by Kenn Rogers at Yorketown Oval – Sunday 18 September 2011

Kadina sat at the top of the tree all season and were the side to beat for the premiership. They did not let their supporters down before a crowd of over 4,000 at Yorketown on Saturday as they managed to score goals instead of points to defeat Bute for the 2011 flag.

Despite having the same number of shots each the scores were reversed with Kadina being 13-9 and Bute 9-13, however the game was still in doubt late into the final term.

Bute opened the game kicking to the northern end of the ground with a strong cross wind from west to east after an entertaining rendition of Advance Australia Fair.        

Kadina opened the scoring after seven minutes of torrid tackling and poor kicking due to the pressure from both sides. Bute replied with a point three minutes later and this was the scenario for most of the term until Josh Lawson broke free and booted a good goal for Kadina at the 19 minute mark. Slade replied a short time later for Bute with their first goal a couple of minutes later. Cam Miller took the ball from the centre bounce and had a long shot only to see the ball hit the goal post high up to have the scores at the first change, Bute ahead 1-5 to Kadina 1-4.

The long awaited clash of Serle and Caleb Prime did not eventuate as Ben Nelson had the task of handling Serle and did a good job.

Bute opened the second term with a brilliant goal from Ben Adams within ten seconds of the bounce but the game changed as goals dried up for both sides. Jack Kenny had the opportunity to score a full pointer running into an open goal only to miss kick and score a behind.

Kadina were held to one point for most of the term until Serle managed to break free to score his first goal , which was followed by a good goal from Joel Phillips. For the rest of term they held play in their forward lines and did not give Bute the opportunity to score.

Derek Sansbury and Simon Kretschmer were impassable in defence for the Bloodhounds which helped give a narrow lead to his side at the half time break, Kadina were 4-5 to Bute 2-8.

Kadina played brilliantly in the third term compared to the first half as Lawson, Lee, Papps, Harradine, Sansbury and Kretschmer in control of their opponents. Bute had very few winners anywhere on the ground apart from Michael Clinch and Ben Nelson who was still holding Serle extremely well.

Highlight of the term was when defenders Sansbury and Kretschmer combined to shoot the ball forward with Kretschmer running down field to kick a goal. This goal set the large crowd alight and lifted a hard tussle of a game to greater heights. Kadina kicked 3-1 to Bute 2-3 with the Bloodhounds  7-6 to Bute 4-11 with a term to play.

The opening of the final term saw Bute fire up with a long goal from Shane Slade in the first 30 seconds of the term, however Willis decided to get in on the act and replied shortly after with a good goal. Other goals came from Kadina’s Brett Burnell and Serle to give Kadina breathing space but Bute would not go away with Sam Trengove keeping them in the game.

Bute were lacking a top ruckman and Lee was well in control and ably supported by Lawson and Waller. March was having a good battle on the wing with Polkinghorne and Burrnell was in a real tussle with Nathan Hewett.

Every time in the final term Kadina looked like having the game in hand Bute kept coming back at them as Clinch and Millard flashed into the game to bridge the gap but were left lamenting of what could have been had they kicked straighter early in the game . 

Best player afield was Brett Burnell who kicked three goals. Other good players included Derek Sansbury, Simon Kretschmer, and Jono Lee.  For Bute, Michael Clinch, Ben Nelson, Dane Avery and Nathan Hewett all did their club proud.

Grand Final at Yorketown – September 17, 2011





13.9 (87)





9.13 (67)

Best – Kadina: Brett Burnell, Jono Lee, Derek Sansbury, Simon Kretschmer, Nick Rawson, Luke Browning. Bute – Michael Clinch, Benjamin Nelson, Dane Avery, Nathan Hewett, Adrian Simpson, Randall Cock. Goals: Kadina – William Serle 3, Brett Burnell 3, Josh  Lawson 2, Josh Willis 2, Brendan Papps 1, Simon Kretschmer 1, Joel Phillips 1. Bute – Cam Miller 2, Shane Slade 2, Michael Clinch 1, Jack Kenny 1, Benn Adams 1, Matthew Millard 1, Nic Polkinghorne 1


by Staff Reporter – Thursday 15 September 2011

Multiple Premiership Player and Coach – IAN WESTBROOK TIPS KADINA BY 6 GOALS

WHY – “Leading into the Finals I thought that Bute would only be able to beat Kadina once – that came in the Second Semi. Willy Serle (Kadina) their gun forward didn’t play in that game and with him back in that will make a big difference. Should be a good game until half time but I think Kadina will be too strong.” 

Arthurton 1988 Premiership Player, former Bute player – DARRYN SCHILLING TIPS BUTE BY 1-12 PTS

WHY – “Bute has had a hard run into the finals, in the last 2 rounds losing to Kadina for the Minor Premiership and then winning at Minlaton against  the Crows to seal the Double Chance. “

“Bute’s win over Kadina in the Second Semi has given them the belief and with the week off, Ben Nelson (ex-Sturt) will be back, he’s been training hard – which should help get the Roosters over the line. Kadina has had a great year, but that week off with help Bute. The team is better prepared than last year and should run out the game.” 

Multiple Premiership Player with Arthurton and Current Moonta Coach – TRAVIS SKIPWORTH TIPS KADINA BY 1-12 PTS

WHY – “Kadina has been the benchmark all year, but I would expect Bute to push them all the way. Nelson is back and will be fresh, but I think the Bloodhounds with their discipline and structure will win.”

Three time Premiership player at Arthurton in 1982, 1986 & 1988, YP Footy Legend – STEPHEN OLIVE TIPS KADINA

“Kadina has two big stars that need to be contained, Willy Serle at Full forward and Jono Lee their ruckman. If they dominate, Kadina will win. If Bute can keep Serle quite and contain Lee – they can win.

Former Port Victorian Football Champion and Gulf FM Correspondent – DAVID “COCKLE” DAVIES TIPS KADINA BY 3 GOALS

“A very even and strong all-round side, Kadina will take some beating this week. They’ll have Serle back in and I think it will be close for a while, with Kadina winning in the end.”


Bute will be able to apply more pressure. The Second Semi win will give them confidence. Bute to win it’s first flag since 1993.


“Bute will need to shut down the damaging forward lines of Kadina to win”


The team of the year for 2011 was announced on Sunday at the Mail Medal count

F:    Ben O’Donohue (Crows)   William Serle (Kad)            Andrew Ross (Wall)

HF: Dean Cutting (Moonta)     Shane Jordan (Moon)         Matthew Millard (Capt/Bute)

C:    Dylan Mansell (Moon)      Cam Faulkner (Kad)             Sam Trengove (Bute)

HB: Dane Avery (Bute)             Toby Haseldine (Moon)     Derek Clarke (Eagles)

B:    Stuart Green (Wall)           Ryan Brundell (Crows)       Shane Kenny (Ard).

1st Ruck  : 

Jonathon Lee (Kad), Cam Miller (Bute), Josh Lawson (Kad)

Interchange: Jess Kenny (Bute), Brock Oliver (Moonta), Ben Nelson (Bute),

Adam Pitt (Vice-Capt/Crows) and Matt Rodda (Paske)


by Kenn Rogers – September 12, 2011

Before a very large crowd the Kadina Bloodhounds simply outplayed and outclassed a hapless CMS Crows at Bute under dull skies.

When the siren sounded the Bloodhounds “howled with joy” whilst the Crows lamented on what could have been!

The big difference in this game was that Kadina wanted the ball more and when they had it in their hands they used it well. When not in their hands they tackled hard and forced the Crows into errors.

Willy Serle was a big factor in the good start to the game and he could have kicked more goals but was a little wayward early in the game due to the cross wind.

The wind favoured the Northern end of the Bute Oval, but the players found it rather tricky when shooting for goal with high kicks.

The Bloodhounds were keeping their forward lines open for Serle to move into and mark with ease. Crows defender Ryan Brundell had his hands full for the first time for the season and Serle finished the game with six goals. Serle left the ground late in the game and Josh Willis took over and slotted three good goals for the game.

Early in the game the Crows lost young back pocket player Ben Illman and a short time later they lost their coach Jamie Kemp who was playing in defence, both players took no further part in the game. Cam Faulkner was brilliant from the centre of the ground and was responsible for setting up a number of scoring opportunities. Kadina were winning the ball out of centre with ease and when in field play they were in full control across the centre line and through the half forward area. Damien Bennett and Sam Mumford were working overtime for the Crows in defence and the forwards could not get a touch.

Lee and Phillips were winning the ruck for Kadina while Harradine Brett Burnell, Ben Waller and Josh Lawson were unstoppable in attack. Ben McNicol was a livewire in the forward lines.

Fortunately for the Crows the bad kicking for goal by Kadina in the first half (of 6-7 in the first term and 3-9 in the second term) saved them from further humiliating defeat

Whilst all this was going on the Crows hardly had a winner only a number of tryers and these included the ever reliable Adam Pitt, Tom Bailey and Adam Jolly. Late in the game Brett Baillie came into his own as did, Jo Parsons and Troy Goldsworthy. Parsons and Goldsworthy each booted three goals.

The Kadina players were scouting the ball from the marking attempts by the Crows and despatched the ball into the forward area with ease..

The Crows played an injured Ben O’Donohue and he was not sighted along with Ben Illman who left the ground early in the game and without Clements they were in trouble. One wonders why a club would take injured players into a finals game, taking nothing away from Kadina the Crows were well beaten, like their Adelaide counterparts.

Preliminary Final at Bute – September 10, 2011





23.22 (150)

CMS Crows




9.5 (59)

Best – Kadina: C. Faulkner, B. Burnell, B. Waller, B. McNichol, W. Serle, Z. Edwards. CMS Crows  -A. Pitt, T. Bailey, A. Jolly, B. Baillie, J. Marner, S. Mumford. Goals: Kadina – W. Serle 6, J. Willis 3, B. Burnell 2, T. Harradine 2, S. Gunning 2, B. Papps 2, S. Kretschmer , B. Waller , C. Faulkner , N. Rawson , T. Neumann , D. Sansbury. CMS Crows – J. Parsons 3, T. Goldsworthy 3, K. Dixey , B. O”Donohue , B. Millar


report from Kenn Rogers – September 6, 2011

SECOND SEMI FINAL – Bute home in a thriller.

Before a large crowd at the Moonta oval Bute ran out winners over Kadina in the second Semi-semi final 17-10- 16-12.

Bute jumped away to a good start and led 3-2 to nil at the 10 minute mark of the first term then Kadina bounced back to narrow the gap with four quick goals. Bute finished the term with a lead of 6-4 to Kadina 4-2.

The second term saw Kadina gain the ascendancy to outscore the Roosters  5-3 to 2-4. John Lee was winning the ruck duels and Cam Faulkner was brilliant out of centre along with Josh Lawson and Shane Papps who finished the game with 5 goals.

Bute came back in the third term to outscore the Bloodhounds 4 goals to 3 to have the scores all tied away in the final term at 12-9 each.

A thrilling term saw Bute gain the early ascendancy over Kadina to bounce back and level the scores with five minutes to go. Michael Clinch and Sam Trengove had played well for Bute all day and Dane Avery lifted in the final few minutes along with Nick Polkinghorne and Matthew Millard. Nick Polkinghorne and Cam Miller booted the final two goals for the day to give Bute the win Alex Miller and Cam Miller each booted three goals for Bute.

2nd Semi Final at Moonta – Saturday September 3, 2011

Bute                                    6.3,  8.7,  12.9,  17.10  (112)

Kadina                               4.2,  9.5,  12.9,  16.12  (108)

Goals, Bute : Alex Miller 3, Cameron Miller 3, Matthew Millard 2, Sam Trengove 2, Michael Clinch 2, Nicholas Polkinghorne 2, Jess Kenny 1, Shane Slade 1, James Venning 1.  Kadina :  Brendan Papps 5, Derek Sansbury 2, Josh  Lawson 2, Trevor Harradine 1, Ian Mcmillan 1, Daniel Toole 1, Joel Phillips 1, Josh Willis 1, Cameron March 1, Simon Kretschmer 1. Best, Bute : Michael Clinch, Sam Trengove, Dane Avery, Jess Kenny, Matthew Millard, Michael Polkinghorne.  Kadina : Jono Lee, Cameron Faulkner, Josh  Lawson, Cameron March, Zack Edwards, Brendan Papps

First Semi Final – MOONTA V CMS CROWS

With the weather the complete opposite of Saturday the large crowd at Paskeville were treated to another thrilling game.

Kicking with the breeze to the eastern end of the ground the Crows piled on 5-2 to Moonta 1-2 in the first term.

Moonta opened with a strong attacking game playing into the wind and scored the first goal of the game from Damien Adams before the Crows took hold and moved the ball forward of centre. Once this was achieved they scored goals from Tom Bailey, Brett Baillie, and Jo Parsons. The strong Moonta centreline was working hard and their defenders were under pressure. The battle between Adam Pitt and Toby Haseldine was one to be seen as each player attacked the ball and each other whenever they had the ball and the contest finished on an even note.

Troy Clements  chipped in with a long goal and this was followed by the goal of the day from Damien Bennett playing off the half back line when he was on the run and slotted a long goal from the centre square to have the Crows up at the first change by 24 points.

Moonta returned the favour in the second term using the wind well and getting the ball out of centre. They were in control  across the middle  with Toby Haseldine playing well and Tom Ferguson and Brad Russell winning on their respective wings.

The Crows stayed in the game as they opened with the first two goals and then the flood gates opened and the Crow defence was under extreme pressure as Monnta’s Cutting let loose and banged on two quick goals. This was followed by goals from Gaston Drogemuller, Brock Oliver and Ben Talbot.

Play was hard and tough in this term and there were no beg pardons. Shane Jordon left the field in a sorry state following a heavy collision in the defence area. Tom Bailie was also off the ground for the Crows and the score at half time had Moonta in front by one point 7-5 to the Crows 7-4.

The Crows had what wind there was, which had died considerably in the 3rd quarter but still strong enough to make a difference when shooting for goal. The Crows broke away early with one goal two with Troy Clements showing his worth. Play was held between the two half back lines and the going was tough for both sides. The umpires were under pressure as tempers flared and hard tackles were laid. Clements slipped in another goal and Adam Jolly gave the Crows a good margin as Moonta had not scored for the term. As Cutting and Haseldine were instrumental in scoring two goals late in the term to reduce the margin and give the Demons a real chance in the final term as the scores had the Crows 10-8 to Moonta 9-5 and Moonta to come home with the breeze.

The Crows new they had a challenge ahead to stay in front and got the message from the coach to come out with all guns firing and blitzed the opposition scoring 4-3 to nil early in the term. The work that O’Donohue (now off with injury) and Clements had set up inspired the other Crow lads to put them on track to progress to the Prelim Final. Others to feature were Ben Illman, who was playing well in defence along with Ryan Brundell and Adam Pitt .The Dixey lads and Brett Baillie all lifted their game as the Crows went to a match winning lead.

The Demons then came alive to try to close the gap. Unfortunately for them it was too little too late and despite a late spurt which  resulted in goals from Hugo Drogemuller, Rohan Bock and Tom Ferguson and one other, they left their run to late only to hear the final siren and still be down by 21 points.

My best for the day were Adam Pitt and Brett Baillie for the Crows. Toby Haseldine and Damien Adams for Moonta.


The B grade game was a walkover win to the Moonta side as they brushed aside the Wallaroo players with ease. Moonta had first use of a strong wind to record 5-1 to Wallaroo 2 points. Play was very scrambly all day as skill errors were number one for both sides. Wallaroo had a lot of the play but could not get the ball through the goals as the Moonta defenders cleared very easily. The strength of Chad Hawley, Grant Keleher and Jack Woodward was strong all day and they attacked the ball well. The only player that stood out for Wallaroo  was Riley Westlake as he defied all the punishment handed out in the tackles and hard bumps offered by the opposition.

Phil Smith was the best up front for Moonta as he booted three goals with Chris Reid  Bronte Mansell and Michael Britton each booting 2 goals Moonta won this game very easily 14-7 to Wallaroo 4-3. My best were Jack Woodward and Chad Hawley for Moonta with Riley Westlake doing best for the ‘Dogs.  


The Eagle lads struggled to shake off a determined CMS Crows side in the first half of their game. The Crows kicked with the breeze and started slowly with the Eagles controlling play in their forward lines for the first 8 minutes of the term and looked like being easy winners, as they led 1-1 after 10 minutes of play in their forward lines. From here on the Crows took control and held all the play in their forward lines to record goals from Dee Brind and Ben Harris. Nick Thunig narrowed the gap, before the Crows finished the term off with 4-3 to the Eagles 2-1.

