Thrilling win in the final seconds

By Brendan Shakes

Jervois has won its fourth consecutive premiership after coming back to snatch the win against Imperials in the dying seconds. A packed house was out at Jervois as Imperials led for most of the game until a Zac Ewer goal gave Jervois the lead with under ten seconds left in the match. Imperials started the game well booting the first goal of the game courtesy of Brad Shiell. Imperials left the Bluds in their dust as they slammed five goals to nothing in the first quarter to set up a handy 31 point lead. With it being the final game of the year both teams applied enormous pressure wcich saw Jervois peg back the lead. By half time Imperials lead was 16 points and with a half remaining, Jervois were beginning to get on top. The third quarter was a tight tussle with Jervois’ midfielders of Ewer, Trevor Rigney and Craig Fidge were beginning to find the ball. Imperials only kicked one goal for the quarter as Jervois played the ‘premiership quarter’ to perfection levelling scores with a quarter remaining. With not an empty spot at Jervois both teams were keen to impress and take home the glory. When Imperials Ryan Eyre goaling with five minutes to go, Imperials had the lead but three late goals by Jervois, including the sealer gave them a record fourth straight premiership. Best on ground was Jervois’ Trevor Rigney and James Jagodnik, Ewer and Scott Baxter were all solid contributors. Imperials Brad Shiell played a solid game booting four goals and youngsters Ryan Edwards, Sam Redden and Luke Harrowfield all played tremendous games as the Bluds kept the silverware at Jervois.

GRAND FINAL at Jervois – September 15, 2007







Best: Jervois – J Jogodnik, T Rigney, Z Ewer, B Gazzola, S Baxter. Imperials – R Edwards, S Redden, L Harrowfield, S Dreckow, C Gerhardy. Goals: Jervois – S Braun 3, T Rigney, Z Ewer, T Hill 2, L Kartinyeri, B Schmift. Imperials – B Shiell 4, L Harrowfield 3, S Redden, S Day, R Eyre.


For the second consecutive year, Jervois has prevented Ramblers from partaking in the Grand Final, winning by seven points. With a strong breeze at Meningie, Ramblers used it to their advantage booting the first three goals of the game. The Ramblers pressure around the ball was relentless with Ryan Viney and the O’Neil brothers in the heat of the action. Ramblers Clint Girardi was proving a handful for youngster Jack Kluske as Girardi booted two early goals.  The heat was on and Jervois against the run of play booted their first goal through Trevor Rigney. The second term saw Jervois get a run on as Ramblers lost all drive through the middle. Mick Moller was a handful for the Roosters defence as he bobbed up for his second goal of the game. The Bluds were relentless and were rewarded with Lalo Katinyeri and Brad Schmidt booting majors and extending the lead to four goals at half time. With the game see sawing, both ruckmen were playing pivotal roles around the ground. Jervois Scott Baxter helped his side repel attacks whilst Dalwood was playing like a rover creating many opportunities. With the aid of the breeze, Ramblers got a run on with Mail Medallist Ryan Morris booting two goals for the quarter. Giradi also got in the action with his third and with a quarter remaining; Jervois had an 18 point lead. With one team playing their last quarter for the year, the intensity was immense. Kicking into the breeze, Ramblers had a spirited fight back with Viney and Adam Jackson cutting the margin to seven points. The crowd was on the edge of their seats and when Jackson booted his third goal of the quarter, Ramblers were up by one point. With time ticking, Jervois’ hero was Daniel Stimson who put through his first goal and sealed his side a spot in the Grand Final.

Preliminary Final at Meningie

Jervois 13.15 (93) d Ramblers 12.14 (86).

Best -Jervois: S Baxter, B Schmidt, C Braun, J Lyons, L Richards. Ramblers: J Dalwood, J Weyland, M Marchetti, G Stevens, T Mathews. Goals – Jervois: C Braun 3, M Moller, S Mahony, B Schmidt 2, T Rigney, W Mason, L Kartinyeri, D Stimpson. Ramblers: C Girardi, R Morris, A Jackson 3, L O’Neil, R Viney.

RAMBLERS ROLL ROOS By Brendan Shakes……September 2, 2007

In a physical encounter, Ramblers eventually defeated a persistent Mannum, running out 58 point winners. Played at LeMessurier Oval, Mannum started the stronger with Co-captain Andrew Warnest kicking the games first goal. Ramblers Ryan Morris who was forced to wear a helmet from a previous cheek injury got in the action early and replied with his first of the day. In a see sawing first quarter in which no team booted consecutive goals, it was Ramblers up by one point. The second quarter was more attacking as Ramblers piled on seven goals to four in a dominant display. Patrick O’Neil and Ryan Viney booted their first goals of the day before Warnest booted a long bomb to reduce the margin. Clint Girardi also was in the action and took a strong grab to help boot his second of the day. As the wind picked up towards the clubrooms so did the intensity as mistakes proved costly. Girardi was at it again with two late goals and by half time, the lead was out to 20 points. The third quarter again saw ramblers prove their strength all over the ground as Clyde Rigney got in the act with his first goal of the game. Girardi added another two goals but after a scuffle in Ramblers forward 50, both Dwayne Krollig and Matthew Connolly were red carded leaving Mannum with only 16 players on the field. From then on Ramblers steamrolled the Roos with Ryan Morris and Daniel Zadow adding to their goal tally. With a quarter left, players were rested and players were moved around the park. Liam O’Neil and Daniel Zadow bobbed up their second majors of the game as Girardi finished off the day with seven goals. In what was a disappointing end to the season for Mannum, Ramblers now has the task of playing against Jervois for a spot in the grand final.

First Semi Final scoreboard – September 2, 2007





20.11 (131)





10.13 (73)

Best: Ramblers – G Stevens, T Matthews, J Weyland, D Zadow, M Marchetti. Mannum – M Connolly, B Quinn, A Warnest, J Rosensweig, B Wakefield. Goals: Ramblers – C Girardi 7, R Viney 3, R Morris, L O’Neil, D Zadow 2, P O’Neil, C Rigney. Mannum – A Warnest 5, M Connolly, B Wakefield, S Eichler, S Harte, K Taylor.

BLUES BOOK SPOT IN GRAND FINAL  By Brendan Shakes…Sunday Sept 2, 2007

Imperials have secured a spot in this years grand final with a 27 point victory over Jervois. Playing at their home ground, Imperials got off to a flying start with Shaun Day goaling early and then quickly followed up ruckman Nick Stevens with a clever crumbing goal. With Imperials out to a quick lead, Jervois’ main man Sam Mahony steadied his side with his first. The game was fast flowing with both sides playing attacking football and Imperials was rewarded with Luke Harrowfield and Ryan Edwards both kicking their first goals of the game but with late goals to Zac Ewer and Tyron Hill, Imperials lead was cut to three points. The second quarter saw Mahony put his stamp on the game. Mahony and his side put more physical pressure on Imperials and were rewarded with Mahony kicking two goals for the quarter, extending Jervois’ lead. Luke Harrowfield was beginning to find the ball and after Michael Sumner booted his first, Harrowfield added two more goals, one courteous of a Trevor Rigney 50m penalty. With a half remaining Imperials led by 10 points and after the main break extended their lead with U17 debutant Matt Kowald booting his first goal in senior football. Imperials were beginning to get on a run with three of the next four goals but tensions grew with little fights going on behind play. Jervois finished the quarter stronger booting the last three goals and cut the margin back to 10 points with a quarter remaining. With a spot in the final up for grabs, Imperials seized on their opportunity as they restricted Jervois to a single goal. Imperials Simon Dreckow and Ryan Edwards proved pivotal down back with strong pack marks as Jervois couldn’t find an avenue home. When Chris Gerhardy booted his first, Imperials were home and now await their challengers. Best for Imperials was Luke Harrowfield, Ash Temby and youngsters Edwards and Ryan Eyre. For Jervois, Sam Mahony was a standout with five goals as well as Jack Kluske and Scott Baxter.

Second Semi-final scoreboard from September 1, 2007

Imperials 14.11 (95) d Jervois 10.8 (68).

Best – Imperials: L Harrowfield, A Temby, R Edwards, C Gerhardy, R Eyre. Jervois: J Kluske, S Baxter, S Mahony, L Richards, C Fidge. Goals – Imperials: L Harrowfield 4, R Edwards, T Heins 2, S Day, N Stevens, M Sumner, M Kowald, A Temby, C Gerhardy. Jervois: S Mahony 5, Z Ewer, T Hill 2, C Braun.

ROOS BOUNCE INTO SEMIS     By Brendan Shakes

In a stirring second half performance, Mannum has defeated Mypolonga on its home turf ending up 14 point winners. Playing with a substantial breeze, Mypolonga got off to a quick start as the Tigers booted five of the first six goals of the game. Mypolonga’s key players were finding the big stick as George Pedler, Sam Flinn and Brad Martin all booted first quarter majors. Not even the ball getting lodged in a tree could stop Mypolonga racing to 20 point lead. The second term saw Mannum waste their chance with the wind. After a goal to Mypolonga’s Nathan Creaser both teams had had the same amount of scoring shots yet the Tigers had a 25 point advantage. Mypolonga’s defence was holding strong as Mark Oborn, James Pedler and Matthew Linder all kept their opponents quiet. A consecutive 50m penalty allowed Steven Weinmann to boot his first for Mypolonga but a late goal to the Roos Kevin Taylor reduced the margin to five goals. The third term saw Mannum click into gear. With Brad Wakefield dominating on his opponent, Mannum went on a rampage booting six goals to two with Shane Harte booting two third quarter goals. When Aaron Sinkinson booted his first Mannum had cut the lead to two points with a quarter remaining. The final quarter saw Mypolonga run out of steam. Co-Captain Ben Quinn got things rolling for the visitors with his first and when his partner captain in Roger Dabinett boots his first, Mannum was in front. The pressure was on for both teams as both supporter groups rallied behind their troops. When Taylor booted his second the Roos were over the line, eliminating Mypolonga out of the final and setting up a semi final match up against Ramblers at Le Messurier Oval.

Elimination Final result played at Mypolonga on Sunday August 26, 2007





12.20 (92)





12.6 (78)

Best: Mannum – S Harte, S Walker, D Krollig, M Connolly, T Kelsh, R Dabinett. Mypolonga – J Pedler, T Naughton, M O’Born, S Flinn, B Rowley. Goals: Mannum – R Davey, J Woodward, S Harte 2, K Taylor, J Wilkinson, A Sinkinson, R Dabinett. Mypolonga – G Pedler, S Flinn, B Martin 2, T Naughton, N Creaser, C Smelt, S Weinman, T Simmons, S Meneghetti.


In a game that sets up a rematch with Jervois next week, Imperials defeated Ramblers in a tight contest, winning by seven points. Even without Ryan Morris, Ramblers got off to a quick start as Clint Girardi scored his first goal of the day from the opening ball up. Captain Mark Marchetti quickly booted his first and his teams second as Ramblers got an early lead. Imperials were being over run as Clyde Rigney and Girardi added to the Roosters lead but Imperials closed the margin to two points with goals from Matthew Seyers and Ash Temby late in the term. The second quarter saw the game get more physical as uncontested possessions were at a minimum with relentless tackling from both sides. Ramblers were quick to get back their lead with ruckman James Dalwood and Rigney booting majors. Imperials Luke Harrowfield and Brad Shiell were beginning to find the big sticks as both had two goals to half time but a down field free resulted in Girardi booting his third and giving Ramblers an eight point lead at half time.  The third quarter saw Imperials outscore Ramblers 7.6 to 3.1 as Imperials began to flex their muscles. A shocking incident occurred as Patrick O’Neil was clothes lined and resulted in a controversial free. After O’Neil kicked the goal before being hit, O’Neil was awarded a free kick from just on the 50m arc. The resulting free allowed Girardi to scramble through his fourth of the quarter and cut Imperials margin. By the final change Imperials now were leading as the Blues were up by 21 points. With the game in the balance, Imperials kicked the first two goals of the last term as Harrowfield booted his fifth. However Ramblers came back booting the next three goals with Jarryd Sykes three bounces and finish a highlight. With Imperials still up by three goals Girardi cut the lead with his sixth goal but when Shiell booted his third, the game was over. Best for Imperials was Harrowfield with seven goals and Michael Sumner whilst Ramblers best were Dalwood and Marchetti.

