18.14 (122)





5.7 (37)

COBDOGLA has claimed its third successive Independent football premiership, crushing Lyrup by 85 points. The premiership was the crowning glory f or Eagles coach Rod Hankin, who has said he will not be coaching the club in 2009. The game was a dour battle for the first three terms, with Lyrup just  remaining in the hunt as the Eagles built to a 35 point lead at the final change. A nine goal final term saw the Eagles charge to an easy win, leaving the Lions in disarray. Duthie Medallist Brad Horsell was the architect of the victory, setting up play in the midfield and kicking five goals himself. Darrell Tilbrook was the other major goalscorer with six majors to his name. Steve Raeder’s effort to hold key forward Anthony Lippis to just one goal had him in contention for best on ground status. Also playing well for the Eagles were Leon Henderson and Rob Smyth. Best for Lyrup was the redoubtable David Grenfell, talented Nathan Gregory and defender Tom Wood. The match is understood to have signalled the final game of Lions stalwart Shane Healy, who has been a fine representative of his club. In the colts grand final, Moorook-Kingston won its first ever premiership in that grade, defeating Lyrup by just seven points in a thrilling contest. The Lions led by 25 points at quarter time but could not stop the Warrior surge led by Brenton Reid, Alex Rapisarda and Brad Kahl. Zac Bates and Dylan Johnson were the Lions’ best.

Best: Cobdogla – S Raeder, B Horsell, D Mitchell, L Henderson, R Smyth. D Tilbrook. Lyrup – D Grenfell, N Gregory, T Wood, B Hill, K Karpany, S Huddleson. Goals: Cobdogla – D Tilbrook 6, B Horsnell 5, K Sampson 4, J Wegener, L Wegener, L Henderson. Lyrup – N Willmott, A Lippis, G Taylor, J Abdulla, S Watson


Cobdogla v Lyrup  at Wunkar

FOR the second year in a row, Cobdogla and Lyrup will match up in the Independent football grand final. At Wunkar on Saturday, the Eagles will be shooting for their third straight premiership, while the Lions haven’t won the flag since 2004. Although comfortably the league leader, Cobdogla will not go into this match underestimating Lyrup – the only club to have beaten it this season. Lyrup is a chance to take out this match but runners such as Nathan Gregory, Adrian Abdulla Junior and Jim Abdulla cannot expect the same latitude they have received from opponents in the past two weeks.

Cobdogla play with discipline and football smarts and will man up tighter than either Paringa or Moorook-Kingston did in the previous two finals. The Eagles have midfield talent in abundance with Duthie Medalist Brad Horsell leading the pack. Dyllan Clarke, Luke Hefford and Rob Vagg all have good skills as well. Containing that crew and making some space for themselves will be the key to Lyrup winning this game. Each side has forward options galore, with Darrell Tilbrook and Kym Sampson the leading options for Cobby and Nathan Willmott and Anthony Lippis up front for Lyrup. The goalkicking contest will be a game within a game, as both sides have some strong and flexible defenders who like to run the ball out of defence. Lyrup battle hard but at this stage Cobdogla has the runs on the board and we have to tip them to clinch a third straight premiership. In the colts match, Moorook-Kingston will edge in as favourites against Lyrup in the premiership decider. Captain James Leach, association best and fairest Matt Raison and Dylan Spencer will be the Warriors players to watch, while Lyrup has Travis Wilson, Zac Bates and Allan Penola as potential game breakers.

Preliminary Final – August 30, 2008





22.14 (146)





12.9 (81)


THE Independent preliminary final will be intriguing. There is no love lost between the Swans and the Lions and both are coached by first year chiefs. Jeff Hayes’ Lyrup did it easy in the first semi-final compiling a massive 47 scoring shots, the Lions won by 100 points, while Mark Dittmar’s Paringa fought a pitched battle against Cobdogla. The match is to be played at Moorook, which will suit Paringa who have plenty of talls in Lee Rasheed, Nathan and Jason Rover, Jay Reudiger and Michael Arnet to block up the spaces. Andy Lloyd and Roy Grenfell are good runners who work hard. Simon Sumner is ready to break out with a swag of goals and the big atmosphere of the finals is sure to suit him. On the other side of the ledger, Lyrup have a balance of quick and strong players. Ken Karpany, Adrian Abdulla Junior and James Abdulla are all very busy around the ground but won’t receive the same latitude as they did in the semi.  Matthew Recchia, Nathan Gregory and Scott Huddleston have been great for Lyrup this season.  Lyrup’s forward talls Nathan Willmott and Anthony Lippis aren’t the only avenues to goal but will need support as the likes of Ruediger, Rover and John Clohesy defend very well.  This game could go either way and could have its tense moments – if we have to pick anyone, it’s Lyrup. But that’s no certainty. The Colts preliminary final features Lyrup and Cobdogla. Lyrup has been the form side all season and features some talent in Allan Penola, Travis Wilson and the elusive Zac Bates, who is a star of the future. While Cobdogla, playing in patches, has proved it is more than able to match it with the top sides thanks to Rohan Axon, Tyson  Maynard and Josh Finn. Cobdogla to win.

 2nd Semi Final – August 23, 2008





17.11 (113)





15.9 (99)

Best – Cobdogla: L Wegener, H Vagg, D Crowe. L Henderson, D Mitchell, L Hefford. Paringa: C Baxter. N Rover, J Clohesy, M Lacey. M Arnet, J Rover. Goals — Cobdogla: D Tilbrook 5, R Vagg. K Sampson, L Wegener 3. J Wegener 2, L Hefford. Paringa –  N Rover 8, L Rasheed 2, S Sumner, S Lehman. N Schumann. L Gadaleki. M Arnet.

1st Semi Final – August 24, 2008





23.24 (162)





9.8 (62)


Second Semi-Final (Saturday at Lyrup)

Cobdogla v Paringa

THIS will be a good match between two sides who will not back down when the going gets tough. There’s plenty of finals history between these two teams in recent seasons and the boys on each side will have those contests in their memories as the game unfolds. Paringa may have the ascendancy in the ruck contests with various options to take on Cobby youngster Caleb Brown who has grown as a player this season. Waiting at the foot of those contests though are Cobby’s Brad Horsell and Damien Crowe, two very good midfielders. Whether Andy Lloyd can control their use of the ball from the centre remains to be seen. The Eagles are expecting the return of in Darrell Tilbrook (suspension) and have welcomed back Kym Sampson (injury) as well – adding to an already strong structure. The battle between coaches Rod Hankin and Mark Dittmar is not one to be underrated either, both are canny men and won’t want to be outdone by the other. This should be a battle of wills – we’ll pick Cobodogla because of its good record over past  seasons.

First Semi-Final (Sunday at Paringa)

Lyrup v Moorook-Kingston

TO the outsider, this match should be a no-brainer – Lyrup to win. The Lions have had a good season and have runners all across the ground, while injuries to key players has meant the Warriors have hobbled into the finals. Lyrup has inflicted Cobdogla’s only loss this season and comfortably beat Moorook the last time the two teams met. However, at no point this season has Moorook-Kingston played the football of which it is capable. The Warriors match up reasonably well in the midfield against Lyrup, although the likes of Adrian Abdulla Junior are always hard to contain.

It is possibly Lyrup’s forward line that poses the biggest problem – with skipper Nathan Wilmott and Anthony Lippis adding size, while James Abdulla and Ken Karpany add pace and crumbing smarts. Wingmen Roger Taylor and Todd Griffen will need to pay close attention to their opponents to prevent the ball going forward. The Lions go in favourites, believing they are a premiership threat this season and should win.

