Cobdogla 13.16 (94) def Paringa 5.8 (38)
Best: Cobdogla – G Treloar, S Renfrey, L Henderson. Paringa – J Rover, N Rover, S Hucks.
Goals: Cobdogla – D Starkey, J Wegener, M Golding, J Vagg 2, L Hefford, D Mitchell, D Heinicke, S Renfrey, D Tilbrook 1. Paringa – S Sumner 2, B King, T Lawless, L Gadaletta 1. click here for Nick Kossatch’s match report
Cobdogla broke an 8 year drought

Independent League Howard Duthie 2006 Medallist was awarded to Paringa centre half 
forward Todd Rivers.
Independant League Team Of The Year 2006
Compiled by The Murray Pioneer’s sport’s editor Nick Dillon, Loxton News editor Paul 
Mitchell and East Muurray coach Mick Durdin.

FF: S Sumner (Paringa) D Tilbrook (Cobdogla) R McLean (Moorook-Kingston)
HF: J Vagg (Cobdogla) T Rivers (Paringa) L Hefford (Cobdogla)
C: J Ruediger (Paringa) R Charles (Browns Well) L Henderson (Cobdogla)
HB: J Vowles (Browns Well) B Thomas (Wunkar) A Lloyd (Paringa)
FB: R Taylor (Wunkar) T Graetz (Moorook-King) A Abdulla (Lyrup)
1st Ruck: S Rover (East Murray), T Elliott (Moorook-Kingston), S Mitchell (Lyrup)
Interchange: R Tonkin (East Murray), D Grenfell (Lyrup), L Fridd (Cobdogla), N Allen (Wunkar)

Coach Of Year: John Kindness (Wunkar)

IT’S ANOTHER SWANS V EAGLES DECIDER……By Nicholas Kossatch – Saturday September 2, 2006
A skilful and ruthless Paringa rid of last week’s fadeout loss to Cobdogla by outclassing Moorook-Kingston by 96 points at a hot and windswept Browns Well Oval.
It was a performance which would restore confidence in readiness for the Swans second successive Grand Final meeting against the Eagles next Saturday 
at East Murray.
In a lop-sided contest where Paringa’s Simon Sumner (seven goals) and Moorook’s Jarrod Loxton (six goals) were spectacular – it were the red and white runners 
in Scott Nagel, Angus Zielke, Andrew Lloyd (four goals) and Simon Hucks that cut the Warrior midfield to shreds.
Paringa’s other tall forwards in the two Todds, Lawless and Rivers, booted five and two goals respectively for the match and their onballers fed off ruckman 
Nathan Rover’s taps all day with Zielke especially having numerous centre clearances.
Sumner simply makes something from nothing and in the first stanza he won the ball deep in the forward pocket and booted his first major. Not only does this 
wizard boot them but his clever taps, nudges and ability to pounce on any errors by defenders creates opportunities for his team-mates.
He and Brendan King were involved in an easy goal to Lawless and the Swans held the Warriors goalless in the first term. With the wind favouring them during 
the second they responded with six majors. Loxton provided the spark despite Paringa’s Adam Forbes’ best efforts and poor Swan defence allowed a Jarrod 
Munn kick to sail through for his team’s first.
Paringa did momentarily slacken off and their lead reduced to six goals when Loxton kicked his third from a free kick whilst Sumner was scoreless during the 
second quarter. However his magic produced goals to Lloyd via a handball followed by another to Rivers. They increased their intensity and Lloyd slotted 
his third at the end of a handball from Mick Arnet.
Lloyd was a brilliant first half performer with many touches to go with his three majors and Paringa 46 points the better at half time. They enjoyed a nine goal 
third stanza with Sumner sensational with four of his own. Whilst the limelight was on him and the midfielders, Moorook star Rob McLean, was kept in check by 
Jonathon Woods. McLean had just one goal with minimal impact on the game.
Back to Sumner and yet another of his goals was one to behold. He led for the ball and he deftly kicked the ball off a half-volleyed pass up to himself and, in 
one motion, burned off his man to steer through another goal.
Nathan Rover in ruck was magnificent picking off errant Moorook forward entries with many timely marks and he along with Lloyd, Rivers and Zielke were 
rested for the last term by coach Brett Blackwell. Sumner also came off but not before a play-on and dummy then goal for his seventh from a set shot.
Moorook showed some rare dash with two McLean goals but a Hucks assisted Paringa major to Nathan Schumann had him with three for the game. He
was one of the Swans 10 goal kickers and five of them booting more than one.
A corked thigh to Swan Lenny Gadaleta along with Arrod Westley’s hamstring strain will be assessed during the week leading up to the much anticipated 
Grand Final.

