Grand Final on September 14, 2019

Broughton Mundoora4.38.414.718.9 (117)
Crystal Brook3.05.38.512.8 (80)

Best: Broughton Mundoora – K. Bowley, T. Wheelen, J. Schmitt, M. Hayes, G. Robinson, F. Kessling.  Crystal Brook:  W. Combe, D. Hill, L. Kapitola, N. Lambert, L. Bartlett. Goals: Broughton Mundoora – G. Robinson 7, T. Button 4, R. Boughen 2, W. Hewett 1, R. Crane 1, J. O’Donohue 1, K. Sims 1, K. Bowley 1.  Crystal Brook: D. Hill 6, W. Combe 2, M. Weckert 1, J. Richman 1, L. Coates 1, J. Millard 1

Preliminary Final at Port Broughton on September 7, 2019

Crystal Brook3.37.812.915.12 (102)
BMW2.  (61)

Best:   Crystal Brook – L. Kapitola, A. Kupsch, W. Combe, B. Heard, J. Richman, D. Hill. BMW  – A. Kangur, L. Kangur, J. Robinson, K. Blesing, E. Brereton, S. George. Goals: Crystal Brook – J. Eagle 4, D. Hill 4, J. Millard 2, H. Mills, J. Slattery, L. Coates, J. Richman, L. Kapitola. BMW – J. Storey 3, L. Kangur, S. George, S. Potts, M. Christophersen, M. Griffiths, A. Kangur

Second Semi Final at Orroroo on August 31, 2019

Crystal Brook6.12(48)
Broughton Mundoora13.9(87)

Best:   Broughton Mundoora – F. Kessling, M. Hayes, J. Cant, T. Button, T. Wheelen. Crystal Brook – W. Combe, L. Kapitola, A. Kupsch, L. Bartlett, N. Lambert. Goals: Broughton Mundoora – G. Robinson 5, H. Nitschke 2, M. Hayes, R. Crane, F. Kessling, T. Button, J. O”Donohue, T. Wheelen. Crystal Brook – J. Eagle 2, B. Coffey, W. Combe, J. Slattery, D. Hill

First Semi Final – August 24, 2019

Southern Flinders2. (33)
BMW4. (65)

Best: BMW – B. Taylor, L. Kangur, J. Robinson, S. George, B. Battersby. SF – K. Millington, B. Zwar, M. Hobbs, J. Palmer, J. Ambjerg-Pedersen, Z. Kay. Goals: BMW – B. Taylor 6, M. Francis 2, L. Kangur, P. Cockburn. SF – M. Smith, J. Ambjerg-Pedersen, T. Harradine, W. Serle, L. Pole.

Round 16 – August 17, 2019

Crystal Brook2.98.1814.2517.28 (130)
Orroroo1. (34)

Best: CB – A. Kupsch, N. Lambert, W. Combe, L. Kapitola, J. Eagle. Orroroo – D. Hughes, J. Lawson, D. Ellery, A. Catford, J. Nicholas. Goals: CB – D. Hill 5, J. Eagle 5, J. Slattery 3, W. Combe 2, L. Kapitola, N. Lambert. Orroroo – J. Foulis, J. Byerlee, D. Hughes, T. Baker, T. Moten.

Southern Flinders 2.3-154.6-309.13-6713.14 (92)
Jamestown-Peterborough0.1-10.3-30.3-33.7 (25)

Best: SF – B. Zwar, K. Millington, Z. Kay, M. Smith, J. Turner, M. Hobbs. JP – S. Tooley, H. Hall, G. Farr, D. Voumard, M. Voumard, D. Munro. Goals: SF – W. Smart 3, W. Serle 3, K. Millington 2, R. Millington 2, A. Prior, J. Palmer, J. Ambjerg-Pedersen. JP – H. Hall, T. Kitschke, D. Robinson.

Broughton-Mundoora4.47.129.1514.17 (101)
Booleroo Melrose Wilmington1. (42)

Best: BrMun – W. Hewett, T. Button, J. O”Donohue, M. Ramsey, M. Hayes, H. Nitschke. BMW – E. Brereton, L. Kangur, G. McCALLUM, B. Taylor, N. McCallum. Goals: BrMun – H. Nitschke 4, M. Hayes 3, W. Hewett 2, D. Hewett 2, M. Ramsey, J. O”Donohue, T. Wheelen. BMW – S. Potts 4, L. Kangur 2.

Round 15 – August 10, 2019

BMW1. (53)
Crystal Brook1. (57)

Best:   Crystal Brook – L. Coates, L. Bartlett, L. Slattery, J. Millard, B. Coffey. BMW – N. McCallum, A. Kangur, S. George, L. Kangur, K. McCallum. Goals; Crystal Brook – D. Hill 2, L. Slattery 2, J. Millard, L. Coates, J. Slattery. BMW – N. McCallum 4, M. Francis, M. Griffiths, K. McCallum, L. Kangur.

