Saturday September 16, GRAND FINAL at Mallala
HUMMOCKS/WATCHMAN  2.4 5.7 8.8 11.10 (76)
BALAKLAVA                         2.0 4.5 7.6 9.4 (58)

Best: Hummocks/Watchman – S Light, P Chivel, S Braham, J Wilson, D Catford, R Reid.
Balaklava – H Walker, B Catford, L Tezacker, P McLean, T McPharlin, V Taylor
Goals: Hummocks/Watchman – E Arnold, S Jericho 3, S Braham, R Reid 2, J Wilson 1
Balaklava – T McPharlin 4, B Catford, H Walker, A Evans, J Walker, A Michael 1.

Saturday September 9, 2006 – Preliminary Final

Balaklava          3.1 9.2 10.3       16.7 (103)
Two Wells         2.3 3.5 7.7         9.8 (62)

Best: Balaklava – H Walker, J Walker, B Catford, A Crouch, L Tezacker, V Taylor 
Two Wells –  G Buckley, J Nelson, S Humphreys, C Bourke, D Kschammer, L Allmond.
Goals: Balaklava – H Walker 5, J Evans 2, P McLean, J Walker, A Crouch, S Davey, L Tezacker, A Michael, B Catford, 
V Taylor, T McPharlin 1. Two Wells – S Buss 3, C Bourke, O Allmond, M Dimasi, A Hand, R Coleman 1.
Balaklava will play Hummocks/Watchman in the Grand Final this Saturday at Mallala

Saturday September 2, 2006

Second Semi Final
Hummocks/Watchman Eagles 4.2 9.3 16.7 20.9 (129) def Balaklava 1.3 3.6 5.7 9.11 (65)

Best: HWE – Jared Wilson, B Valentine, D Catford, Joel Wilson, T Trussell, J Manner. Balaklava – A Crouch, G Willmer, H Walker, P McLean, 
G Wehr, V Taylor. Goals:  HWE – Joel Wilson 4, E Arnold, R Reid 3, Jared Wilson, S Braham, S Price, S Jericho 2, B Valentine, J Manners 1. 
Balaklava – G Willmer, A Evans 2, A Crouch, W Stevens, H Walker, J Michael, S Davey 1.

Saturday August 26, 2006
First Semi-Final. 
Two Wells 18.14 (122) d United 16.8 (104). 
Best –Two Wells: J Nelson, B 
Watts. L Allmond, G Buckley, N Seccafien, S Buss. United W Serle, B Sharman, C Caryun. Goals Two Wells: J Struck, 
0 Almond, L Allmond 3. A Hand, D Kschamer 2, S Wise, N Seccatien, C 
Bourke, J Nelson, B Watts. United — McArdle 8. S Mclntyre 4, C Calyun 2, 
 Opitz, B Sobey

Round 19 – Saturday August 19, 2006
Hummocks/Watchman 2.4 8.12 11.16 15.19 (109) def Mallala 2.3 5.5 10.6 11.7 (73)
Best -HW Eagles: S Braham, Joel Wilson, Jared Wilson, E Arnold, R Reid, D Cicolella. Mallala: L Whitwell, M Mead, J Hollitt, P Meaney, C Kenchington, J Wildhorse. Goals – HW Eagles: E Arnold 8, Joel Wilson 3, S Braham 2, D Catford, B Valentine. Mallala: B Montgomery 3, D Cawrse, B Mardie 2, M Birchmore 2, J Hollitt, J Wildhorse.

United 4.2 9.8 18.9 24.11 (155) def Hamley Bridge 4.2 7.6 9.8 12.10 (82)
Best: United – C Calyun, S McIntyre, M Starr, M East, M Davey, A Sharman. Hamley Bridge – B Byster, C Harvey, T Would, J Low. W Mattchoss. Goals -­United: S Mclntyre 11, B Sobey, M Davey, M Warnes 3, S Schulz, M Brown, B Brown, D Dhamu. Hamley Bridge: Ben Burgess 5, S Gregory, B Byster 2, T Would, Brett Burgess, T Smith.

Two Wells 8.2 13.3 20.5 25.7 (157) def Virginia 1.1 2.4 4.4 8.8 (56)
Best -Two Wells: S Wise, L Allmond, S Humphries, S Buss, C Bourke, J Hart. Virginia: C Hodgson, A Seccafien, J Natsias, C Halkias, R Starr, D Aiderson. Goals-Two Wells: S Wise 6, S Buss 4, C Bourke 3, J Struck, O Allmond, S Larrett, B Watts 2, J Nelson, S Humphries, 
C Oliver, L Allmond. Virginia: J Natsias 3, R Perre, J Virgara, M Harding, M Wieckowski, A Murden 1.

Round 18 – Saturday August 12, 2006

Two Wells 20.15 (135) d Hamley Bridge 18.11 (119) 
Goals – Two Wells: B Watts 7; A Metcalfe 3; S Wise, S Buss, L Allmond, S Larrett 2; C Bourke, J Nelson. Hamley Bridge:
B Burgess 9; S Gregory 3; T Smith 2; J Sullivan, J Schahinger, B Byster, B Burgess. Best-Two Wells: A Hand, S Buss, S Wise. Hamley Bridge: B Burgess, C Harvey, J Lowe.

Hummock/Watchman Eagles 11.8 (74) d Balaklava 9.15 (69) 
Goals – HWE: E Arnold 3; S Braham, J Wilson 2; J Wilson, D Catford, D Cicolella, S Gill. Balaklava: V Taylor 2; B Catford, A Oatram, G Wilmer, A Evans, J Walker, S Davey, W Stephens. Best-HWE: S Braham, D Catford, R Reid. Balaklava: H Walker, L Evans, G Wehr.

United 15.17 (107) d Virginia 5.10 (40). 
Goals – United: W Serle 5; M Davey 3; C Baker, J Rundle, G Mansfield, C Calyun, K Jenkins, M Warnes, S McIntyre. 
Virginia: J Langridge 2; J Natsias, R Catanzariti, M Wieckowski. Best – United: M East, M Davey, M Starr. Virginia: A Seccafein, R Starr, J Langridge.

Saturday August 5 – Round 17

Hummocks/Watchman 3.4 5.9 11.13 16.19 (115) def Hamley Bridge 14.7 (91) 
Best: Hummocks/Watchman – S Braham, S Gill, S Light, J Manners, S Baker, D Case. Hamley Bridge – W Mattchoss, C Harvey, B Byster, 
J Lowe, Ben Burgess, T Smith. Goalkickers: Hummocks/Watchman – E Arnold 4, R Reid, D Catford 3, S Gill, J Wilson 2, S Braham, J Wilson 1. 
Hamley Bridge – Ben Burgess 5, T Smith 3, Brett Burgess, C Harvey 2, J Lowe, B Byster 1.