Qualifying Final result on August 25, 2007.

Imperials 18.16 (124) d Ramblers 18.9 (117).

Best -Imperials: L Harrowfield, M Sumner, R Eyre, S Day, S Dreckow. Ramblers: J Dalwood, M Marchetti, J Weyland, T Paech, T Mathews. Goals – Imperials: L Harrowfield 7, S Day 3, M Sayers, B Shiell, R Puckridge 2, A Temby, C Gerhardy. Ramblers: C Girardi 6, C Rigney 5, M Marchetti, J Dalwood, A Jackson, P Neil, J Sykes, R Viney, T Paech.  

JERVOIS CLAIMS TOP SPOT By Brendan Shakes…………..August 22, 2007

Jervois has won the minor premiership after defeating Imperials by 21 points. With a big crowd out at Jervois, the Bluds got off to a great start booting five goals to two in the first quarter. Youngster Matt Brion booted his team’s first goal and when Sam Mahony booted his second goal of the quarter, Jervois had a substantial lead. Heading into the second quarter with a two goal lead, Jervois kept up the pressure as Imperials defence withstood the attacks from the Bluds midfield. By half time, Jervois’ lead was out to 22 points. Imperials reduced the margin early in the third as Matthew Seyers found some form and booted his first for the day. Imperials reduced the margin when Shaun Day also booted his first but after dominating the first half of the quarter, these two goals were all they had to show. With this, Jervois found some touch as Brad Schmidt booted truly twice as well as Sam Mahony polishing off another stellar game with his third for the day. Brad Shiell helped his side by booting his goal as Imperials reduced the margin to 33 points with a quarter to play. The final quarter was played at a different tempo as both defences held sway with Imperials holding the Bluds to three behinds. Unfortunately, Imperials couldn’t make any dent in the Jervois lead as Jervois regained top spot as well as the first week off in the finals. Best for Jervois was ruckman Scott Braxter, Tyron Hill and Brad Schmidt with four goals whilst Imperials best was Seyers, Clint Gerhardy and Brad Shiell.

The game between Ramblers and Mypolonga was also deciding who would take third spot on the table but the game was over at quarter time as a strong Ramblers side easily accounted for the Tigers. Mypolonga’s acting captain Brad Martin didn’t have a good start to the day as his choice of kicking into the breeze in the first quarter didn’t pay off as Ramblers piled on nine goals to two in the first quarter. Ramblers Ryan Morris was on fire as he booted four goals in a dominant first quarter. Mypolonga simply had no answers as by the first change, they were already down by 43 points. The second quarter again saw the dominant Morris display as Mypolonga’s inaccuracy cost them. Morris was simply unstoppable as his midfielders in Tyson Matthews and the O’Neil brothers delivered the ball on a platter. Mypolonga barely won the quarter as they booted 4.7 in what was a quarter of missed opportunities. By the main break, Ramblers lead was cut to 39 points. Martin restored some faith in the Tigers crowd as he booted the first goal of the third quarter and when Cameron Wells booted his first, a comeback was on the cards. However the dominance of Morris and the Roosters was too much as they booted six of the next eight goals of the quarter to establish a 51 point lead with a quarter remaining. The last quarter was attacking football as Mypolonga kept up the pressure and reduced the margin by the final siren. Ramblers still came out with a convincing five goal win that was dampened by the cheek injury to Ryan Morris. Best for Ramblers was Matthews and Trent Paech and Ryan Morris with seven goals.

The final game was a thriller with winless Tailem Bend gaining their first points of the year with a draw against a fast finishing Meningie. Played out at Tailem and with no finals action for both teams, the game was played with an attacking flair which should give their supporters some confidence heading into next season. Tailem got off to the start they needed as they used the breeze to their advantage pulling away from the Bears. Playing Coach Matthew Dent was at full forward and his presence was something that had lacked all year for the Eagles as he booted this first of the game. When Dent and youngster Ben Hansen booted truly late in the quarter, the Eagles had a 22 point lead. With the breeze at their backs, Meningie took full control of the quarter outscoring Tailem 6.5 to three goals. The quarter was physical as tempers flared midway through the quarter and now Meningie had the lead as they were up by the smallest of margins in one point. The second half was attacking all the way through as the breeze was the deciding factor. Even though they were down by 35 points with a quarter to play, Meningie never gave up as they slowly cut down the margin throughout the final term. Billy Watkins was the Bears saviour as his first goal of the game reduced the margin to a point and when Tailem scrambled a point the scores were tied. A last ditch effort by the Eagles resulted in nothing as both teams played out an epic draw. Best for Tailem was Andrew Coombe as well as Dent who bobbed up with a lazy nine whilst for Meningie, Neil Tee was clearly their best as well as Richard Boscence and Laurie Rankine with five majors.

Round 19 scores – August 18, 2007

Ramblers 21.13 (139) d Mypolonga 15.19 (109).

Best – Ramblers: T Matthews, T Paech, D Zadow, J Sykes, J Weyland. Mypolonga: G Peeler, S Weinmann, S Flinn, L Zrim, M O’Born. Goals-Ramblers: R Morris 7, C Rigney, C Girardi 3, T Paech, L O’Neil 2, D O’Neil, R Viney, M Marchetti, A Jackson. Mypolonga: B Martin, M Stalenberg 3. T Naughton, C Smelt 2, G Peeler, S Flinn, C Wells, S Weimann, D Sumner.

Jervois 13.12 (90) d Imperials 10.9 (69).

Best – Jervois: S Baxter, T Hill, B Schmidt, T Burkett, J Jagodnik. Imperials: M Seyers, C Gerhardy, B Shiell. D Newell, T Waite. Goals – Jervois: B Shiell 4, M Seyers 2, M Gogel, S Day. T Waite, A Temby.

Tailem Bend 18.5 (113) drew with Meningie 17.11 (113).

Best -Tailem Bend: A Coombe, M Vickers, P Gabb, T Hughes, A Gregurke. Meningie: N Tee, P Reichelt, L Trevorrow. B Smith, G Saddlier. Goals – Tailem Bend: M Dent 9, T Hughes 3, B Hansen, A Gregurke, T Downs 2. Meningie: L Rankine 5, L Trevorrow, R Mallard 3, D Rose, S Ridley, A Barker, N Tee, T Hastings, B Watkins.

FIERCE TIGERS THRASH ROOS  By Brendan Shakes….August 15, 2007

In a dominant performance, Mypolonga easily accounted for Mannum winning by 122 points. Played out at Mypolonga, the Tigers got off to a fabulous start booting the first three goals of the game as Mannum had no answers to the Pedler brothers, George and James as well as full forward Brad Martin. A 50m penalty resulted in Kevin Taylor booting the Roos first goal of the game. George Pedler was dominant in the middle as Cameron Wells and Scott Jolly provided good support. By the end of the first quarter, Mypolonga had opened up 39 point lead. After the frenetic first quarter the second became much tighter as Mannum stepped up the pressure. The Roos midfielders in Ben Quinn and Taylor were able to clear the centre bounces but a stubborn Mypolonga defence held them at bay. By half time, the lead was slightly bigger as Mypolonga had a 43 point lead with a half to play. Ash Martin and Sam Flinn were playing good games as well as Brad Martin who was unstoppable. The third term again saw a rampaging Tigers outfit boot ten goals and kill the game off for Mannum. Mannum simply had no answers as youngster Scott Meneghetti proved pivotal up forward booting three goals for the game. The Pedler and Martin brothers were beginning to dominate and by three quarter time the lead was out 86 points. The final quarter was a precession as another nine goals were booted by Mypolonga. Best for Mypolonga was Sam Flinn, Brad Martin with his height goals and James Pedler.

At Meningie, reigning premiers Jervois comfortably beat the Bears, winning by 87 points. After a persitent performance last week against Imperials, Meningie continued its improving form as by quarter time, the Bears only trailed by five points. Bruce Hameister was proving a handful booting two first quarter goals. The second quarter again saw Meningie play strong contested footy as Greg Saddlier and Evan Smith were leading the way for the Bears. Jervois’ Ben Woodhouse kicked two late goals for the Bluds and extended their lead to 21 points. The third quarter saw Jervois get on top, booting five goals to two. Meningie was appearing to run out of energy as Tyron Hill and Scott Baxter were proving influential. The lead was out to 41 points at three quarter time and the game only got worse for Meningie. The final quarter was a blow out as Jervois kept the Bears goal less whilst booting seven goals. The margin didn’t reflect how well the Bears played however things are looking ominous as Jervois begin to get ready for another tilt at a premiership. Best for Jervois was Baxter, Hill and Luke Richards whilst Meningie’s best was Saddlier and Chad Thorpe.

The final game was between rivals Imperials and Ramblers. In a game that would set either team up for a crack at top spot, it was Imperials who came out 27 points victors. With a decent wind swirling across the ground, Ramblers got off to the dream start as full forward Clint Girardi took a strong contested mark before putting through his first. It wasn’t long before Girardi slammed through another as Ramblers extended the margin. Imperials captain Matthew Gogel was sharp around the packs as his snap at goal resulted in Imperials first for the day. With scores level at quarter time, the game became more physical as Zadow and Puckeridge showed with their aggression at the ball. A mistake this time by Imperials allowed Patrick O’Neil to score his first and to give the Roosters the lead. Imperials tall forwards began to find the ball as Luke Harrowfield sent through two goals for the quarter and when Seyers added his second on the stroke of half time, Imperials led by three points. The third quarter was a tight football as neither team gave up their intent on the football. Held goal less for the first half, Brad Shiell held his team together with two influential goals in the third quarter. With a quarter to play and the wind behind them Imperials held a slender nine point lead. The final quarter was all Imperials as Puiatti kicked his first goal of the game and when Gogel booted his second from downtown the lead was out to 21 points. However the 2007 Ramblers outfit held strong and were rewarded with Ryan Morris and in form Ryan Viney booting majors to cut the margin back. This was as close as they got as Seyers added another two to give Imperials a crucial victory in the race for top spot. Best for Imperials was Puiatti, Temby and Roger Puckeridge whilst for Ramblers Daniel Zadow held Shiell well whilst Tyson Matthews and Jarryd Weyland played solid games.

Round 18 – August 11 results

Imperials 14.19 (103) d Ramblers 10.16 (76).

Best – Imperials: J Puiatti, A Temby, R Puckridge, M Seyers, J Roberts. Ramblers: D Zadow, T Mathews, J Weyland, M Mundy, M Marchetti. Goals – Imperials: M Severs 4, M Gogel. L Harrowfield. B Shiell 2, S Dreckow, R Puckridge, J Puiatti, T Hines. Ramblers: C Girardi 3, P O’Neil, T Pfieffer, T Mathews, C Weyland, C Rigney, R Morris, R Viney.

Jervois 19.16 (130) d Meningie 6.7 (43).

Best – Jervois: S Baxter, T Hill, L Richards, J Lyon, J Cobbledick. Meningie: G Saddlier, C Thorpe, A Sterner, R Boscenke, P Riechert. Goals – Jervois: R Schmidt, S Mahony, B Woodhouse 4, B Hamiester 3, C Braun 2. T Hill, M Brion. Meningie: N Tee 3, E Smith, L Rankine, K Sumner.

