CMS CROWS  0.7 5.9 13.11 14.15 (99)
PASKEVILLE  3.3 5.7 10.10 13.12 (90) at Paskeville
Best: CMS Crows – M Willoughby, D Polkinghorne, J Tessman, M Cook, T Clements.
Paskeville – M Rodda, B Watkins, G Mulders, J Edwards, R James, A Costello.
Goals: Crows – D Diestel-Feddersen 5, T Clements 3, M Cook, A Parsons 2, C Treloar, A Quin 1.
Paskeville – R Price, M Rodda, B Abela, A Bussenschutt 2, J Edwards, B Watkins, G Mulders, B Price, R James

Click here for a match report from The Yorke Peninsula Country Times

Forward Line: Ben Gunning (CY Cougars), Haydn Cock (Bute), Chris Greenfield (Southern Eagles)
Half Forward Line: Ryan Byrne (CY Cougars), Ricky Hunter (Moonta), Ricky Mackereth (Moonta)
Centreline: Adam Pitt (Southern Eagles), Luke Duncan (Ardrossan), Travis Crowell (Paskeville)
Half Backline: Troy Clements (CMS Crows), Sam Mumford (CMS Crows), Andrew Crowell (Paskeville)
Backline: Matthew Schulz (Ardrossan), Craig Gardner (Paskeville), Darren Saunders (CMS Crows)
1st Ruck: Brad Smith (Moonta), Josh Pearce (Bute), Greg Chapman (Captain-CY Cougars)
2nd Ruck: Chris Greenfield (Southern Eagles), Ricky Mackereth (Moonta), Ben Gunning (CY Cougars)
Interchange: Nathan Flynn (Wallaroo), Martin Daniel (Vice captain – Paskeville), Wes Murphy (Moonta), Matthew Rodda (Paskeville)
Coach: David Polkinghorne (CMS Crows). Umpires: Lindsay Pratt and Leon Dollling

Saturday September 9, 2006 – PRELIMINARY FINAL at Maitland

Paskeville         4.5 7.6 11.13     14.15 (99)
Moonta              0.2 4.4 5.4         8.11 (59)
Best: Paskeville – R James, N Daniel, M Rodda, M Daniel, A Thomson, B Watkins. 
Moonta – K Murphy, C Elsworthy, B Smith, R Hunter, A Zwar, W Murphy
Goals: Paskeville – B Price 4, R Price 3, T Hills 2, J Edwards, M Rodda, R James, B Watkins, M Daniel 1.
Moonta – R Hunter, B Newchurch 2, B Smith, T Ferguson, W Murphy, T Winstanley 1.

Sunday September 3, 2006 – Knockout First Semi Final at Wallaroo
Moonta 2.0 10.1 15.4 21.8 (134) def CY Cougars 8.2 9.4 11.8 18.11 (119)
Best: Moonta – B Newchurch, K Murphy, A Zwar, Z Drogemuller, P Northeast, C Elsworthy. CY Cougars – G Chapman, D Adams, G Dyett, 
J Byrne, T Twelfetree, S Holmes. Goals: Moonta – R Hunter 6, B Newchurch 4, W Murphy, I Harradine 3, C Elsworthy, C Shields, K Murphy, 
B Smith 1. Cougars – D Adams, B Gunning, G Dyett, R Byrne 3.

Saturday September 2, 2006 – Second Semi Final 
CMS Crows 2.3 6.4 13.5 20.7 
(127) d Paskeville 3.4 7.8 8.11 11.16 (82). 
Best – CMS Crows: T Clements, J Tessman, D Bennett, M Willoughby C Treloar. Paskeville – N Daniel, B Watkins, T Hill, M Rodda, R James, 
A Thomson. Goals – CMS Crows: D Diestel-Feddersen, A Parsons 4, J Kemp, J Tessman 3, C Treloar, T Clements, D Bennett, S Mumford, 
L McMahon. Paskeville: A Crowell 3, B Price, R Price 2, D Holland, T Mulders. B Watkins. A Bussenschutt 1

Sunday August 27, 2006 – Elimination Final at Ardrossan
CYP Cougars 6.2 7.4 12.6 13.10 (88) def Bute 3.0 7.5 9.7 11.11 (77)
Best: CYP Cougars – D Adams, B Gunning, G Chapman, S Hastings, S Holmes, L Geater-Johnson. Bute – A Cock, B Trengove, M Rundle,
P Cannane, D Neal, H Cock. Goals: CYP Cougars – R Byrne 4, A Ugrinic, S Hasting 2, B Oliver, M Daniel, B Gunning 1. Bute – H Cock 5, 
P Paterson, J Pearce 2, T Bettess, S Wehr 1.

Saturday August 26, 2006 – Qualifying Final at Bute

CMS Crows 5.2 15.6 24.10 29.12 (186) def Moonta 3.5 6.6 8.8 14.11 (95)
Best: CMS Crows – C Treloar, M Willoughby, D Daniel-Fedderson, T Clements, J Tessman. Moonta – C Elsworthy, A Zwar, K Murphy, B Cunningham. 
Goals: CMS Crows – D Diestel-Fedderson 11, T Clements 5, C Treloar 4, A Parsons 3, J Kemp 2, A Quin, S Mumford, S Short, J Tessman. Moonta – K Murphy,
I Harradine 3, C Elsworthy, P Liddicoat, T Winstanley, B Cunningham, B Newchurch, A Zwar, D Newchurch 1.

Round 18 – Saturday August 19, 2006

CMS Crows draw with Paskeville, Eagles swamp Demons

Paskeville 4.6 5.10 8.15 13.16 (94) drew with CMS Crows 3.6 6.8 10.9 13.16 (94). 

Best- Paskeville: M Rodda, J Edwards, R James, B Abela, B Watkins, A Crowell. Crows: M Willoughby, T Clements, B Calderwood, A Quin, D Saunders. 
Goals – Paskeville: B Price, A Bussenschutt, T Mulders, L Wilksch 2, B Watkins, B Abela, J Edwards, M Rodda, R Price. Crows: T Clements 3, J Tessman, 
C Treloar, N Polkinghorne 2, M Cook, A Parsons, D Saunders, A Quinn.

Central Yorke Cougars 26.19 (175) d Ardrossan 14.6 (90). 
Best – Cougars: J Byrne, B Gunning, G Chapman, R Byrne, D Adams, W Secker. Ardrossan: B Lamond, L Duncan, C Green, M Schulz, B Davey, 
D Kuhndt. Goals — Cougars: R Byrne 8, C Webster 4, S Hastings, G Chapman 3, L Butler, D Adams 2, B Gunning, B Oliver, A Ugrinic, J Graham. 
Ardrossan: B Lamond 8, D Frank 2, M Schulz, S Teakle, D Lee, L Duncan.

Southern Eagles 18.17 (125) d Moonta 13.10 (88) 
Best – Southern Eagles: A Pitt, L Liddiard, C Greenfield, J Coombe, N Smith, T Hayes. Moonta: B Smith, R Hunter, A Zwar, Z Drogemuller, P Northeast, 
K Murphy. Goals – Southern Eagles D Barlow 4, A Pitt, M Dolls, L Liddiard 3, N Smith, T Hayes, L Mason, D Gusche, H Johnson-Schroder. 
Moonta: R Hunter 4, R Bock, J East 2, K Murphy, A Zwar, P Northeast, Z Drogemuller, B Smith.

Bute 24.19 (163) d Kadina 13.5 (83). 
Best – Bute: S Wehr, J Pearce, S Trengrove, P Cannane, S Hewett, A Gill. Kadina: R Butler, B McNichol, D Sansbury, A McPherson, J Phillips, 
H Sansbury. Goals — Bute: S Wehr 7, H Cock 5, A Gill, J Pearce, S Trenqrove 3, T Bettess, S Wiseman, M Rundle. Kadina: R Butler 4, H Sansbury 2, 
D Ziersch, B McNichol, G Williams, R Evans, N Humphries, A McPherson, D Sansbury.

Round 17 – Saturday August 12, 2006

CMS Crows lock away double chance, Moonta pushes Paskeville

Southern Eagles 6.6 8.10 11.15 18.21 (129) Wallaroo 0.5 3.7 5.10 7.12 (54)
Goals – Eagles: S Barlow 4; C Greenfield, A Pitt, M Dalla 3; L Liddiard 2; T Hayes, S Rowe, S Greatz. Wallaroo: D Penney 4; T Williams, P Murphy, 
S Ebert. Best – Eagles: C Greenfield, B Towers, M Dalla. Wallaroo: S Ebert, P Murphy, S Dunstan.

