by Terry Willoughby

The last of the South East grand finals got under way in fine conditions at Tantanoola and Robe kicked to the clubroom end aided by a slight breeze. Mt Burr used the ball better in the early play but scores were hard to come by. Coxon was winning the knocks for Robe but Mt Burr reduced his effectiveness by taking them away. Quicker players across the midfield were a problem for Robe who wasted chances before Ben Parish got the 1st goal but he had been forced to roam far for his kicks. Veteran Adam Weise was a good target at full forward for Mt Burr in a game of defences. Robe skipper Tom Mount regularly cut off Mt Burr attacks but late goals gave the Mozzies a 2 point lead.

Robe started to dominate the play but were indirect and failed to put the score on the board whilst the Mt Burr defence did well. Star Mt Burr on-baller Chris Puiatti was winning strongly around the packs and at ground level and Nathan Muhovics used his pace to break up many Robe attacks. Goals late in the 2nd term put Mt Burr in front and Robe had used up plenty of petrol for no reward in a low scoring but not high standard game.

Mt Burr grabbed a strong hold on the game early in the 3rd quarter as Puiatti and Muhovics continued to bring others into the game and coach Mark Kruger goaled twice from 50m penalties after undisciplined play by Robe defenders. Mt Burr showing more play-on style, goaled again through Jack Gregory, who had barely had a touch. Robe appeared to be in trouble with Lesslie doing well at centre half-back for the Mozzies.  A couple of clangers by Mt Burr allowed Robe in and Bigmore goaled twice to put them behind by 14 points. Robe raised another effort through Tom Mount in the mid-field and Parish marked strongly for a goal and the game came alive with Mt Burr just holding on to a 3 point lead at ¾ time.

The game looked set for a close finish as play went between backlines with Robe looking dangerous but it was Gregory who marked and goaled to steady Mt Burr but Ryan Dew did the same for Robe who trailed by 2 points. Mt Burr lifted in the middle where Puiatti again won the clearances and a strong mark by Weise resulted in a goal and suddenly Robe looked tired. Clint Gallio, handy all day with good disposals goaled after a long run along the scoreboard flank and Gregory after muffing a couple of chances, goaled and Mt Burr led by 29 points. Robe had no gas left and Mt Burr controlled play through to the finish. The Mozzies finished with a 6 goal last quarter to win quite comfortably and raise the premiership cup for the 3rd time in 3 years in a row.

Chris Puiatti, was a deserving winner of the best player medal for Mt Burr, ahead of Nathan Muhovics, Clint Gallio, Andrew Ferguson and Weise. Robe, who only managed more than one goal in any of the 4 quarters, were best served by Tom Mount, Jaymen Fletcher, Ben Parish and Dylan Coxon.       

Grand Final at Tantanoola – September 24, 2011

Mt Burr




14.11 (95)





8.12 (60)

Goals, Mt Burr – M. Kruger 4, J. Gregory 3, A. Wiese 2, C. Puiatti 2, D. Bowering , C. Gallio , M. Teagle. Robe – B. Parish 3, F. Bigmore 2, J. Dawson , J. Campbell , S. Sawyer. Best – Mt Burr : C. Puiatti, C. Gallio, W. Lowndes, S. Bevan, N. Muhovics, A. Ferguson. Robe – B. Parish, T. Mount, J. Fletcher, D. Coxon, B. Jess, A. Everett


by Terry Willoughby

September 19, 2011

Ben Parish leading the way. Port MacDonnell were battling to keep in touch as Robe had many more options in attack and a dominant on-ball brigade. The Roosters led by 25 pts at ¼  time and continued to dominate in the 2nd term by adding a further 6 goals to Port Mac’s 4 and lead by 37 points at the main break.

Key forwards McLeod and Parish were too hot for the Port Mac defence and small men Dawson and Ryan Dew also chipped in with goals. Port Mac needed a big lift from their on-ballers but Robe had other ideas and Coxon continued to be the best big-man on the ground and took many marks and controlled the stoppages as Robe piled another 7 goals to put the game beyond Port Mac’s reach when they led by 65 points.

The last quarter was a formality with Robe adding 3 goals but Port Mac could only reduce the margin by 2 points. Robe will now face the undefeated Mt Burr in the Grand Final at Tantanoola next week.

Robe’s best were Parish, Coxon, Jakob Wood, Todd Lehmann and Ben McLeod who booted 8 goals. Ryan Dew 5 goals and Jaryd Dawson 4 also made valuable contributions. Port Mac’s forwards were starved of opportunities. Their better players being Matt Byrne, Zack Williams and veteran Michael Edwards              

Preliminary Final – September 17, 2011





23.17 (155)

Port MacDonnell




13.14 (92)

GOALS, Robe : B. McLeod 8, R. Dew 5, J. Dawson 4, F. Bigmore 3, S. Sawyer 2, B. Parish 1. Port MacDonnell : M. Edwards 3, A. Taylor 2, M. Lewis 2, N. Allen 2, J. Cawthorne 1, D. O’Dine 1, B. Murdoch 1, B. O’Dine 1. Best, Robe: B. Parish, D. Coxon, J. Wood, T. Lehmann, B. McLeod, B. Jess.  Port MacDonnell : M. Byrne, Z. Williams, M. Edwards, B. Mcgregor, A. Taylor, D. O’Dine


Terry Willoughby – September 13, 2011

Mt Burrs’ unbeaten status looked shaky in the MSE 2nd semi final when Robe led throughout the first half. Robe kept Mt Burr goal-less in the 1stquarter but were only able to kick two of their own. Big man Dylan Coxon and forward Ben Parish were worrying the Mt Burr defence and Tom Mount was doing well across the centre. Slowly Mt Burr clawed their way back into the game with tough on-baller Chris Puiatti, midfielder Nathan Muhovics and Mark Teagle leading the way although Robe still managed to hold a 17 point lead at the main break.

The move of veteran Adam Wiese to a defensive role was vital for Mt Burr who now got on top with Wiese cutting of many forward moves as Robe’s play became haphazard. The league leaders raced on 5 goals to nil with coach Kruger becoming a pest to the Robe defenders. Robe trailed by 17 points after leading earlier and now faced a big task to get back in the game as their better players were now trying keep Mt Burr out. The Mozzies stamped their authority in the last quarter by adding a further 5 goals as all the wind had gone out of Robes’ sails and Mt Burr head into the Grand Final as raging hot favorites after winning by 39 points.

Chris Puiatti was best for Mt Burr with a strong 4 quarter game along with Mark Teagle, Wiese, Muhovics and Peter Guyett. Robe were very disappointing after such a promising start. Their better players were Coxon, Parish, Mount and defender Elroy Samuel.  

Second Semi Final – September 10, 2011

Mt Burr




14.13 (97)





8.11 (59)

Best:  Mt Burr – C. Puiatti, M. Teagle, A. Wiese, P. Guyett, N. Muhovics, P. Agnew. Robe – D. Coxon, B. Parish, T. Mount, E. Samuel, L. Hancock, B. Jess. Goals: Mt Burr – M. Kruger 4, C. Puiatti 3, P. Agnew 2, D. Bowering 2, J. Gregory 2, B. Flood. Robe – J. Dawson 3, J. Campbell 2, B. Mcleod , B. Parish , L. Hancock



September 7, 2011

Fwd Adam Wiese (Mt Burr) Jack Gregory (Mt Burr) Jace Weaver (Glencoe)
H/F Jaryd Dawson (Robe) Dylan Gamble (Mt Burr) Matt Doody (Kalangadoo)
C Nathan Muhovics (Mt B)

Chris Puiatti

(Captain – Mt Burr)

Lyndon Smith (Tantanoola)
HB Jimmy Wasson (Robe) Adam Price (Glencoe)

Simon Beggs

(Vice-Capt, Hatherleigh)

B Nick Ham (Kongorong) Levi Hancock (Robe) Zacc Cocks (Glencoe)
Ruck Will MacDonald (Pt Mac) Bronson Saffin (Kong) Jakob Wood (Robe)
Int: Dylan Coxon (Robe) Ben O’Dine (Pt Mac) Brodie Murdoch (Pt Mac)
  Matt Sinkunas (Glencoe) Brad Cordy (Kong) Jason Rowe (Tant)
Coach Mark Kruger (Mt Burr)    



There has been a tie in this years Mail Medal, with Port MacDonnell pair Will MacDonald and Bronson Saffin both finishing on 19 votes.  Ruckman MacDonald has now won his second medal in as many years and also made the MSE team of the year. Saffin has played mainly on the ball this season and also added the Hahn Super Dry MVP award in what has been a great season for him.

Finishing in a tie for 3rd were Mt Burr pair of Dylan Gamble and Nathan Muhovics, on 18 votes.

There was also a tie for the best Under 21, with Glencoe’s Clay Von Duve and Robe’s Jaryd Dawson both finishing on 8 votes.

At least there was an outright winner in the Rookie of the Year – Port MacDonnell’s Brodie Murdoch taking out the award.


19 votes Bronson Saffin (Kongorong), Will McDonald (Port MacDonnell)

18               Nathan Muhovics (Mt Burr), Dylan Gamble (Mt Burr)

16              Dylan Coxon (Robe),  Chris Puiatti (Mt Burr),  Jason Rowe (Tant)

13              Jakob Wood (Robe)

12              Ben O’Dine (Port MacDonnell), Adam Price (Glencoe)


September 5, 2011

The MSE 1st Semi final between Port MacDonnell and Glencoe turned into a goal-fest as each team battled to get a break, defences were over-run all day with free flowing football. Glencoe trailed by a goal at the 1st change but fought their way to the front near ½ time. Both teams had dominant forwards with Brodie Murdoch for Port Mac and Jace Weaver for Glencoe kicking 8 goals each. The lead changed hands regularly in the 3rd term but Port Mac were in front by a goal at ¾ time. Will McDoanald was starring in the ruck and around the ground and Ben McGregor was strong through the mid-field. Port Mac goaled early in the last quarter and held a 15 point lead before Glencoe hit back. Several chances were missed as Glencoe tried to reach the lead. Ali Scott marked an errant clearance about 30 metres out  on the final siren and had a chance to win the game but his faltering kick fell agonizingly  short and left Port Mac winners by 4 points. Port Macs better players were McDonald, McGregor, Murdoch and Noble. Clay von Duve, Matt Sinkunas, Weaver and Josh Wilson played well for Glencoe.  

First Semi Final – September 3, 2011

Port MacDonnell               7.1,  11.3,  17.6,  21.8  (134)

Glencoe                                 6.1,  12.3,  16.6,  20.10  (130)

Goals, Port MacDonnell :  B. Murdoch 8, J. Zeitz 2, M. Edwards 2, S. Noble 2, Z. Williams 1, M. Fox 1, M. Byrne 1, N. Allen 1, W. MacDonald 1, B. Mcgregor 1, J. McGregor 1.  Glencoe :  J. Weaver 8, A. Scott 4, C. Von Duve 2, M. Kieselbach 2, M. Sinkunas 1, L. Sharaf 1, L. Vonduve 1, M. Childs 1.  Best, Port MacDonnell :  W. MacDonald, B. McGregor, B. Murdoch, S. Noble, A. Taylor, Z. Williams.  Glencoe : C. Von Duve, M. Sinkunas, J. Weaver, J. Wilson, L. Medhurst, M. Kieselbach


The final round of MSE football produced nothing to suggest that Mt Burr should be overly worried after having a bye.

Port MacDonnell were given a fright by Hatherleigh who drew level at ½ time. Port Mac kicked away in the 3rd quarter to lead by 32 points but Hatherleigh wouldn’t go away. Led by Tylah Saunders and Matt Faulkner they fought on strongly to go under by 9 points. Matt Fox, veteran Michael Edwards and Ben McGregor held the Bay boys together for the win.

Glencoe fought off a gallant Nangwarry after 3 hard fought quarters to win by 75 points. The Murphies booted 9 goals to one in the final term with Leo Sharaf booting 7. Better players for Glencoe were Zac Cocks, Matt Sinkunas and Tom Edwards. Brett Lindner, Nathan Reeves and Chris Fenn played well for Nangwarry.

Tantanoola booted 6 last quarter goals to run over the top of a spiritless Kongorong and end the season on a winning note by 44 points.

Robe tuned up nicely for finals with an easy 61 pt win over Kalangadoo who hoisted the white after ½ time.     