Mypolonga 30.13 (193) d Mannum 10.11 (71).

Best – Mypolonga: H Martin, S Flinn, J Pedler, G Pedler, 8 Martin. Mannum: B Quinn, R Bullard, B Wakefield, M Connolly, S Fare. Goals – Mypolonga: B Martin 8, S Wienman 4, S Meneghetti 3, G Pedler. S Flinn. C Wells, C Smelt 2, N Greaser, A Martin, T Naughton, J Pedler. M Carmen. S Jolly, K Booth. Mannum: B Quinn, J Wilkinson 3, A Smith, K Taylor 2.


By Brendan Shakes…..Wednesday August 8, 2007

For the second week in a row, Jervois has suffered a shock loss, losing to Ramblers by 34 points. With the atmosphere fit for a Grand Final, it was Jervois who off to the quick start as the Bluds kicked the first three goals of the game. The game was a see sawing affair as Ramblers responded with the next four goals. By the end of the first quarter, Ramblers held a 17 point lead which could’ve been more if not for inaccurate kicking. Even with the aid of the breeze, Jervois couldn’t capitalize on its opportunities as Ryan Morris, Ryan Viney and the O’Neil brothers all got on top. The Jervois defence couldn’t contain the potent forward line as Clint Girard and Morris all booted pivotal goals to set up a three goal lead at the main break. The third quarter saw Jervois outscore Ramblers 5.3 to 4.3 as Sam Mahony and Tyron Hill booted early goals for the Bluds. The game was tightly fought and Jervois got on top booting the final three goals of the quarter to close the margin to 16 points with a quarter to go. With the game on the line it was Ramblers who got on top as both Viney and Morris were pivotal in setting up the crucial win for Ramblers. The win helps Ramblers maintain third spot and could take top spot if they defeat new leaders, Imperials.

At Meningie, the Bears played three solid quarters but couldn’t contain Imperials full forward Brad Shiell as Imperials overcame the Meningie by 49 points. Meningie got off to a flyer as they restricted Imperials to three goals as well as piling on five unanswered goals to kick away to a three goal lead. The second quarter saw Imperials come back as Ash Temby and Brad Shiell booted goals to cut the margin. Shiell was unstoppable as the Bears defence couldn’t contain the in form full forward and by half time, his side only trailed by one point. The third term was close as Imperials began to slowly get on top through the midfield with Roger Puckeridge, Matt Gogel and Tyson Wait all contributing well. With a quarter to play Imperials led by four points as Meningie was still in it. However Imperials went on a goal feast as they booted nine goals to two as Shiell finished up with nine goals. Best for Imperials was Gogel, Shiell and Blake Harrowfield whilst was for the Meningie, Brodie Martin and Adam Morris played well against their opponents.

The final game saw Mannum easily account for the winless Tailem Bend. With too much class over the field, Mannum got off to the start they wanted as they booted away to 15 point lead at the first break. With the Roos blooding some youngsters, Tailem were able to play more competitive football. The second term again saw Tailem Bend play competitive football however still couldn’t make it count on the scoreboard. Mannum’s John Wilkinson was dominant up forward as his height was a key factor in Wilkinson booting nine foals for the game. Tailem was also playing some of their younger players as Dylan Hogarth, James Little and Ben Hansen all solid amounts of game time. By half time, Mannum was up by four goals as Tailem was continuing to hang in. The second half was more convincing as Mannum booted ten goals to six. The midfield of Mannum finally showed some dominance as Ben Quinn, Bread Wakefield and Andrew Warnest all found the ball easily. The end result didn’t show the true closeness of the game as Mannum ran out 57 point victors. Best for Mannum was Shane Harte, Quinn and Wilkinson with nine goals whilst for Tailem ruckman Patrick Gabb was a standout for the Eagles.

Round 17 scores – August 4, 2007

Ramblers 21.13 (139) d Jervois 16.9 (105).

Best – Ramblers: R Morris, D Cross, R Viney, P Hein, J Dalwood. Jervois: T Rigney, B Schmidt, J Kwake, B Gazzola, S Mahony. Goals – Ramblers: C Girardi 5, R Morris, R Viney, L O’Neil 3, C Rigney, M Marchetti, J Wayland 2, D Cross. Jervois: S Mahony 5, Z Ewer 3, R Jarvis, S Crouch, T Hill, B Schmidt, W Mason, T Burket, C Braun, T Rigney.

Mannum 21.16 (144) d Tailem Bend 13.9 (87).

 Best – Mannum: S Harte, B Quinn, A Warnest, J Wilkinson, B Wakefield. Tailem Bend: P Gabb, B Hansen, D Hogarth, J O’Connell, W Luckett. Goals – Mannum: J Wilkinson 9, K Taylor, A Warnest 3, B Quinn, S Eichler 2, R Davey, S Harte. Tailem Bend: W Luckett 4, B Hansen 3, T Downs, T Hughes, A Gregurke, m Vickers, D Hogarth, D Abbott.

Imperials 20.11 (132) d Meningie 12.10 (82).

Best – Imperials: M Gogel, B Shiell. R Harrowfield, R Eyre, M Summer. Meningie: A Morris, B Martin, E Smith, A Stenner, G Saddlier. Goals – Imperials: B Shiell 9, M Summer 3, T Waite 2, R Puckridge, A Temby, L Harrowfield, T Hines, S Clayson, M Gogel. Meningie: B Martin 4, A Barker, R – Mallard, S Ridley 2, G Saddlier, L Trevorrow.

IMPERIALS BURST SETS UP WIN By Brendan Shakes…..August 1, 2007

In a game that will end up determining the final positions of the top four teams, Imperials came out 25 point winners over Mypolonga. With Imperials kicking with the breeze it was Michael Sumner who started off well booting the first goal of the game. Sumner was in the action again when a quick snap in the goal square gave him his second goal of the game. Leading goal kicker Brad Martin finally got the Tigers on the board with his first goal and kept them within touch of the Blues. Sumner was again in the action as he bobbed up for his third of the quarter and slowly the Blues were beginning to get on top and by the end of the first quarter, Imperials held a 34 point margin. The second quarter was much tighter as Mypolonga began to the use the ball better and it showed with them winning the quarter on the scoreboard. However goals from Luke Harrowfield and Brad Shiell kept Imperials lead to 28 points at the main break. The third quarter saw Mypolonga again get on top booting five goals to two to cut the lead. Pedler again was in the action booting his first as well as Corey Smelt getting a goal but Shiell proved pivotal with two goals to bring his tally up to four for the game. The final quarter was a tussle as the tackling was hard and ferocious and easy touches were hard to find. It was all over when Harrowfield booted his fourth, which was the final nail in the coffin as Imperials clean swept Mypolonga for the year.

Just over the road at Le Messurier Oval, Ramblers easily accounted for Tailem Bend, winning by 154 points. Ramblers started the game on fire as they booted the first 19 goals of the game. For two and a half quarters Tailem was restricted to four behinds whilst Ramblers full forward Clint Girardi got back into form booting nine goals for the game. Ramblers, who were tipped to win by 275 points, continued there drives inside 50 but loose Eagles players restricted the amount of shots at goal. Centre Half Forward Ryan Morris was providing well for his team as was Ryan Viney who turning favourite for the Mail Medal. To Tailem’s credit with the margin stretching out at each change, the final term saw some glimpses of hope as Wayne Luckett booted Tailem’s two goals for the final term. Ramblers were very wasteful in the final term as they had thirteen shots but could only muster five goals. With the final margin over 25 goals, it was a good performance but the standouts for Ramblers were Ryan Viney, Ryan Morris and Greg Stevens.

The final game was at Mannum where the Roos defeated Meningie comfortably by 98 points. Mannum got off to a flying start as they piled on eight goals with the aid of the breeze. Meningie had no answers as Andrew Warnest, Ben Quinn and Matt Connolly were all playing their part. It took Meningie until late in the first term before scoring their first major, through Daniel Rose. With an eight goal lead at the first break, things didn’t get any easier for the Bears as Mannum again were relentless with the ball. Even with the breeze, Meningie could only find goals through Rose and Laurie Rankine while Mannum’s run forced Meningie to chase jumpers. By half time the margin was out to 59 points. The third quarter again saw Mannum keep up its dominance as influential forward Rankine had limited opportunities. When Meningie’s Neil Tee booted his first on the three quarter time siren, the margin was 69 points. To Meningie’s credit they started well matching the Roos for parts of the last term but the Roos were too strong as they piled on five unanswered goals with Warnest booting nine.

Round 16 scores – July 28, 2007

Imperials 14.13 (97) def Mypolonga 11.6 (72)

Best: Imperials – M Sumner, R Eyer, B Harrowfield, D Newell, S Reddern. Mypolonga – G Pedler, M Lindner, A Martin, C Webb, J Pedeen. Goals: Imperials – B Shiell 5, L Harrowfield 4, M Sumner 3, S Day, R Puckridge. Mypolonga – B Martin 3, T Naughton, G Pedler 2, M Carman, C Smelt, S Meneghetti, S Weinmann

Mannum 24.16 (160) def Meningie 8.14 (62)

Best: Mannum – A Warnest, B Quinn, M Connolly, S Harte, D Wakefield. Meningie – E Smith, G Saddler, A Martin, T Hastings, L Trevorrow. Goals: Mannum – A Warnest 9, B Quinn, K Taylor 3, R Davey, M Connolly, S Eichler 2, A Krollig, R Dabinett, B Wakefield. Meningie – D Rose, L Rankine 2, T Hastings, N Tee, A Stenner.

Ramblers 26.23 (179) def Tailem Bend 3.7(25)

Best: Ramblers – R Viney, R Morris, G Stevens, J Dalwood, P O’Neil. Tailem Bend – W Luckett, A Coombe, T Downs, J Little, L Rowlands. Goals: Ramblers – C Girardi 9, D Cross, T Mathews, R Viney 3, L O’Neil, R Morris, J Weyland 2, M Mundy, P O’Neil. Tailem Bend – W Luckett 2, J Connell.

MYPO UPSETS JERVOIS By Brendan Shakes…July 26, 2007

 In the biggest upset of the year, Mypolonga easily accounted for premiership favourites Jervois by 65 points. Played out at Jervois, it was the Tigers Brad Martin who got on top early booting three goals within three minutes to set up a small lead for Mypolonga. This lead was cut back with late goals to Jervois as they cut the lead back to just four points at quarter time. The second quarter saw Mypolonga blow away the Bluds as Jervois was held scoreless whilst Mypolonga booted 4.8 to set up a six goal lead at half time. As any premiership team would, Jervois came back and cut the lead to 23 points with a quarter to play but the final quarter saw the Mypolonga forwards stand strong with Brad Martin and Corey Smelt giving the Tigers an unbeatable lead. Mypolonga then rubbed salt into the wounds of the Jervois players as they blew the game apart with an eight goal final term. Best for Mypolonga was Martin with nine goals as well as ruckmen Chris Webb, and Scott Meneghetti.

At Johnstone Park, Imperials boosted their percentage and showed some good form heading into the final few games of the home and away season as they defeated Tailem Bend by 252 points. Kicking to the cemetery end, Imperials got off to a flier as they booted 10.9 before Tailem could register a score. The game was already over by quarter time and the only thing on the crowds mind was how much would Imperials win by. By half time Luke Harrowfield had booted five goals and had contributors around him with Brad Shiell, Matt Seyers and Temby all booting majors as Imperials blew the lead 130 points. The third term saw Shiell and Seyers and Harrowfield continued their domination in the forward line and when Shaun Clayson bobbed up for a goal, the lead was close to thirty goals. However a small effort by the Eagles resulted in them doubling their score with Kleinig booting their second goal of the game. The final quarter was a precession as Imperials booted another eleven goals and reached the 40 goal barrier they were aiming for before the match. The win was capped off with Luke Harrowfield booting his tenth goal late in the final term. In a good team effort, with thirteen goal scorers, the standouts for Imperials were Luke Harrowfield as well as Puckeridge, Seyers and Jason Puatti.

