GRAND FINAL played on Saturday September 16, 2006
Kangarilla 32.19 (211) def Kersbrook 8.4 (52)
Best: Kangarilla – T Thorpe, B Wakefield, J Stringer, J Jackson, S Ewens. Kersbrook – B Quill, D Tapp, M Scott, K Paues, B Pearce.
Goals: Kangarilla – M Guitink, J Stringer, T Yates 6, M Daniele, H Griffiths 3, T Thorpe, J Jackson 2, D Wallfried, B Wakefield, 
P Wakefield, B Walsh 1. Kersbrook – B Hughes 2, J Morrison, D Wake, H Westley, J Rider, L Hughes, P Delucia 1

Preliminary Final played on Saturday September 9, 2006

Kersbrook 15.5 (95) def Torrens Valley 11.18 (84)
Best: Kersbrook – K Paves, M Westley, J Morrison, J Levett, B Pearce
T Valley – M Eichler, R Battams, D Fox, M Carter, D Hughes.
Goals: Kersbrook – J Levett, J Morrison 4, K Paves, B Pearce 2, N Pearce, J Rider, L Hall 1.
T Valley – P Richardson 4, T Prior, D Fox, M Carter, S Coles, M Eichler, M O’Malley, D Smith 1. 
Kersbrook now meet Kangarilla in the Grand Final next Saturday

Sunday September 3, 2006 – 1st Semi Final

Kersbrook 14.6 (90) def Meadows 13.8 (86)

Kersbrook Goals: M Westley 3, J Keogh 3, B Pearce 3, J Morrison 2, J Rider 1, P Delucia 1, L Hall 1. BP Kane Paus ,Michael Westley, Matthew Scott, Brian Quill,

Daniel Tapp. Meadows Goals:Chad Dawe 6, Peter Kleeman 4, Trent Shorland 2, LeviBailey 1. BP: Andrew Minnie, Levi Bailey, Hadyn Reid, Aaron Quinn, Chad Dawe

Saturday September 2, 2006 – Second Semi Final.  
Kangarilla 20.11 (131) d Torrens Valley 11.5 
Best – Kangarilla: M Daniels, T Thorpe, J Stringer, B Wakefield, S Ewens. Torrens Valley: J Jantke, M Carter, S Peryman, D Fox, B Copeland. 
Goals- Kangarilla: M Daniele 7, J Stringer 4, M Guitink 3, B Walsh, P Wakefield, J Jackson, T Yates, N Kenner, M Houston. Torrens Valley: 
Shane Coles, Steve Coles, P Richardson 2, D Smith, M O’Malley, S Peryman, D Fox, T Prior.

Elimination Final played Sunday August 27, 2006
Kersbrook 21.22 (148) def Birdwood 14.11 (95)

Best: Kersbrook – L Hughes, K Paues, D Tapp. Birdwood – P Lowe, J McGuire, C McKay. Goals: Kersbrook – L Hughes 5, L Hall, D Tapp 3, 
N Pearce, J Rider 2, J Morrison, M Westley, J Keogh, K Paues, B Pearce, P Delucia. Birdwood – C Moerman 5, P Lowe 4, S Longman, T Hanna, 
A Rowett, S Moerman, P Sumner 1.

Saturday August 26, 2006 – Qualifying Final. 
Torrens Val
ley 19.9 (123) d Meadows 12.13 (85). 
Best – Torrens Valley S Peryman, S O’Shea, D Fox; M Carter, J Low. Meadows L Bailey, A Minne. C Dawe. 
Goals -Torrens Valley: P Richardson, S Coles, M O’Malley 4, S Peryman 2, D Smart, J Low, D Bartel, J Jantke, M Cartere. 
Meadows: C Dawe 6, T Shorland 3. D McAvoy. J Russell, T Knappstein 1

Round 18 – Saturday August 19, 2006
Meadows 27.15 (177) d Birdwood 11.8 (74). 
Best – Meadows: B Dubois, C Dawe, H Reid. J May. A Minne. Birdwood: S Connel, P Lowe, J Davis. R Schutz. S Moerman. Goals-Meadows: C Dawe 10, 
P Kleeman 4, T Shorland 3, T Knappstein, H Reid, M Mensforth 2, B Dubois, M Thomas, D Abraham. Birdwood: C Moerman 4, H Schutz, T Matoga 2, 
P Sumner, T Hanna, J Junken. 

Torrens Valley 32.22 (214) d Gumeracha 6.2 (38). 
Best -Torrens Valley: N Howe, M O’Malley, S Perryman, M Carter, Q Fox Gumeracha: B Hutt, N BuIl, M Randell, B Randell, B Hanna. Goals-Torrens Valley: 
M OMalley 12, N Howe 7, S Coles 6, D Fox 4, D Hughes, Low, B Copeland Gumeracha: B Hanna 3, D Bubner 2, J Page.

Nairne/Bremer 20.12 (132) d Blackwood 13.8 (86). 
Best — Blackwood J Picken, A Read, C Simmons, D Collins, K Read. Goals – Nairne/Bremer: J Foster 5, J Lines 4, M Jones 3, L Percy, A Robinson, 
M Sappenberghs 2, G Dunning, C Zaban. Blackwood: D Collins 4, J Ferris 3, D Richardson 2, A Read, B Tonkin, E Wallace, D Venning.

Kangarilla 37.26 (236) d Echunga 6.3 (39). 
Best – Kangarilla: M Daniele, M Guitink, M Griffiths, S Owens, J Jackson. Echunga: L Caine, L Munn, D Sheehan, T Rothe, R Trainer. 
Goals: Kangarilla – M Guitink 10, M Daniele 6, M Griffiths 5, B Walsh 3, T Yates, B Wakefield, J Burton, J Jackson, L Talbot 2, A Sawter, S Ewens. 
Echunga: D Sheehan, T Solly 2, L Munn, C Lynne.

Macclesfield 24.9 (153) d Callington 10.12 (72).

Best — Macclesfield; S Thomas, J Lyons, A Julian, B Fogden, K Elliott. Callington: N Miller, M Kropinyeri, C Johnston, J Browning, A Schmidt 
– Macclesfield: S Thomas 12, J Wyatt 3, M Links, J Lyons 2, B Fogden, T Clack, J Herbert, P Graves, K Goody. Callington: L Rankine 3, N Miller 2, 
T Colwell, K Sumner, J Sipos, A Chevalier, S Wyatt 1.