United 6.2 8.5 11.7 13.9 (87) def Mallala 0.3 3.4 5.6 10.11 (71)
Best: United – A Mansfield, J Seiboth, C Carlyn, W Serle, M East, J Rundle. Mallala – J Hollitt, L Whitwell, D Jennings, P Blacket, 
D Cawrse, J Clarke. Goalkickers – United – W Serle 5, S McIntyre 3, T Opitz, B Sobey, J Rundle, S Schulz, C Carlyn 1. Mallala – D 
Jennings 4, M Birchmore 2, D Cawrse, P Modra, J Hollitt 1.

Balaklava 4.4 8.7 11.10 17.12 (114) def Virginia 2.3 6.4 10.7 11.8 (74)
Best: Balaklava – H Walker, V Taylor, J Michael, L Evans, J Evans, G Willmer. Virginia – M Young, R Starr, A Seccafien. 
Goals: Balaklava – H Walker 4, B Catford, W Stevens 3, J Tiller, J Michael, S Davey, G Willmer, V Taylor, G Wehr, O Hearden. 
Virginia – M Leo 3, M Young, S Lioulios 2, R Starr 1.

Round 16 review/Round 17 preview with Brendan Watts

Three weeks out from the finals and it would appear it’s going to be Hummocks, Balaklava, and United with either Two Wells or Mallala: whoever
can finish the season off the better. The Roosters were on the receiving end of a belting at the hands of the all conquering Hummocks/Watchman Eagles. 
Two Wells appeared to contain the damage in the first half, only to get blown apart in the second half. Jared Wilson, Ryan Reid and Shane Braham 
were best for the Eagles, continuously splitting the roosters defence. Reid and Wilson kicked four each, while the Roosters were best served by 
Devon Hardiman, Scott Wise and Adam Metcalfe. 

Mallala kept their finals chances alive beating Virginia comfortably by 44 points. Behind Two Wells by percentage leading into the last week, Mallala
have now leapfrogged themselves into fourth and are eyeing off a finals berth. Zone Representative Josh Hollitt was again best for the Magpies, and
joined Danny Feeley in kicking three a piece. Liam Whitwell worked hard all day and Matthew Birchmore slotted through four. Virginia has had a
forgettable season but has managed to string some good games together, just falling short on occasions. Ryan Starr was the Rams best while only Justin
Langridge could snare a couple of goals.

Perennial finalists United have done enough, without doing much this season and are probably lucky there has been little competition for top three
spots. On the weekend the Tigers were brave but could not stop the rolling Balaklava juggernaut. The Peckers were wayward but still managed to get more
through the big sticks than the tigers. Balaklava is on a roll and their form has surprised a lot of people around the place; they are a real threat
for the Premiership. Balaklava had Hayden Walker dominating the middle and Ben Catford dangerous again, while Paul Mclean snuck under the Tigers
Defence. The Tigers themselves had Willy Serle kick four and were reasonably content with the form of Tyron, Starr and Pym.

Mallala 15.9 (99) d Virginia 7.13 (55). 
Best – Mallala: J Hollitt, L Whitwell, J Walobare, M Birchmore, P Blacket, D Jennings. Virginia: R Starr, A Seccafien, 
C Hodgson, C Halkias, S Papanotis, J Langridge. Goals -Mallala: M Birchmore 4, J Hollitt D Feeley 3, C Kenchington, C Fitzgerald 2, 
R Montgomery. Virginia: J Langridge 2, P Perre, R Starr, C Campbell S Lioulios, A Murdon.

HW Eagles 19.24 (138) d Two Wells 5.10 (40). 
Best – Eagles: J Wilson, R Reid, J Wilson, Graham, B Valentine, D Cicolella. Two Wells: D Hardiman, S Wise, A Meccalfe. 
Goals – HW Eagles: R Reid, J Wilson 4, B Valentine, J Wilson, S Braham, S Whales 2. S Gill, S Light E Arnold. Two Wells: J Hart, 
J Becker, J Nelson, S Buss, B Watts.

Balaklava 13.17 (95) d United 9.6 (60). 
Best – Balaklava: H Walker, B Catford, G Wehr, J Tiller, J Michael. United – J Tynan, M Starr, W Serle, M Pym, B Sobey.
Goals — Balaklava – P McLean 5, W Stevens 3, A Crouch, L Evans, G Wehr, J Walker 1 United: W Serle 4, J Rundle 2, M Davey, 
S McIntyre, M Warner 1.

This Week (Round 17)
Hummocks/Watchman Vs Hamley Bridge at Lochiel.
Unfortunately this week will prove just how far the Bombers have fallen since playing in last years grand final. They have recruited some reasonable
players to add to their list, but losing experience in such volumes has hurt them; they have battled hard without getting across the line. Never a team
to take lightly, the Bombers will be tenacious but will be far too out of sorts for the experienced, seasoned Eagles who defeated them in last years
Grand final. 
With talent all over the ground the Eagles are hard to contain and generally pounce on opposition errors with lethal results. I couldn’t see the Bombers
getting anywhere near Hummocks.
Mallala Vs United at Mallala.
This should be a great game with the Tigers having all but stitched up third spot on the ladder and the Magpie’s right behind them in fourth place.
Mallala have turned around some ordinary form throughout the season but if they are on their game they can unsettle the Tigers. They still need to find
an avenue to kick goals and their defence will be strongly tested by the likes of Serle and Rundle who consistently kick goals for United. United
always start well and that’s the key for them – shut the Magpies down early and kick away. There is enough talent in the Tigers side to suggest that
they will run out victor’s on Saturday.
Balaklava Vs Virginia at Balaklava.
On form this one shapes up as a one sided affair, with the Peckers having taken all before them in the latter stages of this season and this will
probably be no exception. Balaklava, with about six guys over the six foot mark, have height to spare and play with aggression and desperation. The
Rams will have to have a rare day out in order to keep pace.

Virginia never let a team coast against them and it takes good footy to beat them. They have a hardworking midfield and some key players up both ends but
they will all have their hands full as Balaklava should roll on to another victory.

Round 15 – Saturday July 22, 2006

Hummock Watchman 21.19 (145) def Virginia 7.4 (46)
Best: HWE – R Reid, B Valentine, D Cicolella, E Arnold, S Jericho, J Wilson. Virginia: M Young, R Starr, D Alderson, S Papanotis, 
J Langridge, S Lioulios. Goals -HW Eagles: E Arnold 9, S Jericho 4, S Braham, L Knapstein 2, R Reid, B Valentine, M Higgs, D Guthberg. 
Virginia: S Loilious 3, A Conti, C Campbell, M Young E Tsimiklis.