CMS Crows 7.2 13.9 24.12 29.14 (188) d Bute 0.1 5.1 7.5 11.10 (76)
Goals – CMS Crows: M Jolly 6; I Kemp, T Clements, D Diestel-Feddersen 5; A Parsons 3; A Quin, M Cook, B Calderwood, C Treloar, D Polkinghorne. 
Bute: P Paterson 6; S Wehr 3; P Cannane, J Pearce. Best – CMS Crows: J Kemp, C Treloar, D Polkinghorn. Bute: P Paterson, B Adams, S Whelan.

Paskeville 1.7 6.10 10.13 18.17 (125) d Moonta 3.5 7.9 12.10 13.14 (92)
Goals – Paskeville: A Bussenchutt, A Crowell, B Price 3; J Edwards, B Watkins 2; R Price. Moonta: W Murphy 7; J East 2; T Winstanley, 
G Richardson, Z Drogemuller, R Hunter. Best – Paskeville: M Rodda, B Abela, J Edwards. Moonta: P Liddicoat, T Winstanley, R Hunter.

Cougars 4.3 10.8 15.14 27.17 (179) d Kadina 3.3 4.3 6.10 10.14 (74)
Best: Cougars – B Gunning, G Chapman, S Holmes, J Byrne, C Webster, A McNeill. Kadina – J Phillips, R Butler, D Ziersch, B Harris, J Evans, 
D Jones. Goals: Cougars – B Gunning, G Chapman 5, G Davies, B Oliver 3, G Webster, J Graham, J Dutschke, S Holmes 2, L Doecke, S Gunning, 
M Daniel 1. Kadina – D Flowers 3, N Humphries 2, R Butler, D Sansbury, A Higgs, J Jones, D Reed 1.


In somewhat of an upset, the fifth placed CY Cougars defeated second placed Moonta by 50 points at Maitland. The Cougars jumped the Demons in the first term, 
adding 8.3 to 1.7 and in a high scoring second quarter, added 6.12 to 7.4 to have a 39 point lead at half time. The Cougars went on with the job in the second half, 
with Ben Gunning and Ryan Byrne (8 goals) playing great games. Ricky Hunter was best for the Demons, in a loss that will ensure they have a bit to work on in the 
lead up to their match with Paskeville this week. The Cougars win gives them an outside chance of finishing in the top three.

In the other shock of the round, Ardrossan had a home win over the CMS Crows. Tight until three quarter time (Ardrossan 12.13 to 12.8), the Roos came home the 
better in the last term, adding 6.4 to 1.4 to win by 35 points. For Ardrossan, Luke Duncan (2 goals) and Chad Green were named best, with coach Brenton Lamond 
kicking five to take his seasons tally to 48. Troy Clements was among the best for the Crows kicking four.

As expected, Paskeville blew Wallaroo out of the water, winning by 86 points at home. Stuart Daniel and Matthew Rodda were the best for the homeside while Ryan 
Price kicked six goals. Shane Broad and Shane Dunstan were best for the Bulldogs.

After an even first half at Kadina, the homeside trailed the Southern Eagles by just six points. The Eagles took over after half time doubling their score, while the Bloodhounds 
went goalless mustering just ten behinds. Bradley Towers was best for the Eagles, while Ricky Butler got the nod for Kadina, with Daniel Flowers kicking five.

This week (Round 17): Kadina hosts CY Cougars, Wallaroo v Southern Eagles, Pasky play Moonta at Moonta while the Crows take on Bute at Minlaton.

CY Cougars 8.3 14.5 20.10 25.14 (164) d Moonta 1.7 8.11 11.13 16.18 (114). 
Best – CY Cougars: B Gunning, R Byrne, D Adams, J Byrne, G Davies, S Chapman. Moonta: R Hunter, B Smith, R Liddicoat, C Elsworthy. 
Goals – CY Cougars: R Byrne 8, G Chapman 3, B Gunning, L Doecke, C Webster, G Davies 2, S Geater­Johnson, S Holmes, A Ugrinic, 
J Byrne, B Olivers, J Dutschke. Moonta: W Murphy 6, J East 3, K Murray, R Hunter 2, N Martin, B Newchurch, C Elsworthy.

Southern Eagles 6.5 9.9 14.14 18.18 (126) d Kadina 4.1 9.3 9.6 9.13 (67). 
Best – Southern Eagles: B Towers, D Woolford, A Pitt, H Johnson-Schroeder, J Hickman, C Greenfield. Kadina: R Butler, D Ziersch, D Flowers, 
T Neumann, B Harris. Goals – Southern Eagles: S Barlow 4, M Dulls 3, M Dalla, L Mason, C Greenfield, H Johnson­Schroeder 2, D Woolford, 
T Hayes, B Towers. Kadina: D Flowers 5, R Butler 2, D Russack, N Humphries.

Ardrossan 5.2 8.7 12.13 18.17 (125) d CMS Crows 5.5 7.6 12.8 13.12 (90). 
Best -Ardrossan: L Duncan, C Green, S Teakle, R Lamond, A Lamond, B Lamond. CMS Crows: M Willoughby, T Clements, N Polkinghorne, 
D Jolly, S Mumford. Goals – Ardrossan: B Lamond 5, S Teakle 4, H Pierson 3, M Schulz, L Duncan 2, D Frank. CMS Crows: T Clements 4, 
W Farley 2, D Diester-Feddersen, J Kemp, M Cook, A Ouin, M Willoughby, M Jolly, S Short.

Paskeville 10.4 20.7 21.10 26.14 (170) d Wallaroo 3.3 8.5 13.7 14.8 (82). 
Best – Paskeville: S Daniel, M Rodda, R James, B Abela, B Price, B Watkins. Wallaroo: S Broad, S Dunstan, S Ebert, B Cuthill, D Penny, 
N Flynn. Goals – Paskeville: R Price 6, A Bussenschutt 5, D Holland 4, R James 3, T Crowell, B Watkins 2, M Daniel, J Edwards, M Rodda, 
T Mulders. Wallaroo: D Penny 5, S Ebert, N Flynn, M Rayner, S Johns 2, S Broad.

Round 15 – Saturday July 29, 2006


CY Cougars 2.4 7.9 12.12 19.15 (129) def Bute 1.4 2.6 7.8 10.9 (69)

Best: Cougars – R Byrne, G Davies, J Byrne, G Chapman, B Gunning, J Dutschke. Bute – S Whelan, S Slade, J Pearce, 
S Ackland, B Adams, T Millard. Goals: Cougars – R Byrne 7, G Davies 6, A Ugrinic, S Holmes, A Schulz, J Doecke, J Byrne, 
C Webster 1. Bute – H Cock 5, S Wiseman 3, B Adams, M Rundle 1.

Paskeville 20.13 (133) d Eagles 6.6 (42).

Best – Paskeville: T Crowell, A Crowell, J Edwards, M Rodda, C Gardner, S Daniel. Eagles C Greenfield, D Woolford, J Coombe, 
A Pitt, B Hoile. Goals – Paskeville: B Price 4, B Watkins, T Crowell, R James, M Daniel, T Mulders, A Crowell, A Bussenschutt 2, 
C Gardner, J Edwards, R Price. Eagles: C Greenfield 2, S Barlow, A Pitt, L Mason, T Hayes.

Ardrossan 17.26 (128) d Kadina 8.5 (53).

Best – Ardrossan: L Duncan, C Green, S Teakle, A Lamond, R Lamond, N Pierson. Kadina: S Rubie, R Butler, A McPherson, 
B McPherson, B McNichol, D Sansbury, D Read. Goals – Ardrossan: B Lamond 5, L Duncan 4, M Schulz 3, H Pierson, 
S Teakle, D Lee, L Koch, M Errington Kadina: D Karpany 2, T Rosewarne, J Phillips, R Butler, D Sansbury, D Ziersch.

CMS Crows 24.11 (155) d Wallaroo 4.7 (31).