Nairne Bremer reappoints Duncan

The management committee of the Nairne Bremer United Football Club Inc is pleased to announce the reappointment of Mick Duncan 
as senior coach. The early announcement will allow the club to commence its planning for next year.  Damien Dolman has been 
reappointed as assistant coach for 2007.

Commenting on his appointment Duncan said:

“I’m pleased to be re-appointed after what can only be described as a difficult year. We have lost a fair proportion of our A grade side 
from 2005 which hasn’t helped but the positive is that we have been able to give a number of under 17 players exposure to A grade footy 
which will hold them in good stead for next year when we have 10 players making the jump to senior ranks. Also in a difficult year a number 
of players have stepped up to the plate and really been solid for us all year. The new players we have picked up this year will only be better 
next year. We can look forward to 2007 with a great deal of enthusiasm as we intend to actively recruit new players to the club to make 
sure we have a competitive side next year”.

Mike Duncans football resume::

1977-1978 Norwood U17s/U19s
1979-87 Athelstone FC SAFA 180 games
Under coached Randall Gerlach, Barry Norsworthy, Graeme Dunstan & Mike Poulter
1988-91 Riverton/Saddleworth (B&Light)
Coach: Grant Zubrinich
1992 Greek Camden FC Amateurs
1993-4 Banksia Park A Grade player and Assnt coach
1996-97 O’Sullivans beach (SFL) A Grade coach 
Premiers 1996 & 97
1999-2001 Marion FC (SFL) A grade coach
1999 Runners-up by 5 points
2000 Premiers ( Ist A grade since 1959)
2001 4th
For more details contact: Craig Sinclair President..0419.277.514 Or Mike Duncan 82135312(work)

Round 16 – Saturday August 5, 2006

Macclesfield 18.12 (120) d Gumeracha 9.5 (59). 
Best – Macclesfield: T Lynch, B Fogden, J Lyons, K Rumbelow, S Thomas. Gumeracha: M Jones, B Hutt, M Randell, N Bull, J Waters. 
Goals – Macclesfield: S Thomas 6, K Rumbelow 5, B Fogden 3, A Brewer 2, K Goody, C Lallard. Gumeracha: N Bull, G Taylor 2, B Huh, 
S Kavanagh, D Butler, J Page, R Dutschke.

Kersbrook 16.14 (110) d Blackwood 17.6 (108). 
Best – Kersbrook: L Hughes, D Tapp, B Pearce, M Westley, L Hall. Blackwood: S Cheek, S Baldock, L Burnett, T Mickie, D Collins. 
Goals – Kersbrook: J Levett 6, B Pearce 5, M Westley, J Rider, D Tapp, J Keough. Blackwood: T Mickie, D Collins 5, S Cheek 2, M Trezise, 
K Read, J Sinclair, D Phillips, J Ferris.

Torrens Valley 26.18 (174) d Birdwood 7.9 (51)
Best – Torrens Valley: S Colas, M Carter, D Fox, T Peryman, J Low. Birdwood: T Hanna, R Harrison, S Connell, S Moerman, D Lowe. 
Goals – Torrens Valley: S Coles 10, N Howe 4, M Carter, J Low 2, G Hodge, J Jantke, D Bartel, H Lofts, S Peryman, T Peryman, M O’Malley,
D Hughes. Birdwood: H Schutz 3, C Moerman, S Longman, S Traeger, N Palmer.

Meadows 16.14 (110) d Kangarilla 12.16 (88)
Best-Meadows: R Reid, T Shorland, C Dawe, D Abraham, A Minne. Kangarilla: M Daniele, B Talbot, T Thorpe, B Wakefield, J Jackson. 
Goals – Meadows: T Shorland 8, C Dawe 3, D Abraham 2, R Raid, H Reid, A Minne. Kangarilla: S Walker, M Guitink 2, P Wakefield, T Thorpe, 
J Jackson, T Yates, R Wakefield, M Griffiths, D Waufried, N Kenner.

Round 15 – Saturday July 29, 2006

Blackwood 20.9 (129) d Macclesfield 4.9 (33).

Best – Blacked: N Work, T Mickey. N Lewes, J Sinclair, C Simmons. Macclesfield: T Lynch, R Long, J Lions, J Herbert, C Lallard. 
Goals-Blackwood: T Mickie 9, D Collins 5, M Tresize 2, K Heinsen, N Work, N Lewis, S Cheek. Macclesfield: S Thomas 2, 
M Linke, T Lynch.

Meadows 15.12 (102) d Nairne Bremer 4.4 (28).

Best – Meadows: R Reid, J May, H Reid, C Dawe, B Duvois. Nairne Bremer: M Jones, J Schubert, L Pen, T Bean, N Jolly. 
Goals – Meadows: C Dawe 4, T Knappstein 3, D McAvoy, J Russell, M Thomas, H Reid, C Medlow, T Shorland, M Mensforth, 
J May. Nairne Bremer: G Dunning 2, T Lynn, T Bean.

Torrens Valley 12.6 (78) d Echunga 4.6 (30).

Best – Torrens Valley: G Hodge, M Caller, B Copeland, M Hughes, D Smith. Echunga: B Fleming, G Mulling. C Lynne, C Sheehan, 
B Sloftegraff. Goals-Torrens Valley: M O’Malley J Jantke 3, S Coles, D Smith 2, N Howe, S Eves. Echunga: T Curnow 2, L Munn, C Lynn.

Gumeracha 22.20 (152) d Callington 10.10 (70).

Best -Gumeracha: Waters, N Bull, M Parker, R Dutschke, S Clarke. Callington: C Johnston, A Watkins, A Winter, K Summer, 
M Kropinyeri. Goals­Gumeracha: J Butler, R Dutschke 5, D Butler, J Page 3, S Clarke, N Bull, M Randell, B Hanna, S Kavanagh. Callington: 
L Rankine, S Graham 3, C Johnston, A Winter, T Schultz, A Wilson.

Kersbrook 11.14 (80) d Birdwood 10.9 (69).

Best- Kersbrook: K Faces, M Westley, B Pearce, B Quill, D Herrmann. Birdwood: R Harrison, S Connell, N Palmer, J Curtis, T Hanna. 
Goals – Kersbrook: K Paues, M Westley 3, J Levett 2, J Rider, P Delucia, M Gregorovic. Birdwood: N Palmer 3, C Moerman 2, 
J Curtis, T Hanna, D McGuire, P Lowe, N Dawes.