Round 18 – August 29, 2011

Port MacDonnell                   4.3,  8.3,  14.6,  15.8  (98)

Hatherleigh                             3.1,  8.3,  9.4,  13.11  (89)

Goals, Port MacDonnell : J. McGregor 3, A. Taylor 2, N. Allen 2, B. Murdoch 2, J. Zeitz 1, S. Noble 1, K. Blacksell 1, W. MacDonald 1, D. Odine 1, J. Mcrostie 1.  Hatherleigh :  F. Brennan 4, T. Merrett 3, D. Bateman 2, S. Beggs 1, A. Ellis 1, T. Saunders 1, M. Faulkner 1.  Best, Port MacDonnell :  M. Fox, M. Edwards, B. McGregor, M. Byrne, Z. Williams, S. Noble.  Hatherleigh :  T. Saunders, M. Faulkner, S. Beggs, M. Fabris, T. Watson, T. Merrett

Glencoe                                 3.2,  11.6,  16.8,  25.11  (161)

Nangwarry                          4.1,  7.3,  12.7,  13.8  (86)

Goals, Glencoe :  L. Sharaf 7, N. Mceachern 4, M. Sinkunas 4, J. Weaver 3, C. Von Duve 2, T. Hawke 1, L. Medhurst 1, H. Medhurst 1, J. Bradley 1, M. Patzel 1.  Nangwarry :  B. Dinnison 6, N. Reeves 4, B. Lindner 2, C. Fenn 1.  Best, Glencoe : Z. Cocks, M. Sinkunas, T. Edwards, L. Diegmann, L. Sharaf, J. Wilson.  Nangwarry :  B. Lindner, N. Reeves, C. Fenn, B. Dinnison, A. Gartside, G. Harris

Tantanoola                              7.2,  9.5,  11.10,  17.11  (113)

Kongorong                               3.0,  8.5,  8.7,  10.9  (69)

Goals, Tantanoola :  C. Viney 4, C. Saint 3, J. Rowe 2, A. Lindner 2, M. Cytrowski 2, L. Smith 1, H. Brown 1, S. Agnew 1, J. Fleming 1. Kongorong : J. Simkin 3, B. Saffin 2, M. Waters 1, B. Scowen 1, R. Hay 1, M. Evans 1, B. Cordy 1.  Best, Tantanoola : C. Viney, L. Smith, D. Knaggs, T. Agnew, C. Saint, A. Lindner.  Kongorong : B. Saffin, N. Ham, J. Wright, B. Cordy, S. Farrell

Robe                                    4.4,  7.7,  12.11,  18.17  (125)

Kalangadoo                       3.1,  6.8,  7.9,  10.10  (70)

Goals, Robe : B. Mcleod 6, R. Dew 5, J. Wood 2, J. Campbell 2, J. Dawson 1, L. Hancock 1, M. Flannery 1.  Kalangadoo : A. Ilsley 2, M. Doody 1, J. Mccallum 1, J. Reader 1, B. Morcom 1, M. White 1, M. Lane 1, A. Stone 1, M. Gribben 1.  Best, Robe : D. Coxon, J. Fletcher, B. Mcleod, T. Mount, B. Parish, J. Wasson. Kalangadoo : B. Casey, B. Morcom, C. Mules, J. Thomas, B. Walker, M. White

Round 17 Report by Terry Willoughby

August 22, 2011

Glencoe ended Tantanoola’s little burst of form with an 87 point thrashing and consolidated 4th spot in the process. Jace Weaver booted 8 goals for Glencoe and better players were Tom Edwards, key defender Zac Cocks and mid-fielder Josh Wilson. Cam Viney, Dustin Knaggs and Nathan Bell tried hard for Tant.

Robe ended Kongorong’s finals dream with an easy 62 point win. The Roosters burst away to a 40 point lead before Kongorong got warm. Kongorong struggled to get past Robe’s half-back line as the margin blew out to 72 points at the ¾ time. Ben Parish and ruckman Dylan Coxon dominated around the ground and Ryan Dew, 6 goals and Joe Campbell 5 finished the forward moves with cool efficiency. Robe allowed Kongorong to kick 7 goals in a lazy last quarter but they were never in danger.

Mt Burr had too much talent for Kalangadoo who battled hard but never quite got on terms with the top team. The Mozzies went further ahead in each quarter with coach Mark Kruger booting 6 goals whilst keeping an eye on his team. Matt Leslie and fellow defender Peter Guyett played well as did Peter Agnew and Chris Puiatti for Mt Burr. Veterans Brian Casey and Matt Doody with 7 goals did everything to keep Kalangadoo in the game but Mt Burr cruise home by 29 points.

Hatherleigh inflicted further pain on Nangwarry with a 181 point mauling. The winless Saints were never in the hunt and must be relieved that they have only a week to go.

Round 17 scores – August 20, 2011

Hatherleigh                             6.7,  10.15,  20.20,  30.25  (205)

Nangwarry                               0.0,  0.2,  3.3,  4.4  (28)

Goals, Hatherleigh :  F. Brennan 7, T. Merrett 6, T. Bell 6, T. Saunders 2, M. Faulkner 2, M. Fabris 2, S. Telfer 1, J. Faulkner 1, D. Fabris 1, T. Watson 1, B. Sneath 1. Nangwarry : A. Mills 1, N. Reeves 1, J. Raneberg 1, B. Lindner 1.  Best, Hatherleigh : D. Fabris, T. Watson, T. Bell, F. Brennan, S. Beggs, J. Faulkner. Nangwarry : M. Fatchen, N. Reeves, T. Fenn, J. Raneberg, T. Mullens, V. Virtanen

Glencoe                                 7.4,  11.10,  17.16,  24.21  (165)

Tantanoola                          3.1,  6.2,  8.3,  12.6  (78)

Goals, Glencoe :  J. Weaver 8, C. Von Duve 4, A. Scott 3, M. Sinkunas 3, E. Bronca 2, L. Sharaf 2, H. Price 1, B. King 1.  Tantanoola : M. Cytrowski 2, C. Viney 2, J. Rowe 1, C. Williams 1, A. Lindner 1, H. Brown 1, Z. Walker 1, T. Mcgrath 1, C. Saint 1, L. Smith 1. Best, Glencoe : T. Edwards, Z. Cocks, J. Weaver, J. Wilson, C. Von Duve, H. Price.  Tantanoola :  C. Viney, D. Knaggs, N. Bell, L. Smith, Z. Walker, C. Saint

Robe                                    7.5,  10.9,  13.15,  18.17  (125)

Kongorong                        1.1,  2.5,  2.7,  9.9  (63)

Goals, Robe :  R. Dew 6, J. Campbell 5, J. Dawson 4, B. Parish 1, J. Wasson 1, D. Coxon 1.  Kongorong : J. Simkin 5, J. Wright 2, M. Waters 1, B. Cordy 1.  Best, Robe : B. Parish, D. Coxon, J. Wasson, S. Sawyer, R. Dew, J. Keane.  Kongorong : L. Jenkin, M. Evans, K. Saffin, W. Milne, T. Ellis, R. Hay

Mt Burr                                 5.4,  12.6,  17.8,  20.12  (132)

Kalangadoo                        3.3,  8.4,  12.8,  15.13  (103)

Goals, Mt Burr : M. Kruger 6, J. Gregory 4, P. Agnew 3, C. Gallio 2, T. Redden 1, C. Puiatti 1, A. Wiese 1, D. Gamble 1, B. Flood 1.  Kalangadoo : M. Doody 7, M. Gribben 2, M. White 1, B. Casey 1, J. Reader 1, B. Walker 1, A. Stone 1, J. Casey 1.  Best, Mt Burr : M. Lesslie, P. Guyett, P. Agnew, M. Kruger, C. Puiatti, S. Bevan. Kalangadoo : B. Casey, B. Walker, C. Mules, B. Morcom, M. Doody, A. Stone


by Terry Willoughby  – August 15, 2011

Robe highlighted the gap between the top sides and those below in MSE football. Glencoe, after taking the game right up to league leader Mt Burr last week looked set to do the same to Robe. The game was very tight throughout the 1st half with defences on top at both ends. Zac Cocks and Luke Diegmann had repelled many Robe attacks but Ben McLeod had managed to convert his opportunities for the Roosters whilst the Glencoe forwards found life just as difficult against Andrew Everett and Levi Hancock. The scores were level at the long break but it was Robe who broke the deadlock with 3 goals in the 3rd quarter. Scoring remained difficult but McLeod was able to add goals where others failed. Robe drew clear in the final quarter to win by 26 points and leave Glencoe vulnerable in 4th spot. Everett, Hancock and Ben Jess were Robe’s best but McLeod’s 7 goals were crucial. Cocks, Diegmann and Tom Edwards kept Glencoe alive for long periods but the Murphies faded at the finish.

Tantanoola won for 4th time this season when they outplayed a spiritless Hatherleigh after the 1st quarter. No player kicked more than two goals for the game and maybe that indicates a lack of forward power more than anything. Tom Agnew, Lyndon Smith and Scott Agnew were Tant’s best in the 45 point win. Dale Fabris, Todd Watson and Tylah Saunders tried hard for Hatherleigh.

Port MacDonnell smashed Nangwarry with a 10 goal burst in the 1st quarter. Nangwarry tried hard and actually outscored the Bay boys in the 2nd quarter but then the floodgates opened and Port Mac slammed on 21 goals to four including 14 in the last quarter to romp in by 145 points. They had 12 individual goalkickers and Will McDonald probably got the 3 votes as he closes in on another medal win.

For the second week Mt Burr were seriously challenged when Kongorong went goal for goal in the 1st half and leveled the scores by the interval. Key defender Nick Ham and veteran Mick Evans had forced many errors on the Mozzie forwards who sprayed their shots at goal. The top side sprang to life in the 3rdt quarter and piled on 7 goals to one and the game was up for Kongorong as Chris Puiatti and Nathan Muhovics took control around the mid-field and coach Mark Kruger cruised around the goalfront to boot 7 goals. Kongorong wilted under the onslaught as Mt Burr strode to a 57 point win.

Round 16 scores – August 13, 2011

Tantanoola                              3.4,  8.7,  9.12,  14.14  (98)

Hatherleigh                             4.4,  4.6,  5.9,  7.11  (53)

Goals, Tantanoola :  B. Reilly 2, L. Smith 2, W. Fleming 2, T. Mcgrath 2, C. Saint 1, M. Langley 1, H. Brown 1, Z. Walker 1, J. Rowe 1, M. Cytrowski 1.  Hatherleigh :  T. Merrett 2, F. Brennan 2, T. Saunders 1, B. Scudds 1, B. Sneath 1.  Best, Tantanoola : T. Agnew, L. Smith, S. Agnew, Z. Walker, T. Mcgrath, A. Lindner.  Hatherleigh : D. Fabris, T. Watson, T. Saunders, B. Sneath, C. Slape

Port MacDonnell                    10.2,  11.7,  18.12,  32.14  (206)

Nangwarry                               2.5,  5.7,  7.7,  9.7  (61)

Goals, Port Macdonnell :  J. Mcgregor 7, N. Allen 6, S. Noble 5, B. Mcgregor 3, A. Taylor 2, B. O’Dine 2, D. O’Dine 2, J. Burley 1, T. Latchford 1, W. Macdonald 1, J. Mcrostie 1, M. Edwards 1.  Nangwarry :  P. Tasker 2, N. Reeves 2, B. Lindner 2, M. Fatchen 1, T. Fenn 1, B. Dinnison 1.  Best, Port Macdonnell : W. Macdonald, B. O’Dine, N. Allen, J. Mcgregor, J. Zeitz, B. Mcgregor. Nangwarry : M. Fatchen, B. Deamer, T. Fenn, R. Lindner, B. Lindner, A. Gartside

Mt Burr                                 3.3,  5.11,  12.14,  18.19  (127)

Kongorong                           4.1,  6.5,  7.7,  10.10  (70)

Goals, Mt Burr :  M. Kruger 7, C. Puiatti 3, J. Gregory 2, P. Agnew 1, C. Gallio 1, B. Flood 1, D. Bowering 1, D. Gamble 1, N. Muhovics 1.  Kongorong : J. Simkin 3, M. Waters 1, S. Farrell 1, R. Attiwill 1, R. Hay 1, T. Elletson 1, B. Cordy 1, M. Ashby 1.  Best, Mt Burr : C. Puiatti, N. Muhovics, M. Kruger, A. Wiese, D. Gamble, C. Gallio.  Kongorong : N. Ham, M. Evans, B. Cordy, S. Farrell, J. Wright

Robe                                    3.0,  7.2,  10.6,  13.11  (89)

Glencoe                              4.0,  7.2,  7.7,  9.9  (63)

Goals, Robe :  B. Mcleod 7, R. Dew 2, J. Wood 2, B. Parish 1, J. Wasson 1.  Glencoe :  C. Von Duve 4, L. Sharaf 2, M. Sinkunas 1, M. Kieselbach 1, J. Weaver 1.  Best, Robe : A. Everett, L. Hancock, B. Jess, B. Mcleod, B. Parish, E. Samuel.  Glencoe : Z. Cocks, L. Diegmann, T. Edwards, M. Patzel, M. Von Duve, J. Wilson


by Terry Willoughby  – August 7, 2011

Undefeated Mt Burr received their biggest challenge this season when Glencoe matched them all day before suffering an agonizing one point loss. The Murphies, fresh from demolishing Kalangadoo took the game right up to the league leaders. The scores were never more than a few points apart with Mt Burr ahead by 4 points at quarter-time. Glencoe, with coach Adam Price in top form and Tom Edwards and Josh Wilson starring around the mid-field, took the lead near ½ time by 5 points. The 3rd quarter saw play seesaw up and down the ground with defences on top but Mt Burr made better use of their chances to kick 3 goals to one with ruckman Lowndes giving his small-men Clint Gallio and co opportunities. Glencoe outscored Mt Burr in the last quarter but the Mozzies solitary goal was enough to keep them undefeated. Lowndes, mid-fielder Dylan Gamble and Gallio played well for the winners and Jack Gregory booted 5 goals to be games most effective forward. Glencoe, unlucky to lose such a tight game were best served by Adam Price, Edwards and Wilson.