Mallala 21.18 (144) d Hamley Bridge 15.15 (105). 
Best – Mallala: J Hollitt, C Fitzgerald, D Feeley, L Whitely, D Jennings, M Head. Hamley Bridge: C Harvey, W Mattchoss, J Lowe, 
T Smith, M Carter, B Byster. Goals – Mallala: D Feeley 6, C Kenchington 4, C Fitzgerald, M Birchmore 3, J Hollitt 2, J Chapman, 
T Evans, H Montgomery. Hamley Bridge: Ben Burgess 4, B Byster 3, Brett Burgess 2, B Seth, A Baker, T Smitn, L Slok, 
C Harvey, J Sullivan.

Balaklava 20.18 (138) def Two Wells 8.10 (58)
Best: Balaklava – B Catford, H Walker, J Tiller, A Evans, A Crouch, V Taylor. Balaklava: N Preebee, O Allmond, D Hardiman. 
Goals – Balaklava: J Walker 4, A Evans 3, A Crouch, A Outram, B Catford, D Tezacker 2, O Hearden, V Taylor, G Willmer, 
P McLean, R Webb 1. Two Wells: S Wise 2, C Bourke, J Belker, O Allmond, D Hardiman, L Allmond, A Hand 1.

Review of Round 14 from Brendan Watts

Last weekend Balaklava, United and Virginia all had impressive victories in their respective games. The Peckers continued on their 
winning ways, with Big “Whiskey” Walker and Andrew Evans taking the Magpies apart. Richard Webb had a day out kicking ten 
against a weakened Mallala, who were without their star centre man Josh Hollitt, who was away with the Zone Side. It was still a 
forgettable day for the Magpies, even though Matthew Birchmore bobbed up with three goals. The Peckers would have been at 
full strength and looking towards finals action for the first time in a couple of years.
United blew away a wayward Two Wells outfit, Big Jim Rundle finishing off with four goals for the Tigers and Michael Davey, 
Chris Calyun and Mark Pym made it pretty tough for the Roosters to penetrate half forward. When they did, they had trouble 
getting the pill between the two posts. Nathan Applebee was classy across half back and Brendan Watts controlled the ruck all 
day but had few helpers in the middle. Chad Bourke was missing and with half the side battling with the flu, the inaccurate Roosters 
had their chance’s but blew them, at least the form of “Wally” Hand would be a good sign for the inconsistent Roosters.The Ram’s 
had a day out with Steve Papanotis kicking five from the middle, while Justin Langridge has given them some polish. The return of 
Mark Papanotis adds some valuableexperience to their half back line, they have been stringing some good games together and are 
always going to be hard to beat. Hamley was without their 6 foot 9 giant Jamie Lowe, who was away with the Zone side, the Bombers
found it tough going and had to wait until the last quarter to register their first major

Round 14 scores – Saturday July 15, 2006

Balaklava 22.11 (143) d Mallala 4.11 (35). 
Best – Balaklava: H Walker, A Evans, J Michael, J Tiller, G Wehr, J Walker. Mallala: D Jennings, L Whitwell, I Nawlty, P Blacket, 
J Wilpbarn, M Head. Goals – Balaklava: J Walker, R Webb 5, J Tiller 3, A Evans, D Tezacker 2, G Willmer, L Evans, P McLean, 
G Wehr, L Spangenberg. Mallala: M Birchmore 3, T Evans.

United 11.7 (73) d Two Wells 5.13 (43). 
Best – United: B Sharman, M Pym, J Tyran, J Bundle, C Calyun, A Mansfield. Two Wells: B Watts, N Applebee, A Hand, J Nelson, 
L Allmond, A Metcalfe. Goals – United: J Bundle 4, W Serle 2, M Smith, C Baker, B Sobey, S McIntyre, M Brown. A Hand 2, L Allmond, 
S Wise, D Hardiman.

Virginia 15.16 (106) d Hamley Bridge 4.5 (29). 
Best – Virginia: S Papanotis, J Langridge, A Seccafein, M Papanotis, A Leo. Hamley Bridge: P Burman, C Harvey, W Mattchoss, 
B Byster, T Would, R Savage. Goals – Virginia: S Papanotis 5, J Natsias, R Perre, F Sergi 2, M Harding, D Alderson, J Langridge, 
E Tanks. Hamley Bridge: Brett Burgess, Ben Burgess, C Harvey, B Selth.

Round 15 Preview

Hummocks Vs Virginia at Lochiel.

Virginia will be on a roll after their victory over Hamley Bridge and will look to challenge a somewhat rested Hummocks side. If the Rams can get on
the scoreboard and keep scoring they will push the Eagles, with Tsimiklis, Natsias and Frankie Sergi have all been amongst the goals of late. Papanotis was
a star kicking five last week, but I think they will have trouble repeating the dose, with the Hummocks runners in Wilson, Reid and Braham not too happy
to share the footy. Shaun Light has given Hummocks the ability to cover the only area they were weak in last year, the ruck and with his addition have 
continued to build around their previously impressive midfield.

Balaklava Vs Two Wells at Balaklava.

Balaklava will prove to be a difficult opponent for Two Wells, after a disappointing game against United, the roosters face the Rampaging Peckers 
who have been in great form. They smashed Mallala last week and Hamley Bridge the week before, with Webb up forward and Walker on fire, 
Balaklava are a serious threat for this year’s flag. Two Wells however are struggling for consistency, but still have beaten the Pecker’s on both 
previous occasions, this must bring about some confidence in the Rooster camp. Watts must carry on his form and Aaron Hand must get dangerous 
for the Roosters to be in the hunt.

Hamley Bridge Vs Mallala at Hamley Bridge.

The Bombers should be looking at this week to get some pride back, after all Mallala is the only team they have beaten this year and that fact alone
should give them some hope of repeating the dose. Mallala will be a little fired up after being on the receiving end for about 7 weeks in a row, and
certainly won’t be lying down. With Whitwell, Blacket and Evans the Magpies will come out firing and with the return of Hollitt from Zone Duties, they
will be trying to avoid another loss. However the Bombers are always working and generally finish games out, it could just come down to who wants to win

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Review of Round 13…by Brendan Watts
Balaklava continue to impress, after a comprehensive demolition of Hamley Bridge. Richard Webb kicked 12 goals for the Peckers who are gaining
momentum towards the finals. With virtually a full round to go they would seem poised to finish the minor round either 2nd or 3rd depending on
their run home. It was a dark day for Hamley and their young side will only improve if they learn from sides like Balaklava and Hummocks.