The second term saw the Eagle boys turn in “Champagne” football holding the Crows scoreless until the siren was sounded and Michael Dee scored the Crows only goal. Daniel Redden, Nick Thunig, Joseph Murdoch and Lachlan Murdoch were superb in the forward lines and the Crow defenders were outclassed.

Luke McMahon and Wade Tucker were playing very well for the Eagles and Ben Edwards was in everything for the Crows as was Charlie Litster.

Scores at the long break had the Eagles up 6-8 to 5-4.

In the third term the Eagles carried on where they left off and kicking against the breeze they rallied on another 6-1 to the Crows 1-1. Alex Hayes and Ben Braund were playing very well as their side ran rings around the Crows. The final term saw a slight comeback by the Crow lads to make a game of it as they rammed home 4-3 and held the Eagles to 2-5 but all was too little too late.

Better players for the Eagles were Matt Sinclair, Luke McMahon and Liam Luke.

For the Crows Ben Edwards was best on ground from Charlie and Harry Litster as well as Wayne Wardale.

My pick for this game was Nick Thunig for his overall effort and Wayne Wardale for his hard work in the centre of the ground.


The Crows started the day off kicking with the strong wind to the eastern end of the ground and led at the first change 3-1 to 1-1. Unfortunately for the Crows they could only double their score in the next three quarters whilst the bigger stronger Kadina lads were able to use the ball better to run out winners.

Sam Holman and Mitchell Moyle along with Reece Nates showed the Crow lads how to play whilst Casey Brind Josh Hoyle Kane Matthews and Angus Glazbrook were best for the Crows.

My best were Josh Hoyle for the Crows and Reece Nates for Kadina

The Bloodhounds won 12-5 to 6-3

First Semi Final at Paskeville – Sunday September 4, 2011

CMS Crows




16.11 (107)





13.8 (86)

GOALS, CMS Crows : Troy Clements 4, Joseph Parsons 2, Brett Baillie 2, Aaron Young 2, Damien Bennett 1, Adam Jolly 1, Matthew Murnane 1, Jarryd Dixey 1, Jamie Kemp 1, Ben Millar 1. Moonta : Damian Adams 2, Toby Haseldine 2, Dean Cutting 2, Hugo Drogemuller 2, Brock Oliver 1, Ben Talbot 1, Dylan Gaston 1, Rohan Bock 1, Tom Ferguson 1. BEST, CMS Crows : Brett Baillie, Ben Illman, Adam Jolly, Jamie Kemp, Ryan Brundell, Adam Pitt. Moonta : Toby Haseldine, Aidan Zwar, Nick Blight, Dylan Mansell, Brock Oliver, Damian Adams


report from Kenn Rogers – August 30, 2011

With absolutely magnificent Spring weather for the Qualifying and Elimination finals football on Y P, the games saw above average crowds in attendance to watch the matches.

On Saturday the Qualifying Finals were at Kadina, with Bute taking on Moonta in the A grade to see who would tackle the inform Bloodhounds this coming week.

Bute burned the turf in the first quarter as if Moonta were not present as they booted 8-1 and held Moonta to no score until the dying seconds of the term when Damian Adams scored Moonta’s only goal for the term.

From here on the Bute side moved into “Cruise Control” and held a seven goal advantage for most of the game, as they skipped away in the final term to win 17-16 to Moonta 7-7.

The big three were dominant for Bute with Michael Clinch, Cam Miller and Jack Kenny too good for their opponents. Also featuring were Matthew Millard on the half forward line and Dane Avery played very well on Moonta’s gun forward Dean Cutting. Ben Adams played well on the wing.

Moonta’s better players were not sighted and the side looked very ordinary against a superior side. Adams was getting the tap at centre and the bounces around the field however the Bute rovers and centre were on fire and nullified all his good work.

Shane Jordan, Toby Haseldine, Hugo Drogemuller, Aiden Zwar and Brock Oliver played well for Moonta but could not peg back the first quarter deficit. Matt Millard booted four goals for Bute and Dean Cutting three for Moonta.

Bute showed they meant business from the first bounce and wanted to be in the grand final playoff next Saturday against Kadina who are the reigning Premiers.


On Sunday at Minlaton the CMS CROWS took on Paskeville to see who would be progressing to the First Semi Final. Before another big crowd and in near perfect weather the game was a real battle for three quarters as Paskeville would not give in as they hassled the Crow midfield to such an extent that the playmakers were finding it hard to control the ball.

The evergreen Stuart Daniel was impressive for Pasky in the first half and shaded Adam Pitt in the centre. Matt Rodda was a problem for the Crow defence and Gardner was playing well for Pasky at centre half back. Seth Matson was working hard in ruck for the Magpies nullifying any advantage from the Crows. With only one point separating the sides at the first change the crowd was waiting for a surge from the Crows but this did not happen as the half time scores had the Crows slightly better off with a lead of 5-9 to 4-1.

A real battle was waged in the third term as both sides tried to break free but neither would give ground and at the final change there was still only eleven points in favour of the Crows. The big question was could they go on to register a win and keep their season alove? Well they answered the challenge and kept their season alive,  as the Crows got their game together and ran riot in the final term to run out winners 16-16 to Paskeville 8-2.

Jo Parsons booted 4 goals and a number of points for the Crows with Brett Baillie, Aaron Young and Jarryd Dixey each kicked two goals. The final term was an inspirational one for the Crows leading into the next weekends Semis. 

This weekend Bute takes on Kadina on Saturday at Moonta with the CMS Crows taking on Moonta at Paskeville on Sunday.

Meanwhile in the B grade on Saturday we witnessed a grand display of kicking for goals by Daniel Flowers for Kadina who booted ten with ease and handed out at least four others against Moonta.

After a slow first quarter of ordinary football Kadina opened up and raced away to win the game 19-11 to Moonta 4-1.

In the Elimination final it took Wallaroo three quarters to shake off a determined Paskeville side to win a very ordinary game with a lot of ball handling errors and bad kicking for goal, winning 10-11 to Paskeville 7-10.

Qualifying Final at Kadina – August 27, 2011





17.16 (118)





7.7 (49)

Goals: Bute – Matthew Millard 4, Jess Kenny 3, Jack Kenny 2, Alex Miller 2, Cameron Miller 2, Shane Slade 1, Benn Adams 1, Anderson Claxton 1, Michael Polkinghorne 1.  Moonta : Dean Cutting 3, Toby Haseldine 2, Adam Hamilton 1, Dylan Mansell 1.  BEST, Bute :  Jack Kenny, Michael Clinch, Cameron Miller, Dane Avery, Matthew Millard, Benn Adams.  Moonta : Shane Jordan, Toby Haseldine, Hugo Drogemuller, Aidan Zwar, Dylan Mansell, Brock Oliver

Elimination Final at Minlaton – August 28, 2011

CMS Crows




16.16 (112)





8.2 (50)

GOALS, CMS Crows : Joseph Parsons 4, Brett Baillie 2, Aaron Young 2, Jarryd Dixey 2, Taleb Tilbrook 1, Troy Goldsworthy 1,  Matthew Murnane 1, Adam Jolly 1, Jamie Kemp 1, Adam Pitt 1.  Paskeville : Matthew Rodda 2, Ryan Price 2, Glenn Mulders 1, Abraham Helfand 1, Stuart Daniel 1, Michael Daniel 1.  BEST, CMS Crows : Ben O’Donohue, Brett Baillie, Damien Bennett, Jamie Kemp, Adam Jolly, Adam Pitt.  Paskeville : Mark Rundle, Seth Matson, Stuart Daniel, Tom Bussenschutt, Ryan Price, Abraham Helfand


report from Kenn Rogers – August 23, 2011

Ladder positions changed in the final round of YP Footy after an upset win by Bute over the CMS Crows at Minlaton. The loss sees the Crows demoted to fourth place where they will now face Paskeville in the Elimination Final.

Meanwhile Willy Serle continued his brilliant finish to the season, booting 11 goals in the game between Kadina and Ardrossan, to win the Goalkicking trophy with 86. Dean Cutting of Moonta bagged another 6 goals and finished 11 behind him on 75.


Any thoughts of a double chance for the CMS Crows in the finals were smashed with a devastating ten minutes of “shock” football by Bute at Minlaton on Saturday. Bute’s punishing run of play began at the ten minute mark of the second term, with Matt Millard on fire, breaking free to boot four of the six goals in that ten minutes. The Crows were shell shocked and never recovered. Michael Clinch was ruck roving well for Bute and set up Millard on a number of occasions as the Roosters took control. One can’t forget the role of Michael Polkinghorne, who was right in the mix during this part of the game.

When the dust settled after the “Roosters Tsunami” the score at half time had Bute in front 9-4 to 7-5.

The usual stars for the Crows in Damien Bennett Sam Mumford and Adam Jolly were well beaten by their respective opponents in Millard Venning and Clinch.

Earlier, the Crows opened the game with confidence as they led at the first change 4-1 to 2-4. Youngster Aaron Young, “old hand” Adam Pitt and Ryan Brundell at full back were playing very well.

The wings were a 50/50 battle with the Crow youngsters in Kieran and Jarryd Dixey finished on top against Ben Adams and Nick Polkinghorne.

Following the long break things did not get any better for the Crows as Bute added to their lead with Shane Slade breaking the shackles with a four goal term and the Crows could only manage goals from Kieran Dixey and Adam Pitt.

Claxton Anderson was winning the ruck and Caleb Prime was in control over Ben O’Donohue. Cam Miller was breaking even with Adam Pitt and Ryan Brundell was on fire at full back.

The last quarter was a low scoring one, with Bute adding 1.6 to just 0.2 to run away 30 point winner, booking a spot in the Qualifying Final at Kadina next Saturday against Moonta. 

Next Saturday,  the CMS Crows will tackle Paskeville in the Elimination Final at Minlaton.

In other games the results were all predicted, with the match between Wallaroo and the Southern Eagles was the thriller of the day. In the first term when the Eagles wasted chances kicking 2-9 to Wallaroo 2-1. As the game wore on, Wallaroo gained the lead and were in the lead until the dying minutes of the game.

Accuracy at goal helped keep Wallaroo in the game as they were leading at the final change 13-2 to the Eagles 10-13. However, late in the term the Bulldogs were hanging on grimly as the Eagle boys gradually narrowed the gap, eventually taking the lead to win by 7 points – 16-17 to Wallaroo 17-4. Derek Clarke was best in front of goal with two goals for the Eagles along with Sam Diassinas, Luke Liddiard and Trent Hayes also with two. Andrew Ross booted 6 goals for the Bulldogs and Matthew Grillett booted 3.

Better players for the Eagles were Derek Clarke, Luke Liddiard, Angus Murdoch and Trent Hayes whilst Nathan Murphy, Nick Beck and Nick Pape were best for Wallaroo.

Kadina too strong for Ardrossan

With in-form Serle, the Bloodhounds look set for another flag as they finally brushed off a determined Ardrossan side that performed very well in a game that meant nothing to either side on the Premiership Ladder.

Kadina led at the long break 9-9 to Ardrossan accurate in front of goal with 5 goals accurate. Serle dominated up forward to finish the game with 11 goals in his bag and Kadina a good win of 18-15 to Ardrossan 9-3. Trevor Harradine chipped in with three  and Simon Kretschmer two for Kadina. Shane Kenney kicked four for the Roos.

Better players named for Kadina were Serle, Kretschmer and Derek Sansbury. For Ardrossan Shane Kenney, Hayden Pierson, Rhys Evans and George Rowntree were best.

Moonta scored an easy win against Paskeville with a 20-10 to 9-8 win.

Dean Cutting booted six goals, Tyler Andrews three and a string of others lining up for a shot at goal. For Pasky, Matt Rodda and Martin Daniel  both kicked three. Best players for the Demons were Brock Oliver, Hugo Drogemuller, Dean Cutting and Dylan Mansell. For Paskeville, Seth Matson, Stuart Daniel and Abraham Helfand.

Round 18 scores – August 20, 2011

Moonta                                  4.4,  8.6,  16.7,  20.10  (130)

Paskeville                              2.2,  3.5,  6.6,  9.8  (62)

GOALS, Moonta : Dean Cutting 6, Tyler  Andrews 3, Troy  Colliver 2, Hugo Drogemuller 2, Aidan Zwar 2, Adam Hamilton 2, Dylan McPeake 1, Dylan Gaston 1, Rohan Bock 1.  Paskeville : Matthew Rodda 3, Martin Daniel 3, Ryan Price 2, Glenn Mulders 1.  BEST, Moonta : Brock Oliver, Hugo Drogemuller, Dean Cutting, Dylan Mansell, Shane Jordan, Bradley Pack.  Paskeville : Seth Matson, Stuart Daniel, Abraham Helfand, Matthew Rodda, Mark Rundle, Glenn Mulders

Southern Eagles                  2.9,  7.10,  10.13,  16.17  (113)

Wallaroo                                2.1,  9.2,  13.2,  17.4  (106)

GOALS, Southern Eagles :  Derek Clarke 2, Sam Diassinas 2, Sam Barlow 2, Luke Liddiard 2, Trent Hayes 2, Ashley Barton 1,  John Preece 1, Matthew Allen 1, Sam Johnsson 1, Jack White 1, Michael Dalla 1.  Wallaroo : Andrew Ross 6, Matthew Grillett 3, Shane Beaney 2, Riley Westlake 2, Andrew Grillett 1, Stuart Green 1, Corey Scott 1, Nick Beck 1. BEST, Southern Eagles : Derek Clarke, Luke Liddiard, Angus Murdoch, Trent Hayes, Jarrod Spencer, John Preece.  Wallaroo : Nathan Murphy, Nick Beck, Nick Pape, Andrew Ross, Adam Zanker, Scott Murphy

Kadina                                  4.1,  9.9,  12.12,  18.15  (123)

Ardrossan                               2.0,  5.0,  8.1,  9.3  (57)

GOALS, Kadina : William Serle 11, Trevor Harradine 3, Simon Kretschmer 2, Ian McMillan 1, Brett Burnell 1. Ardrossan : Shane Kenney 4, Ian Pryor 1, Jack Kuhndt 1, George Rowntree 1, Leigh Koch 1, Daniel Lutze 1. BEST, Kadina : William Serle, Simon Kretschmer, Derek Sansbury, Benn Waller, Luke Browning, Cameron Faulkner. Ardrossan : Shane Kenney, Hayden Pierson, Rhys Evans, George Rowntree, Andrew Pryor, Nicholas Brind

Bute                                    2.4,  9.5,  13.10,  14.16  (100)

CMS Crows                       4.1,  7.5,  10.8,  10.10  (70)

GOALS, Bute : Matthew Millard 6, Shane Slade 5, Michael Clinch 1, Michael Polkinghorne 1, James Venning 1.  CMS Crows : Joseph Parsons 4, Adam Pitt 2, Kieran  Dixey 2, Aaron Young 1, Jason Marner 1. BEST, Bute : Matthew Millard, Jess Kenny, Michael CLINCH, Benn Adams, Michael Polkinghorne, Sam Trengove. CMS Crows : Adam Pitt, Aaron Young, Adam Jolly, Jarryd Dixey, Kieran  Dixey, Ryan Brundell




with Kenn Rogers – August 14, 2011

With Willy Serle on fire at the goal front bagging another eight goals on Saturday and the Bloodhounds recording a good win against second side Bute, they have now firmed as hot favourite for the Flag.

Playing well both sides were having a real tussle in the first half as Bute led at the long break  by two points, 7-6 to Kadina 7-4.

The second half was a different story as Kadina slipped into top gear and although a bit of inaccuracy crept into the game as they booted 9-12 to Bute 2-3 to win comfortably by 43 points. As is always the fear at this stage of the season Bute suffered a couple of minor injuries in the second half, hence the inability to make the scoreboard attendant work in their favour.

Josh Lawson was at his brilliant best once again and will give the Mail Medal a shake next Monday night. He is my tip for the medal. Jono Lee was in good form in ruck and Willy Serle up front gave the Bloods a spearhead. Ben Waller, Cam Faulkner and Trevor Harradine were again in the best player list. For Bute, Matt Millard who is back from America booted three goals, with Shane Slade also kicking three. Better players for Bute saw Ben Nelson (ex Sturt player) Benn Adams, Anderson Claxton, James Venning and Sam Trengove.

The loss by Bute and the win by the Crows, leads to a good finish to the home and away season next week when these two meet at Minlaton to test each other out for the finals.

Crows V Southern Eagles.

This game was at the Grand Final venue for the season and the Crow players should be there and will have a firsthand knowledge of the wind factor and the playing surface.

