilliant performance by Naracoorte whose better finishing skills saw them advance to next week’s Grand Final against the in-form Lucindale. Naracoorte’s best were Luke Munro, Smith, Beggs, James Dixon and veteran Jeff Sellars. Ryan Woite, the Pearce brothers and Tim Pannell battle hard all day for Kyby.

Preliminary Final – September 10, 2011

NARACOORTE                        5.3,  10.8,  14.11,  17.13  (115)

KYBYBOLITE                          5.1,  7.2,  9.5,  14.9  (93)

Goals, Naracoorte: Simon Cox 4, James Dixon 2, Brett Gould 2, Michael Parker 2, Nathan Smith 2, Jeffrey Sellars 2, Sid Patterson 1, Luke Munro 1, Brett Pope 1.  Kybybolite: Tony Olsen 3, Kelvin Cook 3, David Arnold 2, Samuel Mccracken 2, Mark  Slotegraaf 1, Luke Crossling 1, Christopher Hanley 1, Billy Laurie 1.  Best, Naracoorte: Luke Munro, Nathan Smith, Craig Beggs, James Dixon, Jeffrey Sellars, Matt Willson.  Kybybolite: Ryan Woite, Sam Pearce, Tim Pannell, Thomas Pearce, Ray Jaensch, Tony Olsen


September 9, 2011

WITH Lucindale, Naracoorte and Kybybolite – all fierce rivals – the only sides left standing in the KNTFL finals series, the next two weeks are going to be huge for local footy fans.
Lucindale is straight through to the grand final after thumping Naracoorte last week, leaving the Demons to take on traditional foe Kyby in this week’s cut-throat preliminary final – in a rematch of last year’s exhilarating grand final.
There are many fascinating sub-plots to this game – the main ones revolving around Naracoorte.
Naracoorte coach Dean Woosnam stirred up his players for their performance last week and how they bounce back from a tongue-lashing will be vital. They also are under the microscope with injury, with gun on-baller Rob Jones missing the past few weeks with a hamstring but likely to return in a big plus. Utility Mitch Hartree is likely to miss though.
Several Naracoorte players were put under the pump by Lucindale last week and didn’t cope all that well. The likes of James Dixon were clamped in the midfield and full forward Simon Cox didn’t get the delivery he has become used to, while medallist Craig Beggs was beaten in the ruck.
Kyby’s big test will be emulating the same results in those areas – with the added challenge of containing their tormentor Jones as well.
Kyby won the midfield last week but had its biggest win up forward, where coach Scott Carberry was a tower of strength and Sam McCracken and Kelvin Cook were also high marking targets. Naracoorte has more options to cover them than Padthaway did, with Kane Donnelly, Nic Boon, Sid Patterson and Michael Childs capable of taking a tall, so the Kyby big men will have to stand up.
Kyby also needs David Arnold to do well in the ruck against Beggs, who has dominated the last few times he’s played Kyby. Ray Jaensch or one of the Pearce boys will have to play well to cover Cox, while Naracoorte’s small forwards Brett Gould, Michael Parker and Kane Jericho will need to be watched.
Kyby will need its midfield up and going to match it with the pacy Demons, so Michael Pannell, Tom Cooper and Ryan Woite will have a massive job. They will be hoping quick rover and captain Mark Slotegraaf has recovered from a hip injury.
If they can get their share in the middle and put it forward with precision to the tall forwards, Kyby is a chance to win. If they don’t, and Carberry can’t stamp his high-marking influence on the game, Naracoorte will win and continue a long run of victories over their arch-rivals.
Reserves: Naracoorte v Penola. Penola would have few friends in the betting ring for this one, facing a side they were thumped by 65 points by in the qualifying final a fortnight ago.
Penola’s trumps are veterans Justin Robbie, Daniel Flint and Simon Zadow, who all have significant A grade experience, as well as forward Shaun Minge who can mark and kick goals on his day. They also have a lot of pace in young legs, which is where finals are won.
But Naracoorte just looks to have too many good players. They lost to Keith last week but with players like full forward Sam Logan, Shaun Taylor, Paul McRostie and coach Brendon Ross, they will be hot favourites and should go on to their second grand final in a row.
? The 5TCB radio broadcasting team will be at Lucindale on Saturday for the NAB live broadcast of the preliminary final. Enjoy a great game called by John Watson and Tony O’Connell with comments from Jamie Tidy and Chris Burford on 106.1 Bordertown, 104.5 Keith, 98.5 Padthaway and 89.7 Naracoorte.



by Terry Willoughby – September 5, 2011

The KNT 2nd Semi final was expected to be a close, high scoring and high quality game but nobody expected the shock result they got. Naracoorte started as favorites especially after some midweek awards suggested that Lucindale had a monumental task ahead. Naracoorte players won the Mail Medal, the Player of the Year and the leading goalkicker so why wouldn’t they continue to dominate?

Lucindale had other ideas however, and they took control from the start. All their big guns were firing and they quickly raced to a big lead with Snowball giving Beggs a bit of a touch-up in the ruck and around the ground which sent the ball forward to coach Todd Price and other forwards Mardling and Walsh who outplayed Naracoorte’s defenders to give Lucindale a 6 goal lead at ¼ time. Naracoorte needed a lift and quick goals and whilst they stemmed the tide briefly Lucindale again outscored them with former coach Aaron Smart winning well around the packs and on the ground to help his team to a 54 point lead at ½ time. Time and again Lucindale punished Naracoorte when they turned the ball over.

A shuffling of the deck chairs at the start of the 2nd half did little as the next tsunami was about to wash over Naracoorte when Lucindale banged through 9 goals straight and march into the grand final. Every Lucindale player was involved with Kane and Jamie McCarthy starring and lesser lights Ethan Gill and Joe Foster giving plenty. Lucindale would finish with 11 individual goal-kickers and they went on with the job in the last quarter.

Like the words of the song “like a snowball down a mountain”, well Lucindale had the Snowball and rolled over Naracoorte whose “carnival balloon” had clearly popped. They added another 7 goals to complete the demolition and win by 122 points. Almost everyone could have been named in the best players but Aaron Smart, Kane and Jamie McCarthy, Travis Ware, Ethan Gill and Joe Foster were standouts. Naracoorte coach Dean Woosnam sat his players down after the game and whilst he has plenty to think about he also has plenty of ammunition to fire. His team hadn’t won a position on the ground with only Brodie Borg, Nathan Smith and Brett Gould giving battling performances.

The 1st quarter of the KNT 1st Semi was even with Scott Carberry looming as a big danger for Kyby. Neither team was able to gain an ascendency but the ball flashed up and back with clean skill and open football. Kyby had more contributors with on-ballers Woite and Buckley doing well. Ruckman Dave Arnold was doing well around the ground and Tom Pearce kept the Padthaway forwards quiet.

Kyby started the 2nd half with a 15 point lead and although Padthaway battled hard with Wanders and Degabrielle doing well and Moon dangerous near goal they couldn’t bridge the gap. The Lions raised another effort at the start of the final quarter and closed the margin to a point but Scott Carberry broke the game Kyby’s way with 3 last quarter goals and see his team home by 15 points. His 9 goals were the difference, others to do well were Dave Arnold, Tom Cooper on the ball, Ciaran Buckley and Woite. Padthaway were gallant in defeat with Wanders, Degabrielle, Cody Marshall and the dangerous Brendan Moon among their best.

2nd Semi Final at Mundulla – September 3, 2011

LUCINDALE                            7.4,  12.9,  21.9,  28.12  (180)

NARACOORTE                        1.1,  4.3,  5.7,  8.10  (58)

Goals, Lucindale A Grade : Todd Price 8, Samuel Mardling 4, Mark Snowball 3, Timothy Walsh 3, Ethan Gill 2, Shane Mcgurk 2, Travis Ware 2, Ryan Mcinerney 1, Jamie Mccarthy 1, Robert Handbury 1, Kane Mccarthy 1. Naracoorte A Grade : Simon Cox 2, Brett Gould 2, Jeffrey Sellars 1, Michael Childs 1, James Dixon 1, Brodie Borg 1. Best, Lucindale A Grade : Aaron Smart, Kane Mccarthy, Jamie Mccarthy, Travis Ware, Ethan Gill, Joe Foster. Naracoorte A Grade : Brodie Borg, Nathan Smith, Brett Gould, Jake Gilbert

First Semi Final at Kingston – September 4, 2011





17.14 (116)





15.11 (101)

Goals, Kybybolite – Scott Carberry 9, Tony Olsen 2, Samuel Mccracken 2, Christopher Hanley 2, Kelvin Cook 1, Michael Pannell 1.  Padthaway – Brendon Moon 4, Jason Degabriele 2, George Verco 2, Matt Lampard 2, Jason Dicker 1, Tom Mclennan 1, Mark Edwards 1, Aaron Wanders 1, Nash Stark 1. Best, Kybybolite -David Arnold, Scott Carberry, Tom Cooper  , Thomas Pearce, Ciaran Buckley, Ryan Woite


Friday 2 September 2011

Naracoorte Ruckman Craig Beggs has won this years Medal after an awards night at the Bushman’s Arm Hotel in Naracoorte.

He polled 29 votes, to win by a massive margin of 10 from Penola’s Luke Duncan who finished on 19.

Craig Beggs also recieved a $200 cheque from Hansen Design & Print which presented by Rowan Wilken.

The Rising Star Award was won by Spencer Jackman of Penola.


Craig Beggs (Narc) 29

Luke Duncan (Pen) 19

Ryan McInerney (Ldale) 17

Aaron Wanders (Pad) 15

Andrew Wilson (Keith) 15

Grady Obst (Mun) 15

Jason DeGabrielle (Pad) 14

David Arnold (Kyby) 14

Tom Cooper (Kyby) 12

Nick Tarca (B/Districts) 11

It was a big night for the Demons, ahead of their 2nd Semi Final against Lucindale on Saturday. Dean Woosnam won the Coach of the year, Simon Cox was named full forward on the Team of the year after kicking 101 goals and Mitch Hartree and Robert Jones were both named in the side which is listed below.

38th Naracoorte Herald “Team of the year”

F.F.      Paul Smith BD                  Simon Cox Nar                 Todd Price Luc

HF       James Dixon Nar              Tim Walsh Luc                 Andrew Wilson Keith

C          Ryan McInerney Luc       Luke Duncan Pen            Jason Degabriele Pad

HB       Kane Cuthertson Bor      Ray Jaensch Kyby            Mitch Hartree Nar

FB       Nathan Smith Nar            Spencer Jackman Pen      Grady Obst Mun

Ruck    Craig Beggs Nar              Michael Pannell Kyby       Robert Jones Nar

Int Neil Reeves KL, George Verco Pad, Nick Tarca BD, Tom Cooper Kyby

Coach Dean Woosman Nar


September 1 , 2011

TWO clashes of traditional rivals will provide great country footy viewing this weekend in the KNTFL semi-finals round.
In Saturday’s second semi, Naracoorte and Lucindale will renew their bitter rivalry of a few years ago when they were the two top dogs, while on Sunday a stumbling Kybybolite will have to pull out all stops to beat a resurgent Padthaway side which would rate a first semi-final win over Kyby a club history highlight.
Second semi-final: Naracoorte v Lucindale. This will be a cracking game between the two stand-out sides of the year. They have met only once this year, and it was a classic where Lucindale led for much of the day but kicked themselves out of it with 9.21 to Naracoorte’s 14.9.
Where Naracoorte had a massive win that day was that Lucindale’s three biggest keys were kept out of the game. Ruckmen Snowball and Walsh were quiet – although Walsh kicked four goals – and on-baller McInerney had a rare off day.
These three players were the key to last weekend’s win, and they will be the keys to this weekend’s result. While Lucindale has very good depth, pace and skill around the ground, if Snowball and Walsh can win the taps down to on-ballers McInerney, Smart and the McCarthys and then rest forward and kick half a dozen goals themselves, Lucindale will be very hard to beat.
Then again, Naracoorte has one of the form ruckmen of the league in Beggs feeding quality Demon on-ballers Dixon, Smith, Gould and Sellars.
Naracoorte looks likely to be without handy midfielders Jones and Prebble, but their loss can be covered with the Demons’ enviable depth.
Naracoorte is the reigning premier and knows what second semi-finals are about.
Lucindale hasn’t put a foot wrong apart from that one loss to Naracoorte and another surprise defeat to Kaniva/Leeor United, but Naracoorte has been here so many times before that it would be a real surprise to see them lose. Names like Hartree, Donnelly, Munro, Childs, Pope, Parker and Symons will be there like they’ve always been, and full forward Cox will be about the place as well.
First semi-final: Kybybolite v Padthaway. Kyby has also been around the mark with three top three finishes in four years, but the Tigers will really be up against it facing a Padthaway side ravenous for more finals blood after last week’s fantastic effort.
The Lions had all their big guns blazing last week and showed what they’re capable of. Their two keys in the middle are undoubtedly Wanders and DeGabrielle, with help from Boyanton and Stark, then they have marking targets Lampard and Verco, goalsneak Moon, Pohlner who can play forward or back, Edwards in the same mould and Francis marshalling an impressive back six.
All that adds up to a big challenge for Kyby, who have just as many prime movers but who aren’t producing consistently enough.
The Tigers don’t have the same depth as last year, so more falls on the shoulders of on-ballers Michael Pannell and Cooper, who have both had great years, as well as key fowards Cook, Carberry and McCracken, ruckman Arnold and defenders Ray Jaensch and Buckley. Kyby’s roving captain Slotegraaf and utility Rosser look in serious doubt with injuries.
On the open expanses of the Kingston oval, the Kyby boys will have to get their skates on to match it with the slick Padthaway runners who kept going all day last Sunday. If they’re allowed room, they will cut Kyby up and the Lions will kick another winning score.
Kyby handled Padthaway by 11 points at their only meeting this year, and this one might be just as close – although it could fall the other way.


by Terry Willoughby – Monday August 29, 2011

Kybybolite started well and matched Lucindale throughout the 1st quarter of the KNT qualifying final. They continued to keep the talented Lucindale outfit in touch until losing players to injury near half-time. Lucindale goaled  late in the quarter whilst Kyby missed vital chances and trailed by 10 points.

Kyby also lost key on-baller Michael Pannell to a yellow card and Lucindale took complete control with mid-fielder Ryan McInerney starring. Key defender Josh Walker cut off many Kyby forward moves and ruckman Mark Snowball controlled the stoppages and marking duels. Lucindale rammed through 9 goals and crushed Kyby’s chances in the quarter. Todd Price and Tim Walsh both booted 5 goals as Kybys’ defence was overwhelmed.

Lucindale again had most of the play in the last quarter and won easily by 60 points. McInerney was best on ground for Lucindale but they had many good players including Walker, Snowball, Jamie McCarthy and Ethan Gill.

Kyby’s best stood out early but were hard pressed after ½ time, Michael and Tim Pannell persisted for 4 quarters, Ciaran Buckley and Ryan Woite battled hard against quality opposition.

Recent seasons cellar dwellers Padthaway and Border Districts put on a goal-kicking display in the Elimination final. Borders led throughout the 1st half with twin forwards Barras and Smith proving a headache to Padthaway defenders. The Lions were doing well but they couldn’t bridge the gap and Borders led by 20 points at ½ time.

Slowly the Lions pegged back the lead as Borders appeared to be fading and the lead changed hands late in the 3rd term. Borders again rallied and reached the lead but Brendan Moon was dynamic for Padthaway as they kept coming and again took the lead after booting 7 straight goals in the last quarter to win by 16 points. Moon was the star for the Lions and booted 10 goals, George Verco and nuggety little man Darcy Boyanton played 4 strong quarters and Aaron Wanders added a touch of class when required.

Greg Hamilton was best for Borders along with Barras who booted 7 goals, Clint Robinson and Nick Tarca. Padthaway advance to the 1st semi after their first finals win in over 15 years. 

Qualifying Final at Keith – August 27, 2011

LUCINDALE                         4.2,  7.6,  16.8,  19.13  (127)

KYBYBOLITE                      4.1,  6.2,  8.5,  10.7  (67)

Goals, Lucindale: Todd Price 5, Timothy Walsh 5, Ryan Mcinerney 3, Mark Snowball 2, Samuel Mardling 2, Kane Mccarthy 1, Shane Mcgurk 1.  Kybybolite:  Scott Carberry 3, Kelvin Cook 2, David Arnold 1, Samuel Mccracken 1, Samuel Johnson 1, Christopher Hanley 1, Stephen Craig 1.  Best, Lucindale: Ryan Mcinerney, Joshua Walker, Mark Snowball, Jamie Mccarthy, Ethan Gill, Shane Mcgurk.  Kybybolite: Michael Pannell, Ciaran Buckley, Tim Pannell, Ryan Woite, Kelvin Cook, Christopher Hanley

Elimination Final at Kybybolite – August 28, 2011

PADTHAWAY                         5.2,  10.7,  16.9,  23.9  (147)

Border Districts                   9.2,  14.3,  16.6,  20.11  (131)

Goals, Padthaway – Brendon Moon 10, Matt Lampard 3, Brett Fidge 3, Malcolm Pohlner 2, Jason Degabriele 2, George Verco 2, Aaron Wanders 1.  Border Districts: Clint Barras 7, Paul Smith 6, Jay Zeuner 1, Matt White 1, Nick Tarca 1, Clinton Robinson 1, Stephen Pretlove 1, Gregory Hamilton 1, Mark Lemon 1.  Best, Padthaway: Brendon Moon, George Verco, Darcy Boyanton, Aaron Wanders, Jason Degabriele, Nash Stark.  Border Districts: Gregory Hamilton, Clint Barras, Clinton Robinson, Mark Ellis, Nick Tarca, Paul Smith


August 25, 2011

ALL five finals teams will be from the former KNFL area based around Naracoorte for the first time in KNTFL history when the major round starts on Saturday.
There will be plenty of local interest in both of the A grade games, with Lucindale playing Kybybolite at Keith on Saturday and Border Districts facing Padthaway at Kyby on Sunday.
QUALIFYING FINAL – Lucindale v Kybybolite
Lucindale has the wood over Kyby this season with two wins from two games. The first was only by 12 points back in round 1, but the second only a month ago was by 88 points, which was a telling statement from the Roos about how far the top two sides were ahead of the rest.
How much psychological damage was done that day will be a key to the result of this game, as Kyby was embarassed and will need to go about it totally differently to get a different result this time around.
Lucindale dominated in most areas last time they played, but their most pronounced advantage was in the air. Ruckmen Mark Snowball and Tim Walsh won in the middle and also had an impact when resting up forward, as Kyby couldn’t get a match-up for them, while young Ethan Gill was also too big and strong.
The Roos also got great service from small forwards like coach Todd Price, Sam Mardling and Tristan Menz.
They were also far too fast and composed with the ball, with Josh Teakle, Kane McCarthy, Jason Walker, Jamie McCarthy and Shane McGurk too quick.
So where can Kyby turn it around? The Tigers will need to break even in the ruck, which Dave Arnold is capable of doing, they need to lock down the Lucindale runners with big games from Ryan Woite, Tim and Michael Pannell, Mark Slotegraaf, Adam Vasey and Chris Hanley. They need their defence led by Ray Jaensch and the Pearce brothers to be watertight.
But mainly they need their forward line to stand up. Kelvin Cook at half forward is a good leading option but the keys are coach Scott Carberry and Sam McCracken in the goalsquare. If those two can lead and mark strongly and kick half a dozen goals each, Kyby can win.
If they don’t have dominant games, Kyby will lose, and it might blow out like the last time they met.
ELIMINATION FINAL – Border Districts v Padthaway
Padthaway is two from two over Border Districts this year, handling them comfortably by 45 points in round 2 and by 25 in round 13. But finals are a different game.
This will be a spectacular contest between two sides which haven’t had a lot of finals action – Padthaway hasn’t played in the major round since 1995 – and both love to play open, hard-hitting football which will be great to watch.
Both teams come into the finals with excellent form – Borders have won four of their past five, losing only to Lucindale, while Padthaway has won five of its last seven, losing only to Lucindale and Naracoorte.
The clash of midfields will be a key, with Padthaway’s led by its imports Jason Degabrielle, Aaron Wanders, Nash Stark and Scott Galloway, while Borders will throw Steve Pretlove, Nick Tarca, Clint Robinson and Greg Hamilton at them.
Borders’ forward line might be where the game is won or lost. Paul Smith is one of the outstanding full forwards of the competition and Shaun King and whippet Clint Barras are ideal foils for him. If Borders can get enough ball into their forward 50, Smith will be hard to stop.
At the other end, Padthaway will miss injured star Matt Lampard but George Verco and Mark Edwards are capable of filling the void and if Brendan Moon is back in the side, he will cause some headaches.
It’s hard to see where either side might have an edge, but perhaps it might be in the depth of the Borders side. They have been able to bring a handful of quality juniors through and they have proven handy 20th or 21st players and their pace in a final could be vital.
If everyone is fit, Padthaway will field a very strong side, but if a couple are out they will fall away in quality and this could give the edge to Borders in what will be a very closely fought match.




22 AUGUST 2011

Kybybolite sent Penola tumbling from the  KNT top five with a 39 point win. Kyby with a potent forward line functioning well grabbed a three goal lead at quarter-time and although Penola matched them on the scoreboard in the 2nd quarter they couldn’t contain them. Kyby forged further ahead in the 3rd quarter with Dave Arnold and fellow on-ballers Ryan Woite, Michael and Tim Pannell in every forward move. Key forwards Sam McCracken and Scott Carberry were too big and strong as Kyby raced to a 55point lead and Penola’s finals hopes vanished. Adam Merrett, veteran Paul Mullen and coach Luke Duncan fought hard to the finish for Penola but Kyby were too strong and won comfortably.

Keith conceded an early lead to Mundulla but fought back strongly in the middle quarters to reach the lead by 9 points at ¾ time. Both sides went hard for a win in the last term but the scores were level on 90 points each at the final siren. The consistent Jake McGrice and Brad Milligan stood out for Mundulla along with Nick Davis and Ben Douglas who booted 6 goals. Stalwarts Tom Redden and Nick Hunt nearly lifted Keith to a win and Jason Snajdar booted 6 goals.

Border Districts climbed to 4th with a percentage boosting 143 point win over the hapless Kingston whose disastrous season ended without a win. Paul Smith with 12 and Clint Barras 8 goals dominated on the forward line for Borders whilst Nick Tarca and Jay Zeuner gathered possessions with scarcely any pressure.

Kaniva-Leeor United after looking a finals prospect earlier defeated a disappointing Bordertown by 67 points. Regular goal-kickers Ash Baxter and Dylan Williams booted 5 a piece whilst consistent Brad McCabe, Neil Reeve and Matt Corstens were among KLU’s best. Bordertown promised much at times during the year but delivered little.

Naracoorte were too strong for gallant Padthaway with Simon Cox booting 10 goals to reach the century. The win by almost 10 goals enabled Naracoorte to go to the top spot as Lucindale had the bye. Padthaway remain in the five despite the loss and will play in finals after many seasons near the bottom. Cox , Matt Wilson and James Dixon were best for Naracoorte whilst George Verco, Tom McLennan and Darren Francis worked hard for Padthaway.      