Best – CMS Crows: J Kemp, C Treloar, S Mumford, R Brundell, N Polkinghorne. Wallaroo: R Hall, B Cuthill, S Dunstan, S Ebert, 
A Whittaker, S Broad. Goals – CMS Crows: A Parsons, J Kemp 4, T Clements, J Marner 3, N Polkinghorne, C Treloar, M Cook 2, 
B Calderwood, A Ouin, T Kennedy, D Jolly Wallaroo: D Penney 2, B Coates, T Desfontaines.

Round 14 – Saturday July 22, 2006 – CAN ANYONE BEAT THE MAGPIES?

Is anyone going to beat Paskeville? After 14 rounds of the YPFL, that answer is a definite “NO” as the Magpies maintained their 
unbeaten record on the weekend by beating Bute by 109 points. After a competitive in the first quarter (Bute led 6.1 to 5.4) the Roosters 
were blown away in the last quarters to the tune of 22.12 to 4.8. Matthew Rodda and Martin Daniel were best for the Maggies, while 
the Crowell brothers kicked ten between them, Travis six and Andrew four.

Wallaroo scored it’s fourth win of the season with a comfortable 56 point win over Kadina. After a high scoring first half (Wallaroo 
led 11.8 to 10.4) the improving Bulldogs pulled away in the second, adding 12 goals to five. Daniel Penney had a day out kicking 11, 
while Nathan Flynn snared seven. Joel Phillips and Justin Jones were in the best for the Bloodhounds, with Mike Schilling kicked 
five goals

Moonta had to get their skates on in their home game against the CMS Crows. Trailing at ¾ time by a goal, the Demons kicked 6.8 to 
3.1 in the last quarter to get over the line by 19 points. Kane Murphy was the homeside’s best kicking three goals, while big man 
Brad Smith kicked six. Joel Tessman and Sam Mumford played well for the Crows, with ex-Norwood player Troy Clements also doing 
well kicking three goals in the losing side.

Ardrossan managed to get itself off the bottom of the ladder with eight goal win over the Southern Eagles at Edithburg. Brendon
Lamond kicked six for the winning side. With four rounds to go, the Final Five is pretty well sorted, Pasky will be minor premier, Moonta
and the Crows should make up the top three, while Bute are safe in fourth despite having a bye yet and the Cougars are two games 
and percentage clear of Wallaroo and barring a complete drop of form will finish fifth.

Ardrossan 15.14 (104) d Southern Eagles 8
.8 (56). 
Best – Ardrossan: C Green, A Lamond, B Lamond, S Teakle, L Duncan, M Schulz. Eagles: C Taylour, M Randall, D Woolford, 
A Pitt, S Barlow, P Carr. Goals -­Ardrossan: B Lamond 6, L Duncan 2, J Hollitt, S Teakle, D Lee, L Koch, N Johnson, R Lamond, 
S Zarkow. Eagles: S Barlow 6, C Greenfield, S Rowe.

Moonta 18.18 (126) d CMS Crows 17.5 (107) 
Best – Moonta: K Murphy, T Winstanley, B Smith, K Newchurch, B Cunningham, D Newchurch. CMS Crows: J Tessman, 
S Mumford, N Polkinghorne, T Clements, M Cook. Goals – Moonta: B Smith 6, T Winstanley, K Murphy 3, R Hunter 2, W Murphy, 
R Mackereth. CMS Crows: T Clements. J Merrier 3, C Treloar, M Cook A Parsons J Parsons 2, S Short, M Willoughby, J fessman.

Wallaroo 5.3 11.8 16.1123.17 (155) def Kadina 3.2 10.4 14.8 15.9 (99). 
Best- Wallaroo: D Penney, S Ebert, N FIynn, S Broad, B Wall, S Dunstan. Kadina – J Phillips, J Jones, D Karpany, C O’Brien,
M Schilling, J Willis. Goals – Wallaroo: D Penney 11, N Flynn 7, S Miller 2, S Brown, S Broad, S Ebert. Kadina – M Schilling 5, D Karpany 3, 
D Russack, D Zierch 2, C March, D Flowers, D Sansbury 1

Paskeville 27.16 (178) d Bute 10.9 (69) 
Best – Best – Paskeville: M Rodda, M Daniel, T Crowell, B Price, J Edward, B Abela. Bute – S Slade, J Pearce, S Hewett, B Adams, 
C Langtord, S Ackland. Goals – Paskeville: Brad Price 7, T Crowell 6, A Crowell 4, A Bussenschutt 3, R Price, M Daniel 2, M Rodda, 
B Watkins, G Mulders. Bute: P Paterson, H Cock 3, J Pearce 2, S Wehr, M Sluggett

Round 13 – Saturday July 15, 2006

CMS Crows 5.2 8.5 9.7 11.13 (79) d Southern Eagles 3.1 8.2 8.4 11.5 (71).

Best – CMS Crows: D Saunders, J Kemp, T Clements, C Treloar, B Calderwood. Southern Eagles C Taylour, C Greenfield, A Pitt, 
S Graetz, P Carr, M Redmann. Goals-CMS Crows J Kemp 4, T Clements 3, A Parsons 2, C Treloar, M Jolly. Southern Eagles: C Greenfield, 
M Dalla, H Johnson-Schroeder 2, S Barlow, M Redman, C Taylor, J Coombe, T Hayes.

Cougars 5.2 10.7 14.9 15.15 (105) d Wallaroo 2.5 5.9 10.11 14.14 (98). 

Best-Cougars – R Byrne, S Holmes, W Secker, G Chapman, B Gunning, L Doecke. Wallaroo: S Broad. N Flynn. R Hall, S Ebert, 
S Dunstan, S Beaney. Cougars: D Penney 4, N Flynn 3, B Linn 2, J Wall, A Whittaker, S Dalby, S Ebert, S Broad.

Bute 2.3 4.7 7.7 9.11 (65) d Ardrossan 3.5 3.7 6.9 8.11 (59). 

Best – Bute: P Cannane, J Pearce. S Slade, R Cock, S Wehr, J Sutcliffe. Ardrossan: S Teakle, R Lamond, M Schulz, C Green, N Johnson, 
D Frank.  Goals -­ Bute: H Cock 4. D Neal 2, J Pearce. P Cannane, R Cock. Ardrossan; J Mollitt 4, B Lamond, D Lee, S Teakle, M Errington.

Moonta 3.6 16.12 22.17 33.23 (221) def Kadina 2.3 3.4 5.5 7.6 (48)

Best: Moonta – T Winstanley,  Z Drogemuller, K Newchurch, C Shields. Kadina – D Karpany, B Harris, D Sansbury, T Rosewarne, 
M Schilling. Goals: Moonta – R Hunter 7, K Murphy, T Winstanley 5. Kadina – M Schilling 3, B McNicholl, D Ziersch, D Karpany, 
D Russack 1.

Round 12 – Saturday July 8, 2006

Bute 16.10 (106) d Wallaroo 16.5 (101).

Best – Bute: D Neal, J Pearce, H Cock, S Whelan, C Langford, P Cannane. Wallaroo: S Dunstan, L Smith, S Beaney, A Whittaker, 
Broad, J Wall. Goals – Bute: H Cock 7, S Wehr 3, C Langford, D Neal, P Cannane, S Trengrove, S lade, T Bettess. Wallaroo: J Wall 5, 
D Penney 4, S Ebert, T Williams 2, S Dunstan, 8 Page, A Whittaker.

Moonta 23.14 (152) d Ardrossan 13.13 (91).

Best — Moonta: R Mackereth, R Hunter, K Murphy, R Bock, B Cunningham, B Smith. Ardrossan: M Schulz, L Duncan, D Lee, 
S Carter, S Teakle, J Hollitt. Goals – Moonta: R Hunter 7, W Murphy 5, R Bock 3, B Smith 2, D Koch, T Ferguson, J East, 
B Cunningham, P Northeast, A Zwar. Ardrossan: B Lamond 6, J Hollitt 3, A Lamond, M Errington, J Williams, D Frank.

CY Cougars 16.19 (115) d Southern Eagles 14.9 (93).

Best – CY Cougars: J Hasting, J Dutschke, B Gunning, G Chapman, A Ugrinic, B Oliver. Southern Eagles: S Graetz, B Hoile, 
D Woolford, S Role, A Pitt, C Greenfield. Goals – CY Cougars: G Chapman 6, R Byrne 3, B Gunning, J Dutschke, A Ugrinic, 
L Doecke. Southern Eagles: J Rowe 4, S Barlow, C Greenfield 3, B Towers, S Wagner, D Rowe, J Graetz.