Port MacDonnell crashed through lowly Tantanoola and had the game wrapped up with a 58 point lead at ½ time. They went into cruise control in the 2nd half but still had too much class for Tant. Last years Mail medalist Will McDonald was best afield for Port Mac ahead of rugged Ben O’Dine, Ben McGregor whilst Brodie Murdoch kicked 5 goals. Tant with little to play for had good efforts from Knaggs, Lyndon Smith and Cam Viney.

Robe strolled away from Hatherleigh after quarter-time when all resistance collapsed. Star forward Jaryd Dawson had a day out and booted 12 goals for Robe as they careered to a 101point win. Ruckman Dylan Coxon dominated around the ground but met little opposition. Veteran Simon Beggs was Hatherleigh’s best. Kalangadoo looked to have overcome last weeks debacle against Glencoe and led throughout the 1st half over Kongorong who wasted chances with poor kicking. The Hawks took control in the 3rd term and booted 6 goals to Kalangadoo’s 3 and lead by 21 points. They dominated play in the last quarter but the goal-front yips retuned when they kicked 3-9 but the damage had been done as Kalangadoo faded to leave Kongorong ahead by 33 points . Brad Cordy in the centre, Bronson Saffin an the ball and key defender Nick Ham were best for Kongorong who keep a slim finals chance alive. Most of Kalangadoo’s best were in defence.

Round 15 – August 7, 2011

Robe                                    3.5,  8.9,  17.14,  24.16  (160)

Hatherleigh                      2.2,  2.2,  6.2,  9.5  (59)

Goals, Robe :  J. Dawson 12, B. Mcleod 3, J. Wood 2, F. Bigmore 2, J. Keane 2, T. Mount 1, Z. Deane 1, B. Parish 1.  Hatherleigh : B. Sneath 2, S. Beggs 2, T. Bell 2, M. Faulkner 1, A. Ellis 1, D. Clough 1.  Best, Robe :  J. Dawson, D. Coxon, J. Wasson, J. Wood, J. Fletcher.  Hatherleigh :  S. Beggs, T. Schulz, S. Ellis, A. Ellis, M. Faulkner.

Port MacDonnell                   7.2,  15.4,  19.12,  24.16  (160)

Tantanoola                              2.3,  5.6,  7.9,  11.10  (76)

Goals, Port Macdonnell :  B. Murdoch 5, S. Noble 4, W. MacDonald 4, J. Zeitz 2, J. McNamara 2, B. O’Dine 2, J. Murdoch 2, N. Allen 1, D. Odine 1, B. Nash 1.  Tantanoola :  M. Cytrowski 3, C. Saint 2, J. Rowe 1, T. Agnew 1, C. Viney 1, D. Knaggs 1, J. Williams 1, J. Varcoe 1. Best, Port MacDonnell :  W. MacDonald, B. O’dine, J. Mcnamara, B. McGregor, J. Zeitz, B. Murdoch.  Tantanoola : D. Knaggs, L. Smith, C. Viney, T. Agnew, J. Rowe, Z. Walker

Mt Burr                                 4.3,  8.3,  11.6,  12.11  (83)

Glencoe                                 3.5,  8.8,  9.13,  11.16  (82)

Goals, Mt Burr :  J. Gregory 5, S. Bevan 1, C. Puiatti 1, D. Gamble 1, P. Guyett 1, J. Wallis 1, B. Flood 1, P. Agnew 1.  Glencoe : J. Weaver 3, L. Sharaf 2, B. Weaver 2, J. Wilson 1, C. Von Duve 1, M. Kieselbach 1, H. Price 1.  Best, Mt Burr :  W. Lowndes, D. Gamble, C. Gallio, J. Gregory, S. Smith, P. Agnew.  Glencoe :  A. Price, T. Edwards, J. Wilson, L. Vonduve, Z. Cocks, M. Von Duve.

Kongorong                               2.4,  5.12,  11.12,  14.21  (105)

Kalangadoo                              5.4,  7.5,  8.9,  10.12  (72)

Goals, Kongorong :  M. Ashby 5, J. Simkin 2, B. Saffin 2, B. Cordy 1, M. Von Stanke 1, J. Wright 1, M. Waters 1, T. Elletson 1.  Kalangadoo : A. Ilsley 4, B. Casey 1, A. Stone 1, B. Morcom 1, B. Auld 1, M. Doody 1, K. Hogan 1.  Best, Kongorong :  B. Cordy, B. Saffin, N. Ham, S. Farrell, K. Saffin, M. Evans.  Kalangadoo :  B. Walker, T. Lepley, B. Casey, B. Morcom, J. Mules, M. White


by Terry Willoughby

August 1, 2011

Results in MSE footy suggest that some teams are now just playing out the season.Tantanoola beat off a tenacious Nangwarry after 3 quarters to win by 50 points. Nangwarry, desperate for their 1st win kept in touch for most of the game but Tant broke clear with 7 goals in the last quarter.

Mt Burr, on top of the ladder met stiff opposition from Hatherleigh who booted 7 goals in the 1st quarter to race to the lead. Mt Burr regrouped and took control before ½ time with on-ballers Gallio and Puiatti becoming influential. Jack Gregory and Scott Bevan were dominant around goal and Nathan Muhovics stood out across the centre. Hatherleigh just didn’t have the manpower to stop the damage although they kept in the game through the ruck work of Dale Fabris and the efforts of Matt Faulkner and Matt Fabris. Mt Burr pulled further ahead in the last term to win by 41 points with Gregory booting 8 goals.

Port MacDonnell looked to be traveling like winners when they led by 23 points at ½ time.  They had repelled an early challenge from Robe with Brodie Murdoch providing a safe road to goal, he finished with 5. Speedy Michael Edwards was winning plenty of kicks and Matt Fox and defender Rohan Povey kept Robe forwards quiet. All changed in the 3rd quarter when Dylan Coxon took control of the stoppages and marking contests and Robe charged to the lead , booting 11 goals to two. This crushed Port Mac who now trailed by 30 points at the last change. Jaryd Dawson was a big-winner for Robe and booted 7 goals. Jaymen Fletcher and mid-fielder Tom Mount also starred in the form turnaround. Port Mac may have outscored Robe in the final term but it was too late and the Roosters won by 19 points to consolidate 2nd place.

Arch-rivals Glencoe and Kalangadoo met in a battle for 4th spot but it turned into a massacre with Glencoe winning by 161 points. They led all day and absolutely crushed the Magpies, particularly in the middle quarters. Kalangadoo were barely competitive as Glencoe did as they pleased. Jace Weaver booted 10 goals and Matt Sinkunas 6 for Glencoe but it was dominant performances from Leigh von Duve and veteran Matt Patzel that destroyed the opposition.

Round 14 scores – July 30, 2011

Mt Burr                                 5.1,  11.9,  15.16,  21.21  (147)

Hatherleigh                         7.3,  9.5,  12.8,  16.10  (106)

Goals, Mt Burr : J. Gregory 8, S. Bevan 5, C. Gallio 2, C. Puiatti 2, N. Muhovics 1, M. Kruger 1, D. Gamble 1, B. Hennink 1.  Hatherleigh : J. Bateman 3, S. Beggs 3, T. Schulz 2, D. Bateman 2, M. Faulkner 2, B. Sneath 1, T. Bell 1, T. Saunders 1, M. Fabris 1.  Best, Mt Burr : C. Gallio, N. Muhovics, J. Gregory, D. Gamble, S. Bevan, T. Redden.  Hatherleigh : M. Faulkner, M. Fabris, T. Saunders, D. Fabris, S. Brennan, A. Ellis

Robe                                  4.3,  6.4,  17.8,  19.12  (126)

Port MacDonnell            4.1,  10.3,  12.8,  16.11  (107)

Goals, Robe : J. Dawson 7, B. Mcleod 4, J. Wood 3, F. Bigmore 2, B. Semple 2, J. Keane 1.  Port Macdonnell : B. Murdoch 5, M. Edwards 2, A. Taylor 2, N. Allen 2, B. Nash 1, B. O’dine 1, D. Odine 1, J. Mcbain 1, A. Mcgregor 1.  Best, Robe : D. Coxon, J. Dawson, J. Fletcher, T. Mount, B. Parish, E. Samuel.  Port Macdonnell : M. Edwards, M. Fox, B. Murdoch, D. Odine, R. Povey, A. Taylor

Tantanoola                              5.5,  9.11,  11.15,  18.18  (126)

Nangwarry                               3.1,  7.6,  9.7,  11.10  (76)

Goals, Tantanoola : M. Cytrowski 3, J. Varcoe 2, J. Rowe 2, Z. Walker 2, M. Langley 2, C. Saint 2, T. Mcgrath 1, A. Lindner 1, S. Agnew 1, K. Dodd 1, L. Smith 1. Nangwarry : B. Lindner 4, B. Deamer 2, T. Fenn 2, B. Dinnison 2, N. Reeves 1. Best, Tantanoola :  Z. Walker, J. Rowe, W. Fleming, L. Smith, D. Knaggs, N. Bell. Nangwarry : B. Lindner, B. Deamer, A. Mills, T. Fenn, N. Reeves, J. Robinson

Glencoe                                 4.6,  12.9,  25.11,  34.16  (220)

Kalangadoo                         1.0,  2.1,  5.3,  9.5  (59)

Goals, Glencoe : J. Weaver 10, M. Sinkunas 6, L. Sharaf 5, A. Scott 3, L. Vonduve 2, M. Kieselbach 2, B. Weaver 2, C. Von Duve 1, T. Hawke 1, Z. Cocks 1, L. Diegmann 1.  Kalangadoo : B. Auld 2, M. Krammins 2, M. White 1, B. Walker 1, A. Ilsley 1, M. Doody 1,

M. Gribben 1.  Best, Glencoe : L. Vonduve, J. Weaver, M. Patzel, L. Sharaf, M. Kieselbach, M. Sinkunas.  Kalangadoo : B. Morcom, M. Gribben, M. Jones, B. Walker, B. Auld, A. Stone


by Terry Willoughby

July 25, 2011

Robe moved into 2nd place after an easy 62 point win over bottom placed Nangwarry. Robe led throughout and booted 7 goals in the last quarter when Nangwarry’s resistance crumbled. Consistent Jimmy Wasson was best for Robe, bigman Dylan Coxon controlled the rucks and Ben Parish, Elroy Samuel played well. Ricky Lindner, Nathan Reeves and Matt Fatchen tried hardest for Nangwarry.

