Barossa, Light & Gawler

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April 7 – Round 1

Willaston V Gawler Central Kapunda V Nuriootpa Tanunda V South Gawler Barossa District V Freeling Ike Zerk Cup Bye Angaston

April 14 – Round 2

Gawler Central V Angaston Nuriootpa V Willaston South Gawler V Kapunda Freeling V Tanunda Bye Barossa District

Round 3 Anzac Round

April 21 Willaston V South Gawler Heinrich/Mcgahan Cup April 25 Angaston V Nuriootpa April 28 Kapunda V Freeling Mickan/Shanahan Cup/Pitman Medal Tanunda V Barossa District Bye Gawler Central

May 5 – Round 4

South Gawler V Angaston Freeling V Willaston Barossa District V Kapunda Nuriootpa V Gawler Central Bye Tanunda

May 12 – Round 5

Angaston V Freeling Willaston V Barossa District Kapunda V Tanunda Gawler Central V South Gawler Tom Symes Cup Bye Nuriootpa

May 19 – Round 6

Barossa District V Angaston Tanunda V Willaston Freeling V Gawler Central South Gawler V Nuriootpa Bye Kapunda

May 26 – Round 7

Angaston V Tanunda Willaston V Kapunda Gawler Central V Barossa District Nuriootpa V Freeling Bye South Gawler

June 2 – Round 8

Kapunda V Angaston Tanunda V Gawler Central Barossa District V Nuriootpa Freeling V South Gawler Bye Willaston

June 9

June Long Weekend Bye

June 16 – Round 9

Angaston V Willaston Gawler Central V Kapunda Tanunda V Nuriootpa George Heath Cup South Gawler V Barossa District Bye Freeling

June 23 – Round 10  

Nuriootpa V Angaston Rosenberg/Schubert Cup Barossa District V Tanunda Freeling V Kapunda South Gawler V Willaston Ahern Cup Bye Gawler Central

June 30 – Round 11

Angaston V Gawler Central Willaston V Nuriootpa Kapunda V South Gawler Tanunda V Freeling Bye Barossa District

July 7-8

Zone Championships At Renmark

July 14 – Round 12  

Gawler Central V Willaston Stephen Connelly Cup Nuriootpa V Kapunda South Gawler V Tanunda Freeling V Barossa District Bye Angaston

July 21 – Round 13

Angaston V South Gawler Blue & White Cup/Mcgrath Medal Willaston V Freeling Kapunda V Barossa District Gawler Central V Nuriootpa Bye Tanunda

July 28 – Round 14

Freeling V Angaston Barossa District V Willaston Tanunda V Kapunda South Gawler V Gawler Central Bye Nuriootpa

August 4 – Round 15

Angaston V Barossa District Willaston V Tanunda Gawler Central V Freeling Nuriootpa V South Gawler Bye Kapunda

August 11 – Round 16

Tanunda V Angaston Pech Cup/Kleinig Medal Kapunda V Willaston Barossa District V Gawler Central Freeling V Nuriootpa Bye South Gawler

August 18 – Round 17

Angaston V Kapunda Gawler Central V Tanunda Nuriootpa V Barossa District South Gawler V Freeling Bye Willaston

August 25 – Round 18

Willaston V Angaston Kapunda V Gawler Central Nuriootpa V Tanunda Barossa District V South Gawler Bye Freeling

Finals September 1

1st Semi Final At Kapunda

September 8 2nd Semi Final At Gawler Oval

September 15

Preliminary Final At Angaston

September 22

Grand Final At Willaston (Hosted By Freeling)

Round 1 – 7/4/18

Mypolonga Vs Meningie Jervois Vs Mannum Ramblers Vs Tailem Bend Imperials Bye

Round 2 – 14/4/18

Meningie Vs Jervois Mannum Vs Ramblers Tailem Bend Vs Imperials Mypolonga Bye

\Round 3 – 21/4/18

Jervois Vs Mypolonga Imperials Vs Mannum Ramblers Vs Meningie (Anzac Day Game) Tailem Bend Bye

Round 4 – 28/4/18

Mypolonga Vs Imperials Mannum Vs Tailem Bend Jervois Vs Ramblers Meningie Bye

Round 5 – 5/5/18

Meningie Vs Imperials Mannum Vs Mypolonga Tailem Bend Vs Jervois Ramblers Bye

Round 6 – 12/5/18

Mypolonga Vs Tailem Bend Imperials Vs Ramblers Meningie Vs Mannum Jervois Bye

Round 7- 19/5/18

Tailem Bend Vs Meningie Ramblers Vs Mypolonga Imperials Vs Jervois Mannum Bye

Round 8 – 26/5/18

Meningie Vs Mypolonga Mannum Vs Jervois Tailem Bend Vs Ramblers Imperials Bye

Round 9 – 2/6/18

Jervois Vs Meningie Ramblers Vs Mannum Imperials Vs Tailem Bend Mypolonga Bye

Queens Birthday – 9th June Rmfl Vs Hills

Round 10 – 16/6/18

Mypolonga Vs Jervois Mannum Vs Imperials Meningie Vs Ramblers Tailem Bend Bye

Round 11 – 23/6/18

Imperials Vs Mypolonga Tailem Bend Vs Mannum Ramblers Vs Jervois Meningie Bye

Round 12 – 30/6/18

Imperials Vs Meningie Mypolonga Vs Mannum Jervois Vs Tailem Bend Ramblers Bye

Compulsory Bye – 7/7/18 Round 13 14/7/18

Tailem Bend Vs Mypolonga Ramblers Vs Imperials Mannum Vs Meningie Jervois Bye

Round 14 – 21/7/18

Meningie Vs Tailem Bend Mypolonga Vs Ramblers Jervois Vs Imperials Mannum Bye

Round 15 -28/7/18 (Split Round)

Tailem Bend Vs Ramblers Mypolonga Vs Imperials Jervois / Mannum / Meningie Bye

Round 16 – 4/8/18 Meningie Vs Ramblers Jervois Vs Tailem Bend Imperials Vs Mannum Mypolonga Bye

Round 17 – 11/8/18

Jervois Vs Mypolonga Mannum Vs Meningie Imperials Vs Tailem Bend Ramblers Bye

Round 18 – 18/8/18

Ramblers Vs Imperials Meningie Vs Jervois Mannum Vs Mypolonga Tailem Bende Bye

Round 19 – 25/8/18

Tailem Bend Vs Mannum Ramblers Vs Jervois Mypolonga Vs Meningie Imperials Bye


Qualifying Final 1/9/18 – Jervois Elimination Final 2/9/18 – Tailem Bend Second Semi Final 8/9/18 – Mannum First Semi Final 9/9/18 – Imperials Preliminary Final 15/9/18 – Ramblers Grand Final 22/9/18 – Meningie