by Terry Willoughby – September 19, 2011

West Gambier won its second flag in a row in Western Border football with a strong display against North Gambier.

North Gambier won the toss and kicked with the aid of a 2-3 goal breeze. It was a tough start with neither side conceding an inch but North were the first to score but defences had held firm at both ends before Kilsby marked and goaled from 35 metres.

North were having plenty of the play but broke down ahead of centre when sloppy kicking turned the ball over and West capitalized through the mercurial Jarrod Ryan who goaled twice and loomed as a big danger. Daniel Richardson was reported for striking for West and sent off which enabled North to assume some sort of control but they only kicked points when goals were desperately needed.

The powerful West midfield runners started to have an influence but Tom Holmes goal was disallowed and North attacked from defence where Ferguson-Lane made a shocking error that let Kilsby in for a North goal and they led by 5 points at ¼ time. The play had been fast and furious but North should have been further ahead.

West quickly asserted their influence after McConnell missed a very gettable goal. Martin goaled for West after an earlier miss and Ransom was dynamic with several long runs around the outer wing that finished with piercing left foot kicks. West were having trouble finding the target but North couldn’t get past the 50m arc as West controlled play around the midfield and stoppages.

Bromley’s mark and goal put West 9 points up as North lost Cam Campbell in a heavy clash. West could have sewn the game up but for bad kicking but they were causing North all sorts of problems as Weaver took a screamer but another miss resulted. Ryan bobbed up again to goal near the quarter’s end and Ploenges snapped truly to give West a 28 point lead at half-time.

North needed quick goals but they had very few goalkickers or effective forwards whilst West had plenty of players willing to run into space and provide targets. Despite having the breeze West outscored and outplayed North but were still plagued by inaccuracy but the result was an all but forgone conclusion as North were looking a tired team and trailed by 36 points.

The last quarter was something of a formality as West were in complete control. Goals to Cowell, Bourchier and Ryan put the margin out to nearly 10 goals but belated goals to McConnell and Stafford for North gained a little respectability. McConnell scored his 100th goal for the season but barely anyone noticed as West charged forward again for the elusive Ransom to goal and West coast home by 49 points. They had been too quick and skilful with a depth of midfield talent that couldn’t be contained.

Luke Davey was chosen as best afield for West and they had many fine players including Dylan Bromley and Tim O’Brien who marked strongly around the ground and rucked well, Josh Ransom and livewire forward Jarrod Ryan who kicked 4 goals.

North’s better players showed out early but were worn down by numbers. Adam Kurzman won plenty of kicks despite a heavy knock, Pat Perry also tried hard but lacked effectiveness, Cameron Campbell cut off many attacks and Justin McConnell booted 5 goals which should have been more but for inaccuracy.

West Gambier were clearly the best team throughout the season and deservedly won the premiership in convincing fashion, plenty of jubilation was shown but not a lot of handshakes were exchanged, maybe humility is a thing of the past! 

Grand Final – September 17, 2011

West Gambier




16.21 (117)

North Gambier




9.14 (68)

GOALS, West Gambier : Jarrod Ryan 4, Nicholas Martin 2, Mark Bourchier 2, Dylan Bromley 2, Tom Holmes 2, Clinton Cowell 1, Josh Ransom 1, Jamie Croker 1, Tyson Ploenges 1. North Gambier :  Justin McConnell 5, Anthony Kilsby 2, Patrick Perry 1, Bradley Stafford 1.  BEST, West Gambier : Dylan Bromley, Tim O’Brien, Luke Davey, Joel Carter, Josh Ransom, Jarrod Ryan. North Gambier : David Nulty, Adam Kurzman, Justin McConnell, Patrick Perry, Lachlan Herring, Cameron Campbell


by Terry Willoughby – September 12, 2011

North Gambier fought their way into the WB Grand final with a strong 18 point win over Portland. The SA Tigers won the toss and kicked with 2-3 goal breeze. They looked dangerous from the start with coach McConnell elusive on the forward line and midfielders Perry and Kurzman prominent. North had plenty of chances but the Portland defence led by Hockley and James Imbi held up well. Late goals to Portland kept the margin to just 5 points and it appeared North hadn’t made enough use of the breeze. They looked set to prove it wrong when Kurzman snapped an early goal but Portland began to assert themselves with England winning plenty of kicks but not doing a lot of damage and ruckman Mather playing well around the ground. Key forwards Hayse and Holt always looked dangerous but weren’t kicking with the accuracy of previous games. Portland continued to win the ball through Imbi and wingman Beavis but didn’t kick enough goals and North battled to stay in touch but were playing more across the ground whilst Portland were more direct and held a 16 point lead at ½ time.

North needed quick goals and that was what they got by lifting their work-rate around the stoppages and at every contest. Portland’s lead was cut back as North stormed forward with Campbell and Griffiths effective across half-back. Nulty was winning in the ruck as North kept Portland goal-less for the quarter whilst adding 8 of their own, McConnell finished off well and booted 6 goals. Better use of players and strong tackling put more pressure on the Portland defence who were faltering as North raced to a 32 point lead at the last change. Portland would have last use of the breeze but they looked a battle weary team and had missed the strength of injured ruckman Heath Brown. Slowly Portland edged their way back into the game but the North defence held up well and just when Portland closed the margin to 3 goals North youngster Glen Soper took a neatly judged mark near goals and coolly steered through a goal to make Portland’s task a bit harder with time running out. They needed goals but only points came as North defended doggedly and maintained the 18 point margin to win through to next weeks Grand final.

Better players for North were Nulty, Perry, Kurzman, Jamie O’Neil, Cameron Campbell and Sam Griffiths but many others played their part. Portland’s season came to a disappointing end and their better players were Cam Mather, England, Vaughan Hockley and James Imbi.

Preliminary Final – September 10, 2011

North Gambier




15.10 (100)





11.16 (82)

GOALS, North Gambier : Justin McConnell 6, Patrick Perry 3, Adam Kurzman 2, Cameron Campbell 1, Nick Blachut 1, Anthony Kilsby 1, Glen Soper 1. Portland : Jarrod Holt 3, Jaydon Stiles 2, James Imbi 1, Jason Saunders 1, John Anthony Bell 1, Beau Bentley 1, Jarrod Hayse 1, Luke Van Heugten 1. BEST, North Gambier : David Nulty, Patrick Perry, Adam Kurzman, Jamie O’Neil, Nicholas Mark, Michael Quirk.  Portland : Cameron Mather, Marcus England, Vaughan Hockley, James Imbi, Delwyn Beavis, Beau Bentley


by Terry Willoughby – September 5, 2011

West Gambier won the toss and had a strong wind advantage in the WB 2nd semi but it was Portland who made most of the early running and had West defending doggedly. Portland kicked longer and had men forward of the contest to finish off. Bell and Saunders goaled but West were squandering their chances before Weaver got their first but they gifted a goal to Portland when England picked off a defensive kick to run into open goal. Star forward Jarrod Hayse marked strongly for another and give Portland a 2 goal lead at ¼ time. West’s haphazard kicking ahead of centre had been cut-off many times by the Imbi brothers and David Kennedy. Hayse goaled quickly in the 2nd term and West shifted Wenman to mind him. Slowly West got their game moving as the kicks found their target and Ploenges goaled. Tom Holmes was winning plenty of touches and he added another as Portland now found it hard to penetrate as West controlled play with Tim O’Brien marking strongly to put West ahead for the 1st time just before the long break. West’s midfielders were now on top with Wilson, Holmes, Davey and Ransom outrunning the opposition. The breeze was fading as Ransom goaled for West before Al Kennedy raced in for another to confirm their dominance. Portland however, hit back strongly. Beavis and Bell both goaled and Hayse’ excellent snap went through and the margin was back to 6 points. It was game on and Ploenges dribbled one through for West as they fought to keep the ball in the forward line, the game had been played at a blistering speed, down one wing and back the other. Hayse’ unerring accuracy got another goal for Portland who had kicked an amazing 10-1 but West led by 6 points at ¾ time. The wind was now gone and Kennedy raced away from half-forward to goal and give West a 12 point lead but a timely spoil by Hockley for Portland kepoint the game open. Hayse again marked strongly at 50m and kicked truly to give Portland some hope and coach Jarrod Holt then sent another straight through to make the margin only a point. Both sides were running on empointy before Ryan, a quiet player for West, goaled to steady the ship. West maintained a tight grip on the game as Weaver and Ploenges goaled to push the margin to 21 as the siren sounded. Joel Carter, Mark Bourchier were named best for West ahead of the prolific Brad Wilson, Al Kennedy and Joe Ferguson-Lane. Portland’s best were the tireless Marcus England, defenders David Kennedy and James Imbi, Nathan Haylock and key forward Jarrod Hayse. It had been a high quality game and West go through to their 2nd Grand Final in succession.

North started Sundays elimination final in spirited fashion. They were doing the things that had been missing in recent games such as tackling and chasing and had South fumbling and mis-kicking under pressure. Early goals to Kilsby and McConnell gave the Tigers a 3 goal break at ¼ time. South looked tired and key playmakers Stringer and Berkefeld struggled to make any impact, the lack of a ruckman was hurting South badly. Kurzman and Perry won plenty of the ball around the stoppages and provided Kilsby with chances to goal as North went further ahead. They surged to a 6 goal lead at half-time and it looked a long way back for the weary Demons. Slowly South eroded the North lead but they used lots of gas. Goals to Copping, Matthew Berkefeld and Capewell reduced the margin to 3 goals with a quarter to play and even though South were in touch they needed more players to get involved. Capewell goaled to give South some chance but  a burst of goals to McConnell and Kilsby broke South’s resolve and North finished full of running to add 7 last quarter goals to overpower South and win comfortably by 43 points. Kilsby was productive up forward and booted 6 goals but Perry and Kurzman got the momentum up in the middle, Sam Griffiths was solid in defence as was O’Neil. South’s better players were Bret O’Neil, Luke Foran, Brodie Foster and Jake Dowdy but many looked tired after several hard games.

2nd Semi  Final, September 3, 2011

West Gambier                     1.6,  4.9,  9.13,  13.16  (94)

Portland                                4.1,  5.1,  10.1,  12.1  (73)

GOALS, West Gambier :  T. Ploenges 4, A. Kennedy 2, T. Weaver 2, C. Cowell 1, J. Ryan 1, T. O’Brien 1, J. Ransom 1, T. Holmes 1.  Portland : J. Hayse 5, J. Saunders 1, M. England 1, J. Bell 1, J. Holt 1, B. Bentley 1, D. Fry 1, S. Anson 1.  BEST, West Gambier :  J. Carter, M. Bourchier, B. Wilson, A. Kennedy, J. Ferguson-Lane, T. Ploenges.  Portland :  M. England, D. Kennedy, J. Imbi, N. Haylock, D. Falcone, J. Hayse 

1st Semi Final – September 4, 2011

North Gambier                           4.3,  8.4,  8.7,  15.10  (100)

South Gambier                           1.1,  2.3,  5.6,  8.9  (57)

Goals, North Gambier : A. Kilsby 6, S. Flett 2, J. Mcconnell 2, G. Soper 2, M. Chapman 1, A. Creek 1, P. Perry 1.  South Gambier : L. Capewell 2, J. Copping 2, M. Berkefeld 1, P. Ellis 1, S. Berkefeld 1, J. Patzel 1.  Best, North Gambier : J. O’neil, P. Perry, A. Kilsby, L. Herring, D. Nulty, A. Kurzman. South Gambier : B. Foster, H. Sims, J. Mullen, L. Foran, T. Stringer


Week One of the Finals by Terry Willoughby,  August 29, 2011

Portland started impressively in the qualifying final with Heath Brown doing well in the ruck and giving his on-ballers plenty of chances. Key forward Jarrod Hayse was in great touch and led North defenders a merry dance to boot 3 early goals. North slowly gained some traction and goals to McConnell and Lock brought them back into the game with Portland leading by only 3 points at ¼ time. Perry and Kurzman had been good for North  who hit the front with an early goal, but that stirred Portland who quickly took control and despite several misses they raced away. Hayse, Holt and Anson were dominating on the forward line and they kicked out to a 37 pt lead at the main break.

Norths’ forwards were unsighted, they neither chased or tackled, allowing the Portland defenders to carry the ball away easily. Brown was dominating in the ruck and around the ground, using his strength and mobility very effectively. North’s defence was exposed, especially after Hudson left the field with a broken collarbone. Portland were on top everywhere as the last term started and Hayse and Holt continued to outplay and out-think their opponents. Sam Anson was another forward to mark strongly, winning many important kicks.

Portland played the game right out, a token goal to North on the siren ended their miserable day. North had been outplayed and outcoached, their changes lacked imagination and their players brushed aside. Portland were outstanding, Marcus England and Heath Brown dominated the centre square and around the stoppages, Hayse with 7 goals starred up forward along with Sam Anson. North’s best were Pat Perry, Adam Kurzman and Craig Lock but they were besieged all day.

South Gambier were too classy for East Gambier in the elimination final going to a 31 points at quarter–time as  East hadn’t scored. They used the ball much better, kicking longer with telling effect. James Paprotny and Simon Berkefeld were running hard and testing the East defence and O’Neil and Stratford cut-off many East forward moves. East fumbled their way into attack and Kev Thomson goaled twice but South countered with goals to Matthew Berkefeld and Jon Copping. South started the 2nd half with a 38 pt lead and Dion Stratford continued to play brilliantly at half-back before East managed 3 quick goals to close the margin to 19 points. South responded swiftly with goals to Copping and Berkefeld. East needed a miracle and 2 early goals lifted them but Copping again stepped up and goaled twice to snuff out any chance of a revival and South won comfortably by more than 6 goals. Stratford was brilliant at half-back for South, Simon Berkefeld, James Paprotny, Chris Williams and Copping also had big games. Shem Balshaw battled hard for East, Shaun Phillips won many kicks but was haphazard in delivery, Jesse Fry and Jason Dunn were useful but many were scarcely sighted.

Qualifying Final, August 27, 2011

Portland                                4.4,  10.10,  13.10,  16.16  (112)

North Gambier                   4.1,  5.3,  9.4,  10.5  (65)

GOALS, Portland :  J. Hayse 7, J. Holt 4, J. Bell 2, J. Saunders 1, M. England 1, J. Stiles 1. North Gambier :  J. McConnell 3, C. Lock 2, S. Flett 1, A. Kurzman 1, L. Herring 1, N. Blachut 1, A. Kilsby 1. BEST, Portland :  M. England, H. Brown, S. Anson, J. Hayse, C. Mather, B. Bentley.  North Gambier : P. Perry, L. Herring, A. Creek, C. Lock, A. Kurzman

Elimination Final, August 28, 2011

South Gambier                           5.1,  8.4,  11.7,  13.7  (85)

East Gambier                            0.0,  2.2,  5.3,  8.7  (55)

GOALS, South Gambier :  J. Copping 4, J. Paprotny 2, A. Bryant 1, M. Berkefeld 1, L. Capewell 1, S. Berkefeld 1, C. Williams 1, D. Stratford 1, M. Weistra 1. East Gambier :  M. Roscow 2, K. Thomson 2, S. Balshaw 1, J. Phillips 1, C. Povey 1, J. Dunn 1.  BEST, South Gambier : D. Stratford, J. Paprotny, B. Foster, B. Bryant, T. Stringer.  East Gambier :  D. Smith, J. Turner, C. Slape, S. Balshaw, S. Phillips, S. Clark



by Terry Willoughby,  August 22, 2011

Only one game in Western Border footy had any bearing on finals. South Gambier, after holding the double chance for almost all season, crashed heavily to league leader West Gambier and tumbled to 4th. Having resolutely defended the coveted double chance against some tough opposition in recent weeks the Demons were outplayed all over the ground by a West Gambier outfit determined to stamp their authority on a 2nd flag in two years. West took complete control in the 2nd term with mid-fielders Davey, Wilson and Holmes dominating and kicking goals as well. South’s heavy possession winners were hardly allowed a touch and when they got one West’s Joel Carter and Joe Ferguson-Lane sent it back with ruthless efficiency. South mounted a challenge early in the 3rd quarter but West quickly snuffed it out and raced away to a 62 point lead at ¾ time. They continued to dominate in the last quarter and added a further 6 goals against a very tired looking South. West’s better players were Brad Wilson, Luke Davey, Joel Carter, Tom Holmes and Rowan Fox and just about everyone else. South scarcely had anyone better than a battler but youngsters Jake Dowdy, Brad Bryant and Brodie Foster stuck to the task all day.

North Gambier climbed into that double chance spot with a 204 point demolition of Heywood who were playing in WB for possibly the last time. North showed no mercy even though Heywood battled hard against overwhelming odds. Kilsby booted 11 goals and Justin McConnell 7 to torment the Heywood defence. North wore black armbands in honor of recently bereaved coach of their 1964 premiership team, Bill Cocks, the 1st in WB football.

East Gambier and Millicent played a bruise free game with East just moving ahead after an even 1st quarter. Millicent had many youngsters in the team and most showed enough to suggest a return to more successful times after a season of disappointment. East were hardly convincing for a side heading into an elimination final and only got home by 21 points. Jesse Fry, David Smith and Jason Phillips were best for East. Cam Haggett in the ruck, on baller Jack Sullivan and young Shaun Withers best for Millicent.

Portland comfortably defeated Hamilton in an uninspiring match and retained 2nd spot on the ladder. The Tigers led all day and always had the manpower to fend off Hamilton’s challenges. James Imbi continued his good recent form to be best on ground for Portland, Heath Brown around the ground bulldozed his way through the packs and prolific Marcus England also played well. The usual suspects stood out for Hamilton, those being Jesse Hawkins, Dylan Gunning and Aaron Gepp with youngster Charles Vallance also impressing.