Jamestown Peterborough3. (31)
Broughton Mundoora2. (32)

Best:   Broughton Mundoora – M. Hayes, T. Button, F. Kessling, T. Wheelen, C. Elliott. Jamestown Peterborough – J. Larcombe, H. Hall, N. Rowe, P. Clark, D. Munro, S. Tooley. Goals; Broughton Mundoora – G. Robinson 2, M. Hayes, W. Hewett. Jamestown Peterborough – H. Hall, S. Tooley, C. Hounsell, P. Clark

Orroroo1.22.23.5 (23)
Southern Flinders4. (35)

Best:   Southern Flinders – B. Zwar, K. Millington, M. Smith, M. Hobbs, Z. Kay, J. Turner. Orroroo – D. Ellery, D. Hughes, A. Catford, L. O”Dea, C. Ackland. Goals: Southern Flinders – W. Serle 3, L. Pole, A. Prior. Orroroo – D. Hughes, J. Byerlee, O. Dignan

Round 14 – August 3, 2019

Southern Flinders3. (46)
BMW3.24.510.1013.15 (93)

Best: BMW – L. Kangur, M. Christophersen, A. Kangur, J. Robinson, B. McCann. Southern Flinders – K. Millington, B. Zwar, Z. Kay, M. Hobbs, R. Millington, T. Harradine. Goals: BMW – A. Kangur 4, P. Cockburn 3, K. Blesing 2, S. Potts, N. McCallum, B. Taylor, M. Christophersen. Southern Flinders – T. Harradine 2, W. Smart, W. Serle, J. Ambjerg-Pedersen, C. Zanker, K. Millington.

Jamestown-Peterborough0. (10)
Orroroo4.29.411.919.15 (129)

Best: Orroroo – D. Hughes, N. Hombsch, J. Lawson, J. Nicholas, B. O”Dea. J/P – J. Kitschke, S. Tooley. Goals: Orroroo – N. Hombsch 7, J. Byerlee 3, O. Dignan 2, T. Baker 2, L. Rowe, T. Hilder, A. Lee, J. Lawson, B. O”Dea. J/P – J. Larcombe.

Broughton-Mundoora4. (41)
Crystal Brook3.39.714.1316.15 (111)

Best: CB – W. Combe, A. Kupsch, L. Bartlett, L. Kapitola, D. Hill. BM – T. Button, T. Wheelen, J. O”Donohue, H. Nitschke, F. Kessling, J. Dickeson. Goals: CB – D. Hill 5, J. Eagle 4, W. Combe 3, L. Bartlett, J. Millard, J. Richman, L. Kapitola. BM – H. Nitschke 4, G. Robinson 2.

Round 13 – July 27, 2019

BMW3.36.37.615.11 (101)
Jamestown Peterborough2. (47)

Best:   BMW  – A. Kangur, G. McCallum, B. Taylor, M. Christophersen, S. Potts, K. McCallum. Jamestown Peterborough – N. Rowe, S. Tooley, D. Munro, L. Sandland, H. Hall, T. Kelly. Goals: BMW – B. Taylor 3, P. Cockburn 2, N. McCallum 2, A. Kangur 2, J. Robinson, S. Potts, M. Francis, P. Lock, K. Blesing, J. Kumnick. Jamestown Peterborough – D. Munro, D. Clark, J. Weatherley, P. Clark, C. Hounsell, S. McCarthy, N. Rowe

Crystal Brook1. (53)
Southern Flinders2.25.29.410.6 (66)

Best:   Southern Flinders – B. Zwar, K. Millington, J. Ambjerg-Pedersen, Z. Kay, J. Turner. Crystal Brook – L. Kapitola, L. Slattery, S. Richards, L. Bartlett, H. Mills. Goals: Southern Flinders – W. Serle 5, W. Smart 2, J. Ambjerg-Pedersen, T. Harradine, A. Prior. Crystal Brook – D. Hill 3, N. Lambert, L. Coates, S. Kapitola, J. Slattery

Orroroo2. (50)
Broughton Mundoora1.04.28.614.12 (96)

Best:   Broughton Mundoora – T. Button, T. Wheelen, J. O”Donohue, K. Bowley, J. Dickeson, R. Crane. Orroroo – J. Lawson, A. Lee, D. Hughes, D. Ellery, T. Moten, B. Tapscott. Goals: Broughton Mundoora – G. Robinson 6, H. Nitschke 4, J. O”Donohue 2, J. Chapman, T. Wheelen. Orroroo – N. Hombsch 4, J. Lawson, C. Froling, L. Ellery