Paskeville 30.18 (198) d Kadina 9.6 (60).

Best – Paskeville: B Abela, L Wilksch, Bussenschutt, N Daniel, T Mulders, M Rodda, B Watkins. Kadina: D Sansbury, B Nichol, 
B Kamp, C O’Brien, B Harris, D Read. Goals – Paskeville: A Bussensschutt 9, B Watkins 8. G Mulders, N Damiel, R James, T Crowell. 
Kadina: D Sansbury 3, D Russack, H Sansbury, L Kamp, B Harris, G Mulders.

Round Eleven – Saturday July 1, 2006

CMS Crows 14.22 (106) def  CY Cougars 11.9 (75)
Best: CMS Crows: T Clements, A Jolly, N Polkinghorne, D Jolly, J Kemp. CY Cougars – G Chapman, R Byrne, J Byrne,  S Holmes, 
S Hastings, T Twelftree. Goals – CMS Crows: W Farley 4, M Jolly 3, T Clements, D Diestel-­Federson 2, M Cook, C Treloar.
CY Cougars: R Byrne 5, G Chapman, G Davies 2, B Gunning, S Hastings.

Bute 13.8 (86) d Eagles 10.10 (70). 
Best – Eagles: C Greenfield, D Woolford, A Pi h, 3 Graetz, S Rowe, B Howe. Bute – J Pearce, P Cannane, D Neale, H Cock, S Hewett, A Cock. 
Goals: Bute – H Cock 5, M Rundle, T Bettess, P Paterson 2, B Trengove, D Neal 1. Eagles: C Greenfield 4, M Delta 3, S Bennett, P Carr, 
H Johnson-Schroder 1. 

Paskeville 16.22 (118) d Ardrossan 9.6 (60). 
Best- Paskeville: T Crowell, M Rodda, J Edwards, M Rundle, A Thomson, M Daniel. Ardrossan: M Schulz, C Green, D Frank, B Davey, 
L Duncan, S Teakle. Goals – Paskeville: A Bussenschutt, T Crowell 4, A Thomson, R James 2, B Ramsey, G Mulders, T Hill, B Price. 
Ardrossan: D Frank 3, L Duncan, ,D Lee 2, A Lamond, J ,Williams.

Moonta 14.18 (102) def Wallaroo 13.13 (91)
Best: Moonta – C Elsworthy, R Mackereth, R Hunter, B Smith, K Newchurch, K Murphy. Wallaroo: N Flynn, S Dunstan, 
S Beaney, S Broad, B Cuthill, S Ebert. Goals – Moonta: W Murphy, R Hunter 3, P Northeast 2, B Smith, A Zwar 1. Wallaroo – 
N Flynn 6, D Penney 3,T Williams 2, M Dalby, S Ebert.


Wallaroo 20.10 (130) d Ardrossan 13.5 (83). 
Best- Wallaroo: N Flynn, S Miller, B Cuthill, S Dunstan, A Whittaker, S EbeA. Ardrossan: L Duncan, B Davey, M Schulz, 
S Teakle, D Lee, S Carter. Goals – Wallaroo: N Flynn 6, D Penney 4, S Dalby 3, S Johns 2, M Dalby. B Linn, S Beaney, A Whittaker, 
B Wall. Ardrossan: L Duncan 5, B Lamond 3, D Lee 2, M Stone, S Teakle. J, Erfurth.

CMS Crows 35.11 (221) d Kadina 10.11 (71)
Best – CMS Crows: T Clements, J Kemp, D Polking­home, D Diestel-Feddersen, A Quin. Kadina: D Karpany, R Butler, D Ziersch. 
J Phillips, D Sansbury. Goals – CMS Crows: W Farley 8, M Jolly 6, T Clements 5, D Diestel-Feddersen, J Kemp 4, C Treloar, 
B Calderwood 2, S Mumford, M Cook, M Cleland, A Quin. Kadina: D Sansbury 4, R Butler, D Russack, L Kamp, D Reed, 
T Rosewarne, D Karpany.

Paskeville 13.11 (89) d Cou­gars 11.11 (77). 
Best -Paskeville: M Daniel, B Abela, M Rodda, I Crowell, J Edwards, B Ramsey. Cougars. S Hasting, J Byrne, D Adams, 
S Holmes, A Ugrinic, T Twelftree. Goals – Paskeville: T Crowell, B Price 3, C Gardner, J Edwards 2, A Crowell, T Hill, T Muldera 
Cou­gars – G Dyett, G Davies 3, A Ugrinic 2, B Gunning, S Holmes, G Davies.

Moonta 20.9 (129) d Bute 18.14 (122). 
Best – Moonta: K Newchurch, R Mackereth, R Bock, R Hunter. B Cunningham, T Ferguson. Bute: J Pearce, H Cock, D Neal, 
S Slade, P Cannane, B Adams. Goals: Moonta – R Hunter 7, R Bock, B Smith 3, T Blight, A Zwar, C Elsworthy 2, T Winstanley 1. 
H Cock 12, L Bagshaw 2, B Adams, J Pearce, S Hewett, P Patterson 1.

Round Nine – Saturday June 17, 2006

Paskeville 26.15 (171) d CMS Crows 14.6 
Best -Paskeville: T Crowell, B Price, A Crowell, B Abela, T Hill, M Daniel. CMS Crows: S Mumford, T Clements, C Treloar, 
J Tessman, D Polkinghorne. Goals – Paskeville: B Price 8, A Bussenschutt 6, T Hill 3, T Crowell, B Ramsey, A Crowell 2, T Mulders, 
R Price, B Abela. CMS Crows: T Clements, J Tessman, S Mumtord W Farley, J Kemp 2, D Diestel-Feddersen, M Jolly, C Treloar, M Cleland.

Cougars 18.13 (121) d Ardrossan 9.10 (64). 
Best – Cougars: G Chap­man, S Hastings, B Gunning, J Dutschke, R Byrne, D Fotia. Ardrossan: C Green, L Duncan, M Schulz, 
D Frank, B Lamond, T Mullins. Goals – Cougars: B Gunning 5, R Byme, S Davies 4, A Ugrine 2, Cougars: J Byrne, G Chapman. 
Ardrossan: B Lamond 3, D Lee 2, L Duncan, M Errington, M Schulz, B Davies.

Moonta 25.16 (166) d Eagles 14.7 (91) 
Best – Moonta: R Mackereth, B Cunningham, P Liddicoat, R Hunter,D Koch, B Smith. Eagles: D Woolford, M Dalla, C Greenfield, 
A Pitt, S Graetz, J Coombe. Goals – Moonta: R Hunter 8, B Smith 7, B Cunninphagm 3, R Mackereth, G Richardson 2, C Elsworthy, 
T Ferguson, P Northeast 1. Eagles – N Dalla 4, J Coombe 3, A Summers, D Gutsche 2, K Glover, P Carr, C Greenfield 1.

Bute 28.11 (179) d Kadina 12.4 (76). 
Best: Bute – H Cock, B Adams, M Rundle, B Trengrove, P Cannane, A Gill. Kadina – D Flowers, B McNichol, D Reed, C O’Brien, 
A McPherson, S Westbrook. Goals: H Cock 15, M Rundle 3, S Wehr, T Bettess, C Langford 2, J Pearce 1. Kadina – D Flowers 6, 
D Reed 4, R Evans, D Sansbury 1.

