Border Downs Tintinara




14.11 (95)





12.6 (78)

Best: BDT – M. Vandeleur, C. Richardson, J. Keller, C. Gregory, L. Richardson, K. Kock. Murrayville – A. Greenslade, A. Heintze, D. Crane, C. Edmonds, T. Sporn. Goals: BDT – B. Hooper 2, M. Vandeleur 2, B. Todd 2, J. Brock 2, J. Richardson 2, J. Keller , J. Crabb , M. Kempe , T. Mckenna. Murrayville – D. Crane 5, J. Lange 2, D. Bates 2, T. Sporn , C. Allen , R. Crane

Mallee League  Preview 10/9/2011

Grand Final at Murrayville

A Grade BDT v Murrayville

Murrayville defeated Karoonda in the Preliminary Final last week to earn a shot at BDT on Murrayville’s home ground in the Grand Final.

BDT will have enjoyed the week off and Josh Richardson will be up & running after getting through the Second Semi Final unscathed. Josh Keller will have a great duel with Rian Crane in the midfield while Lachlan & Clint Richardson lift for the big games. Greg Nunan is a hard nut who knows how to play finals and Jarran Crabb & Chad Kennett should resume to strengthen the midfield depth. Lee Slape is an underrated defender who is rarely beaten and Chris Gregory will have the job on Trent Sporn. Ben Hooper has covered the loss of Shane Binns at full forward and Brett Todd will cause problems if allowed to run free.

Murrayville have players back at the right time with Michael Worsman running into form and Rian Crane, Trent Sporn, Kevin Wyatt & Drew Crane all quality players who will cause problems for BDT. Damien Bates is a strong leader and Clayton Sporn took some strong marks last week. Chris Edmond has carried the ruck well all year with support from Albert Beer. Alex Greenslade is a rebounding defender and sets up many attacks. Jesse Vass, Andrew Caire, James Lange & Coach Jarrad Allen provide good back up in the midfield with Matt Standley & Ryan McCormack solid in defence.

BDT know how to win finals and have experience in big games. BDT will win in a close, low scoring match.

Reserves   Peake v BDT

BDT had a good win over Murrayville last week, but will lose 3 or 4 players to the A Grade this week. Peake have been the standout side in 2011 and have a great mix of youth and experience.

Peake will win “back to back” flags in the Reserves

Senior Colts    Lameroo v Peake

Peake had a good win over BDT in the Preliminary Final and would have gained some confidence from that.

Lameroo have rarely been challenged in 2011 and are strong all over the field.

Lameroo will win well and also go “back to back” in the Senior Colts.

Junior Colts    BDT v Peake

Peake bundled Lameroo out of the finals in a surprise last week to set up a Grand Final with BDT.

BDT have played well all season and look to have a bit more depth than Peake and can win the Junior Colts Premiership.



Peake hosted the Mail Medal on Sunday 4th September with Andrew Jarman as Guest Speaker.

Corey Knight from Karoonda capped a break out season by winning the Mail Medal with 18 votes from Josh Keller (BDT) on 14 votes.

Corey’s team mate at Karoonda Darren Hare tied for third with Rian Crane (Murrayville) & Dan Wohling (Lameroo) on 13 votes.

Corey Knight & Josh Keller shared the Footballer of the Year Award after each receiving 19 votes. Kevin Wyatt from Murrayville was next with 17 votes.

The Reserves Moyle Medal was won by Craig Zerk (Lameroo) on 21 votes ahead of team mate Matt Abbott on 17 votes.

Brendan Borchardt (BDT) won the Senior Colts Murdoch Medal with 19 vote from Danny Steer (Lameroo) on 17 votes.

Zakk Bullard (Karoonda) won consecutive Under 19 trophies after edging out Hayden Schilling (BDT) by 1 vote – 33 to 32.

Retrospective Mail Medal

Mail Medals were presented in 1999 to 11 players who tied for the Mail Medal but lost on the previous count back system.

It has been discovered that Len Symonds should have received a retrospective Mail Medal on this occasion.

Len played for Perponda in the Murraylands League and won 3 Mail Medals in 1970, 1971 & 1974. He was runner up in 1968 & 1973.

In 1966 he lost on a count back to Trevor Kruger from Peake.

Len will be presented with his 4th Mail Medal from 1966.

Corey  Knight Kar 18
Josh Keller BDT 14
Darren Hare Kar 13
Dan Wohling Lam 13
Rian Crane Mv 13


Corey Knight Kar 19
Josh Keller BDT 19
Kevin Wyatt Mv 17
Rian Crane Mv 14


Craig Zerk Lam 21
Matt Abbott Lam 17
Nathan Spry Pk 15
Dallas Willersdorf Mv 13
Grant Schmidt BDT 11


Brendan Borchardt BDT 19
Danny Steer Lam 17
Joel Loechel Pk 15
Blake Purdie Lam 15
  Football     Netball        
  A Grade Reserves Senior          Colts A Grade B Grade C Grade D Grade Total
Peake 24 52 32 52 60 56 40 316
Lameroo 36 36 48 18 36 36 22 232
BDT 56 40 16 56 4 24 12 208
Karoonda 24 12   2 44 44 40 166
Murrayville 40 28   18 16 16 30 148
Pinnaroo   12 24 34 20 4 36 130
West Adelaide Trophies    
Mallee FL Under Age           Player of the Year   Miles Sumner Lameroo  
Mallee FL Under 15 Player of Championships   Lachlan Pye Lameroo  
Mallee League Umpires Golden Whistle Mathew Sherman




Preliminary Final at Coonalpyn – September 3, 2011

Murrayville                             6.4,  7.5,  10.11,  12.17  (89)

Karoonda                                1.2,  7.7,  9.10,  10.10  (70)

Goals, Murrayville  : Damien Bates 3, Trent Sporn 2, Rian Crane 2, Clayton Sporn 2, Kevin Wyatt 1, Luke Kirkbright 1, Drew Crane 1.  Karoonda  : Mervyn Kartinyeri 2, Corey Knight 2, Nick  Zander 2, Justin Jackson 1, Dylan Caldwell 1, Stephen Krezos 1, Brodie Chinner 1.  Best, Murrayville  : Rian Crane, Kevin Wyatt, Ryan Mccormick, Bradley Wyatt, James Lange, Mathew Standley.  Karoonda  : Dale Bradley, Eli Koch, Zakk Bullard, Bradley Stacey, Darren Hare

Mallee League  Preview 3/9/2011  – Prelim Final at Coonalpyn

A Grade Murrayville v Karoonda

Murrayville take on Karoonda in the Preliminary Final at Coonalpyn desperate for another crack at BDT in the Grand Final.

Murrayville have players back at the right time with Michael Worsman showing last week he is a strong leading player with good hands and penetrating kick. Rian Crane, Trent Sporn, Kevin Wyatt & Drew Crane all stood up last week and Drew Crane must be one of the best 40 metre kicks in the State setting up opportunities for team mates. Damien Bates is a strong player, but can be shaky in front of goal. Chris Edmond has carried the ruck well all year with support from Albert Beer. Alex Greenslade will return this week to add run from defence and set up many attacks. Jesse Vass, Andrew Caire, James Lange & Coach Jarrad Allen provide good back up in the midfield with Matt Standley still a very good player in attack or defence.

Karoonda have had a week off and should come in ready to go. The smaller ground should suit their forward structure with Josh Rudiger, Dylan Caldwell & Ryan Paech strong marking forwards. They should get service from Corey Knight, Brodie Chinner, Justin Jackson, Darren Hare & Zakk Bullard while if Rhys Bullard can keep the form he showed in the First Semi Final it will give enormous grunt in the midfield. Eli Koch, Bradley Stacey, Daniel Draper & Dale Bradley will need to be on top of their game to hold the Murrayville forward set up.

Murrayville are in good form with close to a full list and should win to earn a spot in the Grand Final. 

Reserves    BDT v Murrayville

BDT lost badly to Peake last week, but may be strengthened with the A Grade not playing this week. Murrayville have the opposite problem with both teams playing which will mean players like Damien Bates & Albert Beer who had a big influence in the First Semi Final win will be playing A Grade this week.

BDT can bounce back and play in the Grand Final.

Senior Colts    Peake v BDT

Peake were well beaten on the scoreboard last week but played some good football. BDT come in after a strong performance against Pinnaroo in the First Semi Final.

Peake have won all 3 encounters comfortably this season and will win to go into the Grand Final.

Junior Colts    Lameroo v Peake

Lameroo will take on Peake with Lameroo starting firm favourites. Lameroo lost narrowly to BDT last week while Peake had a good win in the First Semi Final over Karoonda.

Lameroo will have too much height & defeat Peake.


Second Semi Final at Pinnaroo, August 27, 2011

Border Down Tintinara




10.12 (72)





8.9 (57)

Goals, BDT:  Ty Mckenna 4, Benjamin Hooper 4, Mark Vandeleur 1, Greg Nunan 1.  Murrayville  : Damien Bates 3, Rian Crane 1, Allister  Heintze 1, Drew Crane 1, Jarrad Allen 1, Clayton Sporn 1.  Best, BDT:  Lee Slape, Chris Gregory, Lachlan Richardson, Joshua Keller, Greg Nunan, Michael Brighton.  Murrayville  :  Mathew Standley, Allister  Heintze, Rian Crane, Michael Worsman, Andrew Caire, Drew Crane

Mallee League  Preview 27/8/2011

Second Semi Final at Pinnaroo

A Grade BDT v Murrayville

A great contest looms between the top 2 sides in Mallee football this week with both sides in form leading into the finals. BDT only suffered 1 loss in 2011 to Murrayville in their last meeting.

Injuries will play a role for BDT with instrumental playmaker Josh Richardson still in doubt with a knee injury and full forward Shane Binns likely to be sidelined with an ankle injury. Josh Keller has had another outstanding season and Clint Richardson is back to the form he showed before a run of shoulder & knee injuries curtailed his career for a couple of years. Lachlan Richardson & Jarran Crabb have featured regularly in the best players and Ben Hooper steps up in big games. The big man department is well served by Hayden Schilling, Ty McKenna & Chris Gregory while Kevin Kock is a big target at half forward. Brett Todd is a goal kickers and Mark Vandeleur is a dangerous crumbing player with plenty of pace. Patrick Barrett will have an influence if he plays in the midfield along with Chase Ferguson, Jack Zacker, Chad Kennett and Jarrad Brock who are all impressive youngsters.

Murrayville have players back at the right time with Michael Worsman returning for the last minor round match and many at Murrayville considering him their best player. It is a big rap with the likes of Rian Crane, Trent Sporn, Kevin Wyatt & Drew Crane all capable of having a big influence in matches. Clayton Sporn is another who has added depth and Damien Bates looked ready after resuming in the Reserves last will and will add goal kicking power. Chris Edmond has carried the ruck well all year with support from Allister Heintze and Alex Greenslade has added run from defence to set up many attacks. Jesse Vass, Andrew Caire, James Lange & Coach Jarrad Allen provide good back up in the midfield with Matt Standley still a very good player in attack or defence.

Murrayville are in good form with close to a full list and can cause an upset in defeating BDT. 

Reserves    Peake v BDT

Peake only lost 2 matches in the Minor Round to Murrayville & Lameroo. They have the advantage of playing only Reserves while BDT will have Reserves & A Grade playing on the same day.

Peake have the advantage & form which should see them progress to the Grand Final. 

Senior Colts    Lameroo v Peake

Lameroo are undefeated in 2011 and have rarely been challenged. They play a good style of football and work well together. Peake are also a well-trained team, but lack the strength of recent seasons.

Lameroo will win and go straight to the Grand Final. 

Junior Colts    Lameroo v BDT

Junior Colts play the last 5 matches for Premiership Points and Lameroo had a narrow 5 point win when they met. BDT have a far superior percentage and can cause an upset by defeating Lameroo in the Second Semi Final.