The Tri Colours opened up with a blistering first quarter to set up a launching pad for a good win. The Crows booted a winning score of 21-12 to the Eagles 6-6. However this could have been better as they blasted the goals in the first term to record a lead of 8-8 to one goal.

The match started with Murnane and Jason Marner were controlling the ruck for the Crows with Ben O’Donohue, Adam Pitt, Adam Jolly, Brett Baillie, Jo Parsons and Aaron Young all with the ball on a string. The Eagle defence was running around in circles. Another player who plays “Under the Radar” for the Crows is Tom Bailey as he dished out many handballs to set up play for the forwards.

At the other end of the ground the ball only passed into the Eagles forward lines on only two occasions for the opening term.

The rest of the game was played in a similar manner with the Crows well in control all over the ground. Later in the game when the Eagles managed to get the ball into their forward lines they came up against the “brick wall” of Ryan Brundell at full back, Ben Illman and Rhys Brundell in the last line of defence if the ball got past Damian Bennett, Sam Mumford and Jamie Kemp.

The Eagles struggled all day with Matt Barlow playing well at Centre Half Back on Brett Baillie. Derek Clarke tried hard all day at C H F bit all to no avail. Jarrod Spencer on the wing had a good battle with Kieran Dixey.

All the Crow players featured at some time in the game and the Eagles were no match for the mean machine.

With this win against their Southern neighbour, the Crows have sounded an ominous warning for the flag.

Moonta v Wallaroo

The highlight of this game was that Moonta’s Dean Cutting had the opportunity to haul in Willy Serle in the top goal kicking contest, however he let a golden opportunity slip by as he had 2-8 at half time. He finished with 7 goals for the game to slip one further behind Serle who booted 8 for Kadina.

Moonta were always in control and are finding form at the right time of the season as they scored a runaway win with inaccurate kicking of 16-20 to 8-8.  Apart from Cutting’s seven goals, Damian Adams kicked three and the rest were all single goal scorers.

Shane Jordan, Dylan Mansell and Brock Oliver were best for Moonta.

Ardrossan v CY Cougars

The Kangaroos made sure that the Cats were going to carry the title of the “Wooden Spooners” for the season 2011 as they won comfortably in the end after an interesting game. Score at half time had the Cougars in front and on a high as they led 8-3 to Ardrossan 6-6. The Kangaroos bounced back in the third term to set up a winning score. In this term they booted 8-3 to Cougars 1-4 to have a lead by 32 points coming into the final term.

Ardrossan ran on to win the game despite a comeback of sorts by the Cougars 17-11 to Cougars 14-10

Star forward for the Cougars throughout the season George Davies booted 8 of their 14 goals. George did not play a large number of games through injury and had he been available more, the Cougars would not have been on the bottom rung of the ladder.

Matt Stone booted three for Ardrossan along with Dale Treloar and Shane Kenney, Andrew Pryor and Josh Hollitt each booted two goals. Better players named for The Kangaroos were Rhys Evans, George Rowntree (another favourite for the Mail Medal) Andrew Pryor Ian Pryor and Shane Kenney.

For the Cougars George Davies was the standout along with Zac Millar and Josh Dutschke

Round 17 – August 14, 2011

Kadina                               4.2,  7.4,  11.6,  16.10  (106)

Bute                                    2.2,  7.6,  8.8,  9.9  (63)

GOALS, Kadina :  William Serle 8, Brendan Papps 2, Trevor Harradine 1, Ian McMillan 1, Brett Burnell 1, Josh Willis 1, Joel Phillips 1, Cameron Faulkner 1.  Bute : Matthew Millard 3, Shane Slade 3, Benjamin Nelson 1, James Venning 1, Michael Clinch 1.  BEST, Kadina :  Jono Lee, Josh  Lawson, William Serle, Benn Waller, Cameron Faulkner, Trevor Harradine.  Bute : Benjamin Nelson, Benn Adams, Anderson Claxton, James Venning, Sam Trengove, Stewart Wehr

Ardrossan                               4.4,  6.6,  14.9,  17.11  (113)

CY Cougars                              3.0,  8.3,  9.7,  14.10  (94)

GOALS, Ardrossan :  Matthew Stone 3, Dale Treloar 3, Shane Kenney 2, Andrew Pryor 2, Josh Hollitt 2, Ian Pryor 1, Leigh Koch 1, Rhys Evans 1, Luke Wood 1, George Rowntree 1.  CY Cougars :  George Davies 8, Zaccary Millar 2, Mathew Daniels 2, Todd Payne 1, Travis Brokenshire 1.  BEST, Ardrossan : Rhys Evans, George Rowntree, Andrew Pryor, Ian Pryor, Shane Kenney, Dale Treloar.  CY Cougars :

George Davies, Zaccary Millar, Josh Dutschke, Todd Payne, Daniel Hillebrand, Travis Brokenshire

Moonta                                  5.4,  8.12,  14.15,  16.20  (116)

Wallaroo                                1.1,  3.3,  5.5,  8.8  (56)

GOALS, Moonta : Dean Cutting 7, Damian Adams 3, Hugo Drogemuller 1, Toby Haseldine 1, Dylan Gaston 1, Brock Oliver 1, Shane Jordan 1, Shane Moss 1.  Wallaroo : not av. BEST, Moonta : Shane Jordan, Dylan Mansell, Brock Oliver, Dean Cutting, Toby Haseldine, Tyler  Andrews

Wallaroo : not av.

CMS Crows                               8.8,  13.10,  17.12,  21.12  (138)

Southern Eagles                     1.0,  3.1,  4.2,  6.6  (42)

GOALS, CMS Crows :  Joseph Parsons 6, Brett Baillie 4, Ben O’Donohue 2, Adam Jolly 2, Troy Goldsworthy 2, Aaron Young 2,  Darren  Marner 1, Jarryd Dixey 1, Adam Pitt 1.  Southern Eagles :  Ashley Barton 1, Jackson Pisani 1, Matthew Redman 1, Michael Dalla 1, Derek Clarke 1, Justin Macey 1.  BEST, CMS Crows :  Adam Jolly, Brett Baillie, Adam Pitt, Aaron Young, Jamie Kemp, Jason Marner.  Southern Eagles : Mathew Barlow, Derek Clarke, Jarrod Spencer, Michael Dalla, Trent Hayes, Shaun McWaters




with Kenn Rogers – August 7, 2011

The big guns come to the fore at the right end of the season and this was the case yesterday as Willy Serle of Kadina booted the biggest bag of goals for the season when 14 came from his boot against the C Y Cougars. The Bloodhounds won in a cakewalk 24-18 to the Kittens 5-2. Josh Lawson chipped in with 3 Luke Browning and Trevor Harradine each booted 2 goals.

Kadina opened the game in style leaving the Cougars in their wake as they booted 7-7 in the opening term and continued on to formally dispose of the bottom side. At the half time break Kadina led 11-8 to 3-1.

Cam Faulkner was playing brilliantly getting the ball away from centre to be best on the ground. Willy Serle at full forward was having a field day, whilst Jono Lee was in control in the ruck. Ben Waller, Luke Browning and Trevor Harradine caused problems for the opposition.

For the Cougars George Davies booted 4 of their 5 goals with Zac Millar the only other goal scorer. Better players named for the Cats were Zac Millar, the in- form Josh Dutschke, and Tom Van Schaik.

The 14 goals by Serle has him now leading the goal kickers list as Dean Cutting was only able to boot 4 against the Southern Eagles. Serle has now kicked 62 and Cutting 58.

Moonta v Southern Eagles

The scores at half time in this game still had the Eagles in with a chance only four kicks behind but in the second half they could only manage 2-9 to go down to the Demons 18-17 to 7-15.

Dean Cutting and Adam Hamilton both booted 4 goals with Shane Jordan kicking  and 3 Shane Moss 2. The defence by Moonta was very strong as in the third term the Eagles had more play in their inside 50 but could not score any majors. The Eagles did not have a spearhead as Sam Diassinas was the only multiple goal kicker with a couple.

Best players named for Moonta were Shane Jordan, Dean Cutting, youngster Hugo Drogemuller, Dylan Mansell, Adam Hamilton and Nick Blight. For the Eagles Jarrod Spencer, Luke Liddiard and Sam Diassinas were best.

Paskeville v Ardrossan

The Magpies made sure of the fifth spot on the ladder and will take part in the finals in four weeks time. They ran over the Kangaroos with ease as Matt Rodda played another top game to boot 5 goals. The good form of Glen Mulders continued as he booted 2 along with Nathan McEvoy. Andrew Pryor was the best in front of goal for Ardrossan with four of their nine goals.

Nathan McEvoy, the evergreen Stuart Daniel, Dale King, Ryan price and Matt Rodda were all named in the best players list.

George Rowntree continues his good form for the Roos as best player along with Rhys Evans, Ian Pryor and Matthew Schulz.

Bute v Wallaroo

The Red can White players were all over the opposition at Wallaroo as they held them to 1-2 for the first half whilst they booted 11-12. In the second half Wallaroo bounced back slightly as they were able to kick 5-4 whilst Bute kicked away with 9-7 to run out winners 20-19 to Wallaroo 6-6.

Jess Kenny, Shane Slade each booted 3 goals for Bute with Ben Nelson Michael Clinch and Michael Polkinghorne each kicking two.

Wallaroo had no forward setup as they had all single goal kickers… Best for Bute were Ben Nelson, Sam Trengove, and Michael Clinch and for Wallaroo Nick Pape, Adam Zanker, and Nick Beck were best players.

With two rounds to go the final placings in the top five are still to be decided but all figures point to Kadina to finish in top spot, they play Bute this week and Ardrossan in the final game, whilst Bute have a harder draw playing  Kadina and The Crows. Moonta will finish in fourth place with Paskeville in fifth. The interesting point about the final round has the Crows playing Bute and they will meet in the semi the next week. In the other game Moonta play Paskeville and then will play in the elimination final the following week.

Who will win the flag? This is anybody’s guess as any of the top five could win on the day but it looks like a Kadina, Bute or the Crows grand final

Round 16

Bute                                    3.0,  11.12,  14.15,  20.19  (139)

Wallaroo                          1.2,  1.2,  4.4,  6.6  (42)

Goals, Bute : Jess Kenny 3, Shane Slade 3, Sam Trengove 2, Benjamin Nelson 2, Michael Clinch 2, Michael Polkinghorne 2, Alex Miller 2, Dane Avery 1, Benn Adams 1, Nicholas Polkinghorne 1, Stewart Wehr 1.  Wallaroo : Andrew Ross 1, Stuart Green 1, Ben Abela 1, Dylan Westlake 1, Shane Beaney 1, Stewart Johns 1.  Best, Bute :  Benjamin Nelson, Sam Trengove, Michael Clinch, Michael Polkinghorne, Jess Kenny, Caleb Prime.  Wallaroo :  Nick Pape, Adam Zanker, Nick Beck, Reece Page, Stuart Green, Dylan Westlake

Kadina                                  7.7,  11.8,  19.14,  24.18  (162)

CY Cougars                          0.0,  3.1,  4.1,  5.2  (32)

GOALS, Kadina : William Serle 14, Josh  Lawson 3, Luke Browning 2, Trevor Harradine 2, Cameron Faulkner 1, Benn Waller 1,  Loren Franz 1.  CY Cougars :  George Davies 4, Zaccary Millar 1.  BEST, Kadina :  Cameron Faulkner, William Serle, Benn Waller, Derek Sansbury, Jono Lee, Luke Browning.  CY Cougars :  Zaccary Millar, Josh Dutschke, Dominic Honner, Dominic  Meaney, George Davies, Thomas Van Schaik

Paskeville                              7.3,  11.6,  13.8,  15.10  (100)

Ardrossan                               1.0,  3.1,  7.3,  9.5  (59)

GOALS, Paskeville : Matthew Rodda 5, Glenn Mulders 2, Nathan McEvoy 2, Martin Daniel 1, Seth Matson 1, Ben Goodwin 1, Stuart Daniel 1, Ryan Price 1, Aaron McDonald 1.  Ardrossan :  Andrew Pryor 4, Nicholas Brind 1, Hayden Pierson 1, Matthew Stone 1, Leigh Koch 1, Lachlan Cole 1.  BEST, Paskeville :  Nathan McEvoy, Stuart Daniel, Dale King, Ryan Price, Matthew Rodda, Bradley Muster.  Ardrossan :  George Rowntree, Rhys Evans, Ian Pryor, Matthew Schulz, Andrew Pryor, Ben  Davey

Moonta                                  4.0,  9.5,  13.11,  18.17  (125)

Southern Eagles                 2.3,  5.6,  6.10,  7.15  (57)

GOALS, Moonta : Dean Cutting 4, Adam Hamilton 4, Shane Jordan 3, Shane Moss 2, Chadd Hawley 1, Hugo Drogemuller 1, Dylan Gaston 1, Bradley Pack 1, Nick Blight 1.  Southern Eagles : Sam Diassinas 2, Luke Liddiard 1, Matthew Redman 1, Ashley Barton 1, Justin Macey 1, Mathew Barlow 1.  BEST, Moonta :  Shane Jordan, Dean Cutting, Hugo Drogemuller, Dylan Mansell, Adam Hamilton, Nick Blight.  Southern Eagles :  Jarrod Spencer, Luke Liddiard, Sam Diassinas, Damien Rowe, Shaun McWaters, John Preece


with Kenn Rogers – August 1, 2011

Paskeville returned to fifth place on the ladder, following accurate goal kicking against their possible nemeses the Southern Eagles at Edithburgh on Saturday. Both sides had 22 shots at goal, but Paskeville were more accurate as they booted 19-3 to the Eagles 11-11. The win by the Magpies has virtually sealed their place in the finals as the Eagles play Moonta this week then the Crows and finally Wallaroo, whilst Paskeville play Ardrossan, then have a bye with their final game against Moonta. What this means is the Eagles have a better chance of making the five but Paske are there and have to be removed.

Matt Rodda booted 7 goals and Glen Mulders 5 for Paske in their good win, whilst for the Eagles they did not have an actual spearhead and had seven players scoring goals with Michael Dalla Sam Diassanas and Jack White each scoring two.

Dale King was named as best for Paskeville others to play well were ruckman Seth Matson, Glen Mulders and Matt Rodda. Koby Evans, Damien Rowe and Shaun McWaters were best for  the Southern Eagles.

Bute v Cougars.

It was a big day for the Red and Whites and a poor day for the Cats. The Bute footballers showed they wanted the double chance come finals time and whilst they were inaccurate at goals they still slammed home plenty of goals as they won 32-22 to the Cougars 6-4.

Shane Slade was the star of the day with 11 goals, Michael Clinch 5 and Stewart Wehr booted 4.

Prior to this game the Bute lads annihilated the Cougars B grade with a win of 23-19 to 3-6. In this game Simon  Morony booted 11 goals.

One of the few highlights for the Cougars was that a youngster with a big future, Daniel Blyth was named as best player, others worth a mention were Zac Millar and Jacob Dutschke.

For Bute, Ben Nelson Shane Slade and Michael Clinch were best.

Kadina v Wallaroo

Kadina scored an easy win over the hapless Wallaroo 18-18 to 7-13. Better players named for Kadina were Josh Lawson Adam Wilson, Willy Serle and Derek Sansbury. For Wallaroo Nick Pape, Nick Beck and Corey Scott were best.

Serle has made a determined effort to catch the leaders for top goal kicker award as he booted 7 goals. Serle now is in second place with 53, Andrew Ross slipping to third on 51. Although Moonta had the bye, Dean Cutting leads the way with 58 goals.

The ladder has changed once again with Kadina still on top one game ahead of Bute on percentage from the Crows Moonta and Paskeville now making up the top five. 

CMS Crows v Ardrossan

Under perfect “spring” weather conditions with a light breeze and plenty of sunshine, the Crows took the points at Minlaton with a comfortable win. Not only did they score the premiership points but also plenty of points on the scoreboard when they needed goals. Once again their shooting for goal was pitiful.

The opening term saw Ardrossan jump away with the first goal of the game but unfortunately for them that was about the only highlight for the first half of the game.

The Crows controlled all positions on the ground with Troy Clements the big problem for Ardrossan in the Crows forward lines. Aaron Young, Jamie Kemp, Damian Bennett and Adam Pitt were on fire as they finished the term on the wrong side as far as goals were concerned at 4-5 to Ardrossan 1-2.

The Crows took no prisoners in the second term as they blasted the eastern end goals on twelve occasions and once again with a 50/50 result of 6-6 whilst they held the Roos to just 1-1.

George Rowntree was a standout player for the Roos, along with Rhys Evans and the Pryor boys but it was to no avail as the Crow machine was getting hotter in their field play, to set up a good lead at the half time break of 10-11 to Ardrossan 2-3.