Round 17 – August 16, 2008

Cobdogla 31.22 (208) d Browns Well 9.6 (60).

Best -Cobdogla: S Raeder, R Vagg, L Hefford, C Brown, D Mitchell, K Sampson. Browns Well: R Charles, K Thiele, S Gillett. B Sharrad, L Singh, C Wall. Goals – Cobdogla: S Raeder 10, J Wegener, K Sampson 5, D Hill 4, C Brown, L Hefford 2. R Smyth, R Vagg, Z Walker. Browns Well: A Smith, B Sharrad, R Charles, T Beck, A Lippis, P Flavel, C Scholz.

Lyrup 19.17 (131) d Wunkar 6.10 (46).

Best – Lyrup: M Recchia, K Karpany B Dillon, A Abdulla Jnr, J Abdulla, D Grenfell. Wunkar: S Hucks, N Allan, S Schulz, T Hucks, D Bewley, D Evans. Goals – Lyrup: N Wilmott 7, A Abdulla Jnr 4, A Lippis, G Taylor, J Abdulla 2, K Karpany, G Lloyd. Wunkar: T Schultz, S Hucks, F McLoughlan, S Schultz, S Gray, D Evans.

Moorook/Kingston 14.15 (99) East Murray 3.7 (25).

Best – Moorook: R Taylor, D Waywald, T Voigt, D Vander Wolde, B White, T Elliott. East Murray: J Payne, D Zadow, C Johns, S Rover, A Kakashke, A Hissey. Goals – Moorook/Kingston: R Taylor 6, R McLean 3, P Vee 2, D Coulsen, D Maddon, R Morelle. East Murray: A Hissey, J Berger, J Payne.


East Murray v  Moorook-Kingston

 AFTER holding off Wunkar in the last round, Moorook-Kingston will be hoping to take consecutive wins into the first week of the  finals. The Warriors will travel out to the Mallee Oasis to take on the Tigers and will have everything to play for. With Travis Voigt back in the side and Todd Rivers capable of dominating the ruck, Moorook holds several very big aces, while Dion Madden is a good target up front. East Murray is coming off a forfeit and will be keen to send club legend Dave Francis off on a winning note. Jeremy Payne and Steve Rover are very good players, as is Craig Johns. However, if Moorook comes to play, it’s hard to see the Tigers getting up, Warriors to go in early  favourites.

Brown’s Well v Cobdogla

THIS weekend will end another torrid season for the Bombers. The club has improved socially by all accounts but initially that doesn’t win you too many games. Hopefully if the club can keep Kane Stocker and Brian Hampel on board, that social atmosphere will attract a few more players out next season. Cobdogla will have little sympathy for Brown’s Well and will be out to win by as big a margin as possible as it builds for a third consecutive premiership. Brad Horsell could poll best on ground votes in this one and seal the Duthie Medal, if he hasn’t already, while Caleb Brown will get some more valuable time in the ruck – as he will be integral to the Eagles’ premiership hopes.

Wunkar v Lyrup

THE Bulldogs showed some development this season but their finals hopes were completely ended last week in the rain at Moorook. They too will be looking to next year, confident of having some recruits from Pinnaroo already signed up. For now, they have one more match of 2008 and it is against Lyrup, a side they’ve troubled previously. This time around though, despite the best efforts of Daniel Evans, Simon Hucks and Jason Griffiths, we should expect Lyrup to come out all guns blazing. Ken Karpany, skipper Nathan Willmott, canny veterans Sam Lloyd and Shane Watson will all be urging their younger team-mates on to a consistent four quarter effort prior to the finals.

Round 16 – August 9, 2008

Moorook/Kingston 10.14 (74) d Wunkar 9.4 (58).

Best – Moorook/Kingston: R Pietrolaj, T Rivers, T Voigt, P Mitchell, T Graetz, N White. Wunkar: S Hucks, N Allen, L Evans, J Griffiths, S Gray, B Albrecht. Goals – Moorook-Kingston: D Madden 5, R Taylor 2, A Hogg, S Uren, P Milcherll. Wunkar. N Allen, S Hucks, J Griffiths, L Evans, S Schultz, D Evans, B Lines, P Wilson, Bennell.

Cobdogla 13.10 (88) d Paringa 9.12 (66).

Best – Cobdogla: C Brown, B Horsell, Z Walker, L Henderson, D Crowe, R Vagg. Paringa: A Lloyd, N Schuman, J Rover. M Arnet, S Hisey, N Rover. Goals – Cobdogla: B Horsell 3, D Starkey, J Wegener, L Wegener 2, R Vagg, S Raeder, L Hefford, S Williams. Paringa: A Forbes. S Lehmann 3, C Turner, C Baxter, N Schumann.

East Murray forfeited to Lyrup.


Cobdogla v Paringa
THIS is a preview for the second semi-final in a fortnight’s time.  How each club will play this game will depend on their individual strategies leading into the major round. Paringa faces the bye in the final minor round, meaning it can’t take top spot from the Eagles. Will Paringa or Cobdogla want to show all of their cards in this game that is worth nothing more than pride at this point of the season? The Eagles will go in without Darrell Tilbrook at the goal front, while Ben Thomas may still be under an injury cloud. However, the Eagles have proven time and time again that they are versatile and have plenty of scoring options. Luke Hefford and Robbie Vagg work through from the midfield, while Lyndon Fridd can also provide a target. These players hold little fear for Paringa, as coach Mark Dittmar would be confident of matching up  right across the ground. Nathan and Jason Rover are capable of playing at both ends, while Jay Rudiger is one of the most flexible defenders going around. Shannon Hissey and Andy Lloyd are also good players. It’s going to come down to footy smarts and these two experienced outfits have plenty of that. We can’t pick a winner.
Moorook-Kingston v Wunkar
ROUND 16 will prove a vital contest for both the Warriors and the Bulldogs. The Bulldogs have completed half of their mission of winning their last four games to make the finals. But the Warriors can completely shut the door on their rivals if they score a win. The lollies have been shared with one win each this year. Moorook will be hoping to snare a second win against Wunkar on their home ground and in front of a large crowd in attendance for the annual Captain’s Day players’ reunion. Darran Van der Woude will lead from the front, while Roger Taylor will hopefully return from injury.
Dion Madden and Damien Gelvens should also return, giving Moorook some much needed additional depth, while Tom Graetz and Matt Cooper will need to maintain their recent form. Daniel Evans, Shane Schulz and a revitalised Lincoln Evans will be doing their best to collect a win.
Support players Dale Bewley and Shaun Kempster have been more consistent this season and will take some matching up on. If Wunkar is to have a chance of playing in the finals, it will need to win and win big to gain some valuable percentage.
Lyrup v East Murray
EAST Murray’s slim mathematical hopes of playing in the finals were extinguished by Wunkar last weekend so now the visitors will be playing only for pride. Lyrup is unlikely to have any sympathy for the plight of the struggling Tigers though. The Lions consider themselves a strong chance of winning the flag in 2008 and coach Jeff Hayes will have his charges focusing on the task ahead this week. Ken Karpany, Adrian Abdulla junior and
Brendan Hill have been in good form of late, while Anthony Lippis has been showing plenty of leadership at half forward and occasionally even further down field. It is hard to see any bright spots coming up for East Murray and it  will be under siege from the opening bounce. Craig Johns has had a good year, as has Jeremy Payne, while defender Graeme England always gives his all. If a revved up Lyrup does not win by 20 goals, East Murray will have had a victory, of sorts.
Round 15
 – August 2, 2008





32.21 (213)

Browns Well




8.4 (52)

Best – Paringa: S Hissey, J Ruediger, N Schumann, S Sumner, N Rover, A Lloyd. Browns Well: R Charles, P Flavel, S Gillett, A Flavel, A Lipacis, S Hyde. Goals – Paringa: N Rover 8, S Lehmann 6, C Turner, S Sumner 5, A Forbes, L Gadaleta, S Hissey 2, A Lloyd, L Rasheed. Browns Well: B Sharrad, T Victor 2, A Flavel, P Flavel, CAllan, R Charles.