Round 14 – Saturday July 22, 2006

Echunga 13.15 (93) d Kersbrook 9.12 (66)

Best – Echunga. L Lawrence, C Lynn, L Munn, A RettalickB Fleming. Kersbrook: D Herman. J Morrison, B Quill, B Pearce, T Palies. 
Goals – Echunga – T Solly 4, L Munn, L Lawrence 2, A Rettalick, T Curnow. B Slottegraff, C Lynn. Kersbrook: B Pearce, L Hall 2, 
J Morrison, J Levett, J Rider, L Hughes, D Pearce

Blackwood 48.17 (305) d Callington 3.9 (27)

Best-Blackwood: D Delwayer, A Edwards, K Read, T Mickie, C Simmons. Callington: A Watkins, J Browning, N Miller, A Wilson, 
J Sipos. Goals – Blackwood – T Mickie 11, A Edwards 8, D Delawyer, D Collins 5, N Lewis, K Read, M Tresize 3, S Cheek, 
S Robb 2, A Read, S Aldock, C Simmons, N Worr, C Jamar, D Wright 1. Callington: N Miller, L Rankine, A Wilson.

Kangarilla 38.26 (254) d Nairne/Bremer 6.8 (44)

Best – Kangarilla: M Daniele, T Vates, L North, B Wakefield, T Thorpe. Nairne Bremer: L Percy, M Jolly, T Preusker, C Jinnette, 
M Sappenberghs. Goals – Kangarilla M Guitink, S Walker 7, T Yates 4, B Wakefield, M Daniel, D Wall 3, T Thorpe, Nairne 
Bremner – J Poster 3, L Percy 2, C Jinnette.

Birdwood 32.5 (197) d Macclesfleld 16.7 (103).

Best – Birdwood: J Shepherd, S Connell, S Dawes, C Moerman, J Davis. Macclesfield: T Lynch, B Fogden, R Mclntyre, A Brewer, 
T Clack. Goals – Birdwood: C Moerman 9, H Schutz 6, J Curtis 4, T Hanna 3, J Junc, P Sumner, D Smith 2, N Palmer, P Low, J McGuire,
S Bubner. Maccleslield: A Brewer 5, K Rembelow, R Van Raathoven, R Goody, T Clack, R McIntyre, A Julian, B Fogden.

Round 13 – Saturday July 8, 2006

Meadows 16.20 (116) d Kersbrook 10.12 (72).

Best – Meadows: M Menstorth, B Dubois, M Thomas, P Reid, J May. Kersbrook: L Hughes, K Paues, D Herrmann, M Johnston, 
J Tapp. Goals – Meadows: C Dawe, A Minne, M Mensforth, M Thomas, R Reid, P Kleeman 2, C Medlow, D McAvoy, T Knappstein, 
D Abraham. Kersbrook: L Hughes 4, J Levett 3, B Hughes, L Hau 1.

Echunga 29.12 (186) d Macclesfield 6.8(44)

Best – Echunga: C Lynn, N Sheehan, L Munn, B Slottegraaf, T Curnow. Macclesfield: A Julian, T Lynch, B Kempster, C Lallaro, 
D Tilley. Goals – Echunga: T Curnow 8, B Slotegraaf 7, N Sheehan 4, C Lynn 3, T Deroa, N Lyons, A Retallick 2, C Sheehan. 
Macclesfield: S Thomas 2, P Graves, T Clark, D Mackie, M Links,

Kangarilla 32.24 (216) d Gumaracha 1.2 (8).

Best – Kangarilla: T Thorpe, T Yates, B Wakefield, G Thorpe, M Houston. Gumeracha: M Parker, B Hutt, B Hanna, N Bull, M Jones. 
Goals – Kangarilla: M Guitink 6, T Thorpe, T Yates, D Waufried 5, N Stevens 4, J Jackson 3, D Walsh, D Sawtell, M Clifford, S Walker. 
Gumeracha: B Parkyn 1.

Birdwood 22.11 (143) d Callington 6.9 (46).

Best — Birdwood: H Schutz, S Longman, J Daws, J McGuire, D Smith. Callington: S Wyatt, N Miller, A Watkins, S Graham, B Carter. 
Goals – Birdwood: C Moerman 9, P Lowe, J Curtis 2, S Longman, H Schutz, D McGuire, C Bubner, T Matoga. Callington: L Rankine 2, 
S Wyatt, L Maczkowiack, T Schullz, K Sumner.

Torrens Valley 15.10 (100) d Nairne Bremer 9.9 (63).

Best – Torrens Valley: D Fox, S Eves, M Carter, G Hodge, A Clarke. Nairne Bremer: M Jones, L Percy, T Bean, G Dunning, T Preusker. 
Goals – Torrens Valley: N Howe, J Jantke, D Fox 3, J Low, M O’Malley, M Eichler, D Bartel, S Coles, A Clarke. Nairne Bremer: M Binder 2, 
C Jinette, M Jones, G Dunning, T Lynn, W Galpin, T Preusker, T Bean.

Round Twelve – Saturday July 1, 2006

Meadows 32.25 (217) def Macclesfield 0.1 (1)

Best: Meadows – D McAvoy, T Maidment, B Dubois, M Thomas, C Dawe. Macclesfield: T Lynch, P Graves, C Mahney, J Herbert, 
D Tilley. Goals – Meadows: C Dawe 11, D McAvoy 6, T Shorland 4, T Knappstein 3, R Reid, T Maidment, C Medlow 2, D Dubois, J May.

Blackwood 15.24 (114) d Gumeracha 4.6 (30).

Best – Blackwood: D Delawyer, S Work, K Read, S Baldock, D Collins. Gumeracha: N Bull, M Parker, N Bonetti, M Randell, Z Semmler. 
Goals -Blackwood: D Collins, D Delawyer 4, J Ferris 2, O Phillips, J Sinclair, T Mickie, Read, S Work. Gumeracha: J Page 2, M Liddell, S Clarks.

Kersbrook 10.5 (65) d Nairne Bremer 8.10 (58).

Best – – Kersbrook: J Morrison, B Quill, M Johnston, K Palies, A MacDonald. Nairne: L Percy, D Dolman, C Reilly, J Schubert, M Jones. 
Goals -Kersbrook: J Morrison, B Pearce 2, B Hughes, J Levett, L Hughes, S Randell, J Edwards, B Quill. Nairne Bremer: M Sappenberghs 2,
J Lines, D Dolman, T Gregory, L Percy, Schubert, T Bean.

Echunga 43.33 (291) d Callington 0.0 (0).