The third term saw a determined Ardrossan side make the Crows look second rate as they took control of the game with Matt Schulz exerting pressure. Daniel Lutze lifted his work rate and and George Rowntree showed up the weaknesses of the Crows. There numerous loose players being unattended allowing the Blue and Whites an open opportunity to score, they made good use of the freedom of players to run out winners for the term as they outscored  the Crows 4-2 to 2-3. They still were well behind on the scoreboard at the final change, Crows 12-15 to Ardrossan 6-5. Unfortunately that was the last hurrah for Ardrossan as they did not score in the final term.

The Crows needed to score goals as they held a .04% advantage over Bute for second place before the game. With the result from Bute the Crows have slipped to third place on percentage and they have a bye this week.

The Crow defence in Ryan Brundell, Ben Illman and Rhys Brundell have become a “brick wall’ on the last line with Brundell playing brilliantly at full back using his clearing dashes to perfection.

Damian Bennett on the half back line was strong all day and Ben O’Donohue was roving brilliantly whilst the ever reliable Adam Pitt was in everything.  Troy Clements was a thorn for Ardrossan on the half forward line and Coach Jamie Kemp played a very good game from the half back flank.

For the Roos, the ruck work of George Rowntree was first class however his good work was all to no avail as the Crow small men cleared the ball away from the packs.

Round 15 scores – July 30, 2011

Bute                                    7.6,  16.11,  24.15,  32.22  (214)

CY Cougars                      1.0,  2.2,  4.3,  6.4  (40)

GOALS, Bute :  Shane Slade 11, Michael Clinch 5, Stewart Wehr 4, Alex Miller 3, Adam Cock 3, Michael Polkinghorne 2, Sam Trengove 1, Benn Adams 1, Dane Avery 1, Jay Pridham 1.  CY Cougars : Luke Butler 2, Zach Dutschke 2, George Davies 1, Zaccary Millar 1.  BEST, Bute :   Benjamin Nelson, Shane Slade, Michael Clinch, Stewart Wehr, Benn Adams, Sam Trengove.  CY Cougars : Daniel Blythe, Zaccary Millar, Jacob Dutschke, Todd Payne, Thomas Van Schaik, Shaun Hasting

CMS Crows                               4.5,  10.11,  12.15,  17.22  (124)

Ardrossan                               1.2,  2.3,  6.5,  6.5  (41)

GOALS, CMS Crows : Troy Clements 6, Ben O’Donohue 3, Adam Jolly 2, Aaron Young 2, Jamie Kemp 2, Joseph Parsons 1, Sam Harris 1.  Ardrossan : Luke Wood 1, Rhys Evans 1, George Rowntree 1, Matthew Stone 1, Ian Pryor 1, Brad Moulds 1.  BEST, CMS Crows : Ben O’Donohue, Damien Bennett, Jamie Kemp, Adam Pitt, Ryan Brundell, Troy Clements. Ardrossan : Rhys Evans, George Rowntree, Ian Pryor, Andrew Pryor, Daniel Lutze, Matthew Schulz

Paskeville                              6.1,  9.3,  14.3,  19.4  (118)

Southern Eagles                  3.2,  6.5,  9.9,  11.12  (78)

GOALS, Paskeville : Matthew Rodda 7, Glenn Mulders 5, Jonathon Price 1, Ben Goodwin 1, Nathan McEvoy 1, Stuart Daniel 1, Brodie Paige 1, Tom Bussenschutt 1, Ryan Price 1. Southern Eagles :Michael Dalla 2, Sam Diassinas 2, Jack White 2, Joe Virgin 2, Jarrod Spencer 1, Ashley Barton 1,  Matthew Allen 1.  BEST, Paskeville : Dale King, Seth Matson, Glenn Mulders, Matthew Rodda, Ryan Price, Michael Daniel.  Southern Eagles : Koby   Evans, Damien Rowe, Shaun McWaters, Sam Johnsson, Jack White, Luke Liddiard

Kadina                                  3.3,  10.5,  13.13,  18.18  (126)

Wallaroo                                1.3,  1.5,  3.10,  7.13  (55)

GOALS, Kadina : William Serle 7, Josh Willis 3, Scott Gunning 2, Brendan Papps 2, Loren Franz 1, Brett Burnell 1, Trevor Harradine 1, Chris Flavel 1.  Wallaroo : Reece Page 2, Benjamin Linn 2, Andrew Ross 1, Corey Scott 1. BEST, Kadina : Josh  Lawson, Adam Wilson, William Serle, Derek Sansbury, Joel Phillips, Zack Edwards. Wallaroo : Nick Beck, Nick Pape, Corey Scott, Nathan Murphy, Scott Murphy, Reece Page



Round 14 review with Kenn Rogers – Tuesday July 26, 2011

It was another weekend of intriguing football on Yorke Peninsula with the Crows moving back into second place, Moonta dropping to fourth and Bute up to third place. Paskeville have virtually blown their finals appearances following the loss to the Crows, with the Southern Eagles having the bye remain in fifth place on percentage despite a last quarter comeback by Paskeville.

Upset of the round rested with the Cougars as they held off a determined push by Wallaroo to record their first win for the season.

Meanwhile at Kadina the Bloodhounds managed to win as Moonta were off target at the goal front with the consequence that Moonta fell from second to fourth place.

Paskeville v CMS Crows by Kenn Rogers.

With fine weather and a slight breeze to the eastern end of the ground the Crows opened up with a brilliant first term controlling play in almost all positions except in front of goal. What looked like being a “Slaughter on 12th street” the Crows lost all hope of a big score as they booted 4-8 for the term and that kept Paske in the game.

Seth Matson was playing well in ruck for Pasky, however the Crow runners in Pitt, O’Donohue Young and Clements were nullifying all his good work.

The Crows started the game with two late withdrawals in Ryan Brundell at full back and Brett Baillie CHF and were replaced by youngsters Charlie Litster for his first A grade game along with Taleb Tilbrook.

Tom Bailey in the forward lines for the Crows was devastatingly unobtrusive and set play up for his forwards. Glen Mulders was the best for Pasky in his field play and when in Ruck. Matt Rodda was proving to be a handful for the Crow defence line as he booted two goals in the opening term. Dale King and zone team mate Adam Pitt were playing wide of each other at centre with Pitt well in control.

The first change saw the Crows in a good position but could have been better as they led 4-8 to 2-0.

Pasky came back in the second term to narrow the gap as they scored goals from Ryan Price (2) Nathan Mc Evoy whilst  John Price (first A grade game) kicked another to have the scores only two kicks apart at the long break. Crows led 7-10 to Paskeville 6-3.

The return to the game of Jason Marner in ruck was a boost for the Crows and young Taleb Tilbrook made his presence felt around the ground. Michael Daniel was roving well for the Magpies whilst Matt Rodda was setting play up in the forward lines.

The third term saw the Crows open up a good lead as their forwards worked well in Troy Clements, Adam Jolly and Aaron Young who was roving well. The Crow ruck was getting on top with Marner leaping well and ably supported by Tom Short. Meanwhile the thorn in the side of the Crows was the work of Glen Mulders around the ground.

The game looked to be all over at the final change as the Crows Had set up a good lead of 7-1 with a score line due to inaccurate kicking of 12-17 to Paske 7-4.

The Crows stretched their lead early in the final term with goals flowing from Young, Clements and Jolly. Paskeville were not done and dusted as they made a spirited comeback with King firing at centre, Stuart Daniel and Matt Rodda (2) all booting goals to narrow the gap. Were the Crows running out of legs or where did Paske get their new legs from? Just when the game looked tight the Crows scored goals from Clements, Jolly and Dixey to increase the gap. Pasky bounced back in the dying segment of the game putting pressure on the Crow defence. The gap was narrowed with late goals from Rodda Pomery and Martin Daniel. The inaccuracy from the Crows kept the Magpies in the game and the final score was closer than it should have been as the Crows has 38 scoring shots to Paskeville 19 and yet only won by five plus goals. Crows 18-20 to Paskeville 15-4.

Better players for the Crows and there were many included Tom Baiey. Troy Clements Aaron Young Adam Pitt and youngster Taleb Tilbrook.

For Paskeville my vote went Matt Rodda, Glen Mulders and Seth Matson with good efforts from Dale King and Ashley Pridham.


Football tipsters all went for Wallaroo to win this game at Maitland, however, the Cougar boys fought back well from a deficit at half time of 4-6 to 8-2 to come back and record their first win of the season. Leading by 7 points at the final change they managed to hang on to win 15-8 to 14-5. George Davies booted five goals and Josh Dutschke kicked two. For Wallaroo Andrew Ross booted seven goals.

Ardrossan were no match for the in -form Bute side and suffered a miserable loss at Roo Park. Bute won again with inaccurate kicking for goals under ideal conditions, 18-16 to Ardrossan 3-6..

Just who is going to be waving the flag come September grand final day? Well the game between Kadina and Moonta still did not answer the debate although one has to lean Kadina’s way as these two sides had a battle all day with scores very close until the dying minutes of the game. Willy Serle was again a key player in the win by Kadina as he booted 7 goals in Kadina’s win of 16-9 to Moonta 12-14.

Round 14 scores – July 23, 2011

CY Cougars                              4.4,  4.6,  9.8,  15.8  (98)

Wallaroo                                2.0,  8.2,  9.4,  14.5  (89)

GOALS, CY Cougars : George Davies 5, Josh Dutschke 2, Sam Goldsmith 2, Matthew Roesler 2, Travis Brokenshire 1, Shaun Hasting 1, Corey Graham 1, Jacob Dutschke 1.  Wallaroo : Andrew Ross 7, Nathan Murphy 2, Matthew Grillett 2, Nick Pape 1, Scott Flint 1, Sonny Greagen 1.  BEST, CY Cougars : George Davies, Josh Dutschke, Sam Goldsmith, Matthew Roesler, Jacob Dutschke, Zaccary Millar.  Wallaroo : Reece Page, Sonny Greagen, Andrew Ross, Adam Zanker, Matthew Grillett, Corey Scott

Bute                                    2.9,  5.10,  13.13,  18.16  (124)

Ardrossan                        0.1,  0.3,  2.5,  3.6  (24)

Goals, Bute : Cameron Miller 4, Michael Clinch 4, Alex Miller 4, Shane Slade 2, Jack Kenny 2, Michael Polkinghorne 1, Stewart Wehr 1 Ardrossan : Matthew Stone 2, Luke Wood 1.  Best, Bute : Cameron Miller, Benjamin Nelson, Dane Avery, Michael Clinch, Jess Kenny, Nicholas Polkinghorne.  Ardrossan : Rhys Evans, Matthew Schulz, Nicholas Brind, Dale Treloar, Chris Bettineschi, Shane Kenney

CMS Crows                               4.8,  7.10,  12.17,  18.20  (128)

Paskeville                              2.0,  6.3,  7.4,  15.4  (94)

GOALS, CMS Crows : Troy Clements 5, Adam Jolly 4, Ben O’Donohue 3, Aaron Young 2, Adam Pitt 1, Jarryd Dixey 1,  Jason Marner 1, Joseph Parsons 1.  Paskeville : Matthew Rodda 5, Nathan McEvoy 2, Martin Daniel 2, Jesse Pomery 2, Stuart Daniel 1, Ryan Price 1, Dale King 1, Michael Daniel 1.  BEST, CMS Crows : Thomas Bailey, Troy Clements, Adam Pitt, Damien Bennett, Taleb Tilbrook, Troy Goldsworthy.  Paskeville : Seth Matson, Glenn Mulders, Matthew Rodda, Michael Daniel, Dale King, Ashley Pridham

Kadina                                  3.3,  8.6,  11.7,  16.11  (107)

Moonta                                  1.3,  4.7,  9.10,  12.13  (85)

GOALS, Kadina : William Serle 7, Trevor Harradine 2, Scott Gunning 2, Chris Flavel 2, Brendan Papps 2, Josh Willis 1.  Moonta : not av.  BEST, Kadina : William Serle, Brendan Papps, Joel Phillips, Zack Edwards, Josh  Lawson, Simon Kretschmer.  Moonta : not av



by YP Footy correspondent Kenn Rogers

The battle for supremacy continues to rage in Y P football after the results of Saturday’s games.

The ladder now has Kadina on top with 20 points from Moonta, the Crows and Bute on 18 with Southern Eagles 10 displacing Pasky from the top five on percentage.

Looking back on the round, one thing that was gleaned from the Kadina v Crows game at Minlaton was that for teams to succeed they must play more than two quarters of football per game. That has been one of the weaknesses of the Crows and it almost brought Kadina undone as well.

The Crows jumped away to a good start in the first term to set up a lead of 5-2 to 3-3 at the first change. The Tri-colours looked the goods as Troy Clements played well in his his first game for the season. Adam Jolly was tagged all day and it was a credit to him that he came out on top and booted three goals for the game from the half forward line.

In the second term, Willy Serle showed his strength as he broke free to boot three of his five goals. Kadina was getting drive from Faulkner at centre, Lee in Ruck and Lawson whoplaying well on the ball. Brendan Papps was proving a headache for the Crows in the forward lines. At the long break Kadina had clawed their way back to lead 7-4 to Crows 6-3.

Kadina took control of the game in the third term with goals flowing from Serle, Papps Lawson, Flavell and Willis to set up a good lead at the final change. They outscored the Crows six goals to one to lead 13-10 to 7-6.

Ruckman Matt Murnane left the field early in the second term for the Crows and this weekend the power they had from ball ups.  Later in the game the Crows lost the services of Adam Pitt which placed a lot of pressure on the younger brigade. These lads rose to the occasion and played well in the last term to add five goals to one. Sadly for the Crows though it wasn’t enough as they went down fighting by eleven points, 14-11 to 12-12.

Josh Lawson was awesome on the ball for Kadina, Papps showed his all round strength all day and Lee in ruck played very well. Another dynamo causing trouble for the Crows was Trevor Harradine along with McNicol and Rawson.

Adam Jolly stuck to his task all day and younger players in Ben Illman who was shifted to full back on Serle played very well. Sam Harris was in everything on the wing and the half back line players in Damien Bennett and Sam Mumford played very well.

The resultant loss by the Crows has seen them slip to third place on percentage and leave Kadina at the top of the ladder one game clear.

In other games Bute booted a heap of points but at the same time they booted Paskeville out of the five with a 20-20 to 8-5 win. Bute was in control all day. Alex Miller booted four goals with two each coming from Cam Miller, James Venning, Adrian Simpson, Michael Polkinghorne and Shane Slade. Stuart Daniel booted four of Paskeville’s eight goals.

Better players named were Cam Miller, Jess Kenny, Nick Polkinghorne and Dane Avery. For Pasky, Seth Matson, Ashley Bruce and Abraham Helfand were named as best.

The win by Southern Eagles over Ardrossan saw the Eagles in the top five with the result of Paskeville’s loss to Bute as the Eagles have a better percentage.

Ardrossan made a spirited comeback in the final term as they outscored the Eagles five goals to two going down 12-9 to Eagles 14-20. Sam Barlow booted four goals for the Eagles with Jack White promoted to the A’s, booting three. Top three players named were Matthew Allen, Jarrod Spencer and Shaun McWaters for the Eagles and George Rowntree, Luke Wood and Rhys Evans for Ardrossan.

As was expected before the game Moonta annihilated the lowly placed CY Cougars to the tune of 22-21 to 3-5 .

Dean Cutting booted six goals with Brad Wilksch four and Bronte Mansell three. Matthew Daniels booted two for the Cougars.

Shane Jordan, Brock Oliver and Dean Cutting were named as best for Moonta whilst Jacob Dutschke, Matt Daniels and Todd Payne played well for the Cougars.