20.18 (138)

East Murray




8.11 (59)

Best – Wunkar: L Evans, S Kempster, D Bewley, S Gray, D Evans, S Hocks. Goals – Wunkar: S Scholtz 6, B Lines 4, D Evans 3. L Evans, S Hocks, A Martin 2, J Griffiths. East Murray: J Payne 4, D Fuss, M Stasinowsky, J Berger, S Tylor.


East Murray v Wunkar

 WUNKAR holds slim hopes of playing finals football in 2008. The equation is simple – there are three games left, the Bulldogs must win all of those if they are to see some major round action. Their 123 point win over Brown’s Well sends a warning out to Wunkar’s three remaining opponents East Murray, Moorook-Kingston and Lyrup. It’s a tough ambition but not impossible, so Daniel Evans, new found forward target Angus Martin, Simon Hucks and Sean Gray will have a big month ahead of them. East Murray on the other hand also faces the same opponents in the last matches of the minor round but its poor percentage will preclude it from finals action this season. However, Dave Francis, Craig Johns, Jeremy Payne and their team-mates will want to show there’s still plenty of bite left in the Tigers. East Murray would like nothing better than to completely end their neighbour’s finals aspirations but it’s hard to tip against the Bulldogs, even away from home.

Paringa v Brown’s Well

SADLY this will be a very one sided contest with Paringa running out comfortable winners. Brown’s Well was far from disgraced in its performance against Wunkar, booting 11 goals. However, this week will be a different matter, with the Swans keen to dominant as they warm up for the finals. Lee Rasheed has been a handy late season inclusion for Paringa, while Christo Turner and Lenny Gadaleta have also added some increased firepower. But it is Paringa’s midfield that will do the most damage Andrew Lloyd loves a dash through the middle and is clever with his use of the ball. Matt Lacey and John Clohesy also lead a sturdy defence. So what of the Bombers? They will battle hard and hopefully their younger players Pat Flavel, Josh McDonald and Nattapol Manglesdorf will pick up some tips from the opposition. Those players are going to form the backbone of any future Brown’s Well teams.

Round 14 – July 26, 2008

Cobdogla 32.13 (205) def Moorook-Kingston 4.5 (29).

Best – Cobdogla: Brown, B Horsell, A Vagg, A Smyth, S Raeder, Williams. Moorook-Kingston: T River, D Van D Woude, J Roberton, T Graetz, J Munn, D Hogg. Goals – Cobdogla: S Raeder 10, R Vagg, B Horsell 4, Henderson, 0 Starkey 3, L Wegener, R Smyth 2, Brown, D Heinicke, S Williams L Hefford. Moorook/Kingston: A Pietrolat, J Munn, L Pride, T Voigt

Wunkar 29.23 (197) d Browns Well 11.8 (74).

Best – Wunkar: D Evans, A Martin, S Hicks, S Gray. Brown, N Allan. B·Well: K Thiele, R Chaples, C Wa P Flavell, N Manglesdort, A Smith. Goals ~ Wunkar: A Martin 9, L Evans, 0 Evans 5, 8 Lines 4, S Huck, S Gray 2, N Brown, N Allen. B·Well: A Smith 5, McDonald 2, L Braun, R Chales, B Sharrad, J Evans

Paringa 19.7 (121) d Lyrup 17,11 (113).

Best ­Paringa: A Lloyd, M Lacey, N Rover, L Rasheed, King, J Clohesy. Lyrup: A Westley, G Taylor, Grenfell, B Kaesler, J Wood, N Gregory. Goals ­Paringa: L Rasheed 7, C Turner 4, L Gadaleta 2. Lloyd, J Rover, M Arndt, B King, N Rover, S Lehmal Lyrup: A Lippis 6, G Taylor 5, J Smedley, J Abdul Jnr, S Lloyd, S Healy, N Gregory.


Lyrup v Paringa

This contest could clearly shape the destinies of Paringa and Lyrup as they head into the Independent finals in a month’s time. Both teams are coming off comfortable wins against lesser opposition in the last round. A victory for Paringa should shore up the double chance, while a Lyrup win will keep it in the hunt. It should be an exciting contest as both sides are free scoring and have plenty of scoring options. Lyrup’s win over Brown’s Well offers plenty of evidence on that front with Ken Karpany and Adrian Abdulla kicking 19 goals between them, proving the club doesn’t just rely on Nathan Wilmott and Anthony Lippis to score. Brendan Hill provides drive from the middle, while Scott Huddleston is a flexible player around the ground. The Swans also have plenty of runners, while their height, particularly around half forward and half back makes them very dangerous. Nathan Gregory could have his hands full trying to cover the mobility of Nathan Rover. Matt Lacey has proved to be a deceptively talented defender and with Nick Dillon gives his side movement from the back. It’s a big game and hard to pick – toss of the coin job.

Cobdogla v Moorook-Kingston

The last time these two sides met the Eagles handed the Warriors a 30 goal flogging on their home ground. It’s hard to see a flagging Moorook outfit picking up a win against the Eagles – leaving it without a win against a top four side in the second half of the season. Best players for the Eagles last week were Brad Horsell, Damien Crowe and Luke Hefford.

It is this midfield core that will give the Eagles plenty of run and will see Moorook’s hard working defence having to lift the ante. The Warriors have the talent to take it to Cobdogla if they switch on but will need a full complement of players to inflict the necessary damage. Ryan Madden, Lewis Pride and Travis Voigt were sorely missed last week, while defender Joe Abdulla would also be a welcome addition to the side if fit. Skipper Darran Van der Woude always give his all each week, while Ryan Pietrolaj offers a target up forward. Cobby should still win as it starts to prepare for another finals surge.

Wunkar v Brown’s Well

Brown’s Well is yet to win a game this season. It has won one in the past four. The Bombers last victory was in 2007, against Wunkar – the team it faces this weekend. If the Bombers are to collect a win from this season, it has to be this weekend as Paringa and Cobdogla will be their last opponents. Brown’s Well has a wonderful club spirit and it will need to harness every bit of that spirit and provide major support for Russ Charles and Kane Thiele if a win is to be recorded.

Pat Flavel and Josh McDonald have been surprise packets for the Bombers and will require some respect from the Bulldogs who should go in favourites for a win. Daniel Evans has been an outright star for the Bulldogs and his skills plus quiet demeanour could see him in line for the Duthie Medal at the end of the season. Brett Lines has been good up forward, while Shane Schulz is always hard to stop. It’s a close call but Wunkar should have too much strength for Brown’s Well.

Round 13 – July 19, 2008





32.13 (205)

East Murray




7.9 (51)






42.19 (271)

Browns Well




8.6 (54)

Best: Lyrup – A Abdulla jnr, K Karpany, J Abdulla. Browns Well – R Thiele, R Charles, S Grillett. Goals: Lyrup – A Abdulla jnr 10, K Karpany 9, A Lippis 5, N Willmott, J Abdulla, S Lloyd 3, D Grenfell, A Abdulla snr, I Smedley, C Taylor 2, S Huddleston. Browns Well – not available





19.16 (130)





10.10 (70)

Best: Paringa – N Rover, N Dillon, C Bower. Moorook/Kingston – D Maywald, J Robertson, T Griffin. Goals: Paringa – S Sumner 4, S Lehmann, K Rasheed 3, C Turner, J Rover 2, S Hissey, T Jackson, C Baxter, A Lloyd, N Reed. Moorook/Kingston – J Loxton 3, R Pietolaj 2, D Maywald, R McLean, J Robertson, B Smith, T Graetz.


