Grand Final at Freeling on September 14, 2019                

Tanunda5.311.816.1218.13 (121)
Angaston4.28.310.816.12 (108)

Best:  Tanunda – L. Agars, M. Prior, J. Trembath, L. Snowden, L. Westhoff, R. McFarlane. Angaston – J. Miles, B. Antonie, S. Summerton, J. Antonie, A. Pech, J. Hood. Goals: Tanunda  – J. Trembath 6, L. Agars 5, B. Britton 3, N. Petersen-Gray, M. Westhoff, M. Prior, S. Gregory. Angaston – B. Antonie 3, R. Eberhard 3, J. Hood 2, R. Kuhn 2, A. Pech 2, J. Antonie, J. Roesler, R. Carnelly, S. Summerton

Preliminary Final at Barossa District on September 7, 2019       

Angaston3.15.411.515.8 (98)
Nuriootpa2.53.85.910.9 (69)

Best:  Angaston – S. Summerton, J. Shannon, M. Borholm, N. Falland, M. Blenkiron, J. Paprotny. Nuriootpa –  A. Raikiwasa, B. Hoepner, A. Raikiwasa, A. Laverty, S. Gordon, L. Westlake. Goals: Angaston – S. Summerton 4, R. Eberhard 3, M. Borholm 2, B. Antonie 2, R. Carnelly, J. Shannon, J. Hood, R. Kuhn. Nuriootpa – S. Gordon 4, B. Shinnick 3, C. Clark, H. Slattery, A. Raikiwasa

Tanunda’s Riley McFarlane wins the Schluter Medal

September 3, 2019

Riley McFarlane, Tanunda won the Schluter and Mail Medals with 22 votes last Monday night for being judged the Fairest and Most Brilliant A-Grade Footballer playing in the Barossa, Light & Gawler Football Association during the 2019 season.

Riley only played in 10 out of the 16 games and kicked 14 goals in the minor round for the Magpies and only won the medal on the last vote of the night when he polled three to win from three other players.

Runners-up, all on 19 votes, were Steve Rusca and Steve Summerton, Angaston and Leigh Ryswyk, Barossa District.

Riley is the second Tanunda player in a row to win it after Dean Terlich won last year.

It is the 22nd medal to be won by Tanunda.

The count was run by the B., L. & G. Association at the Vine Inn Barossa Community Hotel, Nuriootpa with around 250 people attending.

The Rookie of the Year was won by Lane Curtis, Kapunda. It is the fourth time that Kapunda has won this award with Tyrell Hocking 2017, David Leslie 2002 and Michael McCarthy 1996 being the other winners.

The Senior Colt Footballer of the Year was won by Kapunda’s Aidan Mudge and Tanunda’s Isaac Feltus. It is the first tie since 2010 when Jack Madgen, Barossa and Jake Ashenden, Freeling tied. It is the first time that a Kapunda player has won this award and Tanunda has now won it three times – Parker Neldner 2011 and Jarrod Spencer 2002 were the others.

Steven Summerton, Angaston won the 12th Peter Vivian Coaches Player of the Year. This is first time that an Angaston player has won this award.

Other Best and Fairest winners were Wade Richardson, Angaston who won the Barossa & Light Herald Reserves Medal with 18 votes; Austin Poulton, Freeling won the Under 17’s (Central District Football Club Bulldog Medal) with 25 votes and the Des Shanahan Under 15’s Medal was won by Liam Tappert, Barossa District with 32 votes.

Top goal kicking trophies went to Ryder Eberhard, Angaston with 53 goals in the A-Grade for the Teakle Family/Barossa Trophies award. Ryder is the first Angaston player to win it since 1992 when Steven Moulds kicked 92 at the end of the minor round and then finished with 101 in finals.

Paul Bova, Gawler Central won the Falland Australia Reserves trophy with 36 goals. Paul’s win is the first by a Gawler Central player since Jamie McCafferty kicked 37 in 2013.

Zac East, Willaston won the J. T. Johnson & Son trophy in Under 17’s with 39 goals. Zac also won last year with 42.

In the Under 15’s William O’Brien, Barossa District won the Peter Rosenberg trophy with 37 goals and it is the first win by a Barossa player since Paul Stelzer tied with Matt Godfrey, Tanunda, both with 56 in 1998.

The Champion Club of the Year was Tanunda with 2760 points. They previously won it in 2011 with 2650 points. This is their fifth win since their first win in 2002.

Liam Tappert, Barossa District Under 15 won the John Dawkins Most Consistent Medal for polling in the most games which was 12 out of 16. This is the first time that a Barossa District player has won this medal.

Senior Coach of the Year will be the A-Grade premiership coach which will be presented at the annual Chimney Painting Ceremony on the Monday after the Grand Final and Kapunda Under 17 coach, Travis Opitz was the Junior Coach of the Year.

The A-Grade team of the year were also presented with medallions and from the forward line is as follows:

Michael Howson (W) Ryder Eberhard (A) Sam Gordon (N)

Dean Terlich (T) Todd Miles (BD) Jackson Baldwin (N)

Steve Rusca (A) Leigh Ryswyk (BD) Leigh Westhoff (T)

Andrew Wright (GC) Matthew Westhoff (T) Michael Clinch (W)

Michael O’Malley (F) Brae McConnell (BD) Aisea “Magic” Raikiwasa (N)

First Ruck: Adam Cockshell (F), Dom Constanzo (SG), Steven Summerton (A).

Interchange: Tyson Irlam (W), Riley McPharlane (T), Josh Hand (F), Marc Borholm (A).

Coach of the Year: Will be the Premiership Coach.

Captain – Leigh Ryswyk (BD); Vice Captain – Andrew Wright (GC).

Selectors: Rick Pearson (Chairman), Roger James (F), Ash Barnett (BD) and Matt Whelan (GC).

Umpires’ Golden Whistle award was won by Adam Colbourne.

Those who represented the BLG in the Zone Championships were also recognised: Ryder Eberhard and Ryan Carnelly, Angaston; Todd Miles, Brae McConnell and Leigh Ryswyk, Barossa District; Owen John, Andrew Wright and Jamie Wegener, Gawler Central; Joey Brown and Joel Foster, Kapunda; Beau Shinnick, Nuriootpa and Tyson Irlam, Willaston.

The Women’s Best & Fairest players were also acknowledged – Emma Keys, Angaston and Shari Chambers, Willaston tied for the Senior Best & Fairest; Libby Fiebiger, Angaston won the Under 17’s and Kate Argent-Bowden, Angaston won the Under 14’s. The premiership teams were Kapunda Under 14’s, Angaston Under 17’s and Barossa District won the Open Seniors.