Round 18 scores – August 20, 2011

Kaniva Leeor




19.17 (131)





8.16 (64)

Best: Kaniva Leeor – B. Mccabe, N. Reeve, M. Corstens, A. Baxter, C. Meyer, S. Vivian. Bordertown – M. Hayes, J. Jarrett, J. Grosser, C. Williams, D. Wurst, M. Tober. Goals: Kaniva Leeor – A. Baxter 5, D. Williams 5, B. Mccabe 2, M. Skrypek 2, S. Vivian 2, M. Corstens , A. Brown , T. Hawker. Bordertown – S. Sverdloff 2, J. Grosser 2, M. Hayes 2, J. Taylor , L. Exton

Border Dists




32.14 (206)





10.3 (63)

Best: Borders – N. Tarca, J. Zeuner, G. Hamilton, C. Barras, P. Smith, D. Moore. Kingston – D. Richardson, M. Hamlyn, D. Werner, T. Borrillo, T. Rothall, R. Clarke. Goals: Borders – P. Smith 12, C. Barras 8, S. King 4, C. Robinson 2, J. Zeuner 2, G. Hamilton , R. Oliver , G. Mcwaters , F. Freeman. Kingston – K. Scott 3, B. Teakle 3, R. Clarke , J. Gould , D. Richardson , D. Werner





23.11 (149)





16.14 (110)

Best: Kyby – D. Arnold, R. Woite, M. Pannell, T. Pannell, S. Johnson, S. Craig.  Penola – A. Merrett, P. Mullen, L. Duncan, M. Merrrett, S. Jackman, K. Ransom. Goals: Kyby – S. Mccracken 5, S. Johnson 4, S. Carberry 3, M. Slotegraaf 2, A. Vasey 2, R. Jaensch , J. Bittner , M. Pannell , R. Woite , C. Hanley , D. Arnold , K. Cook. Penola – C. Hicks 4, L. Duncan 3, D. Hutchings 2, L. Jones 2, M. Deveraux 2, A. Merrett , S. Davoren , N. Clayfield





13.12 (90)





14.6 (90)

Best: Mundulla – J. Mcgrice, B. Milligan, N. Davis, B. Douglas, G. Obst, B. Packer.  Keith – T. Redden, N. Hunt, M. Tucker, T. Mayfield, P. Makin, S. Mcmurray. Goals: Mundulla – B. Douglas 5, J. Mock 2, B. Packer 2, D. Wiese , G. Obst , N. Davis , J. Mcgrice. Keith – J. Snajdar 6, J. Mcentee 5, T. Redden 2, A. Willis





25.14 (164)





15.9 (99)

Best: Naracoorte – S. Cox, J. Dixon, M. Willson, D. Link, C. Beggs, L. Symons. Padthaway – G. Verco, T. Mclennan, D. Francis, B. Fidge, T. Forgan, D. Boyanton. Goals: Naracoorte – S. Cox 10, M. Parker 3, L. Symons 3, J. Dixon 3, C. Beggs 2, B. Borg , M. Hartree , J. Sellars , M. Willson. Padthaway – D. Boyanton 3, J. Degabriele 3, M. Edwards 2, C. Brown 2, B. Ryan , B. Fidge , G. Verco , N. Stark , D. Francis


August 18, 2011

THE KNTFL minor round is set for a thrilling climax on Saturday, with three teams vying for just two top five positions.
Penola’s surprise loss to Mundulla last Saturday has put the Eagles in the box seat to be eliminated from the finals reckoning in a cruel blow after they had been so good for much of the year.
Amazingly, if Penola had won last week, they would have been playing for third spot this Saturday, but now they are staring at certain elimination if they lose to third-ranked Kybybolite.
Padthaway jumped past Penola on the ladder but faces Naracoorte this week so is also no guarantee to make it, while Border Districts can slip into fourth or even fifth spot by beating Kingston and relying on Padthaway and/or Penola losing.
The most likely scenario is that Borders will win and gain enough percentage to claim a finals spot, while the other will go to Penola if it can beat Kyby, or Padthaway if Penola loses.
Naracoorte v Padthaway
Can Padthaway produce one of its famous victories over Naracoorte in perhaps the most important game in the club’s past 16 seasons?
The Lions haven’t played finals since 1995 and they absolutely love beating the old foe Naracoorte, so there would be no sweeter way for them to break their major round drought.
It would take their very best effort though – and even then, Naracoorte would have to have a down day themselves to allow the Lions in.
It’s not out of the question, as Padthaway has one of the stronger midfields around in DeGabrielle, Wanders, Stark and Edwards, while key forwards Verco and Lampard and surprise packet Moon are capable of kicking a winning score.
But against the likes of Dixon, Symons, Smith, Munro and Jericho around the middle and creative defenders Donnelly, Patterson, Boon and Hartree, there’s not any weak link in the Demon machine.
Padthaway is not without a chance of causing an upset, but with ruckman Beggs feeding the midfield all day and Childs to back him up, Naracoorte will be hard to stop.
Mundulla v Keith
Both of these sides have hit some late season form and this will be a very competitive game despite not counting for anything apart from pride.
Mundulla beat Penola last week and matched it with top three team Kyby the week before, so the Moots might win, but a Keith win wouldn’t surprise at all.
Kybybolite v Penola
Penola must be wondering what’s gone wrong in the second half of the year after they looked hot favourites to seal third spot and a finals double chance.
Now, unless they can pull off an upset here, they will miss out altogether. But don’t worry, a win is not out of the question.
The Eagles smashed Kyby when they met earlier in the year, belting them off the Penola ground by 10 goals, but momentum has changed since then and Kyby will be firm favourites for this one.
The Tigers are likely to get a handful of players back from injury after enjoying the bye last week and they will be very keen to head into next week’s finals with some good form from this game.
They were outrun in the round 7 game against Penola and will have to have their skates on this time around or it could happen again – thaty’s unlikely though, Kyby should win a hard-fought game.
Kingston v Border Districts
Borders surely won’t fall at the last hurdle as they attempt to make their first finals series in a few years. If Penola loses, Borders only need to beat the winless bottom team to make it, but if they have a big win by well over 10 goals, they will lift their percentage above Padthaway’s, assuming Padthaway loses to Naracoorte.
With full forward Paul Smith back last week and kicking six goals in the hard-fought win over K/L United, Borders looked a side capable of winning finals.
They won’t need to repeat that form to get the points here, but coach Andrew Michelmore would love a crushing win so they can enter the finals with momentum.
K/L United v Bordertown
It’s the season that nearly was for United, who have played some stunning football this year but have been the unluckiest side going around, losing five games by three goals or less.
They featured in another thriller when they played Bordertown back in round 7, that time getting over the line by just three points, and this one promises to be just as tight and hard-fought.
There’s nothing but pride on the line with both sides out of the finals reckoning, but United’s midfield might hold the edge, with the class of Williams, McCabe Skrypek and ruckman Reeves to the fore.




15 AUGUST 2011

Mundulla upset Penola’s day in KNT football and threw their finals hopes into the fire with an upset 19 point win. The Moots overcame a 2 goal deficit at quarter-time and raced to 19 point lead by ½ time with consistent performers Grady Obst and Boyd Packer leading the way in the midfield. Cody Hicks and former coach Paul Mullen tried to lift Penola after half-time but Mundulla remained steady and even though the last quarter lacked goals they held Penola out with strong-work from Nick Davis and Craig Wiese. Penola’s loss now places them in danger of missing out after looking safe 2 rounds ago.

Lucindale dominated from the start over Bordertown. Never threatened at any stage the Roo’s powerful midfield and on-ball brigade won everywhere and Bordertown couldn’t stop them. Each week someone different is able to boot a bag of goals, this time it was Tim Walsh with 7. It was a complete team effort by Lucindale who won easily by 128 points.

Padthaway climbed to 4th place on the ladder by inflicting another belting on Kingston. The Saints were in touch early but not for long. Key forward George Verco booted 6 goals for Padthaway and mid-fielders Jason Dicker and Jason Degabriele starred.

Border Districts got back into winning form after last weeks thrashing by holding out the fast finishing Kaniva-Leeor United by 7 points. Borders had been the better side for 3 quarters with Paul Smith back in touch to boot 6 goals at full forward. They kicked clear of KLU to lead by 31 points at ¾ time and victory seemed assured but KLU stormed back with 8 last quarter goals and very nearly steal the game. Clint Robinson, Nick Thomson, Smith and classy Nick Tarca had enough of the ball to keep Borders ahead at siren-time. Brad McCabe, Ash Baxter and Neil Reeve were again amongst KLU’s best.

Keith veterans Nick Hunt, Tom Redden and full forward Jason Snajdar, 7 goals played fine games but were not able to get their team over the line against Naracoorte. The flag favorites were always in front but never by much. Strong performances from on-ballers Nathan Smith, Brett Gould and ruckman Craig Beggs combined with Simon Cox 8 goals proved the difference. Keith closed the margin to 7 points with a quarter to play but Naracoorte just had too much talent and kicked away to win by 22 points.                   

Round 17 scores – August 13, 2011

Padthaway                         3.4,  9.8,  15.11,  20.18  (138)

Kingston                              2.3,  2.4,  3.5,  4.6  (30)

Goals, Padthaway : George Verco 6, Jason Dicker 3, Brett Fidge 3, Scott Galloway 2, Matt Lampard 2, Darcy Boyanton 1, Jason Degabriele 1, Nash Stark 1, Darren Francis 1. Kingston – Matthew Menz 2, Jacob Brown 1, Thomas Borrillo 1.   Best, Padthaway :  Jason Dicker, Jason Degabriele, George Verco, Cory Brown, Nash Stark, Scott Galloway.  Kingston: Matthew Cooper, Paul Bott, Jacob Brown, Josh Gould, Trent Rothall, Thomas Borrillo

Naracoorte                        5.2,  10.7,  13.8,  18.14  (122)

Keith                                   2.3,  8.4,  12.7,  15.10  (100)

Goals, Naracoorte: Simon Cox 8, James Dixon 3, Sam Willson 2, Brett Gould 2, Michael Childs 1, Matt Willson 1, Nathan Smith 1.  Keith: Jason Snajdar 7, James Mcentee 3, Andrew Willis 1, Henry Johnson 1, Tom Redden 1, Mark Tucker 1, Alexander Bowley 1. Best, Naracoorte: Nathan Smith, Tom Prebble, Brett Gould, Craig Beggs, Simon Cox, Brodie Borg.  Keith: Nick Hunt, Tom Redden, Mark Tucker, Jason Snajdar, Steven Molineux, Henry Johnson

Mundulla                          2.3,  9.6,  12.9,  13.13  (91)

Penola                               4.3,  6.5,  10.6,  11.6  (72)

Goals, Mundulla :  Jordan Brown 4, Jake Mcgrice 1, Heath Thorpe 1, Nicky Davis 1, Darren Wiese 1, Jason Milligan 1,

Boyd Packer 1, Daniel Mead 1, Jonathan Mock 1, Sam Luckett 1.  Penola: Daniel Hutchings 4, Mathew Tilby 2, Luke Duncan 1, Simon Merrett 1, Lachlan Jones 1, Kane Ransom 1, Cody Hicks 1.  Best, Mundulla: Grady Obst, Boyd Packer, Craig Wiese, Nicky Davis, Jake Mcgrice, Jonathan Mock.  Penola: Cody Hicks, Paul Mullen, Spencer Jackman, Kane Ransom, Adam Merrett, Brad Maney

Border Districts              3.3,  7.5,  11.6,  15.8  (98)

K L United                          3.1,  3.3,  6.5,  14.7  (91)

Goals, Border Districts : Paul Smith 6, Clint Barras 3, Matt White 2, Nick Tarca 1, Rodney Oliver 1, Gregory Hamilton 1, Mark Lemon 1.  K L United:  Alex Brown 3, Matt Corstens 2, Ashley Baxter 2, Dylan Williams 2, Travis Lannin 1, Brad Mccabe 1, Jonty Brown 1, Leon Fischer 1, Tyson Hawker 1.  Best, Border Districts: Clinton Robinson, Nick Thomson, Paul Smith, Nick Tarca, Mark Lemon, Sean King.  K L United: Brad Mccabe, Ashley Baxter, Neil Reeve, Shane Dodson, Travis Lannin, Leon Fischer

Lucindale                      6.4,  14.8,  18.12,  24.20  (164)

Bordertown                  0.1,  2.1,  4.3,  5.6  (36)

Goals, Lucindale: Timothy Walsh 7, Todd Price 3, Ryan Mcinerney 3, Robert Handbury 3, Samuel Mardling 3, Josh Teakle 2, Joshua Walker 1, Tristan Menz 1, Kyle Press 1.  Bordertown: Sam Sverdloff 2, Jed Jarrett 2, Jamie Grosser 1.  Best, Lucindale: Not Av. Bordertown – Clinton Williams, Jed Jarrett, Matthew Tober, Jamie Grosser, Joshua Searle, Bradley Simcock


August 8, 2011

THE seasons of Border Districts and Penola will be on the line in a big round of KNTFL football this weekend.
Borders need to win against K/L United to have any chance of displacing Padthaway from fifth spot, while Penola has to beat Mundulla to have a shot at snatching third spot and the finals double chance from Kybybolite.
With only two rounds left in the season, the finals race is going to go right down to the wire.
Padthaway v Kingston.

This should be a regulation win for Padthaway, with Lions fans probably showing as much interest in the Border Districts v K/L game as their own.
If Padthaway beats Kingston, which it should do comfortably, and Borders lose to K/L, then Padthaway will contest its first finals series since 1995.
Percentage might also come into it – if Padthaway thrashes Kingston by enough, it could sneak in front of Borders on percentage and could then make the finals even if Borders wins both of its remaining matches and Padthaway loses to Naracoorte next week.
Bottom line this week – Padthaway will want to win big.
Keith v Naracoorte.

This game won’t have any impact on the ladder apart from maybe Naracoorte seeking a huge win to boost its percentage in the hope of knocking Lucindale off top spot.
Keith has had a very competitive second half of the year and won’t be a pushover, especially coming off last week’s bye, but Naracoorte is going well and would be expecting a comfortable win here.
Penola v Mundulla.

This is a danger game for Penola, as the Eagles face one of the best sides in the lower half of the ladder and on their day Mundulla is a very capable unit.
Despite missing a handful of good players last week, the Moots took it right up to top three side Kyby, and if Penola isn’t switched on it will find itself faced with a tough challenge too.
Mundulla can rely on a good showing by coach Thorpe, Jon Mock, Excell and Obst, and if those players are allowed enough latitude, they will make the Eagles pay.
Penola might just win a close one, but an upset wouldn’t surprise.
Border Districts v K/L United.

K/L United had its season shot last week and it will be interesting to see how they respond against another team in about the same position on the ladder as them.
For Borders the equation is quite simple: they need to win this week and again next week against Kingston and they will probably play finals (unless Padthaway upsets Naracoorte next week).
But they need to look at first things first. K/L is a very good side on its day and should put up a huge fight despite the disappointment of last week’s loss spelling the end of their finals campaign.
Borders will need to contain the United runners and also produce enough of its own drive, which it should be able to do through the likes of the in-form Tarca and Lemon.
They would love goalkicker Smith back to straighten them up, but Robinson and King should kick enough goals in his absence to get the win anyway.
Bordertown v Lucindale.

Lucindale continues to take all before it at the moment and Bordertown should only be a minor hump in the road for them.
With such a good balance of talls and smalls and a dangerous forward line with multiple targets, the Roos look the goods at the moment and should get over the line easily here.
Kyby has the bye this week.


8 AUGUST 2011

Padthaway and Kaniva-Leeor United were locked in a battle for 5th spot. The lead changed hands often with KLU narrowly ahead by 10 points at the long break. It was not a high scoring affair with both teams battling hard to keep the other out. Padthaway started to get on top in the 3rd quarter through classy centreman Jason Degabriele and key forward Brendon Moon who finished with 6 goals. This gave the Lions a narrow 7 point lead at ¾ time. KLU weren’t done with and both sides went goal for goal in an exciting last term but the Lions were in front by a goal at the finish and probably ended KLU’s finals hopes. Degabriele, Moon and Nash Stark in defence were Padthaways best in an entertaining game. The consistent Brad McCabe played strongly for KLU and Anthony Carlile booted 5 goals.

Lucindale blew another finals aspirant in Border Districts away by 134 points. Lucindale never gave Borders a sniff, keeping them scoreless in the 2nd quarter whilst they raced to a 62 point lead. Classy forwards Sam Mardling and Todd Price with 7 and 5 goals respectively finished of the dominace of Ryan McInerney in the centre. Borders better players were hardly sighted and Lucindale continued to dominate and added a lazy 9 goals in the last to completely demoralize Borders. Ethan Gill, Sam Graetz, Jamie McCarthy and McInerney were  the stars for Lucindale. Veteran Rick Adams, a victim in many a thrashing was best for Border Districts.

Kybybolite strengthened their hold on 3rd spot with a comfortable win over Mundulla. The Moots were always competitive but could never quite get on terms with the more talented Kyby who edged further ahead all day. The Tigers had greater goal-kicking targets and Mundulla couldn’t contain them. Michael Pannell was best on the ball for Kyby, ruck/forward  Chris Hanley booted 4 goals and Kelvin Cook starred for Kyby. Consistent performers Jake McGrice, Jason Milligan and Ryan Pilgrim tried hard for Mundulla.

Penola seriously challenged top side Naracoorte in the 1st half with coach Luke Duncan in everything. He had willing helpers across the mid-field in Lachlan Jones, Jacob Pfitzner and Cody Hicks and they went goal for goal with Naracoorte and only trailed by 3 points with a half to play. Naracoorte with Craig Beggs dominating the stoppages took over in the 3rd term and snuffed out any challenge Penola presented. They slammed on 9 goals to 2 and held a commanding 49 point lead at ¾ time. On-baller Nathan Smith drove his team forward repeatedly and forwards Simon Cox 7 and Brett Gould 4 goals completed the rout. Naracoorte added a further 6 goals in the last quarter to win by 61 points. Kingston, Bordertown and Keith had byes to round out the draw.

Round 16 – August 6, 2011

PADTHAWAY                         3.0,  4.2,  9.8,  13.10  (88)

K L UNITED                             2.3,  5.6,  8.7,  12.10  (82)

Goals, Padthaway: Brendon Moon 6, Ben Ryan 2, Malcolm Pohlner 1, George Verco 1, Jason Degabriele 1, Jason Dicker 1, Cory Brown 1. K L United: Anthony Carlile 5, Ashley Baxter 2, Dylan Williams 2, Matt Corstens 2, Shane Dodson 1. Best, Padthaway: Jason Degabriele, Brendon Moon, Nash Stark, Jason Dicker, Aaron Wanders, Darren Francis. K L United: Brad McCabe, Royce Taylor, Travis Lannin, Neil Reeve, Jonathon Hicks, Matt Corstens

NARACOORTE                        4.3,  9.8,  18.12,  24.15  (159)

PENOLA                                   3.4,  9.5,  11.5,  15.7  (97)

Goals, Naracoorte: Simon Cox 7, Brett Gould 4, Michael Parker 3, James Dixon 2, Matt Willson 2, Luke Munro 1, Nicholas Boon 1, Tom Prebble 1, Sam Willson 1, Tron Congdon 1, Kane Jericho 1.  Penola: Daniel Hutchings 5, Shannon Fullerton 3, Luke Duncan 2, Cody Hicks 1, Ashley Braun 1, Marcus Deveraux 1,  Jacob Pfitzner 1, Adam Merrett 1.  Best, Naracoorte: Nathan Smith, Craig Beggs, Matt Willson, Simon Cox, Daniel Link, Luke Munro.  Penola: Lachlan Jones, Luke Duncan, Jacob Pfitzner, Cody Hicks, Josh Gale, Nick Clayfield

KYBYBOLITE                        6.3,  10.7,  13.12,  17.15  (117)

MUNDULLA                          4.1,  6.4,  8.5,  13.8  (86)

Goals, Kybybolite: Christopher Hanley 4, Mark  Slotegraaf 3, Scott Carberry 3, Samuel Johnson 3, Ryan Woite 2, Kelvin Cook 1, Ryan Agnew 1.  Mundulla:  Jonathan Mock 4, Boyd Packer 3, Jay Edwards 1, Jake Mcgrice 1, Daniel Mead 1, Ryan Pilgrim 1, Heath Thorpe 1, Jason Milligan 1.  Best, Kybybolite: Michael Pannell, Kelvin Cook, Stephen Craig, Christopher Hanley, Mark  Slotegraaf, Ray Jaensch.  Mundulla: Ryan Pilgrim, Jake Mcgrice, Jason Milligan, Grady Obst, Daniel Mead, Lachlan Duell

LUCINDALE                         6.4,  12.9,  16.15,  25.22  (172)

BORDER DISTRICTS         3.1,  3.1,  5.1,  6.2  (38)

Goals, Lucindale: Samuel Mardling 7, Todd Price 5, Ryan McInerney 4, Ethan Gill 3, Travis Ware 2, Timothy Walsh 2, Mark Snowball 1, Sam Graetz 1.  Border Districts:  Sean King 4, Matt White 2,  Best, Lucindale: Ethan Gill, Sam Graetz, Jamie Mccarthy, Ryan Mcinerney, Tristan Menz, Nathan Clarke.  Border Districts: Rick Adams, Sean King, Mark Lemon, Jarrad Hirst, Paul Light, Stephen Pretlove


AUGUST 4, 2011

A MINI elimination final will be the highlight of this weekend’s round 16 of KNTFL football.

Padthaway will travel to Kaniva/Leeor United, with the sides ranked sixth and seventh on the ladder and the loser almost certain to miss out on a finals spot.

The winner is likely to take fifth spot by Saturday night – with current fifth team Borders facing top team Lucindale this week – but with two rounds of big games left, there are no certainties about who will be inside the five by the end of round 18.

K/L United v Padthaway

This would be a great game anyway with both sides capable of playing superb running football, but considering what’s on the end of it, it will be an absolute cracker.

Both sides deserve to play finals footy but the loser here will find it very hard so it will be desperate high stakes stuff.

Padthaway showed a heap against the top side last week while United suffered a surprise loss, so on that form Padthaway might be favourite here. But United is a different prospect on its own patch with its gun players very hard to stop.

If Daniel Pegler is back in the KL side from injury, they might win, but if not, it opens the door for the Lions to get up; it’s that even.

Padthaway won by only 17 points last time, and this one might be as close.

Naracoorte v Penola

Penola has shown so much at times this year including beating third-ranked Kyby, but if the Eagles are to go deep into the finals they need to be good in games like this one.

They have such a good running side and a good leader in goalkicking on-baller Luke Duncan, but would need to be at full strength to match it with the dynamic Demons.

Naracoorte has a tight defence, top ruckman in Beggs, quality onballers and a multi-pronged forward line, which added to home ground advantage doesn’t auger well for the visitors. If Penola can get within five goals it will be a win of sorts.

Mundulla v Kybybolite

Kyby will be loving the slight easing of pressure this one offers, having faced Lucindale and Naracoorte in consecutive weeks, and the Tigers badly need to bounce back into form.

Last time these two teams met Kyby coach Carberry kicked 10 goals and the Tigers would love to have him back from injury this week to emulate that effort as their forward line has been up and down without him.

Mundulla is still a very outside chance to make finals if it wins its last three, but Kyby is fighting to hold onto third and will have too much to play for to let this one slip.

Lucindale v Border Districts

Lucindale absolutely poleaxed Borders last time they met in round 3 (136 points), but this one promises to be a lot closer, particularly if gun Borders forward Paul Smith is over his hamstring injury.

Borders have produced some stunning footy in the months since then and rightly hold fifth spot at the moment. They beat Naracoorte, came within a point of Kyby and would love to add Lucindale to the collection of scalps.

The Roos won’t be a pushover of course – they aren’t top of the ladder for no reason, and they will be supremely confident of continuing their rich vein of form, especially playing at home. Borders will really battle to stop twin towers Snowball and Walsh and goalkickers Price and Mardling.


1 AUGUST 2011

Padthaway looked set to cement their place in five when they led KNT league leaders Lucindale by 13 points at the halfway mark. Lucindale had struggled to keep Padthaway stars Degabriele and Darren Francis quiet and forward George Verco was another to do well. The 3rd quarter saw Lucindale, with a greater spread of talent led by Mark Snowball around the stoppages and marking contests takeover. They led by only 7 points at ¾ time but Padthaway‘s challenge was fading as defenders Jamie McCarthy and Sam Graetz cut off the road to goal. Lucindale unleashed a 10 goal burst in the last quarter to completely brush Padthaway aside and win easily by 52 points but can’t afford that sort of start in finals. Snowball was best for Lucindale. McCarthy, Tim Walsh and Josh Walker also played well whilst Sam Mardling finished with 6 goals. Padthaways’ best were Francis, Verco and Degabriele but even they were over-run at the end.

Penola easily accounted for winless Kingston by 80 points and appear safely entrenched in the top five. Spenser Jackman continued his good recent form to be best for Penola ahead of veteran Paul Mullen with coach Luke Duncan booting 4 goals. Kingston battled hard for 3 tqrs before Penola raced away in the last quarter with 8 goals.

Naracoorte bolted to a big lead early and had the game in its keeping with a 46 point lead at ½ time. Robert Jones and ruckman Craig Beggs dominated the stoppages and sent Naracoorte forward many times which resulted in goals for Simon Cox, 6, Brett Gould 5, and James Dixon 4. Kyby lifted after ½ time and booted 7 goals to get back in the game but they couldn’t contain Naracoorte who still led by 48 points. Naracoorte eased up a little in the last quarter as Kyby fought on but the margin was too great and the Demons won by 36 points. Jones, Kane Donnelly, Daniel Link and Beggs were best for Naracoorte. Michael Pannell, Tony Olsen and Tom Cooper led Kyby’s revival but you can’t concede a 7 goal start to the top team.