Round 12 – July 20, 2019

BMW0.16.97.913.11 (89)
Orroroo2. (46)

Best:  BMW – M. Christophersen, N. McCallum, L. Kangur, B. Taylor, A. Kangur. Orroroo – J. Lawson, D. Hughes, A. Lee, L. O”Dea, B. O”Dea. Goals: BMW – B. Taylor 3, N. McCallum 3, J. Robinson, L. Kangur, P. Lock, M. Christophersen, P. Cockburn, J. Robinson, A. Kangur. Orroroo – J. Lawson, L. Ellery, D. Hughes, L. O”Dea, N. Hombsch, B. O”Dea

Crystal Brook8.214.719.924.17 (161)
Jamestown Peterborough1. (37)

Best:  Crystal Brook – J. Eagle, W. Combe, L. Kapitola, H. Mills, N. Lambert. Jamestown Peterborough – N. Rowe, S. Tooley, S. McCarthy, J. Weatherley, B. Home. Goals: Crystal Brook – J. Eagle 11, W. Combe 4, H. Mills 2, B. Coffey, J. Richman, N. Lambert, J. Millard, I. Arbon, L. Bartlett, M. Weckert. Jamestown Peterborough – J. Weatherley, N. Rowe, D. Redden, S. McCarthy, C. Hounsell.

Southern Flinders2. (53)
Broughton Mundoora4.29.410.712.12 (84)

Best:  Broughton Mundoora – G. Robinson, M. Hayes, J. Cant, T. Wheelen, K. Bowley, J. Dickeson. Southern Flinders – J. Turner, M. Smith, R. Millington, B. Zwar, Z. Kay, C. Zanker. Goals: Broughton Mundoora – G. Robinson 8, H. Nitschke 3, D. Hewett. Southern Flinders – W. Serle 3, D. Tenney, T. Harradine, M. Smith, C. Zanker, L. Pole

Two-horse race emerges

July 17, 2019

THE NAFA genuinely looks another two-horse race after 11 rounds, both Crystal Brook and Broughton-Mundoora clear of the pack with 10 wins and one loss, having defeated each other in their two encounters to this point.

The Roosters seem to have a few more attacking options when heading inside 50, particularly when Dan Hill slots in with Jason Eagle deep in the forward line.

However, Hill has been in and out a fair bit with injury niggles this season, so there’s always that doubt lingering about whether he will be there when the whips are cracking at finals time.

Here’s hoping, the bloke is a jet.

Speaking of jets, Gene Robinson has delivered on the preseason hype around him for the Eagles, leading the league’s goal kicking by some margin.

How much support he has in attack will be the question mark, with both the top two sides sporting stellar midfield groups.

Great to see veteran, Willy Serle, still getting amongst the majors, this time with Southern Flinders.

Willy is well travelled in his career but has always provided a handy forward focal point.

Speaking of veterans, the lesser known Elliott Sumner has done a stellar job to get back into the Tigers’ A grade side.

Sumner was a star junior player at Roopena in Whyalla.

His ability was unquestioned but his fitness often was. It’s not an issue anymore, Sumner hitting the gym hard and getting the reward for it.

Outside of that, any hopes the Tigers had of pressing the top two were obliterated when they loss to bottom-placed Jamestown-Peterborough in round 11.

It was the Magpies’ first win of the season.

Last year’s grand finalists, Orroroo, have lost considerable ground on 2018 and look set to make up the numbers in fourth.

The question is suddenly emerging whether the Roos will even be there in September, after BMW did a number on them in round eight and went on to press Crystal Brook in credible fashion.

The Lions have shown genuine improvement under Alek Kangur and there is a genuine opportunity emerging to feature in the finals in 2019, just one game behind Orroroo at the moment.

Jamestown-Peterborough, as mentioned earlier, is at the foot of the table with just one win but they fell short of BMW about a fortnight ago by less than a kick, so there’s still some upside around the Magpies without necessarily being a threat this season.