Paringa 26.15 (171) d 
Moorook-Kingston 11.9 (75). 
Best – Paringa: S Hucks, B King, A Zielke, A Forbes, T Rivers, S Nagle. Moorook-Kingston: J Loxton, T Graetz, R Pietrolaj, R Morelli, P Watters, N Tsakpellos. Goals – Paringa: S Sumner 7, T Lawless 5, A Lloyd 4, N Schuman 3, T Rivers 2, A Zielke, N Courtney, S Hucks, L Gadleta. Moorook-­Kingston: J Loxton 6, R McLean 3, R Pietrolaj, J Munn.

August 27, 2006

Moorook/Kingston 6.1 14.7 19.9 24.13 (157) def Lyrup 2.5 4.6 6.10 13.11 (89)

Best: Moorook/Kingston – R Morelli, R McLean, T Graetz, T Elliot, L Hentschke, S Smithi. Lyrup – A Abdulla Jnr, R Bates. S Lloyd, T Abdulla, G Karpeny, M Upkett. Goals: Moorook/Kingston – R McLean 11, J Loxton 3, T Elliot 2, G Scadden, N White, L Hentschke, J Munn, R Morelli, S Uren, R Pietrolas,  P Perry 1. Lyrup – R Bates, T Abdulla 3, G Karpany, S Mitchell 2, G Taylor 1, S Healy, J Johnson 1

INDE­PENDENT – Second Semi Final.

Cobdogla 15.14 (104) d Paringa 13.8 (86). 
Best – Cobdogla –  N Hart, S Renfrey, D Heinicke, L Fridd, L Henderson, S Hibberd. Paringa: J Rover, S Sumner. A Lloyd, A Westley, S Clohesy. B King. Goals – Cobdogla: D Tilbrook 6, M Golding 3, J Vagg 2, D Starkey, J Wegener. N Hart, D Mitchell. Paringa: S Sumner 8, T Rivers. S Hucks, N Schuman, A Zielke, L Gadaleta.



Wunkar 13.11 (89) d Moorook/ Kingston 10.11 (71). 
Best Wunkar. S Schulz, L Evans, M Rudiger, J Anderson, T Scholz, N Allen, N Johnson, Moorook/Kingston: P Waters, L Hentschke, J Kloden, T Elliot, P Ferry, R Morelli. Goals Wunkar: S Schulz 4, N Johnson 3, K Jachman, B Rose 2, H Taylor, G Watkins. Moorook/Kingston: J Loxton, R McLean 3, S Uren, L Morelli.

Lyrup 21.9 (135) def Browns Well 10.13 (73). 
Best:  Lyrup -A Abdulla Jnr,  D Grenfell, S MitchelI, P Moritz, J Abdulla, B Carter. Browns Well: R Charles, J Vowles, J Sumner, M Gask, P Gleeson, P Treloer. Goals — Lyrup: G Taylor 5, J Abdula 4, D Abdulla, S Mitchell, D Grenfell 3, A Abdulla jnr 2, T Motto. Browns Well: J Sumner 4, R Charles 2, P Treloer, T Bound, M Thiele, D Wall.

Cobdogla 31.20 (206) d East Murray 9.6 (60). 
Best — Cobdogla: D Tilbrook, S Renfrey, N Hart, l. Hefford, H Wag,, L Henderson. East Murray: D Eatts, R Tonkin, B Reichstein, J Kirk, M Cornish, K Dixon. Goals – Cobdogla: D Tilbrook 17, A Wakefield 3, D Starkey, D Hewnicke, S Renfrey, K Smith, M Liddell, L Hefford, S Hiabeerd, D Webb, R Davis, J Wagg, D Mitchell. East Murray: J Boughen, R Wine, K Dixon 2, S Stasinowsky, M Stasinowsky, M Durdin.