Casterton gave away an 8 goal start to Imperials at ½ time and although they whittled the lead down they never looked likely to win. Imps had two key goal-kickers in Hugh Douglas with 6 and Tim Meulendyks 5 that couldn’t stopped whilst Casterton had none. Imps comfortably saw of Casterton’s 3rd quarter revival which faded in the last to win by 25 points.

Round 18 scores – August 20, 2011

Portland                                5.1,  9.6,  13.12,  15.14  (104)

Hamilton                                4.2,  6.6,  10.7,  11.10  (76)

GOALS, Portland :  J. Holt 5, B. Bentley 2, J. Hayse 2, T. Huppatz 1, T. Chester 1, J. Saunders 1, D. Kennedy 1, M. England 1, S. Anson 1. Hamilton : S. Hanson 5, M. Lambevski 1, W. McArthur 1, R. Brewster 1, A. Fiora 1, D. Gunning 1, R. Saunders 1.  BEST, Portland :  J. Imbi, D. Kennedy, H. Brown, N. Bennett, M. England, C. Mather.  Hamilton :  J. Hawkins, C. Vallance, D. Gunning, B. Ross, A. Gepp, J. Riddle

East Gambier                     4.2,  7.6,  10.11,  12.14  (86)

Millicent                               4.1,  6.2,  8.2,  10.5  (65)

GOALS, East Gambier :  J. Phillips 3, K. Thomson 2, C. Povey  2, D. Phillips 2, T. Eldridge 1, D. Smith 1, J. Dunn 1. Millicent : A. Ridley 4, G. Gascoyne 3, C. Murray 2, J. Agnew 1.  BEST, East Gambier : J. Fry, D. Smith, J. Phillips, J. Dempsey, J. Eldridge, J. Turner.  Millicent :  C. Haggett, J. Sullivan, S. Withers, S. Duldig, J. Hickey, A. Ridley

West Gambier                            3.7,  10.12,  17.12,  23.17  (155)

South Gambier                           1.3,  3.4,  8.4,  9.5  (59)

GOALS, West Gambier :  J. Ryan 4, B. Wilson 4, T. Ploenges 4, T. Holmes 4, T. O’Brien 2, T. Weaver 2, J. Ransom 1, L. Davey 1, D. McElroy 1. South Gambier : L. Capewell 3, J. Patzel 2, J. Copping 2, C. Williams 1, S. Berkefeld 1.  BEST, West Gambier : B. Wilson, L. Davey, J. Carter, T. Holmes, J. Ferguson-Lane, R. Fox.  South Gambier :  J. Dowdy, B. Bryant, B. Foster, D. Stratford, J. Paprotny

North Gambier                      8.8,  17.12,  25.16,  34.20  (224)

Heywood                                 2.0,  3.1,  3.2,  3.2  (20)

GOALS, North Gambier :  A. Kilsby 11, J. McConnell 7, G. Soper 3, A. Kurzman 3, S. Flett 2, S. Brook 2, N. Blachut 2, B. Stafford 1, D. Watson 1, A. Creek 1, C. Lock 1.  Heywood :  J. Nash 1, T. Lovett-Murray 1, J. Smith 1.  BEST, North Gambier :  A. Kilsby, A. Kurzman, P. Perry, A. Creek, C. Lock, C. Hudson.  Heywood :  A. Barr, B. Millard, J. Smith, J. Emms, T. Lovett-Murray, S. Keegan

Hamilton Imperials           2.3,  9.10,  11.10,  12.12  (84)

Casterton                               0.3,  2.4,  8.4,  9.5  (59)

GOALS, Casterton : Liam Gill 2, Bradley Vassal 1, James Killey 1, Julian Schill 1, Michael Jarrad 1, Dylan Ryan 1, Matthew Killey 1, Patrick Milich 1.  Hamilton Imperials : Hugh Douglas 6, Tim Meulendyks 5, Luke Ferguson 1.  BEST, Casterton :  Richard Smith, Dylan Ryan, Julian Schill, Liam Gill, Grant Coxon, Christopher Perry.  Hamilton Imperials :  Luke Ferguson, Matt Newell,  Jonathon Manson, Hugh Douglas, Hamish Waldron, Samuel Bell



by Terry Willoughby,  August 15, 2011

Portland rebounded strongly after last weeks defeat although they still looked shaky for a half against East Gambier in WB football. The Victorian Tigers appeared to have shaken of its form slump when they led clearly early but East came at them hard in the 2nd quarter and only trailed by 3 points. Whatever was said at ½ time had a profound effect on the game. East may have been hypnotized as Portland transformed them into witches hats. Portland banged through 9 goals to a solitary point from East with powerful Heath Brown brushing opponents aside around the stoppages, clever James Imbi mesmerized East and key forward Jarrod Hayse booted goals with ease. The last quarter was even better as Portland slammed on another 11 goals and East appeared to have headed for home early. Brown, Imbi and Hayse were Portland’s best but many others contributed strongly. Conversely, East named no best players, which is obviously indicative of their performance after ½ time.

West Gambier took lowly Casterton to the cleaners after a slow start. Livewire forward Jarrod Ryan tuned up for finals action with 10 goals and Casterton were powerless to stop him. The West mid-field group were in complete control and Joel Carter ran off the half-back line without a hint of opposition. West cruised through the last quarter to win by 116 points. Carter, Ryan, Tom Holmes and Steve Wenman were outstanding for West whilst Brad Vassal battled hard for Casterton but had few helpers.

South Gambier had too much to play for and cleared right away from Millicent after quarter-time. The Saints had strung several wins together recently but South needed to hold onto the double-chance. The running power of James Paprotny, Bret O’Neil, Chris Williams and Tim Stringer was too hot for Millicent and they created many chances and Jon Copping finished them off with 6 goals. South went further ahead after ½ time and Millicent struggled to contain them with its embattled defenders trying hard but having little impact. Paprotny booted 5 goals to be best for South ahead of O’Neil, Williams and Stringer. Chris Murray and Steve Duldig battled hard for Millicent as the ball spent plenty of time in their back half.

Hamilton still had a slim chance of finals action but some inner turmoil during the week saw them give a spiritless display as North Gambier charged to a 7 goal lead by quarter-time. Key forwards McConnell and Kilsby goaled after nearly every move by North and finished with 13 and 8 goals respectively. The free flowing football continued and both sides goaled regularly before ½ time but North led easily. The goal avalanche continued for North as they added another 10 goals to three and led by 92 points at the last change. Hamilton’s resistance was abysmal and North again piled on 8 goals to win by 118 points. Pat Perry in the centre and David Nulty in the ruck provided plenty of chances for their forwards that were taken with relish. Sam Weston and Dylan Gunning tried hard for Hamilton but many didn’t.

Heywood gave Imperials a hard time before fading in the last quarter. Winless for the season, the Lions drew to within 7 points at ¾ time with many players giving plenty in a quest for victory. Imps superior fitness and numbers enabled them to sneak away in the end and win by 33 points.

Round 17 – August 13, 2011

Portland                                6.3,  8.6,  17.9,  28.14  (182)

East Gambier                       1.1,  8.3,  8.4,  9.6  (60)

GOALS, Portland :  J. Hayse 9, S. Anson 4, T. Huppatz 3, B. Bentley 3, J. Bell 3, T. Chester 2, J. Saunders 2, D. Falcone 2. East Gambier :  J. Dempsey 2, K. Thomson 2, J. Dunn 2, J. Phillips 1, N. Lock 1, M. Dempsey 1.  BEST, Portland : H. Brown, J. Imbi, J. Hayse, S. Anson, B. Bentley, M. England

North Gambier                     9.3,  16.7,  26.12,  34.13  (217)

Hamilton                                2.3,  8.7,  11.10,  14.15  (99)

GOALS, North Gambier :  J. McConnell 13, A. Kilsby 8, N. Blachut 4, A. Kurzman 3, P. Perry 2, S. Flett 2, M. Chapman 1, B. Stafford 1.  Hamilton :  R. Brewster 4, A. Fiora 3, W. McArthur 3, D. Gunning 2, S. Fiora 1, B. Ross 1.  BEST, North Gambier :  J. McConnell, P. Perry, A. Kilsby, D. Nulty, C. Hudson, S. Brook.  Hamilton : S. Weston, D. Gunning, B. Ross, R. Brewster, S. Fleming, W. McArthur

South Gambier                   4.0,  10.3,  17.7,  21.9  (135)

Millicent                               2.2,  3.6,  6.8,  10.9  (69)

GOALS, South Gambier :  J. Copping 6, J. Paprotny 5, S. Berkefeld 2, M. Berkefeld 2, L. Capewell 1, J. Patzel 1, B. O’Neil 1, C. Williams 1, A. Bryant 1, D. Stratford 1.  Millicent :  G. Gascoyne 3, D. Ridley 2, M. Bryant 1, C. Haggett 1, J. Sullivan 1, T. Hutchesson 1, J. Agnew 1. BEST, South Gambier : J. Paprotny, B. O’Neil, C. Williams, T. Stringer, S. Berkefeld, B. Bryant.  Millicent : C. Murray, J. Sullivan, S. Duldig, C. Haggett

West Gambier                      3.6,  11.14,  20.15,  24.20  (164)

Casterton                               1.1,  2.2,  5.2,  7.6  (48)

GOALS, West Gambier :  J. Ryan 10, C. Cowell 3, B. Wilson 3, T. Ploenges 3, T. Holmes 2, L. Davey 1, J. Ransom 1, M. Bourchier 1.  Casterton : M. Jarrad 2, R. Smith 1, D. Ryan 1, B. Currie 1, G. Coxon 1, M. Killey 1.  BEST, West Gambier :  J. Carter, J. Ryan, T. Holmes, S. Wenman, T. Weaver. Casterton : B. Vassal, D. Ryan, G. Coxon, M. Cowland, L. Gill, B. Currie

Hamilton Imperials                      4.3,  8.7,  10.11,  15.14  (104)

Heywood                                 2.2,  5.4,  10.4,  11.5  (71)

GOALS, Hamilton Imperials :  H. Douglas 3, A. Linke 2, A. Martin 2, H. Waldron 2, S. Brewer 2, K. Quinn 1, J. McIntosh 1, L. Ferguson 1.  Heywood :  J. Nash 3, W. Bell 2, M. Bunworth 2, J. Emms 2, M. Rowney 1.  BEST, Hamilton Imperials : not av. Heywood : A. Barr, S. Ferrier, W. Bell, M. Bunworth, S. Keegan, J. Emms



by Terry Willoughby,  August 8, 2011

The double chance was up for grabs with 3rd placed South Gambier opposed to league leader Portland. The 1st quarter was even with South ahead by just a goal but they had the use of the breeze. The lack of a ruckman for South gave Portland a chance to take control in the 2nd term and with on-baller Marcus England winning a stack of kicks and young forward Beau Bentley looking dangerous they started to get on top. Chris Williams and James Paprotny worked hard to restrict Portland but South struggled whenever they went forward where Vaughan Hockley was doing well for Portland. A late goal kept South in touch at ½ time. South had plenty of chances in the 3rd term but couldn’t score goals with the Portland defence playing very tightly. Portland also struggled to score but they sprayed several chances wide of the goal. Late in the quarter South coach Jon Copping changed the pattern of the game when he booted 2 goals and had a hand in another to give South a 15 point lead but Portland were to finish with the breeze. South were first to score however and again Copping was involved before the irrepressible Simon Berkefeld, an excellent player all day for South stepped in after a terrific passage of play from half back resulted in a goal. Portland pulled the margin back to 15 points with goals to Holt and Bell but South again rallied with Capewell marking cleverly for a goal to put South 21 points ahead. Portland continued to push forward but were held up by Paprotny, Williams and Bret O’Neil. Another goal to Copping, his 6th sealed the win by 27 points.

Hamilton seemingly out of the finals race went to an early lead over East Gambier. They moved the ball quickly and kept the forward line open for leading goal-kicker Shane Hanson. He relished the space and booted two goals and East struggled to defend the zone. The 2nd quarter saw East get on top with strong forward Kevin Thomson providing a target for them and they raced to a 4 goal lead as Hamilton appeared to be falling away. Play tightened after ½ time but East maintained the lead although Hamilton had been wasteful around goal and trailed by 19 points. Hanson was the key for Hamilton who reduced the margin steadily but East were able to kick goals to keep the lead but Hamilton relentlessly closed, they had several chances and East were battling to survive when the siren sounded with sores locked on 118 points each. A win would have kept Hamilton in the finals race but East now look safe in 5th spot .

West Gambier crushed Heywood by 138 points but it should have much more. Fifty-four scoring shots to eleven tells the tale of their dominance. Tom Holmes was best on ground for West, Jarrod Ryan booted 7 goals and SA Country rep Luke Davey had stacks of touches. Josh Nash booted 3 goals for Heywood, Malseed, Millard and Ben Nash gave their usual battling efforts.

North Gambier had to work hard to shake off Imperials in the first 3 quarters. Imps free running game and ability to score kept them in touch although North started to get on top late in the 3rd quarter when they led by 18 points. Justin McConnell had proved a handful and finished with 7 goals for North who slammed on 8 to 2 in the final quarter to win by 55 points. Imps just didn’t have enough man power to hold North out with Pat Perry on top around the centre and Nulty rucking tirelessly. Imps had good players in Jason McIntosh, Luke Purcell and Jon Manson but couldn’t sustain the effort for 4 quarters.

Casterton have had several near misses in a disappointing season and looked set to overcome that when controlled play in the 1st half against Millicent. They led at both quarter and half-time and appeared likely winners. Coach Grant Coxon, ruckman Schill and forward Michael Jarred had played well. Millicent responded strongly in the 3rd quarter with big forward Glen Gascoyne and lively Dylan Ridley booting goals to reduce the margin to 6 points at ¾ time. Casterton were now seriously challenged as Millicent with Jon Agnew starring in the centre driving them forward put the game on an even footing. The Cats were frustratingly close but Millicent had the noses in front on the siren to win by a solitary point. Agnew was best for Millicent ahead of Reece Duncan and on-baller Brad Tilley whilst Gascoyne booted 6 very important goals. For the gallant Cats, Brandon Currie stood out along with Jarrad, Coxon and Kane Forbes.           

Round 16 – August 6, 2011

East Gambier                         4.1,  11.4,  14.6,  18.10  (118)

Hamilton                                5.3,  7.6,  10.11,  17.16  (118)

GOALS, East Gambier :  Kevin Thomson 7, David Smith 2, Jason Dunn 2, Carl  Slape 2, Jesse Fry 1, Jason Phillips 1, Dwayne  Phillips 1, Shaun Phillips 1, Matt Dempsey 1.  Hamilton : Shane Hanson 9, Aaron Fiora 2, Brandon Ross 2, Alexander Gunning 1, Rick Saunders 1, Jesse Hawkins 1, Robert Brewster 1.  BEST, East Gambier : Kevin Thomson, Matthew Roscow, David Smith, Jake Turner, Jesse Fry, Carl  Slape,  Dwayne  Phillips.  Hamilton :  Shane Hanson, Alexander Gunning, Scott Fleming, Joshua Kearney, Jake Davis, Brandon Ross

West Gambier                       8.5,  13.11,  19.22,  25.29  (179)

Heywood                                 0.2,  2.2,  5.4,  6.5  (41)

GOALS, West Gambier :  J. Ryan 7, T. O’Brien 5, B. Wilson 3, T. Ploenges 3, S. Wenman 2, B. Sutherland 2, K. O’Brien 1, L. Davey 1, M. Bourchier 1.  Heywood : J. Nash 3, J. Smith 2, J. Emms 1.  BEST, West Gambier : T. Holmes, L. Davey, J. Ferguson-Lane, J. Ryan, J. Carter.  Heywood : L. Malseed, B. Nash, J. Nash, B. Millard, M. Bunworth, J. Emms

North Gambier                           2.5,  8.7,  12.12,  20.14  (134)

Hamilton Imperials                   3.1,  7.2,  10.6,  12.7  (79)

Goals, North Gambier : J. Mcconnell 7, N. Blachut 4, P. Perry 2, B. Stafford 2, A. Kurzman 1, C. Campbell 1, M. Quirk 1, A. Kilsby 1, C. Lock 1. Hamilton Imperials : A. Martin 3, K. Quinn 2, L. Ferguson 2, H. Douglas 2, H. Waldron 1, A. Linke 1, J. Mcintosh 1. Best, North Gambier : P. Perry, D. Nulty, C. Hudson, A. Kurzman, N. Mark, A. Kilsby.  Hamilton Imperials :  J. Mcintosh, L. Purcell, J. Manson, M. Newell, L. Ferguson, A. Pepper

South Gambier                    5.1,  7.4,  11.7,  15.7  (97)

Portland                                4.1,  8.7,  8.10,  10.10  (70)

GOALS, South Gambier : Jonathon Copping 6, Leigh Capewell 3, Simon Berkefeld 3, Ashley Bryant 1, James Paprotny 1, Matthew Berkefeld 1.  Portland :  Jarrod Holt 4, John Anthony Bell 2, Daniel Falcone 1, Beau Bentley 1, Jarrod Hayse 1, Timothy Huppatz 1. BEST, South Gambier : Christopher Williams, James Paprotny, Simon Berkefeld, Brett O’Neil, Luke Foran, Ashley Bryant Portland : Marcus England, Beau Bentley, Nicholas KOT, Jason Saunders, Vaughan Hockley, Delwyn Beavis

Millicent                               2.1,  6.5,  11.7,  15.9  (99)

Casterton                               5.4,  10.6,  12.7,  15.8  (98)

GOALS, Millicent : Glen Gascoyne 6, Dylan Ridley 3, Bradley Tilley 2, Christopher Murray 1, Jack Sullivan 1, Jonathan Agnew 1, Hamish Gordon 1.  Casterton : Michael Jarrad 4, Glen Widdicombe 3, Brent Howard 2, Bradley Vassal 2, Brandon Currie 2, Grant Coxon 1, Matthew Killey 1.  BEST, Millicent :  Jonathan Agnew, Reece Duncan, Bradley Tilley, Jack Sullivan, Glen Gascoyne, Nathaniel Robbins.  Casterton : Brandon Currie, Michael Jarrad, Grant Coxon, Kane Forbes, Julian Schill, Bradley Vassal



with Terry Willoughby

August 1, 2011

League leader Portland toyed with Casterton after the Cats booted four early goals. From there on the Cats struggled to enter their forward line as Portland controlled almost every position on the ground. The Tigers went further ahead in each quarter and should won by more but for inaccuracy. Forty-eight scoring shots to 9 tells the story of the 123 point win.