Balaklava 24.10 (154) d Hamley Bridge 7.6 (48) . 
Best – Balaklava B: Catford, R Webb, J Evans, H Walker, P McLean, J Tiller. Hamley Bridge: W Mattschoss, A Baker, C Harvey, 
R Savage, T Mould, T Smith. Goals -Balaklava: R Webb 12, P McLean 4, H Walker 3, A Evans 2, J Walker, M Williams, J Tiller. 
Hamley Bridge: A Baker, J Lowe 2, S Gregory, Ben Burgess, B Byster.

Hummocks got across the line against a fast starting United side. United showed they are no mugs and work hard through the middle thanks 
to the likes of Mansfield and Sobey. With Willy Serle up forward they don’t appear to have to much wrong with their structure, the 
appointment of Travis Opitz as senior coach has added excitement and flair to the coaches box. Hummocks however have been
doing enough to get through winning each week and will undoubtedly finish the home and away season on top. The Eagles are on 
the brink of back to back premierships and one would expect them to sustain their performance in the lead up to the finals. 

Hummocks/Watchman 2.1 10.4 14.7 17.11 (113) def United 8.2 8.2 9.6 12.6 (78)
Best: HWE – S Braham, D Cicolella, L Knappstein, J Wilson, T Trussell, D Guthburg. United – A Mansfield, M Davey, M Pym, 
J Tynan, M Brown, C Carlyn. Goals: HWE – S Braham 5, E Arnold, R Reid 3, J Wilson, B Valentine, J Wilson, S Jericho, D Guthburg. 
United: W Serle 4, M Smith 2, C Baker, J Tynan, S McIntyre, M Warnes, S McArdle, H Pym 1.

Out at Mallala a fast Two Wells side finished strongly against a hapless Mallala who seem Depleted, but determined. It was curious 
to see Ian McMillan in the reserves on Saturday but the talk about the place was that “Bluey” has been a bit off the boil, and from 
I can gather certainly deserved a spell in the reserves. However Two Wells found some good form in the second half and as usual Sean
Buss and Chad Bourke were instrumental in the Roosters win. Lee Allmond is an excitement machine and is getting better with 
each game as are Hand, Lemar and Struck. If the Roosters can keep playing with enthusiasm and excitement they can certainly 
trouble sides on the way back to finals footy.

Two Wells 15.19 (109) d Mallala 9.6 (60). 
Best -Two Wells: L Allmond, C Oliver, Buss, J Struck, C Bourke, B Watts. Mallala: L Whitwell, C Mathewson, J Hollitt, T Lawrse, 
C Fitzgerald, J Clarke. Goals-Two Wells: C Bourke 5, J Struck 3, S Buss 2, S Wise, A Lemar, D Hardiman, L Allmond, 0 Allmond. 
Mallala: M Birchmore 3, C Mathewson, J Hollitt 2, M Head, C Fitzgerald.

Preview of  Round 14   

Virginia Vs Hamley Bridge at Virginia.
Virginia, fresh from the bye and a comprehensive victory over Two Wells the week prior, should be fresh and keen to notch up 
another win over the young Bombers. Virginia have height in Hodgeson, Savage and co and their runners have found form, running 
hard to put scoreboard pressure on, and they have a fleet of goal sneaks who consistently make themselves dangerous. It will be
hard to see Hamley getting away with the points, they have a young side, Harvey is a talent and Beau Byster has been in good form. 
But they will keep fighting all day but for mine big Lowe needs to play in the ruck, it’s a luxury they probably can’t afford to have, 
it’s all well and good, having the big man up forward, but not if you can’t get it out of the middle.

Balaklava Vs Mallala at Balaklava.
On form this should be a white wash, but nothing’s ever a certainty in this league, and Mallala will be scathing after six consecutive 
losses, they still have plenty of class in their side, Hollitt is a football machine and anyone who runs with him, will know about it by 
quarter time, little Whitwell is as tough as they come, but they are going to need to kick a score that will be more than Balaklava 
can kick and I don’t think they can. The Peckers have a pretty tough defence led by Jonathon Evans and with Webb kicking twelve 
last week their scores have been getting higher and higher, where the opposite is true for the tenacious Magpies. 

Two Wells Vs United at United.
This shapes up as the game of the round after the Roosters knocked off Mallala for the first time in seven years last week. Two Wells 
had to shake off a spirited Magpie outfit before opening the flood gates in the last quarter. The Roosters finished strongly and if they 
can manage to play that way for four quarters they can match any side. Bourke and Buss are racking up kicks at will, Allmond was 
exceptional as was young Jimmy Struck, Wally Hand and Big Watts. Two Wells should be starting to build something, they
will however have a hard time with Tiger Willy Serle who is always dangerous, Chris Calyun is crafty and is a smart footballer, 
they will not fear the Young Two Wells side. United will be playing to stay in touch with the top two, so Two Wells will have to be 
focused, switched on and desperate in order to upset the consistent Tigers.

Round Twelve – July 1, 2006

Hummocks Watchman 12.12 (84) d Mallala 9.6 (60). 
Best – HW Eagles: J Wilson, L Knapstein, S Braham, M Higgs, B Valentine, D Case. Mallala: C Fitzgerald, C Mathewson, 
D Cawrse, B Montgomery, J Wildbore. P Blacket Goals – HW Eagles S Jericho 3, M Higgs, J Wilson, E Arnold, L Knapstein 2, 
S Braham. C Fitzgerald, B Montgomery, I McMillan 2, T Cawrse, P Modra, P Blacket.

United 9.19 (73) d Hamley Bridge 7.4 (46). 
Best -United: : B Sharman, M Starr, C Calyun, M Pym, S McIntyre, B Sobey. Hamley Bridge C Harvey, R Savage, 
W Mattchoss T Would, B Burgess, B Byster. Goals – United: J Rundle 3, S Mclntyre, W Serle 2, T Opitz, M Smith. 
Hamley Bridge: B Byster 3, S Gregory 2, B Burgess, J Would.

Virginia 12.9 (81) d Two Wells 10.12 (72). 
Best­ Virginia: S Papanotis, J Langridge, C Hodgeson, D Aldarson, K Savage, M Young. Two Wells: L Allmond, A Hand, 
S Lange, T Leighton, S Buss, N Applebee. Goals – Virginia: E Tsimiklis 4, J Naisias, C Campbell 2, J Langridge, F Sergi, 
S Papanotis. Two Wells: S Buss 3, L Allmond, A Hand 2, C Bourke, O Allmond, S Lange.