Riverland Independent – Round 16

Moorook Kingston 12.18 (90) d East Murray 9.4 (58)
Goals – Moorook Kingston: J Loxton 7; R McLean 2; J Munn, R Morelli, T Elliott. East Murray: R Winnen 3; K Dixon, M Stasinowsky 2; A Parsons, J Kirk. Best – Moorook Kingston: L Hentschke, J Loxton, T Elliott. East Murray: R Schultz, M Stasinowsky, K Dixon.

Cobdogla 22.17 (149) d Lyrup 8.13 (61)
Goals – Cobdogla: D Mitchell, J Vagg 5; A Wakefield, D Starkey 4; L Hefford 2; B Thomas, J Wegener. Lyrup: G Taylor Jnr, B Rossel, R Bates, T Abdulla, D Strother, M Vakett, J Finn, D Abdulla. Best – Cobdogla: N Hart, J Vagg, G Treloar. Lyrup: A Abdulla, S Lloyd, B Hill.

Paringa 32.24 (216) d Browns Well 5.5 (35)
Goals – Paringa: T Rivers 10; N Rower 5; S Sumner 4; B King, J Ruediger 3; A Lloyd 2; C Morrison, S Nagel, S Hucks, J Clohesy, P Aston, D Hill. Browns Well: L Brown 2; A Smith, A O’Connor, J Sumner. Best – Paringa: T Rivers, A Lloyd, J Ruediger. Browns Well: J Vowles, R Charles, S Gillett.


Paringa 11.14 (80) d Cobdogla 10.11 (71). 
Best – Paringa: B Rover, N Dilons, L Gadaleta, J Roediger, A Lloyd, B King. Cobdogla: L Henderson, G Treloar, K Hefford, B Thomas, N Hart, J Vagg. Goals – Paringa: T Law­less, A Lloyd, C Morrison 2, N Rover, K Zielke, T Rivers, L Gadaletta, A Westley. Cobdogla: D Tilbrook, J Vagg 3, D Starkey, L Hefford, D Kasscilke, P Ryder.

Wunkar 9.15 (69) d East Murray 7.8 (50). 
Best – Wunkar: J Anderson, I Pfitzner, S Schultz, R Taylor, L Evans, D Bowley. East Murray. R Schulz, S Roder, D Eatts, R Tonks, G England, J Kirk. Goals – Wunkar: S Schulz 5, A Lawrence, N Allen, S Graetz. K Jackmann. East Murray: S Rover 4, R Schulz 2, J Kirk.

Round 14 – July 29, 2006

Paringa 19.13 (127) d Moorook-Kingston 6.8 (44).

Best – Paringa: L Gadaletta. A Lloyd, J Rover, J Reudiger, J Clohessy, A Zielke. Moorook-Kingston: J Munn, L Hentschke, P Watters, T Graetz, S Smith, R McLean. Goals – Paringa: L Gadaletta, T Lawless, A Lloyd 3, S Abdulla, S Hucks, T Reudiger 2. J Wood, C Morrison, K Zielke, N Schuman. Moorook-Kingston: R McLean 3, J Loxton 2, R Pietrolaj.

Lyrup 29.18 (192) d East Murray 6.10 (58).

Best – Lyrup: E Abdulla, D Grenfell, G Taylor, A Abdulla, J Finn, S Mitchell, East Murray: R Parsons, S Rover, G England, B England, T Francis, R Winen. Goals – Lyrup: G Taylor 7, D Grenfell 6, R Bates, A Abdulla 5, S Mitchell 3, L Pride, E Abdulla, B Kaesler. East Murray: R Winen, J Boughan 2, M Durden, T Francis, J Sully, S Rowett.

Wunkar 17.16 (116) d Browns Well 6.10 (46).

Best – Wunkar: N Allen, T Schulz, M Hall, B Rose, L Evans, S Schulz. Browns Well: R Charles, J Vowles, S Gillett, P Treloar, C Scholz, J Sumner, S Hood. Goals – Wunkar: R Taylor 5, S Schulz 3, A Lawrence, K Jachmann 2, B Lines, N Allen, N Johnson, D Smith, I Lawrence. Browns Well: R Charles, T Round 2, L Thyer, L Braun.