Heywood, hoping to depart the WB league in 2012 battled solidly against Millicent after the Saints booted 9 goals in a blistering 1st term. Millicent may have had a disappointing year but they weren’t about let this one slip. Youngster Tom Hutchesson starred for Millicent and booted 7 goals, Nat Robbins celebrated his 200th game in fine style and Cam Haggett dominated around the ground. Shane Keegan in the ruck and Ben Millard tried all day for Heywood. Millicent winners by 114 points, can take  heart with the performance of several youngsters in recent games.

Hamilton, needing a win to keep a slim hope of finals alive dominated early against South Gambier. Jesse Hawkins, Dylan Gunning and ruckman Aaron Gepp sent the Magpies forward repeatedly but South’s defence held up well to keep the margin to just 2 goals at quarter time. Slowly South got on top with running machines Tim Stringer and Simon Berkefeld bobbing up everywhere, Bret O’Neil was another prolific kickwinner and Hamilton couldn’t stop them. Scores were level at the main break but South pulled away in the 2nd half as Hamilton’s challenge faded. The win kept South in 3rd spot but the double chance is at risk with a tough game against Portland next week but the win here by 29 points keeps them ahead of rival North Gambier.

West Gambier were probably eyeing off an easy 4 points against the young Imperials team but got an early fright from the free-running Bulldogs. Imps started impressively before West hit back to lead by 3 goals. West failed to man up in the 2nd term and Imps relished the freedom and drew to within 3 goals at ½ time in an entertaining game. West dominated the 3rd quarter and should have been a lot further ahead but were wasteful in front of goal to kick 5-13 for the quarter. The margin had blown out to 49 points and even though they continued to bombard the scoring area Imps kicked straight with 5 last quarter goals to prevent a debacle. West won easily by 48 points with former Glenelg wingman Tom Holmes best afield, Nick Martin and key bigman Steve Wenman also starred whilst Tory Weaver used his penetrating kicking to good effect. Tim Meulendyks booted 7 goals to be Imps best, skipper Hamish Waldron and Sam Brewer also did well.

The 3rd local derby in two weeks saw North Gambier opposed to East Gambier. North burst the game open in the 1st ten minutes when they had 6 goals on the board before East had adjusted to the sunlight, a recent phenomenon in Mt Gambier. Justin McConnell was on the receiving end of North’s early dominance and finished with 8 goals. East were playing catch-up footy but slowly reduced the margin to 17 points. The 3rd quarter was even but East lost key forward Shem Balshaw to injury which made their task harder. North answered every challenge although East now had more of the play but wasted much of it. They needed quick goals in the last quarter but it was North who again shot clear with goals to McConnell, Stafford and Blachut. East again battled back but North were too good and responded everytime East goaled. Better players for North were Nick Blachut who booted 4 goals, McConnell, Callum Hudson in defence and David Nulty.Youngster Glen Soper chipped in with some timely disposals and a clever goal in the 30 pt win. Shaun Phillips used his great speed to win many kicks to be East’s best whilst Carl Slape and Matt Roscow played well but East conceded too big a start.              

Round 15 – July 30, 2011

South Gambier                     2.1,  6.7,  12.7,  14.8  (92)

Hamilton                                4.1,  6.7,  8.8,  9.9  (63)

GOALS, South Gambier : J. Paprotny 3, S. Berkefeld 3, M. Berkefeld 2, J. Copping 2, T. Stringer 1, A. Bryant 1, B. O’Neil 1, J. Dowdy 1.  Hamilton : S. Hanson 3, D. Gunning 2, A. Gunning 1, A. Gepp 1, B. Ross 1, R. Brewster 1.  BEST, South Gambier : T. Stringer, B. O’Neil, S. Berkefeld, B. Foster, C. Williams, J. Dowdy. Hamilton : J. Hawkins, D. Gunning, A. Gepp, J. Holmes, C. Vallance, B. Ross

North Gambier                          7.4,  10.6,  13.7,  21.8  (134)

East Gambier                            2.5,  7.7,  10.10,  15.14  (104)

GOALS, North Gambier : J. McConnell 8, N. Blachut 4, A. Kilsby 3, M. Quirk 2, B. Stafford 2, C. Hudson 1, G. Soper 1.  East Gambier : C. Povey 4, S. Phillips 2, K. Thomson 2, J. Dunn 2, C. Slape 1, M. Dempsey 1, J. Phillips 1, D. Phillips 1, D. Cownie 1.  BEST, North Gambier: N. Blachut, J. McConnell, C. Hudson, L. Herring, P. Perry, D. Nulty.  East Gambier : S. Phillips, C. Slape, M. Roscow, C. Povey, D. Phillips, J. Eldridge

Millicent                               9.5,  11.6,  18.11,  26.16  (172)

Heywood                              1.1,  5.2,  5.2,  9.4  (58)

GOALS, Millicent : T. Hutchesson 7, C. Murray 4, N. Robbins 4, G. Gascoyne 3, J. Agnew 3, D. Ridley 2, C. Haggett 1, J. Hickey 1, J. Hales 1.  Heywood : S. Keiller 4, B. Nash 2, J. Smith 1, S. Ferrier 1, J. Nash 1. BEST, Millicent : N. Robbins, T. Hutchesson, C. Haggett, C. Murray, J. Agnew, J. Sullivan. Heywood : S. Keegan, B. Millard, S. Keiller, S. Ferrier, B. Nash, L. Malseed

West Gambier                            7.1,  9.5,  14.18,  18.25  (133)

Hamilton Imperials                 4.1,  7.3,  8.5,  13.7  (85)

GOALS, West Gambier : T. Holmes 4, T. Ploenges 3, J. Ryan 2, R. Fox 2, T. O’Brien 2, J. Carter 1, M. Bourchier 1, J. Jones 1, B. Wilson 1, C. Cowell 1.  Hamilton Imperials : T. Meulendyks 7, L. Ferguson 2, A. Martin 2, J. Franklin 1, A. Linke 1. BEST, West Gambier : T. Holmes, N. Martin, S. Wenman, R. Fox, T. Weaver, J. Jones.  Hamilton Imperials : T. Meulendyks, H. Waldron, S. Brewer, J. Manson, L. Ferguson, J. McIntosh

Portland                                4.5,  10.12,  14.21,  25.23  (173)

Casterton                               4.0,  5.0,  6.1,  8.1  (49)

Goals, Portland : Not Av.  Casterton : J. Smith 2, M. Killey 2, G. Widdicombe 2, B. Vassal 1, J. Milich 1.  Best, Portland : Not Av. Casterton :  B. Vassal, G. Coxon, C. Perry, K. Forbes, M. Killey, J. Harvey


Terry Willoughby – July 25, 2011

Hamilton comfortably defeated Casterton with leading goal-kicker Shane Hanson booting 7 and ex-Richmond and St Kilda player Aaron Fiora getting 6. Mathematically they are a possibility for finals but their tough draw is a real problem. Casterton’s lack of depth again showed out. Regular best players Chris Perry, Brad Vassal, Grant Coxon again leading the way and Matt Killey booting 6 goals.

Millicent with only pride to play for had a 26 point win over Imperials with impressive 15y.old Tom Hutchesson standing out. The Saints were in front from the start but never by much. Cam Haggett was the best ruckman on the ground and former goal-kicker Chris Murray played well in defence, Brad Tilley also played well in his 200th game. Imps again disappointed their supporters but with many youngsters being tried they lack consistency.

North Gambier started positively against West Gambier and led by 3 goals at the 1st change. They won the ball out of centre and moved forward quickly for McConnell to goal twice and present an immediate danger. West looked a bit sluggish early but responded quickly in the 2nd quarter with 7 goals. Key forwards Bromley and Ploenges kicked goals and rugged Steve Wenman also got into the game. They looked much sharper now, kicking the ball longer to have their forwards one-out against the North defence. Scores were level at ½ time even though North had more of the play. McConnell again gave North a reliable target and booted 4 goals in the 3rd term as his side took the margin beyond 4 goals, youngster Glen Soper had hardly been sighted but floated one through before West got late goals to Wenman and Ploenges to reduce the gap to 21 points. West goaled twice before Lock got a steadier for North but Wenman and Schultz both goaled and a nail-biting finish was on the cards. North had several chances to seal the game including a miss from the goal-square. The lead was down to 3 points with West driving the ball forward with long kicks, Clint Cowell was winning plenty of kicks without an opponent. North were just about on empty with the scores level but plenty of time on the clock. West goaled twice in the last 2 minutes to win a high standard game which both would have been unlucky to lose but North would rue wasted chances and some crucial turnovers as West won narrowly by 12 points.

In the 2nd local derby of the weekend South Gambier and East Gambier slugged it out in truly desperate conditions, at times the game resembled mud wrestling as the skies opened up. East started extremely well and caught South off guard with quick goals. They raced to a 4 goal lead early in the 2nd quarter and played better, smarter wet weather football. South fought back just before ½ time with goals to Jon Copping and Capewell. East continued to make better use of the ball and worked the play forward and goaled of the ground with great accuracy. South only managed behinds and fell further behind. Players were barely recognizable in the mud but East knew where the goals and won by 26 points. East ‘s better players included Sam Clark, Shaun Phillips and Jake Turner and the win keeps them in the race for the double chance but they have some tricky games ahead as do South and North. 

Round 14 scores – July 23, 2011

Portland                                1.6,  9.12,  14.17,  21.20  (146)

Hamilton Imperials           3.3,  3.3,  4.3,  5.5  (35)

GOALS, Portland : J. Holt 5, J. Stiles 4, B. Bentley 3, J. Hayse 3, M. Herbertson 2, M. England 1, T. Chester 1, D. Fry 1, R. Egan 1.  Hamilton Imperials : B. McDonald 1, A. Pepper 1, L. Ferguson 1, B. Forsyth 1, A. Linke 1. BEST, Portland : M. England, D. Falcone, C. Mather, D. Fry, H. Brown, J. Stiles.  Hamilton Imperials :  M. Wishart, C. Quinn, A. Martin, S. Brewer, L. Ferguson, J. O’Brien

Hamilton                                3.7,  10.15,  13.23,  20.29  (149)

Heywood                                 1.2,  3.3,  5.3,  5.3  (33)

GOALS, Hamilton : S. Hanson 6, R. Saunders 5,  S. Fiora 4, J. Hawkins 3, A. Fiora 2.  Heywood : J. Emms 4, S. Ferrier 1.  BEST, Hamilton : A. Gunning, J. Holmes, J. Hawkins, D. Gunning, A. Gepp, S. Fleming.  Heywood :  B. Millard, S. Arthur, J. Vaughan, B. Nash, J. Emms, L. Malseed

East Gambier                        6.3,  8.8,  12.10,  18.18  (126)

Casterton                               2.4,  5.5,  7.9,  8.10  (58)

GOALS, East Gambier :  K. Thomson 6, D. Cownie 2, T. Eldridge 2, D. Dempsey 1, D. Phillips 1, J. Phillips 1, S. Balshaw 1, J. Fry 1, C. Povey  1, D. Smith 1, S. Phillips 1.  Casterton :  B. Howard 3, L. Cates 2, J. Harvey 1, B. Vassal 1, S. Penfold 1. Best, East Gambier : C. Slape, K. Thomson, S. Balshaw, M. Dempsey, D. Phillips, S. Phillips.  Casterton : B. Howard, G. Widdicombe, J. Harvey, J. Milich, S. Penfold, J. Fidler

West Gambier                     2.2,  7.5,  8.10,  11.12  (78)

Millicent                               1.1,  5.1,  8.2,  8.4  (52)

GOALS, West Gambier :  T. Ploenges 4, L. Davey 2, B. Wilson 2, J. Ryan 2, C. Cowell 1.  Millicent :  A. Ridley 4, R. Duncan 1, R. Hutchesson 1, G. Gascoyne 1, B. Tilley 1.  BEST, West Gambier :  T. O’Brien, S. Wenman, L. Davey, A. Kennedy, J. Jones, R. Fox.  Millicent :  J. Sullivan, C. Haggett, S. Duldig, R. Duncan, A. Ridley, B. Chant

South Gambier                           2.3,  6.4,  10.7,  14.9  (93)

North Gambier                           2.1,  7.4,  9.4,  11.9  (75)

GOALS, South Gambier : Jonathon Copping 6, Simon Berkefeld 3, Ashley Bryant 3, James Paprotny 1, Jake Dowdy 1.  North Gambier : Scott Flett 3, Justin McConnell 3, Lachlan Herring 1, Glen Soper 1, Simon Brook 1, Matt Hensel 1, Adam Kurzman 1.  BEST, South Gambier : Brett O’Neil, Tim Stringer, Simon Berkefeld, Bradley Bryant, Brodie Foster, Jed Mullen. North Gambier : Anthony Kilsby, David Nulty, Simon Brook, Kevin Opperman


Terry Willoughby – July 17, 2011

Portland demolished Imperials who had made a promising start to lead by 9 points at quarter time. From there on it was all one-way traffic as powerful on-baller Marcus England and team-mates Daniel Falcone and ruckmen Cam Mather and Stiles drove Portland forward. Imps were powerless to stop them and managed only 2 goals in the last 3 quarters while Portland dominated everywhere. Coach Jarrod Holt booted 5 goals and star youngster Jaydon Stiles 4 for Portland.

Hamilton had almost 50 shots for goal but only defeated Heywood by 116 points. The win may have kept their finals hopes alive but they need some upsets to assist. Leading goal-kicker Shane Hanson booted 6 for Hamilton and  Justin Emms got 4 of Heywoods’ five. Despite a long injury list East Gambier were far too good for Casterton. The first half was was quite close but East had too many good players and kicked clear after ½ time. Burly Kevin Thomson booted 6 goals at full forward and ruckman Carl Slape dominated at the stoppages and around the ground. Former medalist Brent Howard and Glen Widdicomde tried hard for Casterton.

Millicent gave probably their best display for the season against West Gambier but still got the points. It was a battle of defences reminiscent of last years grand final but with a bigger margin. Young ruckman Tim O’Brien and strongman Steve Wenman played well for West who led throughout but never by much. Millicent narrowed the margin to 8 points at ¾ time  with lively small forward Andrew Ridley booting 4 goals but the other forwards were well held, utility man Jack Sullivan was consistent for Millicent and Steve Duldig held the backline together.  West Gambier were stronger at the finish and held Millicent goal-less in the last term and booted three to win by 26 points. O’Brien, Wenman, on-baller Luke Davey, speedy Al Kennedy and young defender Josh Jones were best for West.

South Gambier were too strong for North Gambier in the battle for the double chance. The game was not of a great standard early with a tricky breeze and a firm surface, different from recent games, causing players to make mistakes. Both teams found goals hard to get and although South held a 2nd quarter lead it was North who looked a bit better and they took the lead when coach McConnell goaled twice. South had lost key forward Capewell and only an on the siren goal kepoint them within a kick. Defences continued to restrict their opponents in the 3rd term but North were looking a little vulnerable as their taggers started but to lose influence. Hard running mid-fielders O’Neil, Berekfeld and Stringer were having a greater effect and coach Jon Copping used his clever bodywork to outwit several North defenders and kick goals. Adam Kurzman was winning many kicks for North but they lacked direction and Herring coughed up the ball repeatedly. Ruckman David Nulty was given North plenty of chances but South’s on-ballers stole most of them. North trailed by just 8 points at the last change but had the breeze to come home with. South continued to run hard and lesser players Jake Dowdy and Jack Primer made timely intercepointions as North faded , Copping beat Anthony Kilsby conclusively twice to set up goals for his team and North showed some lack of discipline at the finish when they ran out of legs. South goaled through Copping again, his 6th right on full-time to win by 18 points. Both teams have some tough games ahead but South are game clear in 3rd spot. Bret O’Neil, Tim Stringer and Simon Berkefeld played well for South but Copping’s 6 goals were crucial and Dowdy, Primer and Brad Bryant did well out of defence. Nulty gave everything for North, Kurzman and Flett tried hard but many went missing when needed.              