The final game was between Mannum and red hot Ramblers. Played out at Mannum, it was Ramblers with a magnificent first quarter as they set up the game with a 58 point lead. The O’Neil brothers and Tyson Matthews were on top throughout the game as Mannum had no answers to the Ramblers onslaught. By half time, Ramblers had extended the lead to 78 point lead and Ryan Viney and Liam O’Neil were all over their opponents. The second half was one way as Ramblers outscored Mannum 17 goals to one. The final margin blew out to 173 points and Liam O’Neil finished with eight goals, Viney with seven and Ryan Morris four. Best for Ramblers also included James Dalwood and Patrick O’Neil whilst for Mannum, Shaun Harte and Ben Quinn were amongst their best.

Round 15 – July 21, 2007

Imperials 40.32 (272) d Tailem Bend 3.2 (20).

Best – lmperials – L Harrovfield 10, R Puckridge, M Seyers, A Temby. J Puiatti. Tailem Bend: J Little, T Hughes, M Vickers, T Downs. A Coombe. Goals – lmperials: L Harrowfield 10. M Seyers 8. B Shiell 5, M Gogel, R Puckridge, A Temby 3, S Day 2. B Harrowfield, T Wait, D Newell. S Clayton, M Sumner. S Redden. Tailem Bend – J Little 2, B Kleinig.

Mypolonga 18.15 (123) d Jeryois 8.10 (58).

Best:  Mypolonga – C Webb. A Martin, B Martin, M Lindner, S Meneghetti. Jervois: C Fidge, B Gazzola, T Rigney, J Kluske, T Burkett. Goals – – Mypolonga: B Martin 9, K Booth, C Smelt 2, T Naughton. T Simmons, N Creaser, S Jolly. G Pedlar. Jervois – T Rigney 2, D Ewer, M Moller, T Burkett. R Hameister,. C Braun, S Mahony.

Ramblers 33.12 (210) d Mannum S.7 (37).

Best Ramblers –  L O’Neill, RViney. J Dalwood, R Morris, P O’Neil. Mannum – S Arte, B Quinn. B Klose. B Wakefield, S Schlueter. Goals: Ramblers – L O’Neil 8, R Viney 7. R Morris 4, T Matthews 3, C Rigney, P O’Neil 2, J Dalwood, M Machetti, J Sykes, D Cross, J Weyland, P Matthew, T Pfeiffer. Mannum – S Chchler, M Connolly 2, S Harte

TIGERS TOPPLE TAILEM BEND by Brendan Shakes….July18, 2007

In a round with little hype, Mypolonga boosted its percentage with a 99 point victory at home against struggling Tailem Bend. The first quarter was a quarter full of opportunities for the Eagles, as they let themselves down by booting 0.6, whilst on the other hand, Mypolonga didn’t miss booting four goals straight. Ex-Tailem Bend player Corey Smelt was influential for the Tigers booting five goals for the game. The second quarter saw Mypolonga open up the game booting seven goals to one to lead by 54 points at half time. Nathan Creaser and Tobin Naughton were dominant as well as ruckmen Chris Webb. The third quarter again saw Tailem inaccurate in front of goal whilst Mypolonga continued on the precession with another 6.4. Sean Oatway booted two goals for the quarter and helped his side extend the margin to 83 points. The final term was reasonably competitive with Tailem almost doubling their entire score. With winning by over 100 points their only target for the rest of the match and Tailem did well to restrict the Tigers. Best for Mypolonga was Creaser, Webb and Brent Rowley as well as Smelt and Naughton who both booted five goals.

At Jervois, the defending premiers let loose on an undermanned Mannum side. Jervois decided to kick first with the wind and it paid off as they kicked away to a seven goal lead at the first break. The Roos had no answers to Sam Mahony and Ben Woodhouse as well as the imposing Bruce Hameister. The defence of the Bluds held strong as they kept Mannum to just two behinds. The second quarter was evenly contested but the strength of Jervois was too much as they piled on another six goals to three. Jamie Jagodnik was dominant across the half back line for Jervois as well as Mick Moller who was creative around goals. By half time the margin was out to 61 points, and things were looking grim for Mannum. The third quarter didn’t get much better as another dominant Jervois quarter all but sniffed out any possible chance of a miracle comeback. Jervois booted six unanswered goals before Mannum even scored and ended up with eight for the quarter, with Chris Braun booting three of them. The final quarter saw Mannum added some respectability to the game and decreased the margin to under 100 points. Best for Jervois was Jagodnik and the Rigney brothers, Trevor and Jeremy whilst for Mannum, Brett Klose and Shane Harte worked tirelessly.

Round 14 scores from July 14, 2007

Mypolonga 21.12 (138) def Tailem Bend 4.15 (39)

Best: N Creaser, C Webb, B Rowley. Tailem Bend- M Vickers, P Gabb, A Coombe, Goals: T Naughton, C Smart 5, S Oatway 3, D Sumner, S Flinn 2,  C Webb, N Creaser, L Zrim, T McAlister. Tailem Bend – W Luckett 2, M McLeary, M Vickers

Jervois 25.15 (165) def Mannum 10.10 (70)

Best: Jervois – J Jagodnik, T Rigney, J Rigney. Mannum – B Klose, S Harte, A Warnest. Goals: Jervois – S Mahony, B Hamiester 4, S Crouch, T Rigney, C Braun 3, B Woodhouse, M Moller 2, T Burkett, B McCulloch, J Lyon, Z Ewer 1. Mannum – D Krollig 3, B Quinn, S Eichler 2, S Dabinett, S Harte, D Mullns 1.

TIGERS TRIUMPHANT OVER MANNUM By Brendan Shakes….July 11, 2007

In a cold and damp day, a spirited last term helped Mypolonga defeat the struggling Mannum by seven points. Playing away from home, Mannum got off to the best possible start with Andrew Warnest and Aaron Sinkinson goaling for the Roos. With continuous rain and a strong wind blowing through the oval, goals became a premium and Mannum were able to get on top to lead by 11 points at quarter time. The second quarter saw the tussle continue as both teams went goal for goal and extended their lead slightly to 14 points at the main break. With Mypolonga under the pump, their young brigade of Scott Meneghetti and Adam Eckermann showed some leadership and helped Mypolonga get back into the contest. Nathan Creaser, Cameron Wells and Brad Martin all booted goals and when Sean Oatway sent through his first, the game was tied with one quarter remaining. With both teams desperate for the victory, the final term was tightly fought. Mypolonga had too many options up forward with Eckermann and Martin booting their second majors for the game and helped the Tigers win by seven points. Best for Mypolonga was Meneghetti and Oatway whilst for Mannum, Ben Quinn and Sinkinson were their better players.

At Meningie, with conditions similar, Luke Harrowfield and Tyson Wait helped Imperials to a comfortable 44 point win. With a strong breeze blowing towards the lake, Imperials could only manage 1.6 in the first quarter as both defensive lines held strong repelling most attacks. The scoreboard didn’t get much better for the blues when Luke Trevorrow slotted the Bears first and kept the margin within a goal at the first break. The second quarter was low scoring with the rebounding efforts of Wait and Shaun Clayson allowing Imperials to extend their lead into the breeze. Brad Shiell was again finding touch booting goals for Imperials whilst Trevorrow looked the only one to frustrate Imperials as he booted their only two goals of the half. By half time Imperials had been inaccurate with 3.9 to Meningie’s 2.3. The third term was where Imperials won the game as they piled on six goals to two to build their half time lead. Imperials key players in Wait, Shiell and Harrowfield all booted majors as Meningie had no answers to Imperials. The lead was cut to six goals after Aaron Martin booted his first in time on of the third quarter. With the wind at their backs, Meningie couldn’t capitalise on the assisting breeze as Brodie Martin booted their only goal. Best for Imperials was Harrowfield with four goals and for Meningie, Evan Smith gave his all for the Bears.

In a battle for the Lokan Cup, it was Jervois who easily accounted for Tailem Bend, ending up winning by 90 points. Tailem were never expected to be in the contest as the reigning premiers had too much class all over the field. The first quarter was dominated by Jervois as Ty Burkett and Zac Ewer booted their team’s first goals of the game. Jervois held a 16 point lead at the quarter time after late goals to the Eagles. The second term saw Tailem Bend put in a spirited effort as they held the Bluds to a solitary goal. Jervois wasted numerous opportunities as at half time their score was 6.10 to 3.5. With a half still to play, Tailem never got back into the game as Jervois piled on thirteen goals to two in the second half as Ewer, Russel Jarvis, Tyron Hill and Craig Fidge ran over their opponents. The icing was on the cake in the final term as Jervois blitzed Tailem with nine goals and many players booting goals. Best for Jervois was a host of players with Ewer booting three goals while for Tailem their younger players in Dylan Hogarth and Daniel Gregory played well.

Round 13 – July 7, 2007

Imperials 11.14 (80) d Meningie 5.6 (36).

Best – Imperials: T Wait, L Harrowfield, J Puiatti, R Edwards, S Reddin. Meningie: E Smith, B Martin, B Saddler, L Trevorrow, A Morris. Goals – L Harrowfield 4, B Shiell 3, A Temby 2, S Day, T Wait.

Jervois 19.16 (130) Tailem Bend 5.10 (40).

Best – Jervois: Z Ewer, R Jarvis, T Hill, C Fidge, J Jagodnik. Tailem Bend: D Hogaarth, P Abbott, D Gregory, M Kraft, P O’Connell. Goals – Jervois: Z Ewer 3, J Ryan, M Moller, A Jarvis 2, C Fidge, T Burkett, S Mahony, B Hamiester, B Woodhouse, D Stimson, T Hill. Tailem Bend: T Downs 2, D Hogarth, M Kraft, M Krueger.

Mypolonga 9.14 (68) d Mannum 8.13 (61).

Best -Mypolonga: S Meneghetti, S Otway, C Wells, N Creaser, S Flinn. Mannum: B Quinn, A Sinkinson, M Connolly, B Wakefield, A Warnest Goals – Mypolonga: B Martin, C Wells 2. S Flinn, J Pedler, N Creaser, A Martin, S Oatway. Mannum: J Wilkinson 2, A Sinkinson, B Ouinn, R Klose.

BLUDS OVERCOME BEARS……By Brendan Shakes….Wednesday July 4, 2007

League leaders Jervois overcame a persistent Meningie to run out 62 point victors. Kicking with a slight breeze, Jervois started off quickly with a goal to Ben Woodhouse. Both teams played tight contested football with Meningie hanging in there, only trailing by 16 points at the first break. Meningie showed some surprising results in the second term as they kicked three early goals to lead the in form team of the competition. Meningie’s Laurie Rankine was finding the ball up forward and when Jervois lost Sam Mahony to injury, the Bluds looked in trouble and by half time only had a ten point lead. However the third quarter saw Jervois finally wake from its slumber as they booted an eight goal term to put the game out of reach for Meningie. The final term saw Jervois and Meningie tussle it out as Jervois couldn’t completely overcome the accurate Bears side as Meningie kicked 12.1 for the game. Best for Jervois was Ben Woodhouse with four goals, and Russel Jarvis and Ty Burkett while Meningie’s best were Evan Smith and Ryan Mallard.