Round 13

Cobdogla 20.23 (143) def Browns Well 8.5 (53)

Best: Cobdogla – L Fridd, D Tilbrook, N Hart, B Thomas, D Mitchell, S Hibberd. Browns Well – R McDonald, J Sumner, S Gillett, R Charles, P Treloar. Goals: Cobdogla – D Tilbrook 11, L Henderson 2, G Dyer, L Hefford, N Hart, L Fridd, D Mitchell, S Remfrey, R Davis. Browns W ell: P Treloar 3, J Sumner, A Flavel 2, P Gleeson.

Lyrup 21.21 (147) d Wunkar 9.3 (57)

Best – Lyrup: S Lloyd, E Abdulla, A Caputo, D Stoher, G Taylor, R Bates. Wunkar – J Lawrence, B Lines, L Evans, T Schulz, R Taylor, N Allen. Goals – Lyrup: G Taylor 7, L Pride 3, S Mitchell, D Grentell, D Abdulla, B Rigney, A Abdulla 2, M Upbett.

Paringa 26.14 (170) d East Murray 10.9 (69).

Best – Paringa: J Rudiger, A Forbes, Rivers,, A Lloyd, J Clohessy, M Arnott. E Murray – S Rover, J Boughen, R Winen, C Johns, R Tonkin, T Francis. Paringa –  S Hucks, J Ruedgier, T River, L Gadaletla, N Rover, P Johnson, J Culbertson, N Dillon, C Morrison. East Murray – R Winen 5, K Dixon, M Cornish, S Rover, C Johns

Round 12 Independent League (RFL has a bye due to the SA Country Championships)

Lyrup 15.7 (97) d Paringa 4.10 (34).

Best- Lyrup: D Grenfell, S Mitchell, B Hill, B Rigney, D Strother, R Bates. Paringa; L Gadetta, S Hucks, A Zejlke, N Rover, A Lloyd. A Forbes. Goals -Lyrup: G Karpany 5, R Bates 4, L Pride, J Johnson 2, G Taylor jnr, S Mitchell. Paringa: N Rover, S Sumner, L Galetta, B King.

Moorook/Kingston 17.13 (115) d Browns Well 4.6 (30).

Best- Moorook/KIngston: P Waders. R Morelli, T Graetz, L Hentschke, J Munn, N Roos. Browns Well: S Gillett, D Wall, C Scholz, R Charles, J Summer, P Treloar. Goals – Moorook/Kingston: J Loxton 5, R Morelli, D Wundenberg 3, J Munn, S Arnold 2, S Drain, R Pietrolai. Browns Well: A Flavel 2, R Charles, J Sumner.

Cobdogla 24.21 (165) d Wunkar 0.1 (1).

Best – Cogdogla: B Thomas, D Tilbrook, L Hefford, D Heinicke, D Mitchell, G Treloar. Wunkar. J Anderson, B Lines, T Schulz, M Hall, R Taylor, S Schulz Goals – Cobdogla: D Tilbrook 10, B Thompson 4, D Mitchell, A Wakefield 3, N Hart 2, D Heinicke. J Dixon, B Thompson.

Round 11

East Murray 14.13 (97) d Browns Well 9.6 (60).

Best – East Murray: A Parsons, J Boucolten, B Francis, J Kirk, R Winen, J Francis. Browns Well: S Gillett, J Vowles, C Wall, R Charlel, C Scholz, D Wall. Goals – East Murray: R Winen 7, J Berger 2, A Parsons, R Schutz, B Reichsten, S Rover, M Stasinowsky. Browns Well: M Handle 2, R Charles, C Patterson, P Clotson, A Smith, A Flavel, D Wall, M Cook.

Paringa 28.20 (188) d Wunkar 13.5 (83).

Best – Paringa: S Sumner, S Nagel, A Westley, A Lloyd, N Rover, J Ruediger. Wunkar: J Lawrence, J Anderson, L Evans, B Rose, T Schulz, S Schulz. Goals – Paringa: S Sumner 21, C Hansford 2, S Nap el, J Ruediger, S Abduller, J Culbertson, N Rover. Wunkar: R Taylor, S Schulz, M Hall 3, S Big­gins 2, J Lawrence, K Jachmann.