Keith dealt a blow to Kaniva-Leeor United’s finals hopes in a strong performance at home. The Crows were in control from the start and held a commanding lead of 45points at ½ time. Jason Snajdar was in good form around the goals and he booted 6. Mid-fielders Paul Makin and Jon Wright gave plenty of drive and Tom Redden starred around the packs. KLU recovered slightly in the 2nd half but were disappointing to lose by 27 points. Neil Reeve, Matt Skrypek and Chris Chasten were best for KLU.

Border Districts held onto 5th spot with a good 56 pt win over Bordertown. They were challenged early but with key forwards Clints, Robinson and Barras booting 7 and 6 goals respectively they raced away to lead by 65 points at ¾ time. Nick Tarca was in terrific form for Borders and saw off a number of opponents, Sean King and ruckman Nathan Naylor also played well. For the Roosters Sam Sverdloff booted 6 goals, Clint Williams and Mitch Dahlitz tried hard but many were unsighted.

Round 15

LUCINDALE                         2.6,  5.8,  10.12,  20.15  (135)

PADTHAWAY                      3.1,  8.3,  10.5,  13.5  (83)

Goals, Lucindale: Samuel Mardling 6, Mark Snowball 4, Kyle Press 2, Todd Price 2, Timothy Walsh 2, Joshua Walker 1, Shane Mcgurk 1, Aaron Smart 1, Ethan Gill 1.  Padthaway: Matt Lampard 5, George Verco 2, Brendon Moon 2, Aaron Wanders 1, S Townsend 1, Scott Galloway 1, Tom Mclennan 1.  Best, Lucindale: Mark Snowball, Jamie Mccarthy, Timothy Walsh, Joshua Walker, Sam Graetz, Michael Jenke.  Padthaway: Darren Francis, George Verco, Jason Degabriele, Aaron Wanders, Cory Brown, Nick  Lang

KEITH                             6.6,  12.11,  16.15,  18.19  (127)

K L UNITED                  2.2,  6.2,  10.8,  15.10  (100)

Goals, Keith: Jason Snajdar 6, James Mcentee 3, Tom Redden 3, Paul Makin 2, Mark Tucker 2, Henry Johnson 1, Alexander Bowley 1. K L United: Anthony Carlile 3, Ashley Baxter 2, Dylan Williams 2, Alex Brown 1, Brad Witmitz 1, Brad Mccabe 1, Jonathon Hicks 1, Daniel Stimson 1, Matthew Skrypek 1, Matt Corstens 1, Christopher Chaston 1. Best, Keith: Jon Wright, Paul Makin, Jason Snajdar, Tom Redden, Mark Tucker, Luke Cousins.  K L United: Neil Reeve, Matthew Skrypek, Christopher Chaston, Brad Mccabe, Shain Vivian, Alex Brown

PENOLA                            4.2,  8.4,  12.12,  20.15  (135)

KINGSTON                       2.1,  4.4,  6.5,  8.7  (55)

Goals, Penola: Luke Duncan 4, Lachlan Jones 4, Nick Clayfield 2, Spencer Jackman 2, Simon Merrett 2, Marcus Deveraux 2,  Jacob Pfitzner 1, Adam Merrett 1, Kane Ransom 1, Mathew Merrrett 1.  Kingston: Tyson Baker 3, Matthew Menz 1, Kirby Scott 1, Mark Hamlyn 1, Josh Gluyas 1, David Werner 1.  Best, Penola: Spencer Jackman, Paul Mullen, Simon Merrett, Nick Clayfield, Daniel Hutchings, Luke Duncan. Kingston: Kieran De Santis, Kirby Scott, Josh Gould, Josh Gluyas, Tyson Baker, Matthew Menz

NARACOORTE                        7.3,  10.6,  18.7,  20.9  (129)

KYBYBOLITE                          0.5,  2.8,  9.13,  13.15  (93)

Goals, Naracoorte: Simon Cox 6, Brett Gould 5, James Dixon 4, Michael Parker 2, Robert Jones 2, Luke Munro 1.  Kybybolite: Mark  Slotegraaf 3, Michael Pannell 2, Samuel Mccracken 2, Samuel Johnson 2, Tony Olsen 2, Ryan Woite 1, Stephen Craig 1. Best, Naracoorte: Robert Jones, Kane Donnelly, Daniel Link, Brett Gould, Craig Beggs, Luke Munro.  Kybybolite: Michael Pannell, Tony Olsen, Tom Cooper  , Samuel Johnson, Tim Pannell, Ray Jaensch

Border Districts                  3.4,  12.7,  19.13,  24.14  (158)

BORDERTOWN                   4.1,  7.2,  10.2,  16.6  (102)

Goals, Border Districts: Clinton Robinson 7, Clint Barras 6, Sean King 3, Matt White 3, Mark Lemon 2, Daniel Owen 1,Rodney Oliver 1, Jack Burns 1. Bordertown: Sam Sverdloff 6, Ryan Paget 2, Thomas Wheelen 2, Jamie Grosser 2, Matthew Tober 1, Maddy Hayes 1, Braden Hill 1, Kane Cuthbertson 1. Best, Border Districts: Nick Tarca, Sean King, Nathan Naylor, Rick Adams, Clinton Robinson, Stephen Pretlove.  Bordertown: Clinton Williams, Mitchell Dahlitz, Nathan Tink, Sam Sverdloff, Maddy Hayes, Angus Diment


IS the grand final race done and dusted – with Lucindale and Naracoorte certainties to play off – or is Kybybolite still in the mix?
That question is likely to be answered when Kyby faces traditional rivals Naracoorte this Saturday in a match of epic proportions.
Not only does it come a week after Kyby was smashed by top team Lucindale – casting doubt over its place in the top three – but it will be played in front of a big reunion 
crowd celebrating Kyby’s halcyon years.
Second-placed Naracoorte would love nothing more than to thrash their old rivals on such an occasion.
Padthaway v Lucindale. Clearly the second most anticipated match of this round, this one could make or break Padthaway’s season.
The Lions have been great this year and are sitting inside the top five, but their percentage is poor and three of their last four games are very tough. They will more than likely need to cause an upset to play finals.
It is hard to see them winning this week though. Lucindale was brilliant last week, belting a highly rated Kyby side off the park in a stunning show of running football.
Padthaway has been good in the middle this year with their raft of recruits led by DeGabrielle showing the way, but the Roos will dominate the centre square with ruckmen Walsh and Snowball feeding the likes of Smart, Press and McCarthy.
Padthaway will also need to find shackles for Lucindale forwards Price, Ware and Mardling, and won’t be able to cover them all.
Keith v K/L United. Kaniva/Leeor needs to make sure it wins the games it’s supposed to if finals are to become a reality, and this one falls into that category.
Keith has been good at times this year, but any side wanting to play finals should be able to handle them.
United will have too much run and carry for the gallant Crows.
Penola v Kingston. Penola needs to keep winning and winning big when possible to build percentage in a quest for third spot, and they should get plenty from this one.
Kingston is becoming more competitive as the season goes on, but against a side bound for finals action, the Saints will find themselves coming up well short.
Kybybolite v Naracoorte. A week ago you might have given Kyby a chance of rolling the old rivals in this one, but after they were beaten so convincingly by Lucindale last week, it looks like the top two might be in a different class.
Kyby has hovered around the top three all year with a couple of narrow wins allowing them to just hold on, but if they are off their game this weekend they will be smashed again and will be in danger of slipping to fourth.
The Tigers were well beaten in all departments last week but appear most noticeably to need a lift from its onballers and forwards. The tall forward line has gone missing with Carberry, Cook and to a lesser extent McCracken struggling to impose themselves, and Kyby looks an average side when the forwards aren’t taking big marks.
Naracoorte doesn’t have the same problem, with chief goalkicker Simon Cox out last week but Brett Gould stepping up to kick a lazy dozen. Add to the mix Dixon, Jones, Sellars and a host of other goalkicking options and you have a dangerous set-up.
Beggs was dominant in the ruck for Naracoorte last time the two teams met in round 4 – when Naracoorte won a thriller – and Arnold will have to play well to quell his influence.
Kyby-Naracoorte games rarely go to script – as that round 4 match-up proved – but it’s hard to predict anything but a solid Naracoorte win.


25 JULY 2011

Border Districts kept in the hunt for 5th spot after defeating Keith by 17 points. They were quick out of the blocks and raced to a 3 goal lead at quarter –time. They had more dangerous forwards in Barras, Robinson and Matt White and Jarrad Hirst defended strongly at half-back. Keith couldn’t seem to get any closer than 2 or 3 goals with on-baller Tom Redden and mid-fielder Paul Makin doing most of the work. Borders were not convincing but kepoint the lead until the end to win by 17 points.

Naracoorte ran amok with 14 goals in the 2nd quarter to destroy Kingston by 143 points. Brett Gould booted 12 goals when the entire Kingston team only kicked 6. Ruckman Craig Beggs and on-baller Rob Jones did as they liked as Naracoorte romped in.

Top three contenders Lucindale and Kyby clashed but it was a one horse race with Lucindale too good in most positions. They bolted to 53 point lead with ruckman Mark Snowball dominating, ahead of centre they had plenty of goal-kickers in Tim Walsh, Todd Price and Sam Mardling. Kyby were held goal-less in the 3rd uarter as Lucindale again swarmed forward to increase their lead to 90 points. It was a dirty day for Kyby and Lucindale coasted in the final term to win by 88 points and widen the gap between the top teams.

Penola strengthened their grip on 4th spot with a hard fought win over Bordertown. The Roosters conceded an early lead but played strongly in the middle quarters to boot 8 goals to Penola’s 3 and take a handy 15 point at ¾ time. Luke Exton contributed strongly around the centre for 4 quarters and Jamie Grosser was effective with his disposals. Penola needed to lift and coach Luke Duncan provided the spark along with Spencer Jackman and veteran Paul Mullen. The Eagles charged home with 7 goals and Bordertown collapsed under the barrage. Penola appear safe in 4th having a game in hand over others courtesy of the bye.

Kaniva-Leeor United were another team to keep their final’s hopes alive with a narrow 9 point win over Mundulla. KLU edged ahead in each quarter and seemed have the game wrapped up by ¾ time when they led by 28 points. Heath Thorpe was in brilliant form trying to lift Mundulla but consistent KLU performers Shane Dodson, Brad McCabe and Neil Reeve were doing enough to keep their team in front. Mundulla raised a big challenge in the final term with Grady Obst, Luke Wiese and Jason Milligan lifting their output. They outscored KLU 6 goals to three but the damage had been done earlier as KLU held on.        

Round 14 scores – July 23, 2011

Penola 4.5, 5.7, 7.9, 14.12 (96)

Bordertown 2.0, 6.3, 10.6, 12.8 (80)

Goals, Penola: Lachlan Jones 3, Simon Merrett 2, Ashley Braun 2, Nick Clayfield 1, Adam Merrett 1, Jacob Pfitzner 1, Mathew Tilby 1, Luke Duncan 1, Sam Fairclough 1, Cody Hicks 1. Bordertown: Sam Sverdloff 4, Joshua Searle 2, Jamie Grosser 1, Braden Hill 1, Luke Exton 1, Bryce Damin 1, Ty Devitt 1, Michael Crilly 1. Best, Penola – Luke Duncan, Spencer Jackman, Paul Mullen, Kane Ransom, Lachlan Jones, Sam Fairclough. Bordertown: Luke Exton, Jamie Grosser, Clinton Williams, Jamie Cammarano, Joshua Searle, Aaron Hill

Border Districts 6.3, 7.6, 10.6, 13.8 (86)

Keith 3.1, 4.3, 7.6, 10.9 (69)

Goals, Border Districts: Matt White 3, Clinton Robinson 3, Jordan Mann 2, Clint Barras 2, Mark Lemon 1, Sean King 1, Jack Burns 1. Keith – Jason Snajdar 3, James Mcentee 3, Paul Makin 1, Thomas Mayfield 1, Luke Cousins 1, Tom Redden 1. Best, Border Districts: Daniel Owen, Nathan Naylor, Jarrad Hirst, Nick Tarca, Mark Lemon, Jack Burns. Keith – Tom Redden, Paul Makin, Jacob Graetz, James McEntee, Joe Cook, Steven Molineux

Lucindale 5.6, 12.11, 18.15, 20.21 (141)

Kybybolite 1.2, 4.6, 4.9, 7.11 (53)

Goals, Lucindale : Todd Price 5, Timothy Walsh 3, Mark Snowball 2, Joshua Walker 2, Samuel Mardling 2, Shane Mcgurk 1, Jamie Mccarthy 1, Travis Ware 1, Jason Zohs 1, Ryan Mcinerney 1, Aaron Smart 1. Kybybolite: Kelvin Cook 2, Ciaran Buckley 1, Mark Slotegraaf 1, Adam Vasey 1, Tom Cooper 1, George Hannaford 1. Best, Lucindale: Mark Snowball, Timothy Walsh, Joshua Walker, Todd Price, Ethan Gill, Ryan Mcinerney. Kybybolite: Tim Pannell, David Arnold, Billy Laurie, Ray Jaensch, Ryan Woite, Thomas Pearce

Naracoorte 4.3, 18.5, 22.5, 29.9 (183)

Kingston 1.0, 1.0, 4.2, 6.4 (40)

Goals, Naracoorte – Brett Gould 12, James Dixon 3, Kane Jericho 2, Matt Willson 2, Tron Congdon 2, Michael Childs 2, Robert Jones 2, Jacob Kahl 1, Sid Patterson 1, Nathan Smith 1, Leigh Symons 1. Kingston: Kirby Scott 2, Ryan Clarke 2, Thomas Borrillo 1, David Werner 1. Best, Naracoorte: Robert Jones, Craig Beggs, Brett Gould, Nathan Smith, Brodie Borg, Drew Myall. Kingston: Josh Gould, Ben Warner, Ashley Stenner, Kirby Scott, Dylan Richardson, Kieran De Santis

K L UNITED 3.0, 6.5, 11.7, 14.8 (92)

MUNDULLA 2.4, 3.7, 6.9, 12.11 (83)

Goals, K L United: Dylan Williams 4, Ashley Baxter 3, Brad Witmitz 3, Andrew Philp 2, Shain Vivian 1, Christopher Meyer 1. Mundulla: Heath Thorpe 6, Nicky Davis 1, Daniel Mead 1, Boyd Packer 1, Darren Wiese 1, Jarred Wiese 1, Stuart Jeffries 1.  Best, K L United: Shane Dodson, Neil Reeve, Brad Mccabe, Dylan Williams, Anthony Carlile, Brad Witmitz. Mundulla: Heath Thorpe, Luke Wiese, Grady Obst, Jason Milligan, Tyne Excell, Sam Excell



Padthaway showed that they are still in the hunt for finals action in KNT footy with a strong 25 point win over another finals aspirant Border Districts. Both sides need to keep winning and it was the Lions who showed greater desire. They jumped Borders early on and held a comfortable but not commanding lead at ½ time. Quality players Aaron Wanders and Jason Degabrielle were doing well and had plenty of help from Darren Francis, Cory Brown and Cody Marshall. Borders struggled to stay in the game and only Clint Barras provided a reliable avenue to goal, he finished with 5. Padthaway charged further ahead with a 7 goal burst in the 3rd term to hold a match-winning 43point lead and although outscored in the last quarter Padthaway were too strong and have moved into 5th spot.

Bordertown virtually ended Keith finals chances when after conceding a big lead they stormed home with a 10 goal last quarter to win by 21 points. The Roosters have had some narrow losses recently and probably should be higher on the ladder. Jamie Cammarano starred for the Roosters and booted 4 goals to be best afield, Matt Tober, Sam Devitt and Mick Crilly with 6 goals were consistently good. Keith worked hard to have a 19 point lead at ¾ time only to see it vanish in a flash when Bordertown took control. Tom Redden, James McEntee with 7 goals and stalwart Paul Makin played well for Keith but the rest faded in the finish.

Lucindale overcame another finals contender in Penola and temporarily sit on top courtesy of the bye. After an even first quarter Lucindale with a greater spread of talent gradually drew clear. They had more goal-kicking options up forward  through Tim Walsh, Todd Price and Sam Mardling and quality mid-fielders in Ryan McInerney, Travis Ware and Jamie McCarthy to provide chances. Penola stuggled to stay in touch and even though Luke Duncan and Sam Fairclough were getting plenty of possessions Lucindale defenders Anthony Laurencic and Nathan Clarke repelled them. Lucindale were wasteful near goal in the last quarter and booted 3-8 when they had a chance to really crush Penola.

After recent good form Kaniva-Leeor United were disappointing against Kybybolite. KLU were never in the hunt. Kyby had many more effective forwards and KLU couldn’t match them. Key defender Ryan Agnew cut off many KLU forward moves and mid-fielders Tom Cooper and Ryan Woite had too much class for the opposition. Kyby kicked further ahead with 7 goals to two in the 3rd quarter and although wasteful with 2-11 in the last quarter won easily by 53 points. It was KLU’s poorest game in weeks and they tumbled out of the top five as a result. Neil Reeve on the ball, Anthony Carlile at half-back and consistent Brad McCabe tried hard in a lack-lustre performance.

Mundulla kept their finals chances alive by thrashing winless Kingston by 168 points. Their percentage is much better than several fighting for finals action but they must keep winning to stay in the race. Boyd Packer booted 7 goals, Heath Thorpe and veteran Nick Davis 6 each for the Moots but Kingston provided only token opposition.

Round 13 scores – July 16, 2011

PADTHAWAY                         6.3,  9.7,  16.11,  17.13  (115)

Border Districts                    2.0,  7.3,  10.4,  14.6  (90)

GOALS, PADTHAWAY : Scott Galloway 4, Matt Lampard 3, Jason Degabriele 3, Brendon Moon 2, George Verco 2, Aaron Wanders 1,  Cody Marshall 1, Darren Francis 1.  Border Districts:  Clint Barras 5, Clinton Robinson 2, Jay Zeuner 2, Sean King 2, Jack Burns 2, Andrew Cheer 1.  Best, Padthaway: Darren Francis, Cory Brown, Cody Marshall, Aaron Wanders, Jason Degabriele, Scott Galloway.  Border Districts: Sean King, Jarrad Hirst, Rick Adams, Nathan Naylor, Mark Lemon, Clint Barras

BORDERTOWN                        1.4,  7.9,  8.13,  18.17  (125)

KEITH                                         6.5,  7.8,  12.8,  16.8  (104)

GOALS, Bordertown:  Michael Crilly 6, Jamie Grosser 4, Jamie Cammarano 4, Sam Sverdloff 2, Bryce Damin 1, Maddy Hayes 1.  Keith: James Mcentee 7, Jason Snajdar 2, Henry Johnson 2, Paul Makin 1, Tom Geyer 1, Luke (Stephen) Mitchell 1, Alexander Bowley 1, Andrew Wilson 1.  Best, Bordertown:  Jamie Cammarano, Matthew Tober, Sam Devitt, Michael Crilly, Jamie Grosser, Joshua Searle.  Keith: Tom Redden, James Mcentee, Paul Makin, Jon Wright, Jacob Graetz, Andrew Wilson

LUCINDALE                         2.2,  6.5,  11.10,  14.18  (102)

PENOLA                               3.4,  3.5,  7.8,  10.8  (68)

Goals, Lucindale:  Timothy Walsh 4, Todd Price 3, Samuel Mardling 3, Stanley Freeman 2, Ryan Mcinerney 1, Travis Ware 1.  Penola: Adam Merrett 3, Luke Duncan 2, Mathew Tilby 2, Cody Hicks 2, Lachlan Jones 1.  Best, Lucindale: Anthony Laurencic, Timothy Walsh, Travis Ware, Jamie Mccarthy, Nathan Clarke, Ryan Mcinerney.  Penola: Sam Fairclough, Luke Duncan, Philip Lambert, Adam Merrett, Nick Clayfield, Spencer Jackman

KYBYBOLITE                        6.2,  9.4,  16.7,  18.18  (126)

K L UNITED                          3.1,  6.2,  8.6,  11.7  (73)

GOALS, Kybybolite: Samuel Mccracken 3, Tony Olsen 3, Christopher Hanley 3, Scott Carberry 3, Michael Pannell 2, George Hannaford 2, David Arnold 1, Adam Rosser 1.  K L United: Ashley Baxter 3, Shain Vivian 2, Dylan Williams 1, Andrew Philp 1, Travis Lannin 1, Brad McCabe 1, Christopher Chaston 1, Shane Dodson 1.  Best, Kybybolite: Ryan Agnew, Tom Cooper  , Ryan Woite, Tim Pannell, Tony Olsen, Thomas Pearce.  K L United: Neil Reeve, Brad Mccabe, Anthony Carlile, Jonathon Hicks, Jonty Brown, Jarrod Krooks

MUNDULLA                          7.2,  13.6,  21.8,  29.16  (190)

KINGSTON                            0.1,  0.1,  2.4,  3.4  (22)

Goals, Mundulla: Boyd Packer 7, Heath Thorpe 6, Nicky Davis 6, Benjamin Douglas 3, Daniel Mead 2, Jonathan Mock 1, Grady Obst 1, Jason Milligan 1, Bradley Growden 1, Nathan Milligan 1.  Kingston: Josh Gluyas 1, Dylan Richardson 1, Jacob Brown 1. Best, Mundulla:  Jarred Wiese, Nathan Milligan, Heath Thorpe, Boyd Packer, Nicky Davis, Grady Obst. Kingston: Josh Gould, Jacob Brown, Ben Warner, Paul Bott, Trent Rothall, Thomas Borrillo


THE finals chances of several KNTFL sides will be impacted heavily by this weekend’s round 13 results.

While top team Naracoorte has the bye, the next six sides on the ladder all play one another in a real crunch round.

Padthaway v Border Districts. This game will arguably have the biggest influence of any this weekend on whether the two combatants play finals.

Padthaway is currently fifth on the ladder but has a poor percentage and will need to keep winning to stay in finals calculations, while Borders are one win further back and need the win even more than Padthaway.

The key to this game is how Padthaway goes about controlling Borders goalkicker Paul Smith, who is so hard to get a match-up for. Pohlner, Gibbs and Francis could have a go, but none might be strong enough, meaning the Lions might have to sacrifice a Verco or Edwards to do the job.

There will be a lot of attention on Smith, which means players like Barras, King and Cheer could slip under the guard. They could help Borders to a narrow and very important win.

Keith v Bordertown. One of two games which won’t affect the finals make-up, this will nonetheless be a fierce contest. No love is lost between the traditional rivals and Keith will also be thinking they are just an outside chance of pushing for fifth spot on the ladder.

Bordertown has a tall forward line which could stretch Keith, but the Crows have a couple of power forwards of their own and will be hard to stop – the Crows to win narrowly.

Penola v Lucindale. Penola has done some very good things this year, but they have also been off the pace a couple of times, and if they have one of those down days this week, they might get wiped off McCorquindale Park.

The Eagles have beaten Kyby so can match it with the top three sides, but will need key players Merrett, Braun, coach Duncan and defender Jackman at their best and all the bit players to do their jobs to top an impressive Lucindale side.

The Roos with key ruckman Snowball back are going along nicely and with more game time in the legs of returning players like Smart and Graetz, they’ll keep getting better. Penola is not without a chance, but Lucindale should win.

Kybybolite v K/L United. United was only beaten by the last scoring shot when they hosted Kyby earlier in the year and they will be confident of going one better than that this week.

They play an attractive brand of running football with good runners like Williams, Skrypek, McCabe and Corstens, but their fortunes rely heavily on their best player Daniel Pegler, who picked up yet another injury in the Cougars’ last game and might be missing on Saturday.

Kyby coach and goalkicker Scott Carberry is a chance to return from injury which will give the Tigers another target alongside McCracken, and that could be enough to get the Tigers over the line.

Mundulla v Kingston. Despite its winless record, Kingston is improving all the time as its youngsters get more experience and the Saints could realistically look at being competitive in this hgame.

Mundulla has had its battles this year but is still a solid team and the Moots can be relied upon to win games like this.




Kybybolite had no trouble with winless Kingston, they worked their way to a 34 point lead by quarter time and steadily increased it from there. Kingston never threatened but at least they kept the margin below 100 points. Kyby wasted plenty of chances in front of goal as the game petered out in the last quarter with Kyby up by 87 points. On-ballers Ryan Woite, Ray Jaensch and Dave Arnold did most of the damage and Sam McCracken booted 5 goals for Kyby. Ben Warner and the consistent Kirby Scott battled hard for Kingston.