Round 13 scores – July 16, 2011

Bute                                    2.5,  11.12,  16.14,  20.20  (140)

Paskeville                         1.1,  2.3,  2.4,  8.5  (53)

GOALS, Bute : Alex Miller 4, Cameron Miller 2, James Venning 2, Adrian Simpson 2, Michael Polkinghorne 2, Shane Slade 2, Michael Clinch 1, Benjamin Nelson 1, Jess Kenny 1, Nicholas Polkinghorne 1, Stewart Wehr 1, Sam Trengove 1.  Paskeville : Stuart Daniel 4, Ryan Price 1, Ashley Bruce 1, Glenn Mulders 1, Mark Rundle 1.  BEST, Bute :  Cameron Miller, Jess Kenny, Nicholas Polkinghorne, Dane Avery, Benjamin Nelson, Jack Kenny.  Paskeville : Seth Matson, Ashley Bruce, Abraham Helfand, Ryan Price, Brodie Paige, Glenn Mulders

Moonta                                  3.8,  7.13,  15.15,  22.21  (153)

CY Cougars                              1.1,  2.3,  2.5,  3.5  (23)

GOALS, Moonta : Dean Cutting 6, Brad Wilksch 4, Bronte Mansell 3, Tyler  Andrews 2, Jake Andrews 1, Chadd Hawley 1,  Dylan Gaston 1, Shane Jordan 1, Dylan Mansell 1, Luke Moss 1, Sam Watson 1.  CY Cougars : Mathew Daniels 2, Zaccary Millar 1.  BEST, Moonta : Shane Jordan, Brock Oliver, Dean Cutting, Adam Hamilton, Dylan Mansell, Bradley Pack.  CY Cougars : Jacob Dutschke, Mathew Daniels, Todd Payne, Daniel Hillebrand, Corey Graham, Luke Dutschke

Kadina                                  3.3,  7.5,  13.10,  14.12  (96)

CMS Crows                           5.2,  6.3,  7.6,  12.12  (84)

GOALS, Kadina : William Serle 5, Brendan Papps 4, Josh  Lawson 2, Chris Flavel 2, Josh Willis 1.  CMS Crows : Adam Jolly 3, Brett Baillie 3, Troy Goldsworthy 2, Jamie Kemp 1, Sam Harris 1, Aaron Young 1, Stuart O’Brien 1.  BEST, Kadina : Josh  Lawson, Brendan Papps, Jono Lee, Ben McNichol, Nick Rawson, Trevor Harradine.  CMS Crows :  Ben Illman, Damien Bennett, Adam Jolly, Brett Baillie, Sam Harris, Sam Mumford

Southern Eagles                    5.4,  7.6,  13.15,  14.20  (104)

Ardrossan                               2.3,  5.7,  6.7,  12.9  (81)

GOALS, Southern Eagles : Sam Barlow 4, Jack White 3, Jarrod Spencer 1, Jon Coombe 1, Matthew Allen 1, Ashley Barton 1, Reece Rudduck 1, Shaun McWaters 1, Sam Johnsson 1.  Ardrossan : Luke Wood 3, Leigh Koch 3, Lachlan Cole 2, Shane Kenney 1, Daniel Lutze 1, George Rowntree 1, Nathan Pawlyk 1.  BEST, Southern Eagles : Matthew Allen, Jarrod Spencer, Shaun McWaters, Sam Barlow, Jon Coombe, Scott Bennett.  Ardrossan : George Rowntree, Luke Wood, Rhys Evans, Ben  Davey, Andrew Pryor, Leigh Koch


June 12, 2011

By Kenn Rogers

Toby Haseldine was named the best player for the Central zone with three very consistent games of the S A Country Football Championships played at Port Pirie on the weekend.  It was not very successful effort by the Central Zone side which came away without a win and a number of injuries.

Players who represented the Y.P. did not disgrace themselves. Players chosen were Ben O’Donohue and Adam Pitt (vice-captain) from the CMS Crows, Derek Clarke of the Southern Eagles, Josh Lawson from Kadina, Dale King of Paskeville, Dean Cutting, Adam Hamilton, Dylan Mansell and Toby Haseldine all from Moonta with Andrew Ross of Wallaroo.

Dylan Mansell and Toby Haseldine starred in all three games (two on Saturday and one on Sunday) whilst Adam Hamilton, Derek Clarke, Andrew Ross Ben O’Donohue and Dale King featured in at least two of the three games along with the never say die Adam Pitt who worked courageously on the ball and in the forward lines.

In the first game against Western the side kicked themselves out of the competition as they lost 4.10 (34) to 7.3 (45) after leading at the half time break. Haseldine, Dylan Mansell and Pitt all made the best player list.

In the second game against Southern Districts once again they led at the change of end but could not capitalize on the good start. Haseldine again starred in this game along with Pitt, Mansell and Adam Hamilton all playing well. Final scores were Central 5.7 (37) to Southern 7.2 (44)

The playoff for fifth and sixth against Northern Cities on Sunday morning went from bad to worse as the injury list climbed. Mansell scored a whack to the head, ending up with a black eye and severe headache. Pitt suffered similar injuries and went back on the field like the winged warrior and late in the game Toby Haseldine came off with a hamstring injury.

Caleb Howell of Virginia (Adelaide Plains) suffered damage to his knee on Saturday and took no further part in the competition; Ryan Darling (Blyth/Snowtown) suffered a hamstring injury also.

Adam Hamilton had to ruck for most of Sunday’s game and did the job extremely well and Ben O’Donohue also played very well.

Once again the side was in front at the first change but could not sustain the hard pressure of the stronger bodies. The Central side had a number of first time players and lacked the strength of the seasoned players. Final scores were Centrals 6.6 (42) to Northern Cities 9.14 (58).

The grand final was between Western (Eyre Pen) and Mid South East with Western running out winners. The win followed a controversial start to the competition as they played Southern Districts in the first game and were down 2.1 (13) to 5.3 (33) at the break. Immediately after the break, the Eyre Captain called for a count and Southern were found guilty of having 19 men on the ground with the result their score was reduced to nil. Eyre eventually won the game 4.4 (28) to 0.2 (2) and went on to win the carnival.

James Vandeleur (RSMU Hawks) played very well throughout the competition and Brodie Murphy (South Clare) were chosen in the team of the carnival and the SACFC Team and state squad along with Scott Wendleborn and Chris Shee also being added to the squad.

The spectators were very few but those who attended saw top line football played throughout the weekend.


Round 12 Wrap by Kenn Rogers.

Sunday July 3, 2011

Two exciting round results on Saturday have thrown the final five into a real conundrum as to who will finish where.

The big upset of the day came at Bute when Moonta scraped home by the narrowest of margins to grab the points and move into third place on the ladder. Paskeville failed to seal their place in the top five as they lost a close game against Kadina, going down by five goals in the final wash up. The Southern Eagles defeated the Central Yorke Cougars to narrow the gap with Paskeville and by looking at the remainder of the draw, the round on July 30th could decide who makes the final five. The Crows won easily against Wallaroo to hold second place with Kadina at the top of the ladder.

In the Bute v Moonta game at Bute the scores were very close all day and the thrilling finish held the crowd on their toes, much to the delight of the visitors supporters from Moonta. With a better percentage Moonta has now stepped up over Bute to hold third place. At the final change, Bute held a 17 point advantage although they had less scoring shots than Moonta. The Demons came home with a rush to win 13-13 to Bute 14-6. On paper after 26 scoring shots to 20 they should have won by more. Brad Wilksch booted three goals for Moonta and Hayden Cock three for Bute.

At Paskeville, Kadina were inaccurate at goal shooting to have had 22 shots at goal to 15 at the final change and had a lead of two points trailing 9-13 to Paskeville 10-5. The Bloodhounds poured on the pace in the final term to run away as they booted 5-6 to Paskeville 1-1. The win sees them hold top spot on the ladder with the CMS Crows.

The Crows narrowed the gap in the percentage field as they scored a runaway win against Wallaroo by 107 points. At the half time break the Crows led 10-13 to just 2 points from the Bulldogs, and ran out winners 23-18 to 7-7. Adam Jolly was the star for the Crows in the forward lines as he booted 7 goals.

In the other game of the round, the Southern Eagles stormed away from the C Y Cougars in the second half, although they were never in trouble to win the game and keep their hopes of a finals berth well and truly alive,  following the loss by Paskeville. The first term was very even, and as the game wore on the Cougars did not look like upsetting the Green and Gold’s, who were without Brad Coles and Jack Barlow who are sadly out with long term injuries.

The second term saw the Eagles well off target at the goal front as they booted 3-7 for the term to lead at the long break 4-11 to 1-3. The third term saw the Eagles till astray in front of goal but they had control of the game. Trent Hayes was having a good battle with Josh Dutschke and both players broke even on the day to be both in their side’s best players list.

Justin Macey and Sam Barlow each booted two goals whilst seven other goal kickers were recorded for the Eagles.

Conditions for the day were more in favour of the farmers as the rain had fallen overnight and the ground was slippery with a wet ball good play was not on the agenda.

Final score was the Eagles 11-16 to the Cougars 3-9 was indicative of the position of the Cougars who stay at the bottom of the table without a win in 2011.

The ladder after round ten has Kadina on top with the CMS Crows who are both on 18 points, Moonta are in third place on percentage over Bute with both sides on 16. Paskeville are on 10 with the Southern Eagles the only threat at the moment to the top five on 8.

It has been a very open season and any person who can confidently predict a flag winner at this stage is a very brave person.

Round 12 – July 2, 2011

Moonta                              4.5,  5.7,  6.12,  13.13  (91)

Bute                                    2.3,  6.3,  10.5,  14.6  (90)

GOALS, Moonta : Brad Wilksch 3, Dean Cutting 2, Brock Oliver 2, Rohan Bock 2, Adam Hamilton 1, Toby Haseldine 1, Dylan Gaston 1, Shane Moss 1.  Bute :  Haydn Cock 3, Shane Slade 2, Alex Miller 2, Nicholas Polkinghorne 2, Cameron Miller 1, Michael Clinch 1,  Sam Trengove 1, Jess Kenny 1, Stewart Wehr 1.  Best, Moonta : Dylan Mansell, Toby Haseldine, Brock Oliver, Damian Adams, Shane Jordan, Nick Blight. 

Bute : Dane Avery, Sam Trengove, Benjamin Nelson, Nicholas Polkinghorne, Cameron Miller, Anderson Claxton

Southern Eagles                     1.2,  4.11,  6.15,  11.16  (82)

CY Cougars                              1.1,  1.3,  1.7,  3.9  (27)

GOALS, Southern Eagles :  Justin Macey 2, Sam Barlow 2, Jarrod Spencer 1, Derek Clarke 1, Jon Coombe 1, Matthew Allen 1,  Ashley Barton 1, Trent Hayes 1, Luke Liddiard 1.  CY Cougars : Zaccary Millar 1, Corey Graham 1, Dominic  Meaney 1.  BEST, Southern Eagles : Trent Hayes, Mathew Barlow, Scott Bennett, Shaun McWaters, Matthew Allen, Daniel  Redden.  CY Cougars : Adam Schulz, Mathew Daniels, Daniel Hillebrand, Zaccary Millar, Josh Dutschke, Todd Payne

Kadina                                  4.4,  6.7,  9.13,  14.19  (103)

Paskeville                              3.2,  5.3,  10.5,  11.6  (72)

GOALS, Kadina : William Serle 5, Brendan Papps 3, Benn Waller 2, Josh  Lawson 2, Alex East 1, Scott Gunning 1.  Paskeville :  Glenn Mulders 3, Ryan Price 2, Mark Rundle 2, Michael Daniel 2, Seth Matson 1, Tom Bussenschutt 1.  BEST, Kadina : Luke Driver, Brendan Papps, William Serle, Nick Rawson, Daniel Toole, Josh  Lawson.  Paskeville :  Seth Matson, Dale King, Gavin Bussenschutt, Brendan Ramsey, Glenn Mulders, Michael Daniel

CMS Crows                             4.10,  10.13,  19.16,  23.18  (156)

Wallaroo                                0.1,  0.2,  3.4,  7.7  (49)

GOALS, CMS Crows :  Adam Jolly 7, Troy Goldsworthy 3, Brett Baillie 3, Jarryd Dixey 3, Ben O’Donohue 2, James Lee 1,  Adam Pitt 1, Sam Harris 1, Thomas Bailey 1, Joseph Parsons 1.  Wallaroo : Andrew Ross 4, Reece Page 1, Nathan Murphy 1, Matthew Bodie 1.  BEST, CMS Crows : Adam Jolly, Jarryd Dixey, Sam Mumford, Ben O’Donohue, Damien Bennett, Matthew Murnane.  Wallaroo : Stuart Green, Sonny Greagen, Andrew Ross, Reece Page, Adam Zanker, Glen Bretten


by Kenn Rogers

“Smashed Again” is not only a headline from the Adelaide Crows but this time it is the C Y Cougars in the Y P Football League. This is a sad and sorry sight for the Navy Blues as they are a better club than their results each week. The Cougars succumbed to the Crows from the beginning of the day with the visitors Junior Colts, Under 17’s and B grade all winning with consummate ease.

Before the A Grade game Justin McCormack had taken over from Ja McCauley as coach, as it was decided by the club a change was needed after the massive loss by the Cougars to Ardrossan. Justin has a huge job on his hands and is a very brave person to step in at this stage of the year. Supporters are needed for the Cougars as the crowd was predominantly Crows despite the match being played at Maitland.

Sadly his coaching stint didn’t start in the right fashion as the A grade was a mess from the hometeams point of view. In the first term they dragged the Crows down to their level and the game was very scrappy. Scores at the first change were indicative of the standard of the game with the Crows scoring 2-4 to Cougars 0-4 at quarter time.

The Crows scored well in the second term with a strong performance from Brett Baillie at CH F who kicked three goals for the term and he was a force all day. There were two big highlights in this term, the first being a 75 yard goal from youngster Sam Harris and the second a goal from Charlie Litster up from the U17’s  with just his second kick in A grade football.

Were the Cougars on the ground? That was the big question as they were a team of tryers and that was about all. Josh Dutschke in the centre was the only standout player as he was up against the in-form Adam Pitt so he had his work cut out. Matthew Daniels tried hard in the forward lines as he kicked the first Cougar goal at the 17 minute mark of the second term although Damien Bennett was well on top of him for most of the game. For the CMS Crows, Ben O’Donohue, Adam Jolly and Adam Pitty were on fire. Big ruckman Matt Murnane needed this game to run into some form as he has a slow start to the season only playing his first match of the season last week.

Scores at the half time break , Crows well on top at 9-8 to Cougars 1-4.


Corey Graham lifted the spirits of the Cougars with a long goal at the three minute mark of the third term but that was where the tram stopped for the game as they did not score another goal for the rest of the afternoon. In the meantime the Crows could have increased their percentage but failed to do so, wasting opportunities to kick 3.6 for the quarter. This is could prove costly later in the season as the competition at the top of the table is extremely close and percentage will decide positions for a double chance come finals time.

3/ 4 time scores – Crows 11-14 to CY 2-5.  The cork off the Champagne bottle was lifted with the Crows turning a cold sunny day into a warm winter finish as they piled on 9-2 to nil in this term. The big goal of the day came from Murnane, who off one step in the centre circle let fly for the ball to sail through the goals and out of the ground for an 80 metre plus goal. Late goals came from Jo Parsons and Ben O’Donohue to have the final score, CMS Crows 20-16 Cougars a pitiful 2-5.

Best players named on the day for the Crows were Ben O’Donohue, Damien Bennett, Brett Baillie, Adam Jolly, Adam Pitt and youngster Jarryd Dixey. Add to this list all the Crow players as they did not lose any position on the field. The best players for the Cougars were hard to find but Josh Dutschke stood out along with Daniels, others who tried were Jacob Dutschke, Ben Vaiana, Will Correll and Zac Miller.

If ever there was a “David and Goliath” game this was the one, however David was no match in any position on the ground for the Goliath of the day.

At the end of the day and all games played the Cougars could not tally up double figures in goals as the club scored a total of 9 goals. This is a sorry tale for a proud club.

As a result of other games the Crows have moved up to second on the ladder joining Kadina and Bute at on eight wins with Kadina taking top spot on percentage. The top five now reads Kadina 16, Crows 16, Bute 16, Moonta 14 and Paskeville 10.

In other games saw Kadina score a massive win against the Southern Eagles, with Moonta winning by a huge margin over Ardrossan to give them a percentage boosting win.

The Southern Eagles breathed a sigh of relief when they heard the result of the Wallaroo Paskeville game as Wallaroo won by 35 points. The loss by the Magpies has kept the Eagles boys slim hopes alive for a finals berth as they are two games behind in sixth place.  