Cobdogla 24.11 (155) d Moorook 10.6 (66).

Best – Cobdogla: J Vagg, N Hart, J Wegener, L Hefford, B Thomas, D Tilbrook. Moorook: T Graetz, P Watters, L Hentschke, S Smith, J Munn, R Morelli. Goals – Cobdogla: D Tilbrook 10, J Van 4, A Wakefield, D Mitchell, L Hefford 2, M Golding, N Hart, D Starkey, J Wegener.

Round Nine

Cobdogla 20.12 (132) d Lyrup 13.6 (84).

Best – Cobdogla : B Thomas. J Weggner, L Fridd. J Vagg, N Hart, G Roger. Lyrup: S Healy, J Finn. S Mitchell, B Hill. D Grenfell, D Strother. Goals- Cobdogla: D Tilbrook 9. D Starkey 3, A Wakefield 2. J Waggener. J Vagg. M Golding, D Mitchell, L Handerson, N Roberts. Lyrup: G Karpany, R Bates 3, S Mitchell, K Gabel, L Pride, B Nuscke, P Moritz.

Moorook/Kingston 22.14 (264) d East Murray 6.6 (42).

Best – Moorook/Kingston: L Hentschke, T Elliott, P Satters, R McLean, D White, D Hogg.  East Murray -T Francis, R Schutz, S Rodor, J Boucolton, K Dixon, B England. Goals – Moorook/Kingston: R McLean 9, D van der Wolde 3, J Loxton, L Hentshke, S Uren 2, R Pietrolaj, G Scadden, T Graetz, P van der Wolde. East Murray: J Boughen 4, S Tover, S Stasinowsky.

Paringa 22.21 (153) d Browns Well 8.5 (53).

Best – Paringa: A Westley, M Arnett. T Rivers, A Lloyd, L Gadaleta, J Rudiger. Browns Well – B Semmler, J Vowles, C Wel, J Sumner, M Cook. P Gleeson Goals- Paringa: A Lloyd, T Rivers 4. N Rover, N Schuman 3, T Blacksell 2, P Johnson, M Arnett, S Abdulla, K Zielke. L Gadaletta, M Kouger. Browns Well – A Smith, J Sumner 2. D Giles, B Semmler 1..

 Round Eight

Lyrup 21.11 (137) d Moorook/Kingston 13.6 (84).

Best -Lyrup: L Pride, B Kaesler, A Abdulla jnr, D Grenfell, E Abdulla, S Mitchell. Moorook/Kingston: T Graetz, N Tsakarellos, R McLean, T Elliott, G Scadden, P Waters, N White. Goals – Lyrup: G Karpany 6, R Bates 4, A Abdulla jnr 3, L Pride 2, S Mitchell, J Johnson, S Uoyd, A Abdulla snr, B Russell, D Abdulla. Moorook/Kingston: R McLean 5, N White 4, D Piltz, R Rigtrola R Morelli.

Cobdogla 12.13 (85) d Paringa 12.12 (84).

Best – Cobdogla: J Wegener, G Treloar, J Vagg, G Roger, D Mitchell, A WakeBeld. Paringa: S Nagel, J Ruediger, T Rumer, S Sumner, A Westley, N Schumann. Goals – Cobdogla: J Weqener 4, L Henderson, D Starkey 2, D Kassulke, L Fridd, D Heinicke L Shilcott. Paringa: S Sumner 8, S Raeder 3, A Lloyrl.

Wunkar 13.11 (69) d East Murtay 9.9 (63).

Best- Wunkar: I Phdzner, S Kempster, B Albrecht, J Anderson, N Johnson, T Schulz. East Murray: J Francis, B Reichstein, S Rover, A Parsons, D Zadow, R Winen. Goals – Wunkar: S Schulz 5, T Schulz, K Jachmann, R Taylor 2, N Johnson, M Hall. East Murray: J Boughton 4, T Francis 2, A Parsons, B Reichstein, R Dixon.