At Mannum, Imperials avenged for the defeat earlier in the year with a huge 106 point victory against the Roos. Imperials had regained key player Matthew Seyers and he helped his side overcome early Mannum goals to capture the lead as the Blues had a 26 point advantage at quarter time. The second quarter saw Imperials pile on the misery as Seyers and Shiell were dominant up forward and Imperials midfield were running riot as Pukeridge, Wait and ruckmen Jason Roberts continued supplying their forwards. The game was over by half time as Imperials built a strong 49 point lead. The second half was all Brad Shiell as the full forward increased his tally to a dozen goals as Blake and Luke Harrowfield also joined in the flogging. The precession continued in the final term as Ash Temby booted his third for the game and helped Imperials over the century mark. Best for Imperials was Shiell and Harrowfield as well as the midfielders, Tyson Wait, Roger Pukeridge and Temby.

Ramblers kept up the pressure on Jervois with a convincing 119 point win. The first quarter didn’t go to plan for Ramblers as the winless Eagles kept with one point at quarter time with Coach Matthew Dent providing a key player in the forward line. Ramblers had Clint Girardi in their goal square and against a weaker side enjoyed the delivery as he booted two goals for the term. When Dent went down with injury so did Tailem as Ramblers booted away with a 6.13 to nil second quarter. The second half didn’t get much better for Tailem as another 15 goals went through the Ramblers goal. No one could contain Girardi as he booted his tenth in the fourth quarter and the O’Neil brothers got on the score sheet with Liam booting seven and Patrick booting a couple. Sturt player Dylan Hogarth, coming off an injury found plenty of the football and was one of Tailem’s better players but the Roosters midfield was too strong for a Eagles outfit. Best for Ramblers was Liam O’Neil as well as Jarryd Weyland and Daniel Zadow.

Round Twelve Scores – June 30, 2007

Ramblers 26.25 (181) d Tailem Bend 9.8 (62).

Best – Ramblers: L O’Neil, J Weyland, D Zadow. T Matthews, D Cross. Tailem Bend: P Gabb. M McLeary, P O’Connell. Goals – Ramblers: C Girardi 10, L O’Neil 7, P O’Neil, R Mathews 2, M Marckett, J Dalwood, R Morris, A Jackson, C Weyland. Tailem Bend: M Dent, W Luckett, M Vickers 2, D Hogarth, T Downs, A Coombe.

Jervois 20.15 (135) d Meningie 12.1 (73).

Best -Jervois: B Woodhouse, R Jarvis, T Burkett, D Stimson, M Moller. Meningie: E Smith, R Mallard, N Tee, A Martin, L Rankine. Goals -Jervois: B Woodhouse, W Mason 4, T Burkett 3, S Baxter, B Schmidt, J Jacodnik 2, S Mahony, Z Ewer, M Moller. Meningie. R Mallard 5, L Rankine 3, D Rose 2, A Martin, D Davis.

Imperials 27.11 (173) d Mannum 10.7 (67).

Best – Imperials: T Wait, B Shier, J Roberts, A Temby, R Puckridge. Mannum: A Sinkinson, L Connolly, A Warnest, J Rosenzweig, B Quinn. Goals – Imperials B Shiell 12, L Harrowfield 4, M Seyers, R Pickridge, A Temby 3, S Day, T Wait. Mannum: A Sinkinson 3, A Warnest 2, J Rosenzweig, S Harte, D Drollig, S Eichler, B Wakefield.

BLUDS BLITZ By Brendan Shakes ….Wednesday June 27, 2007

A huge second quarter by Jervois helped the Bluds topple Mannum by 51 points. With the game out at Mannum, the Roos used the home ground to their advantage with a blistering first quarter. Mannum started off with Ben Quinn and Andrew Warnest getting in the action with early goals. Mannum was running all over Jervois who couldn’t contain Brad Wakefield and Ken Taylor and by quarter time Mannum had stunned the premiers by holding a 19 point lead. The second term was Jervois won the game and where Mannum lost it. Jervois booted a huge ten goals straight to just three goals as Sam Mahony, Zac Ewer and the Jervois midfield got on top of their opponents. Mahony booted four goals for the quarter as Jervois had a 21 point lead at the main break. The second half saw Mannum put up a fight but not be able to get on top of Jervois. The third quarter was mainly Mannum but inaccurate kicking let them down. The margin was now out to 28 points and things weren’t looking bright for the Roos. The final term saw Jervois continue their onslaught as another five goals were booted by the Bluds with youngsters Steven Braun and Matt Brion kicking late goals. Best for Jervois was Mahony, Scott Crouch and Dayne Lawrie whilst Mannums best contributors were Quinn and Aaron Sinkinson.

In Mypolonga, a fired up Ramblers defeated the Tigers by 42 points. With the funeral of one of their players the day before the game, Mypolonga knew they would be up for a red hot challenge. The game started with Ramblers key forward Clint Girardi getting on board early with a goal as Ramblers started like a team with a point to prove. However Mypolonga got back into the game with goals from Brad Martin and Corey Smelt and by quarter time were down by 15 points. The second quarter was dominated by Ramblers as they piled on 9.3 to 1.2. Mypolonga had no answers as Daniel Zadow and Damien Cross helped Ramblers extend their lead to eleven goals. The third quarter saw a fight back by Mypolonga as youngster Scott Meneghetti and Mark Oborn were in the action. captain James Pedler was also showing his authority and by three quarter time the lead for the Roosters was cut back to 39 points. The margin was too big to overcome for Mypolonga even though they took the honours in the second half. Ramblers Clint Girardi ended up with six goals and Brad Martin ended up with four for Mypolonga.

The final game was between the two bottom teams, Tailem Bend and Meningie. With both teams desperate for a win it was Meningie that overcame an Eagles side as Meningie ended up with a 38 point victory. The game started off slowly as both teams struggled to kick goals but Tailem were playing competitive football and were wasting opportunities in front of goals. By the end of the first quarter, Tailem only managed to have a nine point lead. The second term was similar but slowly Meningie was beginning get on top. Meningies Chad Thorpe and Ryan Mallard were looking dangerous and by half time, had a small two point lead. The second half was a struggle as Tailem couldn’t do enough to kick a winning score as Meningie did enough to take a well deserved victory. Best for Meningie was Tim Hastings, Andrew Cunneen, Shaun Ridley and Mallard with his five goals and Tailem’s best were Brendan White and Jarryd Linde.

Round Eleven Scores – June 23, 2007

Jervois 22.13 (145) defeated Mannum 14.19 (94)

 Best:  Jervois:  S Mahony, S Crouch, D Lawrie, J Rigney, Z Ewer. Mannum: A Sinkinson, J Rozenswig, B Wakefield, B Quinn, S Harte. Goals:  Jervois: S Mahony 6, Z Ewer 4, B Woodhouse 3, S Crouch, B Schmidt 2, J Jangodnik, T Hill, M Moller, S Braun, M Brion. Mannum: B Quinn 4, J Wilkinson 3, K Taylor, N Reichstein 2,  A Warnest, D Krollig, R Dabinett 

Meningie 15.13 (103)  defeated Tailem Bend 9.11  (65)

Best:  Meningie: T Hastings, E Smith, A Martin, A Cunneen, R Boscence. Tailem Bend:  B White, J Gerlach, J Linde, M Vickers, W Luckett. Goals:  Meningie: R Mallard 5, T Hastings 3, S Ridley, N Tee 2, C Thorpe, L Rankine, D Rose

Tailem Bend: M Dent 3, W Luckett, J Northcott 2, C Swannson, M Vickers 

 Ramblers 20. 8 (128) defeated Mypolonga 13.8 (86)

 Best:  Ramblers: D Zadow, D Cross, T Juergens, R Viney, P Hein. Mypolonga:  J Pedler, M Oborn, S Meneghetti, S Oatway, M Carmen. Goals:  Ramblers: C Girardi 6, A Jackson, R Viney 4, P O’Neil, T Matthews, D Matthews, M Rumbelow, T Pfeiffer, J Weyland. Mypolonga: B Martin 4, C Smelt, C Wells 3, N Creaser, S Flinn, D Sumner


Jervois Regain Top Spot  By Brendan Shakes ….Wednesday June 20, 2007

Playing out at Jervois, Ramblers were keen to produce a gutsy win a regain top spot on the ladder however Sam Mahony and Craig Fidge were out to stop that opportunity and combined to boot the first goal. Mahony was on fire in the first quarter as he kicked the first four goals of the game before Ramblers Adam Jackson answered with the Roosters first. By quarter time, Jervois had kicked away to a 26 point lead. The second quarter was a lot tighter as Ramblers applied more pressure on the Bloods midfielders. Youngster Jack Kluske was doing well in defence and along with Fidge kept Ramblers to just one goal. By half time, Jervois had slightly extended their lead to 29 points. Bruce Hameister scored early in the third term and then Schmidt and Zac Ewer also kicked truly to extend the lead and by three quarter time had a 39 point lead. The final term saw Ramblers boot five goals and cut the lead back with Ryan Morris and Mark Rumbelow competing well but it wasn’t enough as Jervois kept their lead and soared to the top of the ladder. Best for Jervois was Sam Mahony with his eight goals and Craig Fidge in defence.

At Johnstone Park, Imperials came home with a nine goal last quarter to overcome a dogged Mypolonga. Kicking to the cemetery end, Mypolonga got off to the perfect start with goals to Brad Martin, Corey Smelt and Sam Flinn. The lead blew out to 20 points and things were looking ominous for Imperials. However the Blues did comeback with two goals from Roger Puckeridge and a goal from Luke Harrowfield. Mypolonga’s lead at quarter time was 13 points but that didn’t last long as Imperials quickly tied up the game with Shiell and Puckeridge again getting in the action. Imperials kept up the pressure and cut the lead to just two points at half time. The third quarter was all Mypolonga as they booted six goals to two to extend their lead to 18 points. Forwards Martin, Smelt and Cameron Wells all contributed and an upset was on the cards. In the end Mypolonga ran out of gas as Imperials ran away with nine unanswered goals in the final term to run away convincing winners. Best for Imperials was Blake and Luke Harrowfield, Ryan Eyre and ruckmen Jason Roberts.

The final game was a nail biter as Mannum and Meningie played out the first draw of the year. Mannum started the stronger, even without star James Smith, as Nigel Reichstein booted three goals for the quarter. Meningie had no answers to the Roos and by quarter, Mannum had a 23 point lead. The second quarter was a complete opposite and Laurie Rankine and his Meningie team-mates put on the pressure and booted seven goals to nil in the second quarter. Rankine booted seven of the eight goals as the crowd was just as stunned as Mannum was. The lead was now 19 points and in Meningie’s favour. The third term was closely fought as both teams went goal for goal as Meningie held onto a 23 point lead heading into the final quarter. With the expectations of a huge upset, the Meningie crowd was cheering on their team as Mannum knew they had to change something or else face a humiliating loss. Mannum got off to the start they needed as they booted the first four goals of the quarter with Quinn and Sinkinson getting in on the action and when Scott Eichler kicked his first, Mannum were now in front. However this was the Rankine show and when he booted his tenth goal for the game, the scores were level. The final minutes saw both sides unable to boot a winning score and the game ended up even. Best on ground was Laurie Rankine and his ten goals in a dominant effort against a quality side in Mannum.

Round Ten Scores – June 16, 2007

Jervois 17.11 (113) d Ramblers 13.9 (87).

Best – Jervois: C Fidge, S Mahony, B Schmidt, T Hill, Z Ewer. Ramblers: R Viney, R Morris, L O’Neil, C Gerardi, J Dalwood. Goals – Jervois S Mahony 8, Z Ewer 3, B Hamiester, B Schmidt 2, M Moller. Ramblers: C Gerardi 6, A Jackson 2, P O’Neil, J Weyland, J Dalwood, R Viney, L O’Neil.

Meningie 12.11 (83) drew with Mannum 13.5 (83).