1st Semi Final at Karoonda, August 20, 2011

Karoonda                                4.3,  7.3,  13.9,  16.13  (109)

Lameroo                                 4.2,  6.6,  10.9,  14.17  (101)

GOALS, Karoonda  :  Corey Knight 4, Joshua Rudiger 3, Stephen Krzeos 3, Ryan Paech 2, Dylan Caldwell 1, Rhys Bullard 1, Zakk Bullard 1, Justin Jackson 1.  Lameroo  :  Shane Agelis 4, Haydon Thorpe 3, Benjamin Moffatt 2, Vaughan Noonan 1, Matthew Ridgway 1, Billy McNeilly 1, Jarrod Kerber 1, Joshua Ridgway 1.  BEST, Karoonda  :  Rhys Bullard, Zakk Bullard, Justin Jackson, Darren Hare, Dale Bradley.  Lameroo  : Daniel Wohling, Stephen Kerley, Matthew Ridgway, Andre Hall, Vaughan Noonan

Round 15 – August 13, 2011

Karoonda                                6.6,  13.11,  17.14,  24.19  (163)

Pinnaroo                                1.3,  4.5,  8.8,  13.10  (88)

Goals, Karoonda  :  Corey Knight 5, Stephen Krezos 4, Ryan Paech 3, Dale Bradley 3, Nick  Zander 3, Brodie Chinner 2, Zakk Bullard 2, Dylan Caldwell 1, Joshua Rudiger 1.  Pinnaroo  :  Alex Keough 5, Ryan Nickolls 3, Nicholas Westpahlen 2, Bradley Schroeder 1, Brett Gum 1, Kane  O’loughlin 1.  Best, Karoonda  :Dale Bradley, Corey Knight, Brodie Chinner, Zakk Bullard, Stephen Krezos.  Pinnaroo  :  Alex Keough, Chad Nickolls, Wade Nickolls, Ryan Nickolls, Leith Dabinett, Brett Gum

Murrayville                             5.6,  11.8,  14.11,  21.11  (137)

Lameroo                                 4.2,  5.6,  8.7,  14.9  (93)

Goals, Murrayville  :  Bradley Wyatt 6, Rian Crane 4, Drew Crane 4, Clayton Sporn 2, Michael Worsman 2, Michael O’malley 1, Trent Sporn 1, Luke Kirkbright 1. Lameroo  :  Benjamin Moffatt 3, Daniel Wohling 2, Joshua Ridgway 2, Haydon Thorpe 2, Craig Altus 1, Matthew Ridgway 1, Shane Agelis 1, David Philbey 1, Shaun Walker 1.  Best, Murrayville  :  Alex Greenslade, Rian Crane, Clayton Sporn, Bradley Wyatt, Drew Crane.  Lameroo  :  Stephen Kerley, Vaughan Noonan, Shaun Walker, Matthew Ridgway, Joshua Ridgway

BDT                                     7.3,  11.8,  15.9,  20.10  (130)

Peake                                   0.2,  2.2,  6.3,  9.3  (57)

Goals, BDT  :  Benjamin Hooper 9, Brett Todd 4, Jonathon Northcott 3, Joshua Keller 2, Kevin Kock 1, Mark Vandeleur 1. Peake  :  Aaron Hand 3, Caine Lynn 2, Jeffrey Lines 2, Brendon Pett 1, Jason Lindner 1.  Best, BDT  :  Lachlan Richardson, Benjamin Hooper, Chris Gregory, Joshua Keller, Lee Slape.  Peake  : Blake Harrowfield, Rick  Berling, Jeffrey Lines, Sam Paterson, Jay Gilbertson

Mallee League  Preview 13/8/2011

Results in Mallee Football went as predicted last round to set up a tantalizing final round with the double chance & a finals spot still wide open.

Murrayville host Lameroo in a shoot out for second position and the chance to take on BDT in the Second Semi Final. Peake can ensure a finals spot for the first time since 1995 with a win over BDT or rely on Pinnaroo to help them out against Karoonda.

Murrayville v Lameroo

Murrayville easily accounted for an under strength Karoonda last week without spearhead Drew Crane. Clayton Sporn was a welcome return with 6 goals in his first A Grade match of the season. Trent Sporn continued his good form and Michael O’Malley will be valuable as a crumbing forward during finals. Alex Greenslade has been a key with his attacking style from defence  with Rian Crane and Kevin Wyatt quality players in the midfield. Michael Wosman is a chance to resume this week and Damien Bates has not given up on playing again this season.

Lameroo pushed BDT for a half last week, but could not get close enough to put pressure on. Vaughan Noonan has been a leader all year and Dan Wohling is playing as well as ever and is as fit as any player in the Mallee. Billy McNeilly has held a key defensive position this year, but may miss through injury again. Josh Ridgway has had his most consistent season, playing well as a rover as well as being dangerous up forward. Shaun Walker is a class player although still finding form after injury and Hayden Thorpe is a hard working midfielder.  Matt Ridgway has developed into a strong key forward and will need to kick goals this week for Lameroo to get up.

It is always a gamble to tip against Lameroo, but Murrayville are in form at the right time and can pinch the double chance.

BDT v Peake

BDT are doing what they have to at the moment with not a lot to gain except to maintain form. Josh Richardson & Ty McKenna will come back in at some stage while Greg Nunan & Kevin Kock played last week. Nunan adds strength to the midfield and Kock is a big target at half forward. Lachlan Richardson is in good form and Clint Richardson has enjoyed playing a full season, something he has not done for a while. Hayden Schilling has developed well this year and Jack Zacker is hitting the best players at the right time. Shane Binns received a serious ankle injury last week and is in doubt for the rest of the season leaving a big hole to fill at full forward.

Peake are in the best form they have shown for many seasons a 3 wins in a row probably goes back to 1995 to match. Aaron Hand is a great target at full forward with Caine Lynn a creative player in attack. Jay Gilbertson may give them an advantage and the big Tintinara ground will allow Kieran Jaensch, Josh Lewis-Burns, Chad Freak and Brendan Pett space to run and set up play. Shaun Holland is a smart player who makes position well as a link man between defence and attack.

Peake have everything to play for, but BDT look too strong and will want to enter finals with winning form.

Pinnaroo v Karoonda

Pinnaroo have an opportunity to influence the finals make up after a disastrous season. It is hard to make a case for Pinnaroo winning, but percentage may be vital for Karoonda if they want to play finals.

Wade Nickolls typifies Pinnaroo this year with a slow start through injury, but showing some good form towards seasons end. Brad Schroeder is another who has shown his true form late in the year while Alex Keough has been the only consistent player over the whole season. Sunyl Vogt is experienced in the midfield and Brett Gum will return this week from suspension.

Karoonda will welcome back key playmakers Corey Knight, Brodie Chinner and possibly Justin Jackson in a match they must win and win well to have any chance of making finals. Dylan Caldwell is a key in attack, but will need others to support him if Karoonda are to progress in 2011. Zakk Bullard and Darren Hare are quick running midfielders and Eli Koch is a key in defence. Karoonda looked at their best with Josh Rudiger fit and firing in ruck and probably need him up and running to compete with the better sides.

Karoonda will win to end a forgettable season for Pinnaroo.

Round 14 – August 6, 2011

BDT                                     4.4,  9.10,  11.14,  13.15  (93)

Lameroo                                 4.1,  5.2,  8.4,  8.7  (55)

Goals, Bdt  :  Shane Binns 3, Lachlan Richardson 2, Mark Vandeleur 2, Jack Zacker 2, Kevin Kock 1, Joshua Keller 1, Brett Todd 1, Chase Ferguson 1.  Lameroo  : Matthew Ridgway 2, Thomas Caulfield 2, Shane Agelis 1, Joel Lewis 1, Billy Mcneilly 1, Matthew Caulfield 1.  Best, Bdt  : Clint Richardson, Lachlan Richardson, Hayden Schilling, Jack Zacker, Chris Gregory.  Lameroo  :  Joshua Ridgway, Vaughan Noonan, Joel Lewis, Stephen Kerley, Shaun Walker

Peake                                   9.2,  17.6,  23.10,  27.15  (177)

Pinnaroo                                4.2,  6.4,  8.8,  9.11  (65)

Goals, Peake  :  Aaron Hand 7, Caine Lynn 4, Ryan Morris 4, Kieran Jaensch 4, Bryce Jaensch 3, Kym Markwick 1, Jeffrey Lines 1, Kane Mcdonald 1, Sam Paterson 1, Brendon Pett 1.  Pinnaroo  :  Ryan Nickolls 5, Nicholas Westpahlen 3, Alex Keough 1.  Best, Peake  :  Brendon Pett, Kieran Jaensch, Joshua Lewis-Burns, Rick  Berling, Kane Mcdonald. Pinnaroo  : B. Schroeder, W. Nickolls, A. Keough, H. Boseley, J. Heinicke, J. Venning..

Murrayville                             5.3,  8.8,  15.10,  19.14  (128)

Karoonda                                1.2,  3.5,  5.6,  5.8  (38)

Goals, Murrayville  :  Clayton Sporn 6, Trent Sporn 5, Rian Crane 2, Michael O’malley 2, Andrew Caire 1, Bradley Wyatt 1, Jarrad Allen 1, Alex Greenslade 1.  Karoonda  :  Ryan Paech 3, Darren Hare 1, Daniel Draper 1.  Best, Murrayville  : Rian Crane, Alex Greenslade, Trent Sporn, Andrew Caire, Mathew Standley.  Karoonda  :  Rhys Bullard, Cameron Ewart, Darren Hare, Shannon Hopewell, Joshua Rudiger

Mallee League  Preview 6/8/2011

A couple of weeks ago the finals make up looked settled with BDT top and Lameroo safe with the double chance. Murrayville were settled in third and Karoonda had enough break over Peake to make up the four.

With 2 matches remaining Lameroo & Murrayville are having a real battle for the double chance which could be decided when they play each other in the last match of the minor round. If Karoonda go down to Murrayville this week, Peake could be in the four with 1 match remaining.

Lameroo v BDT

Lameroo stumbled against Peake last week and come up against BDT who are not playing at their top at the moment.

Dan Wohling is a key for Lameroo. If he allowed to run free he will provide many scoring opportunities for Lameroo. Shaun Walker has not been at his best since returning from an ankle injury, but should be in prime touch come finals time. Stephen Kerley has relished the Captains role in 2011 and is continuing a very consistent career. Billy McNeilly is a welcome return in defence while Matt Ridgway was held to 1 goal last week after some very good returns at full forward in recent times.

Josh Keller returned to add class to BDT’s midfield last week, but Josh Richardson is in a battle to return for finals after some minor knee surgery. Mark Vandeleur is back in form and Lachlan Richardson provides hardness in the midfield. Ty McKenna has been missing & his return will strengthen the big man department. Jarran Crabb has become a very good midfielder and Michael Kempe is a player who fills his role every week without a lot of fanfare.

BDT should win a match that Lameroo will be desperate to win to defend the double chance.

Peake v Pinnaroo

Peake have showed over the last 2 weeks what they have promised all season, but failed to deliver. They have steadily had players returning from injury and have given themselves a real shot at finals footy. They play Pinnaroo this week in a type of match that in the past they have tripped up in. A big win is required as if Karoonda go down to Murrayville this week they can sneak past Karoonda in fourth spot.

Caine Lynne’s return has made a huge difference as his class up forward has taken the pressure off Aaron Hand & Jeff Lines and given Peake a dangerous attack. Chad Freak continues his great form and Brendan Pett uses the ball well in the midfield. Aaron Frith, Kym Markwick & Kane McDonald have all returned to build a solid defence and Jay Gilbertson is close to best ruckman in the league.

Pinnaroo will be desperate to finish the year with some competitive form. Ryan Nickolls has played a lone hand up forward most of the year and has appreciated Wade Nickolls return to take some of the pressure. Alex Keough has battled in the midfield with support from veteran Sunyl Vogt. Joel Heinicke has shown some good form in the latter half of the season and Braden Thomas can be strong in defence.

Peake will win to have a chance to pinch a finals spot.

Karoonda v Murrayville

Karoonda need to win to shake off a late challenge from Peake, but will have to do so without key playmakers Corey Knight & Brodie Chinner this week. Darren Hare, Justin Jackson, Zakk Bullard & Stephen Krezos will be expected to cover the midfield in their absence. The key will be Karoonda’s defence and who will hold Trent Sporn & Drew Crane. Eli Koch & Sam Abbott will probably have the job at some stage and will need to keep these two under control for Karoonda to win. Dylan Caldwell is in good form in attack and Ryan Paech needs to find his 2010 form to add more potency. Nick Zander is big and strong and has shown glimpses of what he can do, now is a good time to produce his best on a consistent basis.