A Gr: Mid Murray 31.15 (201) d Riverland Indepedent 15.6 (96). 
Best-Mid Murray: S Schwartz. C Gregory, A Maturo, A Falkenburg, K Roberts, B Pittaway. Riverland: J Vagg, V Rigney, B Thomas, S Rover, J Vowles, M Stazinowsky. Goals – Mid Murray: B Pittaway, S Schwartz 5, S Eichler, S Dubrich 4, J Rosenweig, D Button 3, J Kotz 2, C Dixon, S Klose, A Maturo, J Marr, J Waechter. Riverland: R Bates, R McLean, J Vagg 3, J Vowles 2, S Rover. M Stasinowsky, R Tonkin, A Smith.

Round Seven – Saturday June 3, 2006

Panriga 17.15 (118) d Moorook/Kingston 13.10 (88). 
Best – Paringa: S Hucks, K Zielke, T Rivers, S Nagel, A Lloy d, N Schumann. Moorook/Kingston: T Elliot, N Roos, R McLean, J Kloden, R Morelli, P Perry. Goals -Paringa: S Sumner 7, S Hucks 3, S Abdulla 2, C Morrison, L Gadaleta, A Iloyd, N Schumann, T Rivers. Moorook/Kingston: R McLean 4, J Loxton 3, T Graetz, R Pietrolaj, R Morelli, N Roos.

Wunkar 13.21 (99) d Browns Well 13.7 (85). 
Best – Wunkar: N Allen, B Albrecht. J Lawrence, K Jachmann, T Schulz, B Rose. Browns Well: R Charles, J Vowles, J Sommer, C Schulz, B Wall, A Smith. Goals- Wunkar: B Lines, KJachmann 3. B Albrecht, B Rose 2, R Taylor, N Allen, A Lawrence. Browns WellL A Smith 6, A Flavel, D Giles, R Charles 2, J Summer.

Lyrup 17.17 (119) d East Murray 12.12 (84). 
Best – Lyrup: J Joanson, V Rigney, B Roessel, B Hill, J Finn, A Ardulla Jnr. East Murray: Graham, D Francis, M Stasinowsky, R Winen, R Tonrin, D Zadow. Goals – Lyrup: R Bates 6, J Johnson 4, A Abdulla, S Mitchell 2, G Karpany, A Caputo, S Lloyd. East Murray: J Boughon 2, P Henschke, D Francis, S Rover, G England, R Tonrin, M Stasinowsky, G Redden, R Ninen, A Parsons, T Francis.

Round Six, Saturday May 27 2006

Paringa 17.21 (123) d East Murray 8.6 (54) 
Best – Paringa: J Ruedigar, J Wood, J Clohessy, B King, K Zielke, S Abdulla. East Murray: D Francis, R Winen, DZadow, A Parsons, M Stasinowsky, J Kirk. Goals -Paringa: S Abdulla 5, L Gadaleta, A Westley, C Morrison, N Schuman 2, J Ruedigar, R Irlam, T Rivers, C Ahansford. East Murray: R Winen 3, G Redden 2, M Stasinowsky, J Kirk, R Tonkin.

Lyrup 34.25 (229) d Wunkar 6.6 (42). 
Best – Lyrup: A Abdulla jnr, R Bates, J Finn, D Grenfell, V Rigney jnr, G Karpeny. Wunkar: R Taylor, K Jackman, J Anderson, S Kempster, N Johnson, T Schultz. Goals – Lyrup: R Bates 12, G Karpany 7, A Abdulla snr, D Grenfell 3, S Mitchell, D Abdulla 2, A Abdulla jnr, B Roessell, P Maritz, V Rigney jnr, S Healy. Wunkar: R Taylor, B Lines, N Manglesdorf, K Jackman, A Lawrence, N Johnson.

Cobdogla 35.21 (237) d Browns Well 4.8 (32). 
Best -Cobdogla: D Webb, L Hefford, D Tlbrook, G Boyer, L Henderson, D Mitchell. Browns Well: R Clarks, P Gleeson, S Gillett, J Vowles, N Stevens, J Sumner. Goals – Cobdogla: D Tilbrook 17, L Shilcock 4, L Hefford, A Wakefield 3, D Starkey, J Wegener 2, G Roger, D Mitchell, D Heinke, P Ryder. 

Round Five
Lyrup 21.14 (140) d Paringa 14.12 (96). 