Best – Echunga: C Lynne, B Slottegraaf, T Solly, A Retallic, T Rothe. Callington: L Mackowisck, A Watkins, J Browning,  T Colewell, 
A Wilson. Goals – Echunga: T Solly, T Deron 11, B Slottegreef 6, N Lyons 4, C Wheadon 3, L Lawrence 2, S Cranna, B Fleming, L Munn, T Rothe.

Kangarllla 11.12 (78) d Torrens Valley 4.12 (36).

Best – Kangarilla: T Thorpe, M Daniele, S Ewens, B Talbot, B Livingston. Torrens Valley: D Fox, M Carter, M Anthony, R Battams, 
J Low. Goals – Kangarilla: M Guitink 4, D Waufried 3, M Griffiths, T Thorpe, M Daniele, B Welsh. Torrens Valley: G Hodge, M Carter, 
J Jantke, M Eichler.

ROUND ELEVEN – Saturday June 24, 2006

Torrens Valley 15.15 (105) d Kersbrook 9.6 (60). 
Best-Torrens Valley. S Coles, P Richardson, B Sparrow. M Carter, D Fox. Kersbrook: J Morrison. B Pearce, K Paves, D Tapp, B Quill. 
Goals -Torrens Val­ley: P Richardson 6. M Green, M Carter, J Jantke 2. Steve Coles. N Howe. S Peryman. Kersbrook: B Pearce 3, 
J Levett 2, J Morrison, L Hughes, P Delucia, L Hall 1.

Meadows 49.39 (333) d Callington 0.5 (5). 
Best – Meadows: R Reid, T Lanyon, T Maidment, C Dawe, M Mensforth. Callington: W Bown, A Wilson, J Browning, A Winter, 
K Sumner. Goals-Meadows: T Knappstein. C Dawe 10, T Shorland, R Reid 8, M Mensworth, B Dubois 2, D Abraham, I McAudy, 
T Maidment, J Russell, M Thomas, C Medlow, L Bailey, J McMurtrie, S May, P Kleeman. 

Nairne Bremer 22.18 (150) d Macclesfield 16.8 (104). 
Best – Nairne Bremer. L Percy, G Dunninp D Dolman, T Bean, A Robinson. Macclesfield: B Fogden, S Hutchings, T Lynch, P Mackie, 
J Herbert. Goals- Nairne: L Percy 5, J Foster, G Dunning, T Gregory, T Been 2, M Binder, J Lines, P Bradshaw, T Lynn, M Helzel, 
D Dolman 1. Macclesfield D Mackie, P Graves, S Thomas, M Linke 3, B Kempster, K Rumbelow, P Mackie, R Fogden.

Kangarilla 19.15 (129) d Blackwood 11.11 (77). 
Best – Kangarilla: P Walifried, P Wakefield, M Daniele, J Stringer, M Griffith Blackwood, S Slmmons, S Baldock. J Ferris, A Silvy, 
D Delawyer. Goals -Kangarilla: M Daniele 4, M Griffiths, M Guitink 3, T Yates 2, P Wakefield, H Thorpe, B Wakefield, L North, 
D Walfried, N Kenner, S Walker. Blackwood – T Mickie, D Delawyer 3, S Work 2, A Read, N Work, S Ferris.

Birdwood 22.16 (l 48) d Gumeracha 9.9 (63). 
Best – Birdwood: C Moerman, S Connell, P Sumner, R Harrison, S Traeger. Gumeracha – Tregenza, B Hull B Randell, J Cannon, 
N Bull. Goals: Birdwood – C Moerman 8, S Longman 3, N Palmer. J Curtis, T Hanna 2 P Lowe, J Shepherd. J McGuire, P Sumner. 
Gumeracha: J Butler. J Page, J Tregenza 2, N Bull, B Hutt, B Hanna.

ROUND TEN – Saturday June 17, 2006

Nairne Bremer 36.23 (236) d Callington 5.2 (32). 
Best- Nairne Bremer: G Dunning~ N Carman, L Percy, J Lines, T Bean. Callington: T Colwell, A Schmidt, M J Kropinyeri, A Wilson, K Hammer. 
Goals – Nairne Bremer: J Lines 7, M Binder, L Percy 5, M Sappenberghs, J Foster 4, T Gregory, M Hetzel 3, Callington – T Colwell, A Schmidt, 
L Rankine, T Schultz, A Chevalier.

Echunga 16.25 (121) d Gumeracha 10.6 (66). 
Best – Echunga: B Slottegraaf, T Rothe, B Fleming, T Deron, L Lawrence. Gumeracha: M Soden, N Bull, B Randell, M Randell, S Earwood. 
Goals – Echunga: L Munn 5, G Mullins, T Deron, S Cranna 2, G Wheadon, J Thornhill, L Lawrence, T Solly. Gumeracha: J Page 4, J Butler, 
M Soden, D Butler, S Kavanagh, S Earwood, B Randell.

Birdwood 15.17 (107) d Blackwood 12.16 (88). 
Best -Birdwood: T Hanna, D McGuire, S Moerman, R Harrison, C Moerman. Blackwood: S Work, J Picken, E Wallace, G Francis, J Ferris. 
Goals – Birdwood: C Moerman 5, J Curtis 4, N Dawes 3, D Walker, P Sumner, R Harrison. Blackwood: S Baldock, S Work J Ferris 2, J Sinclair, 
T Mickle, N Powell, D Delawyer, E Wallce, R Rowett.

Kangarilla 19.16 (130) d Kersbrook 11.3 (69). 
Best – Kangarilla: N Kenner, T Thorp, M Houston, M Daniele, J Jackson. Kersbrook: D Tapp, L Hughes, P Herrmann, N Pearce, P Delucia. 
Goals-Kangarilla: N Kenner, M Guitink 5, J Stringer, S Walker 2, P Wakefield, T Thorpe, B Wakefield, M Griffiths, D Wakefield. Kersbrook: 
J Morrison, L Hughes B Pearce, J Edwards, L Hall 2, D Tapp.

Torrens Valley 25.19 (169) d Macclesfield 6.9 (45). 
Best – TorrensValley: M O’Malley, D Pox, S Peryman, Steve Coles, B Copeland. Macclesfield – K McIntyre, J Wyatt, T Lynch, K Goody, 
M Linke. Goals: TV – M O’Malley 8, J Jantke, P Richarson 4, Steve Coles, N Hoad, G Hodge, M Carter 2. Macclesfield – P Mackie 2, T Clack, S
Thomas, A Brewer, K McIntyre 1.