Glencoe had plenty of chances to put Kongorong away but kicked poorly. The Hawks stayed in touch and closed the gap to just 11 points with a quarter to play. Bronson Saffin and Brad Cordy had worked hard to give  Kongorong some chance but it was Glencoe who stepped on the gas after settling some internal differences at the ¾  time break and booted 6 goals to one at the finish to win by 34 points in a lack lustre game. On-baller Trent Hawke, prolific kickwinner Matt Patzel and key defender Adam Price had too much class for their opponents, Zac Cocks and Leigh von Duve provided drive through half-back and the centre. Saffin, Cordy with 4 goals and Nick Ham were Kongorong’s best but they lacked support in the end.

Kalangadoo just kept their noses in front over Hatherleigh in the 1st three quarters with big Matt Ellis using his strength at centre half forward to provide chances for Matt Doody, 4 goals and Aaron Ilsley, 5. Only 4 points separated the teams at ¾ time and both had plenty to play for. Matt Faulkner and Michael Jones each had plenty of touches for their respective teams but Hatherleigh struggled to find forward winners. Kalangadoo took control in the last quarter and outscored Hatherleigh to win by 19 points.

Port MacDonnell without key goal-kicker Brodie Murdoch really took the game up to unbeaten Mt Burr and for the first time the Mozzies looked shaky. Key on-ballers Mark Kruger and Clint Gallio were in everything for Mt Burr but match-winning forwards Gregory and Weise were well held. Shaun Buchanan used his long-kicking to good effect at half-back and Will McDonald controlled the stoppages and marking contests for Port Mac and at ¾ time they led narrowly by 5points with an upset possible. Mt Burr responded gamely in the last quarter and kepoint Port Mac to just a solitary goal whilst adding 4 themselves to win

Round 13 SCORES – July 23, 2011

Kalangadoo 5.3, 7.7, 8.8, 12.14 (86)

Hatherleigh 3.2, 4.6, 7.10, 9.13 (67)

Goals, Kalangadoo : A. Ilsley 5, M. Doody 4, M. Jones 1, A. Stone 1, J. Pratt 1. Hatherleigh : S. Beggs 2, T. Merrett 2, T. Schulz 2, J. Faulkner 1, M. Faulkner 1, B. Scudds 1. Best, Kalangadoo : M. Ellis, M. Doody, A. Stone, M. Jones, D. Vine. Hatherleigh : M. Faulkner, D. Bateman, D. Fabris, T. Watson, D. Clough, T. Saunders

Mt Burr 1.4, 5.8, 8.12, 12.16 (88)

Port MacDonnell 2.5, 5.7, 9.11, 10.14 (74)

Goals, Mt Burr : M. Kruger 2, B. Gordon 2, N. Muhovics 2, A. Wiese 1, C. Puiatti 1, D. Gamble 1, C. Gallio 1, J. Gregory 1, P. Agnew 1. Port Macdonnell : J. Mcnamara 2, N. Allen 2, J. Mcgregor 1, M. Edwards 1, B. O’dine 1, D. Odine 1, A. Taylor 1, R. Povey 1. Best, Mt Burr : M. Kruger, C. Gallio, N. Muhovics, P. Agnew, S. Smith, W. Lowndes. Port Macdonnell : S. Buchanan, W. Macdonald, M. Byrne, B. Mcgregor, N. Allen, M. Fox

Robe 3.3, 6.5, 9.8, 16.17 (113)

Nangwarry 1.3, 3.6, 5.8, 6.8 (44)

Goals, Robe : J. Campbell 5, T. Mount 2, J. Wood 2, J. Dawson 2, T. Ling 2, B. Mcleod 1, A. Everett 1, J. Regnier 1. Nangwarry : N. Reeves 1, M. May 1, B. Deamer 1, B. Dinnison 1, A. Gartside 1, J. Raneberg 1. Best, Robe : J. Wasson, B. Parish, E. Samuel, D. Coxon, L. Hancock, T. Lehmann. Nangwarry : R. Lindner, N. Reeves, M. Fatchen, A. Mills, J. Robinson, J. Miatke

Glencoe 3.2, 6.12, 6.15, 12.18 (90)

Kongorong 1.3, 3.5, 5.10, 7.14 (56)

Goals, Glencoe : A. Scott 3, B. Weaver 3, C. Von Duve 2, M. Sinkunas 1, L. Vonduve 1, J. Wilson 1, J. Weaver 1. Kongorong : B. Cordy 4, J. Simkin 2, T. Elletson 1. Best, Glencoe : T. Hawke, M. Patzel, A. Price, Z. Cocks, L. Vonduve, M. Von Duve. Kongorong : B. Saffin, B. Cordy, N. Ham, L. Jenkin, R. Hay, R. Attiwill


Terry Willoughby – July 17, 2011

With seemingly only one spot available in the top four in MSE football all interest focused on Hatherleigh and Kongorong. Hatherleigh quickly shot to a big first quarter lead only to see Kongorong slowly claw it back. Tim Merrett was the difference around goals for Hatherleigh and booted 8 majors as Kongorong reduced the gap to 7 points at ½ time and should have closer but for inaccuracy. Hatherleigh held the Hawks scoreless in the 3rd term and raced to a 35 point lead with former coach Simon Beggs and Matt Fabris prominent. The final quarter was quite even and although outscored Hatherleigh were too good and won by 25 points. Fabris, Sean Brennan, Merrett and Beggs were the better players for Hatherleigh. Kongorong missed a chance to consolidate a place in the four. Youngster Nick Ham starred for the Hawks ahead of Tom Ellis and Leigh Jenkin.

Port MacDonnell also dealt a blow to Kalangadoo with a hard fought 17 point win. The Bay boys jumped to a 4 goal lead early with star youngster Brodie Murdoch providing a strong target up forward where he booted 7 goals. Straight kicking kepoint Kalangadoo alive despite Port Mac having more of the play. Rugged on-baller Ben O’Dine and long-kicking Shaun Buchanan were doing well for Port Mac and Will McDonald controlled the rucks. Kalangadoo booted 6 goals in the 3rd quarter to close the margin to 7 points with a quarter to play but they just didn’t have enough contributors to match Port Mac. John Mules and veteran Michael Jones racked up plenty of touches and Matt Gribben was solid but Port Mac had a touch more class when it counted. They drew clear in the last quarter to win and retain 2nd spot on the ladder.

Mt Burr cruised to a big win over bottom team Nangwarry with key forwards Jack Gregory and Adam Weise booting 6 goals each. Nanwarry tried hard but were no march for the powerful Mozzies who had little more than a training run.

Tantanoola surprised Robe early on and held a narrow lead at quarter time but that was the of the contest. Tant managed only 3 more goals for the day whilst Robe piled on 16 including 7 in the last quarter. Ben McLeod booted 6 and was high in Robe’s best along with Jaymen Fletcher, Jordan Pettit and Scott Sawyer. The four way fight for fourth may well come down to percentage at the season end with Glencoe also in the mix for the spot.

Round 12 scores – July 16, 2011

Hatherleigh                             6.5,  6.5,  10.9,  13.12  (90)

Kongorong                               1.1,  4.10,  4.10,  9.11  (65)

Goals, Hatherleigh : T. Merrett 8, T. Schulz 2, S. Beggs 2, M. Fabris 1. Kongorong : J. Simkin 3, C. Hedwards 2, M. Ashby 2, R. Hay 1, B. Cordy 1.  Best, Hatherleigh :  M. Fabris, S. Brennan, T. Merrett, S. Beggs, M. Faulkner, J. Faulkner.  Kongorong : N. Ham, T. Ellis, L. Jenkin, J. Simkin, R. Hay, B. Saffin

Port MacDonnell                    6.5,  7.8,  12.11,  17.16  (118)

Kalangadoo                              2.2,  6.3,  12.4,  16.5  (101)

Goals, Port Macdonnell : B. Murdoch 7, J. McGregor 3, S. Buchanan 2, J. Mcrostie 2, B. O’Dine 1, A. Taylor 1, N. Allen 1.  Kalangadoo : J. Pratt 5, M. Ellis 3, M. Doody 3, A. Ilsley 2, A. Stone 1, M. White 1, C. Long 1. Best, Port Macdonnell :  B. O’dine, S. Buchanan, J. Mcrostie, W. Macdonald, M. Edwards, M. Byrne.  Kalangadoo :  J. Mules, M. Gribben, B. Morcom, M. Jones, J. Mcphail, J. Bannister. 

Mt Burr                                 4.6,  11.12,  18.18,  27.20  (182)

Nangwarry                           0.3,  2.5,  3.5,  5.7  (37)

Goals, Mt Burr : A. Wiese 6, J. Gregory 6, M. Kruger 5, P. Guyett 2, J. Fiebig 2, J. Wallis 1, P. Agnew 1, N. Muhovics 1.  Nangwarry: N. Reeves 3, A. Mills 1, B. Dinnison 1.  Best, Mt Burr : M. Wallis, M. Teagle, N. Muhovics, M. Kruger, P. Guyett, D. Gamble.  Nangwarry : R. Lindner, B. Lindner, M. Fatchen, N. Reeves, J. Rushton, A. Gartside

Robe                                    4.3,  11.5,  13.10,  20.13  (133)

Tantanoola                        5.3,  6.4,  8.7,  8.9  (57)

Goals, Robe : B. Mcleod 6, J. Wood 3, J. Dawson 3, J. Campbell 2, S. Sawyer 2, B. Parish 2, R. Dew 1, J. Fletcher 1.  Tantanoola : J. Rowe 1, D. Knaggs 1, M. Langley 1, J. Williams 1, H. Brown 1, M. Cytrowski 1, C. Saint 1, J. Varcoe 1.  Best, Robe : J. Fletcher, B. Mcleod, J. Pettit, S. Sawyer, J. Wasson, J. Wood.  Tantanoola : S. Agnew, D. Knaggs, A. Lindner, J. Rowe, C. Saint, Z. Walker


Glencoe took a big lead early through strong work by on-baller Matt Sinkunas and Clay Von Duve. Hatherleigh battled back before ½ time but the effort petered out. Glencoe had more willing workers and drew clear in the 2nd half and won by 68 points. Clay Von Duve, Sinkunas and Trent Hawke were best for Glencoe, Jace Weaver booted 4 goals. Cam Slape was best for Hatherleigh but many went missing after ½ time.

Mt Burr crushed Tantanoola by half-time and eased down to win by 67 points. On-ballers Chris Puiatti and Clint Gallio had too much talent and Tant couldn’t match them, Gallio 4 and coach Mark Kruger 5 goals were damaging near goal. 

Port Mac were another side to make a good start and sit on a lead as scoring became more difficult. Kongorong slowly gained ground but a scoreless last term ended their chances. Strong bodied Ben O’Dine was best for Port Mac in conditions that suited him, Edwards and Ryan Fox also played well.

Kongorong remain locked in a battle for a finals berth but unless they can beat sides above them they are a token chance only. Winless Nangwarry  made Kalangadoo work hard and led early and only trailed by 7 points at the last change. Kalangadoo with greater depointh however drew clear with veteran Michael Jones picking up many kicks around the ground to be best a-field. Kalangadoo, winners by 20 points but no threat to the top sides.