Murrayville will be eyeing a win to gain the double chance. Brad Wyatt has slotted into the unusual role up forward to assist Drew Crane & Trent Sporn in recent weeks. Kevin Wyatt, Rian Crane, Andrew Caire & James Lange will create problems in the midfield if not checked and Chris Edmond will give Murrayville an advantage in ruck.

Alex Greenslade, Matt Standley & Luke Kirkbright form a solid defence and Jesse Vass provides rebound.

Murrayville can win and open up the finals race in 2011.

Round 13 – July 30, 2011

BDT                                     4.3,  6.5,  9.9,  13.12  (90)

Karoonda                          5.3,  8.3,  10.5,  11.6  (72)

Goals, BDT: Mark Vandeleur 4, Jarrad Brock 2, Shane Binns 2, Benjamin Hooper 1, Brett Todd 1, Jack Zacker 1, Michael Kempe 1, Clint Richardson 1.  Karoonda  : Dylan Caldwell 4, Bruce Kerr 2, Daniel Draper 2, Corey Knight 1, Nick  Zander 1, Ryan Paech 1.   Best, BDT: Joshua Keller, Jarran Crabb, Michael Kempe, Lachlan Richardson, Mark Vandeleur, Jonathon Northcott.  Karoonda: Brodie Chinner, Corey Knight, Darren Hare, Dylan Caldwell, Zakk Bullard

Murrayville                           9.2,  12.4,  17.7,  24.12  (156)

Pinnaroo                                1.1,  2.2,  5.6,  6.10  (46)

GOALS, Murrayville  : Drew Crane 7, Trent Sporn 5, Bradley Wyatt 3, Chad ALLEN 3, James Lange 2, Kevin Wyatt 1, Andrew Caire 1, Luke Kirkbright 1, Jarrad Allen 1.  Pinnaroo  : Ryan Nickolls 3, Brayden Heinicke 1, Alex Keough 1, Jeremy Schutz 1.  BEST, Murrayville  : Trent Sporn, Kevin Wyatt, Rian Crane, Drew Crane, Albert  Beer, James Lange.  Pinnaroo  : Brayden Thomas, Ryan Nickolls, Joel Heinicke, Heath Boseley, Wade Nickolls, Nicholas Westpahlen

Peake                                   5.3,  14.8,  18.13,  22.15  (147)

Lameroo                             2.2,  7.4,  10.5,  15.6  (96)

Goals, Peake  : Aaron Hand 8, Caine Lynn 5, Jeffrey Lines 3, Patrick Casey 2, Chad Freak 2, Shaun Holland 1, Kieran Jaensch 1. Lameroo  : Shane Agelis 4, Daniel Wohling 4, Joel Lewis 2, Shaun Walker 2, Benjamin Moffatt 2, Matthew Ridgway 1.  Best, Peake  : Caine Lynn, Chad Freak, Aaron Hand, Joshua Lewis-Burns, Brendon Pett, Aaron Frith.  Lameroo  : Stephen Kerley, Billy Mcneilly, Daniel Wohling, Joel Lewis, Shane Agelis

Mallee League  Preview 30/7/2011 

BDT v Karoonda 

BDT had their first loss since 8th August 2009 last week against Murrayville and were without playmakers Josh Keller & Josh Richardson. They will both make a huge difference if they return this week. Jack Zacker stepped up with 5 goals last week, but Shane Binns was held to 2 goals. Ben Hooper will be a valuable asset come finals time with the ability to play anywhere on the ground. Jarran Crabb is showing his class and has become a regular in the best players. Michael Brighton is consistent in defence and Jed Northcott adds depth to the team. There were no Richardsons in the best last week, a sight not seen too often at BDT.

Karoonda looked slow against Peake last week. They played a fairly tall side and struggled on the big ground in damp conditions. Corey Knight, Brodie Chinner, Darren Hare & Zakk Bullard a providing plenty of ball from the midfield, but the attack did not function well. Dylan Caldwell has been in good touch at full forward, but appeared frustrated last week and only managed 1 goal. Ryan Paech has been improving all season at half forward but could not get into the game last week. Karoonda need more pressure in the forward line when the ball hits the ground as Peake ran out of defence far too easily last week.

BDT will bounce back & win against Karoonda. 

Murrayville v Pinnaroo 

Murrayville gave their confidence a huge boost by defeating BDT last week. Trent Sporn & Drew Crane are strong targets up forward and regular defender Brad Wyatt chipped in with 3 goals. Alex Greenslade has added rebound to the defence and Matt Standley is a hard defender. Rian Crane, Kevin Wyatt & Andrew Caire are good in the midfield while Chris Edmond continues to show his presence in ruck.

Pinnaroo were better against Lameroo last week kicking their highest score of the season against a good Lameroo side. Wade Nickolls is important and looks to have overcome injury with 5 goals. Ryan Nickolls gas been a strong point at centre half forward and Alex Keogh has been amongst the best 3 on most occasions this year. Sunyl Vogt is experienced and still playing good football in the midfield while Brad Schroeder is gaining confidence each week rebounding from defence. Chad Nickolls has carried the ruck for most of the year and Brett Gum is showing more consistency in his game.

Murrayville will continue their winning ways over Pinnaroo.

Peake v Lameroo 

Peake should be up and about after a very good performance against Karoonda last week, but they have not been able to maintain their form at any stage this season. The inclusion of Lachlan Wilson was a huge boost last week and he showed his class. Patrick Casey, Chad Freak & Brendan Pett are quality midfielders and Jay Gilbertson must be close to the best ruck man in the League. Shaun Holland uses his experience to get in the right position and provide a valuable link from defence to attack. Aaron hand is a strong leading, straight kicking full forward and Caine Lynn is strong overhead for his size. Peake’s run from defence was fantastic against Karoonda and they need to continue this against Lameroo this week.

Lameroo are travelling very well and are getting players back from injury. Shaun Walker has returned and is working towards finals and Billy McNeilly cannot be far away from retuning to defence. Stephen Kerley is a consistent player who uses the ball well and Craig Altus has developed into a good defender. Matt Ridgway is a genuine goal kicker and Dan Wohling is hard to contain as he runs all day.

Lameroo will win and end any hope Peake has of playing finals in 2011.

Round 12 – July 23, 2011

Murrayville                      4.1,  7.3,  9.6,  15.7  (97)

BDT                                 5.2,  7.6,  11.7,  13.8  (86)

Goals, Murrayville  : Trent Sporn 4, Bradley Wyatt 3, Drew Crane 3, James Sanders 2, Rian Crane 2, Allyd Kinnersley 1.  BDT : Jack Zacker 5, Shane Binns 2, Brett Todd 2, Mark Vandeleur 1, Jared Sampson 1, Kevin Kock 1, Jarrad Brock 1.  Best, Murrayville  :

Drew Crane, Trent Sporn, Alex Greenslade, Andrew Caire, Kevin Wyatt, Christopher Edmonds. BDT: Benjamin Hooper, Jarran Crabb, Jack Zacker, Michael Brighton, Jonathon Northcott, Hayden Schilling

Peake                                   3.1,  8.5,  12.8,  17.15  (117)

Karoonda                           3.3,  4.6,  8.7,  9.8  (62)

Goals, Peake  :  Aaron Hand 7, Caine Lynn 4, Jeffrey Lines 2, Lachlan Wilson 1, Kieran Jaensch 1, Chad Freak 1,  Mitchell  .  Richards 1.  Karoonda  :  Brodie Chinner 2, Zakk Bullard 2, Justin Jackson 1, Dylan Caldwell 1, Corey Knight 1, Darren Hare 1,

Anthony Farrugia 1.  Best, Peake  : Lachlan Wilson, Caine Lynn, Chad Freak, Brendon Pett, Shaun Holland.  Karoonda  : Corey Knight, Zakk Bullard, Brodie Chinner, Darren Hare, Bradley Stacey

Lameroo                                 9.6,  17.11,  22.14,  30.16  (196)

Pinnaroo                                3.2,  9.5,  14.9,  18.13  (121)

Goals, Lameroo  :  Joshua Ridgway 6, Shaun Walker 4, Shane Agelis 4, Daniel Wohling 4, Matthew Ridgway 4, Jarrod Kerber 2, Benjamin Moffatt 2, Haydon Thorpe 1, Travis Hancock 1, Tom Bell 1, Craig Altus 1.  Pinnaroo  : Wade Nickolls 5, Ryan Nickolls 3, Brett Gum 2, Sunyl  Vogt 2, Kane  O’loughlin 2, Jake Venning 2, Alex Keough 1, Clint Muster 1.  Best, Lameroo  : Matthew Ridgway, Stephen Kerley, Daniel Wohling, Joshua Ridgway, Craig Altus.  Pinnaroo  : Wade Nickolls, Alex Keough, Sunyl  Vogt, Chad Nickolls, Ryan Nickolls, Brett Gum

Mallee League  Preview 23/7/2011

Karoonda v Peake

If a miracle is to happen it has to start this week for Peake as a loss will make it impossible to play finals. Even a win will leave them a game behind Karoonda and a fair bit of Percentage as well.

Karoonda went down to Lameroo last week and will want to get back to the form they showed in the previous month. Corey Knight & Brodie Chinner are leading from the front with Zakk Bullard, Justin Jackson & Stephen Krezos all high possession winners in the midfield. Ryan Paech is starting to find 2010 form and Dylan Caldwell is a strong marking full forward.

Eli Koch & Sam Abbott are strong defenders and Karoonda’ s rucks will Shannon Hopewell and Daniel Draper will have a huge task against Peake’s in form ruck man Jay Gilbertson.

The return of Caine Lynn is a huge boost for Peake with his experience invaluable and his goal sense adding to the scoring options. Aaron Hand is second on the league goal kicking list with Bryce Jaensch and Jeff Lines capable of chipping in weekly with a couple of goals. There is some quality in the midfield with Brendan Pett, Travis Carling and Patrick Casey while the speed of Kieran Jaensch was a factor when Peake defeated Karoonda earlier in the season.

Dylan Caldwell was the difference last time they met and Peake will have to find a way to shut him down up forward.

Karoonda can cement a finals berth and will win against a desperate Peake side.

Pinnaroo v Lameroo

It gets harder for Pinnaroo with the end of the season in sight. After failing to kick a goal last week their confidence will be at an all-time low and they come up against a strong, in form Lameroo this week.

Alex Keogh has been the only consistent shining light for Pinnaroo this season. Ryan Nickolls has played well in attack while Wade Nickolls, Chad Nickolls & Sunyl Vogt have all worked hard and their experience has been used to full advantage, but there has not been any level of consistent support outside of these players. Brett Gum, Nick Westphalen, Joel Heinicke and Heath Boseley have all played well at different times, but it has not been enough to be competitive this year.

Lameroo are cruising to the Second Semi Final with Shaun Walker coaching a very disciplined team. Dan Wohling continues to impress and can play anywhere on the ground. Vaughan Noonan knows how to lift for the big matches and Matt Ridgway has emerged as a genuine forward who will kick goals every week. The engine room is strong with Hayden Thorpe, Mark Benham, Craig Wellburn, Josh Ridgway, Stephen Kerley and Shaun Walker providing opportunities for their forwards.

Lameroo will win and bring Pinnaroo closer to a winless season.

Murrayville v BDT 

Murrayville’s best side is capable of playing in the Grand Final, but we have not seen their best side this season. Michael Worsman is due to return after a long absence and is reputed to be the best player at Murrayville. He will make a strong midfield with Kevin Wyatt, Rian Crane, Andrew Caire & Jesse Vass all in good form. The return of Matt Standley is a boost & Brad Wyatt’s experience will be valuable in defence. Chris Edmond is a consistent presence in ruck and James Beckman is a hard working key position player. Drew Crane & Damien Bates can both kick goals from a long way out.

BDT are cruising toward finals. Shane Binns had a day out against Pinnaroo & leads the League goal kicking. Mark Vandeleur has returned and is another scoring option along with Brett Todd. Jarran Crabb has become one of the League’s best midfielders and Josh Richardson has resumed from injury. Josh Keller, Lachlan Richardson, Clint Richardson, Ben Hooper – the list goes on of class players. Ty McKenna, Chris Gregory & Hayden Schilling handle the big man department well and Chad Kennett continues to improve.

BDT will win their 12th match of the season against Murrayville.