WINNER: Riley McFarlane, Tanunda with a total of 22 votes (333333 22). It is the 22nd medal won by Tanunda and second in a row after Dean Terlich won last year.

RUNNER-UPS: Steven Summerton, Angaston (3333 222 1); Steve Rusca, Angaston (3333 22 111) and Leigh Ryswyk, Barossa District (3333 222 1) all with a total of 19 votes.

THIRD: Aisea Raikiwasa, Nuriootpa with a total of 15 votes (333 222).

First Semi Final at Nuriootpa on Sunday September 1, 2019

Nuriootpa2. (60)
Barossa District1. (43)

Best:   Nuriootpa – B. Hoepner, S. Gordon, A. Raikiwasa, A. Laverty, S. Gibson, L. Westlake. Barossa District – T. Miles, J. Charles, A. Stone, H. Traynor, B. Cummings, J. Goodfellow. Goals: Nuriootpa – S. Gordon 5, Z. Dahms, R. Foulis, W. Nicholls, B. Bryksy. Barossa District – D. Sharp 4, L. Ryswyk 2

Second Semi Final at Tanunda on Saturday August 31, 2019

Angaston2.28.410.512.9 (81)
Tanunda4.48.513.915.12 (102)

Best:   Tanunda – L. Westhoff, B. Schiller, A. Kurtze, L. Agars, M. Prior, J. Trembath. Angaston – A. Pech, J. Antonie, S. Summerton, B. Antonie, J. Shannon, J. Miles. Goals: Tanunda – J. Trembath 6, B. Britton 2, R. McFarlane 2, D. Terlich, B. Schiller, N. Petersen-Gray, L. Agars, S. Gregory. Angaston – A. Pech 4, R. Eberhard 3, J. Antonie 3, B. Antonie, J. Parker

Elimination Final at South Gawler, August 25, 2019

Barossa District5.47.514.816.11 (107)
Freeling1. (43)

Best: Barossa – N. Casboult, L. Ryswyk, B. Cummings, D. Kickel, H. Traynor, J. Traynor. Freeling – M. O”Malley, A. Poulton, S. Dutschke, B. Heinrich, A. Graham, J. Cochrane. Goals: Barossa – L. Ryswyk 4, R. Allington 2, D. Sharp 2, D. Kickel 2, J. Traynor 2, O. Barnett, L. Kent, J. Goodfellow, R. Watson. Freeling – A. Cockshell 2, B. Heinrich, J. Cochrane, B. Scott, T. Hahn.

Qualifying Final at Willaston, August 24, 2019

Tanunda3.18.512.621.10 (136)
Nuriootpa Rover2. (42)

Best: Tanunda – A. Fechner, B. Dowse, L. Agars, M. Prior, D. Terlich, L. Earl. Nuri – W. Nicholls, A. Laverty, B. Hoepner, B. Bryksy, L. Jaunay, A. Raikiwasa. Goals: Tanunda – D. Terlich 4, B. Britton 4, S. Gregory 4, L. Westhoff 2, R. McFARLANE, A. Kurtze, M. Prior, M. Westhoff, L. Agars, H. Smart, N. Petersen-Gray. Nuri – R. Foulis 2, B. Shinnick, W. Nicholls, B. Sheridan, B. Bryksy.

Round 18 – August 17, 2019

Kapunda1. (61)
Barossa District3.33.65.910.11 (71)

Best: Bar Dist – M. Baraglia, D. Kickel, E. Gant, J. Goodfellow, A. Stone, L. Ryswyk. Kapunda – J. Brown, M. Cussadia, J. Meaney, L. Curtis, K. Brown, M. Neville. Goals: Bar Dist – J. Goodfellow 3, D. Sharp 2, J. Traynor 2, M. Baraglia, E. Gant, L. Ryswyk. Kapunda – K. Brown 2, B. Valentine 2, M. Cussadia, J. Meaney, B. Prior, D. Ryan.

Freeling0. (56)
Angaston6.112.614.920.12 (132)

Best: Angaston – S. Summerton, R. Carnelly, M. Borholm, S. Rusca, B. Antonie, R. Eberhard. Freeling – J. Cochrane, S. Daff, J. Hand, M. O”Malley, S. Dutschke, T. Muster. Goals: Angaston – M. Borholm 5, R. Eberhard 5, B. Antonie 2, J. Roesler 2, S. Summerton 2, A. Pech, J. Antonie, S. Rusca, D. Tuckwell. Freeling – J. Cochrane 2, S. Carmichael 2, M. O”Malley, S. Daff, A. Stengle, B. Scott.

South Gawler6.110.311.912.12 (84)
Willaston1.56.99.1215.16 (106)

Best: Willaston – A. Barclay, H. Elbrow, J. Waldhuter, M. Howson, L. Sutton, B. Cormack. South Gawler – O. Prout, C. James, J. Wittwer, D. Costanzo, H. Bennison, D. Goulding. Goals: Willaston – M. Howson 6, J. Waldhuter 4, H. Elbrow 2, J. Williams, Z. Hentschke, T. Irlam. South – J. Johnson 2, R. Sutton 2, J. Press 2, O. Prout, J. Wittwer, D. Judd Smith, D. Costanzo, N. Bartsch, D. Goulding.

Tanunda5.410.713.915.14 (104)
Nuriootpa Rover3.27.29.512.7 (79)

Best: Tanunda – L. Earl, R. McFarlane, A. Fechner, A. Prior, D. Terlich, A. Kurtze. Nuri – J. Baldwin, W. Nicholls, L. Jaunay, A. Raikiwasa, C. Clark, L. Westlake. Goals: Tanunda – J. Trembath 3, R. McFarlane 3, D. Terlich 2, N. Petersen-Gray 2, B. Britton 2, L. Agars, S. Gregory, L. Westhoff. Nuri – W. Nicholls 4, B. Bryksy 2, T. Dimasi, B. Sheridan, A. Laverty, D. Burgess, J. Baldwin, B. Shinnick.