Moorook-Kingston v Paringa

 THE Warriors were gallant in defeat last week to Lyrup despite having the wood over the Lions in recent years. Aside from the final margin being merely eight points, the Lions had 12 more scoring shots than Moorook-Kingston, and that will be worrying for the Warriors. Their defence will have to strengthen up against the Swans who  come off the bye.While Paringa tend to share a lot of the scoring, Stephen Lehmann and Jason Culbertson regularly feature in the scorers book and will have to be watched closely.  Michael Krueger and Brendan King have also been performing well for the Swans of late and will deliver some drive to the Swan’s attacking movements. The Warriors have proved themselves a free-scoring side when on song, Rob McLean, Jarrod Loxton and Travis Voigt all chipping in regularly. Todd Van Dyk in the ruck has struck form and pending availability should free up other Moorook-Kingston talls to push further up the ground or deeper into defence.

Should be a close one with the Warriors at home, but Paringa are a form side and will be hard to beat.

East Murray v Cobdogla

WHILE Darren Tilbrook continues to rain goals, Cobdogla will continue to win and expect nothing less here. The Eagles have maintained a near perfect season sitting pretty at the top of the table with nine wins and just the one blemish. This week they face the Mallee drive to meet East Murray in what looms as a dangerous fixture to the Tigers’ percentage.Given they are a few games out of the four this probably doesn’t matter but the boys from the bush are a proud mob and won’t want to give this one up easily. The Tigers are coming off their second win of the season and in doing so have leap frogged Wunkar into fifth spot on the ladder. Congratulations also goes out to David and Tony Francis who recently celebrated their 300th and 250th games respectively. Back to the upcoming match and Darren Zadow has been leading from the front along with Craig  Johns and captain Justin Boughen.

Youngster Zac Kirk has also been elusively impressive so far this season and looks a likely prospect in the future for the Tigers. However, the Cobdogla boys are the benchmark of the league and will severely test the depth of the Tigers.Midfielders Brad Horsell and Robbie Vagg continue their brilliant season in the midfield and should be hard to stop.Can’t see the Eagles dropping this one too easily.

Brown’s Well v Lyrup

The Lions have renewed their faith in their 2008 campaign with a workman like victory over dangerous Moorook-Kingston last week. Lyrup still hang on to the top two sitting in third on the ladder and can only keep winning until one of the two slip up and re- establish their chances at the double chance. Poor Brown’s Well are languishing at the bottom of the ladder and will need some sort of miracle to contain the Lions’ forward line. Statistically, they’re the most free scoring team in the league and with two of the league’s top three goal kickers in Anthony Lippis and Nathan Willmott, the Bomber’s defence faces a big day ahead of them. Kane Thiele and Nattapol Mangelsdorf had good games for the Bombers in their close loss last week and will need to replicate that same form.

Much of the scoring workload falls on the shoulders of Russell Charles who regularly attracts the opposition key defender and is again likely to do so this week. There’s not much more the Bombers can do to win this one other than continue with the same endeavour they had last week.

Overall, Lyrup have a fairly solid side and should take this one relatively easily.

Round 12 – July 12, 2008

Lyrup 16.22 (118) d Moorook/Kingston 17.9 (111).

Best – Lyrup: M Recchia J Wood, T Wood, A Abdulla, D Grenfell, Westley. Moorook: T Rivers, L Pride, J Loxton, D van Der Woulde, T Van Dyke, T Graetz. Goal~ – Lyrup: N Willmott 4, A Lippis, S Huddleston 3. J Smedley, S Lloyd 2, J Abdulla, S Watsor 1. Moorook/Kingston: J Loxton 7, L Pride 3, R McLean D Madden 2, T Voigt, M Cooper, D van Del Woude.

East Murray 8.13 (61) d Browns Well 5.11 (41).

Best – East Murray: Darren, C Johns, Z Kirk, A Schulz, J Borger. Browns Well: K Thiele, N Mangelsdor!, 0 Wall, G Patterson, S Gillett, L Sangster. Goals – East Murray: S Rover 4, J White, A Hissey, 0 Francis, J Payne. Browns Well: R Charles, J McDonald, Aiden, A Smith, S Hyde.

Cobdogla 26.13 (169) d Wunkar 8.8 (56).

Best – Cobdogla: B Horsel, D Crowe, A Vagg, L Fridd, 0 Mitchell, L Wegner. Wunkar: 0 Evans, J Griffiths, N Allan, A Lawrence, J Farr, T Schulz. Goals – Cobdogla: D Tilbrook 8, R Vagg 6, R Smyth, B Horsel, 0 Starky 2, S Williams, S Raeder ,0 Grove, Damien, P Hilf, C Brown. Wunkar. L Evans 3, B Martin, F McLoughlin, S Shultz, 0 Evans, B Lines.

Round 11 – July 5, 2008

Paringa 16.11 (107) def Wunkar 14.10 (94).

Best – Paringa: N Rove; S Summer, J Clohesy, M Kruger, S Hissey, I Dillon. Wunkar: S Hicks, B Miles, 0 Fielke. ( Evans. S Kirkbright, B Walker. Goals – Paringa: S Summer. S Lehmann 5, L Rasheed 2, r Schumann, J Rover, Jay. Wunkar: S Schulz 4 B Walter 3. S Gray 2, C Evans. L Evans, ~ Kirkbright, B Miles, T Hicks.

Cobdogla 26.21 (181) d Browns Well 3.5 (23).

Best – Cobdogla: B Horsell, R Vagg, Darrell Tilbrook, J Crowe. J Wegener. L Wegener. Browns Well: ­Beck. C Wall, K Thiele. J McDonald, S Gillett T Victor. Goals – Cobdogla: D Tilbrook 14, J Wegener 7, C Brown, S Raeder. L Wegener, C Crowe. L Henderson. Browns Well: A Smith, J Flavel. J Evans.

Moorook-Kingston 14.9 (93) East Murray 11.15 (81).

Best – Moorook/Kingston: J Madden. 0 Van Der Houde. R Pietrolaj, T Rivers D Maywald, B Smith. East Murray: M Kirk, J Waschter, S Rover, M Stasdowsky, R Schultz DHein. Goals – Moorook: D Madden 8, 0 Selven. J Loxton 2. M Raison, M Cooper. East Murray: 0 Zadow 3. J Borer. S McKenzie. S Rover 2. M Griffiths. J Kirk. J Payne.

Round 10 – June 28, 2008

Moorook Kingston 16.27 (135) d Browns Well 6.7 (43).

Best – Moorook Kingston: P Mitchell, T Van Dyk, T Voigt. Browns Well: T Beck, R Charles, P Flavel. Goals – Moorook Kingston: D Maddern 6, J Munn 3, J Loxton 2, D Maywald, A Hass, R Pietrozej, P Mitchell, B Smith, D Van De Woude, M Cooper. Browns Well: T Beck, A Smith 3.

Paringa 27.16 (162) d East Murray 3.3 (21).