Round 11 – July 6, 2019

Jamestown Peterborough2.24.39.511.5 (71)
Southern Flinders1. (33)

Best:  Jamestown Peterborough – H. Hall, N. Rowe, D. Clark, J. Weatherley, B. Moreton, J. Larcombe. Southern Flinders – Z. Kay, N. Kleinig, M. Hobbs, B. Zwar, M. Smith. Goals: Jamestown Peterborough – C. Hounsell 4, T. Kitschke 3, J. Larcombe 2, D. Robinson, D. Clark. Southern Flinders – W. Serle 3, M. Smith, J. Ambjerg-Pedersen

Orroroo1. (32)
Crystal Brook6.28.59.916.13 (109)

Best:  Crystal Brook – W. Combe, L. Slattery, B. Eagle, A. Kupsch, L. Bartlett. Orroroo – A. Catford, D. Hughes, J. Lawson, C. Ackland, D. Ellery. Goals: Crystal Brook – J. Eagle 6, A. Kupsch 3, L. Bartlett 2, H. Mills, M. Weckert, H. Jackson, J. Millard, W. Combe. Orroroo – O. Dignan, T. Moten, J. Rowe, L. Ellery

Broughton Mundoora5.27.512.714.10 (94)
BMW4. (49)

Best:  Broughton Mundoora – H. Nitschke, J. Cant, T. Button, M. Hayes, T. Wheelen. BMW – L. Kangur, N. McCallum, M. Christophersen, A. Kangur, B. Taylor. Goals: Broughton Mundoora – H. Nitschke 5, G. Robinson 4, D. Hewett 3, M. Ramsey 2. BMW – J. Storey 2, L. Kangur 2, J. Robinson, S. George, B. Taylor

Round 10 – June 29, 2019

Crystal Brook3.16.39.611.8 (74)
Booleroo Melrose Wilmington2. (59)

Best: Crystal Brook – B. Eagle, S. Kapitola, L. Bartlett, W. Combe, L. Kapitola. BMW – A. Kangur, B. Taylor, L. Kangur, J. Robinson, G. McCALLUM. Goals: Crystal Brook – W. Combe 4, J. Eagle 2, J. Millard 2, H. Mills, S. Kapitola, N. Lambert. BMW – B. Taylor 4, J. Storey 2, M. Christophersen, S. George, L. Kangur

Broughton Mundoora3.37.1015.1221.14 (140)
Jamestown Peterborough1. (11)

Best:  Broughton Mundoora – J. Cant, B. Hayes, T. Wheelen, D. Hewett, M. Ramsey. Jamestown Peterborough – M. White, D. Munro, D. Voumard, H. Hall, D. Redden, N. Rowe. Goals: Broughton Mundoora – G. Robinson 6, M. Ramsey 4, D. Hewett 4, B. Hayes 3, B. Caden 2, T. Button 2. Jamestown Peterborough – N. Rynne

Southern Flinders7.12(54)

Best:  Southern Flinders – T. Harradine, J. Turner, B. Zwar, C. Turner, K. Millington, M. Smith. Orroroo – D. Hughes, D. Ellery, T. Moten, D. Redden, J. Lawson. Goals: Southern Flinders – W. Serle 3, E. Sumner, T. Harradine, J. Turner, M. O”Brien. Orroroo – D. Redden 2, N. Hombsch 2, A. Lee, T. Reid

Round 9 – June 22, 2019

Crystal Brook (83)
Broughton-Mundoora 4.37.711.1113.13 (91)

Best: BM – B. Hayes, T. Wheelen, T. Button, M. Hayes, K. Bowley. CB – L. Kapitola, D. Hill, L. Bartlett, A. Kupsch, B. Heard. Goals: BM – G. Robinson 5, T. Button 2, M. Ramsey, M. Hayes, J. Cant, H. Nitschke, D. Hewett, J. Chapman. CB – D. Hill 6, B. Coffey, N. Lambert, H. Mills, W. Combe, L. Kapitola, J. Eagle.

Booleroo Melrose Wilmington3. (65)
Southern Flinders2.33.54.610.9 (69)

Best: SF – B. Zwar, J. Ambjerg-Pedersen, T. Harradine, C. Zanker, Z. Kay. BMW – B. Taylor, L. Robinson, L. Kangur, A. Kangur, K. McCallum. Goals: SF – J. Ambjerg-Pedersen 3, M. O”Brien 2, Z. Kay 2, R. Millington, W. Serle, C. Zanker. BMW – B. Taylor 4, M. Christophersen, A. Kangur, T. Christopherson, M. Griffiths, S. George.

Orroroo2.39.615.818.10 (118)
Jamestown-Peterborough3. (57)

Best: Orroroo – N. Hombsch, D. Redden, J. Lawson, C. Ackland, B. O”Dea, L. O”Dea. JP – N. Rynne, J. Larcombe, J. Weatherley, H. Hall, P. Kelly, M. White. Goals: Orrooo – N. Hombsch 8, D. Redden 3, A. Lee 2, T. Baker, T. Reid, J. Nunn, J. Lawson, B. O”Dea. JP – J. Larcombe 2, C. Hounsell, T. Kitschke, J. Weatherley, M. White, N. Rynne, W. Slattery.