ROUND NINE – Saturday June 3, 2006
Blackwood 12.15 (87) d Echunga 11.13 (79). 

Best – Btackwood: S Woods, D Delawyer, S Work, D Collins, G Francis. Echunga: G Mullins, B Slottegraff, T Solly. D Edmonds, 
T Deron. Goals – Blackwood: D Delawyer 5, R Rowett, S Werk, N Powell, T Mickie, A Edward, J Sinclair, J Ferris. Echunga: 
C Wheadon, T Curnow, 8 Slottegraaf 3, L Lawrence, J Thornhill. 
Kersbrook 19.13 (127) d Macclestield 2.9 (21). 
Best – Kersbrook: B Pearce, J Morrison, D Tapp, J Ryder: 
L Hughes. Macclesfield: J Herbert, A Julian, T Lynch, K McIntyre, B Kempster Goals – Kersbrook: B Pearce
5, L Hughes 3, M Weslley, P Delucia, J Edwards 2, D Hughes, N Pearce, J Tapp Macclesfield: S Thomas, P Graves. 
Meadows 33.18 (210) d Gumeracha 4.2 (26). 
Best – Meadows: B Dubois, C Dawe, C Medlow, L Bailey, T Lanyon. Gumeracha: S Larwood. Z Semmler S Kavanagh, 
B Randeil, B Hutt. Goals – Meadows: C Dawe 12, T Knappstein 6, B Dubois 5, R Reid 4, J Russell 2, B Gibson, A Minne, 
M Mensforth. Gumeracha – M Cunningham, N Bull, M Seden, J Page 1.
Kangarilla 22.15 (147) def Birdwood 6.12 (48)
Best-Kangarilla: T Thorpe, B Talbot, B Wakefield, D, Wallfried, M Guitin. Birdwood: S Traeger, D McGuire, N Palmer, J Davis, 
C Moerman. Goals – Kangarilla: M Guitink, B Walsh 4, P Wakefield 3, S Walker T Yates, D Wallfried, J Bailey-Hill, M Daniels 2, 
J Jackson. Birdwood: C Moerman 2, S Traeger, P Longman, N Palmer, S Sumner. 
Torrens Valley 43.31 (289) d Callington 2.0 (12). 
Best-Torrens Valley: P Richardson, R Battams, M 0’Malley, J Jantke, S O’Shea Callington: A Wilson, K Sumner, A Walker, 
W Bown, P Bowden. Goals – Torrens Valiey: P Richardson 11, J Jantke 6, M O’Malley, S Coles 5, D Smith 3, J Loh, D Hughes, 
G Hodge 2, R Battams, M Eichler, D Bareti, D Carpenter, M Carter, B Copeland, H Lofts. Callington: MJ Kropinyeri, A Fox.

ROUND EIGHT – Saturday May 27, 2006
Nairne Bremer 21.9 (135) d Gumeracha 8.7 (55). 

Best – Nairne Bremer: J Schubert. N Carman. G Dunning, T Gregory, P Bradshaw Gumeracha – Z Semmler, M Randell, A Baldwin,
S Clarke, H Cunningham. Goals – Nairne Bremer. M Binder. J Foster 5, J Lines 3, M Sappenberghs J Schubert 2. N Carman, T Gregory, 
A Duncan, A Wells. Gumeracha, J Page 3, M Jones 2, M Soden. A Baldwin, H Cunningham. 
Kangarilla 25.20 (170) def Macclesfield 9.9 (63)
Best: Kangarilla – B Pearce, L Hughes, J Morrison, K Davies, M Westley. Macclesfield: J Murray, K Mclntyre, J Wyatt, A Julian, 
R Long. Goals – Kangarilla: M Guitink 6, S Walker 4, B Walsh 3, D Mahomet, T Yates, M Griffiths 2, T Thorpe, J Jackson, B Wakefield, 
M Daniels, N Stevens, J Bailey-Hill. Macclesfield: S Thomas 3, R Long 2, T Clack, P Mackie, K Goody, S Heinicke. 
Kersbrook 36.22 (2381 d Callington 5.4 (34). 
Best – Kersbrook B Pearce, L Hughes, J Morrison, K Daves, M Westley. Callinqton: P Bowden, W Bown, M Kropinyeri, A Schaeffer, 
A Wilson. Goals: Kersbrook – B Hughes 7, D Hughes, J Morrison, J Rider, L Hughes, B Pearce 4, M Westley 3, M Scott, N Pearce, 
P Delucia, J Edwards, L Hall, D Tapp. Callington: A Wilson 2, R Thompson, T Sumner, P Bowden. 
Birdwood 17.7 (109) d Echunga 11.11 (77)
Best – Birdwood: R Harrison, S Connell, D Quire, C Koerman, J Curtis. Echunga: G Mullins, B Fleming, T Deron, T Curnow, N Sheehan. 
Goals – Birdwood: C Moerman 5, J Curtis 4, N Palmer, J Shepherd 2, N Dawes, S Walker, R Harrison, S Moerman. Echunga: J Thornhill 5, 
B Slottegraff 3, D­ Sheehan 2, T Rothe. 
Meadows 11.21 (87) d Blackwood 9.7 (61). 
Best – Meadows: R Reid, D Abraham, T Lanyon, C Medlow, H Reid. Blackwood: S Collins, A Read, P Hopkins, R Rowett, A Silvi. 
Goals – Meadows: R Reid 3, T Maidment, A Minne 2, J Russell, M Lancaster, B Dubois, M Mensforth. Blackwood: A Edwards 3, 
E Wallace, D Collins 2, A Read, S Woods.

ROUND SEVEN – Saturday May 20, 2006
Blackwood 12.10 (82) d Nairne Bremer 10.12 (72). 