Best – Paringa; A Lloyd, B King, M Kruger. East Murray, Z Kirk, D Heir, M Smith. Goals – Paringa: S Lehmann, L Gadaleta 6, B King, L Rasheed 3. A Lloyd, J Rover 2, C Baxter, S Hissey, R Grenfell. Goals – East Murray: J Burger 2, A Hesey.

Lyrup 27.27 (189) d Wunkar 13.10 (88).

Best – Lyrup: S Healy, N Gregory, A Abdulla, D Grenfell, J Wood, J Abdulla, Wunkar: N Allen, T Hucks, D Bevans, J Griffiths, B Lines, B Marion, Goals – Lyrup: A Lippis 8, A Abdulla 5, J Abdulla 4, N Wilimott, K Kardany, D Grenfell 2, B Hill, N Gregory, J Smedley. J Wood. Wunkar B Lines 4. L Evans 2, N Allen, A Martin, N Brown, S Schultz. D Evans, P Wilson, R Heinrich.

Round 9 – June 21, 2008

Lyrup 30.21 (201) East Murray 9.13 (67).

Best- Lyrup: A Abdulla, N Gregory, B Hill, J Abdulla, K Karpeny, D Grenfell. East Murray: S Roder, J Payne, F Zadow, M May, G England, R Tonkin. Goals – Lyrup: J Abdulla 7, A Lippis 6. K Karpeny 5, N Willmont 4, A Abdulla. S Lloyd 3, D Grenfell, S Hosiery. East Murray: J Payne 3, S Williams 2, M Stasinowsky, M May, Z Kirk, 7 Collins.

Cobdogla 22.9 (141) d Paringa 9.8 (62).

Best -Cobdogla: D Tilbrook, D Crowe, L Fridd, B Horsell. L Henderson, R Smyth. Paringa: B King, N Schumann, S Sumner, A Lloyd, L Gadeleta, N Rover. Goals – Cobdogla D Tilbrook 9, L Wegener 4, B Horsell, R Vagg 2, S Raeder, L Hefford, B Thomas, J Wegener, D Clark. Paringa: L Gadeleta 3, C Baxter, A Lloyd, S Sumner, T Jackson, A Giles, M Arnet.

Moorook/Kingston 14.14 (98) d Wunkar 10.10 (70).

Best -Moorook/Kingston: D Gelven, T Rivers, R Pietrolaj, P Mitchell, J Munn, R Taylor. Wunkar –  S Hooks, D Bewley, S Gray, S Kempster, D Evans, B Lines. Goals – Moorook: R Taylor 4, R Peitrolaj 3, T Voigt 2, J Robertson, A Hogg, M Raison. P Mitchell. Wunkar – B Lines. S Schulz 3. S Rose. A Marton, S Gray, L Evans.


Match of the round:   Paringa v Cobdogla – For the second week in a row Cobdogla will be facing a team keen to show them who’s boss. Last week it was Lyrup that was triumphant over the Eagles – can the Swans leave an imprint as well? Both teams have strong running midfields and good tall and small forward options. Brad Horsell and Luke Hefford are stars for Cobby, while Andy Lloyd and Roy Grenfell have pace to burn for the Swans. Up forward Simon Sumner and Darrell Tilbrook will be focal points for their respective teams, while David Kiely’s recent performances will see him receiving additional attention. At this point it is hard to separate these two teams, who are very strong rivals. The deciding factor will be Cobdogla’s desire to avoid losing two matches in succession. It’s been a long time since this happened.  

East Murray v Lyrup – It can be a long trip home from East Murray if you lose to the Tigers but all going to plan it should be a happy ride for the Lions this week. They head to the Mallee Oasis on top of the world after inflicting Cobdogla’s first loss of the season. Nathan Gregory is a talent worth watching, while recruits Johnathon Wood and Scott Huddleston are coming into their own. Veteran Scott Watson is also in good form again. East Murray is also in winning form and will throw everything it has at Lyrup. Brian Parsons and Jeremy Payne are good running players, while veteran Fred Zadow always puts up a good contest. However, Lyrup should have all the running in this contest.  

Wunkar v Moorook-Kingston – Two teams licking their wounds from last start losses. Two teams looking to play finals football. Two teams which will be giving their everything to win this weekend. The midfields look about even at this point, so it will depend on the forward set-ups and whether each side can get their full teams out on the field. Shane Schulz and Daniel Evans were predictably the best players for Wunkar in their loss to East Murray. Shaun Kempster, Brett Lines and the freakish Sean Gray also played well. Moorook has had two weeks off and will be hoping the break has provided a fresh outlook on things. Coach Trav Voigt should be back, while Dion Madden could also make a return. Roger Taylor will be keen to impress against his former club this time around. It’s hard to pick a victor at the moment but if the Warriors can blanket the dominance of Schulz and Evans they can win.

Round 8 – June 14, 2008

Lyrup 18.14 (122) d Cobdogla 16.11 (107).

Best – Lyrup: N Gregory, S Watson, J Wood, S Huddleston, J Abdulla. B Dillan. Cobdogla: Z Walker, B Horsell, L Henderson, D Tilbrook, B Thomas, S Hibberd. Goals – Lyrup: N Willmott 6, J Abdulla 4, A Abdulla 3, K Karpany. A Lippis 2, S Huddleston. Cobdogla’. D Tlllbrook 6. B Horsell 4, J Wegner, S Raeder 3.

Paringa 25.10 (160) d Browns Well 11.13 (79).

Best – Paringa. D Kiely, R Grenfell, M Lacey, J Ruedlger, S Hissey. A Lloyd. Browns Well, R Charles, P Flavel. T Beck, D Well, K Thiele, R Singh. Goals – Paringa – M Dittmar 7, D Kiely 5, C Baxter 3, M Arnet, A Giles, N Rover 2, T Jackson, S Summer, N Shuman. A Lloyd. Browns Well A Smith 4. R Singh, P Flavel 2, R Charles. R Beaumont, C Scholz.

East Murray 20.16 (136) d Wunkar 18.12 (120).

Best – East Murray – B Parsons, J Payne, D Zadow, J Bouchon, S Rover, Z Rier. Wunkar S Schulz, D Evans, S Kampster, B Hines, L Evans, S Gray. Goals – East Murray’. S Williams 5. Z Kirk, R Winen 3. T Collins, I McBoy 2, R Tonkin, R Parsons, B Parsons. Wunkar: S Schulz 4, S Gray, D Evans 3. T Schulz, N Allan, S Bigglns, S Kampster. M Hall, L Evans. B Lines, P Wilson.


Match of the round:   Lyrup v Cobdogla – This match will tell Lyrup where it is in season 2008. Lyrup is motoring along without being spectacular but the old saying goes beware of sleeping lions… After a week off, Jeff Hayes should have his team all rested and ready to go against a rival it has a strong antipathy for. Nathan Gregory was good against Paringa and will be ready to hit his straps, while with Anthony Lippis and Nathan Willmott up forward the Lions have strong attacking options. Meanwhile, Cobdogla is expected to reshape its own forward lines with Kym Sampson out for an operation. It is not bad when you can replace a full forward with a century goalkicker like Darrell Tilbrook. Ten Eagles played in last weekend’s interleague contest against Mid Murray but their fitness should see them through. Rob Smyth and Rob Vagg will be handy additions to the team, after missing the pummelling of Moorook-Kingston prior to the break. Lyrup’s midfield with Adrian Abdulla among the principles will need to fire and maintain energy against a hard running midfield – that will be the decisive factor in this contest.  

