Won by Central Zone

The Final – Sunday July 14, 2019

Central 13.7 (85)    
Northern 3.7 (25)    

Best:  Central – A. Wright, G. Ellis, J. Clements, J. Brown, J. Bailey, R. Carnelly. Northern – K. Thompson, T. Button, W. Combe, E. McNamara, B. Eagle. Goals: Central – T. Irlam 2, J. Brown 2, R. Eberhard 2, S. Moss 2, D. Hynes, O. John, T. Miles, L. Ryswyk, J. Bailey. Northern – B. Russell, H. Mills, G. Warren

Third v Fourth Playoff

Eyre Peninsula 0.2 5.7 10.10 14.10 (94)
Southern Districts 3.3 5.3 5.3 6.6 (42)

Best:  Eyre Peninsula – X. Watson, R. Maitland, S. Masters, J. Murphy. Southern Districts – T. Hoffmann, T. Illingworth, D. Arnold, R. Johnston, S. Alexopoulos, T. McAllister. Goals: Eyre Peninsula – S. Masters 4, J. Murphy 4, R. Maitland 3, B. Byass 2, S. Crettenden. Southern Districts – R. Johnston 2, J. Veide, T. Pinyon, Z. Vitkunas, J. Tyllis

Fifth v Sixth Playoff

Murray South East 0.4 3.4 6.7 10.11 (71)
Eastern 3.0 3.3 4.4 7.7 (49)

Best:  Murray South East – S. Pfeiffer, S. Merrett, B. Tabe, D. Bromley, J. Eldridge, N. Pearce. Eastern – T. Parker-Boers, B. Thompson, J. McCreery, J. Groutch. Goals: Murray South East – B. Tabe 3, S. Merrett 2, D. Bromley 2, J. Grimes, M. Tonkin, B. Wight. Eastern – C. Skinner 2, L. Hayes, L. Teasdale, B. Young, E. Horrocks, T. Mayo

Final Standings – Central, Northern, Western, Southern Districts, Murray South East, Eastern.

Don McSweeny Medal (3-way tie) – Xavier Watson (Western), Sidney Masters (Western), Leigh Ryswyk (Central)

Bill Murdoch Medal – Steve Lubcke (Central)

Best U21 Player – Troy Parker-Boers (Eastern)

Leading Goalkicker – Sidney Masters (Western) 7 goals

Umpire of the Championships – Nathan Clarke (Central)

Men’s Team of the Championships

F: Tyson Irlam (Central), Sudney Masters (Western), Jackson Murphy (Western)

HF: Dylan Hewett (Northern), Shane Ballantyne (Central), Thomas Phelps (Central)

C: Lukas Kangur (Northern), Leigh Ryswyk (Central), Kriston Thompson (Northern)

HB: Giles Ellis (Central), Jaxen Norton (Western), Jayden Eldridge (Murray South East)

B: Damian Hynes (Central), Bradley Eagle (Northern), Tyson Hoffman (Southern Districts)

R: Justin Schahinger (Central), Xavier Watson (Western), Scott Merrett (Murray South East)

INT: Andrew Wright (Central), Jordan Fuller (Northern), Gary Warren (Northern), Damon Arnold (Southern), Jordan Hind (Western), Sam Pfeiffer (Murray South East), Troy Parker-Boers (Eastern)

Saturday Matches

Round One

Eyre Peninsula 4.0 5.0 (30)  
Southern Districts 3.1 5.4 (34)  

Best:  Southern Districts – B. Ellis, T. Hoffmann, J. Veide, S. Alexopoulos, T. Pinyon, D. Arnold. Eyre Pen – X. Watson, J. Bruce, J. Walker, B. Martin. Goals: Southern Districts – T. Pinyon 3, Z. Vitkunas, C. Mesecke. Eyre Peninsula – J. Hind, T. Keeley, B. Martin, J. Collins, J. Bruce

Eastern 1.1 3.2 (20)  
Northern 4.1 7.5 (47)  

Best:   Northern – W. Combe, M. Purcell, D. Hewett, G. Warren. Northern – N. Jaensch, K. Waterman, E. Horrocks, F. Sampson. Goals: Northern – D. Hewett 2, L. Kangur 2, J. Fuller, J. Mewburn, P. Browne. Eastern – L. Hentschke, N. Jaensch, C. Skinner

Central 2.5 7.8 (50)  
Southern Districts 1.1 1.3 (9)  

Best:  Central –  J. Schahinger, T. Irlam, L. Ryswyk, B. Edwards. Southern Districts – T. McAllister, T. Hoffmann, J. McKay, R. Clamp, T. Illingworth. Goals: Central – S. Ballantyne 2, R. Eberhard 2, S. Moss, T. Irlam, S. Mumford. Southern Districts  – T. Pinyon

Round Two

Murray South East 0.4 2.6 (18)  
Eyre Peninsula 3.2 7.3 (45)  

Best:  Eyre Peninsula – X. Watson, R. Maitland, S. Masters, T. Keeley. Murray South East – J. Eldridge, A. Stone, S. Merrett, N. Pearce, S. Pfeiffer, J. Wehl. Goals: Eyre Pen – S. Masters 3, S. Crettenden 2, J. Hind, X. Watson. Murray South East – T. Sullivan, B. Foster

Eastern 1.2 2.5 (17)  
Central 4.4 9.6 (60)  

Best:  Central – L. Ryswyk, T. Irlam, A. Wright, S. Ballantyne, J. Schahinger, D. Hynes. Eastern – B. Young, N. Jaensch, B. Thompson, J. McCreery. Goals: Central – S. Mumford 2, S. Ballantyne 2, T. Irlam 2, R. Carnelly, T. Phelps, L. Ryswyk. Eastern – J. McCreery, T. Mayo

Northern 1.1 3.4 (22)  
Murray South East 2.2 2.6 (18)  

Best:  Northern – L. Kangur, K. Thompson, J. Fuller, B. Eagle. Murray South East – S. Merrett, B. Bryant, N. Pearce, T. Sullivan, S. Pfeiffer, J. Eldridge. Goals: Northern – L. Kangur 2, D. Hewett. Murray South East – D. Bromley, A. Brown

Ladder – Central 2 wins, Northern 2 wins, Eyre Peninsula 1/1, Southern Districts 1/1, Murray South East 0/2, Eastern 0/2.