Best – Meningie: L Rankine, S Ridley, A Martin, A Sterner, R Mallard. Mannum: S Dabinett, M Connolly, S Harte, B Quinn, J Rozensweig. Goals – Meningie: L Rankine 10, V Trevorrow, A Martin. Mannum: N Reichstein, B Quinn, A Sinkinsin 3, S Eichler 2, B Wakefield, D Krollig.

Imperials 20.17 (137) d Mypolonga 15.5 (95).

Best – Imperials: B Harrowfield, R Eyre, J Roberts, L Harrowfield, C Gerhardy. Mypolonga: W Lindner, T Naughton, B Martin, J Pedler, N Creaser. Goals – Imperials: L Harrowfield, B Shiell 5, R Puckridge 4, M Sumner 2, A Temby, B Harrowfield, S Redden. Mypolonga: B Martin 4, C Smelt, S Flinn, C Wells 3, 0 Sumner, T Simmons.


Ramblers marked their 75th anniversary celebrations with a hard fought 17 point win against Imperials. With a huge crowd at home, Ramblers started off the stronger with goals from Clint Girardi, Adam Jackson and Ryan Morris. Ramblers were on top all over the ground until Imperials full forward Brad Shiell finally got the Blues on the board. This was short lived as Girardi again replied and by quarter time had a three goal lead. Imperials, wanting to inflict more pain on Ramblers since their encounter earlier this year got the break with another goal to Shiell. When Girardi and Patrick O’Neil replied to extend Ramblers margin, Imperials got on top to boot the next four out of five goals to now lead by two points at the main break. The third quarter was hardly contested with Ramblers again getting the advantage. Girardi was continuing his big day out and Jarryd Weyland was dominating. With only one quarter to go, Ramblers held onto a 19 point lead. The final quarter didn’t reach any heights as Ramblers defence held strong to hold Imperials to just two goals as the Roosters won the game by 17 points. Best for Ramblers was Weyland and Girardi with his seven goals whilst for Imperials it was newcomer Tyson Wait.

Mannum kept up its pressure and moved into third position on the ladder as the Roos easily accounted for an under strength Tailem Bend. Mannum was never in doubt as in form James Smith and Josh Rosenzweig again started strongly. Mannum’s potent forward line got on top of the Eagles defence leading by 25 points at quarter time. the second quarter was a shootout as Tailem went out on the attack with playing coach Matthew Dent booting three first half goals. Unfortunately for Tailem the lead was extended as the Mannum forward line of John Wilkinson and Dwayne Krollig continued their good form. The third quarter was where Mannum showed why it’s one of the most improved teams in the competition as the Roos piled on 8.5 to just two behinds and extended their lead to 83 points. The final term didn’t get much better as Mullins joined in with Smith and Rosenzweig to get the margin over 100 points. Best for Mannum was Wilkinson with his six goals and James Smith.

The final match was again a blow out as Mypolonga easily accounted for Meningie, defeating the Bears by 71 points. Mypolonga got out of the blocks booting five goals early in the first quarter as Meningie didn’t have anyone to hold down full forward Brad Martin. Martin booted three goals by quarter time as the Tigers had a 13 point lead. The second term was similar to the first as again Martin and Sean Oatway continued their dominance. With Stuart Willis booting Meningie’s only goal for the term Mypolonga continued on its way with seven goal lead at half time. The third quarter saw Mypolonga’s defence hold strong as they restricted the Bears to one solitary point. John Oxborrow and Corey Smelt were taking good grabs and delivering the ball to Martin superbly. The final term saw Meningie restore some pride with two goals but the only target for the Tigers was Martin reaching double digits. Meningie never gave in but the fire power of the Tigers was overwhelming as Brad Martin was best on ground with ten goals as Mypolonga cemented their spot in the top five.

With the season almost half way through, there is a four way tussle for second position in what has been one of the most even competitions in seasons and with the exceptions of Meningie and Tailem Bend, the RMFL 2007 season is about to heat up.

Round Nine – June 2, 2007

Ramblers 12.14 (86) d Imperials 10.9 (69).

Best – Ramblers: J Weyland, J Dalwood, R Viney, L O’Neil, C Girardi, J Sykes. Imperials: T Wait, J Roberts, K Puckeridge, B Harrowfield, S Reddin. Goals – Ramblers: C Girardi 7, R Morris 2, A Jackson, L O’Neil, T Mathews. Imperials: B Shiel 3, L Harrowfield, M Sumner 2. A Temby, S Day, R Puckeridge.

Mannum 25.18 (168) d Tailem Bend 9.13 (67).

Best – Mannum: J Rosenzweig, J Smith, B Mullins, S Dabinett, A Knitschke. Tailem Bend: M McCleary, A Coombe, C Swansson, P Gabb, P O’Connell. Goals – Mannum: J Wilkinson 6, B Krollig 4, K Taylor, S Schwartz 3, B Quinn, J Rosenzweig, J Smith 2, R Davey, S Schlueter, B Mullins. Tailem Bend: M Dent 3, M Vickers, C Swansson, W Luckett, M McCleary, J Smith, R Kleinig.

Mypolonga 16.9 (105) d Meningie 4.10 (34).

Best – Mypolonga: B Martin, S Oatway, J Oxborcow, C Smelt, M Obom. Meningie: A Martin, E Smith, D Saddlier, S Willis, A Morris. Goals – Mypolonga: B Martin 10, S Oatway 2, S Jolley, J Oxborrow, T Eckermann, D Sumner. Meningie: L Rawlins 2, N Tee, L Trevorrow

TIGERS SCORE EASY WIN By Brendan Shakes….Tuesday May 29, 2007

Mypolonga kept up its pressure on the front runners of the competition with a comprehensive 112 point victory against winless Tailem Bend. Played at the Mypolonga Oval, Tailem was the first into attack but it was Mypolonga with the opening goal courtesy of former Eagle Corey Smelt passing to Joel Eckermann. Smelt then kicked the next two goals and by quarter time had a two goal lead. The second quarter was all Mypolonga as the tigers booted 8.7 to extend their lead to ten goals. Brad Martin and Smelt were dominant up forward as well as Lee Blake who bobbed up with six goals for the game. The third term was tightly contested with Tailem trying to get themselves back into the match but the Tigers midfield was too strong. The final quarter was again all Mypolonga as they slammed on another 9.9 to 2.0 from Tailem. Best for the Tigers was Sam Flinn, Nathan Creaser and James Pedler whilst for Tailem, Tony Hughes and Matt McLeary were their better players.

Over in Meningie, Ramblers kept the Bears to just one win for the season with a big 89 point victory. Starting the game off well was Ramblers with Ryan Morris, the O’Neil brothers and Adam Jackson stamping their authority on the game. By quarter time Ramblers had a five goal lead as they kept Meningie goal less. The second quarter didn’t get better for Meningie as again they were held goalless as Morris and Patrick O’Neil booted Ramblers to a bigger lead. By half time, the lead was 77 points and Meningie’s Coach Jamie Gibbs got stuck into his players. This baking from the coach gave something that Meningie could take out of the mach as they went goal for goal in the third term. The final quarter saw Ramblers boot another seven goals as Morris booted his seventh and O’Neil his sixth. Best for Ramblers was Ryan Viney, Ryan Morris and Patrick O’Neil.

The final game saw revenge for Jervois as they inflicted more pain on Imperials, defeating the Blues by eleven points at Johnstone Park. The first quarter saw Jervois get off to the perfect start booting away to a two goal lead. In form Bruce Hameister, who had kicked 24 goals straight in the past fortnight, broke the streak with a behind midway through the first quarter. The second quarter was the same only this time it was Imperials. Captain Matt Gogel was in the action booting goals from around the forward line. Youngster Jack Kluske kept full forward Brad Shiell under pressure for the whole game and did a superb job against one of Imperials best. Sam Mahony for Jervois was all over the ground in the first half as by half time his team was behind by seven points. The game was see-sawing as again Jervois got the upper hand in the third term with Mahony and Trevor Rigney dominating. The final quarter was evenly poised as Jervois had a lead of ten points. Unfortunately for Imperials, Kluske and the Bluds backline stood strong and withstood the comeback from Imperials that got them within a kick late in the game. Best for Jervois was Mahony with his five goals, Kluske and Rigney whilst for Imperials, their best was Matt Gogel, also with five goals as well as newcomer Tyson Wait.

Round Eight – May 26, 2007

Jervois 14.8 (92) d Imperials 12.9 (81).

Best – Jervois: T Rigney, J Kluske, S Mahony, B Woodhouse, T Hill. Imperials: M Gogel, T Wait, S Clayson, C Gerhardy, J Puiatti. Goals – Jervois: S Mahony 6, B Hamiester 2, S Crouch, J Lyon, J Jagodnik, B Schmidt, M Muller. S Braun. Imperials. M Gogel 5, M Sumner 3, B Shiell 2, C Gerhardy, R Eyre.

Ramblers 25,14 (164) d Meningie 10.15 (75).

Best — Ramblers: R Viney. R Morris, P O’Neil, J Dalwood, L O’Neil. Meningie: A Morris, S Willis, C Thorpe. D Rose, G Saddler Goals -Ramblers: R Morris 7, P O’Neil 6. L O’Neil 3, J Weyland, A Jackson, C Rigney 2 R Viney, T Pfeiffer, D Gross. Meningie: N Tee 3, L Trevorrow, L Rankine 2 A Stenner, D Rose. A Martin.

Mypolonga 25.21 (171) d Tailem Bend 8.11 (59).

Best – Mypolonga: S Flinn, B Martin, N Creaser, J Pedler, T McAlister. Tailem Bend: T Hughes, M McLeary, J Gerlach. B Klienig, M Vickers. Goals- Mypolonga: L Blake 6, B Martin, J Eckerman, S Flinn 4, C Smelt 3, S Oatway 2, J Fiegert, D Sumner. Tailem Bend: M Vickers 3, B Klienig 2, L Rowlands, J Gerlach, P O’Conner.  

MANNUM AGAIN CAUSE UPSET  By Brendan Shakes ….Tuesday May 22, 2007

Mannum again has caused another upset, this time against premiership contenders, Ramblers. Played away from home, Mannum got on top early with goals from Quinn and in form player James Smith, who was everywhere as the game was played in an attacking fashion. Ramblers captain Mark Marchetti set up the Roosters fourth but by the first break Mannum was in front by ten points. The second term was played in similar fashion, with Mannum booting four goals to two to extend their lead 25 points with Mannum getting strong teamwork from Smith, Warnest and Krollig. Ramblers came back strong with the use of the breeze in the third term with the O’Neil brothers combining well as well as Greg Stevens. The final quarter was a great scene for the big crowd as both teams booted twelve goals for the quarter. Krollig and Josh Rozenswig booted ten goals between them for the Roos including crucial goals in the final term as Mannum moved a game clear in third position to defeat Ramblers by 18 points.

In a game that expected heaps, it produced little as Jervois showed some of their form that has seen them win three premierships in a row. Mypolonga started the game with the breeze at their back and starting the stronger but it was Jervois ending the quarter with a ten point lead. Full forward Bruce Hameister was showing his presence, kicking a goal early in the second quarter and having six by half time. Jervois continued their run booting six goals and keeping Mypolonga goal less and extending their lead even further. The third quarter saw Jervois pile on another eight goals into the breeze whilst Mypolonga booted five. Both teams went for broke but Jervois had the class in the midfield and around the ground which made the difference in the game. The three quarter time lead was 69 points and was all over for the Tigers. Again with the aid of the breeze, Jervois put on the misery for Mypolonga as Hameister booted his ninth and Scott Crouch and Tyron Hill were winning possessions all over the ground. Best for Jervois was Crouch, Hill and Rigney whilst for the Tigers, Brad Martin and Sam Flinn were their better players.