Round 11 SCORES – July 2, 2011

Glencoe                                 5.5,  5.10,  9.12,  14.15  (99)

Hatherleigh                        0.0,  3.2,  4.5,  4.7  (31)

Goals, Glencoe : J. Weaver 4, M. Sinkunas 3, C. Von Duve 3, H. Price 1, M. Kieselbach 1, L. Vonduve 1, J. Wilson 1. Hatherleigh :  M. Faulkner 2, S. Telfer 1, T. Schulz 1.  Best, Glencoe :  C. Von Duve, M. Sinkunas, T. Hawke, L. Vonduve, M. Patzel, L. Sharaf.  Hatherleigh :  C. Slape, T. Merrett, B. Sneath, J. Faulkner, D. Fabris, A. Ellis

Port MacDonnell                    6.0,  7.3,  9.6,  11.8  (74)

Kongorong                               1.1,  3.3,  7.5,  7.5  (47)

Goals, Port Macdonnell : A. Taylor 3, D. O’Dine 3, B. Murdoch 3, W. Macdonald 1, B. O’Dine 1.  Kongorong :  R. Hay 2, M. Ashby 1, B. Saffin 1, R. Bleumink 1, R. Attiwill 1, C. Hedwards 1.  Best, Port Macdonnell : B. O’Dine, M. Edwards, R. Fox, B. Nash, B. Mcgregor, Z. Williams.  Kongorong : T. Ellis, S. Farrell, K. Saffin, B. Saffin, B. Cordy, C. Milich

Kalangadoo                              2.1,  8.7,  9.8,  12.11  (83)

Nangwarry                               5.3,  6.4,  8.7,  9.8  (62)

Goals, Kalangadoo : J. Pratt 3, M. Jones 2, J. Reader 2, M. Doody 2, A. Stone 1, M. Ellis 1, M. Gray 1.  Nangwarry :  B. Dinnison 4, T. Mullens 2, N. Reeves 2, T. Fenn 1.  Best, Kalangadoo : M. Jones, J. Mules, J. Bannister, M. White, M. Gray, J. Reader.  Nangwarry : J. Rushton, M. Fatchen, N. Reeves, S. Mullens, K. Sampson-Woods, A. Mills

Mt Burr                                 7.5,  11.5,  15.7,  16.9  (105)

Tantanoola                              0.3,  2.4,  4.7,  5.8  (38)

Goals, Mt Burr : M. Kruger 5, C. Gallio 4, A. Wiese 3, J. Gregory 2, D. Gamble 1, A. Ferguson 1.  Tantanoola : H. Brown 2, J. Rowe 1, J. Varcoe 1, T. Mcgrath 1.  Best, Mt Burr : S. Bevan, C. Gallio, C. Puiatti, A. Ferguson, M. Kruger, G. Fennell.  Tantanoola : W. Fleming, L. Smith, J. Rowe, D. Knaggs, T. Agnew, S. Agnew



Top side Mt Burr charged to a big lead early against Robe to have the game firmly in control by quarter-time. On-ballers Chris Puiatti, Clint Gallio and coach Mark Kruger dominated around the packs and kicked valuable goals as well. Veteran forward Adam Wiese used his experience to boot 5 goals for Mt Burr. Robe gradually clawed their way back into the game but Mt Burr always found a goal when seriously threatened. Robe actually outscored Mt Burr in the last 3 quarters but never quite got on terms with Mt Burr who are now 4 games clear on top of the ladder after the 23 point win. Elroy Samuel, Ben Parish and Levi Hancock tried hard for Robe.

Finals aspirants Port Macdonnell and Glencoe had a dour struggle with the lead changing hands constantly during the game. Scores were level at quarter-time. Ruckman Will McDonald was starring for Port Mac and youngster Jordan Zietz was busy around the mid-field, Jon McBain was effective ahead of centre and booted 4 goals. Rugged Adam Price was leading Glencoe’s best and had good support from Matt Sinkunas and Leo Sharaf but neither side could get a break. Glencoe led by 3 points at the half-time break. The lead again changed hands near ¾ time with Port Mac up by a point. Glencoe had missed some chances and this was costly when Port Mac kicked straighter in the finish to win by 5 points.

Kongorong saw off a battling Nangwarry after half  time to win by 42 points. Nangwarry’s lack of goal-kickers was obvious with only Ben Dinnison 5 and Brett Lindner 3 able to score. Kongorong with more players contributing drew clear through the 2nd half with Daniel Hann, Leigh Jenkin and Bronson Saffin having a strong influence, Cole Hedwards provided a good target and booted 5 goals.

Kalangadoo, another team with finals hopes took all day to shake off Tantanoola, in fact they looked likely losers when Tant led by 32 points at half  time. Kalangadoo only narrowed the gap to 27 by the last change and an upset was looming. Tantanoola’s wayward goal-kicking had only been a distraction but it now became a problem as Kalangadoo stormed home with 10 goals and Tant continued to miss when they most needed goals. Kalangadoo reached the lead late and Tant were spent and went down by 11 points. Jon Mules, Matt Doody and Matt Gribben led the revival for Kalangadoo. Will Fleming, veteran Jason Rowe and Matt Warren gave everything for Tant only to see it slip away at the end.

Round 10 – June 25, 2011

Mt Burr                                 8.4,  11.5,  14.9,  16.17  (113)

Robe                                    1.2,  8.7,  10.8,  13.12  (90)

Goals, Mt Burr : A. Wiese 5, M. Kruger 4, C. Gallio 3, C. Puiatti 2, P. Guyett 1, J. Gregory 1. Robe : J. Keane 3, J. Dawson 3, B. Jess 2, E. Samuel 1, J. Campbell 1, B. Parish 1, J. Fletcher 1, J. Wood 1.  Best, Mt Burr :  C. Puiatti, C. Gallio, M. Kruger, P. Agnew, N. Muhovics, S. Bevan.  Robe : E. Samuel, L. Hancock, B. Parish, D. Coxon, J. Wood, J. Campbell

Port MacDonnell               4.3,  7.3,  10.6,  13.7  (85)

Glencoe                                 4.3,  7.6,  9.11,  11.14  (80)

Goals, Port MacDonnell : J. McBain 4, D. Odine 3, B. Mcgregor 2, Z. Williams 1, A. Taylor 1, J. Mcnamara 1, B. O’Dine 1.  Glencoe :  C. Von Duve 3, M. Sinkunas 2, L. Sharaf 2, L. Vonduve 1, B. Weaver 1, L. Rothall 1, J. Weaver 1.  Best, Port MacDonnell : W. MacDonald, J. McBain, J. Zeitz, B. O’Dine, S. Buchanan, R. Fox.  Glencoe : A. Price, M. Sinkunas, L. Sharaf, T. Hawke, M. Patzel, L. Medhurst

Kongorong                               1.3,  5.8,  9.13,  14.17  (101)

Nangwarry                               3.4,  5.7,  6.9,  8.11  (59)

Goals, Kongorong : C. Hedwards 5, J. Wright 2, B. Cordy 2, B. Saffin 2, R. Bleumink 1, R. Attiwill 1, M. Ashby 1. Nangwarry : B. Dinnison 5, B. Lindner 3.   Best, Kongorong : D. Hann, L. Jenkin, B. Saffin, B. Cordy, C. Hedwards, C. Milich.  Nangwarry : R. Lindner, B. Lindner, B. Dinnison, J. Rushton, M. Fatchen, N. Reeves

Kalangadoo                              2.2,  3.6,  4.8,  14.12  (96)

Tantanoola                              5.3,  8.8,  8.11,  11.19  (85)

Goals, Kalangadoo : M. Ellis 4, M. Doody 3, J. Reader 2, J. Thorn 2, A. Ilsley 1, A. Stone 1, M. Gray 1.  Tantanoola : S. Varcoe 2, J. Williams 2, J. Rowe 2, S. Agnew 2, C. Hale 1, C. Viney 1, H. Brown 1.  Best, Kalangadoo : J. Mules, M. Doody, M. Gribben, M. Jones, J. Bannister, M. Gray.  Tantanoola : W. Fleming, J. Rowe, M. Warren, S. Agnew, C. Hale, L. Smith.


Showery weather across the region didn’t aid football as a spectacle. Straight kicking Port MacDonnell held out gritty Hatherleigh by 33 points

Hatherleigh had as much of the ball as Port Mac but wasted chances in front of goal. They trailed by 19 points at ¾ time but their efforts faded and Port Mac added 3 goals late to win by a comfortable margin but not convincingly. Ben McGregor was a strong contributor all day and kicked 3 goals to head the best players from Matt Byrne and Jon McBain. Jason Faulkner, Cam Slape and Sean Brennan did best for Hatherleigh.

Ben Dinnison with 8 goals gave a solo performance that had Nangwarry in the game against Glencoe. The Saints who are yet to win this year trailed by 14 points but Glencoe found more in the last quarter and added 6 goals to win by 37 points. Bryn Weaver, coach Adam Price and Trent Hawke all played well for Glencoe. Dinnison’s 8 goals made him the standout for Nangwarry.

Kongorong’s season stayed on track with an easy 69 point win over lowly Tantanoola. The same suspects in the better players suggest that the Hawks lack of depointh will tell later but Nick Ham, Kallan and Bronson Saffin did what they had to for the win. Tant faded out of the game after quarter time with only Hayden Brown and Matt Warren showing much resolve.

Robe further dented Kalangadoo’s finals hopes after the Magpies butchered their chances by booting 10 points in the 2nd quarter. Robe were steadier under pressure when it counted and although the 2nd half was even the damage had been done Tom Mount, Ben Parish and Fabian Bigmore were Robe’s best. Michael Jones , the veteran journeyman had his usual bag of kicks for Kalangadoo and recent recruit Andrew Stone played well.

Round 9 – June 18, 2011

Port MacDonnell                  1.1,  7.2,  13.2,  16.7  (103)

Hatherleigh                             2.4,  5.9,  8.13,  9.16  (70)

GOALS, Port MacDonnell : B. McGregor 3, D. Odine 3, S. Noble 3, N. Allen 3, A. McGregor 1, W. Macdonald 1, J. McGregor 1, J. McBain 1. Hatherleigh : M. Faulkner 3, J. Bateman 1, B. Sneath  1, M. Fabris 1, D. Bateman 1, T. Pegler 1, S. Ellis 1.  Best, Port MacDonnell : B. McGregor, M. Byrne, J. McBain, W. MacDonald, S. Buchanan, T. Kennett.  Hatherleigh : J. Faulkner, C. Slape, S. Brennan, J. Bateman, B. Sneath, F. Brennan

Glencoe                                 4.3,  6.7,  11.9,  17.13  (115)

Nangwarry                             1.1,  5.3,  9.7,  11.12  (78)

GOALS, Glencoe : J. Weaver 4, A. Price 4, L. Sharaf 4, B. Weaver 3, M. Sinkunas 1, H. Price 1.  Nangwarry : B. Dinnison 8, M. Fatchen 1, N. Reeves 1, B. Lindner 1.  Best, Glencoe : B. Weaver, A. Price, T. Hawke, B. Gosden, M. Sinkunas, T. Biggins.  Nangwarry: R. Lindner, B. Dinnison, A. Gartside, M. Fatchen, N. Reeves, K. Disselbach.

Kongorong                               2.3,  8.4,  13.5,  16.10  (106)

Tantanoola                              2.4,  3.6,  4.7,  5.7  (37)

GOALS, Kongorong : J. Simkin 4, M. Ashby 3, B. Cordy 2, R. Bleumink 2, B. Saffin 1, T. Ellis 1, R. Hay 1, T. Elletson 1, A. Heemskerk 1.  Tantanoola : D. Knaggs 2, M. Pilmore 1, T. Agnew 1, S. Varcoe 1.  Best, Kongorong : N. Ham, K. Saffin, M. Trevilyan, B. Saffin, M. Ashby, B. Cordy.  Tantanoola : H. Brown, M. Warren, D. Knaggs, T. Agnew, C. Saint, J. Rowe

Robe                                    4.2,  6.5,  9.7,  12.11  (83)

Kalangadoo                       2.1,  2.11,  6.12,  9.15  (69)

Goals, Robe : S. Cooper 3, J. Keane 3, J. Dawson 2, B. Jess 2, D. Coxon 1, J. Michelon 1.  Kalangadoo : M. Doody 3, M. Ellis 2, A. Stone 1, B. Walker 1, B. Morcom 1, C. Long 1.  Best, Robe :  T. Mount, B. Parish, F. Bigmore, J. Dawson, D. Coxon, J. Wood.  Kalangadoo :

M. Jones, J. Thorn, M. Gribben, A. Stone, R. Crute, B. Casey


Mid SE                            3.5,  6.10,  11.12,  16.16  (112)

Mallee                            0.1,  2.2,  6.3,  9.3  (57)

Goals, MSE: Jace Weaver 4, William Macdonald 3, Stuart Cooper 2, Dylan Gamble 2, Jason Faulkner 2, Chris Puiatti 1, Jaryd Dawson 1, Dylan Coxon 1.  Mallee: Chad Nickolls 3, Trent Sporn 3, Corey Knight 1, Dylan Caldwell 1, Alex Keough 1. Best, MSE: William Macdonald, Dylan Coxon, Levi Hancock, Brian Casey, Jimmy Wasson, Chris Puiatti.  Mallee: Joshua Keller, Billy Mcneilly, Patrick Casey, Alex Greenslade, Kevin Wyatt, Mark Benham


JUNE 6, 2011

Hatherleigh continued their improvement in MSE with an easy 116 point win over bottom placed Nangwarry. Matt Faulkner provided the highlight with 13 goals for Hatherleigh who were untroubled from quarter-time onwards.