Round 11 – June 25, 2011

CMS Crows                               2.4,  9.8,  11.14,  20.17  (137)

CY Cougars                              0.4,  1.4,  2.5,  2.5  (17)

GOALS, CMS Crows : Adam Jolly 3, James Lee 3, Brett Baillie 3, Matthew Murnane 2, Ben O’Donohue 2, Joseph Parsons 2, Jason Marner 1, Kieran  Dixey 1, Charlie Litster 1, Sam Harris 1, Aaron Young 1.   CY Cougars :  Corey Graham 1, Mathew Daniels 1.  BEST, CMS Crows : Ben O’Donohue, Damien Bennett, Brett Baillie, Jamie Kemp, Adam Pitt, Jarryd Dixey.  CY Cougars : Mathew Daniels, Josh Dutschke, Jacob Dutschke, Ben Vaiana, William Correll, Zaccary Millar

Wallaroo                                4.2,  6.5,  8.7,  12.8  (80)

Paskeville                              3.0,  3.5,  4.5,  6.9  (45)

GOALS, Wallaroo :  Andrew Ross 3, Riley Westlake 3, Matthew Bodie 2, Nick Pape 1, Reece Page 1, Scott Murphy 1,  Dylan Boundy 1.  Paskeville : Mark Rundle 3, Brendan Ramsey 1, Glenn Mulders 1, Tom Bussenschutt 1.  BEST, Wallaroo : Stuart Green, Reece Page, Sonny Greagen, Nick Beck, Daniel Lish, Scott Murphy.  Paskeville : Seth Matson, Glenn Mulders, Abraham Helfand, Gavin Bussenschutt, Martin Daniel, Mark Rundle

Moonta                                  3.3,  6.5,  11.7,  23.12  (150)

Ardrossan                               3.3,  4.3,  4.4,  5.7  (37)

GOALS, Moonta : Dean Cutting 9, Brad Wilksch 3, Shane Moss 2, Ben Talbot 2, Toby Haseldine 1, Dylan Gaston 1,  Damian Adams 1, Shane Jordan 1, Tyler  Andrews 1, Sam Watson 1, Brock Oliver 1.   Ardrossan :  Hayden Pierson 1, Daniel Lutze 1, Sam Graham 1, Luke Wood 1, Leigh Koch 1.  BEST, Moonta : Shane Jordan, Dean Cutting, Dylan Mansell, Toby Haseldine, Tom Ferguson, Clay Elsworthy.  Ardrossan : George Rowntree, Shane Kenney, Matthew Schulz, Ben  Davey, Ian Pryor, Nicholas Brind

Kadina                                  2.2,  8.6,  13.7,  21.15  (141)

Southern Eagles                3.2,  4.2,  7.4,  7.5  (47)

GOALS, Kadina : William Serle 5, Josh  Lawson 4, Brett Burnell 3, Brendan Papps 3, Joel Phillips 1, Luke Driver 1,  Trevor Harradine 1, Scott Gunning 1, Benn Waller 1, Nick Rawson 1.  Southern Eagles : John Preece 2, Sam Diassinas 2, Shaun McWaters 1, Luke Liddiard 1, Sam Barlow 1.  BEST, Kadina : Josh  Lawson, Brett Burnell, Brendan Papps, Tim Neumann, Luke Driver, Benn Waller.  Southern Eagles :

Brad Coles, Wil Murdoch, Jon Coombe, Shaun McWaters, Trent Hayes, Derek Clarke


CMS Crows v Moonta by Kenn Rogers

In a very tight and interesting game at Stansbury, the CMS Crows came home with a “wet sail” to snatch victory and move to third place on the ladder.

After a good start where they lead by two goals at the first change, the Crows let Moonta back into the game in the second term as the half time scores were only two points apart – Crows ahead 5-5 to Moonta 5-3.

Moonta took control of the game in the third term by kicking 6-4 to the Crows 2-3 to have a lead of 23 points at the final change. For the Demons, Shane Jordan at centre half forward  and Clay Elsworthy on the wing were setting play up and were on fire to this stage of the game. Damien Adams had the better of the ruck duels for Moonta and this gave them a good lead at the last change. Meanwhile Damien Bennett, Adam Pitt and Aaron Young were in everything for the Crows, who had all the work to do in the last quarter to try and claim a home win.

What a final term it turned out to be, as the Crows gradually whittled away the deficit and eventually took the lead.  Adam Pitt and Adam Jolly lifted the side to the as the teams supporters could sense victory. The strong Crows defence led by Sam Mumford, Damien Bennett and Ben Illman lifted, managing to shut down Dean Cutting who had been instrumental in Moonta’s strong position up to the final change. Up forward, Jo Parsons in the last term was at the goal front and became a crucial  focal point. Ben O’Donohue was roving well all day and also became a problem for the Moonta followers in the final term as he was shooting at goal with ease. Playing Coach Jamie Kemp showed his team what he wanted on the field and led by example, while Thomas Bailey showed he is a good acquisition to the Crows forward lines.

Play was hard and tough as they held Moonta to one point for the quarter whilst removing the deficit, as they booted 6.1 themselves. In the end the Crows got home by 13 points.

For Moonta, Brock Oliver on the centre line played well for Moonta, as did Jordan, Elsworthy and Adams.

Overall it was a fulfilling win to the Crows, giving them plenty of faith in themselves as we move into the second half of season and the finals where these teams could meet again.

In other games, Ardrossan pulled off its second win, beating Wallaroo by 20 points. The seasiders took control of the game in the second half adding 5.1 to 2.2 in the third term.

Bute and Southern Eagles battled a tight game at Warooka, the Roosters hanging on for a seven point victory. Paskeville had a big home win over the Cougars, thrashing them by 156 points with 12 different goalkickers.

Round 10 – June 18, 2011





29.9 (183)

CY Cougars




4.13 (37)

GOALS, Paskeville : Matthew Rodda 6, Nathan McEvoy 5, Mark Rundle 4, Ashley Bruce 3, Ryan Price 3, Bradley Muster 2, Glenn Mulders 1, Nicholas Perry 1, Dale King 1, Tom Bussenschutt 1, Abraham Helfand 1, Seth Matson 1.  CY Cougars : Joshua Graham 2, George Davies 2.  BEST, Paskeville : Nathan McEvoy, Seth Matson, Abraham Helfand, Nicholas Perry, Martin Daniel, Ashley Pridham.  CY Cougars : Joshua Graham, Corey Graham, Josh Dutschke, Daniel Hillebrand, Shaun Hasting, Zaccary Millar

CMS Crows




13.9 (87)





11.8 (74)

GOALS, CMS Crows : Joseph Parsons 3, Ben O’Donohue 3, Adam Jolly 2, Jason Marner 1, Kieran  Dixey 1, Ben Illman 1, Matthew Murnane 1, Troy Goldsworthy 1.  Moonta : Dean Cutting 2, Brad Russell 2, Brock Oliver 1, Bradley Pack 1, Dylan Mansell 1, Aidan Zwar 1, Rohan Bock 1, Shane Jordan 1, Adam Hamilton 1.  BEST, CMS Crows : Ben O’Donohue, Jamie Kemp, Aaron Young, Adam Pitt, Damien Bennett, Thomas Bailey.  Moonta : Shane Jordan, Clay Elsworthy, Damian Adams, Brock Oliver, Adam Hamilton, Bradley Pack





8.18 (66)

Southern Eagles




8.11 (59)

GOALS, Bute : Stewart Wehr 2, James Venning 2, Michael Polkinghorne 2, Benjamin Nelson 1, Haydn Cock 1. Southern Eagles: Daniel  Redden 4, Sam Barlow 3, Derek Clarke 1.  BEST, Bute : Cameron Miller, James Venning, Nicholas Polkinghorne, Michael Polkinghorne, Jess Kenny, Benjamin Nelson.  Southern Eagles : Trent Hayes, Luke Liddiard, Matthew Allen, Shaun McWaters, Derek Clarke, Damien Rowe





14.7 (91)





10.11 (71)

GOALS, Ardrossan : Andrew Pryor 3, Leigh Koch 2, Dale Treloar 2, Luke Wood 2, Matthew Stone 1, Josh Hollitt 1,  Ian Pryor 1, Daniel Lutze 1, George Rowntree 1.  Wallaroo : Stuart Green 3, Andrew Ross 3, Matthew Grillett 2, Riley Westlake 1, Luke Hann 1.  BEST, Ardrossan : Ben  Davey, George Rowntree, Shane Kenney, Matthew Schulz, Andrew Pryor, Josh Hollitt.  Wallaroo : Stuart Green, Matthew Grillett, Adam Zanker, Nick Beck, Sonny Greagen, Reece Page


Match Report – Bute v CMS Crows Sat 4-06-11 by Kenn Rogers

From top of the ladder last week to fourth this week, that is the situation for the CMS Crows as they fell “foul” of the Roosters at Bute on Saturday. The resultant wins by Bute, Kadina and Moonta has seen them lose top place on the ladder. Take a breather and you are gone in Y P footy this season.

Following a good first half of football the Bute Roosters played champagne football in the third term to kick the Crows complete score to that time, as they booted 9-4 to the Crows two goals to be up at the final change 15-13 to 9 -2 and run away with an easy win.

Bute were unable to kick straight in the first half when they should have had the game all sewn up at half time but the Crows were hanging in being down one point at the long break 7-2 to 6-9

The play in the first half was of a very high standard, and the skills showed by both sides was worth travelling to witness. The speed of the game was nothing short of scintillating with no player able to say they had won their position at the long break. Better players for the Crows in this half (and for the game) were Adam Pitt who was roving brilliantly and Jo Parsons who was a danger up forward for the Crows whilst Shane Slade was in everything in the forward lines for Bute. Haydn cock was giving Ryan Brundell a hard time in the goal front for Bute however his kicking let him down badly in the first half.

Andy Claxton and Cameron Miller were combining well in ruck and giving their forwards every opportunity to score. Jess Kenny at centre for Bute had the better of Ben Miller and Nick Polkinghorne was a problem for the Crows on the wing.

.In the second half Cock found his boots and kicked straight to finish the game with 5 goals ably supported by Stewart Wehr and Shane Slade. At the other end of the ground Dane Avery shut the young Brett Bailie out of the game at C H B and Adam Cock was very strong in defence. Sam Trengove played a serviceable game for Bute and Paul Nicholls was under extreme pressure at CHF opposed to the in-form, Sam Mumford.

Better players for the Crows apart from Adam Pitt (who was brilliant all day) their best players all came from defence in Ryan Brundell, Damien Bennett, Rhys Brundell and youngster Ben Illman

The young Crow forward line were well held all day and the brilliant third quarter by Bute took the sting out of the Crows allowing the home side to win handsomely 18-14 to Crows 11-5.

In other games, Moonta were too good for Pasky winning by 29 points. Aiden Zwar (5 goals) and Dean Cutting (4 goals) were too good for their respective opponents.

At Warooka, Southern Eagles returned to form, beating Wallaroo by 55 points. Matthew Barlow and Shaun McWaters were best with Sam Diassnias and Sam Barlow bagging five goals each.

At Ardrossan, the Roos matched it with Kadina until half time – with the Bloodhounds just 6 points clear at the main break. It ended as a contest in the second half, with Kadina adding 7.10 to 2.2 to run out 44 point winners. Willy Serle kicking five goals and Cam Faulkner was best a field.

That is the end of the first round of home and away games, with next Saturday being the Landmark Cup at Snowtown.

Round 9 scores – June 4, 2011

Bute                                    4.6,  6.9,  15.13,  18.14  (122)

CMS Crows                       4.1,  7.2,  9.2,  11.5  (71)

GOALS, Bute : Haydn Cock 5, Stewart Wehr 3, Shane Slade 3, Cameron Miller 2, Matthew Millard 2, Nicholas Polkinghorne 2, Jess Kenny 1.  CMS Crows : Joseph Parsons 3, Kieran  Dixey 2, Adam Pitt 1, Jamie Kemp 1, Darren  Marner 1, Sam Harris 1, Ben O’Donohue 1, Brett Baillie. BEST, Bute : Jess Kenny, Cameron Miller, Adam Cock, Dane Avery, Michael Polkinghorne, Stewart Wehr.   CMS Crows : Adam Pitt, Damien Bennett, Sam Mumford, Ryan Brundell, Rhys Brundell, Ben Illman

Moonta                                  1.7,  7.10,  10.14,  16.19  (115)

Paskeville                              2.3,  5.8,  8.8,  13.8  (86)

GOALS, Moonta : Aidan Zwar 5, Dean Cutting 4, Damian Adams 2, Adam Hamilton 2, Brad Russell 1, Dylan Mansell 1, Shane Jordan 1. Paskeville : Glenn Mulders 3, Ryan Price 3, Matthew Rodda 2, Brett Gierke 2, Aaron McDonald 2, Gavin Bussenschutt 1. BEST, Moonta :  Dean Cutting, Aidan Zwar, Ben Talbot, Dylan Mansell, Damian Adams, Ryan Clasohm. Paskeville :Stuart Daniel, Craig Gardner, Matthew Rodda, Gavin Bussenschutt, Glenn Mulders, Dale King

Southern Eagles                  7.4,  9.6,  13.7,  16.10  (106)

Wallaroo                                2.2,  2.4,  3.8,  7.9  (51)

GOALS, Southern Eagles :  Sam Diassinas 5, Sam Barlow 5, Jack Barlow 2, Jarrod Spencer 1, Matthew Allen 1, Timothy Kennedy 1, Jackson Pisani 1.  Wallaroo : Andrew Ross 4, Benjamin Linn 1, Ben Abela 1, Reece Page 1.  BEST, Southern Eagles : Mathew Barlow, Shaun McWaters, Sam Barlow, Jack Barlow, Sam Diassinas, Jon Coombe.  Wallaroo : Reece Page, Andrew Ross, Matthew Grillett, Ben Abela, Sonny Greagen, Adam Watts

Kadina                                  3.3,  6.6,  9.14,  13.16  (94)

Ardrossan                            3.2,  5.6,  5.6,  7.8  (50)

GOALS, Kadina : William Serle 5, Brett Burnell 2, Jake Boothey 1, Kane Zilm 1, Chris Flavel 1, Scott Gunning 1, Cameron Faulkner 1, Loren Franz 1. Ardrossan : Andrew Pryor 4, Ian Pryor 1, Matthew Stone 1, Sam Graham 1. BEST, Kadina : Cameron Faulkner, Joshua Lawson, Luke Driver, Simon Kretschmer, Jonathan Lee, Adam Wilson. Ardrossan : George Rowntree, Shane Kenney, Andrew Pryor, Ian Pryor, Dale Treloar, Ben  Davey


Match Report by Kenn Rogers

(Kenn will be writing match of round reports for countryfooty for the rest of 2011)

Sunday May 29, 2011

Playing in the Heritage Round game and for the honours of the Ron Rowe Cup, The CMS Crows and Southern Eagles turned on a display that kept the large crowd enthralled until the bitter end.

The day commenced with the Eagles taking the honours in all the minor grades with consummate ease.

Both sides entered the ground for the A grade game wearing a specially designed jumper commemorating their Heritage of the combination of clubs back in 1993. The Eagles were made up from Edithburgh Yorketown and Western United (Warooka) whilst the Crows were formed through Curramulka, Minlaton and Stansbury joining forces. Games over the years have drawn large crowds and Saturday was no different when in excess of five hundred paying patrons entered the ground.

Many spectators were dressed in their original clubs jumpers to add to the colour and excitement of the day.

The Southern Eagles looked as though they were going to make it a black day for the Crows at the half time break as they led with accurate kicking 10-2 to Crows 6-6.

John Preece led the ruck for the Eagles and was on top early with Shaun McWaters getting the ball out of centre with ease setting up Derek Clarke in the forward lines to score. Jackson Pisani (a former Crow) was also in fine form at the goal front and he responded well. Sam Barlow Brad Coles and Dalton Reick were on fire across the half forward line for the Eagles and the scene looked bleak for the Crows. In defence Jon Coombe had the better of Brett Baillie and young Steven Taylor-King was playing well on the half back flank.

Following the half time roasting by Coach Jamie Kemp the Crows looked to be a rejuvenated side and played champagne football to entertain the good crowd.

Ben Millar who had been well held by Shaun Mc Waters in the centre came into the game, Bern O’Donohue on the ball and Adam Pitt, who had been playing well, lifted the side and they were able to use Jo Parsons in the goal front, who finished the game with five goals. Youngsters in Sam Harris, Ben Illman, Kieran Dixey and Rhys Brundell all attacked the ball and tackled the opposition with strength beyond their ability.

Troy Goldsworthy on the half forward line Aaron Young also came into the game to be on top of their opponents.

Holding the Eagles to four points for the third term and being able to score 5-2 the Crows held an eight point lead at the final change.

The Eagles had lost the services of Brad Coles with injury and this left a big hole for the southerners.

Could the Crows move on or could the Eagles fight back was on the minds of supporters for the final term. Adam Pitt showed just how good he is using his head to set play up and hold the opposition and young Ben Illman showed class in defence for the Crows.

Shaun McWaters Jack and Sam Barlow were trying hard for the Eagles but all was to no avail as the strong Crow defenders held up play.

Final score saw the Crows home by two goals and the interesting part was they held the opposition goalless for the second half, to run out winners 12-10 to 10-10.

The Crows proudly received the Ron Rowe cup following the game.