Best: Lyrup-  V Rigney, S Heath, A Caputo, S Mitchell, B Hall, A Abdulla Jnr. Paringa: A Ziekle, S Sumner, J Rudiger, S Hucks, J Wood, J Colmesy. Goals – Lyrup: G Karpany 7, R Bates 3, D Grenfell, A Abdula Jnr 2, D Abdulla, A Caputo, B Roessell, S Mitchell, A Abdulla Snr, G Taylor Jnr. Paringa: S Sumner 8, N Schuman, J Rudiger 2, S Rasder, S Hucks.

Kingston 31.25 (211) d Browns Well 11.11 (71). 
Best: Moorook-­Kingston: T Elliott, J Loxton, N White, N Tsakarellos, T Graetz, J Walker. Browns Well: R Charles, M Thiele, S Gillett, C Patterson, J Vowels, A Havell. Goals- Moorook-Kingston: T Graetz, J Loxton 7, J Walker, R Morrelli, B Sparrow 3, N White 2, S Smith, D Van Der Woude, N Tsakarellos, R McLean, T Elliott. M McCracken. Browns Well: A Havell 3, J Sumner, R Charles 2, C Patterson, A Smith, M Thiele, T Bound.

Cobdogla 30.10 (190) d Wunkar 4.5 (29).
Best – Cobdogla: J Golding, L Hefford, D Mitchell, D Tilbrook, J Wegener, L Henderson. Wunkar – S Kempster, N Johnson, A Lawrence, I Pfitzner, N Allen, L Evans. Goals -Cobdogla: D Tilbrook 14, R Cox, D Starkey 3, D Mitchell, J Wagner 2, A Wakefield, D Kassolke, M Golding, J Vagg, A Wakefield, D Smith 1. Wunkar – B Rose, A Jackman, A Lawrence, J Smith 1.

Round Four

Paringa 19.15 (129) d Wunkar (3.3 (21). 
Best- Paringa: N Shuman, A Westly, B King, J Clohesy, J Wood, A Zielke. Wunkar: A Lawrence, I Pfitzner, N Johnson. 
M Allen, L Albecht, J Lawrence, S Kempster. Goals – Paringa: N Schuman 8, S Sumner 4, A Zielke 3, G Baker, A Wesstley, S Raeder, B King. Wunkar: N Allen, A Lawrence, R Taylor

Moorook-Kingston 12.11 (63) drew Cobdogla 11,17 (83). 
Best – Moorook­-Kingston: T Elliott, R McLean, J Loxton, M McCracken, T Graetz, N Roos. Cobdogla: L Henderson, J Vagg, B Thomas, L Fridd, D Webb, L Hefford. Goals – Moorook-Kingston: JLoxton 7, J Walker 3, R McLean, R Pietrolaj. 
Cobdogla: D Starkey, J Wegener, M Golding 2, L Henderson, L Hefford, J Vagg, D Mitchell, P Ryder. 

East Murray 19.14 (128) d Browns Well 11.13 (79). 
Best – East Murray: C Johns, S Rover, A Parsons. D Francis, R Winen, K Dixon. Browns Well: R Charles, J Allen, D Wall, J Vowles, S Huddleston, M Thiele. Goals – East Murray: C Johns 5, D Francis, G Redden 3, S Rover, T Francis, A Parsons 2, R Winen, J Francis. Browns Well: A Smith 5, A Flavel, J Sumner 2, J Allen, M Thiele.

Round Three, Saturday May 6, 2006

Moorook-Kingston 15.17 (107) d East Murray 11.9 (75).

Best – Moorook-Kingston: J Munn, J Loxton, T Elliott, N White, N Tsakarellis, T Graetz, D Hogg. East Murray: J Boughen-Rover, M Smith, R Tonkin. R Winen, D Zadow. Goals – Moorook-Kingston: R Pietrlas 4, B Sparrow 3, J Loxton, R McLean 2, S Uren, G Scadden, T Elliott, D Wallace. East Murray. J Francis 4, D Francis 3, K Dixon, M Durdin, A Parsons, J Boughen.

Cobdogla 20.15 (135) d Lyrup 12.15 (87).