Round 11 – July 16, 2011

Lameroo                                 3.5,  9.9,  12.13,  19.14  (128)

Karoonda                                5.1,  7.2,  11.6,  14.8  (92)

GOALS, Lameroo  : Matthew Ridgway 7, Daniel Wohling 4, Shane Agelis 3, Benjamin Moffatt 2, Travis Hancock 2, Haydon Thorpe 1.  Karoonda  : Dylan Caldwell 4, Ryan Paech 3, Nick  Zander 2, Justin Jackson 1, Stephen Krezos 1, Corey Knight 1, Brodie Chinner 1, Joshua Rudiger 1.  BEST, Lameroo  : Daniel Wohling, Vaughan Noonan, Matthew Ridgway, Shane Agelis, Craig Altus.  Karoonda  : Brodie Chinner, Corey Knight, Ryan Paech, Stephen Krezos, Dylan Caldwell

Murrayville                        1.1,  7.12,  9.14,  15.19  (109)

Peake                                   3.4,  4.4,  6.10,  10.12  (72)

Goals, Murrayville  :  Trent Sporn 3, James Beckmann 2, Kevin Wyatt 1, James Lange 1, Chad Allen 1, Bradley Wyatt 1, Jesse Vass 1, Richard  Mckee 1, Allister  Heintze 1, Drew Crane 1, Rian Crane 1, James Sanders 1.  Peake  :  Caine Lynn 4, Bryce Jaensch 2, Aaron Hand 1, Jeffrey Lines 1, Travis Carling 1, Jay Gilbertson 1.  Best, Murrayville  :  Rian Crane, Mathew Standley, Trent Sporn, Jesse Vass, Christopher Edmonds, Chad Allen.  Peake  : Caine Lynn, Blake Harrowfield, Patrick Casey, Jay Gilbertson, Tom Carter

BDT                                     8.7,  14.14,  21.23,  29.29  (203)

Pinnaroo                           0.0,  0.0,  0.1,  0.1  (1)

GOALS, BDT  :  Shane Binns 13, Mark Vandeleur 4, Brett Todd 3, Chase Ferguson 2, Jarrad Brock 2, Josh Richardson 1, Jared Sampson 1, Jarran Crabb 1, Lachlan Richardson 1, Benjamin Hooper 1.  Best, Bdt  :  Jarran Crabb, Shane Binns, Jarrad Brock, Jared Sampson, Mark Vandeleur, Hayden Schilling.  Pinnaroo  : Alex Keough, Brett Gum, Joel Heinicke, Nicholas Westpahlen, Heath Nickolls, Wade Nickolls

Mallee League  Preview 16/7/2011

Lameroo v Karoonda

Lameroo are sitting comfortably in second spot at the moment and any aspirations Karoonda have to pinch it from them relies on Karoonda winning this week.

Lameroo have been well served by their recruits in 2011 with Ben Moffatt strengthening the ruck, Vaughan Noonan providing a focal point in attack, Dan Wohling filling gaps at either end of the field and Shaun Walker adding quality to the midfield. Matt Ridgway is a strong marking full forward and Josh Ridgway is having his most consistent & productive season. Add the hard workers in Brad Zerk, Stephen Kerley, Mark Benham, Craig Wellburn & Hayden Thorpe and you have a very competitive outfit.

Karoonda are building good form through the middle of the year. Justin Jackson & Brodie Chinner are over injury and back to their best. Zakk Bullard, Corey Knight & Darren Hare give them drive from the midfield and Dylan Caldwell is a strong marking forward who kicks straight. Nick Zander has filled a few different roles and has settled as another key forward.

Lameroo have the runs on the board and start favourites in what promises to be one of the best matches so in far in 2011. 

Peake v Murrayville

Peake put up a good effort against BDT, but they have to win games starting this week if they are to play finals. Last time they met Murrayville won by 4 points. The time is now for Peake or say goodbye to finals in 2011.

Jay Gilbertson has been in sensational form in ruck and gives Peake a big advantage. Brendan Pett, Patrick Casey, Travis Carling & Kieran Jaensch need to use this to give their forwards opportunities. Aaron Hand, Caine Lynn, Jeff Lines & Bryce Jaensch can kick a big score if given the chances.

Chris Edmond for Murrayville has a big job to nullify Jay Gilbertson’s influence and he has shown he is capable of doing it. Damien Bates is  a natural full forward and adds to Trent Sporn & Drew Crane in attack. Rian Crane, Kevin Wyatt, Jesse Vass & Andrew Caire are high possession winners and Andrew Worsman is due back to further strengthen the midfield.

Alex Greenslade has been strong in defence and Matt Standley will provide valuable support.

Murrayville have enough overall strength to defeat Peake and put them out of finals contention.

BDT v Pinnaroo

Top without a loss versus bottom without a win and this will not change this week. BDT will be looking forward to finals and the return of Josh Richardson to run into form for the finals. Clint & Lachlan Richardson are in good touch and Josh Keller is firming as favourite to win back to back Mail Medals. Shane Binns can dominate with the amount of opportunities he will get at full forward and Ben Hooper is dangerous in the forward line. Ty McKenna & Chris Gregory are strong big men and there are any number of players who chip in when required.

Pinnaroo will welcome Wade & Chad Nickolls back this week. Ryan Nickolls has battled well at half forward all year with limited opportunities. Sunyl Vogt shows that experience & smarts will get you a long way and is playing good football in the midfield. Heath Boseley was amongst the best last week and will be under pressure again this week in defence.

BDT will win this match comfortably.

Round 10 – July 2, 2011

Lameroo                                 2.7,  7.8,  8.10,  9.13  (67)

Murrayville                             2.2,  4.7,  6.11  6.13  (49)

GOALS, Lameroo  : Matthew Ridgway 3, Shane Agelis 3, Daniel Wohling 1, Matthew Caulfield 1, Joshua Ridgway 1.  Murrayville  : Brent Wilson 2, Dallas Willersdorf 1, Christopher Edmonds 1, James Sanders 1, Damien Bates 1. BEST, Lameroo  :Vaughan Noonan, Joshua Ridgway, Daniel Wohling, Benjamin Moffatt, Stephen Kerley.  Murrayville  : Christopher Edmonds, Mathew Standley, Andrew Caire, Kevin Wyatt, James Sanders, Jesse Vass

BDT                                     3.4,  8.5,  10.7,  12.9  (81)

Peake                                   2.5,  4.7,  8.8,  9.8  (62)

GOALS, BDT  : Shane Binns 2, Kevin Kock 2, Brett Todd 2, Jarrad Brock 1, Mark Vandeleur 1, Chase Ferguson 1, Greg Nunan 1, Jared Sampson 1, Clint Richardson 1.  Peake  : Aaron Hand 3, Kieran Jaensch 2, Brendon Pett 1, Caine Lynn 1, Jeffrey Lines 1, Patrick Casey 1.  Best, BDT  : Jared Sampson, Chris Gregory, Clint Richardson, Hayden Schilling, Chad Kennett.  Peake  :  Jay Gilbertson, Caine Lynn, Patrick Casey, Brendon Pett, Kieran Jaensch

Karoonda                                8.7,  13.11,  23.17,  30.20  (200)

Pinnaroo                                1.1,  2.2,  3.2,  4.3  (27)

Goals, Karoonda  : Nick  Zander 8, Corey Knight 5, Daniel Draper 4, Anthony Farrugia 4, Zakk Bullard 3, Ryan Paech 2, Dylan Caldwell 2, Darren Hare 1, Joshua Rudiger 1.  Pinnaroo  : Sunyl  Vogt 2, Scott Kirkbright 1, Brett Gum 1.  Best, Karoonda  :

Corey Knight, Stephen Krezos, Brodie Chinner, Justin Jackson, Nick  Zander, Zakk Bullard.  Pinnaroo  :  Heath Boseley, Joel Heinicke, Alex Keough, Sunyl  Vogt, Heath Nickolls, David Ness

Mallee League  Preview 2/7/2011


Lameroo v Murrayville

Lameroo have an opportunity to take a firm grip on the Double Chance with a win over Murrayville this week. Shaun Walker & Matt Ridgway are a chance to return to further strengthen the Lameroo side. Ben Moffatt has been a great recruit, leading the ruck & being mobile & effective around the ground. Vaughan Noonan is a smooth mover and provides a target and Dan Wohling covers every part of the ground each week, running opponents into the ground. Josh Ridgway is having a big impact in 2011, with his work around the ground stepping up a notch. Shane Agelis is a damaging forward and there are a number of “hard workers” in Hayden Thorpe, Mark Benham, Stephen Kerley, Craig Wellburn & Brad Zerk who do the job every week. Reported injuries to Billy McNeilly & Dan Wohling will have an impact is they are out for any length of time.

Murrayville should be finding top form with players returning, but they are in a bit of a rut at the moment. Chris Edmond is back to his early season form in ruck and Damien Bates has returned to full forward and regularly kicks 5 goals. Andrew Caire is having a good season in the midfield and Drew Crane will welcome the attention given to Damien Bates, freeing him up to work upfield. Rian Crane & Kevin Wyatt are quality midfielders and Alex Greenslade has hardly put a foot wrong all season. Lameroo can win and consolidate second spot on the ladder.


Peake v BDT

Peake showed some early promise in 2011, but their season is slipping away with regard to playing finals. Brendan Pett has added to the midfield and Aaron Hand is leading the league goal kicking, but the mid-range players must perform every week for Peake to be competitive.

Chad Freak & Travis Carling are creative players in the midfield and Kieran Jaensch can be damaging with his pace.

BDT are winning games and cruising towards the finals. Brett Todd played his best game of the season last week and is a dangerous forward. Ty McKenna is a mobile ruckman and Shane Binns is almost unstoppable when his confidence is high. Lachlan & Clint Richardson do a lot of hard work and Chad Kennett is continuing to show he is a very good player. Josh Keller provides the class and Josh Richardson will improve BDT even more when he returns. A team that can win regularly and have Jack Zacker & Mark Vandeleur running around in the Reserves has great depth and will cover most injuries.

BDT will win comfortably.


Karoonda v Pinnaroo 

Karoonda won a scrappy match last time these teams met, but Karoonda appear to be finding some good form in the last few weeks. Brodie Chinner is back to his best with Zakk Bullard in 2010 form as well. Corey Knight’s ball use is impeccable and Justin Jackson has strengthened the midfield. Dylan Caldwell is a strong target up forward and Josh Rudiger is close to returning to strengthen the rucks. The defence has been performing well with Eli Koch providing stability and Sam Abbott, Bradley Stacey & Hayden Zander all doing their bit for the team.

Pinnaroo have Wade Nickolls back in form after injury and Alex Keogh has been their best player all year. Chad Nicholls works hard in ruck, Sunyl Vogt wins his share of the ball in the midfield and Ryan Nicholls is a gun at centre half forward. The rest are too inconsistent with too many ordinary performances between good performances.

It is hard to see Karoonda giving Pinnaroo a chance as Karoonda look to shore up a spot in the 2011 finals.

Round 9 – June 25, 2011

Karoonda                                1.4,  6.8,  11.10,  13.14  (92)

Murrayville                             4.3,  6.5,  10.7,  12.8  (80)

Goals, Karoonda  : Dylan Caldwell 5, Anthony Farrugia 3, Ryan Paech 2, Darren Hare 1, Zakk Bullard 1, Cameron Hope 1.  Murrayville  : Damien Bates 5, Rian Crane 3, Jarrad Allen 1, James Lange 1, Kevin Wyatt 1, Allyd Kinnersley 1.  Best, Karoonda  : Brodie Chinner, Zakk Bullard, Justin Jackson, Darren Hare, Corey Knight, Dylan Caldwell.  Murrayville  : Andrew Caire, Christopher Edmonds, Drew Crane, Alex Greenslade, Damien Bates, Chad Allen

BDT                                     2.5,  9.8,  11.11,  18.14  (122)

Lameroo                             2.3,  4.3,  8.4,  10.4  (64)

Goals, Bdt  : Brett Todd 6, Shane Binns 5, Michael Kempe 2, Lachlan Richardson 2, Benjamin Hooper 1, Jared Sampson 1, Clint Richardson 1.  Lameroo  : Shane Agelis 3, Daniel Wohling 3, Joshua Ridgway 1, Sam Venning 1, Haydon Thorpe 1, Vaughan Noonan 1.  Best, Bdt  : Lachlan Richardson, Brett Todd, Michael Brighton, Lee Slape, Chris Gregory, Joshua Keller.  Lameroo  : Benjamin Moffatt, Craig Altus, Vaughan Noonan, David Philbey, Joshua Ridgway

Peake                                   6.2,  11.7,  19.9,  26.13  (169)

Pinnaroo                             4.7,  6.8,  8.9,  13.12  (90)

Goals, Peake  : Aaron Hand 10, Bryce Jaensch 5, Kieran Jaensch 2, Brendon Pett 2, Caine Lynn 2, Jeffrey Lines 2, Joshua Lewis-Burns 2, Mitchell Richards 1. Pinnaroo  : A. Keough, W. Nickolls, B. Gum, B. Schroeder, R. Nickolls, J. Heinicke. Best, Peake  : Brendon Pett, Rick  Berling, Aaron Hand, Chad Freak, Travis Carling.   Pinnaroo  : H. Nickolls 2, A. Keough 2, N. Westpahlen 2, R. Nickolls 2, C. Muster 2, S. Vogt , J. Schutz , W. Nickolls

Mallee League  Preview 25/6/2011 

BDT v Lameroo (Tintinara)

BDT got away with a narrow win over Karoonda last week which will give other sides in the League some hope for the rest of the season. Josh Richardson is a big loss for BDT as he can turn a match when BDT are in trouble. Ben Hooper, Shane Binns, Hayden Schilling & Mark Vandeleur will also add to the BDT side when they return. Jarran Crabb played well in the midfield and Travis Miegel is a reliable player week in week out. Michael Brighton is solid in defence and gives strong rebound as does Lee Slape. Lachlan & Clint Richardson perform at a high level every week.