Wunkar v East Murray –   The path to a finals berth in 2008 for Wunkar will be rocky but if it is to play in the major round a victory over a struggling East Murray will be an imperative. Both sides had only one interleague player on the weekend and will be well rested for this battle of the Mallee. Shane Schulz and Daniel Evans will be the irresistible forces that East Murray must stop if it is to score its second win of the season and maintain some hope of making the finals. It is hard to see the Mallee Tigers doing this. The return of Tony Schulz has also been a positive for the Bulldogs – giving their attack more diversity and allowing small forward Brett Lines some more latitude. Jeremy Payne, Craig Johns and Shane Edwards are going to have to get their running shoes on to rip through Wunkar’s midfield if the Tiges are to win.  

Brown’s Well v Paringa –   This result should be a lay down misere with the visiting Swans to be comprehensive victors. Sadly for the beleaguered Bombers, Paringa have shown no mercy against the sides in the bottom half of the ladder. Their forward and midfield options creating a multitude of scoring opportunities that have resulted in some big scores. Ball carrier Andy Lloyd, Roy Grenfell and Nathan Rover are midfield aces, while David Kiely will need to have an increased presence this week due to the absence of suspended Jason Culbertson. Tyson Beck, Russell Charles and Brian Hampel, if available, loom as the men who will be required to star for the Bombers if they are to put up a good show.

Round 7 – May 31, 2008

Paringa 13.19 (97) d Lyrup 10.11 (71).

Best – Pairinga: J Ruediger, N Rover, M Kruger, D Dimitijenic, M Lacey, K Aston. Lyrup: N Gregory, J Smedley, D Grenfell, S Watson, T Wood. M Recchu. Goals – Paringa. K Aston, Lenny Kadaleta, A Lloyd, T Jackson 2, D Kiely. J Cubertson, R Grenfell, S Lehmann, M Amet. Lyrup: N Willmott 5. K Gabel 2, A Lippis, K Karpany, J Wood.

Wunkar 18.17 (125) d Browns Well 10.13 (73).

Best- Wunkar. K Pfitzner, S Hucks. D Evans, S Schulz, J Griffiths, L Evans. Browns Well, B Hampel, P Flavel. R Charles, T Beck, T Hoffmann, C Wall. Goals – Wunkar. S Schulz 7, T Schulz 4. S Gray, D Evans, B Lines 2, S Kempster.

Cobdogla 32.12 (204) d Moorook•Kingston 4.10 (34).

Best – Cobdogla: D Crowe, L Henderson, K Sampson, Z Walker, B Thomas. D Heinicke. Moorook-Kingston: B Smith, D Hogg, D Maywald,  T Rivers, T Elliott, R McLean, M Cooper. Goals – Cobdogla: K Sampson 9, J Wegener 6, D Tilbrook 5, L Henderson 4, B Horsell 3, D Heinicke, S Raeder, L Wegener. Moorook-Kingston: M Leach 2, A Hogg, R McLean


Match of the round: Paringa v Lyrup – For the second week in a row, the Swans will be playing to hold on to second place. A smooth system of running the ball forwards and waiting for the right option to present itself saw Paringa swamp Moorook-Kingston for three quarters in the last round. Only the absence of Nathan Rover in the last term allowed the Warriors in. A co-ordinated defence and large and medium forward size options give the Swans a significant advantage also. On the other hand, Lyrup will have revived some confidence with a comprehensive win over Brown’s Well. The return to form of Adrian Abdulla and the presence of James Abdulla and Ken Karpany, neither of whom played last season, has also given the Lions some extra momentum. Nathan Willmott and Anthony Lippis will provide a challenge for Swans defenders Jay Reudiger, John Clohesy and Daniel Dmitrijevic. Lyrup have the propensity to start slowly if they are not switched on – they cannot afford that this week. It will be an enthralling contest either way.

The other games:

Moorook-Kingston v Cobdogla – For all of Moorook’s much vaunted home ground dominance, the Warriors haven’t beaten the reigning premiers in three seasons. However, the last contest between the pair was last year’s second semi-final, at Moorook, which required extra time. The Eagles have looked a little off colour in recent rounds but would be exuding self belief after a belting of East Murray. Kym Sampson has given Cobby a second forward target and will be hard to stop, while the midfield of Deane Mitchell, Brad Horsell and Damien Crowe is hard to stop. Warriors captain Darran Van der Woude and his defensive compadre Joey Abdulla were sensationally resilient against Paringa and will play a major part in the Warriors’ hopes, while their centreline will need to be alert to the ever present dangers from Cobby’s running players. It will most likely be a tough day for the home side.

Brown’s Well v Wunkar – The Bombers famously defeated Wunkar last year to win their first game in several seasons. Could we see another upset in 2008? If the Bulldogs see themselves as serious finals contenders this season, they won’t allow that to happen. Brown’s Well could only manage four goals against Lyrup, severely denting their pride.  This week they will need to kick at least 15 goals to beat the Dogs – finding those majors could be problematical. They will be relying on regular contributors Russell Charles, Brian Hampel and Callan Wall to get the ball moving forward. Meanwhile, the rested Dogs will be keen to score a second win for the season with Daniel Evans, Tony Schulz and the additional height of Nick Kossatch, if he plays, important factors. Wunkar should win and do it comfortably.

Round 6 – May 24, 2008

Paringa 16.10 (106) d Moorook/Kingston 12.12 (84).

Best Paringa: B King, D Kiely, D Dimitrijevic. J Ruediger. J Clohesy, R Grenfell. Moorook: D Vanderwade, J Munn, T Griffin, L Pride, D Maywald, P Mitchell. Goals – Paringa. D Kiely 4. J Culbertson, S Lehmann, K Aston. M Arnet 2, C Baxter, A Giles, S Hlssey, R Grenfell. Moorook: J Loxton 5, T Vast 3, T Elliott R McLean, R Taylor.

Cobdogla 34.24 (228) d East Murray 9.4 (58).

Best – Cobdogla: K Sampson, D Mitchell, D Tilbrook, B Horsell, D Crowe, Z Walker. East Murray: R Tonkin. D Zadow, J Roughen, A Kakockse, J Payne. M Stasinowsky. Goals – Cobdogla. K Sampson 12. D Tilbrook 5. L Hefford 4, J Wegener, B Horsell. D Hill 3, D Clarke, S Raeder, D Crow, B Thomas East Murray. S Wlllams 3. S Olsen, T Collins 2, J Boughen, G England.

Lyrup 32.25 (217) d Browns Well 4.6 (30).

Best Lyrup. A Abdulla, J Abdulla, K Karpany, D Grenfell, M Recchia, N Willmott. Browns Well, B Hampel, R Charles, C Wall, D Wall, J Summer, A Smith. Goals – Lyrup: N Willmott 10: A Lippis, A  Abdulla 5, J Abdulla, G Taylor, S Healy 2, D Grenfell, S Lloyd, B Hill, H Rudd, K Karpany, S Huddleston. Browns Well, J Summer 2, C Wall, R Charles.


Match of the round: Paringa v Moorook-Kingston – With one loss each, this contest will give the victor second spot and increased confidence about its premiership chances. After a first round glitch, Paringa has been rampant winning three consecutive games (prior to last weekend’s bye). But they haven’t just been winning them – the opposition has been poleaxed by a running midfield and a high scoring forward line headed by Jason Culbertson. Moorook on the other hand has done just enough to get over East Murray and then Lyrup in consecutive weeks and has struggled to field the same side week in, week out. Todd Rivers, a league medallist when he was with Paringa, has been building up steam in recent weeks, while the Warriors have found several scoring options from a trio of forwards. Defenders Joe Abdulla and Darrin Van der Woude have had some tough gigs in recent weeks and they will again need to be on their toes for the Warriors this week. Well rested and with Jason and Nathan Rover expected to be in the side together, along with Nick Dillon again finding his feet, Paringa should run out winners. Their home ground advantage will be an added bonus.