Padthaway took control of the game against Bordertown with a seven goal burst in the 2nd quarter. Key goal-kickers Matt Lampard and Brendon Moon provided good targets with 5 goals apiece. The Lions went further ahead in the 2nd half despite a greater effort from the Roosters through Crilly and Cammarano. The Lions added 6 goals in the last quarter to win easily by 45 points. Jason Degabriele continued his good form to be best a-field ahead of Darren Francis, Moon and Aaron Wanders. Mick Crilly with 4 goals, Cammarano and Jamie Grosser stood out for Bordertown.

Keith with some good recent form looked a serious threat to Lucindale but after an even 1st quarter they were hardly sighted. Lucindale with a greater spread of talent led by powerful bigman Mark Snowball charged away in the 2nd quarter to lead by 48 points at the main break. Stan Freeman and Tim Walsh were creating havoc around goals and both finished with 6 goals. Keith offered only token resistance and struggled to get the ball forward as Lucindale dominated around the mid-field through the class of Ryan McInerney, Josh Walker also relished the chance to move forward and he kicked 3 goals as well. Lucindale finished off with a 9 goal last quarter as Keith tumbled to a 102 point thrashing.

Naracoorte quickly took control over Mundulla when they held a 5 goal lead at quarter time. They put great pressure on the Moots who turned the ball over too easily and the quality players such as Mitch Hartree, Michael Childs and Kane Jericho made them pay. Mundulla battled hard in the 2nd quarter but still couldn’t contain Naracoorte who had the best ruckman with Craig Beggs on top at the stoppages. A strong 3rd quarter by Mundulla brought the game alive and Ben Douglas booted 3 goals in a solo effort and Jake McGrice and Boyd Packer lifted around the forward line. Mundulla closed to within 3 goals but Naracoorte saw of the challenge with a powerful last quarter when their class players again took control and raced away to win by 37 points even after Boyd Packer took a screamer to lift his side. Tom Prebble was best for Naracoorte ahead of Childs, Jericho and Hartree. Mundulla were valiant to the end but can’t afford to give big starts to top teams. McGrice, veteran Nick Davis and Packer were best for Mundulla.

Round 12 scores – July 9, 2011

PADTHAWAY                         2.1,  9.4,  13.6,  19.8  (122)

BORDERTOWN                      1.2,  4.3,  8.9,  11.11  (77)

Goals, Padthaway: Brendon Moon 5, Matt Lampard 5, George Verco 3, Jason Degabriele 2, Tom Mclennan 2, Mark Edwards 1, S Townsend 1. Bordertown: Michael Crilly 4, Matthew Tober 1, Bryce Damin 1, Maddy Hayes 1, Nathan Clark 1, Jamie Grosser 1, Sam Devitt 1, Sam Sverdloff 1.  Best, Padthaway: Jason Degabriele, Darren Francis, Brendon Moon, Aaron Wanders, Nash Stark, George Verco.  Bordertown: Michael Crilly, Jamie Cammarano, Jamie Grosser, Maddy Hayes, Jed Jarrett, Matthew Stratford

LUCINDALE                         3.7,  10.13,  14.18,  23.20  (158)

KEITH                                   3.1,  4.1,  6.2,  8.4  (52)

Goals, Lucindale: Stanley Freeman 6, Timothy Walsh 6, Joshua Walker 3, Samuel Mardling 3, Todd Price 2, Mark Snowball 1, Jamie Mccarthy 1, Ethan Gill 1.  Keith:  Jason Snajdar 2, Andrew Wilson 1, Steven Molineux 1, Matt Telfer 1, Henry Johnson 1, Tom Geyer 1, Paul Makin 1.  Best, Lucindale:  Mark Snowball, Stanley Freeman, Timothy Walsh, Ryan Mcinerney, Joshua Walker, Aaron Smart.  Keith:  Andrew Wilson, Tom Geyer, Nick Hunt, Jacob Graetz, Paul Makin, Jason Snajdar

NARACOORTE                   5.3,  11.9,  12.9,  18.17  (125)

MUNDULLA                        0.3,  3.7,  9.12,  12.16  (88)

Goals, Naracoorte: Brett Gould 4, Simon Cox 4, James Dixon 2, Michael Childs 2, Nicholas Boon 1, Robert Jones 1, Sid Patterson 1, Sam Willson 1, Kane Jericho 1, Brett Pope 1.  Mundulla: Jonathan Mock 3, Boyd Packer 3, Benjamin Douglas 3, Heath Thorpe 2, Tyne Excell 1.  Best, Naracoorte:  Tom Prebble, Michael Childs, Kane Jericho, Sam Willson, Mitchell Hartree, Craig Beggs.  Mundulla: Jake Mcgrice, Nicky Davis, Boyd Packer, Henry Graetz, Benjamin Douglas, Tyne Excell

KYBYBOLITE                        5.5,  10.9,  15.16,  17.21  (123)

KINGSTON                            0.1,  2.2,  3.3,  5.6  (36)

Goals, Kybybolite: Samuel Mccracken 5, Tony Olsen 3, Mark Capt Slotegraaf 2, Michael Pannell 2, Ryan Agnew 1, Adam Rosser 1, Christopher Hanley 1, Ray Jaensch 1, William Miles 1.  Kingston –  Kirby Scott 2, David Werner 1, Matthew Menz 1, Ben Teakle 1.  Best, Kybybolite:  David Arnold, Ryan Woite, Ray Jaensch, Tony Olsen, Dylan Brodie, Tim Pannell.  Kingston: Ben Warner, Kirby Scott, Nathan Daniels, Dylan Richardson, Tyson Baker


JULY 7, 2011

PADTHAWAY can sneak ahead of two of its rivals and back into the top five with a win over Bordertown in the only game likely to be close in this week’s round of KNTFL football.
Three teams will sit out the round with the bye and all four of the games look like having predictable results.
K/L United, Penola and Border Districts – who are all in a battle for fourth and fifth spots on the ladder – all have byes this weekend.
Bordertown v Padthaway. Padthaway has to win this one and win it well if the Lions are to be a realistic chance of making the finals.
The Lions are on the same number of wins as their top five rivals, but have a poor percentage and will be hoping for drier conditions to rattle on a heap of goals this week.
Moon was a revelation with seven goals last week, but the Lions will be planning on key men Verco and Lampard slotting plenty against a struggling Bordertown side.
Lucindale v Keith. Lucindale has come back to the field a bit after its stunning start to the year, while Keith has also died on its run a little after producing some good footy for a few weeks.
While Keith will be competitive as always this week, Lucindale is now close to full strength and should start stringing some good games together.
Snowball in the ruck, Smart, the McCarthys and McInerney in the middle and Mardling, Price and Walsh up forward will be too much to handle.
Kingston v Kybybolite. Percentage looks like playing a big part in deciding top five spots this season, and Kyby needs plenty of it from this clash.
Without being rude to Kingston, the Saints are rebuilding and aren’t in the same class as a top three side, and this should be a one-sided match-up.
Naracoorte v Mundulla. Naracoorte and Mundulla had four classic contests last year, but this Mundulla side isn’t quite at that same level and will find it really tough this week.
Naracoorte has been up and down but in the first quarter last week against a quality opponent in K/L United, it showed what a good side it can be.
The Demons will be similarly hard to stop here.



Kyby defeated Bordertown on the strength of a blistering 2nd quarter when they booted 9 goals to take command of the game in the KNTFL. Bordertown were competitive for most of the game but couldn’t get on terms and went under by 44 points. Sam McCracken with 5 goals provided a strong target up forward for Kyby but it was ruckman Dave Arnold, Matt Stilsby and mid-fielder Michael Pannell leading the way for Kyby. Jamie Cammarano stood out as Bordertown’s best along with Ryan Paget.

Naracoorte bolted away from Kaniva Leeor United with a withering 9 goal 1st quarter. Kane Jericho, Brodie Borg and James Dixon were in brilliant touch and dominated around the midfield and stoppages. Craig Beggs was the best ruckman on the ground for Naracoorte and his work provided many chances for Simon Cox to boot another 6 goals. The game was allover at the main break but KLU kepoint battling away with consistent Ash Baxter getting 5 goals with Anthony Carlile and Shane Dodson battling on to restore some pride for KLU but the league leaders were too strong and won by 42 points.

Penola dented Border Districts finals hopes with a hard fought 19 point win at Goroke. Scores were level at ½ time but Penola got on top through Matt Merrett, Sam Fairclough and Kane Ransom in the 3rd quarter. Penola restricted the chances for Border’s danger man Paul Smith who still managed 6 goals but was not the influence of recent games with star mid-fielder Nick Tarca under control. Both sides kicked 3 goals in the last quarter but Penola were steadier when it counted.

Mundulla were right in the game against 2nd placed Lucindale for 3 quarters but just didn’t have the manpower to finish it off. A greater spread of talent saw Lucindale have more play in the last quarter and although wasteful in front of goal they got out of a tight battle to win by 16 points. It was another narrow loss for the Moots but it emphasises the even-ness of the competition. Shane McGurk, Jamie McCarthy and Tristan Menz were best for Lucindale. Jason Milligan, Henry Graetz and Boyd Packer with 5 goals for Mundulla.

Padthaway kept in touch with the top five on the back of a 7 goal game from Brendon Moon. Moon was the dominant player on the ground and Keith were unable to match him. Classy Jason Degabrielle was another to play well for the Lions along with Nash Stark. Keith veteran Nick Hunt was their best and forward Jason Snajdar booted 4 goals but Padthway won comfortably by 44 points.            

Round 11 scores – July 2, 2011

NARACOORTE                        9.3,  14.4,  20.7,  22.8  (140)

K L UNITED                            1.4,  6.8,  11.9,  14.14  (98)

Goals, Naracoorte: Simon Cox 6, James Dixon 4, Matt Willson 3, Brett Gould 2, Michael Parker 2, Kane Jericho 2, Drew Myall 1, Jeffrey Sellars 1, Brett Pope 1. K L United : Ashley Baxter 5, Dylan Williams 2, Shain Vivian 2, Shane Dodson 1, Christopher Meyer 1, Brad Witmitz 1, Travis Lannin 1, Jonathon Hicks 1.  Best, Naracoorte: Kane Jericho, Brodie Borg, James Dixon, Matt Willson, Craig Beggs, Tom Prebble. K L United: Anthony Carlile, Shane Dodson, Jonathon Hicks, Neil Reeve, Brad Mccabe, Travis Lannin    

LUCINDALE                         3.2,  4.7,  6.9,  9.15  (69)

MUNDULLA                          4.0,  4.1,  6.3,  8.5  (53)

Goals, Lucindale: Samuel Mardling 2, Timothy Walsh 1, Travis Ware 1, Aaron Smart 1, Ryan Mcinerney 1, Shane McGurk 1, Mark Snowball 1, Ethan Gill 1.  Mundulla: Boyd Packer 5, Heath Thorpe 2, Benjamin Douglas 1. Best, Lucindale: Shane Mcgurk, Jamie Mccarthy, Tristan Menz, Ryan Mcinerney, Ethan Gill, Mark Snowball.  Mundulla: Jason Milligan, Henry Graetz, Luke Wiese, Jake Mcgrice, Craig Wiese, Lachlan Duell     

KYBYBOLITE                        3.2,  12.6,  13.12,  17.14  (116)

BORDERTOWN                    1.3,  3.4,  7.6,  10.12  (72)

Goals, Kybybolite: Samuel McCracken 5, Tony Olsen 3, Adam Rosser 3, Tim Pannell 2, Matt Stilsby 1, Tom Cooper   1, Michael Pannell 1, Mark Capt Slotegraaf 1.  Bordertown: Jamie Cammarano 2, Michael Crilly 2, Braden Hill 1, Bryce Damin 1, Angus Diment 1, Jamie Grosser 1, Sam Sverdloff 1, Clinton Williams 1.  Best, Kybybolite: Matt Stilsby, David Arnold, Michael Pannell, Thomas Pearce, Tony Olsen, Ryan Woite.  Bordertown: Jamie Cammarano, Ryan Paget, Clinton Williams, Sam Devitt, Maddy Hayes, Joshua Tink         

PENOLA                            2.6,  6.6,  12.9,  15.10  (100)

Border Districts               1.4,  6.6,  9.8,  12.9  (81)

Goals, Penola: Mathew Tilby 3, Kane Ransom 2, Cody Hicks 2, Adam Merrett 2, Mathew Merrrett 1, Simon Merrett 1, Luke Duncan 1, Daniel Hutchings 1, Nick Clayfield 1, Ashley Braun 1.  Border Districts: Paul Smith 6, Clint Barras 3, Sean King 1, Dale Hannaford 1, Nick Tarca 1.  Best, Penola:Mathew Merrrett, Sam Fairclough, Kane Ransom, Luke Duncan, Spencer Jackman, Philip Lambert.  Border Districts: Sean King, Andrew Cheer, Paul Smith, Clint Barras, Gregory Hamilton, Clinton Robinson  

PADTHAWAY                         3.1,  5.2,  7.3,  11.7  (73)

KEITH                                      1.0,  2.0,  3.1,  6.3  (39)

Goals, Padthaway: Brendon Moon 7, Aaron Wanders 1, Matt Lampard 1, Mark Edwards 1, Tom Mclennan 1.  Keith: Jason Snajdar 4, Mark Tucker 1, James McEntee 1.  Best, Padthaway:  Brendon Moon, Jason Degabriele, Nash Stark, Darren Francis, Mitchell Gibbs, Bradley Gibbs. Keith:Nick Hunt, Jon Wright, Steven Molineux, Thomas Mayfield, Tom Allen, Mark Tucker   


THE pace is not letting up in one of the most interesting KNTFL seasons in history, with another fascinating round of matches set for this weekend.
Padthaway v Keith. There’s only been a few points in it over the past couple of weeks, but Padthaway has gone off the boil a bit after such an impressive start to the year and this is now a must-win if they want to stay in touch with the top five.
Keith has the same record – 4-5 – and will be equally desperate, so there will be nothing in it from that perspective.
Padthaway looks a good side with added tall Pohlner into the line-up to support Verco, and if Lampard is back in as well, the Lions will be very hard to beat.
Border Districts v Penola. Borders were just a bee’s whisker away from stealing an upset win and a top three spot last week, and now they really need to win this one to shore up their top five spot.
Penola is in a similar boat, having been third a few weeks ago but now stuck in a logjam in the middle of the ladder. Both sides play exceptional running football at times and have big power forwards who can kick goals, but inconsistency dogs them.
Borders knocked off Naracoorte on the Goroke ground and might do the same to Penola.
Bordertown v Kybybolite. Kyby is not really firing on all cylinders but is just doing enough to win games, and being a game clear in third spot they will be keen to get the points here.
Bordertown plays its own oval well but is slightly off the pace from the top teams and really if Kyby is going to make a fist of this year’s finals, it needs to win games like this comfortably.
Lucindale v Mundulla. Mundulla has drawn the short straw here, playing against a Lucindale side beaten for the first time last week.
The Moots themselves played better with a regulation win over arch-rivals Bordertown, but Lucindale will be very keen to bounce back to the winner’s list and there won’t be any sneaking up on them.
The Roos are continuing to get stronger with the return from injury of good players, and with Sam Graetz possibly coming back this week they should keep building with a solid win.
K/L United v Naracoorte. This will be a cracking game, made even more interesting for the fact it’s at Kaniva/Leeor’s home ground.
After an unlucky start to the year, United has won four of its last five games, with the only loss being to Lucindale, so they are possibly the form team of the competition.
Naracoorte is obviously still going along well, having knocked off its main premiership rival last week, but the Demons have got out of jail more times than they’d care to remember this year and if they are even a little bit off on Saturday, the Cougars could pounce.
United will be up for this one and could cause an upset.



KNT football was highlighted by close and crucial contests across the league. The top two teams Naracoorte and Lucindale appeared evenly matched when only a point seperated them at half  time. Lucindale’s wayward kicking denied them the lead and when the goal-front yips continued Naracoorte kept in touch. Lucindale led by 4 points at ¾ time but had used up plenty of fuel and Naracoorte looked dangerous. The last quarter saw Naracoorte boot 4 goals whilst Lucindale added only points and the Demons drew clear by 18 points. Mitch Hartree shone out for Naracoorte, Brodie Borg and Kane Jericho gave strong 4 quarter performances and Simon Cox stood tall with 7 goals. Poor finishing cost Lucindale dearly. Tristan Menz, Travis Ware, Josh Teakle and half back Josh Walker played good football for Lucindale.

Penola and Padthaway battled for the ascendancy in a low scoring game. Defences were on top at both ends with Padthaway holding a narrow lead early before Penola snatched it before half  time. The dour battle continued in the 3rd term with both sides managing a goal each but Penola were clinging desperately to a 3 point lead. Penola with the home ground advantage crept ahead in the last quarter to win by 10 points. Class players Luke Duncan and Adam Merrett excelled for Penola but Sam Fairclough was their best. Townsend , Brendan Moon and Brad Gibbs played well for Padthaway.

Arch-rivals Border Districts and Kybybolite had a stirring battle in which Borders held the lead for most of the game. They started well but Kyby fought back strongly in the 2nd term. Paul Smith was leading the way up forward for Borders and finished with 6 goals but Sam McCracken was equally effective to boot 7 for Kyby. Accurate kicking kepoint Borders in the lead by 13 points at 3/4time. Kyby were not done with yet however and lifted again in the finish to outscore borders in the last with 5 goals to three and win narrowly by a solitary point. Tom Cooper was strong throughout for Kyby, Tom Pearce, Brad Redding and Ryan Woite lifted the games at the finish. Nick Tarca again starred for Borders along with Clint Robinson, Smith and veteran Rick Adams.

Kaniva Leeor disposed of  bottom placed Kingston with a solid team effort. Eleven goal-kickers emphasized their work with Matt Skrypek, Dylan Williams and Jon Hicks standing out. Kirby Scott battled hard for Kingston as KLU romped in by 103 points.

Mundulla blitzed Bordertown with a 7 goal to none 1st quarter and were never in danger thereafter. Jake McGrice, Tyne Excell and Luke Wiese were best for Mundulla. Jamie Cammarano, Jamie Grosser and Mitch Dahlitz tried hard for Bordertown.            

Round 10 – June 25, 2011

PENOLA                            2.2,  6.4,  7.6,  9.10  (64)

PADTHAWAY                3.3,  5.6,  6.9,  7.12  (54)

Goals, Penola: Luke Duncan 2, Simon Merrett 2, Cody Hicks 2, Ashley Braun 1, Daniel Hutchings 1, Nick Clayfield 1. Padthaway : Tom McLennan 2, Malcolm Pohlner 1, Brendon Moon 1, Mark Edwards 1, George Verco 1, Jason Degabriele 1. BEST, Penola: Sam Fairclough, Adam Merrett, Luke Duncan, Nick Clayfield, Sam Davoren, Cody Hicks. Padthaway: S Townsend, Brendon Moon, Bradley Gibbs, Cory Brown, Jason Dicker, Scott Galloway

KYBYBOLITE                        0.4,  6.6,  9.10,  14.13  (97)

Border Districts                  4.3,  7.3,  12.5,  15.6  (96)

Goals, Kybybolite: Samuel Mccracken 7, Tom V/Capt Cooper   2, Kelvin Cook 2, Ryan Agnew 1, Tony Olsen 1, Sam Pearce 1. Border Districts: Paul Smith 6, Sean King 3, Clint Barras 2, Mark Lemon 1, Matt White 1, Jack Burns 1, Andrew Cheer 1.  Best, Kybybolite: Tom V/Capt Cooper  , Thomas Pearce, Brad V/Capt Redding, Samuel Mccracken, Ryan Woite, Ciaran Buckley. Border Districts A Grade : Nick Tarca, Clinton Robinson, Paul Smith, Rick Adams, Sean King, Daniel Owen

NARACOORTE                     5.3,  7.6,  10.7,  14.9  (93)

LUCINDALE                         3.5,  6.11,  9.17,  9.21  (75)

Goals, Naracoorte: Simon Cox 7, James Dixon 2, Matt Willson 1, Jeffrey Sellars 1, Brett Gould 1, Luke Munro 1, Kane Donnelly 1.  Lucindale: Timothy Walsh 4, Todd Price 2, Travis Ware 2, Josh Teakle 1.  Best, Naracoorte: Mitchell Hartree, Brodie Borg, Kane Jericho, Kane Donnelly, Leigh Symons, Simon Cox. Lucindale: Tristan Menz, Travis Ware, Josh Teakle, Joshua Walker, Michael Jenke, Joe Foster

K L UNITED                        9.2,  13.4,  20.7,  25.9  (159)

KINGSTON                          2.1,  4.4,  6.5,  8.8  (56)

Goals, K L United: Jonty Brown 4, Ashley Baxter 4, Shain Vivian 3, Jonathon Hicks 3, Daniel Pegler 3, Brad Witmitz 2, Matt Corstens 2, Alex Brown 1, Luke Oconner 1, Matthew Skrypek 1, Christopher Chaston 1.  Kingston: Nathan Daniels 2, Josh Gould 2, Kirby Scott 1, Kieran De Santis 1, Josh Gluyas 1, Matthew Menz 1. Best, K L United: Matthew Skrypek, Dylan Williams, Jonathon Hicks, Neil Reeve, Jarrod Krooks, Matt Corstens.  Kingston: Kirby Scott, Matthew Menz, Ben Warner, Paul Bott, Matthew Cooper, Gerard Purautatameri





15.13 (103)





10.10 (70)

Best: Mundulla – J. McGrice, T. Excell, L. Wiese, J. Milligan, D. Mead, L. Duell . Bordertown – J. Cammarano, J. Grosser, M. Dahlitz, S. Devitt, N. Clark, M. Hayes. Goals: Mundulla – D. Wiese 3, H. Thorpe 3, B. Packer 3, J. Mcgrice 2, G. Obst , R. Williams , J. Milligan , B. Douglas. Bordertown –  J. Searle 2, J. Cammarano 2, M. Crilly 2, L. Exton , J. Grosser , S. Sverdloff , C. Williams                           


IF THE KNTFL had a rivalry round, this weekend would be it.
Three of the five matches features traditional rivals, another pits two of the State’s famous winemaking communities against one another and the fifth is between the two clubs who travel the most kilometres in the league each year.
One of the games – Naracoorte v Lucindale – features the top two sides in a possible grand final match-up, with a massive crowd likely to turn out to see who claims the Teys Cup.
Penola v Padthaway. What a beauty this one will be between two sides on the rise but desperate to stay in touch with the top teams.
Both lost last week against good quality opposition but both are capable of some scintillating football with their many travelling recruits showing the way.
Padthaway looks to have picked up yet another new player with key forward Malcolm Pohlner showing his wares last week, and with George Verco and Mark Edwards also there to kick goals and possibly Matt Lampard back to further stretch the Penola defence, Padthaway might have the offensive weapons to win this game.
Kybybolite v Border Districts. These games are always close and if Borders can maintain their recent form, they will be a real handful.
Adding spice to the occasion is that former Kyby coach and player Andrew Michelmore now has the reins at Borders, and he will be really keen to show his old club what he’s brought to the Eagles, but the real key to the game will undoubtedly be how Kyby manages big Borders full forward Paul Smith.
Smith is dominating defences at the moment and will take a power of stopping by the Tiger defence, but if he can get away and kick a bag, Borders will thrill their supporters by scoring an upset win on Kyby turf.
Bordertown v Mundulla. In another clash of fierce rivals, there’s only pride at stake as both sides are falling off the finals pace, but it will be a competitive game.
Mundulla has looked the side more likely to be a contender this year, but Bordertown has lifted for some games and really took it up to Naracoorte last week.
Mundulla was also a loser last week but the Tigers still on paper look a capable unit and if coach Heath Thorpe can shake the Rooster defence for a bag of goals, his side will win.
Naracoorte v Lucindale. What a beauty this one promises to be, with great match-ups all over the ground. Lucindale has injury worries but has showed its depth by covering them comfortably, even bringing in ex-league medallist Aaron Smart for a best on ground performance in his first game last week.
The first big clash will be in the ruck between Lucindale’s Tim Walsh and Demon Craig Beggs, then when it hits the ground Roos Kyle Press, Ryan McInerney and co will go hard against the likes of Rob Jones, Leigh Symonds and Jeff Sellars.
Both sides have great forward set-ups, with three of the league’s leading goalkickers among the two sides.
It’s likely these two sides will meet later in the year, and the Roos might take a mental edge with a win here.
Kingston v K/L United. While rebuilding Kingston has the advantage of hosting a side making a long car trip, really the Saints are unlikely to make a contest of this one.
The Cougars are a dynamic run and carry side who kick goals at will and they will be looking at this one as a comfortable win on the big Gall Park oval, which will suit them.
Keith has the bye.