Friday June 30, 2006 – Preview of Round 12   
Mallala Vs Hummocks/Watchman Eagles at Mallala.
You would think that losing would be a foreign concept for this crop of HWE 
players and one that they would not be too excited about repeating. But
cracks have appeared in the once unpenetrable armour and you can take it
from me that Mallala will be looking to repeat the dose. They back
up pretty well after a bye so they should be cherry ripe and full of run.
HWE coach Jazz Wilson will expect better from his lads and they will deliver
in spades, Mallala won’t be a pushover but HWE are a hard side and coming
off a loss they will bounce back and bounce back hard.
Hamley Bridge Vs United at Hamley Bridge.
This should be an interesting match, as Hamley have picked up some talent and work
hard for each other. The form of Harvey and Byster has been superb, but they
don’t have many Allies, whereas United have found some consistency and
through the avenue of Serle can kick reasonable scores. This should be a
fast scoring game, unfortunately for the Bombers I feel United will score a
lot faster than Hamley, but no-one can take Hamley Bridge for granted, as they
are a proud club and always have a go. 
Virginia Vs Two Wells at Virginia.
The Rams have been competitive without finding a way to win and rumour has
it that all is not well within the camp at Virginia. But it’s not always best to buy
into rumours, The Rams always come to play, so it is
never an easy game and with Papanotis, Young and Starr running hard all day.
They will be having a red hot crack, Two Wells on the other hand have
bounced back after getting belted before the association game, Sean Buss had
it all his own way kicking seven goals and the young, small defence is
growing in confidence, Allmond and Bourke will work all day, as well as
Oliver who has had his share of the footy. Two Wells will have a hard day at
the office but I think will get across the line. 

Review of Round 11
As expected, there were solid wins to Two Wells and United. While Balaklava ended the Eagles unbeaten run.
Two Wells’ Sean Buss ran riot kicking seven goals and Chad Bourke booted four, which put away Hamley Bridge early. 
From there, Two Wells controlled the game, despite Hamley kicking 6 straight goals in the last quarter. 
United have welcomed the return of Willy Serle, who kicked eight goals in its 53 point win over Virginia. 
Serle is a handful for any defender, as United make it’s run for the finals.
But all the talk of the Plains league has been about the unexpected win over
Hummocks, by Balaklava. The Peckers have been improving and had at times put
some great footy together but they must have had a day out, with Big Whisky
Walker dominating and Andrew Evans adding to his tally of goals. They must
have really wanted this one, whereas Hummocks had a few out but certainly
not enough to hide behind, Balaklava’s group of battlers were first in and
under and with Arnold in the (4) goals, could not get going.

Round Eleven – June 24, 2006

Two Wells 23.22 (160) d Hamley Bridge 11.8 (74). 
Best-Two Wells, N Applebee, L Allmond, A Metcalfe, S Buss. A Lamar, S Lange. Hamley Bridge: T Smith. C Harvey, B Byster, J Sullivan,
T Would, B Burg­ess. Goals -Two Wells. S Buss 7, C Bourke 4, S Wise, D Hardiman. B Watts 2, C Oliver, O Almond, L Allmond, A Hand. 
N Applebee. D Schammer. Hamley Bridge: B Burgess, J Lowe 3. B Byster, T Smith 2, J Would 1.

Balaklava 11.8 (74) d Hummocks/Watchman 8.12 (60) 
Bast Balaklava – H Walker, J Evans, J Michael, L Tezacker, M Loy. A Crouch. H/W –R Reid, T Sharpe, D Catford, B Valentine, N Young, 
S Light. Goals: Balaklava – P McLean, A Evans, R Walker 2, L Spurgenberg, J Michael, D Tezacker. A Crouch, G Wilmer. H/W: E Arnold 4, 
Joel Wilson. Jarrad Wilson. D Cicolella, B Whales 1.

United 17.12 (114) d Virginia 9.7 (61).

Best- United: C Calyun, W Serle. M Starr. A Mansfield, M Pym. B Sobey. Virginia – C Hodgeson, F Sergi. A Seccafen, S Papanotis, 
D Alderson. R Starr. Goats – United. W Serle 8, S Mclntyre 3, T Opitz, B Sobey 2. S McArdle, C Calyun 1. Virginia – J Mastias, M Young 3, 
K Savage 2, D Leo 1.

Round Ten – Saturday June 17, 2006

Hummocks Watchman Eagles 17.13 (115) d-Hamley Bridge 9.4 (58). 
Best- HW Eagles: J Wilson, E Arnold, S Light, N Young, D Catford, S Whales. Hamley Bridge: C Harvey, W Mattchoss, R Savage, 
T Smith, B Selth, T Would. Goals – HW Eagles: E Arnold 8, Joel Wilson, Jared Wilson, D Cicolella 2, J Manners, B Whales, S Whales. 
Hamley Bridge: Brett Burgess 3, Ben Burgess, A Barker 2, J Schahinger, T Would.

Balaklava 14.7 (91) d Virginia 11.8 (74). 
Best – Balaklava: C Hodgeson, E Tsimikilis, M Harding, S Papanotis, K Savage, R Catazanariti. Virginia: B Catford, G Nehr, H Walker, 
G Wilmer, B Reid, A Evans. Goals – Balaklava: A Outram, J Walker 3, H Walker, G Wilmer 2, A Evans, B Catford, W Stevens, M Tiller. 
Virginia: S Papanotis, C Campbell, A Seccafein 2, D Alderson, J Langridge, K Savage, R Starr.

United 15.11 (101) d Mallala 10.7 (67). 
Best – United: M Pym, S McIntyre, B Sharman, B Sobey, C Calyon, A Mansfield. Mallala: L Whitwell, J Hollltt, C Kenchington, B Moffatt, 
C Mathewson, P Bladcot. Goals – United: S McIntyre 6, W Serle 4, M Warner, M Smith, S Schulz, J Tynan, S McArdle. Mallala: G May 3, 
C Kenchington, M Birch, B Montgomery 2, R Montgomery.

Friday June 16, 2006 – Round Ten preview with Brendan Watts

Hamley Bridge v Hummocks at Hamley Bridge
Hamley have been slow improver’s since getting off to a poor start to the season, but this classy Hummocks side may be too
much for a young workmanlike Hamley. Beau Byster is a star and is fresh off a blinder with the Association side, Harvey works hard 
and the Burgess boys are dangerous around goals. The Hummocks have all round talent and even without the likes of Barr, 
it will still be a tough ask for the rebuilding Bombers.

United v Mallala at Long Plains.
This match could be match of the round as these teams always seem to be around the mark this time of year. Pym was resolute 
against the YP side on the weekend, but he doesn’t kick goal’s and goal scorer’s could be the difference between these teams. The
Maggies have Big Kenchington who, if he pushes forward can get on the end of some play. Ian “Bluey” McMillan never misses 
and the Magpie midfield army of Hollitt, Whitwell and Evans could prove to too strong for the Tigers. Nevetheless, they will need 
to work hard as United at home, is a tough ask anytime.