Round 8 – June 15, 2019

Southern Flinders1. (39)
Crystal Brook6.410.613.716.9 (105)

Best:  Crystal Brook – S. Kapitola, W. Combe, J. Richman, L. Slattery, J. Slattery. Southern Flinders – M. Hobbs, W. Smart, Z. Kay, K. Millington, J. Turner, T. Harradine. Goals: Crystal Brook – D. Hill 5, W. Combe 5, J. Slattery 3, J. Richman, J. Millard, N. Lambert. Southern Flinders – W. Serle 2, A. Prior, D. Kerr

Jamestown Peterborough2. (40)
Booleroo Melrose Wilmington0. (44)

Best:  BMW – B. Taylor, L. Kangur, J. Robinson, A. Kangur, N. McCallum, M. Francis. Jamestown Peterborough – G. Farr, B. Moreton, N. Rynne, N. Rowe, D. Redden, D. Clark. Goals: BMW – N. McCallum 2, S. George 2, A. Kangur, M. Francis. Jamestown Peterborough – C. Hounsell 3, D. Redden, N. Rowe

Broughton Mundoora5.49.721.926.10 (166)
Orroroo0. (29)

Best:  Broughton Mundoora – G. Robinson, B. Hayes, D. Hewett, M. Hayes, W. Hewett, T. Button. Orroroo – A. Catford, N. Hombsch, D. Hughes, L. O”Dea, T. Baker. Broughton Mundoora –  G. Robinson 10, D. Hewett 4, W. Hewett 3, B. Hayes 3, M. Hayes 2, M. Ramsey, K. Bowley, K. Sims, J. Chapman. Orroroo – N. Hombsch 4

Round 7 – June 1, 2019

Orroroo2. (44)
BMW3.410.711.1016.15 (111)

Best:  BMW – J. Robinson, B. Taylor, A. Kangur, M. Christophersen, M. Griffiths. Orroroo – N/A. Goals: BMW – L. Kangur 4, J. Storey 4, S. Potts 3, J. Robinson 2, J. Kumnick 2, A. Ayles. Orroroo – N/A.

Jamestown Peterborough5. (58)
Crystal Brook4.18.713.821.9 (135)

Best:  Crystal Brook – L. Kapitola, J. Richman, D. Hill, J. Clements, T. Arbon. Jamestown/Peterborough – N. Rynne, H. Hall, J. Weatherley, G. Farr, C. Hounsell, D. Clark. Goals: Crystal Brook – D. Hill 8, J. Millard 4, B. Coffey 2, N. Lambert 2, J. Slattery 2, J. Richman, M. Weckert, S. Kapitola. Jamestown/Peterborough – C. Hounsell 4, N. Sparks, S. Jaeschke, H. Hall, S. Tooley, W. Slattery.

Broughton Mundoora8.310.813.1515.18 (108)
Southern Flinders0.43.47.611.9 (75)

Best: Broughton/Mundoora – B. Hayes, T. Button, F. Kessling, T. Wheelen, M. Hayes, W. Hewett. Southern Flinders – J. Turner, W. Serle, B. Zwar, K. Millington, M. Hobbs, Z. Kay. Goals: Broughton/Mundoora – G. Robinson 3, M. Ramsey 2, T. Wheelen 2, H. Nitschke 2, J. Cant 2, D. Hewett 2, W. Hewett, B. Hayes. Southern Flinders – W. Serle 6, W. Smart, D. Amey, T. Harradine, J. Turner, K. Millington.


MAY 26, 2019

IT’S business as usual at Crystal Brook, with the reigning premiers remaining unbeaten after six games after a comfortable 11-goal win over grand finalists, Orroroo, in what were slippery conditions across the entire Mid North.

In the absence of his brother, Campbell, Will Combe is well and truly standing out for the Roosters, picking up his third best player ranking of the season.

He is also yet to miss being named in the best from six matches and looms as a genuine Mail Medal prospect.

You do have to wonder how many votes Campbell picked up from him given the likeness of the two. Both fantastic players and blokes, although one a little more celebrated over the journey.

Nice to see Harry Mills getting in the best players too after coming across from BSR Tigers to Crystal Brook.

Both Dan Hill and Jason Eagle were amongst the goals again and look a dangerous duo when fit. Just a question mark over keeping their bodies right but at the moment, they’d trouble most defences in country SA.

Speaking of gun forwards, Gene Robinson has 39 majors for the year at Broughton-Mundoora, the gun recruit certainly returning the faith placed in him.

In fact, the Eagles have picked up a few handy ones, with Hamish Nitschke (Millicent) also joining B/M in the offseason and has 13 goals to his name, the second most at the club.

The Eagles easily accounted for BMW, Alek and Lukas Kangur best for the Lions, who are putting up some credible performances given their struggles in recent years.