Round 17 – August 10, 2019

Angaston1.27.79.913.17 (95)
Kapunda2. (56)

Best:   Angaston – J. Shannon, S. Summerton, B. Antonie, J. Paprotny, J. Miles, R. Eberhard. Kapunda – J. Huggard, A. Turrell, J. Foster, J. Freeman, T. Michael, L. Curtis. Goals: Angaston – R. Eberhard 4, J. Shannon 3, A. Pech 2, T. Ryan, C. Harvey, B. Dalby, B. Antonie. Kapunda – B. Prior 3, A. Mudge 2, J. Meaney, B. Valentine, L. Curtis

Barossa District1.39.59.613.11 (89)
Gawler Central6.06.110.411.5 (71)

Best:   Barossa District – M. Baraglia, R. Christie, N. Casboult, D. Kickel, J. Traynor, T. Miles. Gawler Central – A. Wright, B. Mitchell, C. Slate, B. Mercer, N. Hooker, T. Mason. Goals: Barossa District – M. Baraglia 2, J. Goodfellow 2, O. Barnett 2, D. Kickel 2, R. Allington, N. Casboult, R. Watson, L. Ryswyk, D. Nangle. Gawler Central – B. Mercer 6, N. Hooker 2, K. Wurst, J. Schulz, A. Wright

Nuriootpa1. (55)
South Gawler0. (48)

Best:   Nuriootpa – J. Baldwin, A. Raikiwasa, R. Foulis, C. Clark, W. Nicholls, S. Dubois. South Gawler – D. Judd Smith, D. Costanzo, J. Wittwer, C. James, N. White, T. Lee. Goals: Nuriootpa – B. Bryksy 2, A. Edwards, M. Norton, B. Shinnick, J. Baldwin. South Gawler – O. Prout, J. Osborn, J. Press, J. Dare, R. Sutton, D. Goulding, L. Baker

Willaston2.44.411.712.7 (79)
Freeling3.26.48.410.6 (66)

Best:   Willaston – T. Irlam, J. Waldhuter, H. Elbrow, H. Moss, C. Norsworthy, A. Fry. Freeling – J. Hand, J. Ruediger, A. Cockshell, J. Cochrane, T. Muster, M. O”Malley. Goals: Willaston – M. Howson 4, J. Waldhuter 2, C. Norsworthy, D. Davis, T. Irlam, H. Elbrow, M. Stewart, B. Cormack. Freeling – J. Hand 3, S. Dutschke 2, B. Heinrich, A. Stengle, A. Selleck, A. Cocks, B. Scott

Round 16 – August 3, 2019

Freeling2.16.110.511.6 (72)
Nuriootpa Rover5.410.612.715.11 (101)

Best: Nuri – S. Gordon, A. Raikiwasa, J. Baldwin, W. Nicholls, J. Scholz, R. Foulis. Freeling – T. Muster, M. O”Malley, B. Heinrich, S. Dutschke, A. Cockshell, A. Poulton. Goals: Nuri – S. Gordon 12, J. Scholz, J. Baldwin, A. Raikiwasa. Freeling – B. Scott 3, S. Carmichael 3, T. McInerney, S. Dutschke, A. Poulton, B. Heinrich, A. Cocks.

Gawler Central2. (38)
Angaston10.314.619.825.11 (161)

Best: Angaston – S. Summerton, R. Eberhard, S. Rusca, R. Carnelly, J. Antonie, T. Ryan. Central – C. Thomas, J. Wegener, T. Duffield, B. Mercer, B. Mitchell, C. Slate. Goals: Angaston – R. Eberhard 9, R. Carnelly 3, R. Kuhn 2, A. Pech 2, S. Rusca 2, S. Summerton 2, D. Tuckwell, T. Jackaman, M. Borholm, J. Antonie, J. Roesler. Central – B. Mercer 2, S. Callanan, N. Hooker, A. Wright.

Kapunda5.28.513.718.10 (118)
Willaston5.311.517.622.8 (140)

Best: Willaston – T. Irlam, J. Waldhuter, M. Howson, H. Moss, Z. Hentschke, B. Cormack. Kapunda – J. Brown, B. Valentine, M. Cussadia, B. Prior, J. Huggard, M. Stent. Goals: Willaston – J. Waldhuter 7, M. Howson 5, Z. Hentschke 2, M. Stewart 2, T. Irlam 2, C. Norsworthy, A. Barclay, B. Cormack, D. Davis. Kapunda – B. Prior 5, J. Meaney 2, J. Brown 2, J. Zanandrea 2, B. Valentine 2, M. Stent, B. Carracher, M. Cussadia, J. Huggard, J. Foster.

South Gawler1.16.59.510.6 (66)
Tanunda4.66.711.1113.14 (92)

Best: Tanunda – M. Prior, B. Schiller, R. McFarlane, D. Terlich, N. Petersen-Gray, L. Earl. South – J. Wittwer, H. Bennison, J. Press, B. Hudson, C. James, R. Sutton. Goals: Tanunda – J. Trembath 3, D. Terlich 2, M. Prior 2, L. Westhoff 2, F. Smith, B. Schiller, N. Petersen-Gray, R. McFarlane. South – J. Press 3, J. Osborn 2, N. Bartsch 2, R. Sutton 2, H. Bennison.

Round 15 – July 27, 2019

Angaston7.111.313.617.9 (111)
Barossa District0. (24)

Best:   Angaston – S. Summerton, J. Shannon, T. Ryan, B. Antonie, M. Borholm, R. Carnelly. Barossa District – B. Cummings, N. Casboult, J. Traynor, A. Stone, H. Traynor, D. Nangle. Goals: Angaston – R. Eberhard 4, S. Summerton 2, A. Pech 2, J. Paprotny, J. Hood, A. Adams, B. Antonie, M. Borholm, J. Shannon, N. Falland, S. Rusca, R. Kuhn. Barossa District – R. Allington 2, D. Kickel

Nuriootpa4.38.711.1216.17 (113)
Kapunda3. (37)

Best:   Nuriootpa – J. Baldwin, A. Raikiwasa, A. Bryce, B. Hoepner, W. Nicholls, T. Dimasi. Kapunda – A. Turrell, M. Cussadia, M. Stent, D. Ryan, J. Foster, K. Brown. Goals: Nuriootpa – J. Baldwin 4, S. Gordon 3, A. Edwards 2, T. Dimasi, W. Nicholls, R. Foulis, B. Bryksy, A. Bryce, A. Laverty, Z. Dahms. Kapunda – M. Stent 2, B. Valentine 2, J. Meaney

Tanunda7.212.215.920.13 (133)
Freeling1. (44)

Best:   Tanunda – L. Westhoff, A. Fechner, M. Westhoff, M. Prior, L. Earl, A. Kurtze. Freeling – T. Muster, M. O”Malley, T. Taylor, A. Selleck, J. Hand, A. Stengle. Goals: Tanunda – J. Trembath 6, D. Terlich 4, S. Gregory 3, B. Britton 3, L. Westhoff 2, M. Prior, L. Agars. Freeling – S. Carmichael 2, A. Stengle, B. Scott, S. Dutschke, A. Poulton