The tragic road crash during the week may well have had an impact on the weekend but Keith resident’s saw a glimmer of sunshine when the Crows played inspired football from the start to blitz the improving Penola. Keith raced to a big lead early but Penola slowly reduced the gap to 21 points by ½ time. The Crows found great resolve and again stormed clear with 8 goals to three and had the safely under control with a 53 point lead with a quarter to play. They continued to control the play and won easily by 59 points, their best effort for the season at a time when they need it most.

Bordertown looked like causing a boilover when they led powerful Naracoorte by 17 points at ½ time. The Roosters might be near the bottom of the ladder but have been more a handful for most but have just been tipped out. Mid-fielder Kane Cuthbertson was starring for the Roosters and they held the lead until well into the 3rd quarter. Naracoorte were sluggish early but Simon Cox with 7 goals and big game players Mitch Hartree and Rob Jones lifted and the Demons took a narrow lead before the last quarter. Greater depointh again aided the top side and Naracoorte finished strongly to win running away by 33 points. Sid Patterson played strongly for 4 quarters and was ably assisted by Matt Willison for Naracoorte. Cuthbertson was the best for Bordertown, Luke Exton, James Stewart and Cammarano with 4 goals did well. Kingston’s brief flirtation with some good form vanished as Lucindale ran amok from the start. Former coach Aaron Smart starred for Lucindale along with Rob Handbury, Todd Price booted 10 goals and Sam Mardling 6 as the Roo’s piled on a lazy 12 goals in the final term to win by 188 points. Kingston’s nightmare is about to start again as we pass the half-way mark of the season.

Mundulla had much more of the play against Border Districts but couldn’t make it count. The Moots led by 7 points at the main break but it should have been more and Borders made them pay dearly. The straight kicking Borders trailed by a point at ¾ time after Mundulla booted a woeful 2 goals 8. Borders, with their tails up took control in the last quarter and came away with a 20 point victory to prove that the win over Naracoorte was no fluke. Nick Tarca carried his interleague form on and Paul Smith 6 and Clint Barras 4 provided the majority of goals. Jake McGrice, Stuart Jeffries and Grady Obst were best for a disappointing Mundulla.

Round 9 – June 18, 2011

NARACOORTE                        4.3,  6.6,  12.9,  16.17  (113)

BORDERTOWN                        4.2,  9.5,  11.8,  12.8  (80)

Goals, Naracoorte: Simon Cox 7, Michael Parker 2, Brett Gould 2, Jeffrey Sellars 2, Leigh Symons 1, Michael Childs 1, Brett Pope 1.  Bordertown A Grade : Jamie Cammarano 4, Michael Crilly 3, Jamie Grosser 2, Luke Exton 1, Thomas Wheelen 1, David Wurst 1.  Best, Naracoorte A Grade : Sid Patterson, Mitchell Hartree, Matt Willison, Simon Cox, Robert Jones, Daniel Link.  Bordertown: Kane Cuthbertson, James Stewart, Luke Exton, Mitchell Dahlitz, Bradley Simcock, Thomas Wheelen

LUCINDALE                         7.1,  14.5,  20.10,  32.15  (207)

KINGSTON                          1.1,  2.2,  2.3,  2.7  (19)

Goals, Lucindale: Todd Price 10, Samuel Mardling 6, Shane Mcgurk 4, Travis Ware 3, Ryan Mcinerney 3, Timothy Walsh 3, Ethan Gill 1, Tristan Menz 1, Aaron Smart 1.  Kingston: Dylan Richardson 1, Kieran De Santis 1.  Best, Lucindale: Aaron Smart, Robert Handbury, Travis Ware, Shane Mcgurk, Josh Teakle, Ethan Gill.  Kingston: Matthew Menz, Matthew Cooper, Dylan Richardson, Nicholas Telfer, Jacob Brown, Mark Hamlyn

Border Districts                  2.0,  7.1,  11.3,  15.8  (98)

MUNDULLA                          3.4,  7.8,  9.16,  10.18  (78)

GOALS, Border Districts : Paul Smith 6, Clint Barras 4, Gregory Hamilton 2, Sean King 2, Andrew Cheer 1. Mundulla: Boyd Packer 4, Heath Thorpe 2, Sam Luckett 2, Jason Milligan 1, Grady Obst 1.  Best, Border Districts   : Nick Tarca, Stephen Pretlove, Rick Adams, Dylan Moore, Sean King, Gregory Hamilton.  Mundulla   : Jake Mcgrice, Stuart Jeffries, Grady Obst, Tyne Excell, Darren Wiese, Henry Graetz

KYBYBOLITE                        6.4,  9.6,  12.7,  15.10  (100)

PADTHAWAY                         1.1,  6.3,  11.4,  14.5  (89)

Goals, Kybybolite: Samuel Mccracken 7, Christopher Hanley 3, Michael Pannell 2, Tom   Cooper   1, Jamie Tidy 1, William Miles 1.  Padthaway: George Verco 4, Malcolm Pohlner 3, Shane Walker 2, Scott Galloway 2, Brendon Moon 1, Mark Edwards 1, Darcy Boyanton 1.  Best, Kybybolite: David Arnold, Samuel Mccracken, Ciaran Buckley, Tim Pannell, Christopher Hanley, Stephen Craig.  Padthaway: Darren Francis, George Verco, Brett Fidge, Mark Edwards, Jason Degabriele, Chris Dicker

KEITH                             7.2,  9.3,  17.6,  22.7  (139)

PENOLA                            2.3,  5.6,  8.7,  12.8  (80)

Best: Keith – N. Hunt, J. Snajdar, A. Wilson, A. Bowley, T. Redden, T. Allen. Penola – L. Duncan, S. Jackman, J. Pfitzner, S. Fairclough, M. Morley, M. Merrrett. Goals: Keith – T. Redden 6, J. Snajdar 5, J. McEntee 5, T. Mcshane 2, C. Mcmurray , A. Willis , M. Tucker , A. Bowley . Penola – A. Merrett 3, S. Merrett 2, P. Mullen , L. Duncan , S. Davoren , J. Pfitzner , K. Ransom , N. Clayfield , C. Hicks  

MOST KNTFL teams will enjoy the return of rested players after the long weekend off for interleague as the season reaches the halfway point on Saturday.
There will be plenty of interest in this weekend’s round 9 games, with only one win separating all the sides from third spot down to ninth.
Padthaway v Kybybolite.

Padthaway was very disappointing in the two weeks before the interleague game, with two bad losses undoing much of their good early season work.
Now they need to cause an upset over last year’s grand finalist to keep pace with the top teams. Kyby might have one or two players back after the week off, and while Padthaway should also be stronger for the week’s rest, the Lions still struggle for depth and this might be their Achilles heel against a side solid all over the ground.
Keith v Penola.

Penola has run into some nice form and deservedly sits near the top of the ladder, but they wouldn’t want to take this game too easily.
Keith has lost more than it’s won this year, but the Crows are a capable side and they are getting better by the week as their young colts from last year continue to step up.
They are capable of causing an upset, and if the Penola boys don’t jump out of the car after the long trip north with enthusiasm, they might get rolled.
Mundulla v Border Districts.

It’s hard to follow the Border Districts formline.
At their last start they were the giantkillers who beat Naracoorte – a few weeks before that they were a shell of a side which was flogged by Lucindale. So which Borders will turn up this week?
At 4-3 they are in a logjam for the top five, and Mundulla is 3-4 and even more desperate than them. So it will definitely be on. It could be a shootout of forwards, with Mundulla’s Thorpe in so-so touch but Borders’ Paul Smith in good nick – that might give the edge to Borders.
Naracoorte v Bordertown.

Naracoorte was a last-start loser and Bordertown a last-start winner, so that form is a tick in Bordertown’s box, but wise heads say that Naracoorte loss might have been the wake-up call they needed.
The Demons are far too good to drop two games in a row to sides outside the top five, and they will be itching to bounce back after the shock of the last round and the reported long Sunday morning session they suffered because of it.
Lucindale v Kingston.

The western derby is almost always a classic, but this year that’s looking really unlikely. Lucindale is flying despite a host of injuries and a last-round loss to Kaniva/Leeor, while Kingston is improving but is still some way off winning a game.
Lucindale might get a player or two back from injury after the week off, and that won’t help Kingston’s cause at all. Lucindale to retain the Wilks Cup.



In a high class Inter-League game at Naracoorte, the KNTFL proved too strong, beating Riverland FL by 43 points. Watched by a decent crowd, Riverland got off to a good start and matched it with the homeside in the early stages.  Both sides were playing an open running style of game, Riverland leading by 5 point at the end of an entertaining first term.

After trailing at quarter time, the KNTFL moved the game up a gear in the second term, adding 5.2 to 1.3 to take a comfortable lead at the main break. Part of the change in tempo of the game was brought about by Penola on-baller Luke Duncan and Ryan McInerney his counterpart from Lucindale. Both players getting plenty of hard ball gets to feed out to other players to run the ball forward. At the other end of the ground, Bordertown’s Kane Cuthbertson was proving very hard to pass at Centre Half back – taking contested marks to hold the Riverland midfield out. Penola 17 year old Matt Merrett also played a fine game clearly winning his position in a key defensive role.

After an even third term on the scoreboard, The KNTFL put the icing on the cake in the last term adding six goals to two to run out winners by 43 points.

Cuthbertson was named  best afield, with the livewire Naracoorte champion Jamie Dixon kicking six after roaming the midfield most of the day.  Border Districts Paul Smith was the dominant forward on the day, kicking eight goals.

For the Riverland, Vice-Captain Adam Beauchamp, Peter Dempsey, Jamie Ferguson (4 goals) and Tim Roberts (3 goals) were named best.

After the game, KNTFL coach Dean Woosnam praised his side “Cuthbertson, Smith up forward and Dixon were the standout players for us, but it was a very even effort by the lads”. “The mid-fielders worked with well with all the rotations and the difference in the teams was that we had a slightly stronger forward set up than the Riverland.”

Kowree, Naracoorte & Tatiara




19.10 (124)





12.9 (81)

Best:  KNTFL – K. Cuthbertson, J. Dixon, L. Duncan, R. McInerney, M. Merrrett, R. Jaensch. Riverland – A. Beauchamp, P. Dempsey, J. Ferguson, T. Roberts, P. Safralidis, D. Proud. Goals: KNTFL – P. Smith 8, J. Dixon 6, T. Price 2, M. Crilly , L. Duncan , R. Jones. Riverland – J. Ferguson 4, T. Roberts 3, N. Brown , C. Miller , G. Franks , M. Middleton , J. Langdon


June 9, 2011

NARACOORTE oval will host a big day of interleague football on Saturday as the KNTFL takes on the visiting Riverland Football League.
The RFL side will be seeking revenge after KNT knocked them off on their own patch at Barmera last year by a convincing 52 points.
Despite that hefty result, it will be a new ball game on Saturday, and no one in the local camp is taking the game for granted.
As is always the case, the original squad has altered considerably through injury and unavailability, and some of the KNT’s gun interleague players including Naracoorte’s Mitch Hartree, Kaniva/Leeor’s Daniel Pegler and Lucindale’s Mark Snowball and Sam Graetz will be missing this year for a variety of reasons, while last year’s century goalkicker Scott Carberry from Kybybolite has been ruled out with a knee injury.
But the locals will line up strongly, with 10-12 of last year’s interleague side lining up again, including Border Districts travelling pair Paul Smith and Shaun King in the key attacking posts.
The KNT appears a little light on for big men, but in-form Naracoorte ruckman Craig Beggs will do most of the work, and with the conditions likely to be slippery, the locals have a good low to the ground side.
Likely starting on-ballers James Dixon, Tom Cooper and Luke Duncan are all strong-bodied bullocking players who can monster the ball forward, while Rob Jones, Todd Price and Kyle Press will all be hard to knock off the footy.
The KNT looks to have a potent forward line with Smith and King in the key positions, interleague stalwart Adam Merrett and in-form Lucindale coach Price in the pockets and Bordertown goalkicker Michael Crilly a luxury on the flank.
The defence will be led by Bordertown centre half back Kane Cutherbertson and Kyby full back Ray Jaensch, who both played in last year’s game, while the experience of Naracoorte’s Nathan Smith in the back pocket will be offset by the youth and run of Kyle Press and Nick Tarca on the back flanks.
Coach Dean Woosnam would be happy with the balance of the side, which will be finalised at tonight’s last training session at Naracoorte, but will no doubt be wary of the unknown from the opposition.
League president Kym Hebberman said a competitive contest was virtually guaranteed.
“The Riverland is very compatible to us, they have a similar talent base and they’re a good adversary,” he said.
“We won by a few goals up there last year and they’ll be very, very keen to atone.”
Hebberman said it was disappointing that some of the KNT’s best players would be sidelined, but that was unavoidable and depth in the squad meant their losses would be covered adequately.
“We’ve still got 30-odd to pick from and the guys that want to play have been to all the trainings, injured or not, and showed that they want to play.”
The KNT squad will fine-tune with a final training tonight in Naracoorte before the 22-man team is announced.
Hebberman commended Merrett Logging for its sponsorship this year of the league’s senior and junior playing jumpers.
Saturday’s action starts with an under 17 interleague game from 12.30pm and the senior game will kick off at 2.30pm. Entry is only $5.



Border Districts pulled off the biggest upset of the year when they blitzed undefeated Naracoorte after ½ time. The Eagles led narrowly in the 1st half but just when most spectators expected Naracoorte to burst clear the opposite happened. Borders charged away with 6 goals to one in the 3rd term and held a match-winning 35 point lead. Paul Smith with 9 goals and Clint Barras with 6 were creating havoc for the Demon defenders and Borders rubbed salt into the wounds with another 6 goals in the last quarter to win by 64 points and leave the tiny town of Frances fairly rocking for the best win Borders have had in a long time. Sean King at half-forward and Nick Tarca were in everything for Borders. Naracoorte were stunned by the loss. Ever reliable Mitch Hartree, Michael Childs and Matt Willison were the Demons best.

Lucindale, another undefeated team were always under siege from a resurgent Kaniva-Leeor United. Whenever Lucindale threatened to break away the consistent Shain Vivian, Ash Baxter or Dylan Williams would conjur a goal. KLU’s straighter kicking kepoint them in front through the 3rd quarter whilst their defenders forced errors on the Lucindale forward line. KLU had played Lucindale to a standstill and slammed on 6 last quarter goals to win by 38 points, their most impressive win of the season. Neil Reeve starred in the ruck for KLU, Williams, Shane Dodson and Brad McCabe were strong contributors. Ryan McInerney was again best for Lucindale, Tim Walsh and consistent Kyle Press never stopped trying.

Mundulla returned to the winners list when they took control of their game against Padthaway in the 2nd half. The Llions had looked a better side early and held a 14 point lead at the long break. Mundulla kepoint Padthaway goal-less in the 3rd term and raced to a 20 point lead with Jason Milligan back from injury leading the way in ruck. Sam Luckett around the packs benefited from the ruck dominance and Mundulla kepoint the momentum in the last quarter with 5 more goals to win convincingly by 37 points. Boyd Packer, 4 goals and Grady Obst also played well for Mundulla. Matt Dean and co-defender Darren Francis battled hard for the Lions but were overwhelmed in the end.

Kybybolite was another team to win after a humiliating loss last week but not without a battle. Very little separated the Keith Crows and Kyby at ½ time with Kyby in front by just 7 points. Slowly Kyby increased its lead in the 3rd quarter with strong work from Ray Jaensch, Chris Hanley at half-forward. Mark Slotegraaf was playing a fine capointain’s game around the mid-field as well for Kyby. Keith had one last chance with a quarter to go but didn’t have enough good players to do it. Jon Wright across the centre, Nick Hunt in defence and James McEntee , 5 goals tried hard but the Crows fell 18 points short.

Kingston climbed out of the grave to nearly snatch their 1st win in 2011. The Saints led early only to see Bordertown charge away in a dominant 2nd quarter and lead by 30 points. Bordertown were still going strongly in the 3rd quarter but Kingston were showing plenty of resolve and booted 7 goals to trail by 11 points with a quarter to play. Both sides went goal for goal in the last quarter but it was Bordertown who got a last gasp win by 3 points. Jamie Grosser a forward lifeline for Bordertown booted 7 goals, Clint Williams played strongly across half forward and Kane Cuthbertson was creative. Kingston’s best were Ben Warner in defence, Nathan Daniels up forward with 5 goals and Jacob Brown.

Round 8 scores – June 4, 2011

BORDER DISTS                      4.3,  8.5,  14.7,  20.9  (129)

NARACOORTE                        4.1,  6.2,  7.8,  9.11  (65)

Goals, Border Districts: Paul Smith 9, Clint Barras 6, Sean King 2, Mark Lemon 2, Jarrad Hirst 1.  Naracoorte: Michael Parker 4, Simon Cox 2, Matt Willison 1, Jacob Kahl 1, Tom Prebble 1.  Best, Border Districts: Paul Smith, Sean King, Nick Tarca, Clinton Robinson, Rick Adams, Jarrad Hirst.  Naracoorte: Mitchell Hartree, Matt Willison, Michael Childs, Daniel Link, James Dixon, Brett Pope

K L UNITED                        3.3,  9.6,  14.7,  20.11  (131)

LUCINDALE                         5.6,  8.9,  11.13,  13.15  (93)

Goals, K L United: Shain Vivian 4, Ashley Baxter 3, Dylan Williams 3, Daniel Pegler 2, Jonathon Hicks 1, Brad Mccabe 1, Christopher Chaston 1, Daniel Stimson 1, Travis Lannin 1, Neil Reeve 1, Brad Witmitz 1, Luke Oconner 1. Lucindale: Todd Price 5, Samuel Mardling 4, Stanley Freeman 1, Robert Handbury 1, Ryan Mcinerney 1, Timothy Walsh 1.  Best, K L United: Neil Reeve, Dylan Williams, Shane Dodson, Brad Mccabe, Daniel Stimson, Christopher Chaston.  Lucindale: Ryan Mcinerney, Timothy Walsh, Kyle Press, Michael Jenke, Kane Mccarthy, Nathan Clarke

MUNDULLA                          1.7,  5.7,  10.13,  15.15  (105)

PADTHAWAY                       3.1,  8.3,  8.5,  10.8  (68)

Goals, Mundulla: Boyd Packer 4, Jason Milligan 3, Luke Wiese 2, Jake Mcgrice 1, Henry Trenorden 1, Sam Luckett 1,

Darren Wiese 1, Grady Obst 1, Benjamin Douglas 1.  Padthaway: Brendon Moon 3, Mark Edwards 3, Brett Fidge 2, Mitchell Gibbs 1, Aaron Wanders 1.  Best, Mundulla: Jason Milligan, Sam Luckett, Darren Wiese, Boyd Packer, Grady Obst, Henry Graetz.  Padthaway A Grade : Matthew Dean, Darren Francis, Nash Stark, Cory Brown, Scott Galloway, Jason Dicker

KYBYBOLITE               3.4,  8.5,  13.8,  15.11  (101)

KEITH                             2.2,  7.4,  10.8,  12.11  (83)

Goals, Kybybolite: Christopher Hanley 5, Michael Pannell 2, Jamie Tidy 2, Ryan Woite 2, Thomas Pearce 2, Ryan Agnew 1, Tom Cooper   1.  Keith: James Mcentee 5, Jason Snajdar 3, Nick Hunt 1, Paul Makin 1, Todd Mcshane 1, Charlie Hender 1. Best, Kybybolite: Ray Jaensch, Mark Capt Slotegraaf, David Arnold, Matt Stilsby, Tom   Cooper  , Sam Pearce. Keith A Grade : Jon Wright, Nick Hunt, James Mcentee, Charlie Hender, Paul Makin, Ryan Menz

BORDERTOWN                        1.9,  8.14,  12.14,  16.15  (111)

KINGSTON                                4.1,  5.2,  12.3,  17.6  (108)

Goals, Bordertown: Jamie Grosser 7, Michael Crilly 4, James Stewart 2, Thomas Wheelen 2, Clinton Williams 1.  Kingston Nathan Daniels 5, Matthew Menz 2, Kirby Scott 2, Craig Watson 2, Jeffrey Puruntatameri 1, Gerard Purautatameri 1, Dylan Richardson 1, Kieran De Santis 1, Matt Dyer 1, Nicholas Telfer 1.  Best, Bordertown: Clinton Williams, Jamie Grosser, Kane Cuthbertson, Sam Sverdloff, Thomas Wheelen, Sam Devitt.  Kingston: Ben Warner, Nathan Daniels, Jacob Brown, Kirby Scott, Dylan Richardson, Matt Dyer


SIDES in the mix for finals face some crunch games in this weekend’s round of KNTFL action.
Mundulla v Padthaway

Mundulla’s bubble has burst with four straight losses and up against a very capable Padthaway side, there’s some real danger signs here.
The four losses have all been against sides in form, but such is the evenness of the league this year, only a handful of losses could rule out finals participation.
Padthaway was smashed by Naracoorte last week and will be up and about for this one, so they will be hard to beat.
Kybybolite v Keith

Keith would fancy its chances here, improving every week and facing a Kyby side in a spot of bother with injuries and form. Coach Carberry, Price and Buckley are all unlikely to front up this week, Bittner is still out and Kyby’s depth will really be tested. Keith has showed in the last three weeks it can match it with the top teams and if Kyby is even a little bit off, the Crows will win this game and send the Tigers off to their bye with plenty of thinking to do.
Border Districts v Naracoorte

Borders have been up and down, but if they’re even close to down this week, it won’t end well for them.
Naracoorte is the league benchmark with Lucindale and showed in last week’s thumping of Padthaway that they have another gear. With stars all over the ground, the Demons will have too much depth for a Borders side that will try hard but be outclassed.
Kingston v Bordertown

It’s 10th v 11th on the ladder, but Bordertown probably doesn’t deserve to be that low, while Kingston is really struggling. Bordertown still has a strong side on paper and a good spine of players up the middle who should lead the way this week. The Saints are rebuilding and might have to wait a bit longer for their first win of the year.
K/L United v Lucindale

Lucindale has some injury worries with key players such as Snowball, Graetz, Walker and Smart all out at the moment, but the Roos certainly have depth in their favour. They will need it this weekend too, as the Cougars are playing very competitive football every week. On their home patch they will be hard to beat, but Lucindale is undefeated for a reason and should be able to maintain that record.


May 31, 2011

TWISTS and turns continued to come in the KNTFL last weekend with some shock results and nail-biting wins.

The biggest surprise was Penola’s dominant win over last year’s grand finalist Kybybolite, which suffered a number of injuries and now looks to be struggling to keep pace with the top teams.

With pace and skill all over the ground, Penola killed Kyby after quarter time and careered away to a 59-point win, doubling the Tigers’ score.

Kaniva/Leeor United was involved in yet another heart-stopper and this time was on the right side of the ledger at full-time, beating Bordertown by just three points with a goal in the dying seconds.

Keith also won a thriller in a surprise result over declining power Mundulla, sneaking in by just two points.

Naracoorte had no problems in disposing of a disappointing Padthaway, with Simon Cox and Brett Gould enjoying a day out with a combined 21 goals.

Border Districts bounced back into form with a crushing win over Kingston by 20 goals, Clint Barras kicking 10 goals.


Padthaway’s good form came to an abrupoint halt in KNT football when league leader Naracoorte turned on a clinic. The Demons had been less than impressive recently but unleashed their best to demolish the Lions by 178 points. Naracooorte erased any thoughts of an upset by storming to a 12 goal lead by half-time. Simon Cox and Brett Gould were dominating around the goals and finished with 11 and 10 goals respectively. Not content with the big lead Naracoorte changed into overdrive and slammed on a further 12 goals in the 3rd quarter and Padthaway were powerless to stop them. Naracoorte cruised through the last quarter with 8 goals and sent a powerful message to other teams about their premiership hopes. James Dixon was best afield closely followed by Nathan Smith, Michael Childs and Brodie Borg. The Lions best were again Jason Degabrielle, Aaron Wanders and Jason Dicker but it was a bit of a reality check.