They are probably playing like they should get six wins for the year but will likely only end up with three given the strength of the four sides above them.

Southern Flinders atoned for a slow start to run over the top of Jamestown-Peterborough, which recently farewelled the Peterborough home deck for good.

Not much is going right for the Magpies, challenged by depth again, but the future growth prospects from young guns such as Nick Rynne, who was superb again on Saturday, is something you could grow a side around.

The Tigers got the job done without Willy Serle, but big man, Brady Zwar, led the way, supported by former Lock export, Ziek Kay.

Round 6 =- May 25, 2019

Crystal Brook1.34.712.1113.14 (92)
Orroroo0. (16)

Best: Crystal Brook – W. Combe, L. Bartlett, H. Mills, A. Kupsch, J. Richman. Orroroo – A. Lee, D. Hughes, J. Lawson, B. Tapscott, D. Ellery. Goals: Crystal Brook – D. Hill 4, J. Eagle 3, J. Millard 2, L. Kapitola 2, H. Mills, W. Combe. Orroroo – J. Lawson, A. Lee.

BMW3. (50)
Broughton-Mundoora7.29.1015.1516.15 (111)

Best: Broughton-Mundoora – B. Hayes, G. Robinson, M. Hayes, W. Hewett, T. Button. BMW – L. Kangur, A. Kangur, J. Robinson, G. McCALLUM, M. Francis. Goals: Broughton-Mundoora – G. Robinson 7, M. Hayes 2, K. Bowley 2, M. Ramsey, B. Hayes, J. Cant, H. Nitschke, T. Button. BMW – A. Kangur 2, J. Robinson, J. Storey, B. Taylor, N. McCallum, D. Smith.

Southern Flinders (74)
Jamestown-Peterborough2. (37)

Best: Southern Flinders – B. Zwar, Z. Kay, N. Kleinig, J. Ambjerg-Pedersen, J. Turner, M. Smith. Jamestown-Peterborough – N. Rynne, D. Robinson, H. Hall, J. Weatherley, B. Moreton, D. Clark. Goals: Southern Flinders – J. Ambjerg-Pedersen 4, W. Smart 2, R. Hennessy, D. Boylan, T. Harradine, M. O”Brien, M. Hobbs. Jamestown-Peterborough – N. Rynne 2, P. Kelly, J. Weatherley, C. Hounsell.

Round 5 – May 18, 2019

Jamestown Peterborough1. (38)
Broughton Mundoora5.613.1014.1220.17 (137)

Best: Broughton Mundoora – M. Hayes, B. Hayes, K. Sims, G. Robinson, T. Wheelen. Jamestown Peterborough – N. Rynne, H. Hall, B. Home, N. Rowe, W. Slattery. Goals: Broughton Mundoora – G. Robinson 8, T. Wheelen 4, H. Nitschke 2, D. Hewett 2, R. Crane, J. Ireland, B. Hayes, C. Harrison. Jamestown Peterborough – D. Clark 2, N. Rowe 2, M. White

Orroroo2.28.410.612.10 (82)
Southern Flinders2. (46)

Best: Orroroo – N. Hombsch, C. Ackland, D. Hughes, B. O”Dea, A. Catford, B. Tapscott. Southern Flinders – M. Smith, N. Kleinig, S. Woolford, B. Zwar, T. Harradine, W. Serle. Goals: Orroroo – N. Hombsch 7, D. Hughes 2, T. Reid, A. Barton, T. Moten. Southern Flinders – W. Serle 4, W. Smart, T. Harradine

Booleroo Melrose Wilmington1.23.36.611.6 (72)
Crystal Brook5.210.317.521.8 (134)

Best:  Crystal Brook – B. Eagle, W. Combe, J. Eagle, J. Millard, L. Bartlett. BMW – L. Kangur, B. Taylor, A. Kangur, J. Robinson, D. McCallum. Goals: Crystal Brook – J. Eagle 6, J. Slattery 3, D. Hill 3, W. Combe 3, I. Arbon 2, M. Weckert 2, J. Richman, L. Kapitola. BMW – J. Storey 2, L. Kangur 2, A. Kangur 2, M. Blesing, D. Smith, M. Christophersen, S. Potts, K. Blesing.

Round Four Report

Sunday May 12, 2019

Southern Flinders overcame a gallant and rapidly improving BMW side to win by 17 points.

Prodigal Son, Joel Palmer, was once again vital for the Tigers, while well-travelled recruit, Willy Serle, booted five goals. Lions coach, Alek Kangur, was particularly influential for the vanquished, kicking five goals and possibly claiming the three votes.

There was no farewell fairytale for Jamestown-Peterborough, the Magpies playing their last game at the historic Peterborough ground.