Lameroo had a great win over Peake last week without Shaun Walker, Dan Wohling & Matt Ridgway who could all return this week. Josh Ridgway has stepped up to be a very good midfield player as well as a dangerous small forward. Hayden Thorpe is a genuine ball winner and Ben Moffatt has provided another option in ruck. Billy McNeilly continues to grow as a key defender and Vaughan Noonan provides a target up forward.

Lameroo will need a full side to push BDT, but with players returning BDT will start as favourites in the First v Second clash. 

Pinnaroo v Peake

Pinnaroo put up probably their best effort of 2010 last week against Murrayville considering their dominant forward Ryan Nickolls didn’t play. Alex Keogh continues to make the best players each week and Wade Nickolls will prove a valuable player after returning from injury. Chad Nickolls is shouldering the ruck burden well and Sunyl Vogt uses his experience to good effect. Pinnaroo just need more mid-range players to stand up regularly if they are to improve in 2010.

Peake must win this game to stay in touch for the finals. Injuries are a concern with 8 players missing last week. Ruckman Jay Gilbertson is a big loss with forwards Caine Lynn & Jeff Lines also needed to take the pressure off Aaron Hand at full forward. The defence needs Rick Berling, Aaron Frith, Kym Markwick & Shaun O’Brien to add stability & rebound.

Brendan Pett, Travis Carling & Chad Freak win plenty of ball in the midfield and Bryce Jaensch is a promising young player up forward. Blake Harrowfield has been a good recruit, providing run from half back. Peake should get home in a must win match. 

Murrayville v Karoonda

Murrayville are getting near full strength with Jesse Vass to return this week along with Josh Rosenzweig. Michael Worsman has only played 2 matches & his return will be a boost to the midfield at some stage. Trent Sporn, Damien Bates & Drew Crane provide a very strong forward line and the midfield boasts Rian Crane, Andrew Caire, Kevin Wyatt, Jesse Vass & Jarred Allen. Alex Greenslade has been a great strong running defender and Josh Rosenzweig will allow him more freedom to be a playmaker. Chris Edmond imposes himself on the game in ruck to give the midfield a good start.

Karoonda have found form the last 2 weeks. Sam Abbott should return to strengthen the defence this week, but Josh Rudiger & Mervyn Kartinyeri are probably still a few weeks away from resumimg. Corey Knight continues with his good form and Darren Hare’s defensive work in the midfield is as good as any in the league. Brodie Chinner & Zakk Bullard are back in form with Justin Jackson to improve each week after missing a month with injury. Dylan Caldwell is a strong marking forward while Daniel Reavill is a strong leading full forward, but needs to produce more goals in the big matches. Eli Koch has been a big part of Karoonda turning their form around with some very solid defensive displays at half back.

Murrayville at home should keep themselves in the hunt for second spot with a win over Karoonda.

Round 8 – June 18, 2011





10.10 (70)





9.10 (64)

 GOALS, BDT  : Brett Todd 2, Chase Ferguson 2, Greg Nunan 1, Jarrad Brock 1, Jack Zacker 1, Chad Kennett 1, Clint Richardson 1, Jonathon Northcott 1.  Karoonda  : Daniel Draper 3, Dylan Caldwell 2, Justin Jackson 1, Zakk Bullard 1, Ryan Paech 1, Cameron Hope 1.  BEST, BDT  : Travis Miegel, Jarran Crabb, Michael Brighton, Lee Slape, Clint Richardson. Karoonda  : Corey Knight, Zakk Bullard, Eli Koch, Dale Bradley, Lucas Neumann





21.18 (144)





10.8 (68)

GOALS, Murrayville  : Trent Sporn 7, Damien Bates 4, Rian Crane 4, Drew Crane 3, Kevin Wyatt 1, Richard  McKee 1, James Lange 1.  Pinnaroo  : Bradley Schroeder 2, Wade Nickolls 2, Nicholas Westpahlen 2, Clint Muster 1, Alex Keough 1, Heath Boseley 1, Dani Finn 1.  BEST, Murrayville  : Trent Sporn, Rian Crane, Christopher Edmonds, Kevin Wyatt, Andrew Caire, Alex Greenslade.  Pinnaroo  : Wade Nickolls, Alex Keough, Chad Nickolls, Brayden Thomas, Sunyl  Vogt, Clint Muster





16.14 (110)





9.4 (58)

GOALS, Lameroo  : Haydon Thorpe 3, Vaughan Noonan 3, Shane Agelis 2, Joshua Ridgway 2, Thomas Walker 2, Joel Lewis 1, Benjamin Moffatt 1, Craig Wellburn 1, Bradley Walter 1. Peake  : Aaron Hand 4, Bryce Jaensch 4, Joshua Lewis-Burns 1.  Best, Lameroo  : Joshua Ridgway, Benjamin Moffatt, Haydon Thorpe, Travis Hancock, Billy McNeilly.  Peake  : Brendon Pett, Blake Harrowfield, Travis Carling, Bryce Jaensch, Chad Freak

Mallee League  Preview 18/6/2011

Karoonda v BDT

Karoonda host BDT and will want to continue the form they showed in their last match against Peake.

Dylan Caldwell dominated the forward line with 10 goals and Corey Knight continued his impressive form in 2011. Justin Jackson should return to bolster the midfield and Darren hare uses his pace to advantage. Zakk Bullard is finding his form and Brodie Chinner has returned well after a hamstring injury. Sam Abbott is solid in defence and Nick & Hayden Zander have added some stability. Eli Koch has slotted in well after missing all of 2010.

BDT have injury concerns with Josh Richardson & Ty McKenna, but have plenty lining up to fill their positions. Josh Keller is leading the Footballer of the Year award and Ben Hooper is always capable of turning a game. Clint & Lachlan Richardson are hard workers and Chad Kennett will become one of the league’s best.

BDT will continue their winning form at Karoonda.

Pinnaroo v Murrayville

Pinnaroo will be wondering where their first win will come from. Ryan Nickolls is a standout player up forward & Chad Nickolls is shouldering most of the ruckwork. Wade Nickolls has been battling hamstring injuries and has found it difficult to influence matches this season. Alex Keogh performs each week and Sunyl Vogt is still a clever ball winner in the midfield. More need to step up if Pinnaroo are to be competitive in 2011.

Murrayville have had issues with injuries, but should start to see players return in the second half of the year. Rian Crane, Kevin Wyatt & Jesse Vass are strong midfielders and Drew Crane is still one of the best forwards around. Alex Greenslade has added to the defence and Matt Standley & Brad Wyatt have played a couple of games and their experience will be invaluable.

Murrayville can consolidate a finals spot & defeat Pinnaroo.          

Lameroo v Peake

Lameroo are building well as the season progresses. Shaun Walker is leading by example and makes the most of every possession. Matt Ridgway is in good form up forward after a slow start to the year and brother Josh has developed more consistency in his performances. Hayden Thorpe is a hard working midfielder and Vaughan Noonan has provided another key position player. Brad Zerk will play well wherever he is & Stephen Kerley knows where to find the football.

Peake need to win some games after losing to Karoonda last match. Ruckman Jay Gilbertson is a great pick up and will be missed if he has not overcome injury. Aaron Hand is in a similar situation and will be needed at the goalfront if Peake are to challenge Lameroo. Patrick Casey starts a lot of play for Peake with Brendan Pett & Travis Carling using the ball well. Kieran Jaensch has plenty of pace and Chad Freak is having a good year on a wing.

Lameroo look too consistent and should win over Peake.

Inter League Report Mallee v Mid South Eastern – 15 June 2011

Cool but mild conditions welcomed the Mallee FL to Robe for the first Inter League match between the Leagues.

The Mallee A Grade side started well but could not put a score on the board. Mallee were never out of the match for the first 3 quarters, but could not impact the scoreboard with any consistency.

The Mallee side struggled to find a consistent key forward to take control and the pressure applied by MSE meant that some of the delivery forward was not as clean as required at this level. When the Mallee players did find space they showed they are capable of matching MSE at this level. Captain Josh Keller was a standout and lead the team well. Billy McNeilly and Mark Benham showed courage in defence and enhanced their reputations at the higher level. Patrick Casey worked hard through the midfield, as did Kevin Wyatt with Shaun Walker one player to use the ball well. Alex Greenslade using his running game to effect in defence with Chris Gregory & Clint Richardson standing up under pressure. Ryan Nickolls finished with 3 goals up forward and Trent Sporn looked dangerous at times, but finding a 4 quarter winner was a problem. MFL Captain Josh Keller received the West Adelaide Medal as Best Player.

The Under 17’s were well down at half time, but to their credit fought well to narrowly win the second half. A Good effort for a team that only came together in the past month and had issues with availability up until last week.

Jarred Kerber was awarded the West Adelaide Medal as Best Player for Mallee.

The Under 14’s were down by 19 points at quarter time and lost by 20 points, so there efforts after the slow start were extremely pleasing.

There were some very good performers on the day, but Nick Gregurke stood out & received the West Adelaide Medal as Best Player.

Although MSE won all 3 grades, the Mallee teams came away with the belief that the Leagues are not far apart and look forward to continuing the battle at home in 2012.

Mallee Inter League  Preview 11/6/2011

Mallee v Mid-South Eastern

The Mallee League travel to Robe to take on Mid-South Eastern League for the first time this weekend. Wade Nickolls has been appointed coach after a long & distinguished representative career. The selectors have 28 players in the final squad which will be trimmed to 22 at training on Wednesday night at Peake. All players are expected to make themselves available for Inter League football and it will need to be a strong team to challenge the MSE.

BDT have the largest representation with 7 players in the squad lead by Josh Richardson & Josh Keller. Lachlan Richardson is a proven performer at this level & Clint Richardson is a welcome return after missing for the past few seasons with injury. Chad Kennett is a young player who performed well at this level in 2010.

Lameroo have six players with Shaun Walker who is sure to have an impact. Vaughan Noonan adds strength and Billy McNeilly is now a top key defender. Mark Benham is a versatile player who will play an important role.

Murrayville have Rian Crane, Trent Sporn & Kevin Wyatt in good form and all are high possession winners. Jesse Vass is quick & skillful and Alex Greenslade can play a role as a rebounding defender.

Karoonda’s Darren Hare & Corey Knight have been in great form all season and Dylan Caldwell hit top form last week with 10 goals. Justin Jackson is fighting a battle with fitness to play & will be a valuable contributor if he gets up.

Patrick Casey from Peake is a good ball winner and Chad Freak is a youngster who can use the ball well. Aaron Hand is a strong body at full forward.

The Nickolls name will feature on field with Ryan to line up in the forward line and Chad likely to lead the ruck. Alex Keogh has been in good form for Pinnaroo and will be a crumbing forward in this side.