Round 8 scores – May 28, 2011

CMS Crows                               3.5,  6.6,  11.8,  12.10  (82)

Southern Eagles                    3.0,  10.2,  10.6,  10.10  (70)

GOALS, CMS Crows : Joseph Parsons 5, Troy Goldsworthy 2, Stuart O’Brien 2, Ben O’Donohue 1, Brett Baillie 1, Ben Millar 1.  Southern Eagles : Derek Clarke 4, Jackson Pisani 2, Michael Dalla 1, Matthew Allen 1, Steven Taylor-King 1, Sam Johnsson 1.  BEST, CMS Crows : Adam Pitt, Ben O’Donohue, Joseph Parsons, Rhys Brundell, Ben Illman, Sam Mumford.  Southern Eagles : Shaun McWaters, Derek Clarke, Jack Barlow, Jarrod Spencer, Jon Coombe, Steven Taylor-King

Kadina                                6.3,  8.6,  11.8,  16.10  (106)

Bute                                    1.1,  4.2,  4.5,  9.8  (62)

GOALS, Kadina : William Serle 6, Kane Zilm 3, Trevor Harradine 2, Joel Phillips 2, Cameron Faulkner 1, Joshua Lawson 1,  Scott Gunning 1. Bute : Shane Slade 2, Haydn Cock 2, Matthew Millard 2, Jess Kenny 1, Stewart Wehr 1, Chris Moloney 1.   BEST, Kadina : Jonathan Lee, Luke Driver, Cameron Faulkner, Joshua Lawson, William Serle, Nicholas Rawson.  Bute : Dane Avery, Benn Adams, Jess Kenny, Sam Trengove, Matthew Millard, Anderson Claxton

Ardrossan                               8.1,  11.5,  18.10,  21.11  (137)

CY Cougars                              1.1,  2.2,  2.2,  2.6  (18)

GOALS, Ardrossan : Hayden Pierson 6, Matthew Stone 5, Brad Moulds 4, Ian Pryor 4, Rhys Evans 1, Tim Mullins 1. CY Cougars : Zach Dutschke 1, Alex McCauley 1. BEST, Ardrossan : Ben  Davey, Hayden Pierson, Rhys Evans, Matthew Schulz, Tim Mullins, Matthew Stone. CY Cougars : Adam Schulz, Josh Dutschke, Shaun Hasting, Dominic Honner, Zach Dutschke, Graham Walker

Moonta                                  7.2,  10.5,  17.9,  21.12  (138)

Wallaroo                                1.1,  3.5,  4.7,  8.7  (55)

GOALS, Moonta : Dean Cutting 3, Damian Adams 3, Aidan Zwar 3, Adam Hamilton 3, Shane Jordan 2, Dylan Mansell 2,  Brock Oliver 1, Bradley Pack 1, Luke Moss 1, Clay Elsworthy 1, Rohan Bock 1.  Wallaroo : Andrew Ross 5, Nick Pape 1, Andrew Grillett 1, Nick Beck 1. BEST, Moonta : Damian Adams, Shane Jordan, Aidan Zwar, Dean Cutting, Dylan Gaston, Dylan Mansell.  Wallaroo : Andrew Grillett, Matthew Grillett, Adam Watts, Dylan Westlake, Andrew Ross, Reece Page

Round 7 – May 21, 2011

Bute                                    4.4,  6.7,  11.8,  14.10  (94)

Wallaroo                          1.1,  4.9,  5.10,  9.14  (68)

GOALS, Bute : Shane Slade 4, Haydn Cock 3, Matthew Millard 2, Cameron Miller 2, Benjamin Nelson 1, Jess Kenny 1, Peter Nichols 1. Wallaroo : Andrew Ross 4, Nick Pape 2, Stuart Green 2, Reece Page 1.   BEST, Bute :  Cameron Miller, Nicholas Polkinghorne, Matthew Millard, Benjamin Nelson, Anderson Claxton, Adam Cock.  Wallaroo : Nick Pape, Matthew Grillett, Andrew Ross, Ben Abela, Stuart Green, Riley Westlake

Kadina                                  3.5,  9.12,  15.15,  27.19  (181)

CY Cougars                          4.1,  4.1,  6.2,  9.3  (57)

GOALS, Kadina : Scott Gunning 8, Ian McMillan 3, Joshua Lawson 3, Chris Flavel 2, Nicholas Rawson 2, Kane Zilm 2,  Jonathan Lee 2, Brian Mayger 1, Adam Wilson 1, Fraser Ellis 1, Simon Kretschmer 1, Joel Phillips 1.   CY Cougars :  George Davies 4, Shaun Hasting 2, Jacob Dutschke 1, Graham Walker 1, Todd Payne 1.  BEST, Kadina : Joshua Lawson, Ian McMillan, Jonathan Lee, Nicholas Rawson, Scott Gunning, Kane Zilm.  CY Cougars : Shaun Hasting, Josh Dutschke, George Davies, Zaccary Millar, Todd Payne, Adam Schulz

Paskeville                              1.4,  3.6,  6.11,  7.12  (54)

Ardrossan                             3.1,  4.5,  6.5,  6.7  (43)

GOALS, Paskeville : Matthew Rodda 2, Daryl Porter 1, Michael Daniel 1, Gavin Bussenschutt 1, Stuart Daniel 1, Dale King 1.  Ardrossan : Daniel Lutze 2, Luke Wood 1, George Rowntree 1, Matthew Stone 1, Leigh Koch 1.  BEST, Paskeville : Craig Gardner, Stuart Daniel, Seth Matson, Daryl Porter, Jesse Pomery, Gavin Bussenschutt.  Ardrossan : Shane Kenney, George Rowntree, Daniel Lutze, Ben  Davey, Chris Bettineschi, Andrew Pryor

Moonta                                  2.5,  2.5,  6.11,  8.12  (60)

Southern Eagles                  1.1,  4.4,  4.4,  7.7  (49)

GOALS, Moonta :  Clay Elsworthy 2, Bradley Pack 1, Aidan Zwar 1, Ryan Clasohm 1, Michael Hobbs 1, Shane Jordan 1,  Tom Ferguson 1.  Southern Eagles : Brad Coles 4, Derek Clarke 1, Jarrod Spencer 1, Justin Macey 1.  BEST, Moonta : Clay Elsworthy, Brock Oliver, Nick Blight, Dylan Mansell, Tom Ferguson, Aidan Zwar.  Southern Eagles :


ROUND 6 WRAP – Monday 16 May 2011

It was another fascinating round of YP Footy at the weekend, even though results went pretty much as expected. In a thriller as Pasky, the Southern Eagles looked set for victory at three quarter time as they led the homeside by 3 goals. The likes of Derek Clarke and Matthew Barlow had been good all day, but as the goals dried up for them in the last term, Pasky hit the lead late in the match to take the game by just two points – moving them back into the top five. Stuart Daniel was best, along with Ashley Bruce and Dale King. The Eagles would be disappointing the give up the three goal lead in a low scoring game and now have only two wins from five games.

It was one way traffic in the other games, although Wallaroo made a good fist of things at home against Kadina. The Dogs kicked 5.5 to 3.1 in the first term for a lead early, but were demolished in the second as the Bloodhounds added 8.5 to take a comfortable lead at half time. Willy Serle was back to good form with 5 goals with Ian McMillan and Cam Faulker also playing well. For Wallaroo, Sonny Greagen and Nick Pape were best.

As expected, the CMS Crows made short work of Ardrossan, winning by 90 points – with Joe Parsons kicking eight goals. While at Maitland, the Cougars put in a better showing – going down to Bute by 55 points. After a tight first term, the Roosters eased away in the second, adding 5.5 to 1.1. They are equal top with the CMS Crows – although Bute have yet to lose a match.

This week, Moonta make the long trip after a bye to Warooka to play the Southern Eagles, Pasky hosts Ardrossan, Kadina plays the Cougars while Bute hosts Wallaroo in what might be the match of the round. It’s the CMS Crows turn for the bye.

Round 6 – May 14, 2011 





8.11 (59)

Southern Eagles




8.9 (57)

GOALS, Paskeville : Matthew Rodda 3, Martin Daniel 1, Bradley Muster 1, Brodie Paige 1, Ryan Price 1 Southern Eagles : Sam Barlow 3, Jarrod Spencer 1, Sam Diassinas 1, Ashley Barton 1, Michael Dalla 1, Brad Coles 1 BEST, Paskeville : Stuart Daniel, Ashley Bruce, Dale King, Matthew Rodda, Craig Gardner, Nathan McEvoy Southern Eagles : Derek Clarke, Mathew Barlow, Jarrod Spencer, Brad Coles, Shaun McWaters, Matthew Allen





15.17 (107)

CY Cougars




8.4 (52)

GOALS, Bute : Shane Slade 4, Benjamin Nelson 2, Cameron Miller 2, Stewart Wehr 2, Matthew Millard 2, Peter Nichols 1, Haydn Cock 1, Jess Kenny 1 CY Cougars : George Davies 5, Mathew Daniels 1, Travis Brokenshire 1, Alex McCauley 1 BEST, Bute : Cameron Miller, Adrian Simpson, Matthew Millard, Jess Kenny, Michael Polkinghorne, Shane Slade CY Cougars : Josh Dutschke, Todd Payne, Zaccary Millar, George Davies, Ben Vaiana, Joel Stevens

CMS Crows




19.21 (135)





6.9 (45)

GOALS, CMS Crows : Joseph Parsons 8, Brett Baillie 3, Ben Millar 3, Jarryd Dixey 1, Stuart O’Brien 1, Kieran Dixey 1, Damien Bennett 1, Troy Goldsworthy 1 Ardrossan : Daniel Lutze 2, Hayden Pierson 1, Josh Hollitt 1, Andrew Pryor 1, Shane Kenney 1 BEST, CMS Crows : Ben Millar, Adam Pitt, Joseph Parsons, Damien Bennett, Stuart O’Brien Ardrossan : not available





20.10 (130)





12.6 (78)

GOALS, Kadina : William Serle 5, Chris Flavel 3, Ian McMillan 2, Scott Gunning 2, Lorenz Franz 2, Cameron Faulkner 1, Joshua Lawson 1, Luke Driver 1, Jonathan Lee 1, Joel Phillips 1, Derek Sansbury 1 Wallaroo : Reece Page 3, Andrew Ross 3, Dylan Boundy 3, Matthew Grillett 1, Nick Pape 1, Nick Beck 1 BEST, Kadina : Ian McMillan, Cameron Faulkner, Joshua Lawson, Jonathan Lee, Luke Browning, Nicholas Rawson Wallaroo : Sonny Greagen, Nick Pape, Stuart Green, Benjamin Linn, Andrew Ross, Adam Watts


Round 5 review – May 7, 2011

It was another big round of footy in the YPFL on the weekend, with Kadina and Moonta doing battle in the traditional “Cousin Jack” meeting at Moonta Oval. It was a tight game all day with the Bloodhounds just getting over the top in the end by six points. Cam Faulkner and ruckman Jon Lee were best. Moonta’s better players in this tight clash were Dylan Mansell and Shane Jordan (4 goals). Dean Cutting was kept to just two goals in what may have been the difference between winnng and losing.

At Stansbury, the CMS Crows were too powerful for Paskeville, winning by 45 points.  The Magpies did start well adding 5.1 to 2.3 in the first term, before the Crows went nuts in what was an eight goal second term. Ben O’Donohue and Adam Pitt were excellent for CMS, whilst for Pasky, Dale King and Craig Gardner were in their better players.

At Bute, the Roosters were too strong for Ardrossan winning by 41 points. Mail Medalist Sam Trengove was in fine touch, along with Matthew Millard up forward and Michael Polkinghorne. For the Roos, Shane Kenney and Rhys Evans toiled hard.

At Wallaroo, the Bulldogs gave the CY Cougars a 101 point hiding. Forwards Andrew Ross (eight goals) and Dylan Boundy (4 goals) had days out. George Davies kicked five of his teams six goals in what was a poor team effort. One wonders what the future holds for the Cougars this season as they suffer their fourth pasting on the trot.

Next week, the Cougars host Bute at Maitland, Ardrossan has a visit from the CMS Crows, the Southern Eagles come off the bye to play at Paskeville and Wallaroo hosts Kadina in what should be a tight clash.

Round 5 scores – May 7, 2011





11.11 (77)





10.14 (74)

GOALS, Kadina : Chris Flavel 3, Brett Burnell 2, William Serle 2, Joel Phillips 2, Scott Gunning 1, Trevor Harradine 1.  Moonta : Shane Jordan 4, Dean Cutting 2, Damian Adams 1, Aidan Zwar 1, Dylan Mansell 1, Adam Hamilton 1.  BEST, Kadina :  Cameron Faulkner, Jonathan Lee, Brett Burnell, Tim Neumann, Ian McMillan, William Serle.  Moonta : Dylan Mansell, Shane Jordan, Dylan McPeake, Brock Oliver, Nick Blight, Aidan Zwar

CMS Crows




17.13 (115)





10.10 (70)

GOALS, CMS Crows : Joseph Parsons 3, Ben O’Donohue 2, Jarryd Dixey 2, Adam Pitt 2, Aaron Young 2, James Lee 2,  Adam Jolly 2, Brett Baillie 1, Ben Millar 1.  Paskeville :  Michael Daniel 3, Ryan Price 2, Aaron McDonald 2, Matthew Rodda 1, Mark Rundle 1, Bradley Muster 1.  BEST, CMS Crows : Ben O’Donohue, Adam Pitt, Adam Jolly, Aaron Young, Ben Millar.  Paskeville : Dale King, Craig Gardner, Seth Matson, Glenn Mulders, Abraham Helfand, Ashley Bruce





15.17 (107)





8.8 (56)

GOALS, Bute : Stewart Wehr 3, Matthew Millard 3, Haydn Cock 2, Peter Nichols 2, Shane Slade 2, Anderson Claxton 1,  Sam Trengove 1, Benjamin Nelson 1.  Ardrossan : Hayden Pierson 2, Leigh Koch 2, Andrew Pryor 2, Luke Wood 1, Matthew Schulz 1.  BEST, Bute : Sam Trengove, Matthew Millard, Michael Polkinghorne, Benjamin Nelson, Anderson Claxton, Jess Kenny.  Ardrossan : Shane Kenney, Rhys Evans, Dale Treloar, Leigh Koch, Josh Hollitt, Matthew Stone





22.14 (146)

CY Cougars




6.9 (45)

Goals, Wallaroo : Andrew Ross 8, Dylan Boundy 4, Matthew Grillett 3, Ben Abela 2, Nick Pape 2, Scott Flint 1, Luke Hann 1, Shane Beaney 1. CY Cougars : George Davies 5, Graham Walker 1.  BEST, Wallaroo : Andrew Ross, Dylan Boundy, Scott Murphy, Sonny Greagen, Glen Bretten, Nick Beck. CY Cougars : Zaccary Millar, Todd Payne, Joshua Turner, Josh Dutschke, George Davies, Dominic Honner



Bute and the CMS Crows were the big winners in Round 4 of YPFL played on Saturday. Both teams were facing stern tests, with the Roosters overcoming a dogged Pasky outfit by 13 points. The homeside were right with Bute for three quarters, and in a tough last term added 4.2 to 3.1 to gain the vital two Premiership points. Shane Slade (5 goals) and Matthew Millard (4 goals) were strong up forward, with Ben Nelson and Nic Polkinghorne providing plenty of drive to the forward line. For Pasky, Craig Gardner and Seth Matson toiled away, the Magpies now having 2/2 home away record.

At Kadina, the CMS Crows took on the reigning Premiers and were too good, winning by 26 points. Adam Jolly kicked four goals with Ben O’Donohue and Damien Bennett in the best players. For the Bloodhounds, Cam Faulkner and Brett Burnell is what was their first loss for 2011.

Bute and the Crows are set to met in Round Nine on June 4th.

In other games, Dean Cutting kicked eight goals for the Demons in their big win over the CY Cougars at Maitland. At Ardrossan, the Southern Eagles were too strong winning by 80 points, with Jarrod Spencer and John Preece best afield for the Eagles.

Round 4 – April 30 scores.