Round 13 scores – July 16, 2011

Portland                                1.6,  9.12,  14.17,  21.20  (146)

Hamilton Imperials           3.3,  3.3,  4.3,  5.5  (35)

GOALS, Portland : J. Holt 5, J. Stiles 4, B. Bentley 3, J. Hayse 3, M. Herbertson 2, M. England 1, T. Chester 1, D. Fry 1, R. Egan 1.  Hamilton Imperials : B. McDonald 1, A. Pepper 1, L. Ferguson 1, B. Forsyth 1, A. Linke 1. BEST, Portland : M. England, D. Falcone, C. Mather, D. Fry, H. Brown, J. Stiles.  Hamilton Imperials :  M. Wishart, C. Quinn, A. Martin, S. Brewer, L. Ferguson, J. O’Brien

Hamilton                                3.7,  10.15,  13.23,  20.29  (149)

Heywood                                 1.2,  3.3,  5.3,  5.3  (33)

GOALS, Hamilton : S. Hanson 6, R. Saunders 5,  S. Fiora 4, J. Hawkins 3, A. Fiora 2.  Heywood : J. Emms 4, S. Ferrier 1.  BEST, Hamilton : A. Gunning, J. Holmes, J. Hawkins, D. Gunning, A. Gepp, S. Fleming.  Heywood :  B. Millard, S. Arthur, J. Vaughan, B. Nash, J. Emms, L. Malseed

East Gambier                        6.3,  8.8,  12.10,  18.18  (126)

Casterton                               2.4,  5.5,  7.9,  8.10  (58)

GOALS, East Gambier :  K. Thomson 6, D. Cownie 2, T. Eldridge 2, D. Dempsey 1, D. Phillips 1, J. Phillips 1, S. Balshaw 1, J. Fry 1, C. Povey  1, D. Smith 1, S. Phillips 1.  Casterton :  B. Howard 3, L. Cates 2, J. Harvey 1, B. Vassal 1, S. Penfold 1. Best, East Gambier : C. Slape, K. Thomson, S. Balshaw, M. Dempsey, D. Phillips, S. Phillips.  Casterton : B. Howard, G. Widdicombe, J. Harvey, J. Milich, S. Penfold, J. Fidler

West Gambier                     2.2,  7.5,  8.10,  11.12  (78)

Millicent                               1.1,  5.1,  8.2,  8.4  (52)

GOALS, West Gambier :  T. Ploenges 4, L. Davey 2, B. Wilson 2, J. Ryan 2, C. Cowell 1.  Millicent :  A. Ridley 4, R. Duncan 1, R. Hutchesson 1, G. Gascoyne 1, B. Tilley 1.  BEST, West Gambier :  T. O’Brien, S. Wenman, L. Davey, A. Kennedy, J. Jones, R. Fox.  Millicent :  J. Sullivan, C. Haggett, S. Duldig, R. Duncan, A. Ridley, B. Chant

South Gambier                           2.3,  6.4,  10.7,  14.9  (93)

North Gambier                           2.1,  7.4,  9.4,  11.9  (75)

GOALS, South Gambier : Jonathon Copping 6, Simon Berkefeld 3, Ashley Bryant 3, James Paprotny 1, Jake Dowdy 1.  North Gambier : Scott Flett 3, Justin McConnell 3, Lachlan Herring 1, Glen Soper 1, Simon Brook 1, Matt Hensel 1, Adam Kurzman 1.  BEST, South Gambier : Brett O’Neil, Tim Stringer, Simon Berkefeld, Bradley Bryant, Brodie Foster, Jed Mullen. North Gambier : Anthony Kilsby, David Nulty, Simon Brook, Kevin Opperman


Terry Willoughby – July 11, 2011

The only game played in WB footy was the Indigenous Recognition game between Heywood and Portland. It was a mis-match on form but Heywood who could have been crushed by 40 goals made Portland work for the win. They maybe winless, but Heywood always give a bit extra against rival Portland. Marcus England was best in another hard-running, kick-winning display, Jason Saunders also played well and mobile ruckman Cam Mather controlled the aerial duels for Portland who still won easily by 118 points. The Bens, Millard and Nash stood out for Heywood and Tyson Lovett-Murray battled stoutly to the finish.            

Round 13 (only game in mid-season break)

Portland                                4.2,  11.13,  14.18,  21.21  (147)

Heywood                                 1.4,  1.4,  3.5,  4.5  (29)

GOALS, Portland :  J. Hayse 4, M. England 3, J. Holt 3, K. Spencer 2, H. Brown 2, B. Walker 2, B. Bentley 1, N. Haylock 1, D. Beavis 1, T. Huppatz 1, J. Saunders 1.  Heywood : J. Emms 2, S. Keiller 1, D. Finnigan 1.  BEST, Portland : M. England, J. Saunders, C. Mather, D. Falcone, D. Fry, R. Egan.  Heywood : B. Nash, B. Millard, T. Lovett-Murray, L. Malseed, K. Millard, J. Nash

Round 12 Sunday result – July 3, 2011

Hamilton Imperials




14.15 (99)





14.9 (93)

Best:  Ham Imps – H. Waldron, S. Brewer, B. Forsyth, J. McIntosh, M. Newell, A. Martin. Hamilton – A. Gepp, D. Gunning, J. Riddle, A. Fiora, J. Holmes, J. Hawkins. Goals: Ham Imps – A. Martin 4, T. Meulendyks 2, H. Douglas 2, B. Cameron 2, T. Lenehan , J. Dawson , B. McIntosh , J. McIntosh. Hamilton – A. Fiora 3, R. Saunders 3, S. Hanson 2, D. Gunning 2, S. Fiora , A. Gunning , B. Ross , J. Riddle



Winter conditions for a winter game as top sides Portland and West Gambier clashed in WB footy. West kicked with the wind and looked dangerous but Portland’s defence held up. Both sides wasted chances but West, using more direct methods took an 11 point lead at ¼ time. They took control in the 2nd quarter with Tom Holmes and Brad Wilson winning around the packs and Wenman slipping in to kick goals. Ruckman Tim O’Brien and Darron McElroy were doing well and Portland were unable to get into the game. Portland started the 2nd half with some quick goals and reduced the gap to17 points but West absorbed the fightback and kicked late goals through Wenman and Ryan to have a 5 goal lead at ¾ time. Portland got the 1st goal of the last quarter in 15 secs and a close finish looked likely but West steadied and kepoint control to the finish to win by 30 points and share top spot on the ladder.

North Gambier had a comfortable 62 point win over disappointing Millicent who managed only one goal in the first 3 quarters. The game never rose to any standard but North had more contributors and drew further ahead over the day. Jamie O’Neil and fellow defender Anthony Kilsby were among North’s best ahead of Nick Blachut and Lachie Herring. Glen Gascoyne and skipper Jon Agnew tried hard for Millicent.

East Gambier looked set for a big win over Heywood when they led by 7 goals at ½ time. Heywood came out strongly in the 3rd quarter and kepoint East quiet whilst adding some goals through Keiller and Emms. After a season of thrashings Heywood kept the scoreboard ticking over without ever looking like winners but earning respect from their opponents. The margin was only 46 points but it gave Heywood a lift. East won with an injury ravaged team. Dwayne Phillips, Matt Dempsey and Jesse Fry led the best players and Trav Younghusband booted 5 goals for East. Steve Keiller booted 4 goals to be best for Heywood, Ben Nash and and Ben Millard gave their usual lion-hearted efforts.

South Gambier were never threatened by Casterton and had an easy 85 point win. Bret O’Neil around the midfield and ball-magnet Tim Stringer played well for South and Capewell and Simon Berkefeld booted 4 goals each. Former South star Brent Howard was Casterton’s best ahead of rugged Chris Perry. Hamilton and Imperials play on Sunday.

Round 12 scores – July 2, 2011

West Gambier                            4.5,  10.7,  13.11,  15.14  (104)

Portland                                2.5,  4.9,  8.9,  10.14  (74)

GOALS, West Gambier : S. Wenman 5, J. Ryan 3, D. McElroy 3, C. Cowell 2, T. O’Brien 1, T. Weaver 1.  Portland : J. Hayse 4, J. Saunders 2, M. Herbertson 2, J. Holt 1, T. Chester 1. BEST, West Gambier : B. Wilson, S. Wenman, T. Holmes, T. O’Brien, D. Richardson, L. Davey.  Portland : C. Mather, H. Brown, J. Hayse, D. Falcone, J. Saunders, M. Herbertson

East Gambier                            3.2,  9.6,  13.8,  14.15  (99)

Heywood                                 2.3,  2.3,  6.5,  8.5  (53)

GOALS, East Gambier : T. Younghusband 5, K. Thomson 3, D. Smith 1, T. Eldridge 1, J. Phillips 1, D. Phillips 1, C. Povey  1, D. Cownie 1.  Heywood : S. Keiller 4, J. Emms 2, J. Vaughan 1, N. Wills 1.  BEST, East Gambier : D. Phillips (DVC), M. Dempsey, J. Fry.  Heywood :  S. Keiller, B. Nash, J. Emms, L. Malseed, B. Millard, A. Barr

South Gambier                     5.2,  8.7,  16.10,  18.12  (120)

Casterton                               3.2,  5.2,  5.4,  5.5  (35)

GOALS, South Gambier : L. Capewell 4, S. Berkefeld 4, M. Berkefeld 3, J. Copping 2, B. O’Neil 2, T. Stringer 1, J. Paprotny 1, S. Currie 1.  Casterton : B. Vassal 2, C. Perry 1, J. Harvey 1, J. Killey 1.  BEST, South Gambier : B. O’Neil, T. Stringer, P. Harten, B. Foster, H. Sims, L. Foran

Casterton : B. Howard, C. Perry, R. Cleary, B. Vassal, B. Currie, S. Penfold.

North Gambier                  4.6,  8.8,  11.12,  14.13  (97)

Millicent                               0.1,  1.6,  1.8,  4.11  (35)

GOALS, North Gambier : S. Flett 2, N. Blachut 2, D. Watson 2, P.  Perry 2, D. Hudson 2, J. McConnell 1, L. Herring 1, S. Brook 1, M. Quirk 1. Millicent : G. Gascoyne 1, J. Sullivan 1, J. Agnew 1, H. Gordon 1.  BEST, North Gambier : J. O’Neil, A. Kilsby, N. Blachut, L. Herring, D. Nulty, P. Perry.  Millicent : G. Gascoyne, J. Agnew, J. Sullivan, S. Withers, R. Duncan, J. Walker



In WB football the top five were opposed to the bottom five and nothing changed as a result. Millicent’s rapid fall from the top continued unabated when Portland brushed them aside to win by 146 points. They might have been Saints in 2010 but Millicent are not even ghosts this year and it is mostly the experienced players letting them down. The Victorian Tigers were in control from the start and led by 53 points at half  time. Rhys Egan and Marcus England dominated around the stoppages and Heath Brown provided the muscle to aid them. After the long break Portland stepped on the gas and went further ahead with twin forwards Jarrod Hayse and Jarrod Holt having goalkicking practice, they booted 7 and 5 respectively. Millicent were barely competitive.

West Gambier with a patched up team were locked in a battle with Hamilton who doggedly kepoint in touch with the reigning premier. The 14 point margin at half  time was about the biggest of the day and luckily for West they held it. Young defender Josh Jones and beanpole ruckman Matt Bukovskis were doing everything to keep West ahead but Hamilton drew to within striking distance at the last change. Dylan Gunning was in everything for Hamilton , Aaron Gepp and mid-fielder Jesse Hawkins were the dangers. The last quarter was a struggle, first one way then the other but West had their noses in front on the siren but only by a solitary point.

South Gambier won easily over Heywood as the margin of 115 points suggests but the cellar-dwellers never stopped trying and made South work hard nearly all day. James Paprotny showed his improvement over 4 quarters to be best for South ahead of Dion Stratford and Bret O’Neil. The battling Bens, Nash and Millard were solid for Heywood.

North Gambier had an easy 76 point win over Casterton in a game that never rose to great heights. North exposed the Cats lack of depointh after the 1st quarter. North held a 39 point lead heading into the 3rd quarter and kepoint adding to it steadily. Pat Perry was racking up plenty of touches in the mid-field and recruit Lachlan Herring was having his best game. Justin McConnell finished with 6 goals for North who went further ahead in the last quarter. Rugged Chris Perry battled hard for Casterton and Brad Vassal gave another consistent performance.

Injury depleted East Gambier were in danger of defeat against Imperials early on when Imps dominated large periods of play with clever possession football. They denied East use of the ball but failed to put enough goals on the board. East hit back just before half  time when they booted 3 goals in as many minutes to gain a 3 point lead. They never lost the lead from there-on but were never far ahead either. The unfashionables, George Beck and Raegan Clarke did well for East and smooth-moving Jesse Fry drove East forward on many occasions, Chris Povey chipped in with 4 goals. Imps trailed by only 5 points at the last change but couldn’t quite get their way to the front. Hamish Waldron, Sam Brewer and ruckman Jason Mcintosh played well and coach Brent Forsyth ran himself into the ground with possessions for Imps but it East who got in narrowly by 7 points.

Round 11 scores – June 25, 2011

Portland                                4.5,  9.13,  18.17,  25.20  (170)

Millicent                               1.1,  2.2,  3.3,  3.6  (24)

GOALS, Portland : J. Hayse 7, J. Holt 5, R. Egan 4, J. Stiles 2, B. Bentley 2, T. Huppatz 1, T. Chester 1, J. Saunders 1, M. Herbertson 1, K. Spencer 1. Millicent : D. Ridley 1, N. Robbins 1, T. Hutchesson 1.  Best, Portland : R. Egan, M. England, T. Chester, H. Brown, D. Falcone, C. Mather. Millicent : J. Agnew, S. Duldig, J. Pratt, J. Walker, R. Duncan, C. Reilly

West Gambier                      4.1,  6.8,  10.8,  12.11  (83)

Hamilton                                2.6,  4.6,  9.8,  12.10  (82)

GOALS, West Gambier : T. O’Brien 3, T. Weaver 3, B. Wilson 2, L. Davey 1, D. McElroy 1, A. Kennedy 1, J. Carter 1.  Hamilton : D. Gunning 4, S. Hanson 3, A. Fiora 1, R. Saunders 1, B. Ross 1, R. Brewster 1, J. Holmes 1.  BEST, West Gambier : J. Jones, M. Bukovskis, T. Lockwood, T. O’Brien, J. Ferguson-Lane.  Hamilton : D. Gunning, A. Gepp, J. Riddle, J. Hawkins, A. Fiora, J. Holmes

East Gambier                            3.4,  6.6,  8.12,  11.14  (80)

Hamilton Imperials               2.3,  4.9,  7.11,  10.13  (73)

Goals, East Gambier : C. Povey  4, S. Phillips 2, T. Eldridge 1, J. Dunn 1, R. Clarke 1, K. Thomson 1, M. Dempsey 1.  Hamilton Imperials : S. Hasell 2, A. Martin 2, H. Douglas 2, H. Waldron 1, A. Pepper 1, T. Lenehan 1, J. Mcintosh 1. Best, East Gambier : G. Beck, J. Fry, R. Clarke, D. Phillips, S. Balshaw, S. Phillips. Hamilton Imperials : H. Waldron, S. Brewer, J. Mcintosh, J. Manson, A. Martin, J. Meulendyks

South Gambier                       5.4,  9.13,  15.20,  18.27  (135)

Heywood                                 1.0,  2.0,  3.1,  3.2  (20)

GOALS, South Gambier : J. Copping 4, L. Capewell 3, S. Currie 2, J. Paprotny 2, B. O’Neil 1, C. Williams 1, B. Foster 1, J. Patzel 1, T. Stringer 1, S. Berkefeld 1, M. Berkefeld 1. Heywood : J. Vaughan 1, M. Sailor 1, T. Lovett-Murray 1.  BEST, South Gambier : J. Paprotny, D. Stratford, B. O’Neil, B. Bryant, J. Mullen, H. Sims. Heywood : B. Millard, B. Nash, L. Malseed, J. Nash, R. Morris, T. Lovett-Murray

North Gambier                     2.3,  7.6,  13.8,  19.11  (125)

Casterton                               1.1,  1.3,  2.7,  7.7  (49)

GOALS, North Gambier : J. McConnell 6, S. Flett 3, C. Lock 3, B. Stafford 2, N. Blachut 2, G. Soper 1, M. Quirk 1, A. Kurzman 1.  Casterton :  R. Killey 2, S. Penfold 1, G. Widdicombe 1, B. Vassal 1, J. Killey 1, K. Richards 1. BEST, North Gambier : P. Perry, L. Herring, D. Nulty, J. O’neil, N. Blachut, A. Kurzman. Casterton : C. Perry, B. Vassal, B. Howard, G. Coxon, R. Smith, K. Forbes



Portland tumbled to their 1st loss in WB football. The Victorian Tigers were without several quality players through injury but it didn’t seem to matter as they played all over North Gambier in the 1st half. They dominated around the stoppages and mid-field and raced to a 5 goal lead. North had scarcely a good player and only Cameron Campbell, Dean Watson and Scott Flett appeared interested. Portland should have been further in front but a little selfishness crepoint in during the 2nd quarter. North added 3 quick goals to bring the game to life but Portland still held a healthy lead. Youngster Glen Soper provided some spark for North and Adam Kurzman started to pick up kicks around the ground. Callum Hudson reduced Portland’s dominance in the bigman area but they still led by 19 points. North slowly reduced the margin and even when Hayse booted his 6th goal Portland were being over-run. Their good players earlier were tiring and North raced on 5 goals to one and won narrowly by 10 points. Hudson,Watson, Kurzman were good for North but Campbell kepoint them alive until the rest joined in. Jarrod Hayse booted 6 goals to be Portland’s best and toweled Anthony Kilsby in the process, Daniel Falcone, Rhys Egan and Marcus England  were all good early but faded late.

South Gambier blew Imperials away in the 1st quarter with a burst of 9 goals. The shell-shocked Imps battled hard to get back in the game but South always had some one able to kick goals. South went further ahead and what looked like a tricky game for South became an easy win. Imps kicked some respectability goals late but South eased down to win by 45 points. Perpetual motion man Simon Berkefeld wa best on ground and booted 4 goals for South, James Paprotny and veteran Heath Sims had good games. Jason McIntosh, Josh Meulendyks and coach Brent Forsyth tried hard for Imps.