The squad is

BDT – J. Richardson C.Richardson L.Richardson J.Keller C.Gregory C.Kennett M.Brighton

Karoonda – C.Knight D.Hare J.Jackson D.Caldwell

Lameroo – S.Walker V.Noonan D.Wohling B.McNeilly M.Benham J.Ridgway

Murrayville – R.Crane T.Sporn K.Wyatt A.Greenslade J.Vass

Peake – P.Casey C.Freak A.Hand

Pinnaroo – A.Keogh R.Nickolls C.Nickolls

Under 17

Tim Brown is coaching the Under 17 team, which includes a handful of Under 18 players as this age group is limited in the MFL competition.

Matt Brown has been appointed Captain with Mitchell Richards & Brendan Borchardt as Vice Captains.

Pinnaroo – Isaac Fischer Thomas Hawthorne Jake Venning Lachlan Bailey Owen Brown Shaun Hyde

Peake -Mitchell Richards (VC) Cameron Jacobs Rylan Raper Dale McDonald Ryan Morris Kane McDonald Ezra Loechel Aaron Richards

Lameroo – Blake Purdie Nick Hyde Cameron Barrett Danny Steer Jarred Kerber

Cameron White Matt Brown  (Captain) Ben Hannam   

Border Downs Tintinara –  Brendan Borchardt (VC)

Under 14

Grant Dabinett is coaching the Under 14 team which is dominated by Lameroo with 9 players and Peake providing 5 players.

Rory O’Driscoll from Pinnaroo has been named Captain of the side.

Peake – Brenton Calvert Harley Smith Nick Gregurke Brad Kielow Daniel Perks

Lameroo – Lewis Young Nick Brown Charlie Hay Riley Kerber Scott Hannam         Edward Hancock Josh Barrett Jayden Barrett Luke Murphy

Border Downs Tintinara – Tyson Kennett Alex Stidiford Mitchell Cornish             

Karoonda – Hamish Pilgrim    

Pinnaroon – Shilo Dabinett Cejay Dabinett Rory O’Driscoll (Captain)

Round 7 – June 4, 2011

Karoonda                           5.3,  11.4,  14.6,  18.8  (116)

Peake                                   3.1,  6.3,  9.6,  13.8  (86)

Goals, Karoonda  : Dylan Caldwell 10, Brodie Chinner 2, Stephen Krezos 2, Ryan Paech 1, Darren Hare 1, Cameron Hope 1, Daniel Draper 1. Peake  : Aaron Hand 6, Jeffrey Lines 5, Blake Harrowfield 1, Robert Rich 1.  Best, Karoonda  : Dylan Caldwell, Bradley Stacey, Darren Hare, Nick  Zander, Brodie Chinner.  Peake  :  Patrick Casey, Aaron Hand, Blake Harrowfield, Rick  Berling, Jeffrey Lines

BDT                                     4.1,  9.2,  9.8,  16.10  (106)

Murrayville                      4.0,  5.1,  7.6,  9.9  (63)

GOALS, BDT  : Benjamin Hooper 6, Patrick Barrett 3, Greg Nunan 2, Brett Todd 2, Clint Richardson 1, Joshua Keller 1, Hayden Schilling 1.  Murrayville  : Bradley Wyatt 3, Trent Sporn 2, Dallas Willersdorf 1, James Sanders 1, James Lange 1, Rian Crane 1.  BEST, BDT  :Patrick Barrett, Chris Gregory, Benjamin Hooper, Joshua Keller, Hayden Schilling. Murrayville  : Rian Crane, Christopher Edmonds, Kevin Wyatt, Trent Sporn, William Spargo, James Sanders

Lameroo                                 12.7,  22.10,  30.13,  37.22  (244)

Pinnaroo                                5.1,  7.3,  10.9,  11.12  (78)

GOALS, Lameroo  : Matthew Ridgway 8, Shane Agelis 6, Daniel Wohling 5, Shaun Walker 3, Joshua Ridgway 2, Joel Lewis 2, Vaughan Noonan 2, Haydon Thorpe 2, Thomas Walker 2, Thomas Caulfield 1, Tom Bell 1, Benjamin Moffatt 1, Stephen Kerley 1, Duane Simon 1

Pinnaroo  : Ryan Nickolls 5, Sunyl  Vogt 3, David Ness 2, Brett Gum 1.  BEST, Lameroo  : Daniel Wohling, Joel Lewis, Tom Bell, Joshua Ridgway, Shaun Walker.  Pinnaroo  : Alex Keough, Sunyl  Vogt, Brett Gum, Wade Nickolls, Ryan Nickolls, Chad Nickolls

Mallee Match Preview 4/6/2011 

Peake v Karoonda   

The winner of this match will stake an early claim on a finals berth in 2011. The loser will have a hard task to regroup and push their way back into finals contention.

Peake lost a close game against Murrayville last week that could have set their season in motion. Peake have had some undersized ruckmen in recent times who have battled manfully to create a contest. Jay Gilbertson has come in the last 2 weeks and had a huge impact being named best player both matches. After a stint at Port Adelaide Magpies in junior football, he has not played for a while, but his impact for Peake could be the difference between success & failure. Patrick Casey is enjoying an injury free season and consistently showing how good he can play. Brendan Pett returns and adds to the midfield where Chad Freak continues to impress along with the speedster in Kieran Jaensch. Aaron Hand and Jeff lines give options in attack & Bryce Jaensch knows how to kick goals.

Karoonda were good for a half last week, but could not match Lameroo after half time. Justin Jackson is still missing from the midfield with a hamstring injury and his influence cannot be underestimated. Muffy Kartinyeri returned last week & Zakk Bullard is building his form after a slow start to the year. Darren Hare is the pick of the 2011 recruits and his pressure when tackling is very good. Corey Knight continues to play well and Tim Berling is a reliable contributor on a wing. Daniel Reavill needs to stand up at full forward, but will need to be at his best on the small Peake ground.

Peake go into the match with better form and can defeat Karoonda for the second time this year.

Lameroo v Pinnaroo

Lameroo have pinched second spot on percentage and will be looking to increase that advantage this week. Billy McNeilly is the in form key defender in the Mallee at the moment and Mark Benham provides a “no frills” approach which is extremely effective. Hayden Thorpe & Brad Zerk never shirk a contest and Craig Well Burn & Stephen Kerley are experienced campaigners. Shaun Walker is silky skilled in the midfield and Dan Wohling must run the equivalent of a marathon each week. Vaughan Noonan & Ben Moffatt have added to the big man department, allowing David Philbey to slot back into defence. Matt Ridgway is a strong leading forward and brother Josh is a quick running midfielder.

Pinnaroo rely on too few to carry the load. Wade Nickolls has a hamstring injury and is sorely missed. Ryan Nickolls is outstanding at half forward, Chad Nickolls is shouldering the ruck load and Alex Keogh is impressive in the midfield Sunyl Vogt is in the veteran stage, but still knows how to work the centre square. Too many other players perform once every 3 or 4 weeks. Pinnaroo have been out of the match by quarter time in 5 out of six matches this year. They need to start well to have any chance of recording an upset win any time this season.

Lameroo will win comfortably.


BDT v Murrayville (Coonalpyn)

Murrayville are not in top form at the moment and will look to the second half of the season to settle their side in the lead up to the finals. BDT on the other hand are cruising through the season and can’t wait for finals to begin.

Greg Nunan has returned and straight away slotted into good form with Chase Ferguson stepping up to senior football with ease. Jarrad Brock is another youngster, along with Chad Kennett who is playing well. The experience of Josh Keller, Josh Richardson, Clint Richardson & Lachlan Richardson makes it far easier for the younger players coming through to adapt to A Grade football. Michael Kempe is not a pretty footballer, but his effectiveness cannot be denied, especially when the pressure is on.

Murrayville have a good midfield with Rian Crane, Jesse Vass, Kevin Wyatt and Andrew Caire all capable of playing Inter League football. Trent Sporn is using his experience up forward and Drew Crane is enjoying not being the sole focal point in attack. They will be even better when Damien Bates returns to the goal front. Matt Standley adds experience and marking power and Alex Greenslade is a strong rebounding defender.

Murrayville will look for improvement, but won’t find enough to topple BDT.

Round 6 – May 28, 2011





18.12 (120)





17.14 (116)

Best: Murrayville – K. Wyatt, T. Sporn, R. Crane, D. Crane, M. Standley, A. Caire. Peake – J. Gilbertson, P. Casey, B. Pett, C. Freak, K. Jaensch. Goals: Murrayville – T. Sporn 6, M. O”Malley 3, J. Lange 2, D. Willersdorf 2, J. Allen , J. Vass , J. Sanders , R. Crane , D. Crane. Peake – A. Hand 5, J. Lines 4, B. Jaensch 3, K. Jaensch 2, J. Gilbertson , B. Pett , C. Freak





17.10 (112)





11.7 (73)

Goals, Lameroo  : Vaughan Noonan 3, Daniel Wohling 3, Thomas Caulfield 3, Shane Agelis 2, Haydon Thorpe 1, Mark Benham 1, Bradley Zerk 1, Thomas Walker 1, Joshua Ridgway 1, Stephen Kerley 1.  Karoonda  : Ryan Paech 2, Darren Hare 2, Nick  Zander 1, Benjamin Hall 1, Mervyn Kartinyeri 1, Corey Knight 1, Dylan Caldwell 1, Damien Staker 1, Allan Retallick 1. Best, Lameroo  : Mark Benham, Billy Mcnieilly, Vaughan Noonan, Daniel Wohling, Bradley Zerk.  Karoonda  : Zakk Bullard, Darren Hare, Corey Knight, Ryan Paech, Tim Berling





27.11 (173)





9.9 (63)

GOALS, BDT  : Shane Binns 6, Brett Todd 5, Greg Nunan 3, Kevin Kock 3, Mark Vandeleur 2, Jarrad Brock 2, Lachlan Richardson 1, Michael Kempe 1, Chase Ferguson 1, Joshua Keller 1, Lee Slape 1, Clint Richardson 1.  Pinnaroo  :  Ryan Nickolls 4, Martin Sumner 3, Chad Nickolls 1, Alex Keough 1.  BEST, BDT  :  Greg Nunan, Chase Ferguson, Joshua Keller, Jarrad Brock, Michael Kempe.  Pinnaroo  : Heath Boseley, Alex Keough, Chad Nickolls, Ryan Nickolls, Brayden Thomas, Scott Kirkbright

Mallee Match Preview 28/5/2011

Karoonda v Lameroo   

Karoonda had a comfortable win over Pinnaroo last week and will need to continue that improvement against an impressive Lameroo this week.

Corey Knight is one of the most skillful players in the league and is in great form. Darren Hare is as impressive with his pressure when he hasn’t got the ball as he is when in possession. Brodie Chinners return from injury has been outstanding and Zakk Bullard showed some of his 2010 form after a slow start to the season. Dylan Caldwell was strong at centre half forward and Daniel Reavill is extremely accurate in front of goal. Justin Jackson should return this week to further strengthen the midfield. The defence needs to stand up with Lucas Neumann, Nick Zander & Sam Abbott all playing well in patches, but needing to produce 4 quarter efforts.

Shaun Walker has added class to the Lameroo midfield, adding to the hard workers in Brad Zerk, Mark Benham, Hayden Thorpe, Josh Ridgway & Ben Moffatt. Vaughan Noonan adds a physical presence and Matt Ridgway is a good target in attack. Dan Wohling can play key position attack or defence and Billy McNeilly has become one of the best key defenders.

If Karoonda can control the midfield and take pressure off the defence they can win at home against Lameroo.

Murrayville v Peake

Murrayville would be disappointed at missing the chance to consolidate second spot last week, while Peake were in the game for a half against BDT.

Alex Greenslade is a hard running, rebounding defender for Murrayville and Ryan McCormack is a reliable small defender. The midfield is strong with Rian Crane, Andrew Caire, Jesse Vass, Kevin Wyatt, Jarred Allen & James Lange all large possession winners. Michael Worsman will bolster them further if he returns this week and Chris Edmonds has been a big influence in ruck. Drew Crane is playing further up field and Trent Sporn is using his experience to good effect.

Jay Gilbertson was named best last week in his first A Grade match for Peake and Blake Harrowfield continues to impress with a hard at it approach. Rick Berling has slotted back into the defence to help Gareth Diprose & Kym Markwick. Kieran Jaensch adds important speed in the midfield and the attack is well balanced with Aaron Hand, Jeff Lines, Caine Lynn and Scott Crouch. Chad Freak is playing consistent football on his wing.

Murrayville look a little stronger across the field and should win this week.