Virginia v Balaklava at Virginia.
The last time these sides met it was a blow-out in Balaklava’s favour, but this time they will the going a little tougher. Balaklava has 
big Walker who needs to play forward for them and the Evans boys who have been very handy, Wehr and Tezacker will need watching 
as well. The Rams have their own giant in Hodgeson and if Young, Papanotis and Starr can get a bit of the ball they will challenge 
the taller Balaklava side.

Teams: Balaklava, Hamley Bridge, Hummocks Watchman Eagles, Mallala, Two Wells, United and Virginia

ROUND NINE – Saturday June 3, 2006

Hummocks/Watchman 4.3 10.10 18.13 25.18 (168) def Two Wells 2.6 2.7 4.10 6.12 (48)
Best:  HW – S Light, J Wilson, S Jericho, B Valentine, N Young, D Case. TW – J Struck, L Allmond, S Humphrys, J Becker. 
Goals: HW – E Arnold 6, S Jericho 5, D Cicolella 4, R Reid, J Wilson, D Barr 2, J Manners, D Catford, T Trussell, D Case 1. 
TW – J Struck 3, D Hardiman 2, S Buss 1.

Mallala 3.2 7.3 9.5 12.7 (79) def Virginia 2.6 5.10 8.15 8.15 (63)
Best: Mallala – T Evans, J Hollit, L Whitwell, D Jennings, C Mathewson, T Cawrse. Virginia – M Young, C Hodgeson, R King, 
P Rentoulis. Goals: Mallala – C Kenchington, M Birchmore 3, J Hollitt, L Whitwell 2, I McMillan, R Montgomery 1.
Virginia – M Young 3, E Tsimiklis, C Hodgeson 2, A Leo 1.

Balaklava 1.2 6.4 10.6 12.12 (84) def United 2.3 3.6 6.8 6.12 (48)
Best: Balaklava – A Crouch, J Evans, B Catford, H Walker, L Tezacker, A Evans. United – B Sobey, A Mansfield, J Tynan. 
Goals: Balaklava – A Evans 4, H Walker 2, A Crouch, W Stevens, R Webb, M Tiller, L Spangenburg, K Andrew 1. 
United – B Sobey 3, T Jones, B Sharman, J Rundle 1.

ROUND EIGHT – Saturday May 27, 2006

Hummocks/Watchman 7.1 13.8 18.14 20.19 (139) def Virginia 1.1 1.2 1.4 4.5 (29)
Best – HW Eagles: D Barr, E Arnold, J Wilson, B Valentine, R Reid, L Knapstein. Virginia: J Langridge, S Papanotis, P Rentoulls, 
C Hodgeson, M Young, A Seccafein. Goals – HW Eagles : E Arnold 8, D Barr 4, D Cicolella, D Carford 2, Braham, T Trussell, 
S Jericho, J Manners. Virginia: J Langridge, A Conti, T Crampton, M Young

Hamley Bridge 4.3 7.5 14.8 17.9 (111) def Mallala 3.2 6.3 9.4 13.8 (86)
Best: H Bridge – B Buster, C Harvey, A Rademacher, T Smith, R Savage, S Gregory. Mallala: C Mathewson, C Kenchington, 
T Evans, T Cawse, B Montgomery, J Hollitt. Goals – Hamley Bridge: B Burgess, B Buster 3, T Smith, S Gregory, A Baker, C Harvey 2, 
B Burgess, T Would, J Lowe. Mallala- C Kenchington, Ian McMillan 4, B Montgomery 3, J Hollitt, M Bichmore 1.

Two Wells 3.4 6.8 13.12 17.18 (120) def Balaklava 2.3 3.4 5.8 10.9 (69)
Best – Two Wells: J Nelson, S Buss, S Humphries, L Allmond, S Lange, A Hand. Balaklava: G Wehr, H Walker, W Stevens, A Crouch, 
S Davey, A Evans. Goals-Two Wells: J Wilson 4, S Buss 3, L Allmond, R Coleman, S Wise, J Struck, A Hand, D Schammer, C Bourke, 
A Lemar. Balaklava – R Webb 4, H Walker 2, M Williams, G Wehr, A Outram, J Michael 1.

ROUND SEVEN – Saturday May 20, 2006

Virginia 4.4 9.10 16.14 19.15 (129) def Hamley Bridge 3.2 9.3 11.6 16.11 (107)
Best – Virginia: K Halkias, M Harding, S Papnotis, C Hodgeson, P Rentoulis, D Poutler. Hamley Bridge: C Harvey, T Smith, J Schallinger, 
Brett Burgess, J Lowe, Ben Burgess. Goals – Virginia: D Poulter 7, S Papanotis 3, M Young, A Nudo, M Papanotis 2, J Natgias, J Langridge, R Starr. 
Hamley Bridge: Brett Burgess 5, Ben Burgess 3, J Lowe, C Harvey 2, R Appleton, A Natt, S Gregory, A Baker.

Balaklava 4.6 7.11 12.13 14.15 (99) def Mallala 1.2 7.5 10.5 14.7 (91)
Best -Balaklava: H Walker, G Wehr, M Williams, A Crouch, A Evans, J Evans. Mallala: P Blacket, L Whitwell, J Hollitt, B Hardie, T Evans. 
Goals -Balaklava: R Webb 3, M Williams, A Outram, T McPharlin 2, H Walker, L Parker, A Crouch, A Evans, B Higgs. Mallala: J Hollitt 5, 
B Hardie, I McMillan 3, B Montgomery, M Birchmore, G May 1. 

United 5.6 9.9 14.11 15.13 (103) def Two Wells 0.3 3.4 8.6 14.8 (92)
Best – United: T Jones, M Davey, A Mansfield, H Walker, B Sobey, C Calyun. Two Wells: L Allmond, C Bourke, J Becker, S Buss, M Glancey, 
N Applebee. Goals – United: J Bundle, M Davey, T Opitz 3, S Schulz, J Tynam 2, B Sobey, T Jones. Two Wells: O Allmond, S Buss 3, S Wise, 
C Bourke 2, J Becker, C Oliver, L Allmond, A Hand.