Lyrup v Brown’s Well –  The Lions will be disappointed with their last start loss – they certainly had the firepower to match Moorook but lacked intensity for the whole match, by which time it was too hard to pull the contest back. Coach Jeff Hayes won’t allow that to happen two weeks running and will have his boys pumped for the first bounce against a still winless Brown’s Well. Aarod Westley is almost a quarterback for the Lions, setting up play well, while Jason Smedley is also a young talent. Only the most optimistic Bombers fan could predict a victory. The boys from Paruna will win one eventually but it won’t be this week.

Cobdogla v East Murray – The Eagles are home again and should be comfortable victors over the Mallee Tigers who scored their first win for the season in their last start. Cobdogla are getting plenty of drive from recruits Brad Horsell, Rob Smyth and Damien Crowe, while Robbie Vagg and Leon Henderson continue to find plenty of space. East Murray would be hopeful of matching the Eagles with Craig Johns finding some form and Sam Olsen playing well but will find doing so for four quarters a tough ask. One suspects the Eagles won’t need a three quarter time rev-up from coach Rod Hankin to get them over the line this week.

Round 5 – May 17, 2008





19.14 (128)





11.4 (70)

Best: Cobdogla – L Henderson, B Horsell, D Crowe, R Smyth, S Hibberd, B Thomas. Wunkar – S Schulz, S Kempster, T Hucks, D Fielke, J Farr, D Evans. Goals: Cobdogla – D Tilbrook 6, B Horsell 4, K Sampson 3, L Henderson 2, L Hefford, S Raeder, R Vagg, D Clarke. Wunkar – S Schulz 4, S Rose, B Lines 2, L Evans, J Griffiths, D Evans.

East Murray




16.11 (107)

Browns Well




9.9 (63)

Best: East Murray – C Johns, J Payne, B Parsons, R Parsons, Z Kirk, G England. Browns Well – B Hempel, R Charles, S Gillett, C Wall, P Flavel, T Victor. Goals: East Murray – S Olsen 4, J Payne 3, T Collins 2, B Parsons, Z Kirk, S Williams, J Berger, C Johns, G England. Browns Well – R Charles 3, S Baun, A Smith 2, P Flavel, M Crisp.





18.8 (116)





11.15 (81)

Best: Moorook/Kingston – T Rivers, T Griffin, T Elliott, T Voigt, R McLean, J Abdulla. Lyrup – J Smedley, J Wood, D Grenfell, A Westley, K Karpany, G Taylor. Goals: Moorook/Kingston – T Voigt 8, R McLean 5, M Leach, D Maywald, R Taylor, D Gelven. Lyrup – N Willmott, A Lippis 3, J Abdulla 2, G Taylor, K Karpany, D Grenfell.


Match of the round:  

East Murray v Brown’s Well – With both sides residing winless at the bottom of the ladder, this is a vital game. The Tigers have their second consecutive home game and will be hoping this provides a big advantage in a must win game. They also made the finals last season, with a side not dissimilar to the one they’re putting on the park now – the Tigers aren’t as bad as their results have suggested. However, the Bombers put up one of their best performances against Cobdogla of recent years and would be feeling confident of pulling off an away win. Rod Tonkin’s muscle in the middle proved to give East Murray some drive in last week’s game against Moorook-Kingston, while youngsters Shane Williams and Jeremy Payne were flighty. Barry Kaesler’s six goal cameo is unlikely to be repeated, with the booming kick returning to Tanunda, meaning majors from Williams and Payne will become even more important. For Brown’s Well, the ruck contest (Brian Hampel and Kane Thiele) with Steve Rover will be a major guide to their hopes. If the rucks can deliver the ball to the Brown’s Well smalls, avoiding the Tigers’ bigger bodies, the Bombers could take the advantage. Russ Charles is always a factor for opposing teams, while Ryan Singh is providing a target and Scott Gillett always give his all. Sadly, this probably will not be enough for the Bombers to break their season duck with East Murray’s home ground advantage providing the difference.  

Cobdogla v Wunkar – The Eagles’ Nest plays host to Wunkar this weekend in what should be marked off as another win for the reigning premiers. You can always rely on the Bulldogs providing a good honest contest, but their lack of depth often comes back to hurt them and this should be the case against Cobdogla. The Eagles will have too many runners (Damian Crowe, Robbie Vagg, Luke Hefford) for the Dogs to counter, while Wunkar’s midfield gun Daniel Evans will have plenty on his plate countering Brad Horsell. Kym Sampson’s move up forward adds another dimension to Cobby’s game and they should have no problem accounting for the visitors.  

Moorook-Kingston v Lyrup – The Warriors are back on track after a loss in round two but will they have enough petrol tickets to run with Lyrup? The Lions have opened out the season well and are fresh coming off a bye in round four. While Lyrup have picked up some recruits, it’s the familiar faces who are doing well for them at the moment – David Grenfell, Adam Caputo, Anthony Lippis and Ken Karpany. For Moorook, they will need to produce a four quarter effort if they are to take the points. Todd Rivers and Roger Taylor have been good pick-ups, while Damien Gelven made a big impression in his first game with the club. This one should be too close to call – if the Warriors play four quarters.

Round 4 – May 10, 2008





23.26 (164)





4.5 (29)

Best – Paringa: R Grenfell, J Culbertson, A Lloyd. Wunkar: L Evans, N Kossatch, D Evans. Goals – Paringa: J Culbertson 6, S Lehmann, N Rover 3, A Giles, D Heinrich, M Kruger 2, N Schummann, A Lloyd, D Keily, B King, T Jackson. Wunkar: L Evans 2, T Schulz, B Meyers.





15.20 (110)

Browns Well




6.11 (47)

Best – Cobdogla: L Wegener, K Sampson, D Grove. Browns Well: R Charles, R Singh, S Gillet. Goals – Cobdogla: K Sampson 6, B Horsell 4, M Goldfire, L Wegener, D Hill, R Smy1h, L Henderson. Browns Well: R Singh 3, R Charles, P Flavel, C Patterson.





20.13 (133)

East Murray




13.20 (98)

Best – Moorook: R Taylor, J Munn, D Gelven. East Murray: R Torin, S Williams, B Kaesler. Goals – Moorook: R McLean, D Gelven 5, T Rivers, M Leach 2, R Patrolo, B Smith, J Robertson, J Munn, T Voigt, R Taylor. East Murray: B Kaesler 6, S Williams 4, B Parsons, J Boughon, J Payne.

Round 3 – May 3, 2008





32.32 (224)

Browns Well




7.5 (47)

Best – Paringa. A Lloyd, S Lehmann, S Hissey, N Rouck, J Culbertson, A Tripney. Brown’s Well: S Reichstein, T Beck, R Charles, L Sinyl, A Flavel, M Crisp. Goals Pairinga: J Culbertson 7, S Lehmann 5, A Giles 4, D Kiely 3, M Arnet, N Rover, M Kruger, R Grenfell 2, N Schuman, A Tripney, B King, A Lloyd, B Adamcyzk. Brown’s Well: S Brown 3, S Reichstein 2. M Crisp, J Summer.