The final game was at Taliem Bend as Imperials easily accounted for the Eagles, winning by 137 points. In what was expected to be a third goal win for Imperials, wasn’t it to be as the Eagles restricted Imps to a small lead at the first break. The Blues had too much class as Chris Gerhardy and Roger Pukeridge picking up possessions at their pleasure. The second quarter saw Imperials get on top of the Eagles with a seven goal term to establish a 58 point lead. The third term saw Tailem again struggle to boot goals as the Blues defence was too good for the Eagles. Imps forward line in Harrowfield and Day were getting the ball delivered on a platter as both extended their goal tallies. The final quarter showed Imperials were intent on improving their game as Brent Canaway got in the action with three goals whilst Harrowfield finished with seven and Day with five and ended up winning convincingly. For Tailem it was a long day with each of their grades losing against Imperials.

Round Seven scores – May 19, 2007

Imperials 26.12 (168) d Tailem Bend 4.7 (31).

Best — Imperials: C Gerhardy, J Puiatti, L Harrowfeld, R Eyre, R Puckeridge. Tailem Bend: P O’Connell, L Rowlands, M Vickers, P Gabb, T Kowald. Goals -Imperials L Harrowfield 7, S Day 5, C Gerhardy 4, B Canaway 3, M Gogel 2. J Roberts, R Puckridge, R Eyre, A Temby, E Newell. Tailem Bend: M Vickers 2, T Farmer, T Downs.

Mannum 20.14 (134) d Ramblers 17.14 (116).

Best – A Nitschke, F Gladigau, D Krollig, B Wakefield. Ramblers: R Viney, D Mathews, G Stevens, J Dalwood, L O’Neil. Goals – Mannum: D Krollig 6, J Rosenzweig, B Quinn 4, J Wilkinson 3, J Smith, K Taylor, S Schwertz. Ramblers: L O’Neil 4, M Marmetti; A Jackson 3, R Morris 2, P O’Neil, T Mathews, T Pfeiffer, C Weyland, R Viney.

Jervois 24.14 (158) d Mypolonga 10.6 (66)

Best: Jervois – S Crouch, T Hill, T Rigney, J Lyon, S Fidge. Mypolonga – B Martin, S Flinn, N Creaser, B Rowley, J Eckermann. Goals: Jervois – B Hamiester 9, T Hill, D Stimpson 3, T Rigney, M Moller 2, S Mahony, W Mason, S Crouch, J Lyon, J Jadganik. Mypolonga – B Martin 4, L Blake 2, J Pedler, S Flinn, C Wells, T Oxborrow

Round Six – May 12, 2007

Mypolonga 16.9 (105) d Mannum 12.7 (79).

Best — Mypolonga: J Pedlar, S Flinn, K Traeger, R Martin. Mannum: A Nitschke, S Harte, J Smith, B Quinn. Goals -Mypolonga: R Martin 6, KTraeger, M Wynne 3, L Blake 2, S Flinn, C Wells. Mannum: D Krollig 4, J Smith 3, A Warnest 2, M Reichstein, K Taylor, P Reschke.

Jervois 39.17 (251) d Tailem Bend 4.7 (31).

Best — Jervois: B Schmidt, B Hammiester, J Lyon, S Crouch. Tailem Bend: L Rowland, P Gabb, R White. Goals – Jervois: B Hamiester 15, R Schmidt 5, J Lyon, S Mahony 3, S Crouch, T Hill 2, D Stimpson, R Jarvis, M Moller. Tailem Bend: W Lucketi, C Swannson, T Linde, J Karpany.

Imperials 27.20 (182) d Meningie 4.9 (33).

Best – Imperials C Gerhardy, R Edwards, L Harrowfield, D Newell. Meningie: E Smith, N Tee, C Thorpe, A Morris. Goals — Imperials: S Day 8, L Harrowfield 5, R Edwards 3, M Gogel, J Thoman. R Puckridge, D Newell, B Harrowfield, C Gerhardy. Meningie: N Tee 2, S Willis, L Rankin.

Round Five – Saturday May 5, 2007

Jervois 23.13 (151) d Meningie 10.5 (65).

Best – Jervois Z Ewer, J Jagodnik, B Schmidt, J Lyon, M Miller. Meningie: B Martin, P Reichelt, C Thorpe, T Saddlier, G Saddlier. Goals – Jervois: B Hamiester 8, T Hill 4, W Mason 3, S Mahony 2, T Rigney, Z Ewer, R Jarvis, B Schmidt, J Jagodnik, M Moller. Meningie: L Rankine 5, J Rigney 2, B Martin, M Greenwood, A Cunneen.

Mannum 16.9 (105) d imperials 14.12 (96).

Best – Mannum: J Smith, B Quinn, B Wakefield, S Dabinett, D Walker. Imperials: L Harrowfield, P Newell, A Temby, C Caire, T Wise. Goals – Mannum: B Quinn 4, J Smith 3, A Warnest, J Wilkinson 2. D Mullins, R Davey, D Krollig, D Cooper, S Schartz.

Ramblers 13.19 (97) d Tailem Bend 8.13 (61).

Best – Ramblers: R Morris, R Vlney, J Weyland, T Pfeiffer, M Marchetti. Tailem Bend: D Hogarth, A Gregurke, L Rowlands, P 0’Connell, M Vickers. Goals – Ramblers: R Viney 3, A Jackson 2, L O’Niel, D Matthews, P 0’Niel, C Weyland, M Marchetti, T Pfeiffer, J Weyland, C Rigney. Tailem Bend: M Vickers 2, W Luckett, C Swannson, T Kowald, T Downs, M Krueger, A Gregurke

RAMBLERS WASH AWAY MYPOLONGA    by Brendan Shakes       Tuesday May 1, 2007

 Torrential weather conditions didn’t stop Ramblers handing out a 47 point victory over Mypolonga. With the ground covered in puddles of water Ramblers used the football best in the conditions. It was Mypolonga that started off well with Kent Traeger opening the Tigers account and then was followed up with a major from Matt Wynne. After some good play from Ty Pfeiffer, Ramblers were back in it and when Cowland snapped his first by quarter time Ramblers were up by 16 points. The second quarter was a scrap with only one goal kicked, coming off the boot of Ryan Viney. At half time, the amount of water on the field was of concern for the umpires as they approached the coaches about the situation. The third quarter was similar to the second with a single goal being kicked, this time by Tony Juergens. The game was beginning to get out of Mypo’s reach as they finally registered their fourth goal, courtesy of Matt Carmen but it was Ramblers, deserved winners on the rain soaked day with their best players being Marchetti, Viney and Liam O’Neil.

At home, last years premiers Jervois defeated an improving Mannum to narrowly win by four points. Mannum started the strongest with two early goals to establish a two goal lead. By the break, Jervois had come back to be within five points of the Roos. The second quarter was a hard slog with rain pelting the oval as Jervois were the only team to score a goal and that goal was enough to give Jervois a one point lead. The second half was more physical with both Jervois and Mannum tackling hard and applying pressure on their opponents. The final term was evenly poised with just three points between the two clubs. Late in the term, Mannum’s Robin Davey put the Roos in front but the final blow was from Tyron Hill who kicked the winning goal. Hill also kicked three goals and was in Jervois’ best whilst for Mannum it was Brad Wakefield and Josh Rozenswig.

The final match was between winless teams Meningie and Tailem Bend with Meningie coming out with a twelve goal win. Both teams fought hard in the first term with both sides booting two goals each but it was the Bears with a slender one point lead. The second term was where Meningie blew the game wide open with the Eagles being held to one goal as Meningie’s kicked six goals to have a 33 point lead at the main break. The third quarter was similar to the second with another five goals to Meningie with Laurie Rankine showing his presence. The final term saw Tailem run out of legs as the Bears defence held Tailem goalless whilst kicking another four goals to finish the game off and give some confidence heading into next week. Best for Meningie along with Rankine was Evan Smith, Neil Tee and Adam Morris while for Tailem Bend it was Andrew Coombe and Brendan White who were in their best.

Round Four – Saturday April 28, 2007

Jervois 8.15 (63) d Mannum 8.11 (59).

 Best – Jervois: J Jagodnik, R Jarvis, T Hill, Z Ewer, B Woodhouse. Mannum: B Wakefield, J Rosenzwieg, S Harte, J Smith, B Quinn. Goals -Jervois: T Hill 3, S Mahoney, Z Ewer, R Jarvis, S Crouch, D Stimpson. Mannum: R Davey, B Quinn, A Warnest 2, J Wilkinson, D Mullins.

Meningie 17.12 (114) d Tailem Bend 6.5 (41).

Best – Meningie: E Smith, N Tee, A Morris, A Stenner, A Martin. Tailem Bend: A Coombe, B White, M McLeary, C Swanson, J Schultz. Goals – Meningie: L Rankine 5, E Smith, T Rigney, W.A. Rigney 2, C Thorpe, A Stenner, M Greenwood, A Martin, T Hastings, A Morris. Tailem Bend: D Ackland, M Vickers, J Busell, B Carey, W Luckett, T Kowald.

Ramblers 11.7 (73) d Mypolonga 4.2 (26).

Best – Ramblers: L O’Neil, R Viney, M Marchetti, P O’Neil, T Mathews. Mypolonga: J Eckermann, K Traeger, N Greaser, S Flinn, J Pedlar. Goals – Ramblers: R Viney 2, M Marchetti, C Rigney, P O’Neil, T Lowland, D Mathews, L O’Neil, T Pfeiffer, T Jurgens, J Weyland. Mypolonga: K Traeger M Wynn, S Jolly, M Carman.


Wednesday April 25, 2007

In what that has been a resurgence over in Mannum, the Roos continued their winning ways with a comprehensive 147 point victory at home over Meningie. With gun players in Warnest, Wilkinson and Quinn booting 24 goals between them Meningie was confined to sit at the bottom of the ladder. Mannum won the toss and kicked with the breeze and it helped as Mannum set up at quarter time a 39 point lead at the break. The second term was evenly fought but still Mannum’s midfield was too much and by half time the game was all but gone for Meningie. It didn’t get much better for the Bears as another eighteen goals were piled on including twelve in the third as by the final siren, Mannum had scored over 200. Best for Mannum was obviously Ben Quinn, Shane Harte, Johnny Wilkinson and Andrew Warnest whilst Bill Watkins and Laurie Rankine were in Meningie’s best.

At Le Messuriur Oval, Ramblers were overrun by last year’s premiers Jervois. In a tight match, both teams tried to gain the ascendency as the game went goal for goal. Both midfields were scrapping it out with Jervois’ Ewer, Hill and Rigney continually sending the ball deep into their forward 50. By half time both teams were still in it with Ramblers holding a small three point lead. The third term was much the same with Ryan Morris and Ty Pfeiffer for Ramblers both were playing well but Jervois were starting to get on top kicking three goals into the wind to set up an intriguing final term. The final term saw Jervois finally get on top with goals from Brion, Hameister and Jagodnik as well as keeping Ramblers to just a late goal and won a tight fought match by 13 points.

In what was seen as match of the round, Imperials again got out of trouble winning against an improved Mypolonga to win by just a solitary point. The first quarter was intense as both teams tackling were superb. Mypolonga started well with kicking the first three goals before Imperials Seyers replied with his first. By quarter time Mypolonga had built a small 10 point lead. The second term was a repeat of the first as Imperials began to get on top but with a strong defence, Mypolonga were able to hold off some attacks but by half time the lead was now in Imperials favour, leading by 3 points. Mypolonga once again got the edge over the Blue keeping them to just one point whilst kicking another four goals. The final term saw Imperials with a slight breeze boot four goals and when Harrowfield put them in front. The game was on edge of your seat action. The last thrust into attack was well held by the Imperials defence as the siren sounded and Imperials stayed undefeated.

Round Three – Saturday April 21, 2007

Jervois 12.11 (83) d Ramblers 9.16 (70).