ROUND SIX – Saturday May 13, 2006

Hummocks Watchman maintained its place at the top of the table with a 101 point over United at Port Wakefield. Evan Arnold 
returned to the side kicking four, the Eagles dominant after half time kicking 13.9 to 2.2. 
Mallala continued its good start to the season, with a 41 point home win over Two Wells. At the goalfront Ian McMillan was a force 
kicking four, in a effort which sees Mallala now second on percentage.
Meantime Balaklava proved to good for the out of form Hamley Bridge, with Webb  kicking eight goals

This weekend: Hamley Bridge vs Virginia at Hamley Bridge, Mallala vs Balaklava at Mallala and United vs Two Wells at Long Plains

BYE: Hummocks/Watchman

HW Eagles 3.2 7.5 13.10 20.14 (134) d United 1.4 2.7 4.8 4.9 (33)
Best: HWE – R Reid, S Light, B Valentine, D Case, D Cicolella, D Catford. United – M Starr, J Tynan, C Carlyn . Goals – HWE: D Cicolella 5, 
E Arnold, S Jericho 4, D Barr 3, D Case, J Wilson, S Braham, R Reid. United: W Serle, T Opitz, K Jarman, S Mclntyre.

Mallala 5.4 13.8 15.14 19.15 (129) d Two Wells 2.0 6.1 10.6 13.10 (88). 
Best – Mallala: C Kenchington. P Blacket, T Cawrse, T Evans, D Jenn­ngs: J Hollitt. Two Wells: L Allmond, C Bourke, J Struck, 
N Applebee, S Buss, S Wise. Goals-Mallala: I McMillan 4, B Montgomery 3, D Meaney, B Griffiths, J Hollitt 2, P Modra 2, B Hardie, 
C Kenchington, G May, D Jennings. Two Wells: S Buss 4, C Bourke, L Allmond 3, S Wise 2, J Nelson.

Balaklava 7.1 12.4 16.10 23.13 (151) def Hamley Bridge 2.1 5.3 7.4 10.4 (64)
Best: Balaklava – M Williams, R Webb, G Wehr, H Walker, V Taylor, L Tezacker. Hamley Bridge – C Harvey, T Smith, R Savage, J Lowe, 
W Matchoss, B Byster. Goals: Balaklava – R Webb 8, H Walker 5, A Outram 2, G Wehr, T McPharlin, J Michael, L Parker, G Willmer 1. 
Hamley Bridge – Ben Burgess 3, C Harvey, A Baker 2, R Savage, J Schahinger, L Smith 1.

ROUND FIVE – Saturday May 6,2006

Balaklava 1.3 10.7 14.8 17.13 (115) d Virginia 1.3 1.3 4.7 6.12 (48).

Best-Balaklava: B Catlord, M Williams. J Michael, H Walker, P Lachlan, L Evans. Virginia – L Justin, T Crampton, R Starr, 
A Seccafien, A Conti, C Hodgeson. Goals – Balaklava: H Walker 4, R Webb, B Cattord 3, A Outram, G Wehr, A Michael, M Williams, 
J Walker. Virginia – M Papanotis 2, K Savage, M Young, D Conti, C Hodgeson 1.

United 2.7 4.12 13.14 14.16 (100) d Hamley Bridge 1.2 4.6 5.7 9.12 (66)

Best – United: M Warnes. J Wood, C Carlyn, K Jarman, S Schulz, M East. Hamley Bridge: B Byster, C Harvey, T Smith, B Selth, 
Ben Burgess, L Smith. Goals — United: S McIntyre 3, F Opitz, M East, B Sobey 2, W Serle, K Jarman, C Calyun, M Brew, M Warnes. 
Hamley Bridge: Brett Burgess 4, J Lowe, A Baker 2, J Scwallinger.

Hummocks/Watchman 0.1 6.6 8.9 15.13 (103) d Two Wells 2.6 4.7 7.9 9.11 (65)

Best: HWE – C Braham, D Catford, J Wilson, S Jericho, R Reid, B Valentine. TW – C Bourke, B Watts, L Allmond, A Hand, J Struck, 
J Becker. Goals: HWE – S Braham, D Barr 4, S Jericho 2, J Wilson, R Reid, D Cicolella, J Manners, B Whales 1. TW – C Bourke 4, 
L Allmond 2, S Buss, A Hardiman, M Dimasi 1.

Round Four – Saturday April 29, 2006

Hummocks Watchman and Two Wells remain the only unbeaten sides after Round Four of the APFL

The Eagles had a 31 point win over Balaklava, while Two Wells were too good for Hamley Bridge.Mallala appears 
to be the main challenger at this stage, having made it three from four after a 14 point victory over Virginia

Hummocks/Watchman 6.1 11.3 11.5 15.6 (96) defeated Balaklava 1.8 3.10 6.14 8.17 (65)

Best: HW- D Barr, T Trussel, R Reid, J Wilson, S Light, T Sharpe. Balak- L Evans, G Wehr, J Evans, H Walker, L Parker, G Willmer. 
Goals – HWE: 
J Wilson 5, S Jericho, B Whale, R Reid 2, J Wilson, D Barr, D Cicolella, J Manners 1, Balak- H Walker 5, V Taylor, 
A Evans, G Willmer 1.

Two Wells 3.3 10.7 14.16 17.23 (125) defeated Hamley Bridge 2.2 6.3 7.4 10.8 (68)

Best: TW – N Applebee, R Hand, G Buckley, J Becker, N Seccafien, R Coleman. HB – T Smith, C Harvey, B Byster, M Charter, 
D Whiteman, R Savage. Goals TW – B Fitzgerald 3, N Seccafien, C Bourke, J Becker, S Buss, R Coleman 2, M Dimasi, A Hand, 
B Watts, J Nelson 1. HB – C Harvey, J Schahinger, B Byster 2, A Natt, J Lowe, Ben Burgess, A Baker

Mallala 2.3 8.8 12.10 19.12 (126) defeated Virginia 5.2 9.3 11.3 18.4 (112)

Best: Mallala – P Blacket, C Kenchington, T Cawrse, J Hollit, T Evans, D Jennings. Virg – G Hodgeson, M Young, S Papanotis, 
M Harding, A Conti. Goals: Mallala – G May 4, P Modra 3, Ian McMillan, M Birchmore, J Hollitt, C Kenchington, B Montgomery, 
P Blacket, D Meaney, R Montgomery, T Evans 1. Virg – A Nudo 3, J Mastias 2, M Young, J Trimboli, A Conti, A Papanotis 2, 
D Poulter, R Starr, A Seccafien, S Papaniotis 1.


Hummocks Watchman maintained it’s unbeaten run in the APFL with a 92 point win over Mallala at Port Wakefield. Evan Arnold 
kicked six goals, while Jarred Manners was best for the Eagles. Mallalla were disappointing kicking just one goal in the first half, 
with Paul Blacket its best.

Two Wells had a hard fought 16 point win over Balaklava. Sean Buss kicked four goals for the winner with Lee Allmond just as its 
best player. Jonathon Evans was best for Balaklava.