Best- Blackwood: P Hopkins, T Mickie, A Chambers, B Tonkin, J Ewers. Nairne Bremer: G Dunning, T Bean, M Binder, J Foster, N Carman. 
Goals – Blackwood: B Tonkin 3, D Collins 2, S Baldock, S Work, E Wallace, S Mark, T Mickie, A Edwards, A Chambers. Nairne Bremer: M Binder, 
J Foster 3, J Lines, M Jones, G Dunning, T Bean. 
Meadows 18.26 (134) d Birdwood 8.15 (63)
Best – Meadows: A Minne, D Abraham, Dubois, T Maidment, H Reid. Birdwood: S Connell, R Harrison, J Davis, S Longman, A Rowett. 
Goals – Meadows: T Knappstein 4, J Buller, R Reid 3, A Minne 2, D McAudy, T Maidment, H Reid, B Dubois, T Shorland, M Mensforth. 
Birdwood: A Rowett, P Lowe 2, S Longman, N Stokes, J Shepherd, D McGuire. 
Macclesfield 26.11 (167) d Callington 17.5 (107)
Best- Macclesfield: S Hutchings, J Murphy, B Kempster, PT Graves, P Mackie. Callington: A Schaeffer, K Sumner, W See, B Miller, T Colwell. 
Goals – Macclesfield: B Kempster 8, P Graves 5, B Fogden 3, D Mackie 2, J Murray, S Hutchings, K Mclntyre, T Clack, K Goody. 
Callington: L Rankine 7, 5 Bowden 5, W See 2. K Sumner, T Schultz, C Rigney. 
Torrens Valley 30.18 (198) def Gumeracha 5.3 (33)
Best: T Valley – P Richardson, D Fox, M Carter, Steve Coles, S O’Shea. Gumeracha: S Kavanagh, B Randell, A Baldwin, J Waters, M Jones. 
Goals – Torrens Valley: P Richardson 15, Steve Coles 5, D Bartel 3, J Jantke 2, M Hughes, T Prior, A Mik, M Carter, G Hodge. Gumeracha: M Randell 2, A Baldwin, S Bunn, B Hutt 1.
Kangarilla 17.12 (114) def Echunga 11.4 (70)
Goals: Kangarilla – M Daniele, T Thrope, B Wakeield, J Stringer, B Walsh. Echunga:~ C Lynne, T Deron, S Bailey, B Fleming, T Solly. 
Goals – Kangarilla: S Walker, M Daniele, J Mahomet 3, M Guitink, P Wakefield, T Thorpe, B Wakefield, N Stevens, J Bailey-Hill 
Echunga: T Curnow, C Lynne 3, B Slottegraff, C Sheehan 2, N Hurrell 1.

ROUND SIX – Saturday May 13, 2006 
Kangarilla 37.27 (249) d Callington 8.5 (53). 

Best -Kangarilla: M Daniele, B Wakefield, M Griffiths, B Walsh. Goals – Kangarilla: S Walker, P Wakefield, M Daniele, T Kenner 4, B Walsh, 
M Griffiths 3, J Burton, B Wakefield, N Stevens. T thorne, J Mahmet, T Yate 2, L North. 
Birdwood 17.13 (115) d Nairne Bremer 13.7 (85). 
Best – Birdwood: R Harrison, J Davis. S Connell, T Hanna, D Smith. Nairne Bremer T Gregory, M Jaensch G Dun­ning, M Jolly, T Bean. 
Goals-Birdwood: C Moerman 6, T Hanna 3, D McGuire, J Curtis 2, S Traeger, N Palmer, J Juncken. Nairne Bremer: N Sapevpenbergh 3, 
T Bean, M Binder, J Foster 2, T Gregory, M Jolly, N Carman, S Buzco. 
Kersbrook 17.18 (120) d Gumeracha 9.4 (58). 
Best – Kersbrook: J Tapp, L Hughes, K Paves, B Pearce, J Morrison. Gumeracha: M Randell, B Randall, A Baldwin, I Tanner, L Pratt. 
Goals – Kersbrook: M Westley, D Hughes 4, L Hughes, B Pearce 3, J Morrison, 2, T Hall. Gumeracha: J Page, S Kavanagh 2, B Hutt, 
T Cranwell, M Jones, A Baldwin, M Randell. 
Torrens Valley 16.13 (109) d Blackwood 10.10 (70)
Best – Torrens Valley: S Peryman, G Hodge, Steve Coles, S O’Shea, B Copeland. Blackwood: S Baldock, A Chambers, S Collins, A Edwards, 
K Heinsen. Goals -Torrens Val­ley: Steve Coles 4, P Richardson, D Smith 3, J Low, S Peryman, Shane Coles, J Jantke, D Fox. 
Blackwood: A Edwards 4, S Mark, K McSwain 2, S Needham, S Baldock 1.
Meadows 4.6 6.7 12.10 15.10 (100) def Echunga 0.0 2.0 4.5 6.6(42)

Best: Meadows – T Lanyon, B Dubois, L Bailey, C Medlow, H Reid, S Reid. Echunga – S Cranna, C Lynne, T Deron, L Munn, 
A Mackenzie. Goals: Meadows – C Dawe 4, T Knappstein 3, T Shorland 2, T Maidment, S Russell, L Bailey, B Dubois, M Mensford, 
J McMurtie 1. Echunga – A Mackenzie 2, T Rothe, B Slotegraff, D Ridge, D Edmonds 1.

ROUND FIVE – Saturday May 6, 2006

Macclesfield 18.19 (127) d Gumeracha 9.12 (66).
Best – Macclesfield: R Long, K McIntyre, A Julian, P Mackie, J Murphy. Gumeracha: M Randell, B Randell, A Baldwin, T Cranwell. J Clark. Goals – Macclesfield: R Long 4, J Murphy 3, J Wyatt, B Fogden, K McIntyre 2, C Lallard, L Fairbrother, K Goody. Gumeracha – J Page, T Cranwell, S Clark 2, M Randell, B Randell, J Ashby.

Kersbrook 12.16 (88) d Blackwood 6.11 (47)

Best – Kersbrook: J Tapp, B Pearce, D Tapp, N Pearce, K McLelland. Blackwood: J Magarey, K Read, A Wilton, J Picken, S Work. Goals -Kersbrook: J Morrison, B Pearce 3, D Hughes 2, B Hughes, M Westley, J Edwards, D Tapp. Blackwood: A Edwards, S Needham 2, D Collins, S Work

Torrens Valley 16.10 (106) d Birdwood 10.10 (70).

Best – Torrens Valley: Shane Coles, Steve Coles, S Peryman, D Smith, M Hughes. Birdwood: R Harrison, S Moerman, A Rowett, C Moerman, D McGuire. Goals -Torrens Valley: D Smith 5, M Eichler, P Richardson 3, D Fox, J Low 2, Steve Coles. Birdwood: C Moerman 4, T Hanna 3, R Harrison, J Curtis, D Smith.

Kangarilla 14.17 (101) d Meadows 13.14 (92).

Best -Kangarilla: J Burton, T Thorpe, B Livingston, B Wakefield, N Stevens. Meadows: T Lanyon, H Reid, T Maidment, L Bailey, C Medlow. Goals – Kangarilla: M Guitink, N Kenner 3, M Daniele, b Wakefield, S Walker, P Wakefield, T Thorpe. Meadows: C Dawe 4, T Shoreland 3, D Abraham, R Reid, I Russell, C Medlow, A Minne, M Mensforth.