The Keith Crows benefited from straight kicking to hold out Mundulla by 2 points in a thriller. Mundulla cruised to a 4 goal lead early with Luke Wiese and Tyne Excell doing well. They maintained the handy lead to half-time but Keith were starting to match them with Jason Snajdar and James McEntee proving a handful around goals. Inaccuracy crepoint into Mundulla’s forward efforts as Keith applied the pressure and the Moots lead was cut to just 2 points at ¾ time. Almost every shot Keith had produced a goal and this kepoint Mundulla on the defensive and when the Crows got their 4th goal they snatched a hard earned 2 point win. Tom Mayfield starred for the Crows along with veteran Nick Hunt and Paul Makin.

Penola upset Kybybolite and continued their good recent form. Kyby led narrowly at quarter time but looked a little shaky as Luke Duncan led the Eagles with a brilliant display around the packs. He provided plenty of chances for his forwards and kicked 4 goals himself. Penola took an 18 point lead at half-time. Kyby needed a big lift but it was all Penola in the 3rd term and they had the game under control when they booted 6 goals to one and lead by 47 points with a quarter to play. The result was never in doubt as Penola cruised home by 59 points. Coach Duncan was outstanding for Penola, Brad Maney, Kane Ransom and Cody Hicks also had good games. Kyby were very disappointing with only Michael Pannell, defender Ray Jaensch and Tom Pearce putting up any resistance.

Border Districts had a 120 point win over hapless Kingston with Clint Barras having a day out to boot 10 goals. Paul Smith 7 goals and Mark Lemon were also dominant for Borders who controlled play from the start. For Kingston it was another belting and this disaster of a season can’t end soon enough.

Bordertown played all over Kaniva Leeor United in the 1st half and kicked straight to hold a 42 point lead at the main break. KLU, confident after last weeks come from behind win took over in the 3rd term and despite poor kicking for goal had reduced the gap to 19 points but they were full of running. Bordertown were on empty and struggled to get the ball forward as KLU defenders cut off most attacks. Dylan Williams led the way up forward and booted 7 goals as KLU produced a big finish to win narrowly by 3 points. Neil Reeve, the consistent Matt Skrypek and Jarrod Krooks were among KLU’s best. Mick Crilly booted 5 goals for Bordertown and Sam Devitt and Clint Williams fought hard but just couldn’t hold KLU out in the end.            

Round 7 scores – May 28, 2011

NARACOORTE                        8.3,  17.7,  29.11,  37.15  (237)

PADTHAWAY                         2.5,  5.9,  7.9,  8.11  (59)

GOALS, Naracoorte: Simon Cox 11, Brett Gould 10, James Dixon 4, Shaun Taylor 4, Brodie Borg 2, Michael Parker 2,

Jeffrey Sellars 1, Luke Munro 1, Nathan Smith 1, Brett Pope 1.  Padthaway: Matt Lampard 4, Tom Mclennan 1, Brendon Moon 1, Jason Degabriele 1, Nash Stark 1. Best, Naracoorte: James Dixon, Nathan Smith, Michael Childs, Brodie Borg, Brett Gould, Simon Cox. Padthaway: Jason Degabriele, Aaron Wanders, Jason Dicker, Brett Fidge, Trent Bettess, Bill Longbottom

KEITH                             2.2,  7.3,  11.3,  15.4  (94)

MUNDULLA                  6.2,  9.6,  10.11,  13.14  (92)

GOALS, Keith: Jason Snajdar 6, James Mcentee 4, Paul Makin 1, Andrew Willis 1, Nick Hunt 1, Todd Mcshane 1, Alexander Bowley 1. Mundulla: Grady Obst 3, Heath Thorpe 2, Jonathan Mock 1, Sam Excell 1, Henry Trenorden 1, Luke Wiese 1, Jake Mcgrice 1, Jarred Wiese 1, Daniel Mead 1, Nicky Davis 1. Best, Keith : Thomas Mayfield, James Mcentee, Jason Snajdar, Nick Hunt, Paul Makin, Jon Wright. Mundulla : Luke Wiese, Tyne Excell, Daniel Mead, Darren Wiese, Nicky Davis, Benjamin Douglas.

PENOLA                            2.3,  8.5,  14.7,  18.10  (118)

KYBYBOLITE                    3.3,  5.5,  6.8,  8.11  (59)

GOALS, Penola: Ashley Braun 5, Luke Duncan 4, Cody Hicks 4, Jacob Pfitzner 1, Lachlan Jones 1, Leigh Woolston 1, Paul Mullen 1, Kane Ransom 1.  Kybybolite: Ryan Woite 2, Samuel Mccracken 2, Michael Pannell 1, Shaun V/Capt Price 1, Ciaran Buckley 1, Mark  Slotegraaf 1. Best, Penola: Luke Duncan, Brad Maney, Kane Ransom, Cody Hicks, Corey Gray, Spencer Jackman.  Kybybolite: Michael Pannell, Ray Jaensch, Thomas Pearce, William Miles, Ryan Woite, Dylan Brodie

Border Districts              4.3,  9.6,  15.9,  24.11  (155)

KINGSTON                          0.0,  2.4,  3.4,  5.5  (35)

GOALS, Border Districts: Clint Barras 10, Paul Smith 7, Andrew Cheer 2, Matt White 2, Sean King 1, Mark Lemon 1, Jack Burns 1.  Kingston: Nathan Daniels 2, Josh Gould 1, Kirby Scott 1, Jesse Curkpatrick 1. Best, Border Districts: Clint Barras, Mark Lemon, Dylan Moore, Nathan Naylor, Paul Smith, Nick Tarca. Kingston: Nathan Daniels, Kirby Scott, Dylan Richardson, Matthew Menz, Jacob Brown, Nicholas Telfer

K L UNITED                        2.3,  5.8,  10.14,  16.15  (111)

BORDERTOWN                 4.1,  13.2,  15.3,  17.6  (108)

GOALS, K L United : Dylan Williams 7, Anthony Carlile 4, Daniel Stimson 2, Christopher Chaston 2, Shain Vivian 1. Bordertown: Michael Crilly 5, Jamie Cammarano 3, Maddy Hayes 2, Kane Cuthbertson 2, James Stewart 2, Sam Sverdloff 1, Jamie Grosser 1, Joshua Searle 1.  Best, K L United: Dylan Williams, Neil Reeve, Matthew Skrypek, Jarrod Krooks, Brad Mccabe, Daniel Stimson. Bordertown: Michael Crilly, Sam Devitt, Clinton Williams, Ryan Paget, Joshua Searle, Kane Cuthbertson

ALL five matches in this weekend’s round of KNTFL football could go either way in the most even round of match-ups in recent memory.
Match of the round could go to a number of games, but is probably the clash between fierce rivals Padthaway and Naracoorte.
But the game between Penola and Kybybolite could also get top billing, as well as that between Keith and Mundulla, with all four of those sides in the race to play finals.
And each of the other three games looks evenly matched as well. Undefeated Lucindale has the bye this week.
Padthaway v Naracoorte.

Padthaway supporters would well remember knocking off hot favourites Naracoorte on their own patch last year, and they would be fairly salivating at the prospect of hosting them this week.
The Lions are the most improved side in the competition thanks to a massive influx of recruits, and as Naracoorte coach Dean Woosnam wouldn’t have seen any of them in action yet, they will present something of an unknown entity.
Naracoorte is still undefeated but has only been doing enough to win games and one senses their first loss might only be around the corner. Could it be this week?
Keith v Mundulla.

Keith has been very good the past two weeks with a thumping win and a meritorious loss to Naracoorte, while Mundulla has been very bad with one-sided losses to Kyby and Penola.
Yet Mundulla will still be favourites to win here. They desperately need to bounce back with a win to stay in touch with the top five, and on paper they still have the players to brush aside teams like Keith.
Penola v Kybybolite.

Penola has hit its straps in the past two weeks and thumped Mundulla last week, the same team Kyby handled easily the week before.
Penola on its own ground has always presented a challenge for Kyby and if the Tigers are a little off their game coming off the bye, they might find themselves on the end of an upset loss.
Penola’s key is probably strong bodies forwards Ashley Braun and Adam Merrett, while Kyby will look to win the middle and get the ball to goalkicking coach Scott Carberry and his fleet of crumbers.
Border Districts v Kingston.

Borders seem to have dropped their bundle after a promising start, and with Kingston producing its best show of the season last week, the Saints could be primed to win their first game.
Kingston looked more settled with a handful of experienced heads coming in last week, while Borders are still turning out the same personnel but not getting the same results as they were early in the year. If Borders are off their game, Kingston can win.
Bordertown v K/L United.

They are always fiercely-fought games between these sides, and there’s added spice with a handful of players swapping camps in recent years.
Bordertown looks a better side with key forward Michael Crilly back, but United has such a spread of running players who can carry and kick long that it’s hard to see Bordertown halting them. United to win, but not by much.



Monday May 23, 2011

Lucindale continue to impress in the KNTFL. After a relatively even 1st qtr they stormed away from Bordertown to lead by 58 points at ½ time. Sam Mardling was dominating the forward line and Ryan McInerney thrashed whoever became his opponent. Straight kicking flattered Bordertown on the scoreboard but it was different on the ground.  McInerney was best afield and booted 6 goals for Lucindale with Kyle Press starring on the ball, Mardling booted 10 goals as Bordertown were outclassed. Kane Cuthbertson and Mick Crilly with 5 goals tried hard for the Roosters but the gap at the top of the ladder appears to be widening.

Naracoorte’s less than impressive form continued with Keith taking the game right up to the league leader. The rebuilding Crows led narrowly at ½ time with midfielders Andrew Wilson and Alex Bowley giving plenty of drive, forwards Paul Makin and James McEntee, 5 goals, also contributed strongly. Naracoorte exerted a much stronger influence with James Dixon , Robbie Jones and ruckman Craig Beggs taking control around the stoppages and set up opportunities for Simon Cox who finished with 7 goals against his former club. Keith were close enough at 3 qtr time but Naracoorte took over completely and booted 7 goals to win running away by 37 points.

Padthaway, despite inaccurate kicking were too strong for Kingston who at least managed to reach double figures on the goal tally. The Lions had a big lead of 57 points at the last change and had wasted many chances. Matt Lampard at full forward provided a strong target and booted 6 goals, Jason Degabriele in the centre and Darren Francis at half-back were big stumbling blocks that Kingston couldn’t overcome as the Lions won comfortably by 49 points. Kingston at least did not rollover and finished with a 6 goal last qtr, their best this season. Kirby Scott in the ruck, Nathan Daniels and Ben Warner were best for Kingston. Mundulla stumbled to rare defeat against an improving Penola. The Eagles started well and had the Moots in trouble early, coach Luke Duncan was in everything and Spencer Jackman defended brilliantly for Penola. Mundulla got into the game in the 2nd qtr but were matched allover by Penola. A goal-less 3rd qtr sealed Mundulla’s fate. Cody Hicks and Luke Duncan each kicked 4 goals to be high in Penola’s best and Adam Merrett provided the strength around the packs. Mundulla’s best were Boyd Packer, Grady Obst and Darren Wiese but they were generally outplayed most of the game.

Kaniva-Leeor broke their run of narrow losses when they stormed with a 10 goal last qtr to smash Border Districts by 75 points. The game was a closely fought affair for 3 quarters although KLU had skipped out to a 25 point lead at the last change. This time however, KLU turned up the heat. Consistent performers Ash Baxter, Anthony Carlile and Dylan Williams tired of being unlucky losers pushed harder as KLU piled on the goals and Borders fell apart. Borders were powerless to stop the onslaught

Round 6 scores – May 21, 2011

PADTHAWAY                         2.8,  10.15,  12.19,  16.25  (121)

KINGSTON                               2.5,  4.7,  4.10,  10.12  (72)

Goals, Padthaway: Matt Lampard 6, Brendon Moon 3, Aaron Wanders 2, Jason Degabriele 2, Chris Dicker 1, Nathan Frederick 1, Darren Francis 1. Kingston –  Josh Gould 2, Craig Watson 2, Nathan Daniels 2, Kieran De Santis 1, Matthew Menz 1, Kirby Scott 1, Chayce Fox 1.  Best, Padthaway –  Jason Degabriele, Darren Francis, Matt Lampard, Jason Dicker, Brendon Moon, Trent Bettess. Kingston – Kirby Scott, Ben Warner, Nathan Daniels, Kieran De Santis, Paul Bott, Jacob Brown

NARACOORTE                        3.3,  6.6,  11.6,  18.6  (114)

KEITH                                        3.0,  7.2,  9.4,  12.5  (77)

Goals, Naracoorte – Simon Cox 7, James Dixon 5, Nick Maxted 2, Luke Munro 1, Sid Patterson 1, Brett Gould 1,

Robert Jones 1.  Keith – James Mcentee 5, Jason Snajdar 2, Thomas Mayfield 1, Todd Mcshane 1, Henry Johnson 1, Andrew Wilson 1, Ryan Menz 1.  Best, Naracoorte – James Dixon, Robert Jones, Nathan Smith, Craig Beggs, Simon Cox, Luke Munro.  Keith A Grade – Andrew Wilson, Paul Makin, Alexander Bowley, James Mcentee, Jon Wright, Todd Mcshane

PENOLA                            5.7,  11.10,  14.16,  17.19  (121)

MUNDULLA                     1.0,  7.5,  7.10,  11.15  (81)

Goals, Penola: Luke Duncan 4, Cody Hicks 4, Adam Merrett 2, Ashley Braun 2, Marshall Morley 1, Paul Mullen 1, Simon Merrett 1, Lachlan Jones 1, Mathew Tilby 1.  Mundulla : Heath Thorpe 3, Boyd Packer 3, Nicky Davis 2, Grady Obst 1, Sam Excell 1, Jake Mcgrice 1. Best, Penola: Luke Duncan, Spencer Jackman, Cody Hicks, Conan Devereux, Adam Merrett, Sam Fairclough. Mundulla – Boyd Packer, Grady Obst, Darren Wiese, Jarred Wiese, Daniel Mead, Tyne Excell

K L UNITED                        3.3,  10.12,  12.14,  22.17  (149)

Border Districts               5.2,  7.3,  9.7,  11.8  (74)

Goals, K L United:  Brad Witmitz 4, Ashley Baxter 3, Dylan Williams 2, Anthony Carlile 2, Shain Vivian 2, Christopher Chaston 1,  Nathan Meyer 1, Shane Dodson 1, Jonathon Hicks 1, Brad Mccabe 1, Daniel Stimson 1, Travis Lannin 1, Tyson Hawker 1, Royce Taylor 1.  Border Districts A Grade : Paul Smith 5, Clint Barras 3, Sean King 1, Mark Lemon 1, Floyd Freeman 1.   Best, K L United : Ashley Baxter, Anthony Carlile, Dylan Williams, Matthew Skrypek, Brad Mccabe, Shain Vivian.  Border Districts A Grade : Nathan Naylor, Jarrad Hirst, Sean King, Andrew Cheer, Nick Tarca, Mark Lemon

LUCINDALE                         5.2,  14.6,  19.8,  24.11  (155)

BORDERTOWN                   3.2,  5.2,  12.2,  15.3  (93)

Goals, Lucindale: Samuel Mardling 10, Ryan Mcinerney 6, Todd Price 3, Shane Mcgurk 2, Mark Snowball 1, Michael Jenke 1, Tristan Menz 1.  Bordertown: Michael Crilly 5, Jamie Cammarano 3, Joshua Tink 2, Sam Sverdloff 2, Angus Diment 1, Jamie Grosser 1, Kane Cuthbertson 1.  Best, Lucindale: Ryan Mcinerney, Kyle Press, Kane Mccarthy, Tristan Menz, Samuel Mardling, Timothy Walsh. Bordertown: Kane Cuthbertson, Michael Crilly, Angus Diment, Joshua Tink, John Jarred, Jamie Cammarano


THE KNTFL football ladder will continue to sort itself out with another interesting round of matches this weekend.
Kingston v Padthaway

Padthaway will win this game and have a sensational 4-1 win/loss record by Saturday night, but the key thing for the Lions will be how much they win by.
The Lions have been great this year and the only mark against their claim on a top five spot is their percentage. They need a big win – real big – over the Saints to get their percentage up.
They had a very encouraging win last week over a super-competitive K/L United side, and did it without a couple of handy players in Verco and Forgan. They will be a class above Kingston this week and should get the percentage boost they’re after.
Naracoorte v Keith.

This won’t be the blockbuster it has been in recent years, but it will still hold plenty of interest and lots of feeling between the two combatants.
Naracoorte remains undefeated but is only doing what they need to win rather than really turning it on. Any lapse could prove dangerous against a Keith side that would love to cause an upset.
The Crows will come to Naracoorte with aggression and hardness but they will really have to lock down the Demon on-ballers Jones and Dixon, ruckman Beggs and forward Cox if they’re to have any chance.
Mundulla v Penola.

Penola showed last week that despite some up and down form, it can match it with the top teams.
The Eagles have the nucleus of a top five team with good key position players, but perhaps depth is where they will fall short this week.
Mundulla was poor in the second half last week but has good strength all over the ground and should be able to account for Penola on its own home ground.
Lucindale v Bordertown.

Lucindale is taking all before it at the moment and even a Bordertown side coming off a week’s rest is unlikely to bother the Roos too much.
Ruckman Snowball is back and dominating the middle and the Roos recruits including Mardling, Walsh and McInerney are killing them, and even though Crilly is likely to be back at the goalfront for the Roosters this week, his four or five goals won’t be enough to make up the difference in class.
Kaniva/Leeor United v Border Districts.

Kaniva/Leeor had yet another near miss last week, and if they’re not careful they will slip to 1-5 against a very capable Borders side this week.
Borders were thumped last week by Lucindale, but they will be a different proposition this week with big goalkicking target Paul Smith back at full forward after a one-week suspension. He will straighten them up and turn some half chances into goals, so Borders can’t be discounted.
United though are several goals better on their own ground and will run the Borders boys off their feet if they’re allowed to. The home side should win narrowly.


Tuesday May 17, 2011

THE close results keep coming in the KNTFL, as Penola almost pulled off the upset of the year in giving reigning premier Naracoorte a scare last Saturday.
Penola punched above its weight all day and led narrowly at three quarter time before the Demon stars kicked into gear – just as they did the week before against Kybybolite – to power home with an eight-goal last quarter to win by 28 points.
The Eagles were gallant in defeat and demonstrated again how even the competition is this year.
Padthaway continues to impress as this season’s big improver with a come-from-behind win over Kaniva/Leeor United.
As it has done in virtually every game this year, United was poised to win at different stages and led by two goals at the last change, but Padthaway overran them to get win number three for the year by 17 points.
Kybybolite showed that its early season slumber might be over with a punishing second half against likely finals side Mundulla.
Mundulla was right in the game at half time, but led by coach Scott Carberry with 10 goals, Kyby kicked right away to win by 61 points.
Lucindale remained undefeated with a surprisingly easy win over Border Districts.
Borders were without suspended spearhead Paul Smith, but still would have been disappointed with the 136 point loss, small forward Sam Mardling kicking nine goals for Lucindale.
Kingston’s run of woe continued with a 105-point loss to Keith.


Padthaway bounced back to the winners list in the KNT when the came from 2 goals down to over-run Kaniva-Leeor in the last quarter and win by 17 points. The game was close all day but KLU appeared to be set for victory when they took the lead in the 3rd term. The consistent Ash Baxter was in everything for KLU as was veteran Shane Dodson and Matt Skrypek. Padthaway determinedly fought on strongly and added 6 last quarter goals with mid-fielders Aaron Wanders, Scott Galloway and ruckman Mitch Gibbs showing the way. The win keeps the Lions in the race for a finals berth whilst KLU will rue another lost opportunity. Keith gave Kingston another thrashing but this time the margin was only 105 points instead of 200. James McEntee with 8 goals and Jason Snajdar 7 were too good for a succession of opponents as Keith raced away after ½ time. Henry Johnson, Tom Mayfield and Nick Hunt were best for the Crows. It was Kingstons’ best effort so far but still well short of a win.

Lucindale smashed Border Districts by 136 points in a display of very accurate kicking to finish with 27- 5. Sam Mardling was unstoppable around goals and booted 9 whilst Kyle Press starred on the ball and bigman Mark Snowball controlled the rucks.

Kybybolite were another team to kick accurately when they defeated Mundulla in high scoring affair by 61 points. Only 3 points separated the teams at ½ time but Kyby powered ahead with 9 goals to two in the 3rd quarter with Scott Carberry on fire at full forward and Mitch Pannell starring at ground level. Ciaran Buckley was winning many kicks around the packs and Mundulla were blitzed. Kyby went further ahead in the finish as all resistance failed when Mundulla added only token golas. Carberry finished with 10 goals to be Kyby’s best ahead of Pannell, Buckley and ruckman Dave Arnold. The Moot’s best were mostly on show before ½ time but Tyne Excell, Grady Obst and Sam Luckett battled hard to the end.

Naracoorte were seriously challenged for the 2nd game in a row when Penola threw everything at them in the 1st three quarters and led by 4 points with a quarter to play. Spencer Jackman, coach Luke Duncan and Brad Maney played inspired football and strongman Adam Merrett kicked 3 valuable goals but just when the improbable looked possible Naracoorte burst into action. James Dixon led the last quarter revival as he often does, Mitch Hartree and Nathan Smith showed how good they were in a crisis as Naracoorte slammed 8 last quarter goals to win running away by 28 points.