Pinnaroo v BDT

Bottom with no wins plays top with no losses and nothing will change this week.

Pinnaroo have improved with the inclusion of Ryan Nickolls at half forward with his strong marking & accurate kicking. Kane O’Loughlin can be target in front of goal, but needs to find consistency. Chad Nickolls is in good form in ruck giving Sunyl Vogt & Alex Keogh a good look at the ball at centre bounces. Heath Boseley and Braden Thomas work hard in defence with Nick Westphalen providing rebound from defence.

BDT have more than a handful of players capable of turning a match at any time. Josh Keller, Josh Richardson & Clint Richardson are all class with Lachlan Richardson & Chad Kennett not scared to do the hard work. Ty McKenna has developed into a strong mobile ruck man and Shane Binns is a fast leading full forward who kicks plenty of goals. Jared Sampson, Mark Vandeleur & Jack Zacker are all chipping in around goal and Chris Gregory is solid at half back.

BDT will not drop this one against Pinnaroo.

Round 5 – May 21, 2011

Karoonda                                9.4,  16.6,  23.8,  25.13  (163)

Pinnaroo                                3.3,  7.7,  10.13,  17.16  (118)

GOALS, Karoonda  : C. Knight, D. Hare, D. Caldwell, Z. Bullard, B. Chinner.  Pinnaroo  :  Kane  O’Loughlin 5, Ryan Nickolls 4, Sunyl  Vogt 4, Scott Kirkbright 1, Lachlan Bailey 1, Wade Nickolls 1,  Alex Keough 1.  BEST, Karoonda  : D. Reavill 8, D. Caldwell 3, C. Knight 3, R. Paech 3, Z. Bullard 2, L. Hocking 2, S. Krezos 2, B. Chinner , D. Bradley.  Pinnaroo  : Sunyl  Vogt, Alex Keough, Chad Nickolls, Ryan Nickolls, Brett Gum, Heath Boseley

Lameroo                                 2.1,  4.5,  11.8,  13.10  (88)

Murrayville                             1.4,  3.10,  6.13,  10.16  (76)

GOALS, Lameroo  : Shaun Walker 5, Thomas Caulfield 2, Matthew Ridgway 2, Haydon Thorpe 2, Andre Hall 1, Vaughan Noonan 1.  Murrayville  : Drew Crane 3, James Lange 2, Rian Crane 2, Allyd Kinnersley 1, Jesse Vass 1, Jarrad Allen 1.  BEST, Lameroo  : Billy McNieilly, Shaun Walker, Daniel Wohling, Joshua Ridgway, Benjamin Moffatt.  Murrayville  : Alex Greenslade, Andrew Caire, Ryan McCormick, Allister  Heintze, Rian Crane, Kevin Wyatt

BDT                                     3.4,  7.6,  13.9,  20.12  (132)

Peake                                 2.1,  3.1,  5.3,  8.6  (54)

Goals, Bdt  : Shane Binns 9, Jared Sampson 3, Mark Vandeleur 3, Josh Richardson 2, Joshua Keller 1, Chris Gregory 1, James Lehmann 1.  Peake  : Aaron Hand 4, Bryce Jaensch 1, Robert Rich 1, Chad Freak 1, Jeffrey Lines 1.  Best, Bdt  : Clint Richardson, Ty Mckenna, Joshua Keller, Shane Binns, Chad Kennett.  Peake  : Jay Gilbertson, Blake Harrowfield, Kieran Jaensch, Rick  Berling, Chad Freak

Mallee Match Preview 21/5/2011

Murrayville v Lameroo   

Murrayville have the chance to put a 2 match buffer between them & third place on the ladder if they can topple Lameroo this week. On the other hand, Lameroo can get to equal second with a win over Murrayville.

Murrayville have developed an extremely strong midfield with Kevin Wyatt, Jesse Vass, Rian Crane, Jarred Allen, Michael Worsman, Andrew Caire & James Lange providing enough drive to give their forward opportunities. Trent Sporn is experienced playing across half forward and Drew Crane will be looking for a bag after not kicking a goal last week. Alistair Heintze & Luke Kirkbright will chip in with a couple of goals & James Beckmann can fill a key position at either end of the ground. Alex Greenslade is a strong running, rebounding defender and has provided another dimension to the defence.

Shaun Walker leads by example in the midfield for Lameroo. He has good support from Mark Benham, Hayden Thorpe, Josh Ridgway & Brad Zerk, with Vaughan Noonan a strong presence in attack or in ruck. Billy McNeilly is now a very good key defender and Dan Wohling knows how to find the ball. Matt Ridgway is a regular goal kicker but they probably need to find another key forward to regularly kick goals.

Murrayville look like credible challengers in 2011 and can defeat Lameroo at home.


BDT v Peake

BDT continue to roll on without appearing as dominant as in 2010. Any team with Josh Richardson & Josh Keller will be hard to beat. Back them up with Clint & Lachlan Richardson and Chad Kennett in the midfield and they are as good as you can get. Ty McKenna is one of the best big men in the competition and Chris Gregory is strong enough to hold down a key position. Shane Binns can kick a bag of goals at full forward with Brett Todd, Jack Zacker & Jarred Sampson all capable of chipping in on the scoreboard.

Peake had a comfortable win over Pinnaroo last week, but need to step up if they are to play finals in 2011. Patrick Casey is in good touch and Chad Freak is rarely beaten on his wing. Kieran Jaensch provides speed in the midfield with Aaron Hand a big target in the goal square.

BDT will finish Round 1 undefeated with a win over Peake.


Pinnaroo v Karoonda

Pinnaroo showed a bit more last week against Peake and will want to keep improving this week. Ryan Nickolls has made a difference, providing a focal point in attack with Sunyl Vogt continuing to play well. Chad & Wade Nickolls are a strong combination in ruck & up forward and Alex Keogh is their best midfielder. Brad Schroeder provides run from defence & Braden Thomas is solid in the back half. Pinnaroo have a lot of youngsters who are having a go, but they need the middle tier players to step up and perform every week.

Karoonda need a win to stay in touch with the top four. Darren Hare is a speedy midfielder who works as hard when he doesn’t have the ball as he does when running forward creating play. Corey Knight is in good form and rarely wastes a disposal. Stephen Krezos is creative in the midfield and Brodie Chinner made a strong return from injury last week. Luke Hocking played his first match of the season last week and will be a valuable contributor with some match fitness. Eli Koch returned to strengthen the defence and Sam Abbott it a strong defender. Dylan Caldwell has shown glimpses of his best and Zakk Bullard found a bit of the ball last week after a slow start to the year. Justin Jackson should return this week to bolster the midfield although Muffy Kartinyeri will still be missing.

Karoonda will continue Pinnaroo’s winless run this week.

Round 4 – May 14, 2011





21.17 (143)





14.13 (97)

Goals, Peake  : Aaron Hand 11, Kieran Jaensch 3, Caine Lynn 3, Ryan Morris 2, Bryce Jaensch 1, Aaron Richards 1.  Pinnaroo  : Sunyl  Vogt 3, Ryan Nickolls 3, Scott Kirkbright 2, Alex Keough 1, Brett Gum 1, Wade Nickolls 1, Kane  O’loughlin 1, Nicholas Dabinett 1, Jesse Richardson 1.  Best, Peake  : Chad Freak, Aaron Hand, Kieran Jaensch, Gareth Diprose, Caine Lynn.  Pinnaroo  : Alex Keough, Bradley Schroeder, Ryan Nickolls, Chad Nickolls, Wade Nickolls, Sunyl  Vogt





10.21 (81)





9.5 (59)

Goals, Murrayville  : Michael O’malley 2, Allister  Heintze 2, Trent Sporn 2, Andrew Caire 1, Luke Kirkbright 1, Ryan Clark 1, Rian Crane 1.  Karoonda  : Luke Hocking 3, Daniel Reavill 2, Ryan Paech 1, Dylan Caldwell 1, Stephen Krezos 1, Anthony Farrugia 1.  Best,  Murrayville  : Andrew Caire, Alex Greenslade, Jesse Vass, Rian Crane, Kevin Wyatt.  Karoonda  : Darren Hare, Brodie Chinner, Eli Koch, Sam Abbott, Stephen Krezos





15.10 (100)





6.12 (48)

Goals, BDT: Brett Todd 3, Jack Zacker 3, Josh Richardson 2, Kevin Kock 2, Shane Binns 2, Joshua Keller 1, Jared Sampson 1, Clint Richardson 1. Lameroo : Matthew Ridgway 3, Joshua Ridgway 2, Daniel Wohling 1. Best, BDT: Joshua Keller, Lachlan Richardson, Ty Mckenna, Michael Brighton, Clint Richardson. Lameroo : Billy Mcnieilly, Joshua Ridgway, Daniel Wohling, Mark Benham, Shaun Walker, Bradley Zerk

Mallee Match Preview    14/5/2011


Lameroo v BDT  

Lameroo accounted for Peake quite comfortably last week and will be keen to test themselves against the best this week. Matt Ridgway looks to back in form and provides a strong marking target in attack. Hayden Thorpe also chipped in with 4 goals last week and Josh Ridgway is a proven crumbing forward. Shaun Walker is a smooth mover in the midfield and Vaughan Noonan provides much needed support for David Philbey in the big man department. Mark Benham & Brad Zerk are probably 2 of the most consistent players in the Mallee and do the hard work week after week. Ben Moffatt is fitting in well and Dan Wohling will be a welcome return this week to provide some more experience.

BDT had a comfortable win over a depleted Karoonda side last week. Josh Richardson is continuing his dominance and Clint Richardson is back to his best. Chad Kennett is getting better all the time and Hayden Schilling is another good young player. The strength of BDT is the players who rarely get mentioned, Ben Hooper, Jack Zacker, Jordan Richards, Michael Brighton, Chris Gregory, Brett Todd, Jared Sampson – the list goes on and they are all extremely good players.

Lameroo have improved a lot, but BDT are a very strong outfit and should win again.

Peake v Pinnaroo

Peake faced a reality check against Lameroo last week after a good win at Karoonda the week before. Lameroo got on top early and were never seriously threatened after that. Caine Lynn is playing well for Peake and Aaron Hand is reliable in front of goal. Jeff Lines is providing another option in attack and Aaron Richards will be a strong contributor this year around the packs. Chad Freak continues to develop and Gareth Diprose is strong in defence. Blake Harrowfield looks a reliable type who will serve Peake well in 2011.

Pinnaroo are relying on too few to do too much. Chad Nickolls, Ryan Nickolls, Sunyl Vogt & Alex Keogh feature almost every week in the best players, but are being overrun with not enough support from players around them. Pinnaroo are playing a lot of youngsters, but their development will not be helped if they are being beaten by big margins every week.

Peake will record their second win of 2011 against Pinnaroo.

Karoonda v Murrayville

Karoonda weren’t too bad last week against BDT with Brodie Chinner, Muffy Kartinyeri, Justin Jackson & Dylan Caldwell missing. A couple of these may be back this week and they will need as many as possible against a very good Murrayville side. Darren Hare has provided some pace through the midfield and Corey Knight is in great touch. Josh Rudiger is living up to the promise he has shown for some time and Karoonda will look forward to a continuation of this form. Stephen Krezos & Dale Bradley stepped up last week and Daniel Reavill is kicking goals each week.

Murrayville look to have most bases covered this year with Drew Crane back and firing and Tent Sporn chipping in with 10 goals each last week to offset the loss of Damien Bates. Kevin Wyatt, Rian Crane, Jesse Vass and Jarrad Allen form a good midfield and Alex Greenslade has strengthened the defence. Chris Edmonds is a very good replacement for Jamie Daff in ruck.

Murrayville may have too much firepower up forward for Karoonda and win this one.