Match Report of the YPFL vs. APFL Inter League match from our new correspondent Brendan Watts
The APFL started running at Long Plains Oval, kicking with the aid of a strong breeze and were all over the YPFL boys 
early without being able to secure the first goal, when Joel Wilson slipped behind the guard of the YP defenders to kick 
the first major. That started the ball rolling and the Plains kicked out to be leading 5.4 to 2.1 at quarter time.
The 2nd quarter began and it was the YP setting the tempo, kicking four goals while down the other end the Plains 
team just couldn’t get it through the middle, the stage were set at half time for an excellent 2nd half with the Adelaide Plains 
by twelve points leading 7.9 to 6.3
After half time it was the YP team who started better and the team of Chapman and Pearce were all over the Plains side early 
until Lowe, the Plains ruckman began to use his height advantage to gain control at the stoppages and consistently found 
runners, Reid, Allmond and the Wilson Boys. The Plains side blew the score out with exciting and fast football putting the
YP team back on to their heels but with the wind in the last quarter they were still confident of closing the 3 quarter time gap. 
At the last change, it Adelaide Plains 12.13 to Yorke Peninsula 8.4 
The last quarter began with an arm wrestle but eventually the APFL side got going and finished the game full of polish with 
Lowe going to Full Forward and Walker into the ruck consistently winning it to his teams advantage. They sent it forward 
many times to begin an eight goal last quarter, the Yorke Peninsula lads added another three goals but could do nothing as 
the APFL ran away with the game. Final scores 20.13 (133) to 11.7 (73)

SCORES: APFL  5.4  7.9  12.13  20.13 (133) def YPFL  2.1 6.3 8.4 11.7 (73)
Best players: APFL – J.Wilson, B.Watts, J.Hollitt, H.Walker, L.Allmond, R.Reid. YPFL    L.Duncan, G.Chapman, J. Pearce, 
A.Lamond, D.Ziersch, P.Ackland. Goals: APFL – J.Wilson 5, S.Buss 3, H.Walker 2, S.Jericho 2, Jared Wilson 2,
L.Allmond 2, J.Lowe 1, B.Watts 1, J.Hollitt 1, R.Reid 1. YPFL    L.Duncan 4, C.Greenfield 2, B.Lamond 2, B.Cunningham 1, B.Ramsey 1,
R.Hunter 1

Round Eight – Saturday  June 3, 2006
Wallaroo 14.8 (92) d Southern Eagles 8.4 (52). 

Best- Wallaroo: S Beaney, A Whittaker, B Cuthill, S Ebert, N Flynn, M Raynec Eagles S Greatz, C Greentield, J Coo mbe, S Barlow, 
B Hale, A Pitt. Goals — Wallaroo: D Penny 4, N Flynn 3, B Linn 2, S Broad, J Wall, A Whittaker, S Beany, T Desfontains. Eagles: S Barlow 2, 
K Glover, M Dale, D Woolford, S Wagner, C Taylor, S Rowe.

Crows 15.6 (96) d Bute 14.8 (92). 
Best -Crows : D Jolly, M Willoughby, A Quin, D Saunders, C Treloar. Bute: J Pearce, P Cannare, C Langford, S Hewett, B Trengrove, 
S Whelan. Goals -Crows: D Diestel-Feddersen 6, JTessman, W Farley, J Kemp 2, S Mumford, M Jolly, M Willoug hby. Bute: H Cock, 
M Rundle 3, P Paterson, S Slade 2, I Bettess, T Gardner, S Wehr, J Pearce.

Paskeville 28.18 (186) d Moonta 12.9 (61). 
Best- Paskeville: T Crowell, T Hill, B Watkins, R James, C Gardner, A Crowell. Moonta: R Macereth, B Smith, D Koch, C Sheilds, 
D Liddicoat, C Elsworthy. Goals – Paskeville: B Price 5, C Gardner, R James 4, A Bussenschutt 3, T Hill, R Price 2, M Daniel, 
G Mulders, T Mulders, A Crowell, M Rodda, T Crowell, M Rundle, D Koch. Moonta: W Murphy, G Keleher, P Northeast 3, R Hunter 2, J East.

Kadina 17.8 (110) d Cougars 16.10 (106) 
Best – Cougars: S Hastings, J Byrne, G Chapman, A Ugrinic, D Schulz, B Milkins. Kadina – R Butler, D Zierch, D Flowers, 
B McNichol, J Phillis, D Sansbury. Goals- Kadina: G Davies 4, B Oliver, J Byrne, A Ugrinic 2, DW Schulz, G Dyett, S Hastings, 
B Milne, G Chapman, C Webster. Kadina: D Flowers 6, D Sansbury 4, R Butler 3, D Ziersch, T Jones.

In a strong display Moonta proved to be far too good for the Cougars winnings by 98 points. Rick Mackereth was best for the winners with Wes Murphy and Brad Smith (6 goals apiece) dominant at the goalfront. After a tight first term, Moonta kicked eight in the second quarter, nine in the third and seven in the last to completely overwhelm their opponents.
In the closest match of the round, the Southern Eagles beat Kadina by 12 points at Warooka. Sam Barlow was best for the Eagles, with Damien Ziersch best for the Bloodhounds.
The Crows kept second position on percentage after a comfortable win over Ardrossan at Curry. Troy Clements was best for the Crows, Wes Farley and Mark Jolly kicked four apiece.
Paskeville maintained its spot on top of the ladder with a 102 point win over Wallaroo. Ryan Price kicked five to take his season’s tally to 19, while Brad Price kicked four


Moonta 2.9 10.14 19.20 26.24 (180) def CYP Cougars 4.4 6.5 10.8 12.10 (82)
Best -Moonta: R Mackereth, R Hunter, W Murphy, G Kelgner, P Liddicoat, B Smith. Cougars: S Holmes, D Adams, G Chapman, J Byrne, S Hasting, G Dyett. Goals: Moonta – W Murphy, B Smith 6, R Mackereth 5, R Hunter 3, R Bock 2, G Keener, K Newchurch, P Liddicoat, G Richardson. Cougars: G Davies 4, B Milkins, J Byrne, B Gunning 2, S Hastings, T Van Schaik.

Paskeville 7.4 12.6 20.11 24.18 (162) def Wallaroo 2.1 4.4 6.4 9.6 (60)
Best – Paskeville: B Ramsey, T Hill, J Edwards, Price, B Watkins, R Price. Wall­aroo: N Flynn, A Whittaker, T Desfontaines, S Broad, C Ekberg, S Ebert. Goals- Paskeville: R Price 5. B Price 4, T Crowell, B Watkins, T Hill 3, C Gardner 2, J Edwards, T Mulders, R James, M Daniel.

CMS Crows 3.1 11.4 15.13 18.23 (131) def Ardrossan 4.4 4.5 6.6 7.6 (48)
Best – CMS Crows: T Clements, A Jolly, D Diestel-Feddersen, S Mumford, D Jolly. Ardrossan: L Duncan, S Teakle, A Lamond, H Smdh, C Green, S Carter. Goals – CMS Crows: W Farley, M Jolly 4, T Clements, D Diestel-Feddersen 3, A Jolly 2, R Brundell, J Kemp. Ardrossan: S Teakle, L Duncan 2. B Lamond, D Lee, T Mullins.

Southern Eagles 3.1 5.3 9.6 11.9 (75) def Kadina 2.1 6.2 7.6 9.9 (63)
Best – Eagles : S Barlow, C Taylor, A Pitt, B Hayes, T Hayes, P Carr. Kadina: D Ziersch, B Waller, M Riechett, D Reed, B Harris, S Ruble. 
Goals – Eagles: S Rowe 4, A Pitt, B Hayes 2, B Heinrich, D Woolford, S Bennett. Kadina: D Girdham, S Ruble, D Flowers 2, B Waller, D Stansbury, H Stansbury. 

Friday May 26, 2006 – Yorke Peninsula Preview of Round Seven
It’s another crucial round of footy this week on YP, despite the fact that several of the four matches appear to be “David v Goliath” type encounters.
The match of the round could well be at Moonta where the Demons take on the Cougars. Moonta started the season well winning its first four games before going down to the Crows in Round 5. The Cougars managed to put together three in a row through Rounds 2-4, before crashing last week at home to the Roosters. Whoever wins, it will strengthen their hold on a spot in the top three.
At Wallaroo, the Bulldogs have the uneviable task of playing the unbeaten Paskeville. The Maggies have been irresistible this season, their narrowest loss – 45 points to the Cougars in Round One. Don’t expect an upset here.
At Curry, the Crows take on Ardrossan, who have played better this season than their 1/5 win-loss ratio would suggest. The Crows have won their last two and despite them coming off the bye, expect them to go on with the job.
At Warooka, the Eagles and Kadina do battle to try and stay off the bottom. Kadina beat Wallaroo last week so will have some confidence going into the match, but at home the Eagles may well record their second win of 2006.