Millicent and Hamilton had a dour struggle with both needing a win to stay in touch with the top5. The win by Millicent however probably has not aided them much but it has knocked Hamilton out of finals contention. The Saints led throughout but never by much in a scrambly affair. The disappointing Millicent face tough games ahead but a win’s a win. Hamilton can only ponder a season wasted. Nat Robbins, Brad Tilley and the consistent Steve Duldig were Millicent’s best in the 11 point win.

West Gambier won narrowly over a gallant East Gambier in slippery conditions. They started well but East took over in the 2nd quarter and led by 8 points. The Phillips brothers were a constant threat with their pace and ball carrying ability. Both teams went goal for goal in the 3rd term but East lost Chris Anderson to a serious leg injury and late goals to Ryan and Nic Martin gave West a 2 point lead at the last change. Kevin Thomson had been valuable for East and his 5 goals presented a danger. West had more of the play in the final quarter with Tom Holmes and strong bodied Clint Cowell providing opportunities, Steve Wenman shut down Thomson and Jarrod Ryan kepoint bobbing when a goal was required for West. East battled on strongly but fell 5 points short at the finish. Shaun and Dwayne Phillips excelled for East and mobile Shem Balshaw worked hard to give drive.      

Casterton had an easy 106 point win over Heywood who started well but were swamped after quarter time. Classy Brad Vassal starred for Casterton and Brent Howard booted 6 goals.

Round 10 – June 18, 2011

North Gambier                    1.2,  1.7,  6.7,  11.13  (79)

Portland                                4.4,  6.6,  8.8,  10.9  (69)

GOALS, North Gambier : G. Soper 3, J. McConnell 3, A. Kurzman 3, C. Hudson 1, S. Brook 1.  Portland : J. Hayse 6, K. Spencer 1, M. England 1, T. Huppatz 1, R. Egan 1.  BEST, North Gambier : C. Hudson, D. Watson, D. Nulty, A. Kurzman, P. Perry, G. Soper.  Portland : J. Hayse, D. Falcone, D. Fry, M. England, R. Egan, H. Brown

Millicent                               3.4,  7.8,  10.9,  11.11  (77)

Hamilton                                2.5,  5.6,  7.10,  9.12  (66)

GOALS, Millicent : G. Gascoyne 3, M. Reilly 3, C. Murray 2, T. Hutchesson 1, N. Robbins 1, J. Agnew 1.  Hamilton : S. Hanson 3, N. Becker 2, S. Fiora 1, J. Hawkins 1, B. Ross 1, A. Gunning 1.  BEST, Millicent : N. Robbins, B. Tilley, S. Duldig, B. McGrath, M. Reilly, J. Sullivan.  Hamilton :

J. Davis, D. Gunning, C. Vallance, J. Hawkins, S. Fiora

West Gambier                            4.4,  5.6,  12.11,  14.17  (101)

East Gambier                            2.2,  6.8,  12.9,  14.12  (96)

GOALS, West Gambier : J. Ryan 5, B. Wilson 2, N. Martin 2, D. Bromley 2, C. Cowell 1, M. Bourchier 1, T. Holmes 1. East Gambier : K. Thomson 5, J. Eldridge 1, J. Fry 1, R. Clarke 1, J. Dunn 1, C. Povey  1, C. Anderson 1, D. Phillips 1, S. Phillips 1, C. Slape 1.  BEST, West Gambier : T. Holmes, C. Cowell, S. Wenman, A. Shultz, J. Ryan.  East Gambier : S. Phillips, D. Phillips (DVC), S. Balshaw, R. Clarke, J. Phillips, K. Thomson

South Gambier                           9.1,  12.3,  16.9,  19.9  (123)

Hamilton Imperials                 2.1,  7.4,  7.6,  12.6  (78)

GOALS, South Gambier : S. Berkefeld 4, S. Currie 3, L. Capewell 3, J. Primer 2, J. Patzel 2, J. Copping 1, B. O’Neil 1, T. Stringer 1, J. Paprotny 1, M. Berkefeld 1.  Hamilton Imperials : H. Douglas 3, B. Forsyth 2, J. Dawson 2, J. Meulendyks 2, A. Martin 1, H. Waldron 1, B. Cameron 1. BEST, South Gambier : S. Berkefeld, J. Paprotny, H. Sims, B. O’Neil, T. Stringer, L. Pearce-Raisin.  Hamilton Imperials : J. McIntosh, J. Meulendyks, B. Forsyth, A. Linke, S. Brewer, M. Newell

Casterton                               3.3,  10.9,  14.10,  19.16  (130)

Heywood                                 2.3,  2.3,  3.4,  3.6  (24)

GOALS, Casterton : B. Howard 6, C. Perry 2, P. Larkins 2, G. Widdicombe 2, R. Smith 2, B. Vassal 1, J. Harvey 1, J. Schill 1, R. Killey 1, T. Sullivan 1.  Heywood :  D. Finnigan 2, R. Morris 1.  BEST, Casterton : B. Vassal, B. Howard, J. Schill, M. Cowland, R. Smith, L. Gill.  Heywood :

B. Nash, K. Bunworth, B. Millard, J. Vaughan, A. Barr, T. Lovett-Murray


JUNE 13, 2011

Portland continued its dominance of WB football with a comprehensive thrashing of finals hopeful, Hamilton by 86 points. Their strong on-ball brigade led by Marcus England, Cam Mather and Daniel Falcone dominated around the ground as Portland charged to a 54 point lead at ½ time after an eight goal burst that shattered any Hamilton hopes. The Victorian Tigers continued to control all areas of play with key forwards Jarrod Hayse and coach Jarrod Holt kicking 6 goals each. The margin had blown out to 72 points by ¾ time and Hamilton were powerless as Portland had all the answers, not that many questions were being asked of them as they added another 5 goals to win easily. Hamilton’s woes were exposed earlier when their Reserves forfeited the early game.

North Gambier easily accounted the winless Heywood by 169 points. The game was never a contest as Heywood only managed 2 goals for the day. North coach Justin McConnell booted 9 goals for his team but it could have been many more. Patrick Perry and Cameron Campbell again headed the best players. The win elevated North to 3rd place on the ladder but they meet Portland next round.

Imperials notched up their 2nd win in a row as the defeated a struggling Casterton by 30 points. Imps played consistently over the 4 quarters whilst Casterton again failed to put a complete game together and trailed by almost 6 goals at the last change. Josh Muelendyks was best for Imps and had strong support from Matt Newell, Allan Martin and Luke Hatherell. Casterton’s best continue to be based around Brad Vassal, Rick Killey and Michael Jarred. Imps steady improvement may yet help shape the top five. Last years runner-up Millicent needed a win to keep its finals hopes alive but stumbled after being in the contest to half-time when they trailed by only 12 points. East Gambier took control in the 3rd term and added 5 goals to stretch their lead to 30 points. Millicent’s wayward disposal had caused many turnovers and East made them pay for it. Kevin Thomson with 5 goals was a good contributor and Jesse Fry used his many possessions to advantage. The Phillips brothers, Shaun and Dwayne played strongly as East maintained the margin to win by 28 points. Glen Gascoyne played a lone hand for Millicent and booted 7 goals, Jack Hickey and defenders Matt Bryant and Steve Duldig battled hard to keep Millicent going but were over-run at the finish.

South and West Gambier went goal for goal with both sides looking likely winners at various stages. Veteran forward Leigh Capewell was a constant threat early for South, he finished with 7 goals and created chances for his smaller team-mates. The scores were never far apart but when South took a 16 point lead late in the 3rd term West looked vulnerable. Late goals to Tim O’Brien and the ever dangerous Jarrod Ryan steadied them and they gave West a narrow 4 point lead with drizzly rain making conditions difficult. Early goals gave West a greater lead as South struggled to go forward and full-back Nick Martin made some timely saves for West. Mid-fielder Tom Holmes was best for West and the electric Jarrod Ryan booted 7 goals, Rowan Fox and speedy Al Kennedy played well as West came away to win by 20 points. South faded at the end but still remain a dangerous opponent. Simon Berkefeld ran himself ragged trying lift South and Capewell kicked 7 good goals .        

Round 9 scores – June 11, 2011

Portland                                3.0,  11.4,  16.9,  21.11  (137)

Hamilton                                2.3,  2.4,  4.9,  7.9  (51)

GOALS, Portland : J. Holt 6, J. Hayse 6, M. England 2, T. Huppatz 2, J. Stiles 2, M. Herbertson 1, B. Bentley 1, B. Walker 1.  Hamilton : S. Hanson 3, D. Gunning 2, S. Fleming 1, D. Andrivon 1.  BEST, Portland : D. Falcone, M. England, B. Walker, C. Mather, J. Hayse, R. Egan.  Hamilton : S. Weston, J. Hawkins, C. Vallance, J. Speed, A. Gepp, N. Becker

East Gambier                     3.6,  8.6,  13.8,  16.10  (106)

Millicent                               2.2,  6.6,  8.8,  11.12  (78)

GOALS, East Gambier : K. Thomson 5, D. Phillips 3, C. Slape 3, S. Balshaw 2, R. Clarke 1, C. Povey  1, M. Dempsey 1.  Millicent : G. Gascoyne 7, A. Ridley 2, D. Ridley 2.  BEST, East Gambier : J. Fry, S. Phillips, D. Phillips, K. Thomson, S. Balshaw, N. Jenkin. Millicent :

G. Gascoyne, J. Hickey, S. Duldig, A. Ridley, M. Bryant, J. Rehn

West Gambier                            5.1,  8.4,  13.8,  17.15  (117)

South Gambier                           6.1,  9.2,  13.4,  15.7  (97)

GOALS, West Gambier : J. Ryan 7, T. Weaver 3, T. O’Brien 2, D. Richardson 1, M. Bourchier 1, C. Cowell 1, T. Holmes 1, J. Croker 1.  South Gambier : L. Capewell 7, B. O’Neil 3, S. Currie 2, J. Copping 2, S. Berkefeld 1.  BEST, West Gambier : T. Holmes, J. Ryan, R. Fox, A. Kennedy, T. Weaver.  South Gambier : S. Berkefeld, L. Capewell, J. Paprotny, B. O’Neil, H. Sims

Hamilton Imperials            3.4,  6.4,  9.11,  11.14  (80)

Casterton                               1.4,  3.9,  3.10,  6.14  (50)

Goals, Hamilton Imperials : H. Douglas 2, J. Mcintosh 2, H. Waldron 2, A. Martin 1, J. Murphy 1, A. Pepper 1, T. Meulendyks 1, K. Quinn 1.   Casterton : B. Howard 2, T. Sullivan 1, J. Schill 1, B. Currie 1, B. Vassal 1.  Best, Hamilton Imperials : J. Meulendyks, M. Newell, A. Martin, L. Hatherell, J. Manson, J. Dawson.  Casterton : M. Jarrad, B. Vassal, R. Killey, T. Sullivan, L. Gill, J. Harvey

North Gambier                       7.6,  12.13,  19.18,  27.24  (186)

Heywood                                 1.2,  2.3,  2.5,  2.5  (17)

Goals, North Gambier : J. Mcconnell 9, C. Lock 4, T. Young 2, N. Blachut 2, S. Brook 2, P. Perry 2, S. Flett 1, D. Hudson 1, A. Kilsby 1, D. Watson 1, C. Campbell 1, G. Soper 1.  Heywood : M. Jones 2.  Best, North Gambier : P. Perry, C. Campbell, S. Flett, J. Mcconnell, M. Quirk, C. Lock.  Heywood : B. Millard, B. Nash, M. Jones, S. Arthur, W. Bell, B. Rose



JUNE 6, 2011

East Gambier took the game right up to Portland on the weekend and only trailed by a point at ½ time. East tackled strongly and had plenty of willing workers to keep the game in the balance in an entertaining 1st half. Portland always looked dangerous however with Jarrod Hayse giving his opponent a torrid time at full forward with only his inaccuracy letting him down. Portland slowly got on top in the 3rd quarter with Marcus England winning kicks all over the ground and Cam Mather doing well on the ball and across half-back. East lacked the depointh of Portland and although they battled hard they couldn’t hold Portland out. The Victorian Tigers had a stack of chances and wasted many but they won by 21 points after a couple of late East goals. Marcus England, Cam Mather and a fitter Heath Brown in ruck were Portland’s best. Shaun Phillips used his pace to break many attacks for East across half-back, on-baller Chris Anderson and Matt Roscow were East’s best.

North Gambier outplayed a dispirited Hamilton after a scrappy 1st half. Displaying better teamwork and foot-skills North booted 5 goals to take a 27 point lead at ¾ time. North dominated play in the final term with a further 6 goals after more constructive forward play to win by 46 points. Cam Campbell at half-back starred for North, Pat Perry in the centre and Anthony Kilsby both had excellent games. Jesse Hawkins was best for Hamilton ahead of Dylan Gunning and Weston but they lacked plenty in the help department.

South Gambier had a tough battle against the improving Millicent. South led early but Millicent wasted plenty of chances and trailed by 2 points at quarter-time. South got moving before ½ time through perpetual motion men Tim Stringer and Simon Berkefeld to hold a 27 point lead. Millicent fought back strongly and reached the lead briefly late in the 3rd quarter but South regained it by 5 points. The game was anybody’s and Millicent grabbed the lead again in the last quarter but South steadied with youngsters Jed Mullen and Brodie Foster playing well and kicked away late in the game to win by 35 points. Defenders Matt Bryant, Reece Duncan and Brad Tilley played strongly to keep Millicent alive for most of the day but ran out of legs at the end.

West Gambier appeared headed for an easy win over lowly Casterton when they led easily at ½ and ¾ time. Casterton who had battled hard but lacked the class of West then produced a 9 goal last quarter to liven up the game and West were forced to lift the tempo, which they did with 5 goals but it was a reality check to win by 36 points. Mercurial forward Jarrod Ryan booted 8 goals but speedy little man Al Kennedy was best along with Luke Davey and Josh Jones for West. Matt Killey, Ben Currie and the classy Brad Vassal played for the Cats.

Winless Heywood kept Imperials goal-less in the 1st quarter but any thoughts of an upset vanished when Imps raced on 6 goals to nil and lead by 19 points at ½ time. Imps powered away after that and recorded a solid 69 point win. Heywood were not disgraced and battled it out to the end. Hugh Douglas booted 8 goals for Imps and Jason McIntosh was best afield in the ruck and booted 5 goals. Ben Millard and youngster Steve Keiller tried hard for Heywood.

Round 8 scores – June 4, 2011

Portland                                5.1,  7.6,  11.10,  14.15  (99)

East Gambier                        5.1,  7.5,  8.11,  11.12  (78)

GOALS, Portland : M. England 4, J. Hayse 4, B. Bentley 2, D. Falcone 1, C. Mather 1, T. Huppatz 1, H. Brown 1. East Gambier : C. Povey  4, C. Anderson 3, D. Smith 2, T. Eldridge 1, C. Slape 1. BEST, Portland : M. England, C. Mather, H. Brown, R. Egan, J. Hayse, N. Bennett.  East Gambier : S. Phillips, C. Anderson, M. Roscow, J. Phillips, N. Jenkin, J. Eldridge

North Gambier                     4.2,  6.6,  11.10,  17.12  (114)

Hamilton                                3.4,  4.8,  6.13,  9.14  (68)

Goals, North Gambier : J. Mcconnell 4, P. Perry 3, C. Lock 3, A. Kilsby 2, L. Herring 1, M. Hensel 1, M. Quirk 1, D. Hudson 1, A. Kurzman 1. Hamilton : R. Brewster 3, S. Hanson 2, N. Becker 2, S. Fiora 1, R. Saunders 1. Best, North Gambier : C. Campbell, P. Perry, A. Kilsby, D. Nulty, C. Hudson, L. Herring. Hamilton : J. Hawkins, D. Gunning, S. Weston, C. Vallance, W. Collins, J. Dowsley

South Gambier                  2.2,  8.3,  9.7,  14.14  (98)

Millicent                               2.0,  4.0,  9.2,  10.3  (63)

Goals, South Gambier : S. Berkefeld 3, J. Patzel 3, S. Currie 2, L. Capewell 2, J. Paprotny 1, B. Bryant 1, J. Primer 1, M. Berkefeld 1. Millicent : D. Ridley 2, G. Gascoyne 2, J. Hickey 1, C. Murray 1, S. Duldig 1, J. Sullivan 1, J. Rehn 1, T. Hutchesson 1. Best, South Gambier : J. Mullen, B. Foster, T. Stringer, S. Berkefeld, P. Harten, H. Sims. Millicent : M. Bryant, R. Duncan, B. Tilley, T. Hutchesson, J. Sullivan, S. Duldig

West Gambier                       5.3,  9.5,  14.11,  19.14  (128)

Casterton                               2.3,  3.8,  4.11,  13.14  (92)

Goals, J. Ryan 8, C. Cowell 2, N. Martin 2, M. Bourchier 2, D. Bromley 1, B. Wilson 1, S. Wenman 1, J. Croker 1, T. Holmes 1. West Gambier : Not Av.  Casterton : G. Widdicombe 3, B. Vassal 2, M. Killey 2, B. Howard 2, J. Killey 1, R. Smith 1, J. Cowland 1, S. Penfold 1.  Best, West Gambier : A. Kennedy, L. Davey, J. Jones, B. Wilson, S. Wenman, J. Ryan. Casterton : M. Killey, B. Currie, B. Vassal, R. Smith, B. Howard, G. Coxon

Hamilton Imperials            0.2,  6.8,  12.9,  20.12  (132)

Heywood                                 3.5,  3.7,  6.8,  9.9  (63)

GOALS, Hamilton Imperials : H. Douglas 8, J. McIntosh 5, A. Linke 2, L. Ferguson 1, A. Martin 1, K. Quinn 1, L. Purcell 1, S. Brewer 1. Heywood : B. Nash 2, B. Millard 2, S. Keiller 2, J. Voigt 1, L. Malseed 1, J. Vaughan 1.  BEST, Hamilton Imperials : J. McIntosh, J. Manson, A. Martin, H. Douglas, A. Linke, J. Dawson.  Heywood : B. Millard, S. Keiller, A. Barr, S. Keegan, J. Vaughan, W. Bell


Monday 30 May 2011

The Western Border league had endured a fair amount of ridicule in recent years over it’s failures in inter-league football. Saturday was a good chance to restore some prestige and they did so at the expense of the Geelong District F.L but not without some scares. WB dominated play to such an extent early that they had 26 scoring shots to eight by ½ time but only managed to lead by 38 points. New capointain Brad Wilson was in everything for WB and had plenty of help from veteran defender Steve Duldig, Steve Wenman and brilliant Simon Berkefeld. They had used plenty of gas however and the worry was that they hadn’t entirely stitched up the win. Geelong District gradually began to claw back the lead in the 3rd term with late inclusion Luke Edmondson providing some forward spark and ruckman Nathan Lovell giving his on-ballers more opportunities. At ¾ time the WB lead had been reduced to 25 points and the home side looked reasonably safe playing on home ground. Tom Holmes across the centre and Jon Agnew were giving the WB plenty of drive but the Geelong District was not done with and the WB inaccuracy was now a millstone. Geelong District outscored the WB in the final quarter but not by enough and WB’s 3 goals were enough to give them a narrow but well earned 11 point win. Brad Wilson won the best player medal for the WB and Nathan Lovell for the Geelong District.