Round 3   – May 7, 2010

BDT                                     4.2,  10.4,  15.7,  20.11  (131)

Karoonda                          2.3,  4.6,  7.8,  11.8  (74)

GOALS, BDT  :  Josh Richardson 4, Brett Todd 4, Ty Mckenna 3, Shane Binns 3, Jordan Richards 2, Chad Kennett 1, Lachlan Richardson 1, Mark Vandeleur 1, Jack Zacker 1.  Karoonda  : Daniel Reavill 5, Kale Neaylon 1, Bruce Kerr 1, Cameron Ewart 1, Nicholas Kambuts 1, Anthony Farrugia 1, Daniel Draper 1.  Best, BDT  :  Josh Richardson, Clint Richardson, Michael Brighton, Mark Vandeleur, Hayden Schilling.  Karoonda  : Darren Hare, Joshua Rudiger, Stephen Krezos, Corey Knight, Dale Bradley

Murrayville                          10.4,  14.8,  24.14,  30.14  (194)

Pinnaroo                                3.1,  5.3,  6.3,  12.3  (75)

GOALS, Murrayville  : Trent Sporn 10, Drew Crane 10, James Lange 2, James Sanders 2, Jesse Vass 2, Luke Kirkbright 2, Luke Hamood 2.  Pinnaroo  :  Ryan Nickolls 6, Kane  O’Loughlin 2, Jamie Simon 1, Martin Sumner 1, Alex Keough 1, Nicholas Westpahlen 1.  BEST, Murrayville  : Trent Sporn, Drew Crane, Kevin Wyatt, Jesse Vass, Jarrad Allen, Rian Crane.  Pinnaroo  : Ryan Nickolls, Chad Nickolls, Sunyl  Vogt, Alex Keough, Nicholas Westpahlen, Kane  O’Loughlin

Lameroo                              5.4,  11.7,  12.12,  19.15  (129)

Peake                                   2.0,  5.3,  8.6,  12.9  (81)

GOALS, Lameroo  : Matthew Ridgway 6, Haydon Thorpe 4, Craig Altus 2, Jarrod Kerber 2, Joshua Ridgway 2, Shaun Walker 1, Vaughan Noonan 1, Travis Hancock 1.  Peake  :  Aaron Hand 4, Caine Lynn 2, Jeffrey Lines 2, Shaun Holland 2, Chad Freak 1, Scott Crouch 1.  Best, Lameroo  : Shaun Walker, Matthew Ridgway, Mark Benham, Bradley Zerk, Billy Mcnieilly.  Peake  : Caine Lynn, Chad Freak, Aaron Richards, Blake Harrowfield, Gareth Diprose

Mallee Match Preview    7/5/2011

The Mallee League are participating in the “Give Cancer the Boot” promotion this weekend to raise funds for Cancer Council SA’s accommodation services. Players in A Grade football & netball will wear pink armbands and the A Grade football will use a pink football for each match. Cancer Council SA is the state’s leading non-government cancer control organisation, which provides cancer research, prevention and support services, including subsidised accommodation for regional cancer patients and their families who need to travel to Adelaide for treatment.

Admission charge will be raised to $7 this week, with the extra $2 being donated directly to the appeal.

BDT v Karoonda (Coonalpyn)

Last year’s Grand Final replay sees BDT continuing their dominance from 2010 and Karoonda slipping up against an improving Peake last week.

BDT were only up by 16 points at the last change against Murrayville last week, but kicked 7 goals to 1 in the last term to win by 54 points. Quality players lift when required and Josh Richardson stepped up to lead BDT to victory. Josh Keller & Lachlan Richardson provided great support & Ben Hooper is another who can turn a match with his pace. Ty McKenna will be back this week to strengthen the big man department and Shane Binns has started the year in fine form at full forward. Jarran Crabb, Chad Kennett, Jack Zacker, Chase Ferguson & Jordan Richards are all good young players who complement the stars in the team.

Karoonda played 1 good quarter last week & nearly won a game they had no right to win. Justin Jackson kept Karoonda in the match, both in the midfield and also up forward with some smarts around goal. Josh Rudiger used his size & strength to good effect in ruck & took some strong marks around the ground. Corey Knight is picking up many possessions at half back & uses the ball extremely well and Muffy Kartinyeri is still a dangerous player. Darren Hare has pace in the midfield, but needs to sharpen his disposal skills and Daniel Reavill can kick goals up forward if presented with enough opportunities. Dylan Caldwell is a versatile player who can change a match at times.

BDT will continue their winning ways against Karoonda.

Murrayville v Pinnaroo

Murrayville got an idea of how much work is required to match BDT last week and run into Pinnaroo who are coming off 2 large losses. Alex Greenslade has fitted in well at Murrayville

& Drew Crane is still a strong focal point up forward. Chris Edmonds has filled the ruck position and Trent Sporn & Rian Crane create many opportunities in the midfield. Jesse Vass, Kevin Wyatt & Jarred Allan can also play in the middle or half back if required.

Pinnaroo were never in the game against Lameroo last week after being held scoreless in the first quarter & Lameroo scoring 8-6. Chad Nickolls is an imposing figure in ruck and Alex Keogh is a quality midfielder. Clint Muster & Brett Gum played well last week, but need to find that type of form every week to support their younger team mates. Sunyl Vogt & Brad Schroeder are consistent performers & Jesse Richardson showed he is a player of the future.

Murrayville will win their second game for 2011.

Peake v Lameroo

Peake were very impressive against Karoonda last week and played a good style of football, moving the ball quickly from defence to attack. Patrick Casey is fit and firing in the middle and Kieran Jaensch provides some real leg speed. Shaun Holland is a smart player who uses the ball well & Caine Lynn is strong in the air and has good skills. Jeff Lines provides good support in attack for Aaron Hand and Scott Crouch may have found his position deep in the forward line. Shaun O’Brien & Blake Harrowfield are solid contributors and Kym Markwick & Gareth Diprose would be relishing the support in defence.

Lameroo bounced back strongly to demolish Pinnaroo last week. Shaun Walker led from the front and Dan Wohling has lost nothing in his couple of years away from the Mallee League. Vaughan Noonan showed his strength will be valuable and he can also go forward & kick goals. Josh Ridgway had a day out with 9 goals last week and Ben Moffatt will be an asset in 2011.

Peake looked good last week, but Lameroo may just have a bit too much experience in what will be the match of the round.

Round 2 – April 30, 2011





19.9 (123)





10.9 (69)

Best – BDT: J. Richardson, J. Richards, L. Richardson, J. Keller. Murrayville – A. Greenslade, A. Caire, D. Crane, C. Allen, C. Edmonds, A. Beer. BDT –  J. Richardson 5, S. Binns 5, B. Todd 2, J. Keller 2, B. Hooper 2, J. Richards , L. Richardson , J. Zacker. Murrayville – D. Crane 3, L. Hamood 2, M. Worsman 2, T. Sporn , M. Wheeler , L. Kirkbright





15.9 (99)





13.11 (89)

Best – Peake: P. Casey, S. O”brien, C. Lynn, S. Holland, A. Frith. Karoonda –  C. Knight, J. Rudiger, J. Jackson, M. Kartinyeri, C. Ewart. Goals: Peake – S. Crouch 4, J. Lines 3, A. Hand 3, S. O”brien 2, S. Holland , K. Mcdonald , K. Jaensch. Karoonda – D. Reavill 3, J. Jackson 3, R. Paech 2, D. Caldwell , C. Knight , M. Kartinyeri , Z. Bullard , A. Farrugia





32.12 (204)




11.8 (74)

Best: Lameroo – D. Wohling, S. Walker, J. Ridgway, V. Noonan, H. Thorpe. Pinnaroo – C. Nickolls, A. Keough, C. Muster, S. Vogt, B. Gum, B. Schroeder. Goals: Lameroo – J. Ridgway 9, V. Noonan 6, B. Moffatt 3, D. Wohling 3, C. Altus 3, S. Walker 3, T. Walker 2, M. Caulfield , T. Hancock , B. Zerk. Pinnaroo – C. Muster 3, S. Vogt 2, J. Venning 2, M. Sumner , W. Nickolls , S. Kirkbright , A. Keough

Mallee Match Preview 30/4/2011 from Lou Boughen 
Karoonda v Peake

Karoonda host Peake in the designated ANZAC Match for Mallee Football. Karoonda
put in a strong performance against Lameroo last week with Darren Hare joining Muffy Kartinyeri asa genuine speedster through the midfield. Daniel Reavill made a big impression with a 9 goal haul firstup and Anthony Farrugia is smart around goal. Corey Knight is in the best shape for some time withJustin Jackson & Dylan Caldwell continuing there good form from 2010. Brodie Chinner will bemissed after straining a hamstring again last week.
Chad Freak is developing into one of the leagues better players and Cain Lynn showed he will beone of the better recruits in 2011. Shaun Holland is a consistent performer and Kane McDonald willbe valuable if he can maintain form. Jeff Lines will provide good support for Aaron Hand in attackand Shaun O’Brien provides another option.
Karoonda at home should win a close match against Peake.

Murrayville v BDT

Murrayville will be ecstatic that their 6 best players last week were not playing last season. Theyhave obviously recruited well and look to be big improvers in 2011. Trent Sporn is quality and alongwith Rian Crane returning this year will form a potent midfield. Chris Edmonds gives them a start inruck after missing all of 2010 while Alex Greenslade adds strength to the defence. MichaelWorsman & James Lange provide depth and Drew Crane returns after missing most of 2010.
BDT started 2011 as if they were continuing 2010. Shane Binns kicked 11 goals last week and TyMcKenna is becoming one of the league’s best ruck men / forward. Jarran Crabb uses the ballextremely well and Lachlan Richardson is never beaten in any contest. Patrick Barrett is a youngplayer returning to BDT and Josh Richardson, Josh Keller & Clint Richardson are stand out players.
Murrayville will be keen to test themselves, but BDT are still the early favourites for 2011.

Pinnaroo v Lameroo

Pinnaroo ran into a red hot BDT last week and came out a long way behind. Pinnaroo had a lot ofunder 19 players in their line up and it will take time to bring consistency. Veteran Sunyl Vogt startedthe season well and Braden Thomas is a strong replacement for Brad Moyle at full back. Wade &Chad Nickolls are strong ruckmen who can both be effective up forward. Alex Keogh is developingwell as a midfielder with Martin Fischer and Jesse Richardson showing a lot of promise.
Shaun Walker & Dan Wohling made excellent returns for Lameroo last week and Matt Ridgway willbe welcomed back from suspension this week. Billy McNeilly is now a reliable defender and BradZerk never plays a poor match. Mark Benham & Josh Ridgway lifted their football to the next levelin 2010 and will want to continue the improvement in 2011. Hayden Thorpe, Stephen Kerley &Craig Wellburn are all ball winners who create opportunities for those up forward.
Lameroo look to have recruited well and will defeat Pinnaroo this week.

Round 1 – April 16, 2011

Murrayville                       3.7,  9.11,  12.12,  18.20  (128)

Peake                                   2.2,  3.3,  9.10,  12.13  (85)

GOALS, Murrayville  : Trent Sporn 4, Drew Crane 4, James Lange 3, James Beckmann 2, Luke Kirkbright 2, Albert  Beer 1, Allister  Heintze 1, Allyd Kinnersley 1. Peake – J. Lines 4, A. Hand 3, S. Holland , S. O’Brien , C. Freak , B. Jaensch , K. Jaensch. BEST, Murrayville  : James Lange, Trent Sporn, Alex Greenslade, Christopher Edmonds, Rian Crane, Michael Worsman. Peake – C. Freak, C. Lynn, S. Holland, K. McDonald, S. O’Brien.





19.11 (125)





13.16 (94)

Best: Karoonda – C. Knight, D. Reavill, M. Kartinyeri, D. Hare, D. Draper. Lameroo – S. Walker, D. Wohling, B. Mcnieilly, B. Zerk, M. Benham. Goals: Karoonda – D. Reavill 9, A. Farrugia 3, D. Draper 2, N. Kambuts 2, M. Kartinyeri , S. Krezos , D. Caldwell. Lameroo – S. Walker 5, T. Hancock 2, M. Sumner 2, J. Kerber , H. Thorpe , V. Noonan , T. Bell

Border Downs Tintinara    9.1 15.9  22.17  34.25 (229)

Pinnaroo                                 1.2   3.4   5.4    7.4  (46)

Best: BDT – J. CRABB, L. RICHARDSON, P. BARRETT, C. RICHARDSON, S. BINNS. Pinnaroo – S. Vogt, A. Keough, B. Thomas, C. Nickolls, W. Nickolls, J. Richardson. Goals BDT – Shane  BINNS 11, T. MCKENNA 4, J. CRABB 4, B. TODD 3, J. RICHARDSON 2, J. KELLER 2, J. ZACKER 2, K. Kock 2, P. BARRETT , J. RICHARDS , C. KENNETT , H. SCHILLING. Pinnaroo – A. Keough 2, K. O”Loughlin 2, J. Venning , N. Westpahlen , W. Nickolls