Willaston1.28.511.1015.13 (103)
Gawler Central3.34.58.713.8 (86)

Best:   Willaston – J. Waldhuter, J. Phillips, M. Clinch, A. Fry, Z. East, M. Brooks. Gawler Central – K. Wurst, J. Wegener, C. Thomas, N. Hooker, J. Schulz, T. Duffield. Goals: Willaston – M. Howson 4, Z. Hentschke 3, J. Williams 2, J. Waldhuter, M. Stewart, J. Phillips, B. Cormack, Z. East, C. Norsworthy. Gawler Central – J. Schulz 3, C. Solly 3, J. Wegener 3, K. Wurst, B. Mercer, N. Hooker, C. Hill

Round 14 – July 20, 2019

Barossa District1.44.78.1412.16 (88)
Willaston3.27.48.614.7 (91)

Best:  Willaston – C. Norsworthy, M. Clinch, A. Fry, S. Childs, T. Irlam, Z. Hentschke. Barossa District – J. Goodfellow, T. Miles, N. Casboult, B. McConnell, L. Kent, J. Charles. Goals: Willaston – M. Howson 4, J. Waldhuter 3, J. Williams 2, Z. Hentschke 2, T. Irlam, B. Cormack, L. Sutton. Barossa District – J. Goodfellow 4, E. Gant 2, M. Baraglia, B. Cummings, T. Miles, A. Casboult, D. Kickel, J. Traynor

Freeling5.49.815.1317.16 (118)
South Gawler3.19.511.713.11 (89)

Best:  Freeling – S. Carmichael, J. Hand, J. Cochrane, A. Cockshell, M. O”Malley, J. Wright. South Gawler – D. Costanzo, J. Press, D. Judd Smith, L. Baker, J. Wittwer, N. Bartsch. Goals: Freeling – S. Carmichael 7, J. Hand 2, T. Taylor 2, S. Dutschke 2, J. Hancock, A. Poulton, B. Scott, T. Ruediger. South Gawler – D. Costanzo 3, B. Judd-Smith 2, N. Bartsch 2, D. Goulding 2, L. Baker, A. Hansen, C. Cameron, J. Osborn

Gawler Central1. (45)
Nuriootpa1. (59)

Best:  Nuriootpa – A. Raikiwasa, B. Shinnick, B. Hoepner, C. Clark, A. Bryce, S. Dubois. Gawler Central – C. Reynolds, N. Hooker, J. Edwards, A. Wright, J. Oxenham, T. Duffield. Goals: Nuriootpa – B. Hoepner 2, B. Shinnick 2, W. Nicholls, J. Baldwin, B. Bryksy, B. Sheridan. Gawler Central – N. Hooker 3, R. Long 2, L. Edwards

Kapunda0. (43)
Tanunda4.210.517.620.9 (129)

Best:   Tanunda – B. Dowse, L. Westhoff, L. Agars, L. Earl, N. Petersen-Gray, M. Westhoff. Kapunda – M. Stent, L. Curtis, D. Ryan, J. Brown, J. Foster, J. Meaney. Goals: Tanunda – D. Terlich 3, L. Earl 3, M. Prior 3, B. Britton 2, A. Kurtze 2, B. Schiller 2, J. May, B. Biagi, L. Agars, N. Petersen-Gray, F. Smith. Kapunda – J. Meaney, B. Prior, M. Stent, A. Mudge, J. Freeman

Round 13 – July 6, 2019

Angaston4.37.410.513.8 (86)
Nuriootpa2. (60)

Best:  Angaston – M. Blenkiron, T. Ryan, S. Summerton, J. Antonie, D. Tuckwell, J. Miles. Nuriootpa – A. Raikiwasa, C. Clark, B. Thiele, J. Baldwin, A. Laverty, T. Dimasi. Goals: Angaston – S. Summerton 3, J. Antonie 2, R. Eberhard 2, M. Borholm 2, R. Kuhn, A. Pech, R. Carnelly, B. Dalby. Nuriootpa – S. Gordon 3, R. Foulis, J. Baldwin, B. Sheridan, B. Shinnick, J. Henke

Gawler Central5.510.814.1116.14 (110)
South Gawler3.16.37.410.10 (70)

Best:  Gawler Central – S. Baker, C. Reynolds, C. Solly, J. Schulz, B. Mercer, J. Bottin. Goals: Gawler Central – B. Mercer 5, S. Baker 3, N. Hooker 2, J. Schulz 2, C. Andrews, B. Lane, J. Bottin, K. Wurst

Kapunda2.54.910.1016.13 (109)
Freeling3. (49)

Best:  Kapunda – J. Meaney, A. Turrell, J. Brown, M. Stent, M. Neville, S. Pratt. Freeling – T. Muster, J. Hand, S. Daff, A. Cockshell, A. Poulton, J. Cochrane. Goals: Kapunda – M. Stent 3, J. Zanandrea 3, B. Prior 3, W. Ryan 2, J. Meaney, J. Foster, L. Curtis, K. Brown, B. Jones. Freeling – J. Hand 3, R. Erskine 2, J. Cochrane, T. Muster

Barossa District1. (43)
Tanunda4.59.513.918.11 (119)

Best:  Tanunda – A. Fechner, L. Agars, A. Prior, M. Westhoff, L. Snowden, J. Trembath. Barossa District – J. Goodfellow, A. Stone, B. Cummings, R. Watson, B. McConnell. Goals: Tanunda – J. Trembath 7, L. Agars 4, D. Terlich 2, A. Kurtze 2, B. Dowse, L. Westhoff, S. Gregory. Barossa District – M. Baraglia 2, J. Goodfellow 2, W. Roberts, R. Watson

Round 12 – June 29, 2019

Freeling2. (26)
Gawler Central1. (57)

Best:  Gawler Central – S. Baker, B. Mitchell, A. Wright, C. Thomas, J. Bottin, J. Oxenham. Freeling – T. Muster, L. Sandercock, L. Heinrich, J. Hand, J. Wright, J. Ruediger. Goals: Gawler Central – J. Schulz 2, D. Pilkington 2, B. Mercer, K. Wurst, A. Wright, L. Edwards. Freeling – A. Cockshell, T. Muster, J. Ruediger

Nuriootpa1. (62)
Willaston1. (25)

Best:  Nuriootpa – C. Clark, T. Dimasi, S. Dubois, J. Baldwin, B. Hoepner, B. Shinnick. Willaston – T. Irlam, N. Lehman, A. Fry, B. Cormack, J. Phillips, S. Blundell. Goals: Nuriootpa – S. Gordon 2, T. Dimasi 2, J. Baldwin 2, J. Scholz. Willaston – M. Stewart, M. Howson, A. Fry