Orroroo was too classy after quarter time, Tom Reid booting six goals to be named best for the Roos, while Nick Rowe took best player honours for the home side. Veteran, Bernie Kelly, kicked two goals.

The Roosters rallied to defeat fellow flag fancies, Broughton-Mundoora by nine points.

Crystal Brook was trailing by 21 points at the last change but veterans, Luke Kapitola and Luke Slattery, stung the visitors back to life. Jason Eagle kicked five goals for the Roosters, while star recruit, Gene Robinson, continued his ominous form for the Eagles, booting seven.

Maddy Hayes and Fraser Kessling were key contributors for the defeated side.

Crystal Brook remain unbeaten after four rounds, with the Eagles in hot pursuit in second.

Southern Flinders, Orroroo and BMW look like they will battle out the final two spots in the four, while Jamestown-Peterborough is set for a testing season head.

Round 4 – May 11, 2019

Southern Flinders3.26.311.813.11 (89)
Booleroo Melrose Wilmington4.16.27.311.6 (72)

Best: Southern Flinders – J. Palmer, J. Turner, K. Millington, W. Serle, J. Ambjerg-Pedersen, B. Zwar. BMW – A. Kangur, B. Taylor, J. Robinson, L. Kangur, S. Jones. Goals: SF – W. Serle 5, J. Ambjerg-Pedersen 3, T. Harradine 2, L. Pole, J. Prior, D. Kerr. BMW – A. Kangur 5, B. Taylor 2, J. Storey 2, J. Kumnick, L. Kangur.

Jamestown Peterborough2. (58)
Orroroo2.17.39.516.10 (106)

Best: Orroroo – T. Reid, J. Lawson, D. Hughes, A. Lee, J. Nicholas. Jamestown Peterborough – N. Rowe, S. Jackson, G. Farr, C. Hounsell, N. Lynne.. Goals: Orroroo – T. Reid 6, N. Hombsch 3, J. Lawson 2, J. Foulis, T. Dearlove, B. Reid, T. Moten, D. Hughes.. Jamestown Peterborough – B. Kelly 2, N. Rynne 2, R. Simpson, H. Hall, S. Tooley, N. Rowe.

Broughton Mundoora4.36.412.712.9 (81)
Crystal Brook1.26.39.414.6 (90)

Best: Crystal Brook – L. Kapitola, L. Slattery, B. Eagle, W. Combe, S. Richards.. Broughton Mundoora – M. Hayes, F. Kessling, W. Hewett, C. Harrison, G. Robinson.. Goals: Crystal Brook – J. Eagle 5, J. Millard 3, D. Hill 2, W. Combe 2, L. Slattery, L. Kapitola.. Broughton Mundoora – G. Robinson 7, D. Hewett 2, M. Hayes, H. Nitschke, K. Bowley.

Round 3 – May 4, 2019

Crystal Brook4.57.108.1310.16 (76)
Southern Flnders0. (36)

Best: Crystal Brook – L. Kapitola, J. Richman, L. Slattery, W. Combe, S. Richards. Southern Flinders – R. Millington, J. Palmer, M. Hobbs, K. Millington, C. Turner. Goals: Crystal Brook – W. Combe 3, J. Millard 2, D. Hill, J. Richman, N. Lambert, J. Clements, S. Kapitola. Southern Flinders  – W. Serle 2, W. Smart, Z. Kay, C. Turner

Orroroo2. (44)
Broughton-Mundoora4.18.512.919.18 (132)

Best: Broughton Mundoora – H. Nitschke, M. Hayes, B. Hayes, C. Harrison, G. Robinson. Orroroo – D. Ellery, A. Catford, B. Tapscott, A. Lee, N. Hombsch, J. Nicholas. Goals: Broughton Mundoora – G. Robinson 6, H. Nitschke 5, M. Hayes 3, D. Hewett 2, K. Bowley, W. Hewett, B. Hayes. Orroroo – T. Reid 3, N. Hombsch 3, J. Foulis

BMW8.510.713.1114.11 (95)
Jamestown Peterborough1. (36)

Best: BMW – A. Kangur, L. Kangur, B. Taylor, J. Storey, K. Blesing. Jamestown Peterborough – H. Hall, N. Rowe, G. Farr, S. Redden, D. Clark. Goals: BMW – J. Storey 5, L. Kangur 4, J. Robinson, B. Taylor, C. Woolford, G. McCallum, J. Arthur. Jamestown Peterborough – N. Rowe 2, A. Parsons, H. Hall, N. Rynne


The machine that is Crystal Brook kept Jamestown-Peterborough to just one goal, while Dan Hill and Jason Eagle booted seven each. Will Combe shone in the midfield, with brother, Campbell, playing at North Adelaide.