Paskeville continues to be the red hot favourite to take out the 2006 YPFL premiership, after its 165 demolition of the Southern Eagles at the weekend. 
Led up front by Brad Price who kicked seven, the Magpies won 32.13 to 6.4 in an impressive display.
In what was billed as the match of the round, Bute proved too good for the Cougars at Maitland winning by 46 points. The Roosters kicked 5.2 to 1.2 in 
the first term to set things up winning 16.10 to 9.6, Haydn Cock kicked seven for the Roosters with Bill Trengove named their best. Lyndon Geater-Johnson 
battled hard for the Cougars.
The Crows were too good for Wallaroo, winning 17.18 to 7.3. After a sluggish first half, the Crows dominated proceedings kicking 13 goals to five, Chad Treloar 
and Alexanda Quin in the best for the victors, who moved into a share of second spot.
Ardrossan finally cracked it for a win, beating Kadina by 70 points, Brenton Lamond kicked eight goals, while Scott Teakle was the Roos best.
This week: Moonta v CYP Cougars, Wallaroo host Paskeville, the Crows play Bute at Paskeville in the match of the round and the Eagles host Kadina at Warooka 

Paskeville 32.13 (205) d Southern Eagles 6.4 (40)
Best -Paskeville: H Philby, M Daniel, J Edwards, B Price, T Crowell, C Gardner. Southern Eagles: C. Greenfield, C Taylor, S Graetz, 
K Glover, S Barlow, A Pitt.Goals: B Price 7, R Price, M Daniel, T Mulders, T Crowell 3, J Edwards, R James, T Hill, M Gardner 2, 
M Rundle, H Philby, C Gardner, D Holland 1. Southern Eagles: C Greenfield 2, A Pitt, B Heinrich, S Barlow, K Glover 1.

Bute 5.2 10.3 14.4 16.10 (106) def CYP Cougars 1.2 3.5 6.5 9.6 (60)
Bute: B Trengrove, J Pearce, S Whelan, M Millard, C Langford, H Cock.  CY Cougars – L Geater-Johnson, S Hasting, J Byrne, G Chapman, 
T Twelftree. Goals – Bute: H Cock 7, J Pearce, M Millard 3, S Slade, P Paterson, J Sutclife. CY Cougars: J Dutchske, B Gunning 2, G Davies, 
S Hasting, J Byrne 1

CMS Crows 3.4 4.9 12.15 17.18 (120) def Wallaroo 2.2 2.3 5.3 7.3 (45)
Best – CMS Crows: C Treloar, C Quin, S Mumford, D Saunders, M Willoughby. Wallaroo: B Cuthill, N Flynn, R Halt, S Ebert, S Beaney, 
S Broad. Goals – ­CMS Crows: W Farley, D Diestel-Feddersen 3, T Kemp, D Jolly, M Jolly 2, T Clements, C Treloar, S Mumford, B Calderwood, 
D Polkmghorne. Wallaroo. D Penney 2, J Wall, N Flynn, B Wail, S Johns, I Hann.

Ardrossan 8.6 12.9 16.11 20. 13 (133) def Kadina 2.0 5.4 6.5 9.9 (63)
Best: S Teakle, A Lamond, D Kuhndt, L Duncan, B Lamond, T Mullins. Kadina – D Girdham, D Flowers, J Phillips, S Westbrook, 
T Rosewarne, L Kamp. Goals: Ardrossan – B Lamond 8, R Davey, A Lamond, S Teakle, L Koch, L Duncan 2, S Carter, D Lee, D Kuhndt 1. 
Kadina – D Girdham 3, D Flowers, S Rubie 2, T Rosewarne, L Kamp 1.

ROUND FIVE – Saturday May 13, 2006
The CMS Crows caused the upset of the round defeating the previously unbeaten Moonta by 47 points at Curramulka. The Crows took it up 
to the Demons in the early stages kicking the first six goals of the match. Sam Mumford and Damien Bennett were in great form, while 
Wes Murphy and Tim Blight were best for the Demons.
At Bute, Paskeville comfortably accounted for the Roosters by 49 points, the Magpies far too strong after half time (10-12 to 6-4). Darren Holland 
and ex-Adelaide Crow Andrew Crowell played well for Paskeville, while for Bute, Josh Pearce was their best. The Magpies are now the only unbeaten 
team in the competition, their clash with Moonta on June 3 will be something to look forward to.

Kadina and the Southern Eagles both managed to win their first games of the season. The Bloods got off the bottom with a five goal home win 
over Wallaroo, Daniel Flowers giving Kadina some much needed firepower up forward, bagging seven goals. Meanwhile the Eagles took the points 
at Ardrossan, after trailing at half time, with Chris Hoile named its best. Tim Mullins was the Roo’s best, they now languish on the bottom of the ladder.

This week: Kadina hosts Ardrossan with the Blues still looking for their first win, Wallaroo is at home to the Crows, the Cougars come off the bye 
playing Bute at Maitland in probably the match of the round, while Paskeville plays the Southern Eagles.

CMS Crows 6.4 8.7 12.10 14.13 (97) d Moonta 0.2 2.3 4.6 7.8 (50). 
Best – CMS Crows: S Mumford, D Bennett, D Polkinghorne, D Diestel Feddersen, J Kemp. Moonta: W
Murphy, T Blight, C Elsworthy, R Mackereth, B Cunningham, K Newchurch. Goals – CMS Crows: D Diestel Feddersen 4, 
J Kemp, T Clements, M Jolly 2, D Polkinghorne, A Copley, D Bennett, C Treloar. Moonta: D Newchurch 2, B Cunningham, 
B Smith, R Hunter, G Keleher, B Newchurch. 
Southern Eagles 4.2 4.3 10.7 12.8 (80) d Ardrossan 4.3 5.8 7.9 9.11 (65). 
Best – Southern Eagles: C Hoile, C Greenfield, A Pitt. B Towers, P Carr, S Barlow. Ardrossan: T Mullins, A Lamond, R Lamond, 
L Duncan, B Lamond, L Carter. Goals – Southern Eagles: D Goldsmith 3, C Greenfield, A Pitt, D Gutsche 2, M Dalla, B Towers, S Barlow. 
Ardrossan: T Mullins, B Lamond 2, R Davey, S Carter, M Stone, M Pennington. 
Kadina 17.9 (111) d Wallaroo 12.9 (81)
Best – Kadina: T Rosewarne, R Butler, D Flowers, B McNichol, B Kamp, L Kamp. Wallaroo: S Beaney, R Hall, A Whittaker, 
S Miller, S Johns. Goals – Kadina: D Flowers 7, M Howarth, J Phillips 2, H Rosewarne, S Rubic, D Reed, R Butler, B Kamp, 
S Westbrook. Goals – Wallaroo: N Flynn, M Dalby 3, J Wall 2, J Coleman, B Coates, S Ebert, A Whntaker. 
Paskeville 5.3 8.7 14.14 18.19 (127) d Bute 3.2 5.8 6.10 11.12 (78). 
Best – Paskeville: D Hol­land, A Crowell, H Philbey, T Crowell, G Mulders, M Daniel. Bute: J Pearce, P Ackland, S Carr, M Millard, 
S Hewett, S Trengove. Goals -Paskeville: R Price 5, B Watkins 3, B Price, A Bussenschutt, T Crowell 2, M Daniel, G Mulders, 
D Holland , J Edwards. Buts: S Carr 5, H Cock 2, J Pearce, S Wehr, M Millard, P Paterson.

Round Four – Saturday May 6, 2006

The Cougars made it three on the trot with a 40 point victory over Wallaroo at Maitland. The homeside led all day blitzing the 
Doggies with the breeze in the third term, kicking 8.2 to 4.0. Adam Ugrinic kicked five with Ben Gunning named best for the victorious 
Cougars. Coach Skipworth has the team playing well, has the club in it’s 10th year finally got its act together?

Bute also made it three on the trot, but hard to work extremely hard at home to defeat a gallant Ardrossan. The difference in the game 
was probably the Roosters first term where they kicked 6-2 to 2-3. Scores were tied at one point in the final term but the late goals to the 
homeside saw them fall in by 11 points, to keep Coach Schilling’s team in the hunt for top spot.

Moonta trounced the hapless Bloodhounds by 106 points. Murphy (10 goals) was irresistible at the goalfront for the Demons, while 
Todd Winstanley was named best. The Bloods managed to win the third term and will be hoping to improve on this in the future rounds.

In the Southern Derby at Warooka, the Crows dished out a 98 point thumping to the Eagles. The visitors kicked 14 goals to one in the 
middle two quarters, well and truly exerting their authority. Unfortunately for the Eagles, they could be battling with Kadina for the 
wooden spoon.

This week: Ardrossan hosts the Southern Eagles, at least one team will break their drought. Bute and Paskeville meet, the winner likely 
to either keep or pinch second spot. The Crows host league leader Moonta at Curry, with Kadina and Wallaroo doing battle. 
The Cougars have the bye.