11.15 (81)





10.8 (68)

GOALS, Bute : Shane Slade 5, Matthew Millard 4, Benjamin Nelson 1, Jess Kenny 1. Paskeville : Ryan Price 2, Glenn Mulders 2, Stuart Daniel 2, Matthew Rodda 1, Michael Daniel 1, Jesse Pomery 1, Ashley Bruce 1. BEST, Bute : Matthew Millard, Dane Avery, Anderson Claxton, Shane Slade, Benjamin Nelson, Nicholas Polkinghorne. Paskeville : Craig Gardner, Seth Matson, Matthew Rodda, Dale King, Stuart Daniel, Ashley Bruce





27.10 (172)

CY Cougars




8.6 (54)

GOALS, Moonta : Dean Cutting 8, Shane Jordan 4, Dylan Mansell 3, Dylan Gaston 3, Brad Russell 2, Ben Talbot 2, Adam Hamilton 2, Luke Moss 1, Aidan Zwar 1, Troy  Colliver 1. CY Cougars : George Davies 3, William Correll 1, Shaun Hasting 1, Zaccary Millar 1, Mathew Daniels 1, Joel Stevens 1. BEST, Moonta : Dylan Mansell, Dean Cutting, Dylan Gaston, Shane Jordan, Toby Haseldine, Michael Hobbs. CY Cougars : Mathew Daniels, Shaun Hasting, Joshua Turner, Zaccary Millar, Adam Schulz, Dominic  Meaney

CMS Crows




12.14 (86)





9.6 (60)

GOALS, CMS Crows : Adam Jolly 4, Jamie Kemp 2, Jarryd Dixey 2, Joseph Parsons 2, Aaron Young 2. Kadina : Lorenz Franz 2, Kane Zilm 2, Adam Wilson 2, Brett Burnell 1, Jonathan Lee 1, Chris Flavel 1. BEST, CMS Crows : Ben O’Donohue, Damien Bennett, Ben Illman, Sam Mumford, Troy Goldsworthy. Kadina : Cameron Faulkner, Brett Burnell, Nicholas Rawson, Simon Kretschmer

Southern Eagles




19.10 (124)





6.8 (44)

GOALS, Southern Eagles : Sam Barlow 4, Ashley Barton 3, John Preece 3, Jon Coombe 2, Jarrod Spencer 2, Jack Barlow 1, Brad Coles 1, Mathew Barlow 1, Sam Johnsson 1, Joe Virgin 1. Ardrossan : Josh Hollitt 1, Rhys Evans 1, Samuel Lodge 1, Matthew Schulz 1, Mark Abell 1, Brad Moulds 1. BEST, Southern Eagles : Jarrod Spencer, John Preece, Derek Clarke, Brad Coles, Damien Rowe, Mathew Barlow.  Ardrossan : Andrew Pryor, George Rowntree, Daniel Lutze, Ben  Davey, Leigh Koch



The Clash of the round was at Moonta where Bute took on a homeside brim full of confidence after two wins on the trot. The Demons were inaccurate early but it didn’t appear to be a real worry when they led by 25 points at the long break. Bute held them in the third term and steamrolled their way to victory in the last term, adding 5.4 to 1.1 to win by seven  points. Dane Avery and Jack Kenny were prominent when it counted, while for Moonta, Toby Haseldine was their best in what was a dismal effort on the scoreboard after half time where they managed just one goal.

There were not so many close margins in the other games, with the Southern Eagles thrashing the CY Cougars by 88 points at Yorketown. The Cougars were in it at half time trailing by 18 points, but the homeside blew them away in the 3rd term, adding 5.8 to 1.1 to settle who was going to get the two points. Sam Barlow was strong up forward with six goals, Shaun McWaters and Damien Rowe also played well. For Central Yorke, Zac  Millar was best for the second week in a row, with Matthew Daniels and Jess Pomery playing well.

Reigning Premiers Kadina were too strong for Paskeville, winning at home by 32 points. They led all day with Chris Flavel kicking five goals and Scott Gunning four, Ian McMillian and Cam Faulkner named best. For Pasky, Craig Gardner and Abraham Helfand were their best.

The CMS Crows were too strong at Wallaroo, touching up the Bulldogs by 45 points. Joe Parsons kicked four with Ben Millar and Adam Jolly doing well. For Wallaroo, Andrew Ross kicked four, with Dylan Westlake named best.

This week is the Easter Bye, but on April 30 we see Pasky host Bute, The Cougars visited by Moonta, Kadina meets the CMS Crows and Ardrossan host the Southern Eagles.

Round 3 – April 16, 2011





10.8 (68)





8.13 (61)

GOALS, Bute : Haydn Cock 3, Nicholas Polkinghorne 2, Jack Kenny 2, Matthew Millard 1, Peter Nichols 1, Stewart Wehr 1. Moonta :  Dean Cutting 2, Adam Hamilton 2, Tyler  Andrews 1, Dylan Mansell 1, Aidan Zwar 1, Ryan Clasohm 1.  BEST, Bute : Dane Avery, Jack Kenny, Caleb Prime, Benn Adams, Anderson Claxton, Adam Cock. Moonta :  Toby Haseldine, Aidan Zwar, Michael Hobbs, Ben Talbot, Dylan Mansell, Ryan Clasohm

Southern Eagles




19.17 (131)

CY Cougars




6.7 (43)

GOALS, Southern Eagles : Sam Barlow 6, Michael Dalla 3, Luke Liddiard 2, Jarrod Spencer 2, Derek Clarke 1, Trent Hayes 1, Shaun McWaters 1, Ashley Barton 1, Nathaniel Clark 1, Jon Coombe 1.  CY Cougars : Mathew Daniels 2, Daniel BLYTHE 1, Zach Dutschke 1, Daniel Hillebrand 1, Josh Dutschke 1. BEST, Southern Eagles : Shaun McWaters, Sam Barlow, Damien Rowe, Jon Coombe, John Preece, Brad Coles.  CY Cougars : Zaccary Millar, Mathew Daniels, Shaun Hasting, Josh Dutschke, Todd Payne, Daniel Hillebrand





15.12 (102)





11.4 (70)

GOALS, Kadina : Chris Flavel 5, Scott Gunning 4, Adam Wilson 2, Daniel Toole 1, Cameron March 1, Nicholas Rawson 1, Lorenz Franz 1.  Paskeville : Jesse Pomery 3, Stuart Daniel 2, Ryan Price 2, Matthew Rodda 2, Daryl Porter 1, Ashley Bruce 1. BEST, Kadina : Ian McMillan, Cameron Faulkner, Joshua Lawson, Adam Wilson, Chris Flavel, David Poole.  Paskeville : Craig Gardner, Abraham Helfand, Michael Daniel, Jesse Pomery, Ashley Bruce, Glenn Mulders

CMS Crows




13.18 (96)





7.9 (51)

GOALS, CMS Crows : Joseph Parsons 4, Ben Millar 2, Rhys Brundell 1, James Lee 1, Kieran  Dixey 1, Adam Jolly 1,  Adam Pitt 1, Jarryd Dixey 1, Aaron Young 1. Wallaroo : Andrew Ross 4, Shane Beaney 1, Matthew Bodie 1, Stuart Green 1. BEST, CMS Crows : Ben Millar, Adam Jolly, Sam Mumford, Ben O’Donohue, Adam Pitt. Wallaroo : Dylan Westlake, Matthew Grillett, Stuart Green, Andrew Ross, Reece Page, Nick Pape


Kadina started it’s Premiership defence with a 28 point win over Kadina over the Southern Eagles at Yorketown. The Bloodhounds dominated the first half with 19 scoring shots to just four, as they peppered the goals in the opening two quarters. Willy Serle (6 goals) was easily the best forward of the day, with Josh Lawson and ruckman Jon Lee also playing good games for Kadina. For the homeside, Derek Clarke and Sam Johnson were in the better players.

In other games, there were comfortable wins for the CMS Crows, Moonta and Paskeville. At Curramulka, the Crows shattered any chances the Cougars had, kicking 7.5 to nil in the opening term. Adam Jolly and Ben O’Donohue were too fit and strong for the visitors, who named Zac Millar and Shaun Hasting in their best, in what might be a long season for them.

At Pasky, Wallaroo matched the Magpies early, taking a nine point lead at quarter time. The Magpies responded as only they can, kicking 5.7 to 1.0 to gain a comfortable 22 point lead at the main break. Wallaroo fought back in the third, but were unable to match the Magpie machine in the last, the homeside running out 40 point victors. For Pasky, Stuart and Marty Daniel kicked six goals between them with Nathan McEvoy named best. For the Bulldogs, Stuart Green (3 goals) and Shane Beaney played well.

At Ardrossan, Moonta made it two on the trot for coach Travis Skipworth, with an easy 80 point win over the Roos. Dean Cutting was best for Demons kicking five goals, with Aiden Zwar also in good touch. For Ardrossan, who could only manage one goal in the first three quarters, Shane Kenney and Matthew Schulz were best.

This week, Moonta hosts Bute, Paskeville heads to Kadina to take on the reigning Premier, the Crows host Wallaroo at Curramulka and the Cougars make the long journey south to meet the Eagles at Yorketown

Scores – April 9, 2011

CMS Crows                               7.5,  8.7,  13.13,  18.14  (122)

CY Cougars                              0.0,  2.2,  3.3,  5.8  (38)

GOALS, CMS Crows : Adam Jolly 3, Jamie Kemp 2, Jarryd Dixey 2, Aaron Young 2, Ben O’Donohue 2, Rhys Brundell 1, Jay Parsons 1, Shay Wilkinson 1, Luke Brind 1, Kieran  Dixey 1, Darren  Marner 1, Ben Millar 1.  CY Cougars : Graham Walker 2, Mathew Daniels 1, Adam Schulz 1, Ben Vaiana 1.  BEST, CMS Crows : Adam Jolly, Ben O’Donohue, Aaron Young, Ben Illman, Jason Marner, Darren  Marner. CY Cougars : Zaccary Millar, Shaun Hasting, Josh Dutschke, Mathew Daniels, Todd Payne, Graham Walker

Paskeville                              3.2,  8.9,  10.13,  16.18  (114)

Wallaroo                                4.5,  5.5,  9.8,  11.8  (74)

GOALS, Paskeville : Stuart Daniel 3, Martin Daniel 3, Matthew Rodda 2, Glenn Mulders 2, Michael Daniel 2, Gavin Bussenschutt 1, Seth Matson 1, Nathan McEvoy 1, Jesse Pomery 1.  Wallaroo : Stuart Green 3, Andrew Ross 2, Nick Pape 2, Matthew Grillett 2, Shane Beaney 1, Luke Choules 1. BEST, Paskeville : Nathan McEvoy, Seth Matson, Abraham Helfand, Bradley Muster, Michael Daniel, Dale King.  Wallaroo : Stuart Green, Shane Beaney, Sonny Greagen, Adam Zanker, Adam Watts, Scott Murphy

Moonta                                  8.6,  8.7,  14.11,  17.14  (116)

Ardrossan                            0.1,  1.4,  1.4,  5.6  (36)

GOALS, Moonta : Dean Cutting 5, Dylan Gaston 4, Damian Adams 2, Brad Wilksch 2, Shane Moss 2, Aidan Zwar 1, Brad Russell 1.  Ardrossan : Leigh Koch 2, Sam Graham 1, Daniel Lutze 1, Clinton Taylor 1. BEST, Moonta : Dean Cutting, Aidan Zwar, Toby Haseldine, Damian Adams, Tom Ferguson, Nick Blight.  Ardrossan : Shane Kenney, Matthew Schulz, George Rowntree, Rhys Evans, Daniel Lutze, Ben  Davey

Kadina                                  4.8,  7.12,  9.17,  9.19  (73)

Southern Eagles                2.0,  2.2,  3.4,  6.9  (45)

GOALS, Kadina : William Serle 6, Joshua Lawson 2, Scott Gunning 1.  Southern Eagles : Sam Johnsson 3, Derek Clarke 1, Sam Barlow 1, Koby   Evans 1.  BEST, Kadina : Joshua Lawson, Jonathan Lee, Cameron Faulkner, Ian McMillan, William Serle, Daniel Toole.  Southern Eagles : Derek Clarke, Sam Johnsson, Nathaniel Clark, Timothy Kennedy, Shaun McWaters, Jack Barlow


Footy kicked off on the weekend in perfect conditions with last years runner-up Bute having a come from behind 58 point win over the Southern Eagles. The Roosters were slow to get moving and were inaccurate in front of goal, mananging 4.11 in the first half, to trail at the main break by 5 points. Ben Nelson (ex-Sturt)and a host of others took control in the last term when they added a ten-goal blitz to run out easy winners. Apart from Nelson, other better players for Bute were Matthew Millard and reiging Mail Medalist Sam Trengove while for the Eagles, Michael Dalla and Shaun McWaters were best.
Moonta got it’s season off to a good start with a 24 point win at home against the CMS Crows. Recruit Dean Cutting showed he will be handy up forward this season kicking seven goals, while Adam Hamilton and Toby Haseldine were in good form. For the Crows, Ben O’Donohue and Adam Jolly were solid performers.
At Maitland, Pasky jumped the CY Cougars in the first term, adding 6.4 to 1.3 and maintain that lead for much of the day to win by 42 points. The Cougars best quarter was the last when they added 4.4 but it was too little too late. Dale King and Nathan McEvoy started the season in style with Marty Daniel kicking home 5 goals. For the Cougars, George Davies slotted home six goals, with Josh Davies and Zach Millar in the better players.
Meantime Wallaroo defeated Ardrossan in the opening round by 24 points. Things were tight after three quarters of play at Wallaroo, before the Dogs added 5.3 to 2.2 to run away comfortable winners. Sonny Greagan and Nick Pape (6 goals) had strong days, while for the Roos, Ian Pryor and Ben Davey were best. 
This week, Paskeville hosts Wallaroo, Moonta heads to Ardrossan, The Crows host the CY Cougars at Curramulka and Kadina heads to Yorketown to start their Premiership defence against the Southern Eagles

Round 1 – April 2, 2011

Paskeville 6.4, 8.5, 13.14, 15.18 (108)

CY Cougars 1.3, 5.6, 5.8, 9.12 (66)

BEST, Paskeville : Dale King, Nathan McEvoy, Seth Matson, Ashley Bruce, Bradley Muster, Martin Daniel CY Cougars : George Davies, Josh Dutschke, Zachary Millar, Corey Graham, Thomas Van Schaik, Shaun Hasting. GOALS, Paskeville : Martin Daniel 5, Ashley Bruce 3, Matthew Rodda 2, Nathan McEvoy 2, Ryan Secker 1, Michael Daniel 1, Glenn Mulders 1 CY Cougars : George Davies 6, Corey Graham 1, Matthew Roesler 1, Tim Honner 1  

Moonta 4.3, 9.5, 15.9, 19.12 (126)

CMS Crows 2.1, 8.3, 11.4, 15.12 (102)

BEST, Moonta : Adam Hamilton, Toby Haseldine, Dean Cutting, Dylan Mansell, Ryan Clasohm, Damian Adams CMS Crows : Ben O’Donohue, Adam Jolly, Ben Illman, Jarryd Dixey, Jamie Kemp GOALS, Moonta : Dean Cutting 7, Shane Jordan 4, Dylan Gaston 2, Damian Adams 1, Brad Russell 1, Dylan Mansell 1, Aidan Zwar 1, Rohan Bock 1, Nick Blight 1 CMS Crows : Jarryd Dixey 4, Joseph Parsons 4, Ben O’Donohue 2, Sam Harris 1, Adam Jolly 1, James Lee 1, Jamie Kemp 1, Troy Goldsworthy 1  

Bute 1.4, 4.11, 7.13, 17.15 (117)

Southern Eagles 2.3, 6.4, 6.9, 8.11 (59)

BEST, Bute : Matthew Millard, Sam Trengove, Ben NELSON, Caleb Prime, stewart wehr, Nathan Hallion Southern Eagles : Michael Dalla, Shaun McWaters, Sam Barlow, Trent Hayes, Matthew Allen, Luke Liddiard GOALS, Bute : Stewart Wehr 4, Haydn Cock 4, Matthew Millard 3, Sam Trengove 1, Anderson Claxton 1, Andrew Moritz 1, Nathan Hallion 1, Ben NELSON 1, Shane Slade 1 Southern Eagles : Jarrod Spencer 2, John Preece 2, Jack Barlow 1, Sam Barlow 1, Matthew Allen 1, Joe VIRGIN 1  

Wallaroo 2.2, 7.5, 9.7, 14.10 (94)

Ardrossan 2.2, 4.5, 7.8, 10.10 (70)

BEST, Wallaroo : Sonny Greagen, Nick Pape, Stuart Green, Glen Bretten, Matthew Grillett, Adam Watts Ardrossan : Ian Pryor, Ben Davey, George Rowntree, Rhys Evans, Matthew Schulz, Shane Kenney GOALS, Wallaroo : Nick Pape 6, Andrew Ross 4, Matthew Grillett 2, Dylan Westlake 1, Scott Flint 1 Ardrossan : Luke Wood 2, Mark Abell 2, Matthew Stone 2, Shane Kenney 1, Sam Graham 1, George Rowntree 1, Matthew Schulz 1