Glencoe had a solid 50 point win against Tantanoola after a 9 goal burst in the 3rd quarter which opened up an 81 point margin. Glencoe cruised in the last quarter as Tant gained some pride with 6 goals. Josh Wilson, Matt Sinkunas and Zac Cocks were best for Glencoe whilst Cameron Saint, veteran Jason Rowe and Lyndon Smith played well for Tant.

Undefeated Mt Burr savaged a devestated Kalangadoo by 184 points a outlined further their invincible status. The Mozzies tore great chunks out of the Kalangadoo backline and led by 105 points at ½ time. Kalangadoo barely offerd any resistance and Mt Burr slammed on another 11 goals in the last term. Coach Mark Kruger and forward Jack Gregory booted 8 goals each for the Mozzies who had players lining up for a shot at goal. Peter Agnew, veterans Scott Bevan and Matt Leslie were best but met little opposition. Kalangadoo, well they were just smashed!

Robe recorded a hard working 32 point win over Kongorong who let the game slip away in the 2nd quarter. Both teams scored 8 goals after ½ time but the damage had been done. Bigman Dylan Coxon was best on ground for Robe, Jaryd Dawson, Ben Jess and high flying Stuart Cooper played well.                   

Round 8 scores – June 4, 2011

Hatherleigh                             3.1,  12.10,  21.15,  27.20  (182)

Nangwarry                               4.2,  5.2,  6.5,  10.6  (66)

Goals, Hatherleigh : M. Faulkner 13, B. Scudds 2, T. Watson 2, T. Loveday 2, T. Merrett 2, J. Bateman 1, D. Fabris 1, T. Saunders 1, M. Fabris 1, D. Clough 1, B. Sneath 1. Nangwarry : N. Reeves 4, A. Dinnison 2, M. Fatchen 1, J. Robinson 1, V. Virtanen 1, B. Lindner 1. Best, Hatherleigh : M. Faulkner, B. Sneath, D. Fabris, S. Beggs, T. Watson, J. Faulkner. Nangwarry : M. Fatchen, J. Robinson, A. Gartside, A. Dinnison, N. Reeves, R. Lindner

Glencoe                                 5.0,  11.5,  20.7,  22.8  (140)

Tantanoola                         1.1,  6.4,  7.4,  13.12  (90)

GOALS, Glencoe : J. Duff 5, C. Von Duve 4, M. Von Duve 2, J. Weaver 2, N. Mceachern 2, L. Sharaf 2, T. Hawke 1, E. Bronca 1, J. Wilson 1, L. Vonduve 1, B. Weaver 1.  Tantanoola :  J. Rowe 5, J. Williams 3, S. Varcoe 2, C. Saint 2, H. Brown 1.  Best, Glencoe : J. Wilson, M. Sinkunas, Z. Cocks, C. Von Duve, M. Von Duve, J. Duff.  Tantanoola : C. Saint, J. Rowe, L. Smith, W. Fleming, A. Lindner, M. Warren

Robe                                    2.3,  7.8,  10.11,  15.14  (104)

Kongorong                         1.3,  3.5,  8.6,  11.6  (72)

Goals, Robe : S. Cooper 3, J. Dawson 3, J. Fletcher 2, J. Campbell 2, J. Keane 1, Z. Deane 1, J. Michelon 1, R. Dew 1, J. Wood 1.  Kongorong : Not Av. Best, Robe : D. Coxon, J. Dawson, B. Jess, S. Cooper, J. Wasson, J. Wood. Kongorong : Not Av.

Mt Burr                                 9.2,  21.5,  27.8,  38.11  (239)

Kalangadoo                          2.6,  3.8,  3.13,  7.13  (55)

Goals, Mt Burr : M. Kruger 8, J. Gregory 8, B. Flood 5, C. Gallio 4, D. Bowering 4, C. Puiatti 3, N. Muhovics 2, P. Agnew 2, B. Gordon 1, T. Stanley 1.  Kalangadoo : M. Doody 2, M. Ellis 2, M. Gray 2, A. Ilsley 1.  Best, Mt Burr : P. Agnew, S. Bevan, M. Lesslie, M. Kruger, D. Gamble, C. Puiatti.  Kalangadoo : M. Gribben, B. Casey, M. Krammins, M. Ellis, C. Mules, M. Gray

Round seven wrap with Terry Willoughby

Robe caused a boilover when they belted Glencoe by 98 points. The Roosters  revealed their best form with Jaryd Dawson and Stuart Cooper booting 5 goals each to be constant threats near goal. Glencoe were still reeling from the previous week and Robe raced to a 45point lead by ½ time and never let-up. Jakob Wood on the ball continued his excellent form ably assisted by Fabian Bigmore and forward Jaymen Fletcher. Glencoe scarcely had a good player but Tom Edwards and ruckman Mark Keiselbach battled hard against the odds.

Top team Mt Burr met stiffer opposition this week against Kongorong. The Mozzies quickly established a break and led by 31 points at quarter time. The game was quite even for the remaining 3 quarters however but Kongorong just couldn’t close the gap. Mt Burr’s powerful on ball brigade of Dale Bowering, Mark Kruger, Chris Puiatti and Peter Agnew headed the best players as they won by 29 points. Kall Saffin gave his usual big-hearted effort for Kongorong and Brad Cordy, Cam Milich worked hard to keep the team alive.

In other games, Hatherleigh had a narrow 4 point win over another lowly ranked team in Tantanoola in a low scoring game with both sides only managing 5 goals each.  While , Port MacDonnell kicked the sweep against winless Nangwarry to coast home by 161 points. Will McDonald, Ben O’Dine and James McGregor all booted 6 goals and were high in the best players but Port Mac scarcely met any resistance after bolting to a 50 point lead by quarter time.

Round 7 scores – May 28, 2011

Hatherleigh                             1.2,  3.6,  4.8,  5.10  (40)

Tantanoola                              2.1,  3.3,  5.4,  5.6  (36)

GOALS, Hatherleigh : T. Merrett 2, J. Bateman 2, B. Scudds 1. Tantanoola : L. Smith 1, J. Rowe 1, Z. Walker 1, J. Williams 1, H. Brown 1.  Best, Hatherleigh :  B. Sneath, C. Slape, S. Beggs, T. Merrett, F. Brennan, M. Bowman. Tantanoola : H. Brown, A. Lindner, J. Rowe, Z. Walker, D. Knaggs, C. Viney

Port MacDonnell                   9.4,  17.10,  25.17,  35.21  (231)

Nangwarry                               1.2,  4.7,  9.8,  10.10  (70)

GOALS, Port MacDonnell :  W. Macdonald 6, J. Mcgregor 6, B. O’dine 6, B. Mcgregor 4, A. Taylor 3, J. Mcbain 3, N. Allen 2, Z. Williams 1, J. Zeitz 1, T. Latchford 1, J. Burley 1, R. Povey 1. Nangwarry : N. Reeves 5, J. Robinson 1, D. Dinnison 1, J. Timms 1, B. Lindner 1, L. Rainey 1. Best, Port Macdonnell : W. Macdonald, J. Mcgregor, A. Taylor, B. Mcgregor, B. O’dine, D. Odine.  Nangwarry – N. Reeves, B. Lindner, T. Fenn, A. Gartside, B. Deamer, M. Fatchen

Robe                                    4.3,  9.7,  15.11,  19.12  (126)

Glencoe                                 1.2,  2.4,  3.7,  3.10  (28)

GOALS, Robe : J. Dawson 5, S. Cooper 5, R. Dew 3, F. Bigmore 2, C. Sawyer 1, B. Justin 1, J. Fletcher 1, J. Wood 1.  Glencoe : C. Von Duve 2, T. Edwards 1.  Best, Robe : J. Wood, J. Fletcher, F. Bigmore, J. Dawson, B. Jess, J. Wasson.  Glencoe : T. Edwards, M. Kieselbach, M. Von Duve, B. Gosden, C. Von Duve, T. Hawke

Mt Burr                                 6.3,  8.7,  11.10,  14.14  (98)

Kongorong                           1.2,  4.3,  8.7,  10.9  (69)

GOALS, Mt Burr : C. Puiatti 3, M. Kruger 3, J. Gregory 3, S. Bevan 1, A. Wiese 1, D. Bowering 1, D. Gamble 1, C. Gallio 1. Kongorong : R. Attiwill 3, M. Evans 2, B. Cordy 2, T. Elletson 1, M. Ashby 1, C. Milich 1.  Best, Mt Burr : D. Bowering, M. Kruger, C. Puiatti, P. Agnew, A. Ferguson, J. Gregory.  Kongorong : K. Saffin, B. Cordy, C. Milich, T. Elletson, L. Jenkin, M. Evans


ROUND SIX – MAY 23, 2011

Mt Burr stunned Glencoe in an amazing last quarter. For the 3 quarters both teams had been closely matched with very little between them on the scoreboard. Mt Burr led by a couple of goals but a close finish looked likely, then the floodgates burst open as Mt Burr slammed on 16 goals without a miss to win handsomely by 74 points. Glencoe meanwhile found time to boot 6 goals also in this remarkable quarter which yielded a total of 22 goals. The Glencoe defence was rendered obsolete as the avalanche went on. Jack Gregory and Adam Weise booted 7 and 6 goals respectively but it was an inspiring game from skipper Chris Puiatti on the ball that drove Mt Burr, Pete Agnew and Andrew Ferguson also excelled in the charge. A shell-shocked Glencoe could wonder what had happened. Mark Kieselbach, Marcus von Duve and Bryn Weaver were solid contributors for Glencoe. Kongorong with straight kicking outlasted Kalangadoo to win by 3 points. The Hawks led narrowly throughout the 1st half but Kalangadoo started to gain some ascendancy late in the 3rd term and held a 1 point lead at ¾ time. Kongorong held their nerve in the tight finish to have a much needed win. Bronson Saffin played  a fine capointains game and booted 3 goals to be the Hawks best ahead of Tony Elletson and Brad Cordy. Veteran Brian Casey did everything keep Kalangadoo in it and Matt Doody , Jason Bannister and rugged Ben Walker played well for Kalangadoo. Hatherleigh had a 27 point win over a disappointing Robe. The Eagles held a 24 point lead at ½ time but Robe threw away their chances with a 2.8 third quarter. Hatherleigh without dominating were good enough to hold on as Robe had run out of gas. Ty Saunders was best for Hatherleigh along with Frank Brennan and Brett Sneath. The usual’s stood out for Robe, Dylan Coxon in the ruck, Jakob Wood and Fabian Bigmore. Port MacDonnell took almost 3 quarters to shake off a battling Tantanoola. Tight defence by Adam Lindner and Lyndon Smith kepoint Tantanoola in the game through the 1st half but lack of depointh told late in the game. Will McDonald took control of the rucks and Ben McGregor, Adam Taylor and Brad Stephens lifted their workrate for Port Mac. Tantanoola faded as Port Mac took over and added 6 goals in the last quarter to win by 40 points but by no means impressively.                       