South Gawler1. (63)
Barossa District2. (61)

Best:  South Gawler – B. Hudson, D. Goulding, D. Costanzo, J. Wittwer, D. Judd Smith, N. White. Barossa District – R. Watson, J. Goodfellow, B. Cummings, B. McConnell, N. Casboult, D. Kennedy. Goals: South Gawler – J. Osborn 2, P. White 2, B. Hudson, D. Costanzo, J. Press, R. Sutton, N. Bartsch. Barossa District – T. Miles 2, L. Ryswyk 2, D. Kickel 2, W. Roberts, D. Kennedy

Tanunda3. (38)
Angaston3.06.48.510.7 (67)

Best:  Angaston – S. Summerton, M. Borholm, J. Shannon, T. Ryan, B. Antonie, A. Pech. Tanunda – A. Fechner, L. Snowden, M. Westhoff, B. Schiller, D. Hamon, L. Earl. Goals: Angaston – D. Tuckwell 2, A. Pech 2, R. Eberhard 2, R. Kuhn, M. Borholm, S. Rusca, S. Summerton. Tanunda – D. Terlich 2, S. Gregory 2, L. Agars

Round 11 – June 22, 2019

Angaston1. (53)
South Gawler1. (35)

Best: Angaston – J. Paprotny, M. Borholm, M. Blenkiron, S. Rusca, J. Shannon, N. Falland. South Gawler – J. Press, C. Fielke, B. Zobel, J. Wittwer, D. Judd Smith, D. Costanzo. Goals: Angaston – M. Borholm 2, J. Antonie, A. Pech, A. Reincke, J. Roesler. J. Press 2, J. Wright, N. Bartsch, P. White.

Barossa District5.010.214.922.11 (143)
Freeling3. (59)

Best: Barossa Dist – N. Casboult, B. Cummings, L. Ryswyk, A. Spencer, E. Gant, R. Christie. Freeling – A. Cockshell, B. Scott, S. Carmichael, J. Hand, P. Thomas, J. Ruediger. Goals: Barossa Dist – L. Ryswyk 7, D. Sharp 4, A. Spencer 2, E. Gant 2, T. Miles 2, R. Christie, J. Traynor, W. Roberts, J. Goodfellow, R. Watson. Freeling – B. Scott 6, S. Carmichael 2, T. Taylor.

Gawler Central3.49.712.1014.11 (95)
Kapunda2. (57)

Best: Gawler Cent – A. Wright, B. Mitchell, C. Reynolds, J. Wegener, C. Solly, A. Johnson. Kapunda – A. Turrell, J. Huggard, J. Brown, T. Michael, B. Matters, J. Foster. Goals: Gawler Cent – B. Mercer 5, B. Symons 3, L. Edwards 2, B. Mitchell, K. Wurst, N. Hooker, C. Reynolds. Kapunda – J. Zanandrea 2, M. Stent 2, B. Prior, A. Cobbledick, H. Wuttke.

Willaston1. (35)
Tanunda2. (60)

Best: Tanunda – N. Petersen-Gray, A. Prior, B. Britton, B. Schiller, M. Westhoff, P. Mudge. Willaston – J. Phillips, N. Lehman, L. Sutton, J. Clarke, S. Childs, B. Cormack. Goals: Tanunda – J. Trembath 3, S. Gregory 2, F. Smith, M. Prior, B. Biagi, R. McFarlane. Willaston – S. Childs 4, B. Cormack.

Round 9 – June 15, 2019

Angaston2.86.107.1411.18 (84)
Freeling2. (56)

Best:  Angaston – J. Paprotny, R. Eberhard, M. Blenkiron, J. Miles, J. Hood, S. Summerton. Freeling – L. Heinrich, J. Hand, S. Daff, J. Cochrane, T. Muster, J. Ruediger. Goals: Angaston – R. Eberhard 5, J. Hood 2, A. Pech, J. Shannon, B. Homes, S. Summerton. Freeling – B. Scott 3, A. Stengle 2, B. Heinrich, T. Taylor, J. Hand

Barossa District7.212.615.819.9 (123)
Kapunda1. (38)

Best:  Barossa District – B. Cummings, N. Casboult, D. Sharp, J. Goodfellow, L. Ryswyk, M. Baraglia. Kapunda – M. Stent, J. Foster, J. Huggard, A. Turrell, J. Meaney, B. Carracher. Goals: Barossa District – D. Sharp 6, L. Ryswyk 4, T. Miles 3, J. Schuurmans, D. Kickel, E. Gant, G. O”Driscoll, B. Cummings, J. Goodfellow. Kapunda – B. Prior 3, J. Brown, J. Foster

Nuriootpa3.24.45.910.11 (71)
Tanunda3.28.313.414.5 (89)

Best:   Tanunda – L. Westhoff, L. Earl, R. McFarlane, A. Fechner, B. Schiller, B. Biagi. Nuriootpa – T. Dimasi, A. Raikiwasa, Z. Dahms, C. Clark, J. Baldwin, L. Jaunay. Goals: Tanunda – D. Terlich 3, J. Trembath 3, B. Britton 2, R. McFarlane 2, F. Smith, L. Westhoff, M. Prior, L. Earl. Nuriootpa – T. Dimasi 3, Z. Dahms 2, R. Foulis 2, M. Norton, J. Baldwin, B. Sheridan

Willaston1.33.48.610.11 (71)
South Gawler3.410.613.1020.12 (132)

Best:   South Gawler – J. Dare, D. Goulding, N. Bartsch, D. Judd Smith, J. Press, B. Zobel. Willaston – M. Clinch, L. Sutton, B. Cormack, J. Clarke, J. Phillips, Z. East. Goals: South Gawler – N. Bartsch 5, D. Goulding 3, J. Osborn 3, P. White 3, J. Press 3, L. Baker 2, J. Dare. Willaston – B. Cormack 2, Z. East 2, T. Irlam 2, L. Sutton, J. Waldhuter, C. Norsworthy, A. Connelly

Round 8 – June 1, 2019

Freeling4.47.611.1114.14 (98)
Willaston2. (38)

Best:  Freeling – B. Heinrich, T. Taylor, L. Heinrich, J. Ruediger, A. Cockshell, A. Stengle. Willaston – M. Clinch, A. Barclay, S. Blundell, T. Irlam, M. Brooks. Goals: Freeling – B. Heinrich 3, A. Stengle 2, T. Muster, T. Hahn, L. Heinrich, J. Ruediger, A. Cockshell, H. Loveridge, T. Taylor, S. Dutschke, S. Carmichael. Willaston – T. Irlam 2, B. Cormack, L. McCredie, A. Fry.