Bute 14.14 (98) d Ardrossan 13.9 (87). 
Best – Bute: J Pearce, D Neale, S Carr, S Trengrove, C Longford, P Cannane. Ardrossan: B Lamond, A Lamond, S Teakle, T Mullins, 
L Duncan, R Lamond. Goals – Bute: J Pearce 4, H Cock 3, S Carr 2, M Millard, S Wehr, M Rundle. P Cannane, S Gunning Ardrossan: 
D Lee 4, M Schulz 3, M Penninqton 2, S Darzanos, S Carter, L Duncan.

CMS Crows 21.8 (134) d Eagles 5.6 (36) 
Best – Crows: T clements, D Polkinghorne, D Saunders, S Mumford, J Kemp. Eagles: A Pitt, C Greenfield, B Towers, J Coombe, B Hoile. 
Goals – Crows: J Kemp 5, W Fairley, D Diesel Dedderson 4, M Jolly, T Clements, D Noonan 3. Eagles: C Greenfield, B Heinrich 2, D Gutsche.

Moonta 27.21 (183) d Kadina 11.11 (77)
Best – Moonta: T Winstanley, B Cunningham, R Mackerath, W Murphy, P Liddicoat, D Newchurch. Kadina: D Girdham, D Zeirsh, 
B McNicoll, B Kemp, J Rosewarne. Goals – Moonta: W Murphy 10, R Hunter 4, B Newchuch, C Shields 3, G Keleher, T Winstanley 2, 
R Bock, P Liddicoat, B Cunningham. Kadina: J Phillips 4, R Girdham 3, D 2eirsh, S Westbrook, R Butler, B Kamp.

CY Cougars 16.17 (113) d Wallaroo 10.13 (73)
Best: CYP – B Gunning, G Chapman, G Davies, J Byrne, J Dutschke, A Schulz. Wallaroo – S Broad, S Dunstan, A Whittaker, N Flynn, 
A Rayner. Goals: CYP – A Ugrinic 5, G Chapman, B Gunning 2, D Adams, J Dutschke, B Heinrich, S Holmes, B Oliver, D Honner 1. 
Wallaroo – J Wall, N Flynn 3, B Bateson 2, S Broad, S Guthill 1.

Wednesday May 3, 2006

Moonta continued its unbeaten run with a 54 point victory down at Ardrossan. The Roos failed to take advantage of the strong breeze in the first term leading by only 14 points. Moonta cut lose in the second term adding eight goals to lead at the main break by seven points, before completely dominanting the second half. Ruckman Brad Smith was best for the Demons, while Luke Mackereth played well in the centre for Ardrossan.
The Cougars headed South for the second week in a row, grabbing a 17 point win over the Eagles. CYP struggled in the opening three quarters, kicking just six goals, but ran out the game better than the Eagles kicking 7.3 to 1.0 in the last quarter. Since the opening round loss to the Magpies the Cougars have shown some good form, and are now fourth on the ladder. Chapman and Adams were named best for the Cougars, while Ugrinic snared four goals for the third game on the trot.
Paskeville maintained its form with a home win over Kadina. The Magpies had thirteen goalkickers in a 78 point victory. It appears as though it will be a long season for the Bloodhounds.
Bute jumped the gun at Wallaroo kicking the first four goals of the match. The proved to be the difference between the side, with the Roosters winning by 14 points. Wehr (Bute) with six and Wall (Wallaroo) with five had good days at the goalfront.
The weekend, The Cougars host Wallaroo at Maitland, Bute hosts Ardrossan, the Eagles play the Crows in the Southern derby while Moonta takes on Kadina, with Pasky having the Bye.

RESULTS – Round 3, Saturday April 29, 2006

Moonta 2.2 10.5 17.8 22.14 (146) defeated Ardrossan 4.4 9.4 11.6 14.8 (92)

Best: Moonta – B Smith, B Cunningham, T Ferguson, D Newchurch, R Mackereth, T Winstanley. Ardrossan: R Lamond, L Duncan, A Lamond, B Davey, M Schulz, S Teakle. Goals: Moonta- R Hunter 6, W Murphy, T Ferguson 3, B Cunningham 2, B Pack, P Liddicoat, K Murphy, J East, B Smith, G Keleher, D Newchurch 1. Ardrossan: S Teakle, B Lamond 2, M Schulz, S Darzanos 2, J Williams, M Stone, C Redding, L Duncan 1.

CY Cougars 1.1 3.7 6.11 13.14 (92) defeated Southern Eagles 4.0 8.1 11.3 12.3 (75).

Best: Cougars – G Chapman, D Adams, L Geater-Johnson, B Gunning, G Davies, J Byrne. Eagles – A Pitt, L Mason, S Bennett, C Greenfield, S Rowe. Goals – Cougars: A Ugrinic 4, B Oliver, G Davies, G Dyett 2, G Chapman, J Byrne, B Gunning 1. Eagles – S Bennett, D Gutsche, D Goldsmith 2, C Taylour, S Barlow, A Pitt, L Mason, P Carr, B Heinrich 1.

Bute 4.1 8.2 11.8 15.11 (101)defeated Wallaroo 2.3 5.7 8.11 12.14 (86)

Best: Bute – S Tengrove, J Pearce, D Neal, S Wehr, B Adams. Wallaroo – S Broad, B Cuthill, A Whittaker, N Flynn, J Wall, D Penney. Goals: Bute – S Wehr 6, S Carr 3, S Gunning, P Paterson 2, P Cannane, C Langford 1. Wall – J Wall 5, N Flynn 3, B Wall, M Dalby, S Broad, C Ekberg 1.

Paskeville 7.2 13.7 19.9 25.14 (164) d Kadina 3.0 7.0 11.1 14.2 (86)

Best: Pask- M Koch, T Crowell, S Daniels, B Watkins, R James, H Philbey. Kadina- D Girdham, B McNichol, R Evans, J Willis, M Reichett, D McDonald. Pask – N Daniel, T Hill, T Crowell 3, C Gardiner, M Koch, R Price, M Daniel, R James, P Herde 2, J Edwards, C Mulders, T Mulders, F Thomson. Kadina – D Girdham 4, B Walker, D Flowers, R Evans 2, D Reed, D Sobey, M Howarth 1.


Reigning premier Moonta made it two from two with a solid 26 point win at Wallaroo. The inaccuracy of the Demons kept the Bulldogs in the match for three quarters before they ran away with it kicking 6.2 to 3.4 in the last quarter. Josh East had a day out for Moonta, while Wall jagged seven in an impressive display for Wallaroo.

Paskeville became the other side to maintain its unbeaten record with a 73 point at Ardrossan. Martin Daniel and Ben Watkins were in fine form for the Maggies while, Michael Schulz and Luke Duncan performed well for the Roos.

The Cougars caused somewhat of an upset, knocking over the Crows at Curry. The Cougars on-ball brigade were dominant, while Ben Gunning kept Crows recruit Troy Clements out of the game. Adam Ugrinic was dangerous up forward pinching fours goals, while for CMS, Damien Polknghorne and Chad Treloar were their best.

Bute comfortably secured its first win of 2006, with a 64 point victory over the Eagles. After an even first half Bute pulled away in the second adding 11.4 to 3.3. For the Roosters Wiseman snared five while Paul Paterson and Gunning kicked four.

Round Two – Saturday April 22, 2006

Bute 4.4 7.8 13.10 18.12 (120) defeated Southern Eagles 2.2 5.5 6.8 8.8 (56) at Bute

Best (Bute) – J Pearce, C Langford, S Trengrove, S Hewett, N Hewett, D Neale. (SE) – C Greenfield, J Hickman, S Graetz, A Pitt, S Barlow, D Rowe.Goals (Bute) – S Wiseman 5, P. Paterson, S. Gunning 4, S Trengrove 2, Fidge, Cannart, Pearce 1. (SE) – B Heinrich 3, C Greenfield 2, P Garr, B Towers, S Rowe 1.

Paskeville 4.5 8.11 15.11 20.18 (138) defeated Ardrossan 3.2 5.4 7.4 10.5 (65) at Ardrossan

Best (Pask) – M Daniel, C Gardiner, B Watkins, S Daniel, B Ramsey, T Crowell. (Ard) – M Schulz, L Duncan, C Rowntree, R Lamond, S Teakle, C Green.