Echunga 14.14 (98) d Nalrne Bremer 6.6 (42).

Best – Echunga: T Deron, S Cranna, C Lynne, N Lyons, J Thornhill. Nairne Bremer: J Schubert, M Jolly, C Reilly, T Preusker, N Carman. Goals – Echunga: N Hurrell 3, B Fleming, B Slotegraff, A McKenzie, C Sheehan, T Deron, J Thornhill. Nairne Bremer: J Schubert 2, M Jaensch, G Dunning, N Carman, J Foster.

ROUND FOUR – Saturday April 29, 2006

Gumeracha 24.12 (156) defeated Callington 10.6 (66)

Best (Gum) – N Bonetti, B Randell, B Hutt, Sean Kavanagh, M Randell. (Call) – G Newell, C Rigney, S Bowden, P Bowden, A Wilson. Goals (Gum) – B Hutt 5, J Pages, R Dutschke 4, G Taylor 3, T Cranwell, M Randell 2, M Jones, Sean Kavanagh, L Pratt, M Curley. (Call) – S Bowden 5, L Rankine, C Johnston, C Rigney, A Chevalier.

Kersbrook 4.2 10.5 14.6 20.12 (132) defeated Birdwood 1.2 2.4 5.7 6.13 (49)

Best: Kersbrook – B Pearce, D Hermann, L Hughes, N Pearce, K McLelland. B/wood- C Bubner, J Davis, J Curtis, T Hanna, L Barrett.Goals: Kersbrook – M Westley, L Hughes, L Hall 3, B Hughes, S Randall, B Pearce, J Edwards 2, J Morrison, P DeLucia, D Reek 1. B/wood- J Curtis 3, C Moerman, T Viner-Smith, S Traeger 1.

Meadows 5.1 13.5 18.8 23.13 (151) defeated Nairne Bremer 4.2 9.2 16.7 22.8 (140)

Best: Meadows: A Minnie, T Maidment, J Russell, D Abraham, H Reid, M Mesforth. N/B: G Dunning, N Carman, T Bean, M Binder, C Reilly. Goals: Meadows: J Russell 5, C Dawe, T Shorland 4, T Maidment, M Mensforth 3, R Reid 2, J May, T Knappstien 1. N/B- M Binder 7, T Bean, M Sappenberghs 3, J Foster, J Schubert 2, N Carman 1, P Bradshaw, M Jolly, I Czaban, C Reilly 1.

Torrens Valley 16.5 (101) defeated Echunga 15.13 (103)

Best (TV) – J Low, M Carter, S O’Shea, R Battams, S Peryman, (Echunga) – L Munn, B Slotegraff, N Sheehan, C Sheehan, G Mullins. Goals (TV) – J Low, M Green, A Mik 3, D Smith, R Battams, M Eichler, S Peryman, Shane Coles, P Richardson, D Fox. (Echunga) – B Slotegraff 4, N Hurrell, J Thornhill 2, N Sheehan, T Soll, L Munn, C Lynne, D Sheehan, S Granna, G Mullins.

Macclesfield 17.11 (113) defeated Blackwood 12.11 (83)

Best (Macc) – C Lallard, K McIntyre, A Julian, R Long, J Murray. (Black) – D Collins, C Simmons, S Work, S Woods, P Hopkins. Goals (Macc) – K McIntyre 4, J Murray, J Wyatt 3, R Long, B Kempster 2, C Lallard, S Thomas, L Fairbrother. (Black) – S Needham, D Collins, A Edwards, S Work 2, J Picken, A Wilton, D Delawyer, T Mickie.

ROUND THREE – Saturday April 22, 2006

Blackwood 18.17 (125) defeated Callington 9.4 (58)

Best (Black) – P Hopkins, D Jones, A Edwards, S Needham, G Francis. (Call) – P Bowden, A Wilson, C Johnstone, C Rigney, G Newell. Goals (Black) – D Jones 5, P McKay 3, D Collings 2. (Call) – S Bowden, C Rigney 3, L Rankine 2, MJ Kropinyeri 1.

Kangarilla 15.13 (103) defeated Nairne-Bremer 12.10 (82)

Best (Kang) – J Stringer, T Thorpe, M Griffiths, B Wakefield, J Burton. (N-B) – N Carmen, G Dunning, M Jolly, T Gregory, A Robinson. Goals (Kang) – B Walsh, T Thorpe, J Mahomet, J Stringer 2. (N-B) – M Binder, J Lines 3, G Dunning 2, M Sappenberghs, M Jolly, I Czaban, T Schubert 1.

Birdwood 15.15 (105) defeated Macclesfield 10.15 (75)

Best (Bird) – R Rowett, S Traeger, R Harrison, T Hanna, S Moerman. (Macc) – T Lynch, A Julian, J Murray, S Thomas, K McIntyre. Goals – (Bird) T Moerman, J Curtis 4, P Lowe, S Walker 2, S Longman, S Traeger, T Hanna 1. (Macc) – S Thomas 5, J Murray 2, B Kempster, J Whyatt 1.

Torrens Valley 14.10 (94) defeated Meadows 12.17 (89)

Best (TV) – D Fox, S Peryman, R Battams, Steve Coles, J Lowe. (Meadows) – A Minne, J McMurtie, D Abraham, B DuBois. Goals (TV) – P Richardson 5, D Bartel 4, D Fox 2, D Smith, M Eichler, D Hughes. (Meadows) – C Dawe 3, R Reid, A Minne 2, D McAvoy, J Russell, H Reid, T Lanyon, M Mensforth 1

Kersbrook 18.17 (125) defeated Echunga 16.7 (103)

Best (Kers) – B Pearce, D Tapp, J Morrison, N Pearce, D Hermann. (Echunga) – T Rothe, C Linn, C Slotegraff, B Fleming, C Sheehan. Goals (Kers) – B Pearce 5, D Wake 3, A MacDonald, M Westley, L Hughes 2, L Hall, J Edwards, B Norsworthy. (Echunga) – J Thornhill 4, T Rothe, B Slotegraff 3, C Linn 2, T Solly, A McKenzie, B Fleming.