Gawler Central2. (71)
Barossa District0.66.89.1011.14 (80)

Best:  Barossa District – R. Watson, B. Cummings, R. Christie, D. Kickel, O. Barnett, J. Goodfellow. Gawler Cent – B. Mitchell, J. Wegener, T. Foreman, C. Reynolds, J. Bottin, K. Wurst. Goals: Barossa – J. Goodfellow 4, D. Sharp 2, G. O”Driscoll 2, L. Ryswyk, T. Miles, R. Watson. Gawler Cent – A. Wright 3, B. Mercer 3, A. Byster 3, B. Mitchell, J. Schulz.

Kapunda5. (57)
Angaston2.310.517.918.12 (120)

Best:  Angaston – S. Summerton, M. Blenkiron, S. Rusca, A. Reincke, M. Borholm, D. Tuckwell. Kapunda – M. Neville, T. Michael, M. Stent, B. Prior, J. Meaney, L. Curtis. Goals: Angaston – R. Eberhard 4, S. Summerton 4, A. Reincke 4, S. Rusca 2, C. Harvey, J. Shannon, A. Pech, M. Bornholm. Kapunda – B. Prior 4, J. Coffee 2, J. Meaney, J. Zanandrea.

South Gawler2.211.414.514.7 (91)
Nuriootpa6.28.313.616.9 (105)

Best:   Nuriootpa – T. Dimasi, S. Gordon, B. Shinnick, R. Foulis, A. Raikiwasa, J. Baldwin. South Gawler – J. Press, J. Wittwer, D. Costanzo, D. Goulding, J. Dare, B. Zobel. Goals: Nuri – S. Gordon 6, T. Dimasi 4, J. Baldwin 3, R. Foulis, B. Sheridan, M. Norton. South Gawler – J. Osborn 2, J. Dare 2, J. Press 2, J. Ahern 2, R. Sutton 2, R. Barker, C. Fielke, D. Goulding, D. Costanzo.

Round 7 – May 25, 2019

Angaston2. (57)
Gawler Central3. (38)

Best: Angaston – J. Shannon, M. Blenkiron, J. Paprotny, D. Tuckwell, T. Ryan, C. Harvey. Gawler Central – J. Bottin, S. Baker, C. Reynolds, N. Hooker, J. Wegener, K. Wurst. Goals: Angaston – R. Eberhard 2, S. Summerton, C. Harvey, B. Homes, J. Antonie, M. Borholm, R. Carnelly. Gawler Central – A. Wright 2, N. Hooker 2, O. John.

Nuriootpa Rover1. (49)
Freeling2. (25)

Best: Nuri – A. Raikiwasa, R. Foulis, J. Baldwin, B. Shinnick, W. Nicholls, H. Slattery. Freeling – M. O”Malley, T. Taylor, J. Wright, J. Ruediger, B. Heinrich, H. Loveridge. Goals: Nuri – R. Foulis 2, B. Shinnick, H. Slattery, S. Gordon, A. Raikiwasa. Freeling – A. Stengle, B. Duregon, J. Hand.

Tanunda4.37.511.818.11 (119)
South Gawler3. (64)

Best: Tanunda – R. McFarlane, B. Biagi, D. Terlich, L. Earl, A. Prior. South Gawler – J. Press, D. Judd Smith, D. Goulding, D. Costanzo, H. Bennison, N. Bartsch. Goals: Tanunda – D. Terlich 6, R. McFarlane 3, M. Prior 2, L. Agars 2, N. Petersen-Gray, F. Smith, B. Biagi, L. Westhoff, H. Smart. South Gawler – D. Costanzo 3, J. Press 2, O. Prout, H. Bennison, C. James, N. Bartsch.

Willaston2. (59)
Kapunda3. (65)

Best: Kapunda – J. Foster, M. Stent, J. Huggard, B. Prior, T. Kerr, T. Michael. Willaston – M. Clinch, A. Fry, T. Irlam, J. Waldhuter, S. Blundell, A. Barclay. Goals: Kapunda – B. Prior 3, J. Foster 2, M. Stent 2, J. Zanandrea, J. Higgins. Willaston – S. Childs 2, A. Connelly, M. Howson, B. Cormack, Z. East, T. Irlam, C. Moore.

Round 6 – May 18, 2019

Barossa District1. (50)
Angaston5.313.517.619.8 (122)

Best: Angaston – J. Antonie, M. Borholm, J. Shannon, T. Ryan, A. Pech, J. Miles. Barossa District – L. Ryswyk, N. Casboult, D. Kennedy, M. Baraglia, H. Traynor, R. Watson. Goals: Angaston – R. Eberhard 4, J. Shannon 3, A. Pech 2, M. Borholm 2, R. Kuhn 2, A. Reincke 2, C. Harvey, S. Summerton, B. Homes, D. Tuckwell. Barossa District – R. Watson 2, L. Ryswyk 2, D. Sharp 2, T. Miles

Freeling3. (53)
Tanunda5.38.512.617.10 (112)

Best: Tanunda – B. Schiller, M. Westhoff, L. Westhoff, L. Agars, D. Hamon. Freeling – S. Daff, M. O”Malley, L. Heinrich, B. Heinrich, A. Cockshell, S. Dutschke. Goals: Tanunda – M. Prior 3, L. Agars 3, B. Britton 3, D. Terlich 2, S. Gregory 2, B. Biagi 2, L. Earl, L. Westhoff. Freeling – S. Carmichael 2, A. Cockshell 2, B. Scott, M. Lovell, J. Ruediger

Gawler Central7.18.511.912.11 (83)
Willaston2.610.1112.1315.16 (106)

Best:  Willaston – M. Clinch, J. Williams, A. Fry, T. Irlam, S. Blundell. Gawler Central – R. Long, J. Asher, A. Wright, C. Hill, J. Wegener, D. Eichner. Goals: Willaston – J. Williams 6, A. Fry 4, S. Childs 2, J. Waldhuter 2, M. Howson. Gawler Central – B. Mercer 5, C. Hill 4, O. John, R. Long, C. Solly

Kapunda5. (59)
Nuriootpa1.25.68.1213.16 (94)