Round 6 scores – May 21, 2001

Hatherleigh                      3.2,  9.7,  11.12,  13.18  (96)

Robe                                    4.4,  5.7,  7.15,  9.15  (69)

Goals, Hatherleigh : B. Sneath 3, T. Bell 3, J. Bateman 2, B. Scudds 2, T. Merrett 1, T. Watson 1, S. Ellis 1.  Robe : S. Cooper 2, J. Campbell 2, J. Dawson 1, R. Dew 1, J. Keane 1, J. Michelon 1, J. Wood 1.  Best, Hatherleigh : T. Saunders, B. Sneath, F. Brennan, T. Watson, C. Slape, J. Bateman.  Robe : D. Coxon, J. Wood, F. Bigmore, B. Jess, J. Wasson, J. Dawson

Port MacDonnell            4.2,  5.6,  9.9,  15.13  (103)

Tantanoola                        2.4,  5.6,  6.9,  9.9  (63)

Goals, Port Macdonnell : D. Odine 4, B. Stephens 4, A. Taylor 2, A. Mcgregor 2, J. Mcgregor 1, J. McBain 1, M. Martin 1.  Tantanoola : S. Varcoe 2, J. Williams 2, C. Hale 1, J. Bromley 1, J. Rowe 1, W. Fleming 1, D. Knaggs 1. Best, Port MacDonnell : W. MacDonald, A. Taylor, B. McGregor, B. Stephens, D. Odine, R. Fox.  Tantanoola : J. Rowe, W. Fleming, L. Smith, A. Lindner, J. Rowe, C. Hale

Mt Burr                                 5.4,  10.7,  12.12,  28.12  (180)

Glencoe                                 4.5,  7.6,  10.7,  16.10  (106)

GOALS, Mt Burr : J. Gregory 7, A. Wiese 6, C. Puiatti 3, S. Bevan 3, D. Bowering 2, N. Muhovics 2, M. Kruger 1, P. Agnew 1, T. Stanley 1, B. Flood 1, D. Gamble 1.  Glencoe : Z. Cocks 4, G. Von Duve 3, J. Weaver 3, M. Von Duve 2, B. Weaver 1, E. Bronca 1, M. Sinkunas 1, L. Sharaf 1.  Best, Mt Burr : C. Puiatti, P. Agnew, A. Ferguson, W. Haines, T. Redden, N. Muhovics. Glencoe :

M. Kieselbach, M. Von Duve, B. Weaver, Z. Cocks, L. Sharaf, M. Sinkunas

Kongorong                               7.1,  9.2,  12.4,  14.5  (89)

Kalangadoo                              3.5,  6.6,  11.11,  12.14  (86)

Goals, Kongorong :  B. Saffin 3, J. Simkin 3, T. Elletson 2, S. Sutherland 2, R. Attiwill 1, C. Hedwards 1, B. Cordy 1, M. Ashby 1. Kalangadoo : M. Ellis 4, M. Doody 3, B. Casey 2, C. Mules 1, B. Walker 1, A. Ilsley 1.  Best, Kongorong : B. Saffin, B. Cordy, T. Elletson, M. Ashby, N. Ham, M. Von Stanke. Kalangadoo : B. Casey, M. Doody, J. Bannister, B. Walker, M. Ellis, M. Gribben



Hatherleigh’s vein of form petered out when they were crushed by topside Mt Burr by 68 pts. The game was in the balance to half-time  but greater depth of talent saw Mt Burr run over the opposition in the 2nd half. Robe caused an upset when they defeated Port MacDonnell by 20 pts. Port Mac found ways to miss goals that could have changed the result but that would take credit from Robe and bad kicking is bad football. Dylan Coxon and co-bigman Fabian Bigmore stood out for the winners along with Jakob Wood and Levi Hancock. Steve Noble and Will McDonald tried hard to lift Port Mac but only 7 goals from 28 scoring shots tells the tale. Tantanoola trounced hapless Nangwarry by 78 pts but are unlikely to threaten teams higher on the ladder. Jason Rowe with 4 goals and Josh Rowe were among Tant’s best. Kalangadoo were too good for Glencoe and the win emphasized a gap between the top and middle order teams. Glencoe trailed by 22 pts at ¼ time and mad no impression from there-on with Kalangadoo increasing the margin to 40 at ¾ time. Captain Brian Casey stood out for the winners ahead of former skipper Chris Mules and Tom Bannister. Glencoe’s gun players were blanketed and it was left to Brad Gosden, Trent Hawke and Leo Sharaf to lead the way.

Round 5 scores – May 14, 2011

Kalangadoo                         5.2,  8.8,  11.9,  14.11  (95)

Glencoe                                 2.0,  2.3,  5.5,  8.8  (56)

Goals, Kalangadoo :  M. Gray 3, M. Doody 2, J. Reader 2, C. Long 2, R. Crute 2, B. Walker 1, B. Casey 1, C. Mules 1.  Glencoe : L. Sharaf 3, J. Weaver 2, B. Weaver 1, M. Sinkunas 1, L. Vonduve 1.  Best, Kalangadoo : C. Mules, B. Casey, T. Bannister, B. Walker, J. Mules, C. Long.  Glencoe : B. Gosden, T. Hawke, L. Sharaf, H. Price, M. Kieselbach, T. Edwards

Tantanoola                              3.6,  9.13,  11.20,  20.24  (144)

Nangwarry                               3.5,  4.5,  6.9,  9.12  (66)

Goals, Tantanoola : J. Rowe 4, J. Williams 3, S. Varcoe 3, H. Brown 3, W. Fleming 2, D. Knaggs 2, Z. Walker 1, R. Versace 1, C. Williams 1.  Nangwarry : N. Reeves 3, R. Lindner 2, V. Virtanen 2, B. Deamer 1, M. Fatchen 1.  Best, Tantanoola : J. Rowe, H. Brown, R. Versace, A. Lindner, J. Rowe, L. Smith . Nangwarry : A. Gartside, A. Dinnison, R. Lindner, N. Reeves, J. Miatke, J. Pilven

Robe                                    3.3,  8.7,  10.10,  12.11  (83)

Port MacDonnell            2.4,  3.7,  5.14,  7.21  (63)

Goals, Robe  – S. Cooper 3, J. Campbell 3, J. Dawson 2, A. Dew 1, Z. Deane 1, B. Parish 1, M. Kompo 1.  Port Macdonnell : A. Taylor 2, S. Noble 2, J. Mcbain 1, D. Odine 1, B. Murdoch 1.  Best, Robe : D. Coxon, F. Bigmore, J. Wood, L. Hancock, J. Fletcher, R. Dew

Port Macdonnell : S. Noble, W. Macdonald, J. Zeitz, J. Burley, A. Taylor, Z. Williams

Mt Burr                                 3.2,  8.6,  13.13,  20.19  (139)

Hatherleigh                         4.5,  7.6,  8.9,  10.11  (71)

Goals, Mt Burr : Not Av.  Hatherleigh :  T. Bell 3, J. Bateman 2, B. Sneath 1, F. Brennan 1, T. Watson 1, S. Beggs 1, B. Scudds 1.  Best, Mt Burr : Not Av.  Hatherleigh : J. Sandland, D. Fabris, S. Beggs, M. Fabris, T. Saunders, A. Ellis



May 9, 2011

Mt Burr are again setting the standard in the MSE. They quickly established an ascendancy over Port MacDonnell and maintained it to the finish. Whenever they were challenged they were able to find a good player able to kick a goal. Leading by 10 points at the main break, Mt Burr took control by adding 5 goals to 3 in the 3rd term and the result was a foregone conclusion. Dylan Gamble whether on the ball or up forward with 2 goals was best and little men Clint Gallio and Nathan Muhovics were very good around the stoppages. Will McDonald tried hard in the ruck for Port Mac and coach James McGregor battled away but they lacked the depth of Mt Burr who won comfortably by 25 points.

Robe added to Nangwarry’s woes with a 191 point thrashing. The Saints had no answer to the goalkicking power of Stuart Cooper, 9, Dawson, 7 and Ryan Dew 6 goals. The floodgates opened early and stayed open all day as Robe did as they liked.

Hatherleigh caused a boilover when they toppled Kalangadoo by 23 points. The Eagles led throughout and played their best footy in a longtime. Midfielder Brett Sneath was best for Hatherleigh ahead of Sean Brennan and Josh Sandland with Ben Scudds booting 4 handy goals. Kalangadoo were disappointing with Matt Krammins, Ben Walker and Chris Mules working hard to keep them in it but lacking support.

Kongorong were hardly competitive in the 1st three quarters against Glencoe as the Murphies careered away to a 53 point lead at the last change. Matt Sinkunas dominated around the midfield and found the space to boot 6 goals, former WB players Leo Sharaf and Josh Wilson were also very good for Glencoe. Kongorong kicked 6 late goals but it was all-over by then and the margin was 44 points in Glencoe’s favour.

Round 4 scores – May 7, 2011

Glencoe                                 6.5,  8.8,  11.11,  15.16  (106)

Kongorong                           1.2,  2.4,  3.6,  9.8  (62)

Goals, Glencoe :  M. Sinkunas 6, J. Weaver 3, E. Bronca 1, M. Von Duve 1, M. Kieselbach 1, T. Balshaw 1, J. Wilson 1, A. Price 1.  Kongorong : M. Ashby 3, M. Evans 1, C. Hedwards 1, R. Hay 1, S. Sutherland 1, N. Ham 1, J. Simkin 1.  Best, Glencoe : M. Sinkunas, L. Sharaf, J. Wilson, H. Price, T. Edwards, M. Kieselbach.   Kongorong : N. Ham, M. Trevilyan, B. Saffin, C. Milich, A. Heemskerk

Hatherleigh                             5.3,  7.5,  11.6,  15.10  (100)

Kalangadoo                              4.1,  6.1,  9.3,  12.5  (77)

Goals, Hatherleigh : B. Scudds 4, J. Bateman 3, D. Green 2, T. Watson 2, B. Sneath 1, M. Fabris 1, C. Slape 1, S. Ellis 1. Kalangadoo : M. Ellis 4, M. Doody 3, B. Auld 1, J. Reader 1, C. Mules 1, A. Ilsley 1, M. Gribben 1.  Best, Hatherleigh :  B. Sneath, S. Brennan, J. Sandland, B. Scudds, T. Watson, J. Bateman. Kalangadoo : M. Krammins, B. Walker, C. Mules, M. Gribben, J. Thorn, B. Auld

Mt Burr                              6.3,  8.6,  13.12,  16.16  (112)

Port MacDonnell               3.4,  6.8,  8.11,  12.15  (87)

Goals, Mt Burr : M. Kruger 3, J. Gregory 3, A. Wiese 2, D. Gamble 2, N. Muhovics 2, C. Gallio 2, D. Bowering 1, S. Bevan 1 Port Macdonnell : R. Povey 4, D. Odine 3, A. Taylor 2, B. Murdoch 2, J. Zeitz 1. Best, Mt Burr : D. Gamble, C. Gallio, N. Muhovics, D. Bowering, P. Guyett, M. Lesslie. Port Macdonnell : W. Macdonald, J. Mcgregor, Z. Williams, J. Zeitz, S. Noble, A. Taylor

Robe                                    6.6,  17.11,  24.14,  32.19  (211)

Nangwarry                         1.0,  1.0,  2.1,  3.2  (20)

Goals, Robe : S. Cooper 9, J. Dawson 7, R. Dew 6, F. Bigmore 3, Z. Deane 2, J. Campbell 2, A. Everett 1, J. Michelon 1, J. Wood 1.  Nangwarry :  N. Reeves 1, B. Lindner 1, B. Dinnison 1.  Best, Robe : R. Dew, F. Bigmore, D. Coxon, J. Dawson, S. Cooper, J. Wood  Nangwarry : S. Hill, N. Reeves, R. Lindner, A. Mills, A. Gartside, T. Michelmore


Round Three Report from Tery Willoughby – May 2, 2011

Struggling Nangwarry were again heavily defeated, this time by Mt Burr. The undermanned Saints were never in the hunt as veteran forward Adam Wiese booted 10 goals and the powerful Mozzie’s on-ball brigade of Clint Gallio, Chris Puiatti and Mark Kruger dominated around the mid-field and stoppages.

Kongorong had a 41 point win over Hatherleigh in an uninspiring affair and neither side looks likely to threaten the top teams. The Hawks led from the start without ever threatening to blow away their opponents. The consistent Bronson Saffin was best for the winners, Marc Trevilyan and coach Cam Milich also played well. Veteran Simon Beggs tried hard to lift Hatherleigh but they had few good players over 4 quarters.

Kalangadoo made a good start against Port MacDonnell but a good 2nd quarter got the Bay boys in the contest. Ryan Fox and Will McDonald lifted in the ruck and only 9 points separated the teams7 at half time with Kalangadoo leading. Aaron Ilsley was proving a big headache to Port Mac defenders and continued to dominate near goal and finished with 9 goals. Kalangadoo kicked away in the 3rd term and maintained a strong hold to the finish to win by 39 points. Matt Ellis, Brian Casey and Chris Mules stood out for Kalangadoo who look to be on the improve. Ryan Fox on the ball, Jamie Burley and James McGregor tied hard for Port Mac and Brodie Murdoch was again among the goals with 4.

Robe had a comfortable 46 pt win over Tantanoola. The game never rose to great heights when the weather closed in and scoring became difficult. Robe steadily increased their lead at each break before finishing with 5 goals in the last quarter. No player got more than two goals for either side which suggests a lack of forwards. Ruckman Dylan Coxon was best for Robe and veteran Jason Rowe for Tant.