35.21 (231)

East Murray




8.7 (55)

Best – Lyrup: S Huddleston, N Willmott, A Lippis, K Karpany, A Caputo, D Grenfell. East Murray: J Payne, M Smith, S Rover, S Williams, R Tonkin, R Parsons. Goals – Lyrup: N Willmott 11, S Huddleston, A Lippis 6, D Grenfell 4, J Abdulla 3, N Gregory 2, S Bawden, K Karpany, A Abdulla, J Wood. East Murray: S Rover 5, J Payne, S Williams.

Moorook Kingston




13.8 (86)





14.15 (99)


Match of the round: Moorook-Kingston v Wunkar.

 THERE’S never any love lost when Moorook-Kingston and Wunkar take each other on. It’s not that the contest is ever spiteful but these two teams, which faced merger talks in the past decade, are always keen to get one up on the other. The Warriors started their season last Saturday with a comfortable win against one of the competition’s predicted big improvers in Brown’s Well, while Wunkar had the bye. The Bulldogs have had few wins over Moorook in recent years but always throw a strong challenge at them and with Daniel Evans well rested after his opening game, you can expect that he, John Farr and Shane Schulz will be raring to go. Dion Madden’s seven goal first start for the Warriors was ominous, especially as Moorook has improved its big man department with the added arrival of Todd Rivers. Schulz, Farr and Matt Hall will have to cover those players if the Bulldogs are to have a chance, while the possible match up of Warriors coach Trav Voigt and Daniel Evans will be an intriguing contest. Former Wunkar player Roger Taylor will also be keen to perform well against his old club. Moorook should score a win but they will have to scrap every step of the way.

The other games –

 After stripping East Murray of their stripes last Saturday, Paringa hosts another Mallee side Brown’s Well this week. The Swans always play their oddly shaped home ground very well and this weekend should be no exception. With plenty of small running options in Nathan Schumann, Andy Lloyd, Roy Grenfell and Brendan King, the Swans should have no problem in the mobility stakes. With Kane Aston and Jason Culbertson up forward they will also have some strong targets. Brown’s Well will have their work cut out for them but if young midfielder Tyson Beck, talls Lachlan Singh, Brian Hampel and Kane Thiele can fire, they’re a chance.  The Lions weren’t shamed in their Anzac Day loss against Cobdogla and will go into this week’s contest against East Murray as strong favourites.

In full flight, Lyrup is an attractive hard running side that can rip apart a game in a quarter.

Scott Huddleston has given them some additional run and seems to have benefited from his move from Brown’s Well, while the arrival of Tom and Johnno Wood has given the Lions extra defensive flexibility. On the other hand, East Murray started off the season poorly with a massive home loss to Paringa and leading players Rod Tonkin and Dave Francis are going to have to do everything in their power to lift their team off the carpet. The Tigers are a proud club and still have plenty of depth, so don’t expect to see Lyrup get everything its own way.

Round 2 – April 25, 26 2008

Paringa 17.18 (120) d East Murray 4.6 (30).

Best -Paringa: N Schuman, A Lloyd, R Grenfell, S Lehman, B King, M Kruger. East Murray. I McBoy, J Borger, Z Kirr, R Tonkin, R Schulz, S William. Goals – Paringa: S Lehman 5, A Lloyd, K Aston 3, J Gilbertson, D Kiely 2, C Baxter, T Jackson. East Murray: R Tonkin, S William, M Stasinowsky, C Johns.

Moorook/Kingston 20.14 (134)  d Browns Well 5.7 (37).

Best – Moorook: R Taylor. D Maddow, J Abdulla, L Pride, T Voigt, T Rivers. Browns Well: T Beck, B Hampel, G Wall, R Singh, L Singh, R Charles. Goals – Moorook: D Madden 7. J Loxton 6, R Taylor 3, N White 2, R  Pietrolat T Rivers. Browns Well J Sumner 2, R Singh, B Hampel, T Beck

Cobdogla 13.12 (90) d Lyrup 7.17 (59).

Best – Cobdogla: R Vagg, B Horsell. S Hibberd, Z Walker, D Heinicke, L Wegener. Lyrup – D Grenfell, S  Huddleston, T Wood, B Healy, N Gregary, A Lippis. Goals — Cobdogla: M Golding 3, L Wegener, C Brown, R Vagg, B Horsell 2, D Heinicke. Lyrup: N Gregory 3, S Hudleston 2, J Abdulla. N Willmott.


Match of the round:

For the second consecutive week, Cobdogla plays host when last year’s defeated grand final foe Lyrup travels to the Eagles’ Nest for tomorrow’s Anzac Day rematch. Both sides were opening round winners and were barely troubled as they headed to victory. The core of last year’s grand final teams remain, so it will be the losses/additions that could make the difference. Cobdogla looked like it still had plenty left in the tank after its 10 goal win over Paringa on Saturday. Newcomer Rob Smyth was impressive, while star recruit Brad Horsell was rampant through the midfield, while another new player Damien Crowe was also in good touch. The old firm of Darrell Tilbrook (six goals), Robbie Vagg and the classy Ben Thomas were also on fire. Lyrup defeated Wunkar last week but will find the Eagles an entirely different proposition. Utility Johnathon Wood is going to have to fire again, while the return of Ken Karpany and aerial specialist Nathan Gregory give the Lions additional bite, allowing Anthony Lippis to stay up forward, where he does his best work. This match will have plenty of spice and a possible forward line shoot-out with Tilbrook and Lippis at either end. Cobdogla’s midfield will again be the key. If coach Jeff Hayes can ensure Lyrup shuts this area down, he is in with a big chance of victory. It is a big ask. 

Other matches:

 Brown’s Well v Moorook-Kingston – Saturday is the 2008 debut for both of these sides. Significant personnel changes have occurred at both clubs, with Brown’s Well very confident of being big improvers this year. Brian Hampel and Kane Thiele are vital for the Bombers’ hopes, as is Russ Charles. The Warriors have coach Travis Voigt looking fit and some additional young runners this year, an area lacking last season, while the arrival of Independent Medal winner Todd Rivers to the club gives it a strong height advantage. With no form guide as such, it is hard to pick but the Warriors look likely winners. 

East Murray v Paringa – The Tigers play host to Paringa in their opening match of the season. Other clubs have been talking up their big recruits, but there has been little word from the Mallee. The club has retained its young travelling group headed by Craig Johns, adding goal kicker Shane Williams to the group coming up from Adelaide. Paringa on the other hand will be keen to make up for its opening round loss. Coach Mark Dittmar would have seen plenty of promise from his side last Saturday. Notoriously bad travellers to the Mallee Oasis, the Swans’ victory hopes could rest on whether their full side is available for the long trip.

Round 1 – April 19, 2008

Lyrup 20.15 (145) d Wunkar 8.14 (62).

Best Lyrup: S Hicks, D Evans, S Kempster, J East, R Lawson, J Griffiths. Wunkar – J Wood, K Karpany, N Gregory, J Abdulla, B Roessel, S Watson. Goals -Lyrup: A Lippis 6, N Wilmont, J Abdulla 3, K Karpany, D Grenfell 2, S Healy, B Hill, A Westley, S Lloyd. Wunkar B Lines, D Evans 2, S Hicks, M Hall, H Bennett, S Gray.

Cobdogla 19.13 (128) d Paringa 9.9 (63).

Best — Cobdogla: R Smyth, B Horsell, D Crowe, R Vagg, L Hefford, B Thomas. Paringa: N Rover, B King, J Clohesy, A Lloyd, S Lehmann, J Ruediger. Goals – Cobdogla: D Tilbrook 6, J Wegener, R Smyth 3, L Hefford, R Vagg 2, D Clarke, B Horsell, D Mitchell. Paringa – C Baxter 3, R Grenfell, S Lehmann 2, J Rover, K Aston 1.