MAY 23, 2011

Portland cemented the place on top of the table with a 102 point win over South Gambier. The Victorian Tigers started brilliantly and South couldn’t match them. Portland continued the dominance through to ½ time which gave them time to pause for breath with key players Jaydon Stiles and Heath Brown leading the charge on the ball. Their outstanding play created many chances for the Portland forwards who piled on the goals. South, whose form had been good until now, were blown away. Jarrod Hayse and Jarrod Holt kicked 6 and 5 goals each but it was Jaydon Stiles who stood out as best on the ground. Heath Brown continued his good form as did Daniel Falcone. South’s best were Tim Stringer and Simon Berkefeld but this time they had plenty of chasing to do as well.

The hot’n’cold East Gambier were on view again as Hamilton led throughout every qtr to win by 34 points. The Magpies were more potent in attack with leading goalkicker Shane Hanson slotting 5 goals. East just couldn’t get the same sort of teamwork going as last week and were always a goal or two of the pace. Dylan Gunning around the midfield and bigmen Scott Fleming and Aaron Gepp controlled the game. Whatever chances Hanson missed Brewster and Becker picked up for Hamilton. Jesse Hawkins in the centre was another to stand out for Hamilton. East didn’t have nearly enough contributors with only Shem Balshaw, Matt Roscow and Jayden Eldridge giving solid four qtr efforts.

West Gambier stung by last weeks loss rebounded in startling fashion in crushing Heywood by 265 points. Heywood kicked the 1st goal of the game and then West proceeded to boot 23 by ½ time. Fifteen players kicked goals with no one getting more than 5 which is a daunting prospect for the other teams in the league.

Millicent having overcome a disastrous start to the season notched up their 3rd win in a row but not without some worries. The plucky Casterton led for more than three quarters and appeared likely winners when holding a 9 point lead at ¾ time. The Saints, with their finals chances on the line responded with a 5 goals to two last qtr to steal a 12 point win. The Cats had been better most of game with Brad Vassal and coach Grant Coxon in great form through the midfield. Millicent’s defenders were under siege and Steve Duldig and Joe Walker played well to keep the scores in touch. Cam Haggett started to win his share in the ruck and Jon Agnew got better the further the game went. Casterton’s depointh was tested at the end with big Glen Gascoyne booting 4 goals as the Saints, whilst not marching in, at least keep in the finals race. Casterton’s best were the classy Brad Vassal, Coxon, Michael Jarred and Mark Cowland.

North Gambier won a scrappy game against last week’s giant-killers Imperials but not all that convincingly. Imps had the better of North early with Sam Brewer a dangerous forward to boot 3 goals. Imps took risks which paid off and their team work was better than North’s. North slowly got on top before ½ time but Imps were still in the game. Scott Flett was marking strongly up forward and sorely tested the Imperials’ defence. Cameron Campbell and Michael Quirk were two others who got North moving in the 3rd qtr as Imps wasted several chances. The game never reached any high standard but North had more players contributing in the finish and they booted 6 goals to three to win by 61 points. Full back Jamie O’Neil was North’s best ahead of Callum Hudson and Pat Perry. Imps coach Brett Forsyth ran himself ragged in a bid to lift his team but too many ball-handling mistakes by others were costly.

Round 7 scores – May 21, 2011

Portland                                9.3,  15.6,  18.11,  25.13  (163)

South Gambier                    3.2,  4.3,  7.5,  9.7  (61)

GOALS, Portland : J. Hayse 6, J. Holt 5, J. Stiles 5, B. Bentley 4, J. Imbi 2, J. Saunders 1, D. Falcone 1, B. Walker 1. South Gambier : J. Copping 2, A. Bryant 2, S. Berkefeld 2, J. Patzel 1, J. Paprotny 1, M. Berkefeld 1 Best, Portland : J. Stiles, D. Falcone, H. Brown, N. Bennett, J. Hayse, J. Imbi. South Gambier : T. Stringer, S. Berkefeld, J. Paprotny, P. Harten, J. Copping

Hamilton                                5.4,  9.7,  14.8,  18.12  (120)

East Gambier                        2.3,  5.5,  9.8,  12.14  (86)

GOALS, Hamilton :  S. Hanson 5, N. Becker 4, R. Brewster 4, R. Saunders 2, S. Fiora 1, S. Weston 1, A. Gunning 1.  East Gambier : C. Povey (Vc) 4, S. Balshaw 3, S. Phillips 1, C. Anderson (C) 1, J. Phillips 1, M. Dempsey 1, J. Eldridge 1. Best, Hamilton : D. Gunning, S. Fleming, J. Hawkins, J. Dowsley, C. Vallance, A. Gepp.  East Gambier : S. Balshaw, M. Roscow, J. Eldridge, C. Povey

Millicent                               1.2,  4.4,  6.7,  11.10  (76)

Casterton                               3.2,  8.2,  8.4,  10.4  (64)

GOALS, Millicent : G. Gascoyne 4, B. Tilley 3, H. Gordon 2, J. Agnew 2.  Casterton : M. Killey 2, L. Cates 2, J. Cowland 1, G. Coxon 1, B. Vassal 1, G. Widdicombe 1, B. Howard 1, L. Gill 1. Best, Millicent : J. Agnew, B. Tilley, S. Duldig, J. Walker, C. Haggett, A. Ridley

Casterton : B. Vassal, G. Coxon, M. Jarrad, M. Cowland, J. Schill, M. Killey

West Gambier                        8.9,  23.14,  34.22,  42.32  (284)

Heywood                                 1.0,  1.1,  2.1,  3.1  (19)

GOALS, West Gambier : T. Holmes 5, T. Ploenges 5, J. Ryan 5, N. Martin 5, D. Bromley 4, L. Davey 3, C. Cowell 3, B. Wilson 2, J. Ransom 2, J. Croker 2, A. Kennedy 1, M. Bourchier 1, J. Barnes 1, S. Wenman 1, J. Carter 1.  Heywood :  BEST, West Gambier :  J. Ransom, S. Wenman, T. Holmes, L. Davey, B. Wilson, M. Bukovskis.  Heywood : n/a

North Gambier                           3.1,  9.3,  12.10,  18.19  (127)

Hamilton Imperials                  4.5,  6.6,  6.9,  9.12  (66)

GOALS, North Gambier : S. Flett 3, M. Quirk 2, P. Perry 2, N. Blachut 2, C. Campbell 2, D. Munn 1, M. Hensel 1, M. Mcrae 1, D. Watson 1, D. Hudson 1, D. Nulty 1, C. Lock 1.  Hamilton Imperials : S. Brewer 3, B. Forsyth 2, H. Douglas 2, K. Quinn 1, J. O’brien 1.  Best, North Gambier : J. O’neil, C. Hudson, P. Perry, S. Flett, M. Chapman, D. Nulty.  Hamilton Imperials : B. Forsyth, M. Newell, K. Quinn, L. Ferguson, A. Martin, J. Dawson



Imperials caused a major upset in when they came from 9 pts down to defeat West Gambier. The previously winless Imps charged out of the blocks and held a 4 goal lead at qtr-time after good work from forwards Hugh Douglas and recently promoted youngster Andrew Pepper. West showed why they were premiers in the 2nd qtr when they piled on 8 goals to take a 9 pt lead into ½ time. They also had effective forwards in Nick Martin and Jarrod Ryan but ruckman Tim O’Brien was the driving force. Imps regained the lead in the 3rd term to set up an exciting finish. The ending however wasn’t quite what West expected as it was Imps who powered on with 5 goals to three in the last qtr to win by24 pts. It certainly sends a message that no games can be taken lightly. Jason McIntosh and Trent Lenehan again headed Imps best players and Hugh Douglas booted 6 goals to be a constant threat whilst Andrew Pepper notched 4. West’s fade-out must be a concern to coach Keith Ransom. Tim O’Brien stood out for West along with nuggety on-baller Mark Bourchier and Tom Holmes.

Portland made short work of tribunal depleted Casterton. The game already looked a lop-sided contest and Portland despite inaccurate kicking steam-rolled the Cats by 157 pts. Heath Brown on the ball was best for Portland whilst Jarrod Hayse booted 7 goals and coach Jarrod Holt slotted through 6.

Hamilton could have caused South Gambier some grief had they kicked straight in the 1st qtr but sprayed the ball everywhere and South had a 7 pt lead. The 2nd qtr was an even one but South always held a lead which the Magpies couldn’t quite reach. The pattern of play continued in the 3rd term with Hamilton closing the gap early in the qtr but South got away late. Jesse Hawkins had been a standout in the mid-field for Hamilton but his forwards were contained by the South defenders. South kicked away in the last qtr as Hamilton faded and won by 35 pts with ball magnets Simon Berkefeld and Tim Stringer dominating. Unsung backman Dion Stratford was named best and youngster Matt Berkefeld booted 5 goals to be great value on the forward line. Jesse Hawkins stood out for Hamilton along with Rick Saunders and Jamie Dowsley.

East Gambier in a form reversal caned a very poor North Gambier by 41 pts, a margin that flatters North. East won at stoppages through big Jake Turner who gave on-ballers Chris Anderson, Jayden Eldridge and Matt Dempsey a stack of chances. East drove the ball forward quickly and directly for speedy little men Dwayne Phillips and Todd Eldridge to cause havoc for the North defence and take a 23 pt lead. North made no impression and were in serious trouble when coach McConnell injured a hamstring. East were winning almost everywhere with Matt Roscow completely blanketing Scott Flett at centre half back. More goals from sharp work around the throw-ins gave East a 28 pt lead at ½ time. That McConnell returned to the full forward position said much about North’s predicament but East were relentless. East lived up to their nickname as Bulldogs as they bullied, barked and bit North at every opportunity whilst North looked more like the Tiger on the sugar frosties box, all sweet and soft and with lots of worries. It was strong team effort by East and a marked contrast by North.

Heywood with guest player Jason Akermanis appearing took the game right up to Millicent but were unable to land the knock-out blow. Aka had 29 possessions in the game but a 6 goal 3rd qtr sealed the match for Millicent. Heywood outscored the Saints to go down by 26 pts but it may have lifted the spirit of the beleagured club. Youngsters Joe Walker and Hamish Gordon, 3 goals, played well for Millicent ably supported by Jack Sullivan and Matt Bryant. Aaron Barr, David Finnigan and of course, Aka played well for Heywood.

Round 6 scores –  May 14, 2011

South Gambier                    5.1,  11.9,  14.11,  17.16  (118)

Hamilton                                3.6,  8.8,  11.10,  12.11  (83)

Goals, South Gambier : M. Berkefeld 5, A. Bryant 3, C. Williams 3, S. Berkefeld 2, L. Capewell 2, J. Paprotny 1, B. O’neil 1. Hamilton : S. Hanson 3, B. Ross 3, A. Fiora 2, S. Fiora 1, N. Becker 1, R. Brewster 1, R. Saunders 1. Best, South Gambier : D. Stratford, S. Berkefeld, B. O’Neil, C. Williams, T. Stringer, B. Foster.  Hamilton : J. Hawkins, R. Saunders, J. Dowsley, A. Gepp, B. Ross, D. Gunning

Millicent                               3.2,  6.6,  12.10,  14.16  (100)

Heywood                              2.2,  4.2,  7.4,  11.8  (74)

GOALS, Millicent : C. Murray 5, H. Gordon 3, G. Gascoyne 2, J. Hickey 2, M. Bryant 1, D. Ridley 1. Heywood : J. Akermanis 3, W. Bell 2, J. Vaughan 2, J. Nash 1, B. Fitzgerald 1, D. Finnigan 1, L. Malseed 1. BEST, Millicent : J. Walker, J. Sullivan, M. Bryant, N. Robbins, H. Gordon, C. Murray.  Heywood : A. Barr, D. Finnigan, T. Lovett-Murray, K. Bunworth, B. Pevitt, W. Bell

Hamilton Imperials                6.3,  9.3,  13.8,  18.9  (117)

West Gambier                            2.3,  10.6,  11.7,  14.9  (93)

GOALS, Hamilton Imperials : H. Douglas 6, A. Pepper 4, S. Brewer 3, T. Meulendyks 2, K. Quinn 2, J. Dawson 1.  West Gambier : N. Martin 5, J. Ryan 4, B. James 2, T. O’Brien 1, D. Bromley 1, T. Holmes 1.  BEST, Hamilton Imperials : J. McIntosh, T. Lenehan, H. Douglas, M. Newell, A. Pepper, H. Waldron. West Gambier :  T. O’Brien, M. Bourchier, T. Holmes, N. Martin, B. James

Portland                                7.7,  14.17,  21.21,  25.28  (178)

Casterton                               1.2,  2.2,  3.3,  3.3  (21)

Goals, Portland : J. Hayse 7, J. Holt 6, T. Huppatz 3, R. Egan 2, J. Saunders 2, D. Falcone 2, B. Bentley 1, J. Stiles 1, B. Walker 1.  Casterton : J. Schill 1, L. Gill 1, P. Larkins 1  Best, Portland :  H. Brown, R. Egan, D. Falcone, S. Anson, J. Stiles, J. Hayse.  Casterton : M. Killey, B. Currie, D. Ryan, B. Vassal, A. Jarrad, L. Gill

East Gambier                            7.2,  11.2,  13.5,  15.7  (97)                                              

North Gambier                           3.3,  6.4,  6.6,  8.8  (56)

Goals, East Gambier : C. Buckley 2, C. Povey 2, T. Eldridge 2, D. Phillips 2, M. Dempsey 2, J. Eldridge 1, J. Dunn 1, D. Smith 1, J. Phillips 1, C. Slape 1.  North Gambier : J. Mcconnell 3, D. Munn 2, C. Campbell 1, P. Perry 1, D. Hudson 1.  Best, East Gambier : M. Roscow, D. Smith, M. Dempsey, J. Eldridge, S. Phillips, R. Clarke.  North Gambier : J. Mcconnell, J. Yeates, M. Quirk, M. Hensel, J. O’neil


May 9, 2011

Portland made a mess of Heywood from the first bounce. The Tigers brushed aside all challenges with a nine goal start. The trend continued to half-time where Portland paused for breath with a commanding 72 point lead. All Portlands’ best players were ahead of centre or around the stoppages of which there were few. Rhys Egan, Marcus England and Tim Huppatz were having a feast of possessions and kicking goals as well. Just to rub salt into the wound Portland piled on 15 goals in the last quarter to win by 208 points. Tim Huppatz with 9 led the goal-kicking as Heywood could do little more than watch.

Hamilton continue to rise the ladder and they easily disposed of Casterton. After an even 1st quarter the Magpies blew the game apart with 8 goals to two in the2nd quarter and race to a 45 point lead. Shane Hanson, who finished with 10 goals saw off several opponents at full forward and ruckman Aaron Gepp supplied opportunities for the on-ball brigade. Accurate goal- kicking helped widen the margin but the Magpies powered away in the last term to win by 71 points. Rick Saunders, Dylan Gunning and Jesse Hawkins played well but were overshadowed by Hanson’s display. Dylan Ryan kicked 5 goals for Casterton in a lone hand, Brad Vassal and Brent Howard tried hard against huge odds.

Millicent had their 1st win after a tough battle with Imperials. The Saints got out to a 34 point lead at half-time but Imps fought back in the 3rd term to narrow the margin to 11 points. Key forwards Gascoyne and Murray booted 4 goals for Millicent and were difficult to keep quiet and Jon Agnew was prolific around the packs. Millicent  were stronger in the finish with defenders Matt Bryant, Jack Sullivan and Joe Walker holding Imps out. The lack of a match-winning forward cost Imps dearly but none tried harder than Jason McIntosh, Trent Lenehan, Hugh Douglas and Hamish Waldron but the Saints celebrated with a 22 point win.