Best – Cobdogla: J Vagg, B Thomas, L Fridd, L Heltord, L Henderson, J Goldng. Lyrup: V Rigney, B Hill, R Bates, S Mitchell, B Kaesler, A Caputo. Goals -Cobdogla: D Tilbrook, D Starkey, P Ryder 4, L Henderson, J Wegener, M Golding, A Wakefield, Lyrup: R Bates 4, S Mitchell 2, D Frengell, J Abdulla, C Taylor. L Pride, D Abdulla, D Striver.

Paringa 20.16 (136) d Browns Well 8.4 (52) .

Best- Paringa: S Summer, T Rivers, A Westley, J Rudiger, J Clohesy, L Gadafeta. Browns Well: R Charles, B Flavel, J Vowles, C Wall, P Treloar, D Wall. Goals- Paringa: S Summer 8, T Rivers 5, N Schuman, S Hucks 2, L. Gadafeta. R Irian, J Culbertson. Borwns Well: D Giles 2, A Smith, J Swinger, J Vowles, L Patterson, J Allen, C Patterson.

Round Two – Saturday April 29, 2006

Lyrup 24.34 (178) defeated Browns Well 10.6 (66)

Best: Lyrup – G Karpeny, S Mitchell, E Abdulla, A Abdulla jnr, A Caputo, V Rigney. BW – R Charles, M Thiell, J Vowels, D Nitschke,C Scholz, C Patterson. Goals: Lyrup – G Karpeny 8, D Grenfell 6, A Abdulla jnr 3, S Mitchell, E Abdulla 2, L Cochrane, R Bates, V Rigney 1. BW – A Smith 4, J Summer, D Wall, R Charles 2.

Moorook-Kingston 18.14 (122) defeated Wunkar 3.3 (21)

Best: M-K – R McLean, M McCracken, T Elliot, N White, B Sparrow, T Graetz. Wunkar – A Lawrence, R Taylor, Brendan Albrecht, N Allen, Ben Albrecht, T Schulz. Goals: M-K – R McLean 5, R Pietrolaj, J Loxton 3, N White, T Elliot 2, B Sparrow, P Watters, N Roos 1. Wunkar – T Schulz, I Lawrence, R Taylor 1.

ROUND ONE – Tuesday April 25, 2006

Paringa 2.3 3.3 7.8 9.8 (62) lost to Cobdogla 2.4 5.11 7.13 9.18 (72) – Best Players and Goalkickers soon

Best: Cobdogla : J.Vagg, L.Fridd, J.Golding, G.Treloar, L.Henderson, J.Wegener. Best: Paringa – S.Sumner, A.Zielke, J. Clohessy, A.Westley, A.Forbes,  L.Gadaleta

Goals: Cobdogla : J. Wegener 4, D.Starkey 2, M. Golding 1, D.Tilbrook 1, N.Roberts  1. Paringa : S.Sumner 6, S.Hucks 1, K.Zielke 1, N.Courtney 1.

Saturday April 22, 2006

Moorok-Kingston 23.10 (148) defeated Lyrup 12.8 (80)

Best (M-K) – D Hogg, T Graetz, T Elliott, R McLean, D Van Der Woude, M McCracken, R Morfil. (Lyrup) – S Mitchell, J Finn, V Risney, B Hill, A Caplito, A Abulla jnr Goals (M-K) – R Morelli 5, J Loxton 4. (Lyrup) – R Bates, S Mitchell, G Kalpany 3, A Caputo 2.

East Murray 12.13 (85) defeated Wunkar 11.8 (74)

Best (EM) – S Rover, R Tonkin, J Boughon, B Francis, C Johns, D Zadow. Wunkar – R Taylor, L Evans, M Allen, T Schulz, C White, N Mangelsdorf. Goals (EM) – K Dixon 3, D Francis 2, A Parsons, R Parsons, R Schulz, M Stasinowski, B Francis, T Francis, S Stasinowski 1. Wunkar – I Lawrence, T Schulz, A Lawrence 2, R Taylor, K Jackman, R Fielke, C White, B Lines 1.

Bye: – Browns Well


Saturday sees the start of the home and away season with the following matches:

East Murray host Wunkar, while Moorok-Kingston play Lyrup. On Anzac Day, Paringa does battle with Cobdogla.

The RFL get underway on Anazac Day, here’s the draw for the opening round.