BMW went down by the barest of margins in a heartbreaker against Orroroo, Lukas Kangur (BMW) was best on ground. Broughton-Mundoora’s James Cant was best for the Eagles in his side’s comfortable win over Southern Flinders, with high-profile recruit, Gene Robinson, kicking six goals.

Round 2 – April 27, 2019

Crystal Brook6.213.422.927.15 (177)
Jamestown Peterborough0. (10)

Best: Crystal Brook – W. Combe, L. Kapitola, J. Eagle, L. Bartlett, B. Eagle. J/P – N. Rowe, A. Leese, M. White, H. Hall, L. Sandland. Goals: Crystal Brook – D. Hill 7, J. Eagle 7, W. Combe 4, N. Lambert 3, H. Mills 2, J. Millard 2, M. Weckert, L. Kapitola. J/P – A. Parsons.

Southern Flinders0. (37)
Broughton Mundoora2.24.39.910.13 (73)

Best: SF – Z. Kay, K. Millington, J. Palmer, B. Zwar, M. Smith, J. Turner. BM – J. Cant, F. Kessling, G. Robinson, M. Hayes, H. Nitschke, T. Button. Goals: SF – D. Kerr 2, W. Serle 2, K. Millington. BM – G. Robinson 6, H. Nitschke 3, D. Hewett.

BMW3. (47)
Orroroo3. (48)

Best: BMW – L. Kangur, B. Battersby, J. Robinson, K. McCallum, S. Potts. Orroroo – A. Catford, D. Ellery, B. Tapscott, C. Ackland, B. O’’Dea. Goals: BMW – J. Storey 2, P. Lock, C. Woolford, B. Taylor, A. Kangur, S. Potts. Orroroo – J. Foulis 3, J. Nunn, J. Nicholas, A. Lee.

Round 1 – April 13, 2019

Orroroo6.37.510.911.10 (76)
Crystal Brook2.36.410.412.10 (82)

Best: Crystal Brook – W. Combe, N. Lambert, B. Eagle, S. Richards, L. Kapitola. Orroroo – J. Lawson, D. Hughes, D. Redden, A. Lee, A. Catford, B. O”Dea. Goals: Crystal Brook – W. Combe 4, D. Hill 2, J. Eagle 2, L. Kapitola, M. Weckert, J. Millard, I. Arbon. Orroroo – T. Moten 3, D. Redden 2, T. Dearlove 2, J. Foulis, J. Lawson, A. Lee, T. Reid

Jamestown Peterborough1.21.42.4 (16)
Southern Flinders4.36.610.916.13 (109)

Best: Southern Flinders – J. Palmer, K. Millington, S. Combe, B. Zwar, L. Pole. Jamestown Peterborough – N. Sparks, P. Kelly, B. Moreton, S. Redden, S. Jackson. Goals: Southern Flinders – W. Serle 6, L. Pole 3, K. Millington 2, D. Tenney 2, J. Ambjerg-Pedersen, W. Smart, E. Sumner. Jamestown Peterborough – A Parsons 2.

Broughton Mundoora4.55.99.1017.12 (114)
BMW2. (43)

Best: Broughton Mundoora – T. Button, B. Hayes, M. Ramsey, J. Cant, M. Hayes, K. Bowley. BMW – L. Kangur, M. Christophersen, J. Robinson, A. Kangur, A. Ayles. Goals: Broughton Mundoora – To come. BMW – A. Ayles 2, J. Storey, M. Christophersen, K. Blesing, L. Kangur

Chinks in the Chooks’ chokehold

Les Pearson reports:  March 13, 2019

THE vice-like grip Crystal Brook has on the NAFA competition looks somewhat compromised following a few major changes announced in the off-season.

Following the near-perfect season in 2018, just the one loss all year culminating with a flag, Luke Slattery stepped aside and was replaced by Steve Merkel.

The talent pool runs deep at the Roosters but with triple Mail Medallist, Campbell Combe, giving the SANFL another crack, there is at least one major chink in the armour.

Expect major improvement out of BMW, which has lured country footy journeyman, Aleks Kangur, up to coach after an onfield stint at CY Cougars.

His appointment has opened the floodgates for a stack of talent now heading to the Lions.

Speaking of talent, newly appointed player-coach, Nick Hewett, has pulled off a recruiting coup, luring star forward, Gene Robinson, up to Broughton-Mundoora from Mannum

Defenders across the Mid North will be pretty nervous when coming up against the Eagles.

Jamestown-Peterborough will be under new leadership, with former RSMU and Roopena player, Luke Sandland, taking over from Luke Clark.

Ben Brown will be going around again at Southern Flinders following a solid first season as coach in 2018.