Arch rivals North and West Gambier met at Vansittart Park and it was an even battle in the 1st term with North holding a narrow 2 point lead. North edged ahead in the 2nd through some undisciplined play which resulted in goals. West got their act together in the 3rd quarter and the strong mid-field brigade of Ransom, Richardson and Brad Wilson put the defence under pressure as they added 6 goals to three to lead by 5 points at ¾ quarter time. North were struggling to stay in touch as West displayed much better teamwork and superior foot skills to finish strongly and win by 31 points. Livewire forward Jarrod Ryan was best for West and booted 4 goals as did Luke Davey, Josh Ransom and Daniel Richardson also did plenty of damage when they had the ball. For North, Pat Perry was named best ahead Jamie O’neil at full back.

The 1st game under lights between East and South Gambier was hampered by drizzly rain which made conditions slippery and ball handling difficult. South made good use of the ball early and raced to a 5 goal lead before East got back in the game with 2 late goals just before ½ time. South coach Jon Copping reveled in the wet and kicked a terrific goal off the ground from about 45 metres to lift his team. Scoring slowed down in the 3rd quarter but South countered everything East could muster. Leigh Capewell was a constant threat at full forward to finish with 5 goals for South but it was the hard-running Simon Berkefeld and clever small forward Bret O’Neil who East couldn’t control that did most damage. The last quarter was a formality as South strolled onto win by 50 points. East’s best were hard to find but Chris Anderson, Matt Dempsey and Shaun Phillips battled on to the end.                

Round 5 scores – May 7, 2011

Portland                                9.5,  13.14,  21.24,  36.31  (247)

Heywood                              1.0,  3.2,  4.2,  5.5  (35)

GOALS, Portland : T. Huppatz 9, R. Egan 5, J. Holt 4, J. Stiles 4, J. Hayse 3, J. Bell 2, B. Bentley 2, J. Saunders 2, D. Falcone 1, M. England 1, L. Van Heugten 1, E. Stewart 1, C. Mather 1. Heywood : L. Malseed 1, B. Nash 1, D. Finnigan 1, J. Voigt 1, B. Pevitt 1

BEST, Portland : R. Egan, M. England, T. Huppatz, H. Brown, J. Stiles, J. Saunders.  Heywood : S. Arthur, B. Nash, J. Vaughan, K. Bunworth, S. Keiller, T. Lovett-Murray

Millicent                               4.2,  10.8,  11.9,  14.16  (100)

Hamilton Imperials         3.2,  5.4,  9.10,  11.12  (78)

GOALS, Millicent : G. Gascoyne 4, C. Murray 4, J. Hickey 1, H. Gordon 1, D. Ridley 1, A. Allen 1, J. Agnew 1, J. Pratt 1.  Hamilton Imperials : T. Meulendyks 2, H. Douglas 2, S. Brewer 2, H. Waldron 1, A. Martin 1, R. Newell 1, T. Lenehan 1.  BEST, Millicent : J. Agnew, G. Gascoyne, J. Sullivan, D. Ridley, M. Bryant, J. Walker.  Hamilton Imperials : J. McIntosh, T. Lenehan, H. Douglas, H. Waldron, M. Newell, L. Hatherell.

Hamilton                                4.3,  12.3,  18.5,  23.7  (145)

Casterton                               2.4,  4.6,  8.10,  10.14  (74)

GOALS, Hamilton : Shane Hanson 10, Robert Brewster 3, Aaron Gepp 3, Brandon Ross 3, Jamie Dowsley 1, Nicklaus Becker 1, Rick Saunders 1, Dylan Gunning 1. Casterton : Dylan Ryan 5, Julian Schill 2, Brent Howard 2, Bradley VASSAL 1.  BEST, Hamilton : Shane Hanson, Rick Saunders, Dylan Gunning, Jesse Hawkins, Aaron Gepp, Jeremy Holmes. Casterton : Dylan Ryan, Bradley VASSAL, Brent Howard, Jason Cowland, Brandon Currie, Liam Gill

West Gambier                            2.5,  4.7,  10.11,  16.16  (112)

North Gambier                           3.1,  7.3,  10.6,  12.9  (81)

GOALS, West Gambier : Jarrod Ryan 4, Luke Davey 4, Tim O’Brien 2, Tom Holmes 2, Daron McElroy 1, Nicholas Martin 1, Daniel Richardson 1, Mark Bourchier 1.  North Gambier : Adam Kurzman 3, Nick Blachut 2, Scott Flett 2, Matt HENSEL 1, Matthew Chapman 1, Justin McConnell 1, Michael Quirk 1, Craig Lock 1.  BEST, West Gambier :  Jarrod Ryan, Josh Ransom, Daniel Richardson, Bradley Wilson, Alan Kennedy, Tom Dolan.  North Gambier : Patrick PERRY, Matt HENSEL, Jamie O’NEIL, Scott Flett

South Gambier                           14.7  (91)

East Gambier                              5.11  (41)

GOALS, South Gambier : Leigh Capewell 5, Simon Berkefeld 3, Ashley Bryant 2, Matthew Berkefeld 2, Jonathon Copping 1, Tim Stringer 1. East Gambier : Chris Povey 3, Christopher Anderson  1, Matthew Roscow 1. BEST, South Gambier : Simon Berkefeld, Brett O’Neil, Sam Jennings, Dion Stratford, Brodie Foster, Leigh Capewell.  East Gambier : Christopher Anderson (C), Matt Dempsey, Shaun Phillips


Round 4 Report with Terry Willoughby

Four games completed round 4 in WB football after North Gambier defeated South Gambier by 25 points on Anzac Day. Heywood were buoyed by the inclusion of 5 recruits but it still wasn’t enough. Hamilton however found stiffer opposition especially in the 1st half when Heywood trailed by only 4 goals.The 2nd half saw Hamilton charge away with a 9 goal to two burst that all but destroyed hope for Heywood. Hamilton led by 73 points with Shane Hanson dominating at full forward and other forwards Scott Fiora, Brandon Ross and Dowsley bobbing up to kick goals.They added another 8 to finish off and the margin looked the same as most other weeks for Heywood. Hamilton by 112 points with 9 goals to Hanson and 4 to Fiora. It was a better performance by Heywood but they still a long way from a win.

Unbeaten Portland remain that way after disposing of Imperials by 115 points. Never in danger, the Victorian Tigers flashed the ball around with ease. Daniel Falcone and Marcus England dominated , Jaydon Stiles an impressive youngster, Sam Anson and Heath Brown in the ruck were best for Portland. Coach Jarrod Holt finished of the work upfield to boot 7 goals. Jason McIntosh, Matt Newell tried hard for Imps but the rest barely gave a yelp.

Last years grand finalists West Gambier and Millicent met but under vastly different circumstances. West who appear to be getting stronger by the week started quickly and won easily around the stoppages despite Millicent’s hickey winning most of the hit-outs. Millicent’s lack of pace when the ball hit the ground was evident and Tom Holmes, Luke Davey and pounced on every loose ball. Steve Wenman marked strongly and was much more effective than the Millicent big men. Mark Bourchier was another on-baller who relished the lose play of Millicent and booted 3 goals. The West forwards always looked dangerous, even in the wet, slippery conditions. The scoring was slowed after half time because of the rain but West had a match-winning of 43 points by then. Both sides scored 4 goals in the 2nd half but West won easily by 50 points. Wenman, Holmes, Tyson Ploenges, Davey and Bourchier starred for West. Millicent’s battlers included Jack Sullivan, Jack Hickey and Steve Duldig but they are still winless.

East Gambier saw off a serious 1st half challenge from Casterton. The Cats led narrowly at the first break but East gradually got on top by half time with Shem Balshaw and nuggetty little man Chris Anderson doing well around the mid-field. After the main break East went further ahead with Chris Povey proving to be the most damaging forward on the ground and finished with 6 goals. They kept up the pressure despite stout efforts from Casterton and won by 39 points. Balshaw, Anderson and Reagan Clarke were best for East. Brad Vassal again stood out for Casterton.

Round 4 scores – April 30, 2011

Portland                                6.4,  11.8,  17.14,  23.20  (158)

Hamilton Imperials          2.6,  5.6,  6.6,  6.7  (43)

GOALS, Portland : J. Holt 7, T. Huppatz 3, D. Falcone 2, S. Anson 2, J. Stiles 2, M. Huppatz 1, K. Spencer 1, J. Saunders 1, A. Symons 1, M. England 1, J. Hayse 1, N. Bennett 1. Hamilton Imperials : A. Martin 2, S. Brewer 2, A. Pepper 1, H. Douglas 1. BEST, Portland : D. Falcone, M. England, J. Stiles, S. Anson, H. Brown, C. Mather. Hamilton Imperials : J. McIntosh, M. Newell, J. Dawson, H. Douglas, S. Brewer, H. Waldron

Hamilton                                3.6,  9.9,  18.18,  26.23  (179)

Heywood                                 2.3,  6.3,  8.5,  10.7  (67)

GOALS, Hamilton : S. Hanson 9, S. Fiora 4, B. Ross 2, S. Fleming 2, M. Lambevski 2, J. Dowsley 2, N. Becker 1, A. Fiora 1, J. Kearney 1, W. Collins 1, R. Saunders 1. Heywood : W. Bell 2, D. Finnigan 2, A. Barr 2, B. Nash 1, L. Malseed 1, J. Smith 1, J. Vaughan 1. BEST, Hamilton :

D. Gunning, S. Hanson, J. Dowsley, J. Gunning, J. Hawkins, R. Saunders. Heywood : S. Keiller, B. Millard, B. Nash, A. Barr, D. Finnigan, J. Vaughan

West Gambier                     4.2,  8.5,  10.9,  12.14  (86)

Millicent                               1.2,  1.4,  3.5,  5.6  (36)

GOALS, West Gambier : N. Martin 3, M. Bourchier 3, J. Ryan 2, J. Carter 2, L. Davey 1, T. O’Brien 1. Millicent : G. Gascoyne 2, C. Murray 1, S. Duldig 1, J. Agnew 1. BEST, West Gambier : S. Wenman, T. Holmes, T. Ploenges, L. Davey, M. Bourchier, J. Carter. Millicent : J. Sullivan, J. Walker, J. Hickey, G. Gascoyne, S. Duldig, B. McGrath

East Gambier                         4.1,  7.5,  11.7,  15.11  (101)

Casterton                               4.2,  5.4,  7.6,  9.8  (62)

GOALS, East Gambier : C. Povey 6, J. Eldridge 2, C. Slape 2, R. Clarke 1, R. Carpenter 1, J. Dunn 1, C. Buckley 1, M. Dempsey 1. Casterton : D. Ryan 3, B. Vassal 2, R. Smith 1, G. Coxon 1, J. Schill 1, P. Larkins 1. BEST, East Gambier : S. Balshaw, C. Anderson (C), R. Clarke, J. Dempsey, M. Roscow, M. Dempsey. Casterton : B. Vassal, K. Forbes, R. Smith, B. Currie, C. Perry, J. Schill


Brilliant sunshine heralded the annual Anzac day clash of rivals North and South Gambier at Vansittart Park in WB football. The undefeated South were quick out of the blocks and their running players led by Simon Berkefeld created problems for North. They drove the ball long into the forward line where coach Jon Copping used his experience and bodywork cleverly to give his team several goals and have a hand in others. Defenders Luke Foran, Peter Harten and Brad Bryant were prominent as well and kept a tight hold on the North forwards who were being starved of chances and let down by poor kicking. South led by 16 pts at ¼ time and it could have been more. North were quick to respond with two goals but the game became more of a defensive battle although South were still more potent ahead of centre where Copping was a constant threat but it was Matthew Berkefeld also getting into the game at half-forward. Jamie O’Neil was doing a fine job of restricting Leigh Capewell whose normally accurate kicking was astray. South peppered the goals late in the qtr but couldn’t seal the game and North got a late goal to keep in touch and only trailed by 18 pts but South had looked much better in most positions. Adam Kurzman was getting plenty of touches but was not as effective as Simon Berkefeld at this stage and coach McConnell had been hardly sighted at full-forward, Craig Lock was North’s most effective forward. McConnell shifted into the midfield and had an immediate effect as North slowly gained some momentum but South were still in the lead although it was now their turn to waste chances. North’s Kurzman and Lock got valuable goals and Cameron Campbell had some telling disposals. Tim Stringer was getting plenty of touches for South but they lacked their usual effectiveness and Copping was contained. A late goal gave North the lead for the 1st time, albeit only by a point at ¾ time. South now looked a little tired and they hadn’t put North away. Scores were leveled early in the last qtr but then North got on a roll with McConnell back in the forward line and looking very dangerous, he booted 4 goals and proved to be a match-winner as distinct from the best player. Craig Lock got another goal as South struggled to keep in touch. Copping and Capewell also got late goals for South but several shots went wide. North kept up the pressure to the end to win by 25 pts but not as impressively as the previous week. A question mark still hovers over some players. South may have lost for the 1st time this year but they are still dangerous. Norths’ better players were Jamie O’Neil at full-back, midfielder Adam Kurzman, a much fitter looking Cam Campbell and clever small forward Craig Lock. South who were better for almost 3 qtrs would rue lost chances, were best served by Simon Berkefeld who was still running strongly at the end, Tim Stringer, defenders Luke Foran and Brad Bryant. Jon Copping also deserves a mention for his 6 goals especially in the 1st half. 

North Gambier




17.11 (113)

South Gambier




12.15 (87)

Best: North – A. Kurzman, J. O’Neil, C. Campbell, C. Lock, D. Nulty. South – T. Stringer, B. Bryant, S. Berkefeld, L. Pearce-Raisin, L. Foran, P. Harten. Goals: North – J. McConnell 5, C. Lock 4, A. Kurzman 3, S. Flett 2, N. Blachut , A. Kilsby. South – J. Copping 6, L. Capewell 3, S. Berkefeld , J. Primer , M. Berkefeld

ROUND 3 WRAP with Terry Willoughby

West Gambier went down to Portland and signified that the premiership race is an open one. West started well but Portland through the efforts of strong men Heath Brown and Marcus England reeled them in during the 2nd quarter to hold a 2 point lead at the main break. James Imbi was more than a handful for the West defenders and he booted 6 goals but he had plenty of others making contributions. Portland edged further ahead in the 3rd quarter but the game was still open at the last change when Portland led by 8points. Steve Wenman and livewire forward Jarrod Ryan were doing plenty to keep West in touch and ruckman, Tim O’Brien was doing well but Portland had a greater spread of good players and booted 6 goals to 3 in the last quarter to win by 24 points. Brown, England and Imbi were best for Portland. Wenman, O’Brien, Ryan and Daniel Richardson were West’s best but it was around the midfield where Portland set up the win. Arch rivals Hamilton and Imperials went toe to toe in a match that belied their places on the ladder. A margin of two goals separated the teams at ½ time with Hamilton in front. Aaron Gepp in the ruck and Shane Hanson up forward were good for Hamilton but Imps weren’t out of the contest. Their youngsters continued to run and take on the opposition and despite trailing by 8 points at ¾ time they drew to within a kick late in the game but just fell short by 2 points. Gepp, Hanson Jeremy Holmes and Josh Kearney played well for Hamilton. Matt Newell, Jason McIntosh, Tim Meulendyks and Hugh Douglas with 4 goals all but got Imps home. East Gambier had a training run against a numbers ravaged Heywood. The game was over as a contest in minutes and East led by 123 points at ½ time. They continued to pile on the goals and ran out winners by 234 points. Chris Povey slotted through 10 goals Ross Carpenter and Chris Anderson got 7 and 5 respectively. Millicent remain winless after North Gambier thrashed them by 94 points. Both teams had plenty of incentive with Millicent’s Steve Duldig celebrating 200 games and Norths’ Garth Willoughby playing his 300th. Coach Justin McConnell returned after injury and was on the end of many forward moves and kicked 5 goals in the 1st quarter. North dominated around the stoppages and went further ahead in the 2nd quarter as Millicent had scarcely a good player, only Duldig and capointain Jon Agnew were trying hard but North had greater numbers at every contest. Five quick goals to start the 3rd quarter sealed Millicent’s fate and North led by 79 points at ¾ time. Millicent managed three goals in the last quarter but they look under-done and have running players out injured. Nor on the other hand finished strongly with Nick Blachut outstanding around the midfield, Jamie O’Neil defended brilliantly from full-back, David Nulty in the ruck, Kurzman and Perry across the centre had stacks of kicks. Millicent hardly had anything but Steve Duldig and Jon Agnew tried very hard on a disappointing day. South Gambier were in no mood to be threatened by an improving Casterton. Veteran forward Leigh Capewell had a day out to bag 11 goals and give away at least 5 others. South bolted to a 44 point lead by quarter-time and even though Casterton battled hard in the middle quarters the margin never got closer. The effort took its toll and South slammed on another 7 goals in the last quarter to win easily by 88 points. Capewell was best afield for South ahead of Luke Foran, running machines Tim Stringer and Simon Berkefeld. Brad Vassal was named best for Casterton despite close attention from South’s Chris Williams, he is a classy player without doubt, Dylan Ryan, Brandon Currie and coach Grant Coxon tried hard but South had too much talent.