Best: Nuriootpa – J. Baldwin, A. Raikiwasa, S. Gordon, R. Foulis, B. Thiele, B. Hoepner. Kapunda – M. Cussadia, J. Foster, L. Curtis, B. Valentine, T. Michael. Goals: Nuriootpa – S. Gordon 5, T. Dimasi 3, W. Nicholls 2, J. Baldwin, R. Haynes, Z. Dahms. Kapunda – J. Meaney 3, M. Cussadia 2, J. Zanandrea 2, B. Carracher, M. Stent

Round 5 – May 11, 2019

Nuriootpa4. (75)
Gawler Central1. (53)

Best:  Nuriootpa – A. Raikiwasa, J. Baldwin, S. Gordon, B. Thiele, B. Bryksy, M. Norton. Gawler Central – A. Wright, R. Long, B. Pilkington, T. Duffield, C. Reynolds, O. John. Goals: Nuriootpa – S. Gordon 3, M. Norton 2, T. Dimasi, A. Laverty, A. Raikiwasa, W. Nicholls, B. Shinnick, J. Baldwin, S. Gibson. Gawler Central – C. Solly 2, O. John 2, K. Wurst, B. Mitchell, S. Baker

South Gawler1. (63)
Freeling5.18.39.914.14 (98)

Best:  Freeling – B. Scott, B. Heinrich, M. O”Malley, S. Dutschke, L. Sandercock, J. Ruediger. South Gawler – D. Goulding, N. Bartsch, J. Press, D. Costanzo, C. James, B. Zobel. Goals: Freeling – B. Scott 7, A. Stengle 2, B. Heinrich, J. Wright, J. Ruediger, M. Lovell, A. Cockshell. South Gawler – N. Bartsch 3, J. Press 2, J. Osborn 2, R. Sutton, P. White

Tanunda5.69.716.817.13 (115)
Kapunda1. (49)

Best:  Tanunda – L. Westhoff, L. Earl, A. Fechner, L. Snowden, S. Dunn, M. Prior. Kapunda – M. Cussadia, T. Michael, A. Turrell, D. Ryan, L. Curtis, B. Carracher. Goals: Tanunda – M. Prior 3, D. Terlich 2, L. Earl 2, R. McFARLANE 2, L. Westhoff 2, F. Smith 2, D. Willmott, B. Biagi, S. Brooks, S. Dunn. Kapunda – M. Cussadia 2, A. May, M. Stent, B. Prior, S. Pratt, J. Zanandrea

Willaston3. (63)
Barossa District1. (52)

Best:  Willaston – A. Connelly, A. Barclay, A. Fry, H. Elbrow, L. Sutton, J. Williams. Barossa District – L. Ryswyk, D. Kickel, D. Nangle, B. McConnell, L. Kent, N. Casboult. Goals: Willaston – J. Williams 3, C. Norsworthy 2, M. Howson 2, B. Cormack. Barossa District – L. Ryswyk 3, A. Spencer, T. Lane, D. Sharp, E. Gant

Round 4 – May 4, 2019

Angaston3.58.810.1012.14 (86)
Willaston1.44.69.910.11 (71)

Best: Angaston – D. Tuckwell, S. Summerton, R. Eberhard, M. Borholm, J. Miles, A. Reincke. Willaston – M. Brooks, M. Howson, T. Irlam, J. Waldhuter, A. Fry, C. Norsworthy. Goals: Angaston – D. Tuckwell 4, S. Rusca 2, J. Shannon, R. Kuhn, B. Homes, S. Summerton, M. Borholm, R. Eberhard. Willaston – M. Howson 6, J. Williams 2, T. Irlam, A. Connelly, J. Waldhuter

Barossa District4.55.813.1116.11 (107)
Nuriootpa1. (65)

Best: Barossa District – L. Ryswyk, D. Sharp, R. Christie, B. Cummings, D. Kennedy, J. Goodfellow. Nuriootpa – J. Scholz, Z. Dahms, B. Hoepner, A. Raikiwasa, R. Foulis, S. Gibson. Goals: Barossa District – L. Ryswyk 4, D. Sharp 4, R. Watson 3, T. Miles 2, E. Gant 2, J. Schuurmans. Nuriootpa – J. Scholz 3, M. Norton 2, J. Baldwin, Z. Dahms, L. Westlake, B. Hoepner

Gawler Central2. (49)
Tanunda2. (63)

Best: Tanunda – M. Westhoff, A. Fechner, L. Earl, S. Brooks, M. Prior, B. Schiller. Gawler Central – C. Solly, J. Wegener, C. Hill, T. Duffield, J. Asher, A. Wright. Goals: Tanunda – D. Terlich 3, J. Trembath 3, F. Smith, P. Mudge, M. Prior. Gawler Central – C. Solly 4, J. Bottin 2, O. John

Kapunda5.29.410.614.8 (92)
South Gawler3.16.69.1016.13 (109)

Best: South Gawler – D. Costanzo, B. Zobel, N. Bartsch, J. Press, J. Wittwer, P. White. Kapunda – J. Brown, M. Cussadia, B. Williams, B. Carracher, J. Huggard, T. Michael. Goals: South Gawler – J. Wittwer 4, J. Osborn 3, D. Goulding 3, N. Bartsch 3, J. Press 2, P. White. Kapunda – J. Freeman 4, J. Brown 3, M. Stent 2, M. Neville, M. Cussadia, J. Foster, L. Curtis, B. Prior

Round 3 – April 27, 2019

Freeling4.36.513.1218.15 (123)
Kapunda3.19.510.711.9 (75)

Best: Freeling – M. O”Malley, J. Hand, T. Muster, A. Stengle, J. Ruediger, T. Taylor. Kapunda – J. Foster, B. Prior, M. Cussadia, J. Brown, B. Carracher, M. Neville. Goals: Freeling – A. Cockshell 4, B. Heinrich 3, B. Scott 3, J. Hand 2, A. Stengle 2, T. Taylor 2, S. Carmichael, S. Dutschke. Kapunda – B. Prior 4, M. Stent 3, B. Carracher 2, J. Freeman, M. Cussadia.

South Gawler6.613.716.918.9 (117)
Gawler Central3. (67)

Best: South Gawler – N. White, P. White, D. Costanzo, J. Dare, B. Judd-Smith, D. Judd Smith. Gawler Central – J. Wegener, O. John, C. Hill, A. Wright, C. Solly, B. Symons. Goals: South Gawler – J. Osborn 4, P. White 4, B. Judd-Smith 3, J. Willemsen 2, B. Cook, J. Dare, J. Wittwer, N. Bartsch, D. Costanzo. Gawler Central – B. Symons 2, C. Solly 2, C. Hill, J. Bottin, A. Wright, K. Wurst, O. John.