Round 5 – May 14, 2011

PADTHAWAY                         5.3,  8.5,  11.8,  17.10  (112)

K L United                        3.3,  9.6,  13.8,  14.11  (95)

Goals, Padthaway   : Brett Fidge 4, Brendon Moon 3, Tom Mclennan 2, Matt Lampard 2, Nathan Frederick 2, Cody Marshall 2, Scott Galloway 1, Jason Degabriele 1. K L United : Ashley Baxter 3, Nathan Meyer 3, Dylan Williams 2, Shain Vivian 1, Andrew Philp 1, Matt Corstens 1, Alex Brown 1, Christopher Chaston 1, Jonty Brown 1.  Best, Padthaway:  Scott Galloway, Nash Stark, Mitchell Gibbs, Aaron Wanders, S Townsend, Matthew Dean.  K L United: Shane Dodson, Ashley Baxter, Matthew Skrypek, Jonty Brown, Neil Reeve, Travis Lannin

KEITH                             4.9,  9.11,  16.17,  22.18  (150)

KINGSTON                     2.0,  4.7,  4.8,  6.9  (45)

Goals: Keith – James Mcentee 8, Jason Snajdar 7, Callum Mcmurray 1, Henry Johnson 1, Luke (Stephen) Mitchell 1, Brenton Nurse 1, Paul Makin 1, Andrew Wilson 1, Ryan Menz 1.  Kingston – Nathan Daniels 1, Ben Teakle 1, Kirby Scott 1, Dylan Richardson 1, Ben Warner 1, Chayce Fox 1.Best: Keith – Henry Johnson, Thomas Mayfield, Nick Hunt, Ryan Menz, Shane Semler, Alexander Bowley.  Kingston:  Chayce Fox, Ashley Stenner, Nathan Daniels, Ben Warner, Kieran De Santis, Kirby Scott

NARACOORTE                      2.5,  5.6,  8.9,  16.12  (108)

PENOLA                                  1.4,  7.7,  8.13,  11.14  (80)

Goals, Naracoorte: Simon Cox 4, Shaun Taylor 3, Mitchell Hartree 2, Sam Willison 2, Nick Maxted 1, Tron Congdon 1, Michael Childs 1, Leigh Symons 1, Tom Prebble 1.  Penola: Adam Merrett 3, Jacob Pfitzner 1, Ashley Braun 1, Brad Maney 1, Simon Merrett 1, Sam Davoren 1, Paul Mullen 1, Josh Gale 1, Aaron Sims 1.  Best, Naracoorte: James Dixon, Mitchell Hartree, Nathan Smith, Tom Prebble, Daniel Link, Sid Patterson. Penola: Spencer Jackman, Luke Duncan, Brad Maney, Josh Gale, Adam Merrett, Lachlan Jones

KYBYBOLITE                        5.1,  10.4,  19.5,  26.8  (164)

MUNDULLA                          5.6,  9.7,  11.10,  15.13  (103)

Goals, Kybybolite: Scott Carberry 10, Michael Pannell 3, Christopher Hanley 3, Brad Davies 3, Ryan Woite 2, Mark Capt Slotegraaf 1, Tom V/Capt Cooper   1, Ciaran Buckley 1, William Miles 1, David Arnold 1. Mundulla: Grady Obst 4, Heath Thorpe 3, Jonathan Mock 2, Daniel Mead 2, Nathan Milligan 1, Boyd Packer 1, Jake Mcgrice 1, Benjamin Douglas 1.  Best, Kybybolite: Michael Pannell, Scott Carberry, Ciaran Buckley, David Arnold, Christopher Hanley, Matt Stilsby.  Mundulla: Tyne Excell, Grady Obst, Sam Luckett, Jason Milligan, Sam Excell, Benjamin Douglas

LUCINDALE                         9.1,  13.2,  20.4,  27.5  (167)

Border Districts                  0.0,  3.1,  4.2,  4.7  (31)

Goals, Lucindale – Samuel Mardling 9, Robert Handbury 4, Todd Price 4, Timothy Walsh 4, Travis Ware 2, Shane Mcgurk 1, Ryan Mcinerney 1, Tristan Menz 1, Mark Snowball 1.  Border Districts: Mark Lemon 1, Rick Adams 1, Sean King 1, Clint Barras 1. Best,Lucindale : Samuel Mardling, Kyle Press, Mark Snowball, Timothy Walsh, Robert Handbury, Ryan Mcinerney. Border Districts:  Jarrad Hirst, Jay Zeuner, Jason Saunderson, Stephen Pretlove, Sean King, Nathan Naylor



KYBYBOLITE lost only two games for all of last season, but this Saturday the Tigers will have to pull out all stops to avoid losing their third game in the first five weeks of the 2011 KNTFL season.
They face their northern nemesis Mundulla in a battle for the Tiger Cup which promises plenty for spectators.
Mundulla has lost only one game this season, to reigning premiers Naracoorte, while Kyby would have taken a lot of heart from last week’s near miss against that same team but won’t want to drop a third game so early in the year.
Most of the other games also hold a lot of interest, with the improved Border Districts hosting undefeated Lucindale, Penola taking on Naracoorte fresh from a thumping win over Kingston and Padthaway hosting Kaniva/Leeor United in another likely close match-up.
Padthaway v K/L United
Padthaway has been one of the surprise packets this season and has won two from three in its best start to the year in a long time. United has only won the one game, but has been close in all of them and is better than its low ranking on the ladder.
So this should be a great contest. Padthaway’s strength is in its key positions, with George Verco and Matt Lampard very good forward targets, and they have a couple of handy onballers too.
United is a well drilled, hard running side with an even spread of talent and a bit of pace and run on every line. With Baxter and Pegler dangerous up forward, K/L should break the lines enough to kick a winning score.
Keith v Kingston
This is the one result you can call right now. Kingston is just a shadow of the competitive side it’s been in recent years after dramatic player losses and Keith will relish the chance to get out and kick a big score.
The Saints have had 30 goals kicked against them in all four of their matches this season and Keith might make it five in a row.
Penola v Naracoorte
Penola flogged Kingston last week, but faces the other end of the spectrum this week with the reigning premiers visiting McCorquindale Park.
Penola has a strong looking line-up with handy onballers and a potentially dangerous forward line led by Merrett and Braun, but Naracoorte has that and more.
The Demons are still not at full strength but have good, confident players on every line and very good depth in the reserves should any more players pick up injuries.
Penola at home can be a tough prospect but Naracoorte should handle them.
Kyby v Mundulla
You can’t afford to drop too many games in the minor round, so neither of these sides will be keen to add to their loss column.
Mundulla is coming off the bye so in theory will be well rested, while Kyby had a hard game last week and has at least half a dozen players out with injury, so if there’s any advantage there it’s got to be with Mundulla.
Mundulla has not had too many worries accounting for K/L United and Kingston this year and is playing the brand of running football which saw it through to the preliminary final last year. Coach Heath Thorpe is the outstanding forward target and Kyby will be planning his match-up carefully.
At the other end Kyby coach Scott Carberry is going well but the Tigers don’t seem to have the same strong marking options they showcased last year. With key on-ballers like Woite and Bittner on the sidelines, the forwards won’t be getting as many chances this week.
Kyby has had the wood over Mundulla in recent years and this might be the only factor tipping the scales in their favour.
Border Districts v Lucindale
Borders have played some excellent football thus far, with some handy imports getting good support from some young locals, but they will have to be at their very best this week against the undefeated Roos.
Lucindale is simply blowing sides away early and then holding them at arm’s length. On-ball recruit McInerney and the three McCarthy boys will only benefit from the return of big ruckman Mark Snowball and the job is going to be even harder for opposition centre square players now.
Borders at their best might match Lucindale, but it’s going to be a tough ask.


Tuesday 10 May 2011

IT was the grand final rematch last Saturday, and the result was eerily similar when reigning premier ran over the top of Kybybolite in a dominant last quarter in the KNTFL match of the round.
Kyby had made every post a winner in the first half of the big clash and had nullified the influence of the parochial home crowd by producing some stunning run-on football.
It was a game of attrition with injured players coming and going from the ground, and the loss of key playmaker Michael Pannell with a cut chin didn’t help Kyby’s hold on a lead of 27 points at half time.
Naracoorte worked its way back into the game in the third quarter with three goals to none and the deficit was back to eight points at the last change. The home team started the last quarter with a bang, quickly erasing the lead and then going on to a character-building win to claim the Brian “Spasso” Johnson trophy yet again.
Lucindale remained the only other undefeated side along with Naracoorte by beating Padthaway to inflict the Lions’ first loss of the year.
Lucindale produced its now trademark fast start to kick eight goals in the first quarter and then held the Lions at bay for the rest of the game to record a thumping 89-point win, coach Todd Price kicking seven goals.
Border Districts stayed in touch with the top sides with a hard-fought win over Bordertown, Kaniva/Leeor United finally broke the ice against Keith after a string of narrow losses and Penola thumped Kingston with Adam Merrett snagging 11 goals in the other games.


Lucindale burst the Padthaway bubble with an 89 point drubbing. The win showed Lucindale to be better than first thought as they raced to a big lead by quarter-time and never looked back. Todd Price with 7 goals and Sam Mardling with 5 were too much for the Lions defence. Lucindale completely shut down the Padthaway forwards in the 3rd quarter and added 6 goals to a solitary point. Kane McCarthy dominated the defence for Lucindale and Ryan McInerney and Travis Ware starred around the packs, the addition of Mark Snowball makes Lucindale look much better. Matt Lampard with 5 goals , Darren Francis and Cody Marshall tried hard for Padthaway.

Kaniva-Leeor had a much deserved win after several narrow losses. They made good use of their chances in the 2nd quarter and went to ½ time with 27 point lead. The consistent Ash Baxter and Shain Vivian were lively near goals and finished with 4 each, Keith pegged KLU back in the 3rd term but still trailed by 13 points. KLU found the smell of victory to be a tonic and booted away with 4 last quarter goals to win by 31 points and leave Keith close to the bottom of the KNT ladder. Jon Hicks, Ash Baxter, Neil Reeve and stalwart Travis Lannin were best for KLU. Keith, struggling at present were best served by Ryan Menz and Todd McShane.

Penola handed Kingston another thrashing and it must be the first time a KNT team has had 30 goals plus kicked against it in 4 consecutive rounds. Kingston have been totally uncompetitive so far and their supporters must be bewildered. Penola on the other hand would be jubilant after the 208 point win. Adam Merrett had big day to boot 11 goals as he brushed opponents aside. Josh Gale, Spencer Jackman and Jacob Pfitzner did as they liked as Penola over-ran a dispirited Kingston.

Naracoorte were seriously challenged for the first time this season when Kybybolite controlled most of the play in the 1st half to lead by 27 points. Defenders Ray Jaensch and Ray Hanley restricted the Naracoorte forwards and Ciaran Buckley was in everything around the packs. Craig Beggs was good in the ruck for Naracoorte but Kyby were winning their share at ground level. Naracoorte cut of Kyby’s forward moves in the3rd term but they still trailed by 8 points with a quarter to play. Kyby were struggling to keep Naracoorte out as the reigning premier started to take over. Naracoorte booted 4 goals to one to win narrowly by 14 points but not without a fright. Simon Cox with 6 goals was a valuable goalkicker which proved decisive for Naracoorte but it was the quality players such  as Beggs, Mitch Hartree, Sid Patterson and James Dixon who stood out in the finish. Kyby were gallant in defeat with Tom Cooper, Buckley, Jaensch and Tim Pannell among their best.

No details were to be found as Border Districts notched up a 32 point win over Bordertown. The northern Eagles outscored the Roosters 12 goals to four after ½ time.

Round 4 scores – May 7, 2011

LUCINDALE                         8.4,  12.8,  18.10,  23.16  (154)

PADTHAWAY                      2.2,  7.3,  7.4,  10.5  (65)

Goals, Lucindale   : Todd Price 7, Samuel Mardling 5, Ryan Mcinerney 2, Timothy Walsh 2, Mark Snowball 2, Tristan Menz 2, Shane Mcgurk 1, Daniel Mccarthy 1, Travis Ware 1. Padthaway   : Matt Lampard 5, George Verco 3, Nathan Frederick 2.  Best, Lucindale   : Kane Mccarthy, Todd Price, Ryan Mcinerney, Travis Ware, Anthony Laurencic, Sam Graetz. Padthaway   – Darren Francis, Cody Marshall, Matt Lampard, George Verco, Shane Walker

K L UNITED                        1.1,  7.7,  9.8,  13.10  (88)

KEITH                                 1.2,  3.4,  7.7,  8.9  (57)

Goals, K L United: Ashley Baxter 4, Shain Vivian 4, Dylan Williams 2, Brad Witmitz 1, Jonty Brown 1, Tyson Hawker 1.  Keith : Jason Snajdar 3, Simon Grosvenor 3, Steven Molineux 1, Thomas Mayfield 1.  Best, K L United: Jonathon Hicks, Ashley Baxter, Neil Reeve, Travis Lannin, Dylan Williams, Anthony Carlile.  Keit H: Ryan Menz, Todd Mcshane, Karl Qualmann, Brenton Nurse, Jon Wright, Alexander Bowley

PENOLA                            7.4,  15.11,  26.14,  35.16  (226)

KINGSTON                        0.0,  2.0,  2.0,  3.0  (18)

Goals, Penola: Adam Merrett 11, Mathew Tilby 5, Sam Fairclough 4, Cody Hicks 3, Luke Duncan 3, Ashley Braun 3,

Simon Merrett 2, Marshall Morley 1, Lachlan Jones 1, Josh Gale 1, Jacob Pfitzner 1.  Kingston: Kieran De Santis 1, Kirby Scott 1, Nathan Daniels 1.   Best, Penola :  Adam Merrett, Josh Gale, Spencer Jackman, Jacob Pfitzner, Samuel Davidson, Cody Hicks.  Kingston: Ben Warner, Chayce Fox, Jacob Brown, David Stillwell, Matthew Menz, Dylan Richardson.

NARACOORTE                      3.3,  6.9,  9.11,  13.16  (94)

KYBYBOLITE                        6.3,  11.6,  11.7,  12.8  (80)

Goals, Naracoorte  : Simon Cox 6, Nick Maxted 2, James Dixon 2, Mitchell Hartree 1, Tron Congdon 1, Sam Willison 1.   Kybybolite: Scott Carberry 4, Tom V/Capt Cooper   2, Kelvin Cook 2, Michael Pannell 1, Adam Vasey 1, David Arnold 1, Ciaran Buckley 1.  Best, Naracoorte: Craig Beggs, Sid Patterson, Mitchell Hartree, James Dixon, Robert Jones, Tom Prebble.  Kybybolite: Tom V/Capt Cooper  , Ciaran Buckley, Ray Jaensch, Tim Pannell, Mark Capt Slotegraaf, Christopher Hanley.

Border Districts                  3.3,  6.9,  13.12,  18.17  (125)

BORDERTOWN                    7.1,  10.5,  12.7,  14.9  (93)

Best — Border Districts: N Naylor, S Pretlove, A Cheer. Bordertown: K Cuthbertson, S Devitt, R Paget. Goals — Border Districts; M Lemon, P Smith 4; J Mann 3; C Barras 2; A Cheer, D Hannaford, C Robinson, S Pretlove, F Freeman. Bordertown: J Stewart 6; J Jarred, N Hampel 3; J Grosser, C Williams.


ALL eyes will be on the Naracoorte oval this Saturday for the rematch of the 2010 KNTFL grand finalists Naracoorte and Kybybolite.
In one of the clashes of the year so far, it will reveal much about where the two sides stand at the moment, with Naracoorte undefeated and Kyby having lost only one game but not looking the side it was last year.
That match of the round is not by any means the only game of interest, with several other match-ups likely to provide insight into the league’s pecking order.
Lucindale v Padthaway. This game could rival Naracoorte v Kyby for match of the round honours, with both sides undefeated thus far.
It’s been a long time since Padthaway has been in this position and it might be the ideal time for the Lions to strike against a top side, with most of their travelling recruits still unknown to opposition sides.
Names like Frederick, DeGabriele, Moon, Walker and Wanders would still be foreign to the Lucindale brains trust and they will need to be respected. Added to the key Lions of recent years such as Edwards, Lampard, Verco and Boyanton, the Lions have a much wider spread of talent than in the past.
Lucindale as well has pretty good depth and still has the luxury of ruckman Snowball and on-baller Smart to come back in, so they will be confident of holding the Ryan Cup in this one.
Lucindale doesn’t have the stand-out key position players it’s relied on in the past, but its flankers and pockets are better than they’ve been and this is where they should win it.
K/L United v Keith. United looks more than capable of winning this one, but the biggest factor against them is they’ve got into a losing habit. They could have and maybe should have won all three of their games so far, but have nothing to show for it apart from a lot of frustration.
Keith has one win up and hasn’t lost to K/L for a number of years, so confidence would be high in the Crows camp. United could win, but will need to play four quartErs this time and hold their nerve if it’s close.
Kingston v Penola. Kingston is really battling and it’s hard to see the Saints winning against an improving Penola side that notched its first win last week.
The Saints will play the expanses of Gall Park better than they do away games, but that won’t be enough to get them over the line. They could have the services of a couple of handy ex-A graders such as Casey Sharpe and Craig Cooper, who played well in the reserves last week, but Penola should still win.
Naracoorte v Kybybolite. Naracoorte will be a red hot favourite for this one, both because of the Demons’ excellent form (and Kyby’s hot and cold form) and also because Naracoorte hasn’t lost the “Spasso” Johnson Cup to Kyby ever since it was first awarded about five years ago.
Both sides will line up very differently to how they did in the grand final last year – both teams had just 13 premiership players running around last week – but it appears Naracoorte has been able to handle the change in personnel slightly better.
The Demons’ real strength is in the pace and drive of its on-ball brigade, with Robert Jones, James Dixon, Nathan Smith and Brett Gould in the middle fed by ruckmen Craig Beggs and Matt Tober. Then they have Simon Cox, Sid Patterson, Gould and Dixon to kick goals.
Kyby also has a strong midfield but will be without injured Ryan Woite, while Tim Pannell might make a welcome return and key defender Kelvin Cook should be back. The Tigers will rely on coach Scott Carberry to present strongly at full forward.
Kyby will want some redemption for last year’s grand final loss, but it would be a massive upset if the Tigers got up. Naracoorte should win. 
Bordertown v Border Districts. This one is just about a toss of the coin.
Both sides have notched one win and both have been beaten in hard-fought games against Padthaway, so there should be little between them this weekend.
Borders are still something of a mystery to most footy followers with their usual contingent of travelling recruits, but it’s clear they’ve improved and they have better depth than last year. Their key is still their powerful full forward Paul Smith, who can always be relied upon for half a dozen goals.
Bordertown appears to have reasonable depth but not the prime movers that Borders boast, and these key players could lead the visitors to victory.


NARACOORTE warmed up for this week’s big local derby against Kybybolite with a very impressive 46-point win over one of its likely challengers in Saturday’s KNTFL match of the round.
Mundulla was expected to take it right up to the reigning premiers and matched it with them until half time, but with key forwards Simon Cox and James Dixon sharing 11 goals, the Demons pulled away in the second half to have a convincing win.
Penola won its first match of the season, breaking the hearts of Kaniva/Leeor United supporters for the second week in a row.
In round 2, United lost to Kyby with a goal in the last minute, but this time the result was even closer, with Penola kicking a point right on the final siren to get home by the most slender of margins.
And for the second game in a row, United had led impressively early and then faded out, giving up a four-goal quarter time lead.
Padthaway continued its early season resurgence, winning two from two with a big last quarter against Bordertown.
The Lions trailed by seven points at the last change but ran over the top of the Roosters with five goals to one to win by 19 points, with their travelling recruits again prominent.
Lucindale remains undefeated after wearing down a determined Keith.
The Roos increased their lead at every change and finished with a 53-point margin by keeping the Crows goalless in the last quarter.
Kyby had few problems in accounting for the struggling Kingston, kicking 11.3 in the first quarter when conditions were dry and going on to record a 30-goal win.
Border Districts had the bye.



For the third game in a row Kingston has been washed away in a tsunami of goals. After a big recruiting drive in KNT football Kingston were absolutely smashed by Kybybolite to the tune of 181 points. Leading by 102 points at half time the Kyby machine settled into cruise control thereafter, eleven players contributed goals with Scott Carberry getting a lazy 10 as others fell over themselves to kick one. Michael Pannell, Tom Cooper and Matt Stilsby all had big games but met with little opposition. Former North Gambier player Matt Dyer was best for Kingston but must be wondering why he is doing this?

Penola and Kaniva-Leeor fought a tight battle all day. KLU looked impressive early with straight kicking giving it the lead in the 1st half. Ash Baxter and Shain Vivian were a handful around the goal front for KLU but Penola slowly drew closer and trailed by 18 points at the halfway. KLU‘s efforts were hampered by drizzly rain as Penola drew level at ¾ time. Scoring was difficult for both teams in the last quarter, only one goal each, until the deadlock was broken when Penola kicked a behind as the siren sounded to give them the narrowest of wins. On-ballers Sam Davoren, Sam Fairclough and mid-fielders Cody Hicks and Luke Duncan got better as the game wore on for Penola. For KLU it was another chance missed, for them Brad McCabe, defenders Matt Corstens and Anthony Carlisle were best.

Naracoorte had their toughest test so far and still managed a comfortable win over a hard-working Mundulla. The Moots stayed in touch in the 1st half but Naracoorte had some potent forwards in Simon Cox and James Dixon who managed goals whenever Mundulla threatened. Naracoorte kicked away in the 3rd term with mid-fielder Kane Jericho and Robert Jones in top form. Naracoorte’s depth of talent sorely tested Mundulla’s ability to close all avenues to goal. In the final quarter the league leader increased its’ 40 pt margin to 46 and remain undefeated. Jericho, Dixon and Jones were high in the best players and Simon Cox booted 6 goals. Sam and Tyne Excell were good for Mundulla along with Nathan and Jason Milligan. Padthaway had a rare victory over Bordertown when they finished strongly after trailing by 7 points at ¾ time. Scores had been locked together all day but Bordertown just looked a little steadier late in the 3rd term. The Lions new found belief saw them rally strongly with 5 last quarter goals to win by 19 points. Nathan Frederick and Jason DeGabrielle were handy near goal and kicked 4 and 3 respectively for Padthaway but George Verco was best for the lions ahead of  Jason Dicker and Aaron Wanders. Bordertown were in a position to win but didn’t go on with it despite the efforts of Luke Exton across the centre, Jamie Grosser and David Wurst.

Lucindale were another side to continue their winning run, this time over Keith. The Keith Crows stayed in touch in the 1st half with forward Jason Snajdar making the most of every opportunity to finish with five goals but the lack of support saw Lucindale take control in the 3rd quarter. They led by 14 points at half time but defenders Sam Graetz and Jamie McCarthy stopped just about all Keith’s forward moves and Ryan McInerney dominated  the centre. Keith managed only one goal in the 2nd half as Lucindale through better teamwork had more players involved. Only time will tell if Lucindale can challenge Naracoorte but they are doing well at present and this win by 53 points is a further boost. Keith tried hard with Andrew Willis and Jason Snajdar their best but they are not the power side of recent years.

Round 3 – April 30, 2011

Naracoorte                         7.0,  11.3,  17.5,  22.8  (140)

Mundulla                              4.0,  9.4,  10.7,  14.10  (94)

Goals: Naracoorte – Simon Cox 6, James Dixon 5, Robert Jones 2, Tom Prebble 2, Kane Jericho 2, Brett Gould 1, Brett Pope 1, Michael Parker 1, Luke Munro 1, Sam Willison 1. Mundulla: Heath Thorpe 3, Boyd Packer 3, Jonathan Mock 2, Daniel Mead 2, Benjamin Douglas 1, Jason Milligan 1, Grady Obst 1, Rhys Williams 1. Best, Naracoorte A Grade : Kane Jericho, James Dixon, Sid Patterson, Robert Jones, Tom Prebble, Simon Cox. Mundulla A Grade : Sam Excell, Nathan Milligan, Tyne Excell, Jason Milligan, Boyd Packer, Henry Graetz

Kybybolite                        11.3,  18.9,  23.14,  31.25  (211)

Kingston                             0.3,  2.3,  2.4,  4.6  (30)

Goals, Kybybolite A Grade – Scott Carberry 10, Michael Pannell 4, Adam Vasey 3, Samuel Mccracken 3, Matt Stilsby 3, Dylan Brodie 2, Mark Capt Slotegraaf 2, Jamie Bittner 1, Tom Cooper   1, Ryan Agnew 1, Christopher Hanley 1

Kingston: Kirby Scott 1, David Werner 1, Matt Dyer 1, Jacob Brown 1 Best, Kybybolite – Michael Pannell, Tom V/Capt Cooper, Matt Stilsby, Mark Capt Slotegraaf, Samuel Mccracken, David Arnold. Kingston: Matt Dyer, Matthew Menz, Ben Warner, Mark Hamlyn, Ben Teakle, Jesse Curkpatrick

Penola                           4.2,  8.4,  12.6,  13.9  (87)

K L United                      8.0,  11.4,  12.6,  13.8  (86)

Goals, Penola – Ashley Braun 3, Mathew Tilby 2, Adam Merrett 2, Jacob Pfitzner 1, Sam Fairclough 1, Brad Maney 1,

Lachlan Jones 1, Sam Davoren 1, Cody Hicks 1. K L United – Ashley Baxter 4, Shain Vivian 4, Alex Brown 1, Dylan Williams 1, Matthew Skrypek 1, Neil Reeve 1, Daniel Stimson 1. Best, Penola: Sam Davoren, Marshall Morley, Sam Fairclough, Cody Hicks, Luke Duncan, Adam Merrett. K L United: Brad Mccabe, Daniel Stimson, Matt Corstens, Ashley Baxter, Dylan Williams, Anthony Carlile

Lucindale                         4.4,  9.6,  12.11,  16.14  (110)

Keith                                   3.4,  7.4,  8.6,  8.9  (57)

Goals, Lucindale: Ryan Mcinerney 3, Tristan Menz 3, Ethan Gill 3, Samuel Mardling 2, Daniel Mccarthy 1, Michael Jenke 1, Travis Ware 1, Stanley Freeman 1, Todd Price 1.  Keith: Jason Snajdar 5, James Mcentee 2, Mark Tucker 1.  Best, Lucindale: Ryan Mcinerney, Sam Graetz, Nathan Clarke, Jamie Mccarthy, Kane Mccarthy, Timothy Walsh. Keith: Andrew Willis, Jason Snajdar, Thomas Mayfield, Ryan Menz, Nick Hunt, Henry Johnson

Padthaway                         3.1,  9.5,  11.7,  16.11  (107)

Bordertown                         3.2,  9.3,  12.8,  13.10  (88)

Goals, Padthaway: Nathan Frederick 4, Jason Degabriele 3, Matt Lampard 2, Brendon Moon 2, Mark Edwards 2, Darcy Boyanton 1, Cody Marshall 1, George Verco 1. Bordertown: Ty Devitt 3, Maddy Hayes 2, Jamie Cammarano 2, Sam Devitt 2, Clinton Williams 2, Kane Cuthbertson 1, Jamie Grosser 1. Best, Padthaway: George Verco, Jason Dicker, Nathan Frederick, Aaron Wanders, Darren Francis, Mark Edwards. Bordertown: Luke Exton, Jamie Grosser, David Wurst, Jamie Cammarano, Clinton Williams, Maddy Hayes


Friday April 29, 2011

KNTFL footballers will have enjoyed their week off for the Easter break and will be rested and ready to leap back into action in round 3 this Saturday.
The first two rounds have both delivered surprise results and this weekend promises more fascinating battles.
Match of the round is definitely between reigning premier Naracoorte and undefeated Mundulla, who did battle in last year’s knockout preliminary final.
Padthaway v Bordertown
Padthaway debuted a very different looking outfit in round 2 and shocked the competition with a powerful win over expected improver Border Districts.
The Lions have many new faces, and judging by the list of best players from that win over Borders, there are some good footballers among them.
Bordertown will be without spearhead Michael Crilly who is travelling for several weeks and his absence will hurt the Roosters as they don’t have a lot of other avenues to goal. That factor tips the scales in favour of Padthaway.
Keith v Lucindale
Keith is still something of a mystery to most footy followers, with a loss to Border Districts first-up followed by a good win over Bordertown.
The Crows will rely on gun on-baller Tom Redden for most of their drive and their young runners to provide support.
They will have to run more than they’ve run in a long time to match it with Lucindale, which has introduced a quick, flowing style of game under new coach Todd Price.
Price himself is a danger as a small forward and with Travis Ware up there as well and ruckman Mark Snowball and on-baller Aaron Smart probably ready to play their first games this year, it’s hard to see Lucindale losing its first game for the year.
Penola v K/L United
Penola has been a disappointment so far, but did show some good signs the further the game went against Lucindale in round 2. The Eagles still have coach Luke Duncan playing well on the ball, but their recruits will have to fire to take them to a winning level.
United has been very competitive thus far and was excellent in a narrow loss to Kyby, and while Penola will be favoured to win this game by many, the Cougars are a real chance. They run hard and kick long and when it clicks it’s hard footy to stop.
Kybybolite v Kingston
Kingston is struggling, there’s no doubt about that, and a third straight heavy loss looms here. The Saints are battling for depth and without their main driving forces from recent years they don’t look nearly as capable of kicking winning scores.
Kyby has started the year slowly after a break-out season in 2010, but a bag of goals for key forwards Carberry and McCracken and a heap of ball for the midfield might be the spark that gets them going.
Mundulla v Naracoorte
What a beauty this one promises to be. Both sides are undefeated and in very good form and both are expected to be there at the pointy end of the season, so they will be keen to get one up on the other early in the year.
Naracoorte defeated Mundulla on all four occasions when they played last season and would look to have the Moots’ measure, but the Demons could just be a little rusty for this one. They have only played one game for the year, a massive win over Kingston which they wouldn’t have gained much from, and then sat out round 2 with the bye, so they will need to be switched on.
Mundulla will be ready to fire at home and this combined with their desperation to beat the side that knocked them out of last year’s finals might give the Moots an edge.