Round 3 scores – April 16, 2011

Portland                                4.2,  8.7,  14.7,  20.10  (130)

West Gambier                    6.3,  8.5,  12.11,  15.16  (106)

GOALS, Portland : James Imbi 6, Marcus England 4, Daniel Falcone 3, Jason Saunders 2, Jarrod Holt 2, Nathan Bennett 1, Jarrod Hayse 1, Samuel Anson 1.  West Gambier : Jarrod Ryan 4, Steven Wenman 3, Joel Carter 2, Tim O’Brien 2, Bradley Wilson 2, Mark Bourchier 1, Tyson Ploenges 1. BEST, Portland : Heath Brown, Marcus England, James Imbi, Daniel Falcone, Samuel Anson, Benjamin Walker.  West Gambier : Steven Wenman, Tim O’Brien, Jarrod Ryan, Daniel Richardson, Josh Ransom

Hamilton                                4.2,  8.5,  11.8,  12.12  (84)

Hamilton Imperials          2.2,  6.5,  10.6,  12.10  (82)

GOALS, Hamilton : Shane Hanson 4, Nicklaus Becker 3, Scott Fiora 2, Robert Brewster 1, Brandon Ross 1, Alexander Gunning 1. Hamilton Imperials : Hugh Douglas 4, Sam Brewer 2, Dean Jenkinson 1, Ryan Newell 1, Nathan Stewart 1, Tim Meulendyks 1, Brent Forsyth 1, Luke Ferguson 1. BEST, Hamilton : Aaron Gepp, Shane Hanson, Jeremy Holmes, Joshua Kearney, Rick Saunders, Scott Fleming. Hamilton Imperials : Matt Newell, Jason McIntosh, Tim Meulendyks, Hugh Douglas, Hamish Waldron, Brent Forsyth.

East Gambier                         8.1,  22.5,  32.8,  40.14  (254)

Heywood                                 2.2,  2.2,  3.2,  3.2  (20)

GOALS, East Gambier :  Chris Povey 10, Ross Carpenter 7, Christopher Anderson 5, Todd Eldridge 3, Dwayne Phillips 3, Matt Dempsey 2, Caolan Buckley 2, Jason Dunn 2, Carl  Slape 2, Shem Balshaw 1, Jesse Fry 1, Dion Cownie 1, Shaun Phillips 1.  Heywood : Tyson Lovett-Murray 2, Leigh Malseed 1.  BEST, East Gambier : Christopher Anderson, Caolan Buckley, Carl  Slape, Chris Povey, Ross Carpenter, Shaun Phillips. Heywood :  Tyson Lovett-Murray, Aaron Barr, Jayden Ross, Benjamin Nash, Jordan Vaughan, Bradley Rose

South Gambier                    7.3,  11.5,  14.13,  21.14  (140)

Casterton                               0.1,  3.3,  4.5,  7.10  (52)

GOALS, South Gambier : Leigh Capewell 11, Brett O’Neil 2, Brodie Foster 2, Simon Berkefeld 2, James PAPROTNY 2, Bradley Bryant 1, Christopher Williams 1.  Casterton : Bradley VASSAL 2, Dylan Ryan 1, Grant Coxon 1, Christopher Perry 1, Glen Widdicombe 1, Matthew Killey 1.  BEST, South Gambier : Leigh Capewell, Luke Foran, Tim Stringer, Simon Berkefeld, Dion Stratford, Bradley Bryant. Casterton : Bradley VASSAL, Dylan Ryan, Brandon Currie, Grant Coxon, Luke CATES, Matthew Killey

North Gambier                  5.6,  10.7,  17.9,  22.13  (145)

Millicent                               0.2,  3.6,  4.8,  7.9  (51)

GOALS, North Gambier : Justin McConnell 8, Nick Blachut 3, Scott Flett 3, Anthony Kilsby 2, Dylan Munn 2, Craig Lock 1, Nicholas MARK 1, Adam Creek 1, Adam Kurzman 1. Millicent : Christopher Murray 3, Jonathan Agnew 2, Steven Duldig 1, Glen Gascoyne 1. BEST, North Gambier : Nick Blachut, Jamie Yeates, David Nulty, Patrick PERRY, Adam Kurzman, Dylan Munn Millicent : Steven Duldig, Jonathan Agnew


Round Two report from Terry Willoughby

West Gambier are not showing any signs of a premiership hangover. After unfurling their WB premiership flag they easily disposed of Hamilton. The 1st quarter was relatively even with West in front by 22 points at the change. Hamilton challenged with 2 quick goals but then West bolted away with 8 unanswered goals and the contest was over by half-time. West had many players ahead of centre able to kick a goal and Hamilton were powerless to stem the tide. On the ball West dominated, Daniel Richardson, Brad Wilson, Luke Davey and Josh Ransom gathered possessions at will. Hamilton had their most productive quarter with 5 goals in the 3rd but West led by 37 points. The last quarter was a formality as West added another 5 goals to win easily by 63 points. Hamilton simply could not match West around the midfield. Hamilton’s best barely broke even.

If West don’t have a hangover the maybe Millicent do! The 2010 runners-up were again beaten. In very heavy rain which made conditions slippery and treacherous Portland dominated and should have had the game sewn up by ¼ time but managed only two goals from 11 shots. The rain got even heavier and Millicent scored the only goal in the 2nd quarter. Scoring was just as difficult in the 3rd quarter but through the strength of Heath Brown and Marcus England Portland led by 10 points. They had total control in the last quarter when they added a further 4 goals to win by 28 points. Millicent are without a win and lost players through suspension during the week. Portland are looking very good so far. Other good players were Cam Mather in the ruck, Sam Anson and Jayden Stiles. Matt Bryant and Steve Duldig defended strongly to keep Millicent alive, Brett McGrath and Jon Agnew tried hard.

East Gambier were always in front against Imperials but were another team plagued by poor kicking. Thirty scoring shots to twelve tells the story but 9-21 was a poor result for the dominance. Youngster Nick Jenkin headed the best players for East along with former West Adelaide player Caolin Buckley. Sam Brewer was best for Imps. The final margin was 28 points in Easts’ favor but should have been more.

South Gambier demolished a very weak Heywood by 153 points. Heywood managed only two goals for the game and it’s winning prospects look grim. South had barely a training run with eleven players kicking goals.

North Gambier struggled all day to keep Casterton at bay. The Tigers started well enough and led by 3 goals at quarter time but Casterton were a  determined, strong tackling team. North wasted chance after chance as Casterton picked off many forward thrusts. That North led by 4 goals at ½ time was due to opportunistic Craig Lock who finished with 5 goals and Scott Flett at centre half-forward. Adam Kurzman ran hard and kicked long but many kicks landed in the Cats’ defenders hands. Casterton closed to within two goals late in the 3rd tqr with Dylan Ryan in great form at full forward to boot 6 but North steadied to lead by 21 points at the change. Both sides scored three goals in the last and although Casterton threatened the were probably a couple of good players short. North’s better players were Yeates, Kurzman, Craig Lock and Nick Blachut but most only played in patches and were wasteful with the ball. Casterton were best served by Dylan Ryan, Sturt recruit Brad Vassal who used his powerful kicking to good effect, Matt Killey and tall forward Julian Schill.       

Round 2 – April 9, 2011

Portland                                2.9,  2.9,  3.13,  7.16  (58)

Millicent                               0.2,  1.2,  3.3,  4.6  (30)

GOALS, Portland : J. Holt 2, K. Spencer 1, J. Stiles 1, N. Bennett 1, H. Brown 1, J. Hayse 1. Millicent : G. Gascoyne 2, D. Ridley 1, J. Agnew 1. BEST, Portland : H. Brown, S. Anson, C. Mather, M. England, D. Beavis, J. Stiles. Millicent : M. BRYANT, B. McGrath, S. Duldig, C. Gysbers, J. Agnew, J. Sullivan

East Gambier                            3.5,  3.11,  6.18,  9.21  (75)

Hamilton Imperials               1.1,  3.3,  4.3,  7.5  (47)

GOALS, East Gambier : R. Carpenter 3, D. Phillips 1, C. Slape 1, C. Buckley 1, M. Dempsey 1, S. Phillips 1, J. Fry 1. Hamilton Imperials : N. Stewart 2, D. Jenkinson 1, H. Waldron 1, R. Newell 1, H. Douglas 1, K. Quinn 1. BEST, East Gambier : N. Jenkin, C. Buckley, M. Roscow, S. Balshaw, S. Phillips, C. Anderson. Hamilton Imperials : S. Brewer, R. Newell, D. Overall, M. Newell, J. Dawson, J. McIntosh

South Gambier                      8.4,  10.7,  18.13,  25.19  (169)

Heywood                                 0.1,  1.3,  2.3,  2.4  (16)

GOALS, South Gambier : S. Berkefeld 4, M. Berkefeld 3, L. Capewell 3, C. Williams 3, B. O’Neil 2, S. Jennings 2, J. Patzel 2, C. Stratford 2, J. PAPROTNY 2, B. Foster 1, J. Primer 1. Heywood : M. Bell 1, B. Millard 1.  BEST, South Gambier : C. Williams, S. Berkefeld, L. Pearce-Raisin, T. Stringer, C. Stratford, R. Hamson. Heywood : A. Barr, B. Nash, J. Nash, B. Millard, S. Keegan, T. Lovett-Murray

North Gambier                    6.2,  9.3,  12.7,  15.13  (103)

Casterton                               3.1,  5.3,  9.4,  12.6  (78)

GOALS, North Gambier : C. Lock 5, A. Kilsby 3, P. PERRY 2, S. Flett 2, D. Nulty 1, N. MARK 1, A. Kurzman 1. Casterton : D. Ryan 6, J. Schill 2, B. VASSAL 2, L. CATES 1, J. Harvey 1. BEST, North Gambier : P. PERRY, C. Lock, D. Nulty, J. Yeates, D. Watson, J. O’NEIL.  Casterton : D. Ryan, M. Killey, J. Schill, J. Gartlan, B. VASSAL, G. Widdicombe

West Gambier                       6.5,  14.10,  15.12,  20.15  (135)

Hamilton                                3.1,  5.1,  10.5,  11.6  (72)

GOALS, West Gambier :  T. Ploenges 3, J. Ryan 2, B. Wilson 2, R. Fox 2, M. Bourchier 2, L. Davey 2, J. Ransom 2, A. Kennedy 1, J. Ferguson-Lane 1, D. Bromley 1, K. O’Brien 1, T. Holmes 1.  Hamilton : S. Hanson 4, N. Becker 2, S. Fiora 1, R. Brewster 1, B. Ross 1, R. Saunders 1, A. Fiora 1. BEST, West Gambier : D. Richardson, B. Wilson, L. Davey, J. Ransom, R. Fox, J. Ferguson-Lane. Hamilton : J. Dowsley, C. Vallance, J. Holmes, S. Hanson, J. Hawkins, R. Brewster


Round 1 report from Terry Willoughby

West Gambier started the 2011 season of Western Border football with an impressive performance over East Gambier. There wasn’t much between the sides in the 1st term but West held a 4 point margin. They started to get on top in the 2nd but poor finishing kept the margin within East’s reach and West only led by 18 points. Premiership stars Josh Ransom, Brad Wilson and Tom Holmes had been prominent around the ground and near goals. West went further ahead in the 3rd quarter and seemed headed for an easy win but East hit back strongly late in the term with quick goals to reduce the gap to only 5 pts and set the scene for a close finish. West had other ideas however and blew the game apart when they piled on eight goals to race to a 40 point lead and seal the victory. They eased up late in the qtr and allowed East to kick several goals which cut the margin to 29 pts at the finish. Josh Ransom was best for the reigning premier ahead of young ruckmen Daron McElroy and Tim O’Brien, Brad Wilson and Tom Holmes also played well. Big-man Carl Slape was East’s best, newcomer David Smith, Ross Carpenter and Matt Roscow also had good games.

Casterton had a comfortable win over last years glamour team Heywood who have lost many players since. The Cats led all day but inaccurate kicking kept Heywood within reach but not quite able get close enough to really threaten. Both sides struggled to make a statement in the latter stages with Casterton winning by 40 pts. Brad Vassal recruited from SANFL club Sturt kicked five goals to be best on debut for the Cats, Matt Killey, rugged Chris Perry and Sam McKenzie also played well. Stephen Keiller another recruit starred for Heywood along with Tom Gordon, Tyson Lovett-Murray and Ben Millard but a lack of depth in both teams suggests that wins will be hard to come by against better teams.

Hamilton upset the highly rated Millicent but the Saints may have shot themselves in the foot when two players were sent-off in the 2nd qtr. Hamilton were able to get a 5 goal break which they maintained through the last half. The football was lack lustre with no goals kicked in the 3rd qtr. Both teams kicked 3 goals in the last but Hamilton won by 34 pts. Improvement was expected from Hamilton but maybe circumstances aided the win. Charles Vallance, Nick Becker and Lachlan Crawford were best for the winners whilst veteran Steve Duldig stood out for Millicent along with recruit Jack Hickey and on-baller Jon Agnew.

North Gambier were another side touted as big improvers but they copped a belting from a ready to run Portland. The Victorian Tigers charged to a big lead by ½ time and never looked back. They used the ball better and had more goal-kicking options up forward. They moved the ball quickly and precisely and forced errors North’s game. North looked slow and had few contributors and they turned the ball over many times. The usual suspects had big games for Portland, a muscled –up Marcus England ran his opponents into the ground, Jaydon Stiles, Dan Falcone and elusive James Imbi all starred. Coach Jarrod Holt kicked 5 goals to add salt to the wounds. North struggled to have any 4 qtr winners, Pat Perry, Michael Quirk and Dean Watson were named best in a poor effort. Portland cruised home by 69 pts and left North with a lot of thinking to do.

South Gambier were another team expected to slide down the ladder and Imperials climb it but the reverse appears more likely. South covered the loss of many players by promoting many youngsters from the thirds. They ran all over Imps from the start with Simon Berkefeld dominating. South smashed Imps around the stoppages, played direct and kicked precisely. Veteran forward Leroy Capewell used his footy nouse well in the 1st half , slipping behind the defenders to finish with 4 goals. Imps made a big effort to get on terms in the 3rd qtr but South always managed to find a reply goal. South ran the game out strongly thanks to the injection of youth. Five youngsters contributed goals or were in the better players. Simon Berkefeld was best a-field and booted five goals. Brad Bryant was impressive ahead of Brett O’Niel, Tim Stringer and James Paprotny. Imps best were harder to find, Hugh Douglas, Jason Mcintosh and Hamish Waldron battled away against an impressive South who bolted in by 70 pts.               

Round 1 – April 2, 2011

Portland                                5.5,  10.8,  14.9,  18.13  (121)

North Gambier                   2.1,  2.1,  5.7,  7.10  (52)

BEST, Portland : M. England, J. Stiles, D. Falcone, J. Imbi, H. Brown, R. Egan.  North Gambier : P. Perry, M. Quirk, D. Watson, N. Blachut. GOALS, Portland : J. Holt 5, M. England 3, K. Spencer 2, J. Stiles 2, J. Imbi 2, J. Hayse 2, T. Chester 1, J. Slade 1. North Gambier : S. Flett 1, D. HUDSON 1, D. Nulty 1, A. Stone 1, C. Campbell 1, P. Perry 1, N. Blachut 1

Hamilton                              4.1,  6.8,  6.10,  9.12  (66)

Millicent                               0.2,  1.3,  1.8,  4.8  (32)

BEST, Hamilton : C. Vallance, N. Becker, L. Crawford, A. Gepp, D. Gunning, S. Weston.  Millicent : S. Duldig, J. Hickey, J. Agnew, M. Bryant, N. Robbins, J. Sullivan. GOALS, Hamilton : N. Becker 3, R. Brewster 2, S. Fleming 1, S. Hanson 1, J. Hawkins 1, B. Ross 1. Millicent : D. Ridley 2, J. Hales 1, J. Hickey 1

West Gambier                          4.2,  7.12,  11.14,  19.16  (130)

East Gambier                            3.6,  5.6,  11.9,  15.11  (101)

BEST, West Gambier : J. Ransom, D. McElroy, T. O’Brien, B. Wilson, T. Holmes, D. Richardson. East Gambier : C. Slape, D. Smith, R. Carpenter, M. Roscow, J. Eldridge, S. Phillips. GOALS, West Gambier : T. Holmes 4, D. McElroy 4, N. Martin 2, M. Bourchier 2, B. Wilson 2, T. Ploenges 1, East Gambier : R. Carpenter 3, C. Povey 3, D. Smith 3, S. Balshaw 2, C. Slape 2, J. Phillips 1, C. Anderson 1

South Gambier                           8.5,  11.6,  15.11,  21.13  (139)

Hamilton Imperials                 2.1,  3.3,  8.6,  10.9  (69)

BEST, South Gambier : S. Berkefeld, B. Bryant, B. O’Neil, T. Stringer, J. Paprotny, J. Mullen.  Hamilton Imperials : H. Douglas, J. McIntosh, H. Waldron, M. Dunn, B. Forsyth, N. Stewart.  GOALS, South Gambier : S. Berkefeld 5, L. Capewell 4, J. Paprotny 4, M. Berkefeld 2, B. O’Neil 1, R. Hamson 1, C. Williams 1, J. Primer 1, S. Jennings 1, P. Ellis 1.  Hamilton Imperials : L. Ferguson 3, K. Quinn 1, A. Martin 1, B. Forsyth 1, N. Stewart 1, N. Curtis 1, H. Waldron 1, H. Douglas 1

Casterton                               5.5,  6.9,  10.14,  11.19  (85)

Heywood                                3.0,  5.1,  6.4,           7.7  (49)

BEST, Casterton : B. Vassal, M. Killey, C. Perry, S. McKenzie, B. Currie, L. Gill. Heywood : S. Keiller, T. Gordon, T. Lovett-Murray, B. Pevitt, B. Millard, N. Wills. GOALS, Casterton : B. Vassal 5, J. Schill 2, C. Perry 2, D. Ryan 1, R. Killey 1.  Heywood : L. Malseed 3, C. Foster 1, B. Pevitt 1, J. Walker 1, J. Voigt 1