Round 3 – April 25, 2019

Nuriootpa1. (57)
Angaston6.47.510.1212.12 (84)

Best: Angaston – M. Borholm, S. Rusca, R. Eberhard, S. Summerton, M. Blenkiron, J. Parker. Nuriootpa – J. Baldwin, W. Nicholls, A. Raikiwasa, A. Raikiwasa, M. Norton, A. Hall. Goals: Angaston – R. Eberhard 4, D. Tuckwell 3, M. Borholm 2, C. Lowke, R. Carnelly, A. Pech. Nuriootpa – T. Dimasi 2, R. Foulis 2, S. Gordon, A. Bryce, A. Raikiwasa, B. Shinnick

Tanunda3.17.111.316.5 (101)
Barossa District3.26.58.1011.13 (79)

Best: Tanunda – L. Westhoff, M. Westhoff, D. Hamon, L. Snowden, J. Trembath, A. Fechner. Barossa District – D. Kickel, L. Ryswyk, B. Cummings, D. Sharp, R. Christie, B. McConnell. Goals: Tanunda –  J. Trembath 5, D. Terlich 2, M. Prior 2, F. Smith 2, L. Westhoff 2, M. Westhoff, R. McFarlane, A. Fechner. Barossa District – D. Sharp 4, D. Kickel 2, L. Ryswyk 2, J. Schuurmans, M. Bratton, B. Cummings

Round 2 – April 13, 2019

Willaston2.25.87.910.14 (74)
Nuriootpa4.45.59.1011.12 (78)

Best: Willaston – M. Clinch, C. Norsworthy, A. Fry, A. Barclay, H. Elbrow, J. Waldhuter. Nuri – B. Shinnick, M. Norton, R. Foulis, J. Baldwin, S. Gordon, B. Bryksy. Goals: Willaston – M. Howson 4, A. Fry 2, C. Norsworthy, H. Elbrow, C. Moore, J. Waldhuter. Nuri – S. Gordon 4, B. Shinnick 4, J. Scholz, T. Dimasi, W. Nicholls.

Angaston2.16.48.611.9 (75)
Tanunda4.26.58.811.10 (76)

Best: Tanunda – D. Hamon, L. Snowden, R. McFarlane, D. Willmott, L. Westhoff, S. Dunn. Angaston – Best S. Summerton, J. Parker, J. Antonie, R. Carnelly, S. Rusca, T. Ryan.Goals: Tanunda – J. Trembath 4, D. Terlich 2, L. Westhoff 2, M. Prior 2, A. Kurtze. Angaston – R. Eberhard 3, J. Ryan, C. Harvey, M. Borholm, J. Shannon, A. Pech, S. Rusca, J. Hood, D. Tuckwell.

Barossa District2.37.512.913.11 (89)
South Gawler1.38.310.413.8 (86)

Best: Barossa Dist – E. Gant, D. Kickel, D. Sharp, R. Christie, M. Bratton, J. Traynor. South Gawler – B. Hudson, P. White, D. Costanzo, J. Osborn, D. Judd Smith, D. Goulding.Goals: Barossa Dist – D. Sharp 4, E. Gant 3, D. Kickel 2, L. Ryswyk 2, J. Goodfellow, J. Traynor. South Gawler – B. Hudson 5, J. Wittwer 3, J. Dare, D. Goulding, J. Press, J. Osborn, P. White.

Gawler Central3. (59)
Freeling4.512.719.923.13 (151)

Best: Gawler Central – B. Symons, C. Hill, B. Lane, B. Pilkington, C. Thomas, L. Edwards. Freeling – J. Hand, M. O”Malley, A. Cockshell, A. Stengle, B. Scott, T. Taylor. Goals: Gawler Central – L. Edwards 2, N. Hooker 2, D. Bell, B. Mercer, J. Bottin, O. John, B. Mitchell. B. Scott 7, S. Dutschke 4, A. Cockshell 3, T. Taylor 2, J. Hand 2, B. Heinrich, H. Loveridge, J. Hancock, J. Cochrane, J. Ruediger

Round 1 – April 6, 2019

Freeling2.06.29.315.3 (93)
Barossa District2. (68)

Best: Freeling – A. Cockshell, M. O”Malley, J. Hand, A. Stengle, B. Scott, S. Daff. Barossa District –  E. Gant, J. Maxwell, R. Watson, G. O”Driscoll, L. Ryswyk, T. Miles. Goals: Barossa District – Freeling – B. Scott 6, S. Dutschke 3, B. Heinrich 2, A. Cockshell, D. Whimpress, J. Hand, S. Carmichael. G. O”Driscoll 2, E. Gant 2, L. Ryswyk 2, T. Miles, M. Bratton, D. Kickel

Kapunda4.26.511.816.11 (107)
Gawler Central1.65.79.1010.12 (72)

Best: Kapunda – J. Foster, B. Prior, J. Brown, J. Huggard, B. Carracher, M. Cussadia. Gawler Central – C. Thomas, N. Hooker, D. Bell, A. Wright, C. Reynolds. Goals: Kapunda – B. Prior 3, M. Cussadia 2, B. Williams 2, S. Pratt 2, M. Stent 2, M. Neville, J. Freeman, J. Foster, B. Carracher, B. Valentine. Gawler Central –  N. Hooker 3, A. Wright 2, C. Solly 2, J. Bottin, J. Neat, T. Duffield

Tanunda3.46.710.917.12 (114)
Willaston2. (62)

Best: Tanunda – L. Westhoff, L. Agars, R. McFarlane, F. Smith, R. Detot, D. Willmott. Willaston – J. Waldhuter, A. Fry, M. Spirritt, C. Smith, J. Williams, C. Norsworthy. Goals: Tanunda – J. Trembath 5, F. Smith 3, M. Prior 2, D. Terlich, D. Willmott, R. McFarlane, L. Agars, A. Kurtze, R. Detot, B. Biagi. Willaston – J. Williams 2, C. Smith 2, M. Spirritt, L. Sutton, J. Waldhuter, M. Howson, T. Irlam

South Gawler2.24.58.710.9 (69)
Angaston2.18.79.1114.14 (98)

Best: Angaston – M. Borholm, R. Carnelly, S. Summerton, R. Eberhard, J. Miles, S. Rusca. South Gawler – H. Bennison, P. White, N. White, J. Osborn, D. Costanzo. Goals: Angaston – R. Eberhard 4, S. Summerton 3, R. Carnelly 2, A. Reincke 2, C. Harvey, J. Shannon, D. Tuckwell. South Gawler – J. Wittwer 2, J. Osborn 2, P. White 2, J. Dare, N. Bartsch, J. Press, D. Aldred