THE surprises keep coming in the KNTFL, with Padthaway unveiling a slick new side in its 2011 debut and Kaniva/Leeor United almost pulling off a giant upset in round 2 last Saturday.
Padthaway sat out round 1 with the bye and showed everyone the value of a good recruiting campaign when it ran over the top of a gallant Border Districts side on Saturday.
The Lions’ travelling recruits were prominent and local Matt Lampard contributed seven goals as they kicked eight goals to two in the last quarter to win by 45 points.
There was drama in the reserves game at Padthaway, when the home side was found to have 19 players on the field during the second quarter and had its score cancelled out, leading to an eventual narrow loss.
Reigning grand finalist Kybybolite was staring down the barrel of two losses in a row to start the season at half time of its game against Kaniva/Leeor United, trailing by 43 points.
But the Tigers used the wind to kick eight goals in a stunning third quarter fightback, then held on in a see-sawing last quarter to beat the very competitive and desperately unlucky Cougars by just four points.
In a rare Saturday night match, Keith travelled to play arch rival Bordertown under lights and had its first win for the year, getting eight goals from gun recruit James McEntee in a 47-point win.
For the second week in a row, Lucindale blew its opposition away in the first quarter, this time belting through eight unanswered goals against Penola.
Penola kicked six goals to one in a big last quarter, but the damage had been done and Lucindale won easily.
Kingston’s early season woes continued with a mammoth 171-point loss to Mundulla, which was well served by coach Heath Thorpe with nine goals and Grady Obst with seven.


Round 2 report with Terry Willoughby

It took a big 2nd half by Kybyolite to overcome a determined Kaniva-Leeor United. KLU stormed to a 43 point lead at ½ time after playing some exciting football to kick 7 goals to nil in the 2nd term. Jon Hicks, Brad McCabe and Dylan Williams drove the play and Vivian and Baxter finished it off with goals. A huge upset looked likely but the fightback came early as Kyby booted 8 goals with Mark Slotegraaf and Ryan Woite lifting around midfield. At ¾ time Kyby took a narrow lead of 2 points and the game was still wide open Both sides scored four last quarter goals but it was Kyby that held together for a win but it was KLU who did everything right but came away with nothing. Better players for Kyby were Chris Hanley, Slotegraaf, William Miles and Woite. KLU, not far from a win, had good games from Hicks, McCabe, Williams, Baxter and Matt Skrypek.

Mundulla smashed Kingston by 171 points, the Saints second thrashing in two rounds. The Moots dominated from the start with players queuing up to kick goals. Heath Thorpe finished with 9 and Grady Obst got 7 in a best on ground performance. Mundulla led by 87 points at ½ time and proceeded to power away with an equally strong finish. Other good players for Mundulla were Sam Luckett, Jake McGrice, Dan Mead and Tyne Excell but everyone could have been named. Kingston have barely raised a yelp so far but Kirby Scott, Paul Bott and Josh Gould battled hard.

Padthaway had a morale boosting start to the season with a good 45 point win over last weeks giant-killers Border Districts. Scores were in touch throughout the 1st three quarters of an entertaining game with the Lions holding a narrow lead at each change. The last quarter saw Padthaway kicked with 8 goals to two and win comfortably. Recruit Jason Degabrielle was outstanding for the Lions and booted 4 goals, key forward Matt Lampard booted 7 and veteran Mark Edwards showed great leadership. Borders disappointed at the finish. Clint Barras, Dylan Moore and Jarred Hirst were Borders best and Paul Smith booted 5 goals.

Penola were again slow to get moving and Lucindale had the game wrapped up by ½ time when they led by 43 points. Forwards Travis Ware and Sam Mardling were strong targets and midfielders Kyle Press and Dan McCarthy continually drove the ball forward. Lucindale kicked further ahead in the 3rd term. The last term was just a formality as Lucindale eased up and Penola kicked 6 late goals but Lucindale won easily by 37 points. Ware, Press and Tim Walsh were best for Lucindale. Alex Moore, coach Luke Duncan and Paul Mullen tried to lift Penola but too many players were down on form.  

Round 2 scores – April 16, 2011


KEITH                             3.4,  9.7,  14.10,  18.14  (122)

BORDERTOWN            1.2,  5.10,  9.10,  10.15  (75)


PADTHAWAY                        5.2,  11.4,  15.6,  23.10  (148)

Border Districts                 4.3,  8.7,  13.10,  15.13  (103)

GOALS, PADTHAWAY: Matt Lampard 7, Nathan Frederick 4, Jason Degabriele 4, Brendon Moon 3, George Verco 2, Aaron Wanders 1, Jason DICKER 1, Nash Stark 1. Border District : Paul Smith 5, Clint BARRAS 4, Mark LEMON 2, Sean King 1, Floyd FREEMAN 1, Rodney OLIVER 1, Dale Hannaford 1 BEST, PADTHAWAY: Jason Degabriele, MITCHELL GIBBS, Mark EDWARDS, Aaron Wanders, Shane Walker, Nash Stark Border Districts : Clint BARRAS, DYLAN MOORE, JARRAD HIRST, Mark LEMON, Rick Adams, Paul Smith

LUCINDALE                         8.6,  10.6,  14.8,  15.12  (102)

PENOLA                               0.1,  3.5,  3.9,  9.11  (65)

GOALS, LUCINDALE: Travis WARE 4, Samuel Mardling 4, Ryan MCINERNEY 2, Stanley FREEMAN 1, Tim Walsh 1, Todd PRICE 1, Ethan GILL 1, Shane MCGURK 1.  PENOLA: Cody Hicks 4, Sam DAVOREN 1, Spencer Jackman 1, Mathew TILBY 1, Lachlan JONES 1, Luke Duncan 1.  BEST, LUCINDALE: Travis WARE, Kyle PRESS, Tim Walsh, Samuel Mardling, Daniel McCarthy, Ryan MCINERNEY.  PENOLA: Alex MOORE, Luke Duncan, paul Mullen, Conan Devereux, Cody Hicks, Sam Fairclough

KYBYBOLITE     3.4,  3.6,  12.10,  16.14  (110)

K L UNITED         3.4,  10.7,  12.8,  16.10  (106)

GOALS, KYBYBOLITE: Scott CARBERRY 3, William MILES 2, Ciaran BUCKLEY 2, Kelvin COOK 2, Ryan WOITE 2, Christopher HANLEY 1, Mark SLOTEGRAAF 1, David ARNOLD 1, Adam VASEY 1, Jamie BITTNER 1. K L UNITED: Shain VIVIAN 5, Ashley BAXTER 4, Dylan WILLIAMS 3, Brad MCCABE 1, DANIEL PEGLER 1, MATT CORSTENS 1, Jonathon HICKS 1 BEST, KYBYBOLITE: Christopher HANLEY, Mark SLOTEGRAAF, William MILES, Ryan WOITE, Brad DAVIES, Sam PEARCE K L UNITED : Jonathon HICKS, Brad MCCABE, Dylan WILLIAMS, Ashley BAXTER, Matthew SKRYPEK, Daniel Stimson

MUNDULLA                          7.4,  17.6,  26.12,  35.16  (226)

KINGSTON                          1.1,  3.3,  4.5,  8.7  (55)

GOALS, MUNDULLA: Heath THORPE 9, Grady OBST 7, Daniel MEAD 4, Jake McGRICE 4, Boyd PACKER 3, Sam LUCKETT 3, Jonathan MOCK 2, Tyne EXCELL 1, Lachlan DUELL 1, Benjamin DOUGLAS 1. KINGSTON: David WERNER 3, KIRBY SCOTT 1, Matt Dyer 1, Josh Gould 1, Jeffrey Puruntatameri 1, Dylan RICHARDSON 1 BEST, MUNDULLA: Grady OBST, Sam LUCKETT, Jake McGRICE, Daniel MEAD, Tyne EXCELL, Jonathan MOCK. KINGSTON: KIRBY SCOTT, paul bott, Josh Gould, Matthew Menz, Anthony PURUNTATAMERI, Aaron Daniels


AFTER an opening round full of upsets, this Saturday’s round 2 of KNTFL football promises plenty of interesting match-ups as well.
After seemingly difficult summers, both Bordertown and Border Districts find themselves coming into round 2 as winners and big chances to go 2-0.
Border Districts v Padthaway.

Borders were one of the surprise packets in round 1 and will like their chances of winning this one as well.
Their trump card is clearly big full forward Paul Smith, who will take some stopping by the Lions defenders this week, but just as important will be stopping the supply to him.
The Borders midfield performed well last week, and an interesting sub-plot is that one of their key on-ball recruits Andrew Cheer played with Padthaway last season.
Padthaway traditionally doesn’t have a lot of love for defectors and Cheer will be in for a torrid day, but if he and his fellow on-ballers can win the middle, it will go a long way towards Borders winning the game.
Bordertown v Keith.
These traditional rivals will both be desperate to win, with Keith suffering a surprise loss last week after a steady recruiting campaign over summer.
Bordertown shocked everyone be overcoming their player loss woes and beating Penola in a top effort, and they could very well have another win here at home.
The Roosters’ spine is still handy enough, with key forward Jamie Cammarano a good acquisition and journeyman ruckman John Jarred, at his third KNT club in three years, filling a role.
Keith will be up for this one and might bounce back with a win.
Lucindale v Penola
Lucindale will play its first game at home chock full of confidence after a great first-up win over Kybybolite and probably with a handful of helpful “ins” including ex-league medallists Aaron Smart and Mark Snowball and recruit Anthony Laurencic.
They will be without Gerard McGrath, Peter Morton and maybe Jason Walker, but the Roos covered their loss admirably last week and will still roll out a very strong squad.
Penola badly needs a lift after a poor start last week. The Eagles have the manpower to beat the top sides but this might be too difficult a task this week.
K/L United v Kybybolite
United has drawn the short straw here, losing to Mundulla in the first round and then facing a Kyby side on the rebound after a first-round loss.
The Tigers were well beaten last week and must surely bounce back with a vengeance this week or risk losing all the momentum they gained last season.
They had a lot of passengers last week by all accounts and will need a lift from the key players who took them to the grand final last year, otherwise the enthusiastic Cougars might produce an upset on their home ground.
Kingston v Mundulla
Kingston will play its first game at home, but the advantage won’t be enough for them to have a happy homecoming.
The Saints are set to have a long year despite picking up a raft of late recruits from the Tiwi Islands, as their heavy loss to Naracoorte last week would suggest.
Mundulla is heading for yet another finals appearance and will handle the seasiders easily this week.


Tuesday 12 April, 2011

A ROUND of upset results was an ideal way for the KNTFL season to start last Saturday.

Three of the five games were won by the underdogs in a sure sign that the league is set for an even, unpredictable season.

Last year’s losing grand finalists Kybybolite were a first-round casualty, going down to a fired-up Lucindale side with several new recruits leading the way.

The Roos lost three players to injury through the day, including star utility Gerard McGrath, but still managed to hold off a desperate Kyby by two goals.

Keith was expected to be one of the big improvers, but they were overrun by 17 points by a surprisingly good Border Districts, who didn’t win a game last season.

Penola was also expected to be among the front-runners, but they were shocked by Bordertown, who won by 16 points despite losing double figure numbers of A grade players over the summer.

The two other games went as expected. Mundulla was too strong for Kaniva/Leeor United, winning by 32 points.

Reigning premier Naracoorte thumped the struggling Kingston, who introduced four new players from the Tiwi Islands, to the tune of 178 points. New assistant coach Simon Cox kicked 10 goals and James Dixon eight.


Round 1 review with Terry Willoughby – April 11, 2011

Naracoorte started in red-hot form with a blistering display against Kingston. The Demons simply brushed the hapless Saints aside in every quarter. It was a massacre in any language as Kingston offered no resistance, expensive recruits delivered little and the signs for other teams was ominous. Former Western Bulldogs player Simon Cox brushed aside opponents to boot 10 goals and had others in James Dixon and Brett Gould chiming in with 8 and 6 respectively. Rob Jones was named best afield for Naracoorte ahead of Dixon, ruckman Craig Beggs, Sid Patterson and Cox. Kingston were left shell-shocked but at least they’ve got 8 rounds to recover.

Bordertown despite some off season departures had a solid 16 point win over Penola. The Roosters led throughout, stretching their 21 point half-time lead to 33 at the last change. Penola showed some form in the finish and outscored Bordertown 5 goals to two but the margin was too great. Kane Cuthbertson continued his good form from 2010 for Bordertown, others to do well were Clint Williams, James Stewart and former Portland and Casterton star Jamie Cammarano. For Penola Alex Moore, Sam Fairclough, Sam Davoren and coach Luke Duncan performed well.

Last years runners-up Kybybolite gave away a big start to Lucindale when they trailed by 32 points at quarter-time. They recovered most of it in the 2nd quarter but Lucindale kicked further ahead in the with 6 goals to three and held a commanding lead of 35 points going into the last quarter. Kyby with straight kicking closed the gap to just 12 points but Lucindale had more effective forwards contributing. Tristian Menz was best for Lucindale, Kyle Press, Ryan McInerney and Tim Walsh also impressed. Scott Carberry with 6 goals was Kyby’s only true avenue to goal and defender Ray Jaensch battled hard along with ruckman Dave Arnold and Kelvin Cook.

The Easybeats were a great Australian rock band in the 60’s and Border Districts were the “easybeats” of football in recent years but the Eagles rocked after their first up win over recent powerhouse team, Keith. The Crows are obviously going through rebuild phase and poor kicking did not help, they booted 3-10 in a wasteful 3rd quarter and were held scoreless in the last. Borders capitalized and booted enough goals in the last quarter to have a morale-boosting 17 point win, their first over Keith in many seasons. Paul Smith was their go to man up forward and he booted 6 goals, Nick Tarca, Dale Hannaford, Jay Zeuner and veteran Ricky Adams contributed strongly to the win. The familiar names of Mark Keighley, Nick Hunt, Henry Johnson were among better players for Keith and former Naracoorte coach Brad Richardson has plenty of work to do. Mundulla had a solid 32 point win over a battling Kaniva-Leeor United. The Moots jumped to a big lead by quarter time and maintained it throughout. KLU closed to within 20 points by ¾ time but the effort fell away in the last as Mundulla kicked away. Heath Thorpe started the year well to boot 6 goals for Mundulla, Grady Obst got 4 in good display but Tyne Excell was best for the winners. A lack of depth will hinder KLU but Ash Baxter with 4 goals stood out, last year’s star Daniel Pegler also showed good form.

Round 1 scores – April 9, 2011

Border Districts                        3.2,  6.4,  8.7,  10.12  (72)

KEITH                                           1.2,  3.9,  6.19,  6.19  (55)

GOALS, Border Districts: Paul Smith 6, Stephen PRETLOVE 1, Clint BARRAS 1, Rodney OLIVER 1, Nick Tarca 1. KEITH: Jason SNAJDAR 2, James McEntee 1, Jon Wright 1, Tom Geyer 1, Henry JOHNSON 1. BEST, Border Districts – Nick Tarca, Dale Hannaford, Jay ZEUNER, Sean King, Rick Adams, Clinton ROBINSON.  KEITH – Mark KEIGHLEY, Henry JOHNSON, Ryan Menz, Shane Semler, Nick HUNT, MARK TUCKER

BORDERTOWN                                       3.2,  6.8,  9.10,  11.13  (79)

PENOLA                                                      2.1,  3.5,  4.7,  9.9  (63)

GOALS, BORDERTOWN: Michael CRILLY 3, James STEWART 2, Jamie GROSSER 2, Braden HILL 1, Joshua SEARLE 1, Jamie Cammarano 1, Maddy HAYES 1. PENOLA – Simon MERRETT 2, Aaron SIMS 2, Sam DAVOREN 1, Spencer Jackman 1, Ashley BRAUN 1, Luke Duncan 1, Marcus DEVERAUX 1.  BEST, BORDERTOWN – Kane CUTHBERTSON, Clinton WILLIAMS, James STEWART, JOHN JARRED, Jamie GROSSER, Jamie Cammarano.  PENOLA – Alex MOORE, Sam Fairclough, Sam DAVOREN, Luke Duncan, Aaron SIMS, Josh GALE

LUCINDALE                                          5.2,  6.4,  12.7,  15.10  (100)

KYBYBOLITE                                      0.0,  5.1,  9.2,  14.4  (88)

GOALS, LUCINDALE- Ryan MCINERNEY 3, Samuel Mardling 3, Stanley FREEMAN 3, Timothy WALSH 1, Shane MCGURK 1, Jason ZOHS 1, Ethan GILL 1, Josh TEAKLE 1, Todd PRICE 1. KYBYBOLITE – Scott CARBERRY 6, Lee CURNOW 2, Michael PANNELL 2, Ryan AGNEW 1, Jamie BITTNER 1, Adam VASEY 1, Ryan WOITE 1. BEST, LUCINDALE – Tristian Menz, Ryan MCINERNEY, Kyle PRESS, Timothy WALSH, Samuel Mardling, Travis WARE. KYBYBOLITE – Ray JAENSCH, Mark SLOTEGRAAF, David ARNOLD, Kelvin COOK, Tom COOPER, Scott CARBERRY

MUNDULLA                                        6.4,  12.6,  13.11,  17.12  (114)

K L UNITED                                        1.3,  7.6,  10.9,  12.10  (82)

GOALS, MUNDULLA: Heath THORPE 6, Grady OBST 4, Tyne EXCELL 2, Jonathan MOCK 2, Benjamin DOUGLAS 2, Boyd PACKER 1. K L UNITED: Ashley BAXTER 4, Shain VIVIAN 3, Brad Witmitz 2, Dylan WILLIAMS 2, DANIEL PEGLER 1. BEST – Mundulla: Tyne EXCELL, Grady OBST, Sam LUCKETT, Jake McGRICE, Nathan MILLIGAN, Boyd PACKER. K L UNITED – Ashley BAXTER, Neil REEVE, Nathan Meyer, DANIEL PEGLER, Jonty Brown, Dylan WILLIAMS

NARACOORTE                              10.11,  17.14,  28.18,  37.23  (245)

KINGSTON                                         2.2,      6.5,       6.6,       10.7  (67)



April 7, 2011

ROUND one of KNTFL footy kicks off this week with a number of games sure to set the tongues wagging about new recruits, new coaches and their teams chances throughout the year.
Three of the first round games will be a tussle between expected improvers after big recruiting drives, while the Kybybolite versus Lucindale match will give supporters a fair yard stick of what August could look like.
Last year’s premiers Naracoorte should have no worries accounting for Kingston who have lost a fair bit of depth during the off season and will probably need a few rounds to gel with their new recruits.
Keith v Border Districts
Both clubs have new coaches at the helm and Keith’s Brad Richardson will be out to show supporters that his side’s done the hard yards during the pre-season.
He has a number of former Keith players at his disposal and improvement is expected.
Border Districts have also been on the recruiting trail after a forgettable year last year, and if the Eagles have got enough good midfielders among their new recruits who can get the ball to big full forward Paul Smith, they will be a chance in this game.
Penola v Bordertown
Penola are itching to flex their new found muscles and an undermanned Bordertown team could find themselves the brunt of a round one touch-up.
The Eagles have had a solid pre-season and will probably deal out a baptism of fire to the Roosters colts who’ve ascended the ranks after a mass exodus of players over the summer.
Kybybolite v Lucindale
The Kyby Tigers are hungry to make amends for last year’s grand final defeat and will be out to show their supporters at home on Saturday they haven’t slackened off the campaign.
Lucindale thhough has a troop of new recruits bound to lift the local competition and push the Tigers all the way.
Definitely match of the round, if Kyby can overcome the presence of Lucindale giant Mark Snowball in the middle and service its powerful forward line, it will be hard to top.
Mundulla v K/L United
K/L started last year well with wins over some stiff opposition and they’ll be up against some of it again with a hungry Mundulla side first up.
Mundulla has had a solid pre-season and will be looking to set the wheels in motion and improve on last year’s third placing.
Earning a finals spot starts with consistent wins and the Moots should have a lot more run in them to topple the Cougars.
Naracoorte v Kingston
Naracoorte’s campaign for a third consecutive grand final starts Saturday. The Demons with returned coach Dean Woosnam at the helm and a handful of new players could be just as unstoppable this year.
Kingston has suffered the loss of a lot of depth and would be a very dark horse to be able to tame the tried and true core group at Naracoorte.


Tuesday October 12, 2010

2006 Naracoorte Premiership Playing Coach Dean Woosnam is back at the Demons to coach the club in 2011. Since winning in ’06, Dean and wife Jane moved to Queensland, Dean working for Teys Brothers in Rockhampton, whilst coaching the Glenmore Bulls in the Capricornia Competition.  The Woosnam’s returned this year to live in Naracoorte and after initially looking to have a  year away from footy, Dean coached Border Districts for the second half of the season, after the club sacked their appointed coach mid-season.

Dean says it was tough to knock back the job at Border Districts, with the club very keen for him to stay on.

“They were obviously disappointed, but took the decision well when I told them last Saturday night.  They’ve made my wife Jane and I very welcome and wished us all the best. They are great people at Borders and we wish them well also.”

After much deliberation though Naracoorte won out in the battle for his services, “Some of the senior players came to me last week and said they were pretty keen for me to come back. “That’s what made my mind up. When experienced blokes like Rob Jones, Sam Logan and Brett Pope said they wanted to play under me again, it was easy to decide I should return.”

Woosnam will take over from Brad Richardson, who has finished at the club after guiding Naracoorte to back to back Premierships in 2009 and 2010.

“They’re a great club and it’s good to take over again with the club still going very strongly”

Woosnam expects to keep many of the side that won in 2010, but concedes it will be a challenge to get the team up for a three-peat.

“It’s going to be a big challenge. Brad Richardson has done a great job with the lads in the last few years and to stay at the top will be tough”

Despite winning the last two flags, the club is on the look out for recruits, Woosnam says “The club has met with a few players already, so we are definitely on the look out for some new faces to keep us strong in 2011”