Wednesday April 19, 2006 – ROUND THREE matches for Saturday April 22

Torrens Valley v Meadows, Kersbrook v Echunga, Macclesfield v Birdwood, Calllington v Blackwood, Nairne Bremer v Kangarilla

Monday April 10, 2006

Echunga, Torrens Valley and Meadows are the only teams that are two from two, with the Easter break coming up. Echunga had a 23 point win at home against Macclesfield, Torrens Valley flogged Nairne-Bremer by 87 points, while Meadows had a solid ten goal win against Kersbrook. After a bye in Round one, Birdwood opened its account with a win at home by 55 points over Callington, while Kangarilla made up for last weeks loss with 141 point win over Gumeracha.


Round Two – Saturday April 8, 2006

Echunga 10.16 (76) defeated Macclesfield 8.5 (53)Best (Ech) – B Slotegraff, G Mullins, K Lynn, T Deron, B Fleming. (Macc) – J Murray, B Kempster, K McIntyre, T Lynch, S Hutchings. Goals (Ech) – A McKenzie, K Lynn, L Munn 2, T Rothe, B Slotegraff, D Sheehan, B Fleming 1. (Macc) – B Kempster 3, D Mackie 2, J Murray, K Rumbelow, S Thomas 1.

Kangarilla 28.21 (189) defeated Gumeracha 7.6 (48)

Best (Kang) – J Stringer, T Thorpe, B Wakefield, J Mahomet, P Wakefield. (Gum) – N Bull, M Randell, S Kavanagh, B Randell, J Ashby. Goals (Kang) – M Guitink 7, J Stringer 5, S Walker, M Daniele 3, B Walsh, P Wakefield, B Talbot 2, T Thorpe, J Mahomet, B Wakefield 1. (Gum) – L Carpenter, M Randeu 2, S Kavanagh, N Bull, T Cranwell 1.

Torrens Valley 21.10 (136) defeated Nairne Bremner 7.7 (49)

Best (TV) – S Eves, M Carter, G Hodge, P Richardson, D Hughes, (NB) – I Czaban, M Jolly, J Foster, C Jinnette, T Bean. Goals (TV) – P Richardson 7, D Hughes 3, A Mik, D Bartel, M Carter 2, J Jantke, S Coles, S Peryman, M Eichler 1. (NB) – J Foster 2, M Binder, G Dunning, T Gregory, A Duncan, C Jinnette 1.

Meadows 19.16 (130) defeated Kersbrook 10.11 (71)

Best (Mead) – D Abraham, L Bailey, D McEvoy, T Knappstein, H Reid. (Kers) – N Pearce, J Morrison, J Keogh, K McLelland, B Pearce. Goals (Mead) – C Dawe 5, A Minne 3, T Knappstein, R Reid, T Maidment 2, L Dawe, B DuBois, N Reid, L Bailey, J Russell 1. (Kers) – P Deluca 3, N Pearce, J Morrison, L Pearce, L Hughes, J Tapp, P Schlotfeldt 1.

Birdwood 20.14 (134) defeated Callington 12.7 (79)

Best (Bird) – G Smith, S Longman, J Davis, S Trager, D Smith. (Call) – V Sumner, P Bowden, R Bowden, N Miller, A Schaeffer. Goals (Bird) – G Smith, S Longman 4, D Smith, N Palmer, P Lowe, N Stokes, C Moerman, D Curtis 2. (Call) – L Rankine 5, S Wanganeen 3, K Sumner, N Kropinyeri, A Wilson, A Reid 1.

Friday April 7, 2006

Things got underway last weekend with Echunga and Blackwood having big wins, while Nairne-Bremner just got over Kersbrook, Meadows had a comfortable win over Macclesfield and Torrens Valley just got over the line at home against Kangarilla.

This week: Nairne-Bremer host Torrens Valley, Kersbrook visits Meadows, Echunga plays Macclesfield, Birdwood take on Callington with Kangarilla playing Gumeracha.

Next weekend (April 15) is a bye for Easter.

Round One – April 1 2006

Echunga 18.20 (128) defeated Callington 10.4 (64)

Best (E) – A McKenzie, B Slotegraff, T Solly, T Deron, S Cranna. (C) – P Bowden, S Wanganeen, N Miller, L Rankine, C Rigney. Goalkickers (E) – B Slotegraff 5, T Riemann 3, J Lyons, S Bailey, D Sheeha 2, A McKenzie, T Curnow, N Lyons, B Flemking 1. (C) – L Rankine 6, A Wilson 3, S Bowden 1.

Nairne Bremer 16.6 (102) defeated Kersbrook 15.8 (98)

Best (NB) – M Jolly, G Dunning, N Gordon, M Binder, A Duncan (K) – B Pearce, L Hughes, D Tapp, M Westley, J Morrison. Goalkickers (NB) – M Binder 6, J Foster, K Jinette 2, J Lines, M Jones, N Carman, C Foster, N Gordon, M Hetzel 1. (K) – B Pearce 6, A MacDonald, M Westley, J Rider 2, J Morrison, L Hughes, P Schlotfeldt 1.

Meadows 20.11 (131) defeated Macclesfield 13.11 (89)

Best (Meadows) – R Reid, H Reid, A Minne, T Maidment, M Mensforth. (Macc) – J Murray, R Long, S Hutchings, S Thomas, B Kempster. Goalkickers (Meadows) – C Dawe 6, A Minne 5, B Dubois, J Russell 2, C Taylor, T Knappstein. (Macc) – S Thomas 4, B Kempster, J Murray, B Fogden 2, R Long, D Kelly, K Rumbelow.

Torrens Valley 13.13 (91) defeated Kangarilla 12.13 (85)

Best (TV) – S O’Shea, D Fox, Shane Coles, J Low, P Richardson. (Kang) – B Wakefield, F Thorpe, B Talbot, M Daniele, J Burton. Goalkickers (TV) – P Richardson 5, S Eves 3, S Peryman 2, D Bartel, S O’Shea, J Jantke 1. (Kang) – T Thorpe, S Walker 3, B Walsh 2, B Wakefield, J Mahomet, M Gutlink, B Talbot 1.

Blackwood 18.14 (122) defeated Gumeracha 7.7 (49)

Best (Black) – D Delawyer, D Martens, J Creek, G Francis, N Lewis. (Gum) – T Cranwell, M Randell, P Gallon, N Bull, J Cannon. Goalkickers (Black) – D Delawyer 4, S Needham, P Mackay 3, S Work, D Martens 2, D Collins, T Kleinig, A Edwards, N Lewis 1. (Gum) – L Carpenter, T Cranwell 2, M Jones, N Bull, A Baldwin 1.