Goals (Pask) – B Price, B Watkins 3, B Price, S Daniel, C Gardiner, J Edwards, M Daniel 2, B Ramsey, T Crowell, D Holland, A Crowell 1

(Ard) – S Teakle, S Duncan 2, M Stone, D Lee, B Lamond, M Schulz, B Davey, A Lamond 1.

CYP Cougars 5.4 6.9 11.12 15.16 (106) defeated the CMS Crows 4.3 6.5 7.8 10.11 (71) at Curramulka

Best (Cougars) – J Byrne, R Byrne, G Chapman, B Gunning, J Dutschke, G Moore. CMS Crows – C Treloar, D Polkinghorne, M Willoughby, B Calderwood, W Farley

Goals (Cougars) – A Ugrinic, R Byrne 4, B Gunning 3, B Oliver, G Chapman, L Geater-Johnson 1. Crows – W Farley 3, M Jolly 2, T Clements, J Kemp, S Mumford, D Noonan, C Treloar 1.

Moonta 4.10 7.13 13.15 19.17 (131) defeated Wallaroo 4.1 8.3 13.5 16.9 (105) at Wallaroo

Best (Moon) – T Ferguson, J East, R Mackereth, R Bock, P Northeast, K Newchurch. (Wall) – S Miller, J Wall, S Dunstan, A Whittaker, S Broad, N FlynnGoals (Moon) W Murphy 5, J East 4, P Liddicoat, P Northeast 3, B Smith, B Cunningham, R Huinter, C Elsworthy 1. (Wall) – J Wall 7, N Flynn 3, B Wall, S Miller, S Broad 1, S Wallis, D Penney, B Bateson 1.

Tuesday April 18, 2006

After a break over the Easter weekend, the YPFL gets back underway this weekend.

Paskeville meets Ardrossan, the Magpies in good form in Round one will looking to go on with the job while the Roos’ will been desparate for a win after its narrow loss at home to Wallaroo.

Wallaroo takes on nearby neighbour Moonta, while Bute who are looking for their first win host the Southern Eagles who have yet to play

The Cougars travel to Curramulka to play the Crows, who are in ominus form, after their demolition of Kadina in the opening round. The Cougars who stuck with the Magpies for a half in Round one, will be hoping their fitness is on the improve after the Easter break.

Tuesday April 11, 2006

ROUND ONE – April 8 2006

CY Cougars 6.3 9.5 11.7 12.10 (82) lost to Paskeville 6.2 8.5 13.9 19.13 (127) at Maitland

Best (P)- G Mulders M Rodda, C Gardner B Ramsey R James S Daniel. (CY) – J Byrne G Davies G Chapman B Gunning R Byrne G Moore. Goalkickers: (P) – R Price 5, M Rodda 4, D Holland 3, P Herde, C Gardiner 2, R James M Daniel G Mulders 1. (CYP) – A Ugrinic 4, G Chapman 3, G Dyett 2, J Dutschke, B Gunning, S Holmes 1.

Kadina 0.4 1.6 2.8 3.11 (29) lost to CMS Crows 4.5 15.9 21.10 29.14 (188) at Kadina

Best (Crows) – D Bennett, T Clements, S Mumford, M Jolly, M Willoughby. (K) – D Ziersch, B Kemp, L Kamp, S Roenfeldt, S Westbrook, C O’Brien. Goalkickers (Crows) – M Jolly 9, T Clements 3, S Mumford, J Kemp, J Marner, D Nouhan, T Kennedy, C Treloar 2, N Pulley, D Bennett, J Burke 1. (K) – D Ziersch, B Waller, S Westbrook 1.

Bute 7.4 7.5 10.9 12.11 (83) lost to Moonta 2.2 9.7 12.9 13.10 (88) at Bute

Best (M) – B Smith, D Newchurch, K Murphy, T Ferguson, T Blight, B Cunningham. (Bute) – S Trengrove, J Pearce, S Hewett, P Cannare, N Hewett. Goalkickers (M) – J East 3, T WInstanley, L Warren 2, W Murphy, B Cunningham, G Richardson, R Bock, R Hunter, P Liddicoat 1. (B) – P Cannare 4, S Carr 3, J Pearce 2, S Wehr, S Gunning, C Langford 1.

Ardrossan 5.6 7.9 9.14 11.18 (84) lost to Wallaroo 3.1 6.4 9.6 13.7 (85) at Ardrossan

Best (W) – S Beaney, S Whittaker, M Dalby, S Dunstan, S Wall, S Broad. (Ard) – L Duncan, M Schulz, S Teakle, B Lamond, L Carter, W Kuhndt. Goalkickers (W) – J Wall 6, M Dalby 3, D Penny 2, B Limo, C Ekberg 1. (Ard)- B Lamond 4, M Schulz, N Pierson 2, M Stone, B Davey, R Davey.


Moonta opened its premiership defence with five point win at Bute, the Roosters were on fire early kicking 7.4 to 2.2 in the first term, but the Premiers recovered well in the second to have a 14 point lead at the main break. After a tight third term, Bute managed to level scores late in the match but a goal to Liddicoat got the Demons over the line. Brad Smith had a big game for the D’s as did Derek Newchurch, while for the Roosters, Sam Trengove and Scott Hewett were their best, with Patrick Cannane kicking four goals.

Wallaroo pinched the points at Ardrossan by a solitary point, despite the fact the Roos’ came out of the blocks better in the first quarter (5.6 to 3.1). Wallaroo were kept in the hunt by their opponents inaccurate kicking, and trailed by just eight points (9.6 to 9.14) at three quarter time. In the end perhaps the Doggies’ big pre-season got them home with Wall the focal point, kicking half a dozen.

The Crows hammered Kadina by 159 points, kicking 11 goals to one in the second quarter. Mark Jolly kicked nine goals in an impressive display, with Troy Clements kicking three goals in his debut game for CMS. Damien Ziersch was named the Crows best, while Damien Barrett battled hard for the Bloods.

In the opening rounds’ other match, Paskeville defeated the Cougars by 35 points at Maitland. Ryan Price snared five goals for the Magpies as they over-ran the Cougars in the second half (11.8 to 3.5), Glen Mulders and Matt Rodda were the better players for the victors. Adam Ugrinic kicked four for the homeside, while Jarrod Byrne was its best, as the Cougars fitness fell away after half time.


After considerable deliberation of the club’s position now and in the future, the General Committee recommended to the annual general meeting of the club that the ratio of home games played between the Maitland and Arthurton facilities be changed from four each season to six home games at Maitland and two at Arthurton.

At a duly convened annual general meeting of the club, the members, after considering the committee’s recommendation, moved to play all home games at Maitland and that was carried.

The Committee expresses its sadness at the end of an era but looks to the future with much anticipation and believes the long-term interests of the club, both financially and otherwise, will be best served by a consolidation of the club’s facilities. We look forward to the ongoing support of all members and supporters of the Central Yorke Football Club.

The club’s rich history is recognised and honoured in the dining room of the Robert Street premises. Never forgetting our past but looking to the future.

Peter Van Schaik, President; Andrew B. Thiele, Secretary; General Committee CYFC

Friday April 7, 2006

It’s a big weekend up and down the length of the Peninsula, as the YPFL gets underway this Saturday.

Kadina hosts the CMS Crows, David O’Leary is the new coach of the Bloodhounds and despite being at home will be the underdogs. The Crows have a new coach in David Polkinghorne and have recruited ex-Norwood defender Troy Clements.

2004 Premier Ardrossan host Wallaroo, with Ricky Lamond taking over the helm with the Roos’ as coach.

Last years’ Premier Moonta travel to Bute, Justin Zwar at the helm once again for the Demons aiming for back-to-back flags. The Roosters have a new coach in Darryn Schilling, a 1988 premiership player with Arthurton. Rumours have been flying around the area that the likes Brad Smith and Matthew Oliver will be turning out tomorrow for Moonta – we’ll just have to wait and see what happens!

The Cougars, after an interesting off season, play at Maitland against Paskeville. The Cougars have lost a few players to Bute, namely Chris Langford – son of champion Mail Medalist, Robert.  The Magpies have lost a few players also, but have gained ex-West Adelaide ruckman Benny Watkins, who was at Rostrevor O.C.

Southern Eagles have the Bye.

All teams have a break over the Easter Weekend.