Round 3 – April 30, 2011

Kongorong                               4.1,  6.3,  9.7,  11.9  (75)

Hatherleigh                             2.2,  2.5,  3.8,  4.10  (34)

Goals, Kongorong : C. Hedwards 3, M. Ashby 2, J. Simkin 2, B. Saffin 1, T. Elletson 1, N. Ham 1, S. Sutherland 1. Hatherleigh : D. Green 2, F. Brennan 1, B. Sneath 1. Best, Kongorong : B. Saffin, M. Trevilyan, L. Jenkin, C. Milich, R. Hay, R. Bleumink  Hatherleigh : S. Beggs, A. Ellis, S. Brennan, D. Fabris, S. Ellis, J. Faulkner.

Kalangadoo                              6.3,  8.7,  13.8,  16.12  (108)

Port Macdonnell                     2.3,  7.4,  8.7,  10.9  (69)

Goals, Kalangadoo : A. Ilsley 9, M. Doody 3, M. Ellis 1, B. Walker 1, C. Mules 1, M. Gray 1. Port Macdonnell : B. Murdoch 4, W. Macdonald 1, S. Noble 1, A. Taylor 1, J. Dawe 1, P. Bosco 1, B. O’dine 1. Best, Kalangadoo : A. Ilsley, M. Ellis, B. Casey, C. Mules, B. Walker, M. Krammins. Port Macdonnell : R. Fox, J. Burley, J. Mcgregor, W. Macdonald, B. Stephens, B. Murdoch

Mt Burr                                 7.6,  13.12,  18.16,  27.22  (184)

Nangwarry                           2.1,  2.2,  3.2,  3.3  (21)

Goals, Mt Burr : A. Wiese 10, J. Gregory 4, M. Kruger 3, N. Muhovics 3, C. Puiatti 2, P. Agnew 2, P. Guyett 1, S. Bevan 1, D. Gamble 1. Nangwarry : D. Ploenges 1, N. Reeves 1, V. Virtanen 1. Best, Mt Burr : N. Muhovics, A. Wiese, C. Gallio, C. Puiatti, M. Kruger, A. Ferguson. Nangwarry : N. Reeves, B. Deamer, J. Robinson, A. Mills, S. Hill, A. Gartside

Robe                                    4.4,  6.9,  7.12,  12.17  (89)

Tantanoola                       2.1,  3.3,  4.6,  6.7  (43)

Goals, Robe : J. Keane 2, J. Wood 2, J. Dawson 1, J. Campbell 1, R. Dew 1, S. Sawyer 1, J. Wasson 1, D. Coxon 1. Tantanoola : C. Viney 2, D. Knaggs 1, J. Williams 1, J. Rowe 1, A. Lindner 1. Best, Robe : D. Coxon, F. Bigmore, J. Dawson, M. Flannery, J. Wasson, J. Wood. Tantanoola : J. Rowe, A. Lindner, W. Fleming, D. Knaggs, L. Smith, C. Saint


Report from Terry Willoughby

There  were  no close finishes in the MSE but 2 games were competitive for 3 quarters. Mt Burr crushed Tantanoola with a 9 goal burst in the 1st quarter and toyed with them in the next three. Adam Weise and former Tant star junior Jack Gregory booted 6 goals each to be powerful spearheads. Peter Guyett and Dale Bowering were in everything for Mt Burr and midfielders Brodie Hennink and Clint Gallio did well. Only former Western Border players Lyndon Smith and Cam Viney showed out for Tant as Mt Burr romped in by 97 points. Port MacDonnell led throughout over close neighbour Kongorong, they kicked away near ½ time but withstood a fightback in the 3rd when Kongorong closed to within 8 points. Brad Cordy led the challenge along with Bronson Saffin and Leigh Jenkin. The effort wasn’t sustained however and Port Mac kicked away in the last to win by 28 points. Steve Noble stood out for Port Mac ahead of Zac Williams and Tobie Kennett, clever forward Brodie Murdoch kicked 4 goals for the winners. Kalangadoo blew Nangwarry away to win easily by 136 points. The Mules brothers, Jon and Chris dominated the game and set up many opportunities for the forwards. Matt Doody, 8 and six goals each to Matt Gray and Aaron Ilsley were too much for Nangwarry to overcome. Hatherleigh started well against Glencoe but they gradually overtaken. Glencoe took a 16 point lead to ¾ time and kicked away in the finish as much as Hatherleigh faded. Jace Weaver stood out for Glencoe and booted 8 goals, he had good support from Tom Edwards, Braiden Treacey and Bryn Weaver. Hatherleigh veterans Matt Faulkner and Simon Beggs were best for the losers but they ran out of legs at the end and Glencoe won comfortably by 34 points

Round 2 scores – April 16, 2011

Glencoe                                 5.2,  7.6,  11.12,  15.14  (104)

Hatherleigh                         7.1,  8.5,  9.8,  10.10  (70)

Goals, Glencoe : J. Weaver 8, M. Von Duve 3, L. Diegmann 1, B. Lipscombe 1, B. Gosden 1, M. Sinkunas 1. Hatherleigh : T. Merrett 4, J. Bateman 2, T. Saunders 1, N. Bowman 1, M. Faulkner 1, M. Fabris 1. Best, Glencoe : J. Weaver, T. Edwards, B. Weaver, B. Treacey, M. Sinkunas, J. Wilson. Hatherleigh : M. Faulkner, S. Beggs, T. Watson, J. Sandland, D. Fabris

Port MacDonnell                   5.3,  11.5,  14.9,  18.12  (120)

Kongorong                               4.5,  7.7,  12.13,  13.14  (92)

Goals, Port Macdonnell : B. Murdoch 4, S. Noble 2, D. Odine 2, M. Martin 2, J. Dawe 2, A. Taylor 2, J. Mcgregor 1, R. Povey 1, B. O’dine 1, N. Allen 1. Kongorong : B. Cordy 3, M. Ashby 2, S. Sutherland 2, J. Simkin 1, R. Bleumink 1, R. Attiwill 1, N. Stephens 1, C. Hedwards 1, M. Evans 1. Best, Port Macdonnell : S. Noble, Z. Williams, T. Kennett, B. O’dine, J. Burley, J. Dawe. Kongorong : B. Cordy, L. Jenkin, B. Saffin, C. Hedwards, M. Ashby, C. Milich

Kalangadoo                              4.2,  11.7,  20.16,  28.16  (184)

Nangwarry                               1.2,  1.5,  3.6,  7.6  (48)

Goals, Kalangadoo : M. Doody 8, A. Ilsley 6, M. Gray 6, J. Reader 2, C. Mules 1, J. Mcphail 1, J. Pratt 1, B. Walker 1, P. Collins 1, B. Morcom 1. Nangwarry : A. Dinnison 2, N. Reeves 1, A. Mills 1, A. Gartside 1, B. Dinnison 1, B. Lindner 1. Best, Kalangadoo : J. Mules, C. Mules, M. Gray, J. Reader, B. Walker, M. Doody. Nangwarry : B. Lindner, K. Sampson-Woods, M. Fatchen, V. Virtanen, D. Dinnison, A. Dinnison

Mt Burr                                 9.4,  10.7,  17.10,  20.19  (139)

Tantanoola                              1.2,  3.4,  4.5,  6.6  (42)

Goals, Mt Burr : A. Wiese 6, J. Gregory 6, B. Flood 2, D. Bowering 1, C. Gallio 1, T. Redden 1, C. Puiatti 1, B. Hennink 1, T. Stanley 1. Tantanoola : L. Smith 2, D. Knaggs 1, S. Agnew 1, T. Fennell 1, T. Mcgrath 1. Best, Mt Burr : P. Guyett, D. Bowering, B. Hennink, C. Gallio, A. Wiese, W. Whitty. Tantanoola : L. Smith, C. Viney, W. Fleming, Z. Walker, C. Saint, B. Reilly


with Terry Willoughby, April 11, 2011

In the opening round in the MSE the fortunes of some teams appear shaky as lack of numbers dictate. Kongorong started with a solid 57 point win over Nangwarry who have lost a number of players through retirement and clearances. They battled hard for 3 quarters and Kongorong’s poor goal-kicking keeping the game alive as a contest. The Hawks finished with a 7 goal burst to finish off a tired Nangwarry. Ricky Hay, Bronson Saffin, Brad Cordy and coach Cam Milich all played well for Kongorong. It may be a long cold winter for Nangwarry but Brett and Ricky Lindner will be giving their best every week as they did yesterday.

Port MacDonnell had a strong first-up win for new coach Ben McGregor. The Bay boys charged to 36 point lead at 1/4 time and were never in danger. The clever Brodie Murdoch booted 4 goals and solid defender Ben O’Dine was a stumbling block that Glencoe couldn’t overcome. On-ballers Brad Stephens and Ryan Fox had plenty of the ball and used it well. Glencoe struggled to make any impression and despite booting 4 goals to three in the last quarter they were outclassed. Port Mac, winners by 37 points.

Tantanoola finished near the bottom of the ladder last year and Kalangadoo nearer the top but fortunes were reversed with Tant having the better of an uninspiring game to win by 11 points. Poor finishing by the winners kepoint Kalangadoo in the game but Tantanoola had much more of the play. Reigning Premiers Mt Burr got a fright when Robe led throughout the first 3 quarters and had enough chances to have a commanding lead but wasted most of them. Robe increased it’s 3 point margin to 21 by ¾ time and an upset looked on the cards. Mt Burr’s experience came to the fore in the last qtr when they held Robe to a solitary point and booted 4 goals to snatch a 4 point win in the dying stages. Small forward Clint Gallio booted 4 goals and on-ballers Chris Puiatti, Brodie Hennink and Nathan Muhovics lifted to get Mt Burr across. Robe will rue the missed opportunities but bad kicking is bad football especially when you have the reigning premier on the mat. Better players were Campbell, Wood and evergreens Jimmy Wasson and Ryan Dew.     

Round 1 – April 9, 2011

Port MacDonnell               7.2,  9.3,  11.12,  14.13  (97)

Glencoe                                 1.2,  3.3,  5.3,  9.6  (60)

Goals, Port Macdonnell : B. Murdoch 4, D. Odine 3, A. Taylor 2, W. Macdonald 1, B. Stephens 1, T. Davies 1, J. Mcgregor 1, M. Ikin 1. Glencoe : M. Von Duve 3, L. Sharaf 2, B. Weaver 1, B. Gosden 1, B. Treacey 1, J. Weaver 1. Best, Port Macdonnell : B. O’dine, B. Stephens, R. Fox, A. Taylor, T. Kennett, D. Odine. Glencoe : Z. Cocks, B. Treacey, M. Von Duve, B. Gosden, J. Wilson, J. Weaver

Kongorong                               5.5,  6.12,  7.16,  14.21  (105)

Nangwarry                               1.0,  2.5,  5.5,  7.6  (48)

Goals, Kongorong : C. Hedwards 3, B. Cordy 2, J. Wright 2, B. Saffin 2, S. Sutherland 1, R. Hay 1, T. Elletson 1, M. Evans 1, J. Simkin 1. Nangwarry : N. Reeves 2, R. Lindner 1, J. Pilven 1, B. Dinnison 1, M. Fatchen 1, S. Mullens 1. Best, Kongorong : R. Hay, B. Saffin, B. Cordy, C. Milich, C. Hedwards, M. Von Stanke. Nangwarry : B. Lindner, V. Virtanen, S. Virtanen, R. Lindner, J. Pilven, B. Dinnison

Tantanoola                              1.5,  3.12,  7.16,  9.16  (70)

Kalangadoo                              1.3,  3.3,  5.4,  9.5  (59)

Goals, Tantanoola : S. Varcoe 2, S. Agnew 2, J. Mcrostie 1, J. Rowe 1, Z. Walker 1, J. Rowe 1, D. Knaggs 1. Kalangadoo : M. Ellis 3, A. Ilsley 2, M. Gray 2, B. Casey , M. White. Best, Tantanoola : Z. Walker, J. Rowe, J. Rowe, L. Smith, B. Reilly, D. Knaggs

Mt Burr                                 1.3,  4.4,  5.6,  9.8  (62)

Robe                                    3.5,  4.7,  7.15,  7.16  (58)

Goals, Mt Burr : C. Gallio 4, S. Bevan 2, C. Puiatti 2, J. Gregory 1. Robe : J. Campbell 2, J. Michelon 1, J. Keane 1, B. Mcleod 1, B. Parish 1, J. Fletcher 1. Best, Mt Burr : B. Hennink, C. Puiatti, G. Fennell, N. Muhovics, C. Gallio, A. Ferguson. Robe : J. Campbell, J. Wood, J. Keane, B. Parish, J. Wasson, R. Dew