Best – Jervois: D Lawrie, Z Ewer, T Hill, J Kluske, S Crouch. Ramblers: T Mathews, R Morris, J Dalwood, T Pfeiffer. Goals – Jervois: S Mahony, B Hameister, J Zagodnik, W Mason, Z Ewer 2, M Brion, F Hull 1. Ramblers: D Vogt, T Mathews, T Juergens, C Rigney, P O’Neil, J Sykes, A Jackson, R Viney, R Morris 1.

Mannum 31.15 (201) d Meningie 8.6 (54).

Best – Mannum: S Parts, A Warnest, K Taylor, B Quinn, J Wilkinson. Meningie: B Watkins, M Tee, A Martin, T Hastings, A Morris. Goals – Mannum: A Warnest 9, J Wilkinson 8, B Ouinn 7, S Schwartz, M Connolly, A Sinkinson, J Rosenzweig, P Reschke, J Smith. KTaylor 1. Meningie: L Rankine 3, N Tee 2, M Greenwood, B Watkins, G Saddlier 1.

Imperials 12.11 (83) d Mypolonga 13.4 (82).

Best – Imperials: S Day, M Gogel, S Clayson, R Puckeridge, L Harrowfield. Mypolonga: J Eckermann, J Pedlar, K Traeger, S Flinn, M Lindner. Goals – Imperials: L Harrowfield, M Sumner 4, M Seyers, S Day, R Eyre, J Thoman 1. Mypolonga: B Martin 4, J Eckermann 3, J Fiegert, S Oatway 2, L Blake, K Traeger 1.


By Brendan Shakes……..Wednesday April 18, 2007

The match between traditional rivals Ramblers and Imperials lived up to its standards with Imperials overcoming a fast finishing Ramblers to win by just 5 points. Imperials were without key forward Brad Shiell but kicking with a three goal breeze opened up a small 11 point lead. The second quarter saw a barrage of attacks coming from the Ramblers midfield however the Imperials defence repelled most attacks but gradually wore down by the half time break, it was now Ramblers with the 11 point lead. In a bold move by Coach Tony Fielke, his key player in Matthew Seyers, was moved up into the forward lines and with this change came immediate results. Seyers ended up with 5 goals for the term as Imperials piled on nine goals to two to set up an enticing match. With Ramblers kicking with the breeze their power forward in Adam Jackson got on top and began to run riot ending up with nine goals for the match but when Vogt cut the margin to under a goal, the game had finished and kept Imperials undefeated record in tact.

Over in Tailem Bend, Mannum opened its season with a strong performance over the Eagles, coming out 20 point victors. Kicking with the breeze in the first quarter, Mannum was soon under pressure as Tailem’s midfield was everywhere on the park but three unanswered goals late in the term gave the Roos a small nine point lead. Like the first, the game was closely fought with both teams going goal for goal and the margin was only five points to Mannum by half time. Mannum began to get on top but its goal kicking let them down and gave a glimmer of hope for Tailem Bend heading into the final term. Unfortunately for the Eagles, their pressure on the Roos wasn’t enough as Mannum came out 20 point victors with Matt Connolly and Ben Quinn in the best for Mannum.

The final match was at Mypolonga with the Tigers hosting Meningie. It wasn’t a good start for the Bears as their defence was under pressure from the first bounce with Mypo forwards Brad Martin and Lee Blake kicking three goals each in the first quarter. The game seemed all over for Meningie by the first term, being held to just two behinds whilst having seven goals piled against them. Even though the pressure was already on Meningie battled on and kicked six goals of their own in the second quarter to trim the lead back to less than 35 points. Like the first quarter, Mypolonga used the breeze to their advantage kicking another six goals to put the match beyond doubt. The final quarter was a percentage booster as the rampaging forward line of Mypolonga was all too much for Meningie as six goals from Martin and Blake and five each for James Fiegert and Dean Sumner resulted in a 93 point win for the Tigers.

RIVER MURRAY – Round Two, April 14 2007

Mypolonga 25.12 (162) d Meningie 10.9 (69).

Best – Mypolonga: S Oatway, N Greaser, J Pedlar, I Eckermann, L Blake. Meningie: A Martin, A Stenner, A Morris, E Smith, G Saddlier. Goals – Mypolonga: B Martin 6, L Blake 6, D Sumner 5, J Fleger 5, S Flinn, K Traeger, J Eckermann. Meningie: L Rankine 3, M Carmen 2, T Hastings, A Stenner, B Austin, A Martin, T Saddlier.

Imperials 18.11 (119) d Ramblers 17.12 (114).

Best – Imperials: M Seyers, S Dreckon, R Puckridge, J Puiatti, M Gogel. Ramblers: A Jackson, T Pfeiffer, R Morris, J Weyland, T Mathews. Goals – Imperials: M Seyers 7, L Harrowfield 3, A Temby 2, R Arye 2, J Puiatti, R Edwards, D Newell, M Gogel. Ramblers: A Jackson 9, D Vogt 2, M Marchetti, R Viney, J Sytkes, J Weyland, D Matthews, L O’Neil.

Mannum 14.20 (104) d Tailem Bend 12.12 (84).

Best – Mannum: S Schwartz, S Harts, K Taylor, A Knitschke, B Quinn. Tailem Bend: P Gabb, M McLeary, J Fackle, B White, M Krueger. Goals – Mannum: S Schwartz 4, R Quinn 3, J Wilkinson 3, P Rescke, D Walker, M Connolly, K Taylor. Tailem Bend: W Luckett 4, J Bushell 3, D Karpany 2. J O’Connell, A Coomba, Carey 1.

SEASON KICKS OFF IN STYLE      April 4, 2007

By Brendan Shakes

The RMFL football season kicked off for 2007 last Saturday with Imperials avenging some of the nightmares of last years grand final to overcome last years premiers Jervois. Played out at Jervois Oval, Imperials got off to a flying start restricting the Bloods to just four points whilst kicking four goals of their own. The second quarter was tightly contested with both teams going goal for goal and by the halftime break, the Blues had a handy 15 point lead. Like the first quarter, Jervois was again restricted to just four points as Imperials kicked ahead with Michael Sumner, returning from injury booting two goals. The final quarter put pressure on Imperials defence as Jervois cut down the lead with a six goal final term yet it wasn’t enough as Imperials came out 17 point winners.

Over at Tailem Bend, the improving Mypolonga Tigers easily defeated the Eagles by 40 points. In a game that was overshadowed by the grand final replay over the other side of the river, Mypolonga showed its strength over Tailem to extend their margin from the first break to over five goals by half time. However with ex-Western Bulldog player Matthew Dent at the helm as a playing coach, the Eagles flew back to hold the Tiger goalless in the third quarter and left the last quarter evenly poised for both sides. With it anybody’s game, Mypolonga’s coach Peter Milsom fired up his chargers as they overcame a persistent Tailem Bend and defeated the Eagles comfortably with Mypolonga’s Brad Martin kicking six important goals.

The other game was a one sided affair at Le Messurier Oval with finals contenders Ramblers flogging Meningie by 177 points. The star of the day was Ramblers full forward Clint Girardi bagging eleven goals. It didn’t start well for the Bears as they were kept to just two behinds in the first half, allowing Ramblers midfield to run riot and give plenty of opportunities to their forwards. By half time the game was already over with Ramblers leading over 17 goals. Meningie showed some spirit in the third quarter with one of their younger players Nick King, booting two of his team’s three goals for the quarter. The last quarter saw Girardi booting four goals and Ramblers piling on the misery for the young Bears.

SCORES: Round 1 – Saturday March 31

Imperials 13.11 (89) d Jervois 10.12 (72).

Best-Imperials: R Puckridge, M Sumner, D Newell, C Gerhardy, M Gogel. Jervois: W Mason, L Richards, K Richards, J Lyon, D Lawrie. Goals – Imperials: L Harrowfield 4; R Puckridge, M Sumner 2, A Temby, T Wise, M Seyers, S Reddon, R Eyre. Jervois: B Hamiester 3; T Burkett 2; R Woodhouse, S Mahony, W Mason, T Rigney, Z Ewer.

Ramblers 30.19 (199) d Meningie 3.4 (22).

Best -Ramblers: T Paech, J Weyland, C Girardi, R Viney, T Matthews. Meningie: A Stenner, E Smith, A Martin, A Morris, T Heating. Goals – Ramblers: C Girardi 11, R Viney 4; A Jackson 3; D Vogt, L O’Neil, R Morris 2; I Paech, J Dalwood, T Pfeiffer, R Bretag, J Weyland, P O’Neil. Meningie: N King 2; M Turner.

Mypolonga 15.14 (104) d Tailem Bend 10.4 (64).

Best – Mypolonga: N Creaser, J Eckermann, S Flinn, K Traeger, J Pedlar. Tailem Bend: A Coombe, T Downs, C Swanson, P Gabb, J Northcote. Goals – Mypolonga: B Martin 6; J Eckermann 4; S Flinn 2, D Sumner, N Creaser, T Naughton. Tailem Bend: M Dent, B Carey 3; D Karpany, C Swanson, A Coombe, J Linda.

Thursday February 22, 2007


For the first time in the history of the Jervois Football Club their senior A grade side will be vying for a fourth straight premiership. After breaking its premiership drought in 2003 with a win over Imperials, Jervois then went about demolishing Tailem Bend the following year by over twenty goals and finally last year overcoming a slow start to come home with a wet sail booting nine goals in the final quarter to overcome Imperials once again and take home a third straight flag.

The coach of all three premierships and current senior coach of the year Tim Richards believe that their chances at a fourth premiership in a row are quite good. “The clubs expectations are as high as possible but for the season were aiming for top three,” says Richards. With the only major retirements being 2005 Patrons Medal winner David Scholz and Ben Pyman, Jervois is keeping much of its core group from last year and with their junior colts also tasting success in 2006, the future is looking bright out at Jervois.

One of the bigger challenges for Richards and his side in continuing on this dynasty is to continually set the team new challenges and goals throughout the season as well as keeping the players self motivated and keeping their focus on the season ahead. When asked about any weaknesses that his side has, Richards replied that the defence need a bit of improvement especially with their leg speed but admitted it could only come from hard work.

One of the clubs that has a genuine chance of ruining Jervois’ claim for four in a row is the Ramblers Football Club. The coach of Ramblers, Anthony Weyland, also believes that his side is capable of reaching the grand final but it will come if the players are willing to improve on last years achievement. In the preliminary final leading up to confrontation with Imperials, Ramblers missed its chance narrowly losing to Jervois in the penultimate final by a solitary point.

With Ramblers losing no players through retirement and gaining some quality players that are returning from both leagues in the Mallee and in Adelaide, Ramblers will be looking to be still playing football into September.

When asked how his side can overcome the Jervois juggernaut, coach Weyland believed that matching up on the experienced players will be important as well as the usual tussle in the midfield with the Roosters having the O’Neil brothers and Greg Stevens and Jervois boasting Mail Medallist Zac Ewer and Best on Ground in last years grand final Tyron Hill.

Richards believes the teams that will give Jervois a challenge in 2007 will be Imperials who are regularly in the finals race as well as the fast improving Ramblers, with Richards believing Mypolonga could be a dark horse. When Weyland was also asked about who will be the teams playing in this years finals, he believes that along with Jervois and Imperials that Mypolonga will be there as well as a Mannum side regaining some key players from their 2002 premiership.

When asked about the strength of the league both coaches believed that the league has slightly improved on last year but even before a ball has been bounced its hard to judge. Usually the three teams that are regularly making the finals will be Imperials, Jervois and Ramblers leaving the other six teams battling for the remaining two finals spots and this will continue in 2007.

With Jervois having contenders such as Ramblers and Imperials as well as Mypolonga, this year will be just as difficult if not the hardest for Jervois to make club history in winning four premierships in a row.