United were too good for Viginia winning there by 41 points. After failing to score in the first quarter, Virginia kicked 6.2 to 3.3 to trail 
by just 9 points at half time. United cruised to victory in the second half adding 8.6 to 3.4 with Michael Davey their best player

Round Three – Saturday April 22, 2006

Two Wells 6.6 10.10 12.13 15.16 (106) defeated Balaklava 3.4 6.7 11.10 13.12 (90)

Best (TW) – L Allmond, N Applebee, S Buss, M Dimasi, C Bourke, S Humphries. (Bal) – J Evans, A Crouch, L Parker, L Tazacker, 
A Evans, H Walker.Goals (TW) – S Buss 4, L Allmond 3, C Bourke, A Hand, B Watts 2, N Seccafien, J Becker 1. (Bal) – A Evans, 
L Evans 3, T McPharlin 2, V Taylor, B Higgs, D Tezacker, G Wilmer, A Crouch 1.

HW Eagles 6.2 10.8 15.13 21.17 (143) defeated Mallala 1.2 1.5 4.9 7.9 (51) at Port Wakefield

Best (HWE) – J Manners, T Trussell, J Wilson, S Price, D Catford, E Arnold. (Mal) – P Blacket, D Meaney, D Pontt, M Birchmore, 
T Cawrse, J Hollitt Goals (HWE) – E Arnold 6, S Jericho 3, R Reid, B Valentine, D Barr, J Manners, J Wilson 2, S Price, D Cicolella 1. 
(Mal) – Ian McMillan 3, B Montgomery 2, P Modra, M Birchmore 1.

Virginia 0.0 6.2 7.5 9.6 (60) lost to United 4.4 7.5 12.9 15.11 (101)

Best: (Virg) – C Hodgeson, R Starr, M Young. (U)- M Davey, B Sobey, C Celyon. Goals (Virg) – D Poulter 3, S Paponotis, 
E Tsimikilis, A Seccafein, A Conti, C Hodgeson 1. (United) – B Sobey 4, W Serle, S McIntyre 3, T Upitz 2, M Pym, M Davey, 
S Schulz 1.

Monday April 10, 2006

Mallala is on top of the ladder as the teams in the APFL head into the break for Easter. After a tight first half, they too good for 
Hamley Bridge on Saturday winning by 29 points winning Ian McMillan best afield kicking five goals. Craig Harvey was best 
again for Hamley Bridge.

Two Wells opened its account with a 17 goal win over Virginia. After a tight first term, Two Wells were too good with Gary Buckley, 
Lee Allmond and Joel Nelson all playing well.

Meanwhile United had its first victory for 2006, beating Balaklava by 41 points. Balaklava were never in the hunt, kicking four of their 
goals in the last term. Scott McIntyre and Mark Pym were solid performers for United. There is an break over the Easter weekend for all clubs.

SCORES : ROUND TWO – Saturday April 8, 2006

United 3.2 6.4 9.9 12.11 (83) defeated Balaklava 2.3 2.4 2.5 6.6 (42) at Long Plains

Best: (U) – S McIntyre, M Pym, M Warnes, M Starr, J Tynan, A Mansfield (B) – J Evans, M Williams, A Michael, J Tiller, 
J Michael, B Catford. Goals (U) – W Serle, T Optiz, S McIntyre, C Calyan 2, D West, M Warnes, K Jarman, B Sobey 1. (B) – 
A Michael 2, L Evans, B Catford, K Michalanny, M Williams 1.

Two Wells 2.2 6.8 16.12 23.17 (155) defeated Virginia 2.5 3.8 6.8 7.11 (53) at Two Wells

Best (TW) – G Buckley, L Allmond, J Nelson, S Buss, B Watts, C Oliver. (V) – R Starr, S Papanotis, T Crampton, C Halkias, 
M Harding, C Hodgeson. Goals (TW) – D Kschammer 5, S Buss 4, C Bourke, J Nelson, A Hand 3, R Coleman, S Wise 2, 
O Allmond. (V) – E Tsmiklis 2, D Poulter, R Starr, A Conti, J Musolino, S Papanotis 1.

Mallalla 3.2 6.6 12.9 17.12 (114) defeated Hamley Bridge 4.3 6.5 11.5 13.7 (85) at Mallala

Best (Mall) – I McMillan, L Whitwell, T Evans, J Wildbore, C Kenchington, T Cawrse. (HB) – C Harvey, J Lowe, B Burgess, 
T Smith, B Byster, W Mattchoss. Goals (Mall) – I McMillan 5, B Hardie 3, J Wildbore, P Modra 2, D Jennings, J Hollitt, 
B Montgomery, G May, T Evans 1. (HB) – A Baker, Ben Burgess 4, J Schalhinger 2, C Harvey, J Lowe, Brett Burgess 1.

Friday April 7, 2006

Round One saw just two matches, with Mallala coming from behind to defeat United, while the Eagles hammered Hamley Bridge 
by 87 points. Ex-Sturt and Adelaide Uni forward Evan Arnold was dominant up forward for the Eagles kicking six goals on debut, 
as they dominated the match from the word go. Joel Wilson was best for the winners while Craig Harvey was for Hamley Bridge.

Mallala trailed by 13 points at Three quarter time, before kicking 3.0 to one behind to creep home by four points. Tony Evans was 
best, while for United Josh Tynan was best with Willy Serle jagging three goals.

This weekend, Hamley Bridge plays Mallala at Hamley Bridge, United take on Balaklava, who had the bye last weekend while Two 
Wells vs Virginia play at Two Wells after a bye last weekend.Hummocks/Watchman has a bye.

Round One – April 1 2006

Hummocks/Watchman 4.4 6.9 15.11 18.19 (127) d Hamley Bridge 1.0 3.2 3.2 6.4 (40) at Port Wakefield

Best: (HW) – J Wilson, B Valentine, S Jericho, R Reid, E Arnold, J Manners (HB) – C Harvey, J Lowe, B Byster, A Baker, M Johnson, 
B Burgess. Goalkickers (HW) – E Arnold 6, R Reid, B Whales 3, S Light, S Braham 2, S Price, S Jericho (HB) – Brett Burgess 3, C Harvey, 
T Smith, A Barnett.

Mallala 1.3 4.3 5.6 8.6 (54) defeated United 2.3 5.3 7.7 7.8 50 at Mallala

Best (M) – T Evans, L Whitwell, J Wildbore, P Blacket, D Jennings, M Birchmore. (U) – J Tynan, S McIntyre, H Walker, D Dahmu. 
Goalkickers: (M) – D Tiller 2, T Evans 2, C Kenchington, J Hollitt, J Wildbore, L Whitwell 1. (U) – W Serle 3, M Warnes, A Mansfield, T Opitz, S McIntyre

BYE: Balaklava, Virginia and Two Wells